The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 9
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Circular (rue. Addrea* •OVAL MEDICINE CO., 63 Hlver SI., CHICAGO, IU. For Sale u! Carroll, town, by J. \V. Unit on. ~ lvixl bymuNi lia »Uvi>rti«e Machine! *t Wholtut* BK8T. Tliera I* nolhtof IUST AS POOP. («iu «IQ".OO to *js,odT o uutk« » lartu vrlvly of Ilium; i'lu«i> U!tvliluii« far iKiiTSVwii uBt ioiiftu buy tliu fiWT. flwjf (MM Mi tm^Jy llutuiiHlur carefully uiulu <ui tun IIOMK , u run «i'l hull 'ucfluim, uwiUiu or ruiu/ Ifrilv ,'uf Oin- A'ctv J'rku Mtt, W» will uut !>•> Vuit«r»ul», * wnut your ordur. U iiut (»r tbu lltwt, far our next T *TJ (I i" loo», llU-ral ii-rui. uud HU»|-e JonUutf * «$ MSfiiUJ VKH ,« iiittvlil'iii «1 ywir bmuwjur «• luil.'uktlou, Wruiv puivliwiliitr. lrw> ufoliiuv. Wrliml tuvik A'vw J'rlaa Utt ''•«• |Wt|«, HIM., !5 Snluii Bquito, H. T It. iwh, to.. 8u rrwcUM, en, rou «ibit wv BROS., She Is No Longer In the Solid Democratic Column. DICE BLAND WAS DEFEATED, Latest Figaros Indicate a Democratic Governor In California, the sfntfl ticket show .Republican gains over 139S2 ranging irom 2,000 to b.OOO, WESTERN STATES, STEVE ELKIN8 TO BE A SENATOR. Republican* Have Sixteen Majority In the Weat Virginia l«(l»lature on • Joint Ballot—Chairman Vanlkner WHI Mot Concede Wilton'* Defeat. MISSOURI—The nrort snrprMtog of Tuesday's upheaval was the transfer of Missouri from the Democratic to the Republican column. This change of front was not made apparent until Wednesday afternoon, whuu thu returns from the precincts btgw to coniu in. These have shown nothing but strong Democratic leanings, but the returns show that Missouri can no longer bo counted in the solid Dumocrtttio column. Districts and counties that have heretofore rolled up tremendous Democratic majorities have completely changed front and reports are received of Republican victories in those Damocrosic strongholds. The Third congressional district, which in tM)3 gave Dookery 8,'101 plurality, have voted for a Republican. Tarmey in the Fifth district in 1BU3 received a majority of fi,l«7. This year lie is not sure of buinx returned, us Van Horn olnimtf the district by a few hundred. In tho Eleventh "tSilvor Dick" Bland is uloutod to stny at auiiio uml a Republiiiun will reprosHiit th<) district in tho Fifty- fourth congress. Thu Republicans have elected tho entire counly tickets in oountio* which hiive not el joted a Bepublican since tho war. From the latest unofficial returns received from 00 counties in Missouri Republican gains of 16.UOO, as shown, aud the election of their tmiir* atnto ticket by a plurality of ut least) 0,01)0 is assured, Thu ttuccoKsful candidates are; Wultur M, Robinson, judge of tho supreme court; John R, Kirk, state superintendent of public schools, and Jasoph Florry, mil- road and warehouiio couuuiBjioiiar. Tho lower iioueo of the «t«t« l'»)fl«l»tare U Republican, but the DumooruU, who bave a majority in tho wuate, vUi bu •ble to carry thluga ou a joint ballot, There sooius to be no doubt tluM tuo following oongreftninon »r* eleotodi Oeo. O, Crowtlier, R«p,, Fourth dUtriot< John O. Tanuey, Dem,, Piftl); DeAriuond, Dam., 8iiti» John P. Traoey, R»p., Ser- entlt; Ohamp Ulurk, Duiu., Niutb) Hich- *nl