The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1953
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 16, I9S3 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Despite Costs to U. S. In Lives and Money, Reds May Get Korea By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP> — It's not a happy thought but, despite all this country has spent in lives and money to save South Korea from the Communists, they may in the end take it over. Hot necessarily by attack from ? without. They tried that and failed But by a coup from within. That wouldn't be soon. But the Communists take the long view. A few years more or less don't matter They can wait. To them an obstacle is like a «tone in a river. If they can't dislodge it by a hard push, they flow around it and eat away at it. When they tried their hard push on South Korea no doubt they thought they could overwhelm this bv the sudden fierceness of their attack before the United States or the United Nations could act to stop them. Since they made a mistake, and paid heavily for it in lives, material and effort, they may not try the same tactics again once a truce is reached. Why should they, if they can get what they want without firing a shot? One obvious way would be Infiltration not only among South Korean citizens but in the government itself until suddenly the Communist clique felt strong enough to seize power, as happened in Czechoslovakia. Slayer of Wife And Child Gives Up to Prosecutor PORTLAND, Me. (ff) — Municipal Court arraignment on murder charges was set yesterday for Douglas P Adams, 37. who said he gave himself up after poneding in the United Nations Building about the June 7 carving-knife deaths of his wife and child. The jobless cooking oil salesman faced prosecution from a 1933 high school classmate to whom he announced his decision on returning from New York. County Atty. Frederic S. Sturgis said Adams telephoned him Sunday: "This is Doug Adams. Come and get me." Adams calmly described to police how he killed his. wife Charlotte, 38, and daughter Carolyn, 12, in their apartment because couldn't provide for them. Yoshida Offers Version Of Bill that Beat Him TOKYO W)—Prime Minister Shi geru Yoshida yesterday introduce' to the lower house a watered-dowi version of the antistrike bill tha helped topple his last government. The bill would restrict strikes in the coal and power industries. It is a mild version of the bil that helped crystalize Yoshida's op position this spring and led to i non confidence motion against him MOX In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature TUBS - WED Double Feature CCome —PLUS- SEE EARTH'S FIRST CONTACT WITH MARS Selected Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark, TUBS - WED "RHUBARB" Ray Milland Jan Sterling Short Subjects: "Royal Journey" THURSDAY 16 Fathoms Deep All STAR CAST ••••••••*tt*****i«*iti« ( U S. Won't Stay That couldn't happen In Korea so long as U. S. troops stay there. But they won't be there forever. They'll stay while the truce lasts. They'll leave if the U. S. and China reach agreement. on withdrawing their forces from North and South Korea. And it couldn't happen so long as stubborn old Syngman Rhee is President and continues to run the country with his usual iron hand. But he won't live forever. The mood of Rhee's successors and of the South Korean people themselves may not always remain so fiercely anti-Communist as now. Under severe conditions—like a bad depression—no one could predict what the South Koreans or anyone else might do. If a peace settlement leaves Korea divided into a southern republic and a northern Communist puppet regime, South Korea, once American troops were withdrawn, would be under unique and tremendous Communist pressure. It would be surrounded on all sides—except where it borders the Pacifc—by communism, in China and North Korea. This a gloomy picture. It may not turn out this way at all. But it is a possibility and, because it is. the O. S. will have to think about South Korea for years to come. Alliance Not Enough Thinking about it won't be enough. A simple military alliance between the U. S. and South Korea won't be enough because a promise to help the small republic in case of attack is no barrier, jy itself, against Communist infiltration. For that reason this country may have to forge other links with the South Koreans, such as prolon-ed aid. Even that is no guarantee unt he South Koreans will always produce the kind of government this country wants. The U. S. has poured billions nto Italy, to rehabilitate it and ;eep it away from the Communists, but in the recent elections there .he pro-American Premier Alcide de Gasperi barely so.ueaked jirough to victory. The Italian people so divided their votes, ranging all the way from the Communists and Socialists to the Monarchists, that the net result was to weaken De Gasperi. Legion to Hear Talk on USAF "Your Air rorce Reserve in the Mid-South" will be the subjec.t of a. program at the weekly meeting of Dud Cason American Legion Post at 7:30 tonight, it was announced Sunday by A. S. Harrison, post commander. Gviesl, speaker be Master , Sergeant George P. Moyer, recruit- Ing supervisor for the 8710th Pilot Training Wing, Memphis. Sergeant Moyer will explain Important points of the new Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, the Universal Military Training Act, and the long range Air Force Reserve I Plan. These three recent laws have emphasized