The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 11
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f <Solcliy. "^elix is before me, and Fran- oio is lying dead at the Fen inn." ,. "What I Francis dead?" he orie* Mh guardedly. "Ah, you admit it is Francis?" "No, I don't," he. retorted quickly. "1 only re-echoed your words. What do yon mean by saying such a thing?" For answer I rose from my seat and made for the door. The force wearied me. "Where are you going, Denham?" he asked, following me up. "For the police," 1 answered, facing him. "Yes, I am determined to find out the mystery of Francis Briarfleld's death. You, his brother, decline to help me, so I shall place the matter in the faanrl^of the authorities," '''upon my soul, Denham," said Felix, detaining me, "you are either mad or drunk. I declare most solemnly that I am Francis Briarflold. From this story , of yours I should think it was my brother Felix who is dead, did I not know he is in Paris?" "A flue story, but it does not impose on me," I ati£*.vered scofflugly. "Listen to me, Briarfiolcl. Your brother Francis vent out to South America some sis months ago. Before he went he was engaged to Miss Bellin. The mother •would not hear of the marriage, so the engagement was kept quiet. Yon alone knew of it and took advantage of snob •f knowledge to suppress the letters sent to Miss Bellin through yon by Francis and represent yourself to Olivia as her lover returned three months before his time. Yon, I quite believe, are supposed to be in Paris, so that you may the more easily carry out the game." "This is mere raving." "It is the truth, and yon know it As Miss Bellin did not answer his letters, Francis thought something was wrong and returned home. Afraid leal he should find rat your plot, yon asked . him to meet yon at the Fen inn, anc , there either intended to throw yoarsell on his mercy or—to murder him." "Murder himl" he repeated fiercely. "It is false I" "That will be for the police to deter- mina" "But surely, Denham, you don't in tend to inform the police?" "I am going to do so now." • Felix seized me by the arm and dragged me l»»ck to ray seat. He was now much agitated, but made every effort to restrain his emotion. '' Sit down,'' he said in a hoarse tone. "Yon dw me wrong, Denhain—on my soul you do me wrong. _ I was engaged, I am engaged, to Olivia Bellin. Her mother consented to out engagement after I returned to England three months "•go. Felix, I believe, is in Paris. I Horribly Mangled Bodies Found In the Woods. fltfSPEOTS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, GENERAL BOOTH M Vi'.--':iHlNOTON. Mlnlrtn-ra nt Ilntlnn*! Onpltal "8tt down," be saU In a hoarse tons, don't know whom you mot at the inn last night It was not I—it could not have been Felix. There was no appointment between us. I am not masquerading as Francis because I am Francis." "I don't boliovo you." "Yon must! I can bring forward Witnesses, to prove my identity I" •' "They may ho misled by the resemblance. Remember, you and Francis are twkis." "I said before, aud I say it again, yon are mad I" ho cried, roughly casting mo off. ' 'Whoever hoard of an appointment being made at a ruined inn? No one has lived thoro for mouths. Ask any one in Marshmiuator, and they will •tell you BO. " "Sti-oiitnnd his daughter Rose"— I began, when ho cut mo short > "Who arc they? I never heard of them. They ore figments of some dream. You wont iuto that ruined inn last night .and dreamed all this." "you don't bolievo my story?" "Not 0110 word," Buid Felix coolly, llookiug me straight iu the face. "Thou I dou't boliuve one word of yours," I cried, jumping np. "Lotus jriaoe the matter in tho hands of the anthorilius aud sec who will be believed." "What aro you going to my, Denham?" "Say? That Francis Briarflold has died iu tho Fou, iuu." "You won't boliovo that I am Francis? 1 ' ho said, evidently making sonio ro- Mlve. "No. You aro Felixl" "Owe moment," ho said, going to tho door. "I Bluill prove uiy identity and in a nittunur that will admit of uo denial" With that ho vuiiuhod, and I waited |0 see what further ovlduuoe ho would bring forward to book up hU imposture. 