The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 12
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ft? Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SKNTIKBL is the only newspaper In Car- toll county that Is printed nil at home and Itcon- alDB more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWKBS & COLOLO, Props. FBIDAY,- NOVEMBER 9, 1894. SPECIAL To all Whom it may Concern: THESIS GREETINGS THKTB MAJESTIES: QUEEN TITANIA: QUEEN LADY-BIRD: QUEEN flIABi Of Fairy-land will, by special car attended by their beautiful Fays, Sprites and Onomes arrive and hold their Fairy Court at the GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE, (larroll, Iowa, THURSDAY FRIDAY Dec. 6 7 Beautiful Young Ladies. Handsome Young Gentlemen. Pretty CMldren. Elegant Costumes. Bewitching Music. Reserved seats at Hatton's.' Dr. Lowry, director. Mrs. B. S. Lowry, directress. Admission 25o. Reserved Beats 85 * 50o. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore'i shoe store. Lute Nichols was in the city calling on his friends. Qeo.Micka returned Tuesday afternoon from Boons. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. John Q. Adams, of Spencer, is in the city on a land deal. We haye a rooster, but we will have no use for it this year. M, B. McCrary, of'.Lake City, i§;in the elty attending court. Mrs. Wm. Humphrey returned Tue»day Afternoon from the east. County Treasurer Albertsen made a busiueBB uip to Breda Monday. P. H. Long, of Manning, was in the city yesterday attending court. Piaeoses of the eye, ear, throat and BOM. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. • DiaewMiB of women and children a ipecittlty. Dn. B. C. KBLUCY, Carroll, ia. InBUtucce, and money to loan on real- Wtate at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MABTIN. The date of the opera, "Qeraldina," has been postponed to December 6 and 7. J. W. Keunebeck traded some city property f or a farm in Chase county, Nebraska, G. H. Jones, of Audubon, was in the city Friday and Saturday calling on his old friends. Wanted at once, two apprentice girls. Call at the dress making parlors of Mrs. Maggie Browu. Mrs. TraverbO, of Auburn,' Nob., is in the city visiting her brother, B. N Merchant and wife. Mrs. Kail aud hor duu«htor Grace will Bpcud Bunduv at Wont Side with Mrs. Wngrtor ond husband. M. Miller has returned from an extended trip through Dakota (land northern Iowa on a land business. Mro. 0. A. Mast and children have returned from an extended visit with relu- tives and other points oast. Uncle John Nentlo was able, wilh u little aBsiBlttuce, to got ovorjlo the polls and cant hia vote Tuesday. It, A. UnB^ of aildden, wusiu the city Tuesday. Uo says that M. W. Ueach received a largo vote there. tieo. W. Korto received the ead OCWB of the rtnnth of bia fuller at MrUraw. Ho left Wednesday evening. MUM)H Ada and Belli) Bupplee entertain td lh« u.rbiuB of their Buuduy Bchuo'u clasBCB Saturday afternoon. Bheritt' Jeffrey drove to Coon llupids yesterday to subpoena wiVnoBBCB uud waB liacU to the city by noon. The mujority of the board of supervisors uroiu the city, being suuimouud as witnvuBUB before thu grand jury, A. L. JucobB, of UoBcoe, S. P., is i» the city truiiBuutluB busluosB 1 with the Cluituuu-Auiuricun Land company. Judge I'uiue WUB iu thu city Monday for » short tiwu uud hold court lor u couple of ttoitft MMl »»iur»U»ea voters, nnd Carroll county hni ihnt many more citizonn who have renounced their alltpiance to all foreign powers. We will give n chromo to every Republican paper that has the nerve to let it ross without displaying its poultry. Mrs. H. W. Macomber line returned from a visit of two weeks with tlio family of her son Prank, in Chicago. FOUND—A gold watch. Owner can have same by calling nt this office, proving properlv and paying for this notice. Our prioea on flour ere right, suits everybody, give it, » trial ami yon will oome back to the Yellow front for more. The reason that Hunperford wears such a long face is that this was not a presidential election with a postofflce in .sight, Sheriff Jeffrey has returned from the hospital at Clarinda, where he' was with Geo. CritleDden, the insane patient from Coon Rapids. County