Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 1, 1955 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 14
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1955 Apple Pie With Maple-Sugar Here s.. a version of standard apple pie' that's delicious. Make it with real maple sugar. Make pastry enough for a' 2- crust, 9-inch pie with a mix, according to package directions. Line a pie pan with lower crust, fill with sliced; tart apples. Mix a cup of maple sugar, with' % teaspoon cinnamon, Vi teaspoon nutmeg, a pinch of powdered clove and a tablespoon of -flour. Spread this over apples and dot generously with butter. Cover with pricked top crust, brush with milk and bake in a 400 F oven for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 F and bake 45 .minutes more. Serve hot, with heavy cream poured over. ' . Chicken giblets need from 1 to 1V£ hours when they are being simmered in water. Turkey giblets take from two to three hours. Put the giblets through a food chopper, then mix them w;m crisply-cooked crumbled bacon, mayonnaise and salt and pepper for a fine sandwich spread. CHRISTMAS o COIORFU1 ST/iy-SOFT" PACKAGE recipes THIRTEEN Curried Olive Spread Tasty Have you nver tried the combin ation of ripe olives and curry powder? It's an excellent one. Here the two are combined wilh cottage cheese and other favorite seasonings to make curried olive spread. Serve for hors 'd'oeuvres on crackers or thin strips of toast. Curried Olive Spread U cup chopped ripe olives J ,2 cup cottage cheese Ui: tablespoons chopped green • onion.- Vi teaspoon curry .powder Salt to taste Black pepper to taste Vi teaspoon vinegar Dash tabasco sauce, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise Combine all ingredients, blending well. Serve with crackers or crisp thin toast. Makes about one cup spread. [Gingerbread Cupcakes For Unusual Dessert Spicy gingerbread cupcakes lopped with colorful fruit cocktail sauce -make a favorite family dessert. Prepare it in a hurry with packaged gingerbread mix and ready-to-use canned fruit cocktail. Heat" together a tablespoon cornstarch with syrup from fruit cocktail and stir about 2 tablespoons lemon juice into hot syrup. Spoon over warm gingerbread. 'Seasoned Lamb Panics Next time you prepare meat pal- lies from ground lamb, add a little ground allspice nlong wilh the sail and pepper. Rolled Rib Roast Male* flrit iflct—The ro«t It placed on the platter with the larger cut ( iurface down. Uie tfie ilandard carving set or the ilicer and carver's helper. Wilh the guard up, push the fork firmly Into the roast on rhe left side on Inch or Iwe from the top. Slice across the grain toward the fork from the far right side. Lift Slice—Uniform slices of an eighth lo three-eighths of on Inch thick make desirable servings. As each slice is carved, lift It lo the side of the platter or to another hot serving platter. Remove each cord only as it is approached In making slices. Sever it with the tip of the blade, loosen it with the fork and allow it io drop to platter. Roast, Wlih Onions iBrown Hamburgers MakinR pot roast wilh onion, car- K your hamburgers aren't brown rots and potatoes? Add clioppcd celery and green pepper, too, for fine flavor. enough to suit you when you brcil them, try brushing the meat with vegetable bouquet sauce. Exduiively Your. In Every Loaf Of Holiday time is cookie time—and when you give your cookies the delicate cane molasses flavor of Domino Golden Light Brown Sugar —bow delicious they will be! *A cup butter or margarine t cup Domino Golden Light Brown Sugar (firmly packed) 1 large egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups sifted flour . ' ]/2 teaspoon baking powder l /2 teaspoon baking soda '/> teaspoon salt i/$ cup chopped glace cherries Vi cup chopped nut meats 2-3 tablespoons heavy cream or evaporated milk Cream butter or margarine. Add brown sugar gradually, creaming well. Add egg and mix well. Add vanilla and blend. Sift, together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add dry ingredients, chopped^cherries and nuts to brown sugar mixture alternately with heavy cream or evaporated milk. When mixture is firm enough to roll, shape into long roll about 2>/2 inches diameter. Wrap in waxed paper and place in refrigerator several hours or overnight. Slice i/s inch thick with sharp