1 (CONTINUED.) An Attempt Hurt Been Mail* to Burn Bodloi—The Victims Were a Boy o and Ml« Little St,t«r ot 81*—The Hnbk>« Hud W»ndered From Home nnd VYcro MlMinii All Nlfht. PAULDINO, O., Nov. ».—A moat np- palliug murder was discovered hero Monday morning. Two children ot Samuel Gciorl, livtag three miles north of town, were found in a brush pi!« murdered and an attempt had baeniriudi; to burn the bodies. The girl, ngod 6. wag decapitated nnd dieembowled ami the boy's throat was cut from ear to ear and his head nearly severed from his body. The boy is 9 years old. The children loft home at 10 a. m. Sunday. . At 8 p. m. a searching party was organized and searched all night and at 8 o'clock Monday morning tho bodies were found. They presented a most horrible spectacle. The news of the horrible affair spread lapidly and soon hundreds of people were on the seene. Sheriff Stnley was among the number and arrested Charley Hart* a neighbor's boy, who was at once suspected and the people of the neighborhood are firm in their conviction of his guilt. Young Hart says he cannot read or write and does not know his age and is very nervous. When accused of tho crime he denied it in a nervous way. The bodies were found within three rods of young Hart's home and about half a mile from the children's home. The little boy's boots were found in the grass a short distance from the bodies. Their little hands were tied tof ether with a piece of tarred rope attached to a billet Of wood resembling a Mdgh hewn pump handle. It is thought this will famish a definite clue if the boy is guilty. One of the grounds o£ suspicion is that when the dead bodies were found the boy discharged his gun and ran to his home in an excited manner. He was one of the searching party and was not far distant wl)en the children were found, In addition to the arrest of Hart, Levi, Cain and Clarence Brindle have been placed in jail. There tl no Arect ev!- denee that they wen eonneetsA «kth the crime, but they were found in Hart's house when the latter was taken into custody. The Hart residence, it Was found, had been freshly swabbed. When it. was searched two corn cutters and an axe were found to be missing. There is no doubt the murderer or murderers used such an instrument or an axe in the commission of their awful crimes. The people of Paulding and the country in the vicinity ol the scene of the murder •M in a frenzy ove» the affato *»4 While there is no probability of immediate violence it will go hard for those responsible for the death of the unfortunate little ones as soon as their guilt is in any way certain. The mother of Uie children is very ill and is kept in ignorance of their fate. The father has not been permitted to see the bodies of their children. As soon as Hart was taken to the PHuldingjall a mob of 800 to 500 men organized to hang the priaowy at MMS, but were dissuaded on pleas that the chances were largely in favor of the boy's innocence and that the guilty party was still at large. It was evident thisjargnment would hold tho crowd off only until night came on and tho sheriff watched his opportunity to spirit the prisoner away to the jail at Vanwert, a distance of 80 miles. Suit AfBluit Sonator Mitchell, MlMVAUKKB, NOV. ft.— A SQlt fOT |t8,- 000 damages was begun in the circuit court against United States Senator John L. Mitchell for alleged failure to furnish funds to complete the soldiers' monument, which he ugruod to present to the city in IbOO. The plaintiff is John 8. Conway, the American sculptor, residing in Rorno. Tho complaint says Mitchell agreed to pay $2(5,000 for the monument r(vTlior*ttfb~leves firoke out ot the Law- nnoe (Kau.) JuiUad loft a note to the feller to g° bu«k pumpkin*. Jailor* O.Wurt killtd blnuolf at Man- nhui. W. V»., btQttuse a olrou* woman u« was infatuate* with run oft with another Vresideut O»g», of the civic federation, has aDpolMUd a iwuimlUoe to handle tue ^|NO,000 reward (or illegal votlug »tOkl- *%wuUiuits of Armour, 8. P., are eutsr- tli« Yiiulttvu tvlbtt of Sloui, T b» will shurtly u»v 1800,000 UnU utuuuy to tli*** tndift is. Mits ol OM from the LakfSupw tier Ivou rwua-i* during lUi- yoar will »g- T.IW.UOO tou», u. millluu wore thuu and that after paying tho sun of |5,86l ho refused to make any further pay- rnontfi and repudiated all obligations under the contract. Tho oontrodt for the monument was made in the winter of 1H»1 aud has udvancod to the stage/ of a half siae model. Senator Mitchell declined to talk of the subject. Guarded Ho*. 