Clerk Kennebeek issued a msr riage license Saturday to Albert J. Eschelbacher and Miss Anna Stengl of Roselle township. Now that we know all the results of the election,business will again resume its natural channel and things will jog along about as usual. John Heebing, of Kniest township, made a great flgbt Tuesday for a town ship office and came out on top, John is a hard man to down. C. H. Flenkercame to the cityWednes day and when informed that he had been defeated he said: "Oh well I do not care lor myielf.forl do not specially earn for the office. How are the other boys on the ticket coming out? I care more for their success than I did for my own." This is the kind of a man the party should have stood bv- Ben Edwards, of Dedham, was in the city feeling good over the showing Newton township made on election day for the Democratic party. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were used exclusively on the Vorld's fair grounds, selected for their enperior qnality. Sold only by Merohant. Jos. Kempker, our new county recorder, moved yesterday from the third ward into the Krauso buildine in the fourth ward. This will give him a fine home. Mrs. L. C. Goodwin returned to her home at Boone in company with her husband, after spending a week in SHE MURMURED HIS NAME. " Ho-w did yon manage to Ret rid o£ Mr. Lateatay last night ? " "Why, he said that everything I said went, so I just murmured his IUK — w ..." -Yale Record. FORTY MILLION CAKES YEARLY. THE PROCTER a. OAMSL^ CO., OIN'TI. CITY QOVEJKffMENT. the city with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Miner, The railroad agent informsus that they found a bicycle in the yards the other morning and that the owner can have the same by calling and proving property. The morning passenger and mail trains from the east were delayed seyersl hour* Saturday caused by No. C, a west bound passenger train, jumping the track neir Jolo. fl. Q. Werniinont, son-in-law of P. W Krause, was in the city and inform ad us that they had moved to Monticello [a., and they were well pleased with their new location. Merchant wants you to call at hi store and Bee how few goods you can bay for five dollars. Leave yonr saoka and baskets at borne, but pnt a double boi on your eled or wagon. E. Draheim was in the city Monday advertising a public sale of bis farm implements and live stock on bis farm in Washington township. Public sale will bo held Friday, Noy. 10. Tbi marshal informed ue that the crossing which was being complained of was on Seventh and Main streets and should be fixed at once as well UB a number of others in the city. Court convened Wedn Judge Paine on the bench. Tto regular work of the term bufiun Tho first case called wu» that of B. V. Krb vs. the Herman JuHurunoi) company of Proporl. Fred Wcstoii was at Den Moines Monday and again took the examination for Iowa. Ho throw the 1800 posUilllcfi in IhlH Hlu»o in ilOJ mluutts, making upward of 110 per cent. Tho fastest previous record was U5J minutes. Ous. Ueuch, of Bait Lake City, IB in thu city for u ehort visit with bis parents. Ho buys ho io wull pleated with the I'.lty of the saints and will return iu a short liuio. OUB. has many friends huro who will be pluusud to inuut him. Following IB the program foi the teacher's reading circle meeting Saturday, Nov, 10: FiN'clui dlttcubulou on programi. Heading lit KgJk'liore-Buga ot Oxe). "Celebrities" Iu Beliool work. UumpurUon ol tireek uad Itomuu nijtua wltb Now uud Ueruiun leguudn. We Uuve made arrangement* by which we oau furuwh this paper and the twice- a-week New York World ull (or only W u yeur. Here to Ike opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rules. Addrew Tan Bww- Carroll, I«, Jl. U. Looser, a cur repairer at tbii top of OD« o( the conches Friday and received quite severe injuries. Fortunately no bones were broken and it is thought he will be able to be around in a few days again. M. J. Heires will have bis new residence ready for occupancy next week and will have one of the most commodious and well arranged homes in the county. Our county recorder will be well protected from the cold, cold world after January first no matter how the election goes, John J. Weiland returned