The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 5
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PAGE FIVE tettf e*t to the feoft* «f Mfcrten f&tfWttfr fcrtttnf to fc*ii» te MftWtt. fe*«Wi tt«& Wfrffliaa frat tt«**f tft« liM fvftty a** of tie speftt * tett h&fcoHitg feet *ere Maty Ch*fiott« ^^^bi^' ! ik^at- ItUJief TOT Mr. iM Mrs. Herbert Boles en ft&ffted at dfn^er strnday a Otife In t&e «o«ntfy hro«OT ttf tie btrtbday of her sister Miss «tta Afterbtrrn. mhers i»res (ttt wefe Mfs. W. M. Artefbtirn and son, El*in, and Mr. and Mrs fohn Artetlrafn ot Council Fletcher, J>S*ett* tSftttlfcer, Roth ef. Ladle Meihtyfe, Mis* tfettig, James feeekwltfc, Maleotte Jnelke, Jamie Summers, Hafb Senton, Dick Hyde, Robert Benton, Lorance Llele, fielfftont Mcdatisland and Ffederie Jewell. Later ih tbe evening delicious refreshments wete netted. Dnvals Cttte Pheasant Diane* Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dura entertained at a 8 o'clock fheas ant dlnflef Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Httnt and daughter Inez, of Tabor, Mr. and Mrs Harry Duval and daughter, Mar Jorle, Misses Josephine Conboy and BernlCe Catidetl. e*** »*««*, wmf tesrWrm tfctt , C&im%ars. «I*»e8 Wrt. R. W. * ferftestffte Wettt, fieftfe* Ca^dett, a I . Leonard »trt*l fhe H. 8. C. elnb *ttd tbe bridge club ot which Mrs. Leonard Dntal is a member gave her quite a surprise when they gathered at bet home last Wednesday afternoon in her honor. The afternoon was spent in visiting and * number of contests were enjoyed. At Ibe close 6! tbe afternoon tbe H. 8. C. ladies served refreshments. The following ladles were present: Mesdames Glen Seeger, Charles Wilson, Martin Cunning- bain, Lewis BBSS, Austin Bass, Donald Cunningham, frank Chamberlain, Grant Chamberlain, Harold McCain, Evan Swain, Claude Williams, Earnie White, Fred Dickersbach, Charles Raitte, Alton Alberts, Dan Beaton, Max Benton, Floyd Rboades, L. L. Richardson, June Wise, Guy Breeding, John Bell, Galen Boles, Marsh." With KJffrttt* Mrs. t. TJ. Parsons and Mrs. W. P. Worttofttt entertained ftt dinner &t 1 o'clock Sunday at the Wortmtn borne honoring tbe birthdays of Dr. I. tJ. PMson*. Miss Dixie Baer, George Parsons, and Allen Wortinan. These totif bad birthdays In October and November. for >UWdf *»»•»• * * •» Mrs. RMftfitetd. fett«*t*ta Crft* «fr». ffctt Snttt»er». 1t*3Tl6ll» MM. Mrs. 1. L. Donner entertained two tables at bridge at her home Monday afternoon complimentary to Mrs. O. A. Rosenfeld of Iftn whn IK vlRltlnc friettds In Ethel DHW7K VBBiabOU **g **•- "• "• •*' StHhWi entetUtflea the club ot whleb they *** ftWftbers at the Slrifian hofte TtStSfty evening. Two Ut>te« wefft Itranged for hettts and jrttt&ecMe. Later * dessert lonebeofc w« served and * nnftbet ot gttetsttg contests Completed the entertainment. Metttwrs et the eiub present were Vtklda Hurst, Matt* Kelly, Helen MftrshiHi, ine« Raines, Gladys GUltland, 8efnl«* Caudell, Erville Nelson, and the hostesses. HASTINGS Beverly Dies in Ho»pltal Thanks to Malvern and All Surrounding Towns O UR BIRTHDAY SALE was a huge success. Every department enjoyed a wonderful response — thanks to you for your continued loyalty, your co-operation, your enthusiastic response . • IN APPRECIATION we are ready to serve you now with these SUPER VALUES. Part Wool BLANKET HOUR SALE SATURDAY — 2i30 p. m. to 3:30 p. m. Heavy 3^ lb. Double Satin Bound - Novelty Plaids - ' Large size, Far below today's cost! 1.98 Little Beverly Dalzell," mention of whose serious burning was made In last week's Leader, grew much worse Friday and was taken to the Edmundson hospital where she was given every attention possible. She failed to re* spond to the treatment, bowever, and passed away Saturday evening. She was brought home and the funeral was held in the Methodist church Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. W. J. Weber. Mrs. Fred Lookabill and Mrs. D. D. Fellows sang. The pallbearers were: Ells- M*n»« "Star Brand" WORK SHOES Black, plain toe, Comp. sole f 93 Full leather * mid sole, Will wear and wear! Misses - Lads KID GLOVES Wool lined Kid gloves Black 'Hanson' brand Girls' Novelty Wool lined GLOVES, "Hanson," Bach pair properly wed, only , . >w Ladies'warn undressed KID GLOVES |» Children's Novelty Woolen MITTS • .. •*'•*! Ladies'Novelty Fabric CLOTH GLOVES , .. .. 