Uartholdt, Rup., T«utfa; OharlM F. Joy, Rep., Eleventh! Beth W. Cobb, Dem., Twelfth! John T. Moaley, Rep,, Fourteenth; Okurlu* Q. Burton, Rep., Fifteenth. The defeat of Hatch in the First dia. triot by U. N. Clarke by 400 plurality U gluiuiuJ by tho Hopublio»u». Dookory olaiuu his io-eleotiou in th« Thfnl by 400, but the cbtttnuau of the RopuWioan uougrawioiial commute* avert* Otat Q, O. Orto to victorious by a plurality of too. Kaunas Oily—Compute anotteial re- tunw for Ibis, the Firth diatriol, give Juliii 0, Turmiey for cougrew a plurality of U7fi over Van Horn, Rep. The Republican oouuty commute* o)glm tho offlolul count will change the ra»nlt, gir- lug the eluotiou to Van Horn. Final figure* onjhe oitv and county vote on Lateit Figure* Indicate the Election of a Democratic Gavernor In California. Republican* Win In Other State*. CALIFORNIA—The chairmen of the Democratic and Republican state committees have received advices from the county committees throughout the state. Chairman Gould, of the Demqcratic committee, stated that the election of Budd for governor was assured. He will get a plurality of between 7,000 and 8,000 in Ban Francisco. He also claimed the election of Maguire for congress in the Fourth district, and of Temple for the supremo court, and of Augier for surveyor general. D. M. Barns, secretary of the Republican state committee, will not concede that Budd baa been elected. With the exception of Temple, Burns claims the election of the entire state joint ballot by at least 35. Both Hopub- I lican conipessmen were elected. { NEW MEXICO—Returns from 12 counties give'Catron, Rep., for congressional delegate about 3,800 majority. The remaining sis counties to hear from may reduce this majority to 1,700. The legislature will be Republican. UTAH—About 80 per cent of the returns from the territory are received and Cannon, Rep., for delegate to congress a majority of a,185. Th» delegates to the constitutional convention will stand about«« Republicans to 41 Democrats. . IDAHO—The entire Republican state ticket is elected by 2,000 plurality or more. Legislature returns indicate that the legislature will be Republican. The new Mormon vote seems to have gone Republican. MINNESOTA—The fullest report* obtainable, with some counties conservatively estimated, give Nelson, Rep., a plurality of 33,598. Republicans elected the fall congressional delegation. WISCONSIN—Complete return, from ticket, also six congressmen out of seven. .« t , » A , , -.. ...._, Returns from senatorial and assembly !? ou ',?' 70 co , unli » in » he •*•*• give a •trictsin California inditelh« «W. »f P ubhoan _plurah^ of 04,6*0. This districts in California indicate the election of 14 Republican senators and 4f assemblymen. This, with (he eight Republican holdover senators, would give the Republicans 10 majority on joint ballot. KANSAS—The Republicans have carried Kansas by a plurality of possibly 80,000 and will have a slight majority over all. Republican Chairman Loland claims also the election of the congressmen in seven distrlcta by pluralities or majorities as follows: First district, Case Brodoriok, 4,000; Second, O. L. Miller, 8,000; Third, 8. 