The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1933 Fight Against Extradition Is Lost; Hearing Monday on Petition (Associated Press Leased Wire) NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 9.—Colonel Luke Lea and Luko Lea, Jr., •vvho have lost their fight against extradition and today staked hopes to escape penalties Imposed In North Carolina for bunk law violations on habeas corpus 'proceedings set for hearing January 13. After Governor Hill JJcAllsler decided there was "no escape from tho .conclusion" that the Leas worn fugitives from Justice and ordered their arrest by agents of North Carolina, attorneys for tho convicted men obtained a petition for a writ of habeas .corpus from Judge Henry B. Brown Rt Onelda commanding North Carolina officers and Sheriff J. M. Penvy- house of FentresH county to produce tho Leas beforo Judge J. H. S. Morrison of Jamestown for hearing Monday. Judgo Brown, a civil jurist In tho nineteenth circuit, said the elder Lea had surrendered to Sheriff Peavy- houso mid was In custody In a Jamestown hotel. The elder Lea, Nashville newspaper .publisher, former United States senator and a decorated World War officer, faces a prison term of G to 10 years. His son has the alternative of a 2-to-O-year prison term or payment of $25,000 In fines and costs. . The two were convicted at Ashe- vllle, N. O., In 1931 of conspiracy to defraud the now-closed Central Bank and Trust Company of more than Jl,000,000. All their efforts to escape jjunlshment so far have failed. The case was carried to the United States Supremo Court before It reached Governor McAllster. BE SIARTEO, TEXAS (United Press Leased Wire) HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 9.— Some 600 acres of land 25 miles southwest of hero will be turned Into something of a Utopia under a plan fostered by Dr. John W. Slaughter, professor of sociology at Uloe Institute, who bought the land with his own funds. . Ho hopes to "give a demonstration In practical welfare." For many years Doctor Slaughter has had Ideas and Ideals for unemployment relief through tho formation of agricultural communities. However. he Is not a believer in tho "back-to- the-form" movement. The latter klml of movement Is Impractical, ho contends, and says proof lies in the fact that the Houston emergency relief committee still is feeding GO families placed on farms many months ngo. "The first thing I will do with my project," said Doctor Slaughter, "will be to get some tenants, teach them teamwork among themselves, and after two years of such training, start them off on places of their own with a. financing plan to carry them through." Mules and horses, rather than tractors, will be used to cultivate the land, he said, and us fast as feed can be grown, registered livestock will be purchased. The crops will be varied. French Pilots Halt Long-Distance Dash ( Associated Press Leased Wire) JSTRES, France. Feb. 9.— High winds today caused Lucien Bossou- trot and Maurice Rossi, French flyers, to postpone a projected takeoff for a long-distance flight to either Java or South America. They had planned to take off. early today. Their plans were spurred by the completion yesterday of the flight of the British pilots, Squadron Leader O. R. Gayford and Flight Lieutenant O. E. Nlcholetts, who set a new long- distance nonstop record by flying from England to Wolfish Bay, Union of South Africa. BRAIN WORK TO BURN MADISON, Wis., Feb. 9. (A. P.)— The theses that University of Wisconsin graduates of 40 or more years ago labored so hard to write may soon be consigned to tho Incinerator. Xo longer of any value except as curios, the theses, faculty members decided, must be moved off the library shelves to make room for newer books. THE NEW DEAL OFFERS YOU INTEREST PAYABLE QUARTERLY FOR 20 YEARS Title conveyed by deed. Exempt from all taxation. Always worth the purchase price. When Sorrow Comes Consult Our Advisory Department Phone 5032 or 310 WE INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. Exclusive Service— Representative J. K. McAlpine Land and Development Co., Ltd. Main Office—Community Mausoleum Phone 5032 ACTRESS-MOTHER BACK ON SCREEN Justice of Peace Held, Mann Charge (United Press Leased Wire) LOS AN013LES, Feb. 9.