Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 1, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 11
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT. AD Taker Jlairor1li\ (<ntns<>l By Mail Kditor's Note: Since man's cncacc- :-i)cnt to 17-year-old. hi* iistcr vicious* ly makes war on her. DEAR MARY HAWOR'fll: My 17-year-old daughter's boy friend left for overseas duty with the Army last April. A month later he sent her a diamond ring and they became engaged. They were very much in love. Since then the boy's sister—I'll call her Joyce—has done everything in her power to make my daughter miserable. For example, falsely accusing her; spitting at her, and trying to disrupt her friendships with other girls. 1 kept telling Hope (my daughter) to ignore these attacks, so long as her] conscience was clear. j said, "You can't win in a contest .vith a skunk." And 1 think that •urns up the proposition of trying to get the best of Joyce's attitude towards Hope. There is something insidiously unwholesome about the inner life of a family thai produces a character like Joyce — an obviously psychopathic personality. The psychopathic perswuility is a As for your advice to Hope: wouldn't have said give the ring to Joyce. Rather, lake il off and it aside, to be personally handec to Bud on his return. Or mailed to him if he wants it now. When Bud wrote of hearing tilings about Hope that he didn'l like, she might have answerec briefly, with dignity, that her con nonconformist to rules of reason'scicnce is clear and her conduct and decency, in close relationship.l« m P cccablc - And lf hc carcs to P ur ' Such persons are emotionally crip-jSuc the subject, Icl him investigate pled, in an obscure way that psy-jj. hc f ou [ cc and^ motivation of the chiatry recognizes but can't quite '"" '" '"' """ ' penetrate, Their enjoyment of life consists in trying to deface, degrade and destroy the dignity of certain other individuals—and the nicer or gentler these others are. This past week Hope's fiance lhp Krcatcr the psychopath's wrote to her. saying he had receiv-j.. kick .. i n . ha rassing them. ed a letter from his sister recently, and he didn't like what he read. 1 advised Hope to remove -the engagement ring and give it to his sister—so that she would be satisfied. And to write to the boy, telling him that she had clone so. Also to ask him to decide whom he believed and what he wanted. Hope has an evening job and goes to school during the day and has bought several things for. her trousseau, while also amassing a savings account. She hasn't dated or gone to school parlies since Bud left in April. He is due back next Spring. I have advised Hope not to accept his ring (again) until she fin- lies he has swallowed. Period. You say: "It seems to me if Bud loves Hope he would have faith in her." The truth is, I gather, that Bud is a stranger to emotional security, in relation to good people. He is steeped in distrust,'uncer tainty and instability — in a dog- Supposing your dauglUer Hope caWog w* of life. At HopeJ tend- ishes school, and until he is home from the Army. Do you think I advised her correctly? It seems to me if he loves her he would have faith in her. I pray I have coun- selled her wisely.—S. Y. DEAR S. Y.: As somebody once were to marry Bud — and my instinct says "Heaven forbid!" on the basis of your story—she would be putting herself in shooting range of Joyce's crackpot venom continuously thereafter. And though Bud and his parents and the balance of their kin might waken slowly to the senseless nature .of Joyce's clawing, spitting, lying campaign, still that wouldn't make Joyce any different. And who, in his righ 1 mind, wants (or would permit himself) to marry into that type of nightmare? And, as a further warning to Hope to beware, there is her fiance's recent disclosure of his predisposition (1) to believe the worst, rather than the best, about "outsiders" to his family circle; and (2) to side with his family instantly, without judicious reflection, wften destructive feelings are aim- eJ at "outsiders". er age (17), my advice to her is to postpone marriage at least five years, and give herself time to find a real helpmeet.—M. H. 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Main St. Gdttyiburg, 19 Chambtriburo Si. Horrljonbura, Vo., 9 N. Court Eliiobelhtown, 54 S. Market St. Charlottesvill,, Va., 107 W. Main"" Martiniburg, W. Va. 127 N. Queen St. Lebanon, 781 Cumb. St. Member Federal Depotit Iniurance Corporation STREET - CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND

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