The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 9
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' - SATURDAY, JULY 3,1948 ET.YTHEVIU.F! (ARK.)' COURIER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople VOU'BE BOUND TO 1 I IMPROVE f YOU'RE LIVING LIP TO THE Y DIET AND EXERCISE I LIST I GAVE 1*X>' ' lf= XXJRE NOT I'LL KStOW BY KNOVO so MUCH 010 THe BALL \ E'S < SO I'LL GM6 YOU TVUKIY FORECAST 'POSS1PL6 . THE MOOSE AND KANIMG n ALL HAk- KAFF/ — ITS C RIGHT NSCXO TOO DREftW UPA ,,,,, 8IS LlH/ WHY V^? DID YOO A.MD POSTING A SEMTRY 1 Planter Diet of Heart Attack W/tiJ* DnVin 9 GRADY, Ark.. July 3. — <UPj—j Rich»rd J. Vtn«ble, SO-year-old i Gr»dy planter and brother of J. I Hoswr Vensble of Little Rock, rtled I «rly today while driving his truck I in down-town Grady . I Officers said lie apparently suf-l lered a heart »tt»cfc and was dead ! before hl» truck crashed into a vacant office building on the main •treet. He sin-rived by his wife, four •on*, two brother* »nd four sislerj. r& lois By Margorotto flicker XXXVIII '••I UCY will b« home •"'tceiilh," Tom lolcl Jessica one Rests for Trip LITTLE ROCK.. Ark.. July 3. — <UP) — Governor Ben Laney's office announced yesterday that the chief executive would not be back In his Little Rock office before dar. The office said the governor wa* resting over the holiday In preparation for his trip to the Democratic National Convention In Philadelphia next week. Read Courier News Want Ads. BEER j TOMB (I* feottlM) JI.9S l GRIE8EDIECK ...... .^3 .15 case ! ^•ALSTAFF S3.15 case J GOLDCREST 51 «.1S »» J BUDWEISER S3.75 ttsf I PABBT Blur Ribbon ..$3.75 rue I A1>EN BRAU $2.75 case J CIGARETTES Z(te pk|f. [ Philip j Appleboum's j LIQUOR STORE i _ 110 So. 5th Phone 820 | evening. Then lie added, "You will be free to leave then." Free! How could she be free, she wondered irritably. She WHiited so desperately to shake olf the burden of anxiety and worry which enveloped this old house. She tried to convince herself that she would be glad—yes, glad when she turned her back forever on Tom Blake and his family. One Afternoon David invited her to go for a drive. No reason lo re; _ fuse. Tom had no interest in what she did. His aloofness hurt her. After all, she hncl tried so hard to help him during his trouble, struggled to keep the house as his mother kept it, worked valiantly learning lo cook, and feeling a surge of pride when Tom occasionally praised her. Not love—no, she and Tom no longer loved each other. They sluired a home, which • ••••••••••» MMMB . MMn ._ M . | was something different, some- j thing which lacked the thrill of that mad ccslacy Ihey had shared j before Tom brought her to Akron. Something she would never experience again, once she left Tom. The thought an»ered her. When she left she wanted to make a clean cut, have nothing to remind her of Tom. Bui Ihere was Belsy, she remembered. She thought of Betsy now as David remarked that since housing conditions were difficult, they might live in a hotel. Jessica wanted to say (hat Betsy would not thrive in a hotel, but Ihere was time enough to discuss that later. Right now she had another plan to which she musl win David's consent, a plan that harl come lo her the night before when she was writing her father, telling him she would soon be home in Kentucky. David liked lo talk about Kentucky. He was always interested in her descriptions of her home nd Ihe his plantation which her Ihe (if- grandmother owned. Now she introduced the subjecl and he lis- Protect Your Loved On** See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Political Announcements fi« Conner New* has been phorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July yj aad Aurust 10 COUNT! TREASURER Prank Whltworth COUNT! COURT CLERK Elltabeth Blythe FOR COKONTK E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Autry H. K "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dtikie" Sueck Tor Coantj Jud(* "aland Green Fielder Peery For Circuit court Cltrk Harvey Morris CONSTABIE (Chlskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Llndsey ctied attentively. Jessica was a bit breathless as slie brn.iirh.ei> her plan. "I want to lake Lucy wilh me to Kentucky." "Permanently?" "I don't know-— You see (he change will help her," yhc pleaded. GLANCE at his set face (old her thai David was angry. He looked straight ahead as he" skil- fully threaded Ihe thick downtown traffic. He said bluntly, "That plan is out—definitely out. Do you suppose 1 want lo visit you and confront lhat girl? Have yon considered whal Linlon will Ihink?" "Why should I care what Hugh Linlon thinks?" "Because Hugh Linlon has the power to dictate my future." An oppressive silence followed David turned oil the busy street and drove on for blocks. Then suddenly the car entered a park entrance, the same park lo which Jessica had taken Betsy ono brighl autumn afternoon when she was heartsick and lonely. David stopped (he car. The sun slanted, blood red, through the snow-clad trees. "Do you remember?" he asked softly. "Yes." Her voice seemed lost in Ihe silence of