49 Ladies' wool lined KIP GLOVES -r warm one-snaps — black, brown *•** Children'* Fleeced UNIONSUITS l*S*8ftij»«£ . ' 1'tQ «»' (HSH » •**»*/ • MW»" UNIQNSUITS siges Oft/* 86,46 WC worth Smith, Donald Robbins Marcus Bowen, and Virgil Potter. Honorary pall bearers were four girls — Rowena Shepard Ardith Owens, Mlna Christie, and Thelma Crawford. There was a large crowd In at tendande and the bereaved rela tives here have the deepest sym pathy of all In their sorrow. Bev erly was born In Hastings Sept 12, 1931 so was a little past *years old. R. L. Christie and family drov to Blanchard Sunday mornln and spent the day with relatives He said he sure bad one flrce drive coming home against that wind. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie England of Albert City and Mrs. Minnie Erlckson ot Marathon drove down Monday and visited tbelr cousins, Mr. and Mrs. L,.L. Orsenwalt, mafiljtttti*""- 1 " "" ^j^mmm fr **feMripvH|loft * j ?*n#w»**» «•• *•»•»#*•§-* »TTF- from .VlWsca - Monday morning 'and left Tuesday tor her home in Muskogee, Okla. D. R. Kidwell has leased the Martin' farm northeast of town for next year, It is now occupied by Harry Potter, Don't forget the Crawford and Douglas cattle sale in Hastings oday. Mrs. A. V. elites and Mrs. Dale Read autoed to. Council 31utfs Tuesday, Mrs. Cecil Woods and Mrs, Wm. Clark visited Monday with friends at White Cloud. Miss Millie Gale was a Red Oak visitor Wednesday,, Miss Bessie Morse visited Wed nesday in the home of Thelma Crawford. The ladies' thimble bee met tbe home of Mrs, D, D. Fellows Wednesday afternoon, A business meeting was held first then tb< program. Supper consisting of pumpkin pie with whipped cream sandwiches, pickles, and coffee was served, There were twenty members present, • Miss Garrison,, te^fter of tb first &ad second grade- room spent tbe week end In Villieca with relatives,. Pent Kites and son, Ralph were Malvern \vl8jtors Saturday. John Hudson was » Sh.e»ai doah visitor Saturday, Rev. k. E, RJpley left last wee for FuUertpn, Nebr» wbere fee wil attend an ev#BgeU»Uo meeting Revival services will be her week from Susday nlsW. Mrs- Roy Crewfwd, Bvslyn Wiilteoi autoe4 ta Fifth and Syjth Grades We were glad Jji> have so many isltors last Tharsday. We trust hat they attd others will Visit us again soon. in history the fifth grade are studying English explorers and settlements In America. We are making posters In our study o the Pilgrims and their settlement at Plymouth. Spelling honor roll for last week Is 1 . Betty Grouse, Raymond Hull, Leon Smith, Harold Hatfield, Jacqueline Dunn, Agnes Mae Clark, Virginia Smith, Betty Haden, Farrls Waterworth, Keith Blunt, Ferrell Waterworth, Rita Crawford, Carl Johnson, Jack Largent, Ruth Jean Glttens, Millard Davis, Hazel Smith, Jlmmle Parker. Virginia Smith, reporter. Hatley ftevesson lifts been m- Ing Ms corn hnsking machine in g*th*rfftg ttt crop of cote tWt fan. the machine to eatable of busking five hundred bushel* a d*y. The man who has been hnsk- ing corn tot Robert Btrond was 1 galled to his home in Kansas last week by the illness of bis father. Although Hallowe'en has come and gone we cannot forbear to mention what happened at the Mt. Vernon school the night witches, goblins, and the imps of mischief cat loose and turned things upside down generally. Inside the school house books and papers were scattered and turned awry and outside aft onthotise laid on its side. The teacher on reaching the school house the morning after found the confusion such that she reported it tc the directors. They ordered school adjourned for the day until everything could be set right again. The Hallowe'eners paid a Vis! to one farm in the locality an< ran off with a top buggy which has not been returned. The farm er told of bis loss of that buggy with a glint In his eye that bodes ill for the Hallowe'eners should they Invade his place again. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt and little son of omaha were visitors a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parker last week. Dudley Conner with his Hereford calf that won first prize in the calf club exhibit at tbe Mills County Fair last August went to Omaha to enter It In the Ak-Sar- Ben stock show last Friday. Mrs. Faye Blunt and sons, .Robert and Kieth, visited Sunday In the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Bert Fickel. Roscoe Parker accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Parker to the State hospital in Iowa City last week where Cliff was thoroughly examined. They returned home Friday. Miss Regina Lookabill of Omaha University visited over the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Read and daughter, Dolores, of Glenwood visited Saturday and Sunday in the Ralph Hanscom home, Mlss Aleene Quiroby who has Qulmby Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Straight of Grand River, Hilton Straight, Mitchell, Nebr,, and Mrs. Retta raig, Brooks, visited Sunday in he home of Mrs. W. D. Linthi- um. ' Specials for All Week Friday Nov.1 8 to Thursday Nov. 25 T. N. T. 7 Mb. bar* Laundry SOAP —25 BUTTER, Creamery, lib MT. VERNON Wilbur Bower with a force of men removed the old culvert In he road along the Johnson home- lead and replaced it with a new one last Friday, Saturday, and Monday, Traffic detoured through .he Johnson stock yards meantime, Some farmers nave finished irn husking while others are Still at it. With good weather corn shucking will all be finished earlier this fall than for severa" years. Hostess Egg NOODLES, SPAGHETTI or MACARONI, box __- Tone Bros. Bulk COFFEEf 3 Ibs. for 53 Tall Carnation MILK, 3 cans 20 Cox Grocery Malvern — Phone 9 T & T COCOA, 2 lb. can SYRUP, 5 lb. Pail Whit 29c Goodie's Best PANCAKE FLOUR. 4 Ibs 17c Scotch OATMEAL, large, full pack — 15c LARD, 4 lb, Pkg. for _-- ORANGES, Med, Si*e, Juicy, doz. -. ~23c HIGHEST PRICES FOR AND How's This? No charge for setting glass in your old frame if you bring it in, _. .. Special Offer — Time kraut. S.Clem Drugs M*n'» Wool Uned Km GLOVES wearing $*• 39c 38c , , , 3fc * t * »88 >lfC*jA. Mf, Mrs. Wayne of tfee Jehu , aad Mrs. Wstter Miss Tbslifta 5le»woo4 visitors Qfti iftd fctr wfe» H #«*»* ftiYWa vW^e Mr, *«4 Min, W ft, ->•'- COAL Prepare RQW fop winter^ eold. We have the in both nut sisse and lump, Lots of heat in it. Another good low priced coal is our It is ft wondevful fuel lor the MOHAWK mosey* fPSWww** •* Th»o we always have a good supply «f the famous ILLIIHM* Some of our customers will httve aothtug elw. Co*l, S*mi Lumber Co. You NEED these . . why not BUY today? : _..i_..i. ||n , -. 1,' rillir ---.^^-^^^^====3^^ ^ifass Furniture in a SPECIAL SELLING Saturday, November 18 W E'RE ready to supply you with complete furnishings for your home or with a single piece. We firmly believe that our lower over* head and long experience enable us to give better real values than are obtainable elsewhere. We'll gladly prove it and offer the following as evidence ,..•••* Card Tables It will help anyone's game to play on a table „ like this. Sturdily built to stand the most strenuous party and to give plenty of service in other capacities as well. Newest colors, designs. . . OTHERS IN luxurious designs with exceptionally convenient folding action. Tops of best leatherette or of painted design. Highly decorative and will fit any furnishing scheme. They're bargains at Ironing No matter how many you have you can use one of these ultra-convenient ironing boards. Exceptionally light and yet so strong as to care for all your needs. Natural finish. A giveaway at this price A typical value here iil!P!9l»«J"i | i«H«iln mw-mn-. IMJ-JHWSWIIIWIWIIUI j n i- »..«»>»«'.•.-•— ,-———„— — -—^ Parlour Suite 100 per cent Angora Mohair, Two pieces with reverse cushions in beautiful colors,^JTe sincerely believe that no val' \ we aproacning this can bet found elsewhere. By all means see the set in our store , , • « > — ThU nrict cnn be nwd* cw Saturday N»v, 18, only 3-Step Step Ladders Every kitchen needs one at least 60 tiroes a day. Can be used as a low stool. Built to stand straight and even and remain firm under the most 1 uae, Whet a priee TO* Mre UN Uut u U* Mf t(M» Ui»uy w «• »t ftw PS** t»

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