8. Kirkpatrick, 1,500; Fourth, Charles Curtis, 5,000; Fifth, W. A. Calderhead, 1,200; Sixth, A.H.Ellis, S,0(Ht; Seventh, Chester I. will probably be increased by the returns to come. The Republicans gain •ix congressmen. NORTH DAKOTA — Congressman Johnson, Rep., elected over Muir, fusion and Rtieve, Ind. Dem. Allin, Rep., elected governor over Kinter, Dem., and Wallace, Pop. SOUTH DAKOTA—Sheldon, Rep., is elected governor by not less than 10,000 plurality. Both Republican candidates for congress are elected and the legislature is overwhelmingly Republican. MONTANA—Chairman Lant statea that Hnrtiuan, Rep., for congress and Hunt, Rep., for associate judge are undoubtedly elected. Ho claims the legia ballot. COLORADO, Long, 1,900. These figures are, however, j {ature will bo Republican by 15 on joint based on estimates and the official re- " turns may materially change them, aud possibly reverse some of tlioiu. Chairman Breidenthal, of the People's party state central committee, conceded tho election of the entire state ticket aud six of the eight congressmen. He con- uedoa that the Republicans have elected a majority of the legislature and that { they will elect tt United Btatett tcimtor. The Republicans now claim 1)1 ui thu legislature as absolutely certain. Wichita—Governor Lewelliug said to- 4ajrt "I do not concede tho defeat of the Populist ticket. Only the cities uud the town precincts have been heard from and the country can easily overturn the •howing there, I do not, however, look for more H,000 plurality for elthut tho Republicans or PopulinU, and only the official count can decide the result. The Domouruw evidently aided tho Republicans. Woman suffrage hurt the Populist ticket." Wichita—Twenty-six counties complete iu thu Seventh dUttriot gives Long for conxrean tf.OOO plurality or more than the entire vote of counties not heard from. Hi* majority over Jerry Simpson will b» about a.UOO, WYOMINtt-Returni from U Wyom. ing oonutieg show 0,000 plurality for Frank W. Monde), Rep., for congress over Henry A. Coffeun, Dem., and 8. B, Soaly, pop, William A, Rluhurile, Rep,, elected novuruor by 4,000 plurality, do- touting LewU U, Sauly, Pop., uud Hollt- duy, Dam. Rupublicant will have a majority iu legislature, iiuurlng the election of two Republican atmutors. OKLAHO.MA-R -turn* from the uiujor poi tiim ol' thu territory muku it positive that Flyu», Republican delegate to congress, will have fully !>,UOO majority, The UuTJiorlal U%'i»luturo will be vory close, with iliu biilunoo of power in both liouawj in the handful 1 thePopi^livt*. WASHINGTON —Hs'turiw from ovor one-half tlm :<tato of \Vusitin;ftoii show thut tho Uup:.iii,icau plurality will bu 11101* tliuu 1 6,000. Tho legislature U Reuubllcuu iu butU liruuohwi ajid ou Tltero Will Ito » Majority of OeTenteou on Joint Hal lot In tlia Ixigllilature— Bin- Intyra'a Majority XO.OOO. • COLORADO— Returns are very complete. They place Molntyro's majority ut 20,000, SbafNth's 14,000. Buwen, whom tlio Republicans admitted would be dufoatod, has 17,(HIO majority. There will be a Republican majority of 17 ou joint ballot in tha statu li'giBlutnru, in- suriiin HID return of Sjnutor Woluott. Oovi'i-nor Wuito conceded tin) defeat of his party turly Weilnu.