8am UiualL ROANOKE, Va., Nov. 6.— Her.. Bam Small olosud the campaign here. Small •poke here about three weeks ago and tome of bis remarks displeased a largo number of people who heard him. His frioutU, evidently fearing he would, not meet a proper reception, had five police. men at the depot to receive him. The hall in which he spoke was likewise its strongly guarded and at the conclusion of his address be was escorted to the depot by u body guard of oitlMin* No one attempted to molest him. His spoeoti, which ooouplwl over two haunt, was intended to help Ruokor's (PopulUt- Prohlbltloulst) campaign. Army OHhwr* Traiwlerr**. Nor. 6.— Brevet Brigadier Ueuorttl Dlnghuut, colonel and assistant quartermaster gouerul, ou duty at the Leudiiuurtow Dupurttueut of Missouri, has boeu rulievod aud ordered to Wash* iugtou, D. C. Hu will bo suootxHled .by Lluutuuuut Colonel M. I. Lndlngtou, deputy tiuurtormoater general. The change will be effected about Nov. Ib. The utovu U pruliuilnarjr to Uuuerul liiughaw's retirement from aetivtf terv it* Mwy WASHINUT .fl, Nov. U.—There wiw an outpouring- of Salvation Army soldiers at tho Pennsylvania depot Monday to greet Gt-nti'al Booth, oonimaiuler-iu- chief of the Army, who arrived at 1 o'clock. Members of the District auxiliary leagues, Bov. M. S. Newmnn, pastor of thu First Congregational church; Rev, L. B. Wilson, Methodist prfnidins elder of the District: H. B. McFarland and others extended a welcome to him in behalf of the people of the District. General Bootli was accompanied by his son, Ballington Booth; and several other orflcars "f the Army. There was an Army parade on Pennsylvania avenue to the local barracks and General Booth was posted to the residence of \V. B. Woodward, a prominent merchant, where he is being entertained. In the afternoon General Booth met the clergy of the city at the Congregational church and at night he addressed an immense audience in Convention hall, the largest assembly place in the city. Bon ClendlnnlnfConvlotadi CHARLESTON, W. Va., Nov. 8.—The trial of Ben Clendinning, charged with murdering Dr. J. W. Davis neiir Montgomery, Aug. 9, resulted in his being convicted of murder in the first degree. A new trial has been nsked for. It was well established during the trial that the killing of Dr. Davis was the result of a conspiracy of minors who took part in the battle with Wyant's men at Eagle during the strike last March, Many were wounded and Dr. Davis was their physician. They feared his testimony against them in the trial, which was then in progress, and at which the murdered man was to testify the • next day. Davis was waylaid on a lonely road aud shot as he passed hi his buggy. \ *"* Iturdarer Epp» Caught. MEMPHIS, Nov. 6.—-Charles Epps, coli- ored, who murdered Police Officer Parkinson last Friday, was arrested in the •wamps of Arkansas and Brought to Memphis. Epps had been arrested by Parkinson on a charge of larceny and while waiting for a patrol wagon to be taken to the station house he drew a revolver and shot the officer and escaped. The murder created considerable excitement in the city and when the news • of the capture of Eppa spread many open threats of lynching were made by tho friends of the dead policeman. Operator! Try to Annul Contract*. PITTSBUKO, Nov. 0.—The Railroad Coal Operators' association will try to break the mining rate in this district. District President Cairns received a letter from the operators signed by Secretary J. A. Askins, notifying him that owing to the competition of operators who are working below the scale rate the association will be compelled to take the neeessasy stop to annul the contracts. The miners say the law hi on their side and should the association wish to break away it will have to be proven before an arbitration board that the scale rate is not being generally observed. Jt»j Klllt Hit rather. WABBBH, Ark., NOT. ».