knife. Decorate with additional chopped •nuts, cherries, or red candies. Bake in hot oven "(400°F.) 10 minutes. Removcimmediatelytocoolingrack. Approximately 40 cookies. BIG BOY BREAD On Sale At Tour Local Independent Grocer A Product of Mclntyret Bakery KINGNUTI OLEO 5 Ibs. 1. MARKET CO PURE LARD 6 Ibs. 1.00 Chicago lit. Prices Are Lowest By Actual Test Nice Lean Choice Center Cut Chuck Pound Only Delicious Tender Cut From Cherry Red Beef Pound Only CLUB STEAK Choice Cut Small Size Tender Lb. SsHoin STEAK Delicious Center Cuts, To Fry Broil or Swiss Ib. Rump Roast Boned, Rolled Tied Ib. 55c Beef Stew Boneless, Fresh Cut Lean Meaty Ib. 49c Decker's ^Famous For Finer | Smoked Meats " Pound Only Buy Decker's For Fine Flavor Pound FRESH GROUND BEEF Fresh lean 100% Pure 4 Ib. Shoulder SWiSS STEAK 39c T-BONE STEAK ... ."^TbTsSc BOILING BEEF Ib. 19c CUBE STEAK Ib. 79c Beef Is Best Buy Today On Food Market By The Associated Press You'll be able to find attractive prices on almost''any kind of meat in food stores this weekend. Beef items will be prominently featured, with prime ribs and phuck roast getting particular attention. Numerous stores plan to offer sirloin and porterhouse steaks at lower, prices. Pork continues on the bargain counter. Some .markets will drop pork chop prices by several cents it pound and there will be many specials on pork loins. Legs of lamb will be widely featured, and lamb chops, will be cut in price in some areas. For those who didn't tire.of poultry over the Thanksgiving weekend, there will be good buys in frying chickens. Well Below Recent Years Some meat specialists nominate beef as a good buy. The average price'of choice beef cuts has been about 67 cents a pound in rccenl months, well below the 89-cent average in 1951 and 1952. Beef is one of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's good buys for December, but the list is lee by pork. Pork supplies will be al the season's peak this month anc prices are low. Also on the USDA's list of'plen- tiful foods this month are turkeys, broilers and fryers, potatoes, pies, cranberries, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, winter pears, grapes, dairy products, dates, lard, canned tuna and vegetable fats and oils. Best buys in vegetables are potatoes, onions, turnips, eggplant, greens and radishes. Reasonably meed are old and new crop cab- jage, cucumbers, escarole, endive, :roccoli, peppers, spinach, squash (both green, and yellow), beets, small size cauliflower and iceberg lettuce. Produce men note, however, that much of the lettuce is only of ordinary quality. Corn Supply Repoiicd Light Celery, large-size cauliflower and Big Boston lettuce are rated as moderately priced. Bunched carrots went up rather sharply at the wholesale level this week and topped carrots advanced slightly. Corn is in light supply. There's good eating to be had in apples, and at reasonable prices Limes, oranges and grapefruit arc good buys in citrus, and tangerine prices are lower. Avocadoes and Emperor grapes also have a place on the list of worthwhile fruit buys Cloved Creamed Onions Dress up canned small white onions. Stick a whole clove in each and heat in a cream sauce. Boil dried beans gently and stii very little if you don't want their skins to burst. Eggs...e extra e 55... 5! PORK m HAM • BEEF LIVER '" 19c | HOCKS «• 27c | LIVER * 29c PORK ROAST. Boston Butt Style Ib. 43c LARGE JUICY FRANKS 39c SILVER SHCALD COFFEE =69c iKINLESS Uj FRESH WIENERS » 39c I SAUSAGE 29c CREAMERY SUTTER Ib. Shank End HAM » to 8 Ibi. Dtck«r Hami Ib. I TANCY.TASTY . CHEESE 55c — DOLLAR SALE ARMOURS MILK 9 can* BACON ENDS 6 Ibs. MINCED HAM 3 Ibs. CATSUP 6 btls. TOMATO JUICE 5 «.... «„. BEEF LIVER 4 Ibs. Mrs.Filberts New Mayonnaise is LIGHT! That's the secret of Mrs. Filbert's LIGHT Mayonnaise — extra eggs! And her new blending method whisks the oil away. Real lemon juice, smooth spices give it a delicious flavor. Get Mrs. Filbert's New LIGHT Mayonnaise today. Only a woman could make it taste so good! Mrs. M. V. Filbwl At Your Independent Grocer's — ASK FOR — PRODUCTS Facial Tissues White Towels Colored Towels Home Napkins Dispenser Napkins So Very Soft/ I Single Rolls 4 Roll Pkg. Colored GROCERY CO. R. G. DuVall, Mgr. HAMS 49c SWIFT'S PREMIUM T.nderiied Whole or Shank Half, cut to your liking .... IB. COUNTRY Whol« or