Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 15, 1948 · Page 21
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 21
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Rent Changes Are Explained Applications for Increases Handled , "We are. now fully equipped With instructions and supplies to help- landlords who want .to take advantage of the Washington-announced revision of rent regulations simplifying certain. applications for rent increases," E. Stewart Ulrich, area rent director, stated Tuesday. "The regulation changes were not effectiv« until July 10 and we were not in a position to handle applications until today said the rent official. "From now on, however, we •hall make every effort to explain comprehensively the requirements in every case called to our attention and to act upon the petitions ' for adjustment with speed, once they are'filed for official consideration." Has Complete Answer "LTlrich said he agrees with National Housing Expediter Tighe E. 1 Woods who announced that rent offices now will have a complete answer to the past objection that a landlord, operating at a loss, could riot always obtain relief. "Especially welcome the Mason City area will be the change that permits the so-called small landlord to use a short form in seeking hardship adjustment," he added. "It will take care of a complaint that owners of only one of 2 properties who do not keep books or records and are not able, therefore, to produce the figures required to get a hardship increase." Ulrich pointed out that now small landlords will need only tax receipts, insurance., premium notices and fuel and utility bills to submit with the simplified form. Information Summarized He summarized information on the changes as follows: A landlord who believes he is operating at a loss may file a petition for increased rent on a form known as D-99. He will show total income from the property, total operating expenses for the current year and, deducting one from the other, he will show his operating loss. Operating expenses Include depreciation but exclude interest charges. A landlord of 4 units or fewer may file a short form petition to , show he has had a decrease in net income from rentals because of increased costs for taxes, fuel, utilities and insurance. He may base his petition on taxes alone, or may add any one or all the other items. However, no part of the building subject to the petitions may be in use for commercial purposes. If a landlord has not saved the bills required,-he may get the information from the tax ofice, insurance company and fuel and utility concerns. The rent official emphasized that petitions for adjustment of rents are possible only when a property is not under rent-increase lease. Dairy Report for June Given City Laboratory Lists Fat, Bacteria Checks The report for the month of June on the bacteria count and butterfat content of dairy products sold in Mason City was released Wednesday by Dr. J. W. Lannon, city health director. Four random checks during the month gave the following results, according to the report by the city laboratory: DAIRY COUNT FAT Regular Milk: Hermanson 5,000 Sweet Clover 21,000 Frettem 37,000 Farm Products 8.000 Schermerhorn 5.000 Hartman 23.000 Homogenized Milk: Hermanson 2,000 Frettem 12.000 Sweet Clover 15,000 Farm Products 0,000 Schermerhorn 18,000 Raw Milk: Bryson 60,000 Rybnlkar 18,000 Half nnd Half: Hermanson 7.000 Frettem S.Of.o Sweet Clover 5.000 Schermerhorn 12.000 Cream: Hermanson 3.000 Frettem 3.000 Sweet Clocer 34,000 Farm Products 57.000 Schermerhorn 9.000 Hartman 8.000 Balloon Chasing Revived by Swiss Basel, Switzerland, (£*)—S w i s s , motorists have revived the prewar sport of chasing free balloons. The automobile club here recently staged such an event, known as a "balloon-foxhunt," at Olten, Switzerland. At the gasworks there the bag was filled with 2,200 cubic meters of gas, ,,/the basket took on an aeronaut and 4 passengers, and 37 motorists r engaged in a guessing and racing contest to be the first to reach the balloon when it landed. It came down 4 hours later, approximately 120 kilometers from the starting point. The chase could have continued except that an easterly wind was driving the bag toward the French frontier. At the frontier the "foxhunlers" would have had to halt, and a Swiss balloon floating over French soil mighl have provoked diplomatic exchanges. CIVILIANS AND SOLDIERS 'An Af N«wsr«atwr** Pictograph: v ' US.