Hit formation and maintenanea of t strong United SUUes Armed Forces Reservs. *xp«rti say th&t a food farm wa- «ystem must deliver from 300 to 600 gallons a day. Cows riqulr* from 1» to JO ni- tons of water a day and hogi from 2 to 6 gallon*. SMILE FROM AFRICA-in- grid Rita Mills, 20, is the owner of an .infectious smile that helped her win the title, "Miss South Africa." She will be in Long Beach, Calif., to compete in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. In addition to a trip to London for the Coronation, Miss Mills also won $10,000 and chance at being Miss Universe. Bridges' Conviction Reversed WASHINGTON («—The Supreme Court yesterday reversed the perjury-conspiracy conviction of Harry, left wing West Coast long- shore leader. The Australian-born Bridges was convicted of lying when he told a 1945 naturalization hearing that he was not a Communist. He was sentenced to five years in federal prison and his United States' citizenship was revoked. Bridges was indicted in 1949, as a result of the statement he made in 1945 at the naturalization hearing. Justice Burton said the statute of limitations — that is the law governing the period in which crimes may be charged — had run out. Hence Burton said, the indictment "came too late to be effective." Submerged Sub Crosses Atlantic PORTSMOUTH. England UP)— A British submarine reached the English coast yesterday after crossing the Atlantic underwater. An admiralty spokesman said it aras the first itme the British knew of such a feat — though admitting some German U-boats might have done it during World War II. In 1905 when Norway had long been dissatisfied with its union with Sweden, she declared the union dissolved and the separation was made peacefully although war was' threatened for a time. f Sleep C-O-O-L Tonite! Demand heavy for sensational Exclusive Twin Meier-Miser models Investigate the money-saving advantages of the Twin Models thai offer amazing Selective Cooling for complete spring to fall comfort. One Meter-Miser operates in moderate weather to provide cooling and dehumidifying at lowest cost. Two Meter-Misers team up ««*,,•», in hottest weather to double cooling power <P^ economically. Twin 75 only J / * Look at these big early spring extras! 848 • Ventilate with windows closed—no drafts, dust, dirt and noise. • Keep home air fresh and cool during warm rains when windows are closed. 1 Eliminate humidity in moderate weather when full cooling power may not be necessary. Be all set for the first blast of summer with true air conditioning. ic,,,.,, HALSELL & Main & Division FURNITURE CO.Phone 6096 COST OR SAVINGS Granted that water is free; granted that you are pa3'ing only In save water gathered, safeguarded and distributed; just what is it costing you? What, for example, does it tost to get enough water delivered to wash your face — just to fill the basin? Less than five one-Hun- dredlhs of a cenl, or less fhan five cents a month, assuming you'r* satisfied to clean up three times a day. You can get all the water you require for a bath, poured right into (he tub for approximately a penny, and a shower will cost you even less. The bill for flushing a toilet runs about two-tenths of a cent. Go out and water your garden. Give it a good hour's soaking. Then count the cost. It may set you back a dime. Add all these costs up: allow for the water used for drinking and coffee making and cooking, include laundry and household cleaning requirements, and then consider how you'd go about meeting 1 your water needs if you didn't have a public supply system. Suppose you want (o keep (hat garden verdant and blooming. You've been pouring some 300 gallons an hour on it at a cost of ten cents or so. Pumping and carrying the same amount of water would (akc at least six hours. Even if you could get one of the neighbors' youngsters to work for fifty cents an hour (in itself quite unlikely (hese days), you would have to spend ninety dollars a month for the service. Compute any of your other water uses on the same basis and try to (hink of any other commodity which is delivered to you, guaranteed ready (o consume or employ, at a comparable price! The important thing about your water hill is not the charge* it records, but the savings it doesn't mention! lytheville Water Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" FROM STA! IS AT YOUR TOUCH A touch commands the car that won firsl four slock car places in the Mexican Pan-American Road Race, known as the toughest of car competitions. A touch —and Lincoln's 205 V-8 horsepower does your bidding. A touch—and you can have power steering, combined wilh exclusive ball-joint suspension. And power brakes. And the world's first 4-way power scat thai moves up and down, as well as hack and forth. Wilh all these many kinds of power go clean lines and luxurious interiors that interpret modern living completely. It's yours for the driving in a new Lincoln Cosmopolitan or Capri. 1OI7 .\^f V Don't miss the big television hit, "TOAS1 OF THE TOWN" with Ed Sullivan. Sunday evening 9:45 to 10:45. ^ Btatlon WMCT, Channel 5. Power steering, power elevator loati, power brake), while tide-wall tires optional at ixtra eait. LMDA Crowning Achievement of Ford Motor Company*'M 50th Anniversary — "50 Years Forward on the American Road" *• LINCOLN STILL MOTOR COMPANY Designed for modern living — Powered to leave the past far behind Walnut at First Street

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