—Milton A, Trapp, former justice of tho peace at Clayton, Wash., was held In Jail today on nn Indictment charging Mann act violation, returned by tho Federal Grand Jury late yesterday. Trapp allegedly brought Mrs. Sarah Link, , here from Clayton. •»-•-*BILLS GONE, PAY ANYWAY OUEHN BAY, WIs., Feb. 9. (A. P.) The chap who stole tho ledgers from a local company figured tho concern couldn't collect accounts due, but ho ailed to consider how many honest icrsons there are. Since tho theft, many customers havo voluntarily appeared to pay their bills, while others iroduced their statements to show low much they owe. The thief left n note reading: "Now collect, signed 'Avenger." Helen Twelvotrees, beautiful young film star, Is a mother now, but she's not letting that Interfere with her work. She has returned to Hollywood and will play opposite Maurice Chevalier In "A Bedtime Story," rather an appropriate title for her. The little fellow she Is holding Is her son, Jack Bryan Woody, Jr., born last October 26. II, S, WATCHING BRITISH DEPORTATION OF FRANCIS DRAKE ESTATE CLAIMANT (Associated Press Leased Wire) T ONDON, Feb. 9.—Washington au- -lJ thorltles are showing a decided Interest In Oscar M. Hartzel, who Is being deported to America as an undesirable alien, allegedly having perpetrated a fraud on persons In the United States while he resided in England. The activities which resulted In his deportation were connected with the prosecution of claims to the so-called Sir Francis Drake cs- i talc. | The state department'at Washington has Inquired of the consulate here ' which ship he will sail on and when ; he.will arrive in New York, but there was no Indication as to why this Information was wanted. Hartzell will ] be taken from Brixtnn prison to Plymouth tomorrow and placed aboard j the steamer Clmmplaln which Is due at Xew York on February 15. i He IR leaving- behind a life which | aroused the envy of many of his ac- I qualntances who thought him fortunate In his fine apartment, his car and chauffeur and his ability to dine In London's best restaurants. The consulate has been working on the so-called Drake estate affair for years, mainly through Consul N. P. Davis and VIce-Consul Guy W. Ray. It was on Information provided by the consulate that the British authorities acted. The consulate is giving Its version of the situation In a letter addressed, among others, to American chambers of commerce and to many Individuals throughout the United States who have been Inquiring about the alleged Drake estate. "For many years this consulate ge/ieral has endeavored to discourage persons In the United States from contributing funds for prosecution of claims to the Sir Francis Drake, estate and other alleged old estates In Great Britain and It therefore earnestly hopes that this latest development In the Drake case may be given the fullest possible publicity, with the object of preventing other trusting people from being duped a.s hundreds have been duped already by this and similar frauds. "There simply are no old unsettled estates In England of any size and there Is not the slightest possibility of successfully questioning tho settlement of any that was effected a number of years ago. "Therefore tho prlma facie presumption with regard to any persoi who solicits funds with which to prosecute such cases Is that that person Is a swindler engaged In operating a confidence game." King George of England, Age 68, Enjoys Skating (Associated Press Leased Wire) SANDRINQHAM, England, Feb. 9.—England's square-jawed sailor king declines to surrender to age and had thrown down the gaunt, let to years by skating on several occasions on a lake on the grounds of Sandrlngham House, where he Is remaining because of the prevalence of Influenza In London. His subjects are amazed for the double reason that most of them did not know he could skate and they never thought he would undertake such n sport at the age of nearly 68, especially In view of the fact that he has guarded his health since his desperate Illness several years ago. Wealthy Clergyman Is Galled by Death PASADENA, Feb. 9.— Funeral services were being arranged today for the Ilovereml Kills Hlshop, 01, wealthy former Boston clergyman, who died here late yesterday. Mo was rector of St, Stephen's Kplscopal Church, Boston, until ho came hero In 1916. Five years ago ho Inherited a fortune reported at. $1,000,000 from a New York relative. Besides his widow, ho leaves a son, James, a daughter, Josephone, and two brothers, Doctor Louis Bishop and Doctor Bennett Bishop of New, York. ROLPH RECALL OPPOSED KONOttA. Feb. 9. (A. P.)— Tho Tuo- lumno Coifnty Board of Supervisors was on record today as opposing tho recall movement against Governor James Ralph. A resolution adopted contended the movement was "prompted by political adversaries for Homo selfish personal gain." Drought, Locust Destroy 25 Pet. of Corn Harvest BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Feb. 9.—Drought and locusts have destroyed more than 25 per cent of Argentina's 14,331,000-acre corn crop now maturing, the ministry of agriculture reported today. This leaves the harvestable estimated crop at 10,625,000 acres, which is the smallest In years. BRILLIANT PORTIA COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 0. (A. P.)