—A colored man named Milton Herman, living in Onchita township, was shot and instantly killed by his 15-year-old boy. The deed was done while Herman was in bed asleep. The bey crept up to the bedside and discharged the gun, the ball piercing the body of his father. When questioned as to Wbjr he had committed the d««d, he said his pa had whipped him. Callferala Mlllioaalra DIM. ST. HELENA, Cal., Nov. «.—Tiburcio Parrott, one of the richest men iu California, died here after a short illness. Hu was worth several millions, owned much property hi Ban Francisco and throughout the state and extensively eu gsged kn wine growing. J«akln>' Hoatenoa Coutnottcd. WABniKOTOM, Nov. 0.—The president hss cornmntted to life imprisonment the sentence of Augustus Jenkins, who wai to hnve been hanged at the District jail Friday, Nov. g», ibUl, for the murder of Benjamin M. Shopard, KUKK!8LELEGf}L DEATH Sheriff In Shooting a Murderer Missed His Heart. ENDED TEE JOB BY STRANGLING. Sllon L*wl«, Ihn Condnmned Chontnw Mnr- detr.t, Shot by Sheriff Pursier »t Wilburton, 1.t.—Mi**eft the Murk and Ends the Mnn'K SulTei I riff by Holding Hli Nose and Smothering Him tn Do:itb. 80UTH MoALESTBR, I. T., NOV. «.— Si Ion Lewis, the condemned Ohoctaw murderer, wns shot at Wilburton at 10 o'clock Monday morning' by Sheriff Pnrsley. Tho bullet from the sheriff's Winchester missed the condemned man's heart, passing through his body an inch above the nipple, and he had to be strangled to end his sufferings. Sheriff Pursley anticipatad trouble, having just before the execution received a letter from JJewis' friends' threatening vengeance aud he had over 100 heavily armed deputies at the scene. Arriving at the place of execution, Lewis offered up a prayer, following it with a short talk. He then pulled off his coat, vest and boots and'the sheriff painted a cross just beneath his left nipple. Lewis then sat down and was blindfolded. While two men held his hands the sheriff retraced his steps five feet and fired. The bullet went clean through the murderer's body, but missed its mark, and Lewis, throwing back his head, sank groaning to the ground, the blood spurting from the wound. To end the horrible work the sheriff was finally compelled to take hold of the man's nose and smother him to death. He lived 30 minutes after being shot. Twenty-six other Indians are under indictment of the same murder for which Lewis was executed. Wb,en they come to trial trouble is anticipated, as thalr sympathizers are aroused, Lewis wag 5| yean old. He had been given frequent chances to es6ape because of the sheriff's dread of carrying out the law, but refused to take advantage of them. NEWS FROM _FOrttlGN LANDS. Chlneim lUoan CtoMd. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—The New York agent of the Hongkong and Shanghai banking correspondent in London con' firms the announcement made by cable that the bank is closing a Chinese government silver loan for Shanghai taels, l(l,9('0,000 at »9, bearing 7 per cent interest for 30 years, repayable in 10 eqnal installments, beginning 1904. secured by the Chinese custom revenue. Pol lib Membern Withdrew. VIENNA, Nov. ».—There was a noisy scene in the relchsrath Monday. The president of the house delivered an eulogy on the lato czar. The greater number of the Polish members withdrew from the chamber. The incident was an unpleasant one for the government and Emperor Francis Joseph is likely to take it as a personal offeuse. Embalming of the Cz»r DelHyed. LONDON, Nov. 6.—A Yalta dispatch says the embalming of Czar Alexander's body has been delayed and the remains cannot be taken bat'orn Wednesday, The face of the dead emperor remains unchanged. It bears an expression of resigned pain. The czudna is under medical treatment. Impoitt» Tariff Duty. LONDON, Nov. '6.—A dispatch from Lima says the Caseres government has put imported duties on all articles that have hitherto been admitted to Pern free of duty. On iron, coal and machinery a duty is imposed of 8 per cent ad valorem plus A cents silver per ton'of 1,000 kilos. Killed • Peuftnt ta • taerlfle*. St. PETERSBURG, Nov. 6.