Friday from an extended trip through South Dakota with M. Miller and was well pleased with the outlook. He was at Aberdeen and says that the country in that locality pleases him yery much and it is his intention to buy quite a «ood ized tract in the near future. F. M. Liebfried, of Tacoma, formerly ounty auditor in this county, mailed us a :port of the auditor of that county and rom it we learn that Mr. Liebfried is till acting as deputy, a position he has lied for several years. The report is a omplete one and shows the careful work of our ex-county officer. Our stock is complete, goods first juality, popular prices. The tariff or ilver bill ants no figure with us. Don't bink because we don't button hole you n the street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. We do, 'gut biuk you are wise enough to the jest place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MKBOHANT. Katie Schmidt, the ten year old daughter of John D. Schmidt, has beeu seriously ill with brain fever for the past wo weeks, and while the dangerous na - ure of her illness is alarming to her family and friends, the tender sympathy of her teacher and school mates has been source ot comfort to them, all of them laving called to see her. Miss Mary Ohm, the lady who was wounded in the hand at the time Alex. Guegel shot his wife, has brought suit for $5,000 damages. She surely IB entitled to some compensation, but it looks as if it will be Terv doubtful about her beipg able to secure anything, for we understand Alex has pretty well dissipated the money left him by his father, The Hopkins Merry company played this ween at the opera house making their Hay here of two weeks'duration. The members are all artists and true Indies and gentlemen and made many friends here by their actin« and courteous treatment of our people. They deserve the commendation of the press throughout the country.—Storm Lak« Tribune. Will be at Music hall ouo week beginning Nov. 12, 18U4. The high school has organized itself into two literarj societies. The societies choic for their names the Liskonian and the Amenlonian, but at the request of the teachers thui honored, these names wore laid aside and the names Orient and Occident wore chosen. The young people are working in the right direction and they have the best wishes and sup port of TIIK SKNTINKL. Electric lights are lobe put into the buildiuir, and the llrsl program is to be «iven by the Occidents. The lime will be announced jater. The Carroll schools have been honored by having thu high school accredit- edglo Denoted Weuulluy college, so that gjaduutm from this school caa enter it without examination. This is one of the best colleges for ladies in this country and adinlbBlon to it is greatly sought after. Last year over (100 applicants wuru rcijeciod us they failed to puss Hie required examination. Bupt. Amonl fouls thiit it is no small honor to our school to have beuu thus recognised. Thu school has also beun accredited with admission to the uulvursitius of Iowa and Nebraska, Urns placing our high school along with thu lending high schools of our state. P. W. Krau»e arrived in the city Bua- day and was busily engaged iu arranging to move bib family to his now how* at Couucil Uluffs. leaving for thor« Tuesday morning utter flrit ousting his vole. Mr. Krauw) his many warutjfriendi in Carroll county and thuro is universal regret that ho it compelled by hit business r«la- UOUB to leave here, but «s ue I* well plowed with lh» new location and occupation we can but join in the general with Uo will be nappy and proipw- ous in his new home. We assure him that our latch string is always out and that all his Carroll friends will be pleased at any time to welcome his return. "Table Talk" for November is typical and characteristic of this bright: little magazine which is so useful In the home, giving, as it does, the very latest hints in the culinary line; in fashion; in etiquette; in the art of entertaining et this, the late autumnal and thanksgiving season—in fact, in everything that interests the bright, progressive woman of today. The housekeeper's inquiry department, is especially attractive to those interested in broadening (.heir knowledge nnd