-209 CIVILIANS TO«£ PRANCE 93 CIVILIANS TO CHINA 91 CIVILIANS TO4> GH BRITAIN CIVILIANS Officers Named by Goldfield Legion Goldfield—Russell Oviatt, locker plant operator, was elected commander of the Earl B. Beisell American Legion post. Other officers elected were: Virgil Darland, vice commander; Keith Johnson, adjutant; James Clausen, vice adjutant; Glen. G. Braden, finance officer; William Sherman, sergeant-at-arms, and Clayton Kent, chaplain. Orvel Griffith is the retirin commander.. CLOSE CALL "When a cable broke on a ditch ing machine, the 1,500 pound boom dropped on Ben Bielenberg Schleswig. The teeth cut his back and head and bruised him. Tha was all. New Fire Chief at Hanlontown Named Hanlontown—Henry W. Doebel resigned his position as .fire chief and Leslie Larson was chosen to replace him. Edward Amberg is first assistant and Harold Klein second assistant. Guests at Minneapolis Ackley —Mr. and Mrs. Robert Janssen and daughter, Verla Mae, were recent guests in the home of Mrs. Esther Bisdorf and son, Don, and with Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Peterson at Minneapolis, Minn* They were accompanied by Mrs. Joe Hanig, who visited her uncle and .aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Germann and daughters, Alvina and Elsie and with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hels. VISIT OLD HOME Hayfield — Mr. and Mrs. Mike Malek, accompanied by their sons and families, Mr. and Mrs. James Malek, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Malek, and Larry Malek, all of the Chicago locality, visited their daughters and families, Mrs. Harold Geddes of Miller and Mrs. Joe Zrostlik of Britt- and with relatives here. PERSONALITY GLASSES . . . help you look your best! Take the first step toward a healthful, youthful outlook on life ... a pair of correctly prescribed and fitted glasses can safely and easily help correct your vision. Have your eyes scientifically examined NOW! Registered Optorr.ttrlst . . . Office s.1 rJL/K. Eistcred Cptcrr.i HELZBERG'S 23 South Federal, Mason City, Iowa GLASSES ON CREDIT 50c A WEEK MM*B Ci»y, I*. J»ly 14, IMS We proudly present these famous floor and wail coverings .. • miAIOLINOUUM IP IT HASN'T THE GOLD SEAL IT ISNT CONGOLEUM tUGS AND ftY-THC-YARO Make"your selection from oar complete assortment* Installation, if you wish it, by our skilled mechanics. _Come, in . -You are doubly sure of satisfaction because these nationally advertised products are guaranteed ty,Cx>ngoleuiarNairri Inc. R. S. WEBER CARPET CO. 209 North Federal Phone 931 3.7 3.3 3.D ii'.G , 3.0 3.8 3.1? 3.4 3.5 3.5 3.6 4.0 10.5 !)."• 8.0 13. :> 27.5 •'"29.;•> 15.5 23.0 2R.U 19.5 ATTEND PICNIC Joke — Mrs. Gertrude Hove Charles and Gordon of Stanhope: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rye anc Ralph of Belle Plaine; Mr. anc Mrs. Alvin Strand and sons o Forest City and Mr. and Mrs. M J. Erdal and Norris of Rake were guests at the home of the loca -postmaster and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brunsvold and en- Joyed a picnic dinner in the town park, i HERE ARE MID-JULY SAVINGS OF ALL MARKED 'WAY DOWN SO WE WON Vs to Vz AND MORE! 'T HAVE TO COUNT IT! CHILDREN'S CLEARANCE Odd Lot- Table . . . infants' pinafores, sun suits, polo shirts, cotton longies, skirts and blouses. Now $1 and up Millinery for little girls, pert and pretty. Now ] /2 price, 99c to 1.99 Cotton Dresses, one piece styles, stripes, prints and solid colors. 7 to 1 2. Now 1.99 to 3.99 6 Coats and Toppers, 100% wool. Hi-teen sizes 10 to ] 6. Now 7.90 to 12.50 Dresses, crisp cottons and rayon, junior sizes 1 0 to 16. Now 3.90 to 7.90 Summer Blouses, cool cottons, white, plain colors. 6 to 12. Now 99c to 2.49 —CHILDREN'S SHOP • FIRST FLOOR BOYS' SHOP CLEARANCE White T shirts, fine cotton. Sizes 6 to 20. Now. . . 79c Seersucker. Sun Suits for boys, red and blue. Sizes 3 to 6. Now 1.49 Eton Suits, washable. Yellow and brown or two-tone blue. 3 to 6. Reduced '/2 3.90 READY-TO-WEAR CLEARANCE DRESSES Dresses, small group of dark'colors and prints. Sizes 9 to 15 and 10 to 20 $5 Summer Dresses, cottons, prints, dark and pastels, prints and rayon crepes. Sizes 9 to 1 5 and 1 0 to 20. Reduced to clear $7 Summertime favorites, one and two piece styles better cottons, some golfers, prints, pasteSs and dark crepes, a few butcher rayons and cottons. 10 to 44 and 9 to 15. Now .