-ilny "To my niiiul," lin snid, "it provoi cuiu'lu^ivi'Iy that the muuuy po\vor IIIIH Uuminattxl thw I'K'd ion from U-KiuiiiiiK to ouil and tho Diiinuorut jmrty U most ruspoiitillile from iliu tact that thoy votud tho Kepub- lioau tiokot imtuml 01 their own. The mm It in Colorailo can be uo.coimtoil lor from tlie fuot thnt tho i)<mi»nruu IIIIVD almost to u man voUnl for the li«publi- oau ticket, It proves to me that there U absolutely no dUl'uronoe in thu financial policy of thu Demourutio and H •publican partitw. Colorado Dumocratti evidently vott-d the Hepublicmi ticket on account of ordure received from Washington, It wiw tlif Kamu iu New York. Whllo thu Democrats there may not htm< received explicit xrdure, tliero U no doubt but that Uioii- conduct wus mllueuoud lurgt*ly by 11 srn.'t uuderaluinliDK uxidting bo- twuou the loaders. Tho purpose \vaa to porjif nifito und oontiiiiiu Dm guld utinul- aril fur which Wall street has bueu con- uikud If ho thouuht thu P opuliii party will uvur rugam jxiivar, tl»e governor rt'iiliwl: "I beliuvu it \vill, but it may not bo for uouiu timo. 1 ilo not know . xaotly how it will IHI done. 1 tlu'nk- wu will iuivi) to gu right ovur Ih ir heuiU, lio\vo\vr. 1 uiivouutr thi» b>.'iu^ done in a |K<uvet'ul iuuuui<r il' piMtjibiu, u pouoolal I'tivoUUiou. Ol' course, 1 believe Uu> ballot iu tin 1 proper method to w)i But tliti has not proved efficacious in this state." The governor said that woman's influence ill the cities, where it is greatest. was exerted against him. "The women," he said, "must be educated to think for themselves and not be controlled by the money power as the men are." Pueblo—Roturns from the Second Colorado district give Bell, Pop -Dem., nine plurality over Bowen, Rep. Each side claims victory and the official count will probably be n-'cessary to settle it. O«riiiHii> llacnguiieii Hawaii. BERLIN, Nov. ».—Germany, through Emperor William, replying to President bole's official notification, has acknowledged the republic o. Hawaii. BUhop Perry'i Boaae Hobbed. DAVKNPOUT, la., Nov. K,—Daring the absence of tho Rt. Rev. William Stevens Perry, Episcopal bishop of Iowa, upon a European trip, his home has been rifled of jewelry aud other articles valued at several hundred dollars. Many of the stolen articled wure pledged at local pawnshops. NEWS IN A FEW WORDS. Philip Gilbert liainerton, the well known artist, author iiuii pout, died at Paris. He was (U) yearn old. David 8. Bennett, one of the rniliiou- aircH, of Buffalo, N. Y., and au ex-member of coiijfrojis, died, a^ed 84 years. Representatives of transcontinental Hues held a conference to con.sidvr measures to check rate demoralizations. Lilies 1u eastern territory are Buffering from a car fnmlnu, owing to the heavy Inilllc in coal, live stock and fruit. Owing to thu attempt to compel elevation ol' trucks at Joliet, Ills,, live railroads have decided to move out of the city. The tug CrtiBuder WHH bnrmul at her dock at ijaiilt Ste. Marie, Mluli. Two IIre- men lost their lives. Three BorvantB were burned, one of them fatally, by an. explosion or gas iu the Westminster seminary at Fort Wayne. JfaylUHlUa/ Born a Genius Dlaeas* Threaten* to Cut •hort • Noble Career But MMd'i •arvaparllla O««ri Health. Ulll* May Baotleyl* a* acoonirUah»il Mental »nd nuturul buru »|)«akor of only IL of »«•«• BU« li Ui* only olilkt Uinjwiiiuo* urwr before