continually having something new and attractive upon their tabled. Menus are given too, for evi-ry meal in the month—good, practical tested menus. A sample copy is offered to our readers free, upon application to the office in Philadelphia. NEW VOTERS. Judge Paine held court two boors Monday and he and Clerk Kennebeok issued twenty-nine nutaralization papers. Of this number nineteen renounced allegiance to King William,;of Germany, three were from England, three from Sweden, two from Holland nud two from Ireland. Of this number nine will vote the Republican ticket and twenty the Democratic ticket. After this work was dona court was adjourned until Wednesday at 1 o'clock when the regular work ot the session commenced. BOLL OF HONOR. The following pupils on the south side were perfect in spelling for four days of the past week: Heeaie Bunting, Olyde Henderson, Rosa Yeager, Clara Bemii, Earl Sinclair, Lollar Johnson, Earl Moatea, Emmn Kramer, Leigbton Bixby, Ora Tolson, Minnie Fischer, Winnie O'Brien, Wilbur Day, Dotty King, Minnie Stokes, Alice Wnalen, Lee Sinclair, Elsie Christopher, Anna Folken, Out Fisone, Carrie Sobarn- weber, Jessie Halley, Jennie Yeager, Mamie Ambe, May Humphrey, Qusla Fischer, Gertie Kramer. PROGUAM. Following is the program to be given •t Gerinania opera bouse next Friday evening,'Nov. 9, by the King's Daughters and the Y. M. 0. A.: Fancy'drlll and welcome son^by PlanoSolo .„• Mattle MUa CoUrell. Vocal Uoto Selected Mlsi Bung*. TyreutellO. P. (arranged for two piano*)... B»B Mid* Patterion, Mrs. Pelnue. Empire drl.l by nlxteon young ladles Sanendchen, Turner's Blnglugeo Olpny Tableau. Vocal Solo •, ~ Jlli» Mary A. Calkins. Piano Quartette.. Wedding Mtirch, Hendslnsobn let piano Ml us Patterson Mrs. Pelnue. 2d Piano MeHdaiuoa Burruian and Letti. Fairy Crowning and (iood Night. POB'ITONKD. Owing to the great preparations neees sury to render the fuiry operetta, "Qerttl diutt" with Buocese, we fuel obliged to deter its rendition to Thursday, December 0, and Friday, December 7, 1894, «tt the Qermuuiit opera bouse, Oar/oil, la. Du H. 0. LOWIHT ) MBnB _ arB MitH. B. L. LOWHY 1 M " nB g af9 - AdvertiBOd Letters, Thu following loiters ronmiu uncalled for at the poHtulllce, Nov. 5, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days frou, datutliuy will bo forwarded to the deuil loUorolueu at WaBlilngton,!). 0.: Cbauoy 1). Thoiaa* tieo. Hlgglim Itoimauk * MuCuloUKU H, J- Mnytfr V. Ko»»elliiger C. W, Heater J»\m Uelly Uubtuv (iruiiaen K. A. Cbarlen J. A. Hurry. The law provides that one omit niiill be paid for all luttura advurtUud. When c.aUluK for 8»m« plouHO tiuitu datu ol' ad- vurtlbumoiit. JNO. L, I'OWKUS, P.M. , IOWA, Oct. 1, 1894. Council met iu legular session at the office of E. M. Parsons. Present, E. M. Parsons, mayor; Mnnrlco Bowler, W. Llower, C. II. lloett, E. N. Merchant, Sum Todd, J. A. NoNeill, IK. O. ttlch and Wm. Trowbridxe, council. M luutes of previous meetings were read and approved, Mr. Brnuer appeared before the council in regard to the bill for water rent the marshal presented to him for payment. Phis was on motion referred to water works committee with power to act. Motion made that the mayor and marshal place the band instruments for sal< and the same be sold to the highest bid der. Motion withdrawn. A petition was read asking for the construction or a sidewalk at the east end of Fifth street between East street nnd town ship line. Petition was signed by the property owners along which the sidewalk is to be laid. This was on motion referred to street committee with power to act. The following resolutions to grant licenses to run saloons in the city of Carroll were acted upon: Bo it resolved that the city council of Oiu-roll.Iowa, hereby grant a license to J. W. Albers to run a saloon in the city ol Cnrro!l,Iowa,under ordinance No. 41, and in accordance with the Martin Mulct law. Resplved.that the city councilof Carroll, Iowa, hereby grant a license to Gus- Hatch ford to run a s;iloon in the city of Carroll, Iowa, under ordinance No. 41, and In accordance with the Martin Mulct law. Motion made that the above resolution be adopted. Carried. The following bills were acted upon and allowed. Western Farm