— The "weaker sex" stole a march on man In the Ohio State Bar examination. Miss Edith Elizabeth Johnson nf Cincinnati bested 237 others with a grade of 89.8. Eleven other women and 100 men won the right to practice, before the Ohio bar. Sixty-six failed. CLIFFORD I HEINZ IS SUED BY SPOUSE (I'nitfd Press Leased Wire) LOS ANOELES, Feb. 9.—Clifford M. Ileinz of Plttsbnrg, son of the founder' of a nationally-known pickle Industry, was named In a suit filed today by his former wife, Sara Young Fra- aier, who asked for cu.stody of their three children and an allowance for their support. Mrs. Frazer stated In her complaint that she and her husband were divorced four years ago In Plttsburg but that no court, order was made providing for tho children's custody. Heinz has a home In Pasadena but his former wife said she believed he Is at present In San Francsco and plans to go past for an Indefinite visit. an! Guaranteed Rose Bushes In a Sensational Sale! Spring is here and all good gardeners are get- ling out their spades and trowels, and here is something to keep them scratching gravel! A sale of rare, pedigreed, two-year-old rose bushes, guaranteed to bloom. I They are living bushes, completely waxed to preserve them, fertilized and planted ready to put into the earth. You may remember in our November sale we sold these same rose bushes at 39c each. Tomorrow we offer them at tt slill lower price. Come early for yours. 4 for or Singly at 29c Each 14 Varieties on Sale Talisman, Golden Em- Kilhani, Climbing blem, Climbing Golden Emblem, Climbing Cecil Brunner, Hoosier Beauty, Chas. P. Paul's Scarlet, Hoover, Autumn, E. G. Hill, Los Angeles, Angele Fernet, K. A. Victoria, Roslyn. On Sale on the Main Floor DKP\RTMENT STORE- SPRINGTIME BROCK'S -AT Presenting the Season's Lovliest Fashions--Friday, Saturday "Famous Last Words" Beauty Products ^^H^^ M. NOW! MAIN FLOOR DEMONSTRATION Mary MacDonald AVOCADO Brock Fashions-Brock Values 99 GET THAT COAT EARLY! 18 Fashion Floor 75 Not whether you are going to buy a Spring Coat, but when I The sooner the better, we say, for they are so undeniably chic, so wonderfully smart —tweeds, plain tans, stunning woven patterns, ombre plaids in shades of blue, beige and brown, black and white or green and white plaids, plain navy with bright silk scarfs. vSizes 12 to 40. K AYSER HOSE The Perfect Valentine The Newest Spring Shades ONLY Correct shades for wearing with the new spring dresses and suits—any sweetheart will welcome such a Valentine. 75c pa\r—3 pairs $2.25. Brock's—Main Floor Good News for Men! 3 "Grid" Sweaters At a New Low Price Made just like a football uniform—see sketch — and guaranteed all wool. Hitherto these sweaters have sold everywhere at $3.50, but, by reason of a special purchase we ott'er them at two sixty-five. Colors: White, Royal, Tobacco Brown,.Beige, Nile Green, Black. Sizes 34 to -12. New Arrivals in Men's Sleeveless Sweaters 100 per cent wool, jacquardcdtf* or plain weaves in Black, Navy, Royal, Green, Beige, Brown, Maroon, U or V neck. Men's Shop—Main Floor 1 ft AYSER'S "Sweeties" •••*• Are Spring's Newest Panties! ^ •*»> Sweet in price, sweet in style and sweet in fabric— ^^ ^^ a rayon mesh of f 9 £ % /* extreme daintiness—lilted yoke top — in white, flesh and peach. 69 Bandeaux to Match, 50c Underwear—Main Floor afc back Mallinson All-Silk Prints The House of Mallinson, the peer of all American silk fabricators, famous for their high quality for the past century, no'w offers through Brock's exclusively in Bakersfield, new high- style, all-silk printed Pebble Crepes at a truly sensational price. A charming array of new Spring patterns for selection. 39 inches wide. Brock's—Main Floor CUIT «^^*^ W^VB. «•••/• AX) f Yourself First" Spring's first fashion commandment -—the beginning of every smart wardrobe is--"Suit Yourself." Extremely smart and trim suits with wide lapels, puffed sleeves, straight skirts, in soft shades of gray, bud green, beige and bright blues. Sizes 14 to 20. Brock's—Downstairs Store We've Become Famous for Our Specialized Large Head Sizes and All the New STRAWS Arc Featured at $f750 Balli, Baku, Crochet Others at $3.9? and $5.00 Brock's—Fashion Floor Just Received — Hankies Wonder Values at 9 Ea. We are glad to add these new Handkerchiefs to our famous 9c table. Hand embroidered linens with ap- plique corners in attractive patterns; also pretty prints in new Spring combinations. Brock's—Main Floor You Simply Cannot Resist Them! New Berets There must be two or three of these clever Berets in every woman's wardrobe. They arc made like the new style hats—tipped up in the back and down in front, of material resembling straw. Cocktail Red Grey Apple Green Beige Brown Black $ 1 Brock's—Main Floor

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