—The trial is impending of a number of peasants of the Kazan district for killing a peasant as a sacrifice to the idols of the Votiaks, a Finnish race living in a more or less uncivilized condition along the river Volga, between the Vlatka and Kama 1'vuoUoa.llir every uliuwplou trottlug i naulug rowrd wtw lowwod durlug which aa» M Only lluwlau Kdlaoo Here. CUIOAUO, Nov. U.— Thu Russian churuh at Btreator, Ills., U uoutplutad aud probably will 1*» oouawruted uett Sunday by Bishop Niouoliii. Tho uuuruu «t titro»- lor u the uuly dUtiuotlvuly Uiwuiau odi- Auc iu Aworiuu excopt thu uutheilful at Bitku, Alaska. It is built entirely of tuo reiuttluu of Uio Riuwiuu vtwtihulu in thu MwuufucturuH bulldiug »t th« World's fair. Ronthora Kxpocltlou. MONTSJOHERY, Ala., Nov. •.—The southern exposition was formally opened here today. It will continue until the 10th of November. It will offer fl.OUO in prises for bicycle races. Liverpool <tralu Baoalpla, LIVEWOOL, Nov. 0.—Receipt* of wheat for the po»t week werei From Atlantic port*, lit.OOO quarters; from Pacific ports, none; from other porta, 40,000 quartan. RucolpU of American corn during Uu> pott week wure U.100 quarters. Vattla Yhlavra Caiue Trouble* OOALALUA, Nob., Nov. 6.—Cattle thieves are giving ranchmen of this locality considerable trouble. Within tho lost week £0 huad of btook have bueu killed on the plains and carried 08. NEWS IN ABBREVIATED FORM, nuls Houan, a lU-yeur-old desperado, wan arre»t«<l at Blkhurt, Ini). Mueller, chief clerk of the Illinois penitentiary, committed snloUlo. Smallpox UIIH ugwlu baoouiu epidemic at Wulkwtou, lull. The iliavase v»ivi traumulttud by a washerwoman who was* 111. Du|)o»IU in the United State* bunk* October 8, wore |l,r48,-UH,HlU, uKulnut 11,451,1W,B80 thttoortwtpuiuUng pvrlotl laat year. It U estimated that 8,000 government employes liav« departed tor tuulr uomtui iu order to vote at lUv oomlug ulucUuus. A shortage of |6,000 lias byuu fuuud iu the books of County Treasurer Wykott ol' Alger uouuty,.Mloh. All of the Htauipw made by private eon- oerus Uavt> beuu lumt out by the po*tolUutt duuartuieut, \vhluu U now doing IU own printing. Survivors of the wreaked bark Warapa. Ureat Harrier inland, my 79 per- Marrtaca of Am (olnte Juttlea Whtta. NEW YORK, Nov. 6.—Hon. Edward White, associate justice of the United States supreme court, was married to Miss Virginia Montgomery Kent at the Jesuit Court of St. Francis Xavier, this city, Monday morning. Only the immediate relatives and friends of the bride and groom, numbering abont 20 in all, were present. The nuptial mass was celebrated by Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, S. S., president of the New York col-' lege, assisted by Rev. Alphonse Duffonr, B. J., of Holly Cross college, Worcester, Mass., both old friends of Justice White's family in Louisiana. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Robert Fulton, 8. J., who was formerly a professor at Georgetown college, Washington, D. 0., at the time Justice White was studying thsfe. FnUmao Co-Oparatlva Oloa. HIAWATHA, Kan., Nov. 6,—The first installment of workmen of the Pullman Co-Operative club reached hen from Chicago Monday. Thirty-five families and 115 people were in the party. Fifty thousand dollars has been subscribed by citizens of Hiawatha to start the enterprise and ground for the shops will be broken at once. The club is accompanied by Mr. Van Asaache, a retired manufacturer of Chicago and a nan of large fortune, who will take charge of the works. He Is not a member of the club, but believes the co-operation plan is feasible and will work free ot charge until the works are on a paying basil. Kail gtralghtauar* Quit Work. MKADDOOK, Pa., Nov. 6.—The finishing department of the Edgar Thompson Steel works is idle and a complete suspension may follow. The rail straight- oners were told they would be required to do extra work without additional compensation. They thereupon quit work and appointed a committee to carry their grievances to Chairman Friok. About 160 men are now aKeoted, and should a compromise not be made the entire plant will have to close down. CLEVELAND, Nov.O.