Journal, publishing proceedings or council Omonths 12 50 E. M. Parsons, eipresB 1 65 freight *' » 68 " 1293 M 14 21-29 94 coal 1837 U.S. Supply Co., Buppllei U 60 i. •• 1176-2136 Lennox Machine Co. repairs on boiler 8 17 Woodward Dickey* Co., bill o I 27 76 Garlock Packing Co 6 66 E. M, Haraons.lrarcoal 22 30 Cook Automatic Time Co., bill laid on table. Kick & Bioko, bill 68 2J A. O. Arnold, livery 2 60 Electric Llgb,t & Pow.:r Co., board at National House aud expenses paid on Garlock packing 1 * Wetherlll ft Gnam, bill hardware 22 17 Electric Light <k Power Co., light f 102.70 wa» on motion reduced to 10000 Hart & Molilor, labor water worts 2 76 Jeffrey * Sohollonuerg, tlvery 1 00 D. S. Supply Co., •applies 68 212 H. Sclmrnweber, labor engine house 200 00 C. G. IlrookB, dam«g<> from fall DO 00 Junod * Culbertson, coal '. 6 60 BextonUron.. drilling well 161 00 Sheffield ft Patterson, bill and labor 66 12 3. Conway, drayoge * 6« Bcumldi & Delator, labor on Jail < 00 Schumacher & Mitts, hauling coal 6 00 Sheffield & Patterson, bill 8580 «eo. SoUintcu, 8<lay« 6 hr labor water works 5 26 W.O. Rich, 8 day L. MnlUollsnU, IdayS hours B. Bolster, 10 days J. Fuuk, S days D hours K. Brooks, 8 d»yn 6 liours S. Darr, 1 day ft bourn J. Klmigun, Iday U. V. Hamilton, 9 days 6 hours Tho following resolution was upon: Unsolved that the Porman Toe head cut off ho used hereaftre iu all extensions of water mains. jWutlon made that the above resolution bu adopted. Motion carried. Motion to adjourn. Carried. JOHN SCIIA.GHTNKK, K. M. PAHSONB, OityOlurk. Mayor. A Defender of Suicide. It is to be regretted that a man so brainy and brilliant as Colonel Ingersoll comes forward in the light of defending a man's right to take hie life •when it U no longer agreeable to him. If be took it •when it vras no longer agreeable to other people, there would be many more Buioides than there are now. Colonel lugersoll says in substance that, when a person is overwhelmed with the misery of this life and cannot remedy it, then the natural thing and the justifiable thing is for him to get out of life. Quito apart from any theological idea of the saoreduoss of life and a hereafter, Colonel Ingersoll advocates a moat w~nk and cowardly doctrine. There never was a misery so deep, a life- so hopelessly helpless, that there was not some way out of the trouble. It sounds' trite to say it, but it is the absolute fact that difficulties nobly striven against give ns a strength that nothing else will. Man would never have discovered the nse of fire if be had not been cold. If, when we are cold, we merely cut our throats instead of hustling about and trying to got material to make a fire, we shall be doing the silliest thing possible. No situation is absolutely hopeless. Bo long as life is left to ns we may be certain that it can yet be of some use to both ourselves and others. Our task ia to find out how. Borus „ „ Nurok, brother-in-law of Mr. Witte, Russian minister of finance, is in • New York. New York nihilists held a meeting and condemned the policy of the late Russian czar. Sixty negroes were bapti/.ed in cold vender.iij; a revival akOwenHboruJCy.. Mother's Influence. Who can overestimate It? For good or evil It 18 far-reaching. Her name, the llmt that fall! from the llpi of th« prating babe, Is often the l«»t whisper of the dying sage, tod bless our mother*! How Important then that they be shielded from tbostt weakening dlsuaseti which too often wreck their constitutions and render them wearied, fretful Invalids, prematurely aged and iimblttonless. . Df. PIcrco'H Favorite Prescription has done much to emancipate woman from this thrill loin and inny be taken by the moBC delicate with absolute certainly of benefit. For nursing mothers and all debilitated, or "run-down" women, It Is Ihr most rffeotlvx restorative to build them up. To those about to become mothers It is a priceless boon. It lessens the pains nnd perll» of childbirth, shortens labor, promotes the secretion of mi abundance of nonrlebmftnt for the child and shortens the period of confinement, CORN FOB SALE. Any amount. Fifty noots ou track. F. L. ELLIS, Fonda, Iowa. The will of the late Jone d> Laveaga, the Santa Cruz, Cal., millionaire,provide* •600,000 