Shank Half. Old Home Hickory Smoked ond Cured. Small Siiej IB! HAMS 47c ROCKINGHAM Tenderized— Tenrfer Made, Whale or Shcnk Half, cut lo your order LB. Why toke a risk in this cold icy weather, when you Can call your order to us and we will deliver right to your door ... the best groceries and meats at lowest prices! COMPARE! Don't forget to order your KOONTZ FARMS Double Breasted TURKEY early. Canned Food SALE April Orchard Cranberry Sauce 4 *« 69c Premier Aopte Sauce 4 ^ nl Del A\onte Pineapple Juice 4 ts 2 Pitted Muiselman Pit Cherries 5^ $1 Del Montft Orange' Juice 4 N ° co > 59c Cross & Blackwell DatolNut Bread 4 «»« 99c 59c Hand Packed Buck Valley TOMATOES 4 No. 2 cans , Crushed or Whole Kernel Corn 4 Sweet Potatoes A Lge. No. 3 Vacuum ^ Packed Cons For Your Deep Fryer Peanut Oil GALLON ...... $2.59 Crosse &. Blockwell Rum & Brandy Flavored Mince Meat Jar 43 C Fresh Bulk .Oysters STANDARDS FULL PINT .,, SELECTS . riJLi. PINT 89c 99c Stokoly'i Frozen Foods 2 FSENCH' FRIES SPINACH WAFFLES ..,, Campbell's Oyster Mow Shrimp Soup ~ Snapper Soup 35c LARGE FAT HEN Roasting Chickens ...... »> 39c SPECIALLY GROWN Frying Chickens ........ .. ib 45c FRESH KILLED DOUBLE BREASTED Turkeys ........................ ib 59c ' "> 35c . ib 39c link, ib 49c loose Ib 35C All-RITE Sliced Bacon ALL PORK Sausage w. COUNTRY Pudding "n HOME MADE Ron Hoss ib I5c BLADE CUT Pork Loin Roast »>29c CENTER CUT Pork Loin or Chops •••• "> 59c FRESH WHOLE OR SHANK HALF Pork Shoulders M, 35c" MEATY • Backbone ib 49c BLADE CUT FLAVOR RITE Chuck Roast , IB 35c FRESH MADE ' Ground Beef ... ib 39c ROUND, SIRLOIN OR SWISS •••••' Flavor-rite Steak . * 75c DICED OR GROUND IF YOU WISH Beef Stew ........ ib 59c Freshly Iced Vegetables & Fruits Tender KALE .... ... . .-. .2 Ibs. 29c Extra Nice TURNIPS ..... 2 Ibs. 25c Slicing CUCUMBERS 3 for 29c Snowhite CAULIFLOWER . . tray 19c Fresh GREEN BEANS ... 2 Ibs. 39c Juicy Fla. ORANGES . 10 Ib. bag 39c Juicy GRAPEFRUIT 4 for 29c Maine POTATOES . . 15-lb. peck 57c Maryland POTATOES 15-lb. peck 45c Fruit Cake NEEDS Bullc Pitied Dates 2 it». 49c Seedless Raisins 2 p^41c Bull; Mixed Fruits and Peels ib 59c Engliih Walnut 2 n» 89c While Raisins b°><25c Brown Sugar 2 '£ 5 27c Confectioners Sugar2 p l*27c Black Walnut Kernels »> 89c Domino Sugar 25b os S 2.49 Also R«d arid Green Pineapple, Red ond Green Cherries, Citron, Lemon & Orange Peel. . - Pillibury or Gold Meda! Flour 25lbboDs 1.98 Mrs. Filb.rl'i Colored Oleo ..:... * 27c Mrs. Filbert'i Salad Dressing <t. 49c Leslie's Choc. Bits ' Small 2 pkg> 49C laros .. pkg <43C Maxwell House Coffee 1 It 93c QUALITY FOODS M 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD.d F;^':^^j^i!r^^7^^^^ffiH^;^^ ^^^M^^ y ^.^^fe^y \'- ">: - 4*#S» " '" " ' " I'm so proud of my guest linens...they're ClOROX-clean! ,'fs~' , ' , M li' ' v:£.p# 1 ''','£%%$. ',', a*, /,, '&*.* •*,, s, •/"''$•. „','•„ '&'?!»;'} ' ?/;<vV^ - CLOROX makes linens more than white... -~^^~—~~~. ~^**mm—mm-m. ^M^«M>i»^—> it makes them swfarv. too! You have a right to be proud of your Clorox-clean linens! They're a compliment to your guests... an added safeguard to health. For Clorox removes dinginess, stains,scorch and mildew...makes whites extra white, fast colors extra bright. And Clorox is the most efficient germ-killer of its kind! Clorox deodorizes, you a wash that smells fresh as all outdoors, even when dried indoors. And Clorox, thanks to an exclusive patented formula, is free from caustic...extra gentle to your finest cottons and linens. Also Clorox, a liquid, contains no gritty particles to damage your wash, washer or dryer. ? A CLOROX-clean bathroom is always ready for guests! ll's easy lo make your bathroom os fresh and sofa as your Clorox- clean guest towels! For, used in routine cleaning, Clorox rcmo/ot stains ond odors from porcelain, tile and linoleum without scrubbing. And Clorox provides o type of disinfection recommended by public health authorities. Sea label directions for these ond many other usoj. l/^^aJc»caSiS3BS.\Sj^®j| P l l/ I '/ill You getaR these benefits la a C/orox-c/ean wash.' m l.Snowy.whlu linen,... C/orox 'ff .r~A fk 2. Brl,htf.,t „,„„... C/oro, M M reman, tolling mm. ™> LM f A',X **' tovely.loojLlng Iintni...C, ty remove! utfy tt^iat, flv en jc ( ' 4« Fneh de i I S - s '»" i^

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