— Humphrey Johnson, a' well to do former in Oollinwood, a suburb of Cleveland, shot and killed his wife and then suicided by the same inuuus. He was somewhat penurious and she was liberal in spending his money. Their quarrels were frequent and oudod in the tragedy. SUlUd Two Children. HANWEHT, O., Nov. «.— Cliarlw Hart, aged 18, has been arrow tod, uhurgud wit'a the murder of two ohilUrvn of a farmer near Panlding. O., whum mutilated bodies wore found. Hurt imu jail hrro and it U reported that from !''"> MiiM men urt< organising to take, lain UM.U jiul aud hang bun. Your * Heart's Blood J Is the most important part of » your organism. Three-fourths of •• the complaints to which the sys- i tern is subject are due to impuri- W tiesin the blood. You can, tin— fore, realize how vital it is to Keep For which pur equal It Pure ose nothing can W It effectually re- W all impurities, X cleanses the blood thoroughly W and builds up the general health. M Our Treatise on Blood and Skin diseases mailed ^^ Free lo any address, ^^ SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Qa. V Another flllfht Earthquake. CITY OP MEXICO, Nov. «.—Another slight earthquake shock was felt here. The warship Saragossa touched at Salina Cruz, en route to Ciapas with two regiments of Infantry QJ board- Taui Cotton Crop. DALLAS, Nov. «<—The cotton situation continues to favor the biggest crop ever raised in Texas. The weather is still bright, balmy, warm and clear. Bottom, middle and top crops are fnlL Many farmers speak of abandoning what U left, they say it will scarcely pay the expense of marketing. It is certain thousands of bales raised will never be taken from the stalks. Just about now everybody is swearing he will not plant a seed of cotton Bext year. Almost any of the common product* of the soil of Texas will pay better, such as earn, oato or wheat. As proof of this three or four times the area of fall whaat la being •own. ' ___ i _____ — ____ FMMnvar Train Wraekaa. SAN ANTONIO, Tex., NOT. «.—The Missouri, Kansas and Texas passenger train, St. Louis to San Antonio, was wreaked near Luling. fhe engine struck a horse and the engine and snail car, with the passenger coaches, were derailed. Several pusengen were injured. Mrs. T. J. Wakeanan of Ban Antonio was braised and cnt; Mrs. Kempner of St. Lonls was hurt abont the head; a woman and her child; MOM unknown, were also slightly injured. The wounded were brought here and are being token oare of by friends. The train was delayed only a few hoars. Political libel CaM. MANSFIELD, O., Nov. 6.—Oalvta E. Martin, Democratic county commissioner, has sued W. 8. Cappuler, proprietor Of The News, a Republican paper, for |2VOO damages. Saturday the defendant's paper contained an item insinuating that Martin, who was appointed to sncceert a Republican lom- miwioner who was killed, paid $70U for the appointment. Provokad Lynch Talk. CEDAK RAPIDS, Nov. 6.—An Italian peddler who resulted Mrs. John Witford near Hopkiuton because she refused to buy of hiui.was arrested at Monticello and is now in jail at Hopkiuton. The affair has aroused the neighbors of Mrs. Wilford and there is a prospect ol the Italian being lynched. •aid Maautrlal tarvloas. JDXIATA, Neb., Nov. 6,—Meeaorial •ervice iu uswory of Rev. W. H. Bradt, former pastor ot the Baptist church in this place, and later missionary to China, who died in China Sept. 19, WM, were held in the opera house here. Gladstone's Horace's Odr*. LONDON, Nov. 8.—Mr. Gladstone's Horace's odes will be published today. Confe»aod He Set the Fire. OMAHA, Nov. 6.—A night watchman at Hammond's packing house has confessed to having started the blitz? iu that plant which narrowly escaped destroying that immense property, valued at §3,000,000. His motive, he declared, was that he hoped to secure 'credit in pretending to discover the flames and thns preventing a disastrous fire. Be said he started the fire by emptying the contents of his lantern in a pile of boxes. The blaze broke out Surjday night ond the timely appearance of the firemen provoked suspicion. A detective watched him and finally charged him with the crime. The penalty is from five to 80 years in the pen. There fa n j suspicion that the disastrous fin of Friday waa of incendiary origin. Vyphold Fever In Wmda*«p College. MIDDLETOWX, Co»n., No*. 