th« publlo. Hw feuliu, howMW, did not »ieiu|>t h*r Irom u »tUwk of a dltoata i)f Ilk* blood. IIer»«aword* teatUIIUi*atbni " 0.1. Uood « Co., Lowell, UM*. i " I heartily jolu with Ui« many UtouMndi tkal art rtoouunviidlug Uood't BariaflurllU, I bad 'ieen truubled from lufmiar wlUi gatherlun la toad, 1 wpa. aoiuiMllud to l«»Ye »ohool ujioit Continued to Or«w Wore*. I «w |i«r«uaded Uuklly by afrlendtotty Hood 1 * ttwattiNullla. Ttit me ol oa* boUl« a*t*d ••> Hood's^Cures faoUvely upou tho blood and I began to Impm*. .after til* USD of tbre* bolUe* U* f*Uiw|M •I'd I tun ourvd of my f<>ri^«r Uottb Ulir, Blialby'vmo.Tmfiitiia, ovvu uiy tUo ami will nlvvayg i to Hood's K:tf«up»rllla." L Hood'* PIIU not tuiKiiy, yet promptly &at«uUjr, «u th» Uvw aua '—'- "- QOMLNC ANOTHER YEAR ? DFOOWNING Tblt Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST - WILL VISIT -- OAEROLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOV. 15, Burke's Hotel »ne day only every moaib. OontulMtlon fr**. Sufftirlii* from LOST MANHOOD. Nervont or Pby^tctl Dvbilliy, Souiiuiil Wrukuon, Lock Vigor. Uocllno ol Manly 1'owera, Drain*. DISCHARGE* or I-OMCS, VARICOCCLt- all the train of uvli* r««ultluK tie Cure* Whou OUtt-rw Fall. ALL CHRONIC DfSKASKS Disettses of I'.UPfUS and HEART STUMAC'/f and LI I'KJi NERVOUS DISEASES DISEASES of WOVEN VlXJKASJtti of MEN CATARRH, ETC., ETC, Young aurt AlUUIItt Aged Meu «tf tnm B*0»»»01, CRROMB IN VOOTH, etr., etc., uroduotug luuie of I ho following olfecli, IM Nvrvouaueia, £miauloua, flmulee, tlloionat. Ueblllty. Dizilnen, Defective Memory, Abataea of Will rowor,(Jonfu»lou of Iileaa, Avoralonto aouloty, SexuHl Kxliauatlon. fain in tbo llaok, eto., bllgbtlng the mom rudUni lionea, roodoi- ilerlog marriage uulmpuy aud bualnesa a failure; awaeulng tUou«and» loan uulluiely |r»«a, COMATTiN WHO N*a raaco- ooniuu taa ootor. U*ha» cured thou.aud. who hava given up II dea|ialr. A PCNFCCT NKaTOHa- TION OUANANTCCO CoD.ultuUoBt <aor»dl» confidential. lWi>;aaredangeroua MARRIAGE. Tuoaeoouieuiplatlngiaar- rlago wbo »ro swuro of uliraletl defeou or weaVueaawluoh would render marrUge a dU- •ppomtuienl would do well to nail OB ua. HBMARKJAHLS CUXK8. Dr. Downlni: lm> triuitt-it ovor l.UUt) luitlenu in lowadvirliig tne iKi.t your unit bail Ualliuonlala Irouilettdlngdlfieiu whu Uud fulled to ObUlu roller from utner )ih)'.U<lnna, *iKicluUiU, »%rt •'Inallltitiw." Hy nariiilmituii lie relvr* to the tol- U. I., llouk.titrattord. low»- Ouredol uervuua dotlllty und ktdue)' d;*oJt»o*. John Di'iipo, IVUrtUnr*, Iviwa- Our«d of cwUrrli. etc. Mn. 1>. K, Uuwurd, Ovhwln. lunn- C'uitd u: fuiiiiiie CUw. A. Uttlnl, MaHunvlllt), Iowa Oureit duugltti r ut imrnlnu. ilr*. t), W. Sftliinri I'uuiniu'he, luwn Cured uf Ivmitla wuukuetii. Kev. U.stryulinr, si minn, Sob. Inured .wn of o^lU-ps.v. lung nUtullHg. Mil. I.. M (!hii.», UiM>r:«iul, lowit- OurvUof i'Utii!|h In HUM) nu " I. Illuiuuii, MuuuoLi'lii, luwii i. ureil uf I'aiHHir of loilgu*. B. AUicrlon. (lu.illoo ol tliu mt*ce) I I0«l» - Curod of iwiuHT lud goueta K. Hlmt, Umoll, lu»a- Curruuf » ohronlu dliotwe atlvr *MttdUui Uun- U«Kt« uf cltilhirt tvlihutl! rollef. . Uelulltjr. nln <>/ <>t/i< i\~< /*(»'<' fuihtl tv rrlit ftt« C'a»«» and uorrrnpoud«ao« tial

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