for a home for the blind, deaf, dumb, paralytic and aged. "How to Ours All Blcln Diseases." Simply apply Bwayne'solntmoni. No internal inedlomti required. Ourus tetter, eczema, Itoh, ttlloruptloiiB an the faue, hunds, nose, eto. Luitvliig the iikln uleur, white and healthy. IU uroat healing and curative uowen are uosueswjd by no other remedy. Ask your druggist for bwiiyiio'n oliitiimiit. _ 6 i-«5 S NNU twelve ooutH In postngo stamps to Bfl Cor- uorun Uulliliug, Waulilnntou, It. C.. wad you wlllruculvs four OUIJIOB of KATK KIKLD'S WASH- iNUToN.cimtiiliilnKmiiUwr of nueulal Inlurunv. lilvo name and uddrubs, and Bay whore you saw this CURES . Mr*. WIIXUM HOBEHTS, liridacrtort, ff. Y- write*: "If 1 uud nut tukon your Medicine. I would not be hero now. Tlio doctor* did me no good, I was Juet.H more ikele- ton, could not cut, I would Imvo awful pkln In my aioinieb—wun In my side, 'bowel* and chest; sorcnrfl* !• 017 b»olt and womb; WM wcnk, uorvoui, and could not «le«n. After I took your 'Favorite Pre*orlD> tlon,' and ' Ooldun Mea- Ical Dlicovery,' I com- mcncod to Improve. In two weeks could wullt ubout the hpuso— could eat —did not have any more pain In my •toinnou—throw away my morphine •mm. .. M<=u • nist commenced tektni we medicine It raado mo feel worse. I WM boarao, could not (peak aloud for turoe dayy as I ifot bettor uiy nulus and bud feeling* left •too and I could ilecn good; my nerve* trot better. Before I took your medicine J kept my bod four month*—got worse all the while. I am now quite flutliy and can work all day.". WHY NOT' YOU ? powder*. When 1 Co TEACHER ' P. W. /legit I'lloal itchiuv fliea. bymptuum uiuUture; lultmuu lU'lilug aud ntlnir lug, luunt at iilgUti WOMB li> sKtuU'liTiiii. If al lowed to uoutluuu tuiuon form, whlub olwii blued aud ulccrnts, liocouiliiK vury »or«. Bway- uo'« oluttuoiii »top« tUu Itvhlug nud lilwxlli g, UouU ulosraUuu uud In wont oai«j» wniovss Jhe tumors. At druggist*, or by mall, for 60 cent* lir. away a»S Son. VUUadeVlilu. D-l-W WANTKU. An active agent in each county iu tbe United Btatcs, to solicit subscriptlous for thu Twice-a-Weck «cpubllo. A libsral commission will be paid to hustlers. A§3 drcsd, suporlntvndeut circulation, it«publtc,Bt. Uuls, Mo. ALMOST * NKW ¥OUK DAILY. TliHt Dtttoooratio wouder, the New York Weekly World, UBB just abnugxd its weekly into u twioH-n-week paper, uiid you 0*u uuw gut tbu two pa^uru u wbek for the same old price- -81 u yeur. Think of it I The UBWB from New York right ut your door fresh every tbreu duye- 101 papers u yeur. Pure Brod Poland China P10a for Bale. I have 100 pure bred Polar d Ohimi pi«u for eale, most of them eired by Ono (8410) out of uged BOWB. • I will lake good notoa wlieu \iurl\n> wuut them. Ouo la four veare old welghti over nix hundred pounds when in breeding ooudiliou; aim carry 1000 pounds. 8. T. BOVNWX. Weal Hide, In. WANTKDIn HHuli county for »ue- , bl , olal work. Will pay $100 u iiiMilb. llegler & Co., Box 17U7, St. l.ouls, Mo._ MEN io take ordurn In every town and city; no "" delivering: good wagon rroui starti i»ay weekly: no wHiiltuI roijiilreili wo-k (ear round. HtttU).ige, ULW IHlOa., Hu«Ue»tur._N. Y._ \A/AMTED : 8ALE8MEii f f LOCAL and TflAVELING to BeiT our well known NurHtry htoek. Hloiuly employment. lioiNlpay. Coiulil'iteoutlll free. No previous ex purlonun utwimiiry. KSTAI)l,ltillKI> OVKIt 40 VBAK8. UHiuorei. 18 greeuUouw*. Addiv»s PHCENIX NURSERY OOMPANV, 1>. 0. Hox laid. Bloiiiuliigliin. IHIliow. "iWonlo, fl'i""ftB »«'•! OtifAi '', SJfigJSU' l'«!u.T»U I" Uw«.«)cU. DO YOU WAHT A »t«kdy inylngjob wllli larguvt liuunu In tUDweut auy FITS CURED " (J-Voi/i //. S. ./uurmit »/" l»ror. W. H. IM9KKM, wUo uiuViu* u »» iso.lulty ol EVILKI»B-V, liu» wlthuut doubt Irotttud and >'urod uiorc uaj«» lliuu mil 1 living puynlcluu; III* um'Doim U aston- lulling. Wo huvo h«»rd u( cuitxi ot W y»Uti' itiiiudiiig ourvd uy lilui. Ki> imbiUim* » valuy bio worVontUtoUuiBMUwl lull hu »»uda with iu Urgo uutti0 of hli abtuluto cure, (me to uuy «ul^ furur wUu uiBuy »»ud tU«)r f. U. aud Kxpnu ad- dro»«. We »dvU« ttiiyoue wlnuliig » ouru to ad-| drum*, 1'rof. W. II. f«KK«, K. P., ift) ftttrl St.,' New 1f»rt.

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