- $9 Dresses, late spring and summer .styles. Cottons, rayons, butcher cottons and rayons, crepes, prints, pastels, dark colors, 9 to 15, 10 to 20. Now '. $11 Better Dresses, cottons and rayon crepes. Prints and pastels. 9 to 15 and 10 to 20. Now $13 and $15 Dresses, casual and dressy styles, many crepes. Broken sizes 10 to 20, 9 to 15 $17 to $29 Seersucker Robes, wrap and zipper styles. Sizes 1 2 to 18. Now $7 HANDBAGS, leather, fabrics and a few evening bags. Now 1/2 price 1.99 to 5.88 —HANDBAGS FIRST FLOOR PRICEp TO CLEAR Shirts By Fruit of the Loom White and colored. Sizes 14 to 16, 32 to 35. 2.19 —DRESSES FIRST FLOOR Knit Eton Suits, sizes 3 to 6. Now. 1.99 Tweed Topcoats, broken sizes 2 to 10. Now . . . 4.90 to 10.90 — BOYS' SHOP FIRST FLOOR SOUTH MAN'S SHOP Dress shirts by famous makers. Broken sizes !4 to 17, 32 to 35 sleeve. Now 1.99 COATS Shortie Styles . . . gabardines and fleeces. Pastel tones. 9 to 15. Now $19 Spring Coats, short and full length styles. Suedes, coverts. Pastels and bright colors .Sizes 8 to 18. Now $29 A few Better Coats, bright colors. Full length styles. 9 to 14 $33 CLEARANCE OF MILLINERY Large and small brim styles, some without crowns. Light-weight, cool and comfortable. Black, brown, navy, white, natural and a few red, green and grey. NOW $ 3 $ 5 -COATS FIRST FLOOR SPQRTSV/EAR a CLEARANCE Blouses, white and colors, cotton and ravon. Lonq and short sleeve styles. 32 to 38. ... 1.99 to 4.99 Shorts by Jantzen, navy, brown, yellow, white. Sizes 10 to 16. Now 2.99 Skirts, failles and cotton ballerina styles. Dark colors. Sizes 9 to 15. Now 3.99 to 6.90 Sports Jackets, denim, corduroy and wool. Right for now and later in the fall. Sizes 10 to 16. Now 3.99 to 8.97 —SPORTS SHOP • FIRST FLOOR SUITS BetVer Spring Suits, all wool. 9 to 13. Now $29 Spring Suits, pastels and dark colors. All wool gabardines and worsteds. Broken sizes 9 to 1 5....... •. ... t . . $33 ODD LOT OF JEWELRY Pins, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Now All l/i Price 59 C 2.99 —SUITS FIRST FLOOR EAST FOOTWEAR CLEARANCE Shenanigans British Walkers College and Career Mademoiselle Radios and Appliances See our selection of Philco radios, phonograph and console combination. 10 models. Reduced to clear. Now . . . 79 95 to 199 95 —RADIOS FIRST FLOOR, SOUTH White, gold, brown, black or green with white; and black, brown, red and green calf. Black patent. Sizes AAAA to B 4 to 10. Broken sizes and styles. 7.89 Red Cross Air Step 5.89 Children's Shoes . . Buster Browns, saddles, loofers, oxfords. Now . .. 1 89 and2 89 -FOOTWEAH • FIRST FLOOR Toiletries Wrisley's hard milled French Soap. Now . . . 10 bars, 89c —TOILETRIES • FIRST FLOOR Nylons . . . full fashioned, broken sizes of famous brands. Now 50c and $1 pr. Group of Women's and Children's Anklets, colored cottons. Broken sizes. Now '/2 price 19e to 29c Indian Bracelets, matched set of three, one wide and two narrow. Set 59c GROUP OF GLOVES Leather and fabric styles. Ail colors and sizes. Now Vi price 69c to 2.99 —GLOVES • FIRST FLOOR DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS Remnants now reduced 1/2 price and more 25c to 2.90 Priscilla Curtains, rayon and cotton. Now 2.38 to 4.90 Cushion-dot Priscilla curtains, generous size. Now 3.98 Knit Slip Covers for your davenport and chairs. Vat dyed, preshrunk. Now 1/2 price. . . . 3.90 up Curtain Fabric, dotted marquisette. Now 39c yard —Curtains and Draperies • Downstairs Floor DOMESTICS A group of Chenille Spreads, white and colored, white with colors. Full and twin size. Now reduced !A . . . 10.95 to 16.95 Timely Clearance of Bath Towel Sets. Priced to clear, set of 3, 2.25 Hand Towels, soft colors. Now . . . 45c and 75c Blankets, part wool, 70x80. Now 2.99 Double Curtain Rods, ready to use. ' Now Vi price 30c Window Shades without rollers. Green. Now 1 Qc —Curtains and Draperies • First Floor South ART NEEDLE Bernot Argyle Sock Pak, all you need to make bright al wool socks. Now 1.59 Assortment of needlepoint. Now 29c to T.98 Linen Guest Towels, two styles. Now 39c and 79c —ART NEEDLE • DOWNSTAIRS FLOOB CLEARANCE OF FABRICS Bolt Ends and Remnants, cottons, rayons and woolens. Now ] /z price. 17c to 1.47 ODD LOT TABLE Notions . . . assortment priced to clear 5 C to 1.98 Odd Lot Table . . . blousettes, scarfs, handkerchiefs and ties. Reduced Vi and more. Now . . . 19c to 1.99

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