8.—After a consultation the faculty of Wesleyan college have decided to give ont for publication a statement as to the number of cases of typhoid fever hi the college. President Arymond signs the statement and say that 31 students and one member of the faculty have been victims, 14 of whom have gone hove. Many cvee have been pronounced typhoid fever, five of whom are convalescent. The student whe died at Newport last woek ha* tb» fever last summer and was not in gpod health. Bodden Death of a Wall Known Lawyer. DES MOINGS, Nov. 6.—Hiraas V. Smith, a well known attorney of this city, dropped dead at his home, presumably of heart disease. He was about 51 years of age and had lived here about 40 years. He held various offices, among- them district attorney, state senator and member of Forty-eighth congress to fill vacancy caused by appointment of John A. Kasson as minister tA&urmanJa, He leaves a family. ABEUCIODS DRINK • lib PACKAGE! =- MANY FINE PREMIUMS GIVEN FRE6 TO DRINKERS OF LION C0PPM — AT — 'S r Jnlimou ilivcu it Vunlial. OtlAIIA, N(IV. *).— Till) «3(>,UOl! dill •alt o( Kuv, LuiTHbow C&uipboll Banker Johnson for uliunuting hia wito'a affootionb, which has butm on trial in thu district court for two woeka, wuu concluded by a vordiut tor the dofuuUuut. The defmi«e was blackmail. rouuil HkuvUtf *• • Tre«, NEVADA, Mo., Nov. «.— It was reported that the body of a nutu was found hanging to • tree near flo^ooe, St. t'Uir oouuty; toiue dUtauoe from a railroad. Jt in nuppouod the tuttu wiu bunged by u luoli. Tuore bus been considerable Ing iu that country. A*aa*sJ RICHMOND, Ind., Nov. oV-Pred Thar- per, who started from San Francisco ou Juae 10 last to walk around (be world in two yean ou a wager of $10,000, passed through Klohmond two days ahead of Ma »oh«<lule. An Aarahaiu Lincoln KUotor. QALVA, Ills,, Nov. d.-Hou. M. M. Ford dl«d very suddenly at hl« home In thU city. He was an elector for Abraham Lincoln. Mr*. sSraek Ujrraa Dead. PROVJOBNOH, Nov. Q.—Mrs. Frank Byrne, widow of th« ullegod "No. 1" of thu Puoouix park murderers Iu Dublin, di WU1LI5 OUU STOCK LASTS W« WIL.L SBIiIi « (t. Ash Extended Tables....... -|3.8« 8 ft " " " 6.0t Hard wood Ohsmber Sets 12.W 4 Bpindle wood Ohaire, per eel 3.6f |3f~We must reduoe our stock and these prices surely ought to do il. HUw P(>. 1ml., Nov. 6.— TUw uawintU of Co. of Duff, 1ml,, hluw up. Mr, Hummel was killed and nuvurul ot' thu owployeg woru badly hurt. C»|itulu AllwU Dreyfus has hueit arrested iu Parly ou tUo olmruu ot giving luturmaUou to the triple alltauwt. Vur Urvvt , Nov. 0,— TUo board biw wet to uouaidur thu uppuul Uko vwtdl OWIWN fur uJditioual ligli ou the Urout Mwntiig Slb«rl*u Truupt. 8HANUHAI, Nor. 0.— It is stuttnl horo 70,01)0 SiL>oriiiu troo]«j are gutlu'i'md at tUu Uwtniuu l uf U«». H. A. Marrltt. Nub., Nov. tt.— The funeral tki» lute Huu. ttuujuuuu A. Morritt, who wtu> killed mmr Atlantic, la., wuit* held iium uU houiu iu uliargo of the M. W. A. uuJ A. U. U.W.lodgai, Thu luiuTiU wild thu lai'gost ever horn In tho county, about 1,000 people boiug presout. Mr. Murritt was a oamltdaiu for the lugUhiturM. ttt ll« KUotroouUd. AOBURN.N. Y., Nov. e.-C'lmrl«s Wilson, aluui Uivr^o t Uy, aliuit Uourge Cal- houu. wl.» w<ih cci vi,'tu<l (or tlitt uiurdtir o(dotoi'tivt<JH.i\'« )liuvoy,\vn» euutomxid OU Bc^Jt^iuli,*! it, .u I'.j rucuJU Uy Jautico Wlluuu VD bo tfUnrooutvil during thU Wtuk bvyinun^ ti.-il.iy. KANNE & ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET Ktttl,«»•>«, HoulU). oto. ALL UUUKltfl AUK l>liOUI v rL UKUVWUW Corner (tl> «mt Adtium ulrwl*. CuroU, la. ELECTRIC TELEPHONE Solil oulrltltit, UO ptol, UU lOJLHUf. AUI4M Iu I'll), VUiiuw ur IVuiuii. nwxUii Iu •«•» iuiiw. Jhuii, »li«« »ii5 t>aW QniMatl «««••< Uiu»»ua\M»iwll«f •»•««.._.. Atfvuu make ftum M to ft** »w*ijr. Ouo In • i wlitouni uw»u » «*U to MUM uuUUlK.m, tlu»timcumsuU.uoloi«,VU(IM >i»'wkw«.»uriiui«Mo. OiH»M*t<h m*» lor UW MRMl *Cl|'l«aVTlMl bJliuf«ll>Elf ( - H«>»r uvit gl utvlw, nu r»i«lrlna. !*>i Auumtyuu!

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