Ihe woods. David pulled her roughly toward him and kissed her again and again. There was no warmth in her lips. He gave a startled exclamation. "I love you, darling," he told her. Many, many times he had said and always she had thrilled lo his voice. Now she pushed him away. She said, "I don't love you David." •pHE silence lerrided her. It was dusk. The shadows deepened in the woods and she could not see David's face clearly. Alter a HI lie while he repeated b]«nkly, 'You don't love me?" "No. I'm afraid I never Invert you." David said harshly, "What do I (lo now? Lunch? Is this some i'ia/y joke? Arc you angry bcciuisi 1 objected to your scheme lo help IJIakc's sister?" "Thai had nothing to do with it," .said Jessica sadly^ But his Inck of understanding aboul Lucy, about anything which brought worry or anxiety or discern fort, contributed greatly lo her realization thai she and David possessed nothing upon which lo build happiness. Their love lacked foundation. No love could exist imui-i anything so flimsy as caresses Ivnd soft living, and desire for pleasure. "I'm sorry," she said. David said eagerly, "Please, darling." And then, as she pulled her hand away when he hied lo lake it, "You aren't sorry. Let's be truthful now if we never are again. You aren't sorry. You're more or less relieved. Ever since Tom Blake rame home you've been different. U 0 yon wanl to know what I think, .Jessica? 1 Ihink you're slill in love with your husband." He stooped and kissed her gently. Then tie started Ihe motor. "Don'l fret about me. Jessica," he said, "I'll get me another girl." When David left her al Ihe house he made no move to touch her other (ban lo hold her hand for an instant. .Jessica slood on the porch steps in the darkness and watched him drive away, his hand upflung in a salute. t giillanl gesture of farewell to her. She entered Ihe house. Tom came down the stairs to meet her, pulling an envelope from hia pocket. "I picked up your reservation." he said malter-of-factly. "I slopped and ordered il the other day. 1 wauled lo be sure there would be no uncertainty about your leaving." He turned and walked nway. Jessica slood starii.g aflcr him. She held the envelope in her hand. She wanted lo laugh hysterical!;, lo cry. She didn'l wanl David and Tom didn'l wanl her. (To Ite Continued) Bluebird Halls Mnils MILWAUKEE. Wis. (UPI mailbox of the Harold Lemke famil here. Until the C|>gs are hatched nn bluebird established a home in the tl>c i' oll "8 fly olf, the Lemkes mils Protect Your Loved Ones Sec E. H, FORD Before You DIE! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209',; W. MAIN ST PHONE 2172 Blytheville, Ark. ! walk to their neighbor's to pick up their mail. The mailman won't I bother the bluebirds. Remember Rolhrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 ! STEAM BATH ! MASSAGE ! For Reducing & Nerves I Phone 2539 r ( Vi ;*tla Morgan, Masseus ! K. C. Davis, Masseur Clinic JSM iMain, Biylheville, Ark., Phone tni l ! You Are Cordially i Invited to Visit i The i • i [Accessory Shop j ! Feminine Apparel > ! Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlt« \ I Hotel JVoMe KMg. ,' f Blytheville, Ark. J BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Str Phone 4474-4475 2071 for Repairs! • RADIO * PHONOGRAPH Service—Both AM anrf FM • REFRIGERATION SERVICE Howaehold—Commercial • nil Air-Condttloninir • Gas * Electric WASHERS W7-* ,. ^ « * "ASOI.INK KNGINKS w« j«)| »„,( Service All Types Small Appllanc* ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. ICE-COLD -WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. M«in KKKCkLKS A HIS FRIENDS B r MUUULL With fUckfir. n so used to ycnr being around that I forgot to call you for dinner!" KISC1I.LA'S POP No I'rtimnlinj., Bv AL VERMEEB /// If y/jd iv/:en //n yroim up and mirr/ed. Then f im.'i' to oil Saturdays! The Lock InsiiU lly MICHAKL O'MAM.GY and RALPH LANK JU5TASR4UIA SmRTEO AC BO 55 THAT CLEARING. TURNED/ MUir HAVE IF IT'S lOfXEft KtKtOaf, ABOUT I MUSI HAVE 1XXKED IT PROM IHE mswe. ' PADIOCK WOIKD tl <M THE ocrtiof.' DESERTED? . WONDER. TAKE A AT THAI CHAIN 1HAT tOCKS WASH TVKltS Kv LESLIE TURNER JHM WM WE LAST STMWI 1H 1IIRU WORKIlIf SO DISGUSTED WITH —,..„., ,», ••••-uirNt- iran LWIFW OH I I If ? PROTECT AWORIO Of IMIKU.ES FROM —, rMEIR OWN SIUPIWW! ______--•• NOW, If VCU'U. GWE US /LET THE WEAK FROM PRODUCING ONE O' THE PUBLIC 1 NO . WRITTEN MnWRIZMlOK/ MIMOEO PUT SOUR GWXSE1S 3US1 1O ICHUGEK GWE A HOOf TO STftRT PRODUCTION IT TO SOME PROTECT THE PUSLIC 'ROM IT~5 POSSIBLE MISUSE WHOT HKfPCWS TO IT! TCLl TO GO AHEAD'. PIA80LICAL USE! IUFN7AHAVIW OH A PEWRTM ISLAND] Kvulence on Ihe Hoof By FRED HARMAN 51 AGE „- AMJ&T HAVE PtE OFF BV PA' ^ SOME MISHIT TOUGH URAC1£R& H^Q OUT |ri 1HE5E Rl SAIOO^S YOU GO IN) EMERY SALOOS3 Af- v D Flr^O-" VirtH B'JUET I hi TO 5i6 A DOCTOR. The Machine Culls By V. T. HAMLIN .Ktcc^lut. JV\t Ht Jl it*-. I*"' ,-lY • - OISArPEMHN6//V O*' SOt*. ~\. I* "y V, HO.'MOT) >•— _\u .,— —\ lu/^wii / HOOTS AND MKK BIIDDIKS Happy Hirlrutai Bv EDGAR MARTIN Phone 973

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