The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR »pr SHtt-fe* aarf >** *** ,^-_ - ., • t5b* •*•*** twr Ssa-fflwis. CM* *a*s* | ' tber «3<«« t* »*** il»tr Irt* 5fc¥*. 1L E €ra£ u *SK' tfi-&* l"R!^ PC *J?£ at. «C S*e«at Mi a t«r 1* fJsJUse i*s la* hnaw ef Mr. aad Mr*. l#c»anS I*sTmL Mrs. Aadrr* J5*«*S> w*» called to Gtaisft* Fam. Mitt. last w-«** by tfee KeJfeas Starts* wt few **-' ter, Mrs. AJBW HaMwrd. AWBSB-. aaaied by tow daafMar. Mr*. <3*y ; ChrWtle." «S Omaha. Mrs. S**t left TbamSay uK-miur tw STSE- »* Fall* ia the dsrSa* ear, r*- - f«ead Mr*. HaMierd la a T«T Bfrt B«*«rft tmas wnxsfitjrJfd. sSpiH«S *P MigaaB « ti-ftr nc^ar aw»t»iy »»*«»* t»**dar rr«sJa^ B^er* ***** *** *** **«* 1 *«»*«* «* WB* «* »«*- 3B«a*, *** S&rafcs* »W ft* *« r*Ppr«T. Mr, m»« Mr^. Hmrrr JU k« Mr, ma Mm. Sarry T. B. C. ** * Us KIDw «S a. atari**. Ma, Ota* t* -ras f«f Mr. City «y* Mr. -Jim Ottty- Mr*. Albert UnMMk las* tra« n«r tfc# ; Tn* 2roic fc«£S JttWrtb f* ' Laafiw tor . Mr- *»fi Mrs, Asftia M*r|Ay 'S XorME* »ere PTKIT tnea Giea- t>p£ satsrdar tesr a ti^t *«* »Jrea* tritaii. Mr, *3>8 Mr*. 3. B. HaU •»«« 4 avUrora aad a»d Mrs. ttaB Mi» • n£ ate,. Kn£ JETS, 3. JJ, M»nr* '. KBd 3ETS. J-ftyT* 1 X Stelati trtac OTBT Manual] ot tae Uebt asd Power ©See b«* and Mtai Om*a of tb« Red Oak te early tkte far WtJa«-«Jay, fie*. IS 55*. S WlHSet —._____- t** Oat* iAj^j, __-i__ S7%e CwaJBx *^____ il»* to Jlc e~> *«** erf fleatit. -A» Cb«» to*** **»** > «*i ef w **ifi. GWi e»«- ai>d A* passed « to faflWs *KSrts ** te mt «M* *M be the 7e S»r!*is ^-^ ef», Oaate t Heary Dale White, Stfcday school at it. Kerning worship at 11- This 1§ the aaaaal Prate* Service Saaday sponsored by the Mis- sioaary Society of the church. AH araabefs of th« chareh aad eou- tregatfoa are cordially Invited to be pres-ni. B»«sl< vfil be Mr. aad Mrs. White wfll fce the speakers of the fflorn- Ixf. The mlBister Is greatly eficomf- ag«d by tbe hearty responn* of the membership at these Sabbath morning MattteeR. VisUors are al* ways weleoaw. Die* in Color*** BttfAM foOo«Ui<; OJo. paper from la itc . 7 J« riorp. two fifty Ma«t« ot ta and officers to attend t&« school this week Tharsday. The ehot Mr*. SKelaa 7:19 p. la. Services aeS* Suadaf »ttl b« ** follows: fiauday school at l*a. m. aad preaching at 11 a. m. Tbe senaoB sabject will be "Praetlc- Beeaase ot the meeting cou- d«et«d ia Omaha ae*t Sanday by the troap of ovtstaftdfag tttoskm- artw who are touring tbe country there will b* a«_V«a**f serr- Ic* *e« artday. tbe awsfalag servtee* wfll be the only held In oaf chareh. Dr. B. Stanley Jones will speak at the Broadway Methodist eharch la Council Blaffs at 11 a. m. aad la tbe Omaha Auditorium at 3 p. m. Sanday. Then Monday all day there win be meetings <«r p«»l* rery «r««tly to «- t««d ftfl of tfrsw IMSBIH^I tktt ti«y ata. tt irtfl ** «A ofport* afty tbat do« i^t 6*t«ft Trappers FURS to Henshaw At $M&*iMldak and get the full i Af*fk*t MM. Want Mlflk *»d Muskrat Lee Roy Bobbltt, Minister Meet a* Sunday in the Bible school. The a«wiy orgaaised- fTofiag Married Class" had «| Saaday an«raocc Iron the Had* ford Fttfeeral Hose la Hsxtaa. Mrs. HAauaoad had been ia poor health for ataeort a year aad her Mr*, Mrs. Oc•^kJssffl et t*s»£ ti wm» Mr*. C Fol- for «f tt- Iow*-N*ebr*tka Uptt aad ce&aaay. A base.«ei i* * c? tb.« for tb« visitors. for those who Eat Sundap Dinner Ctictra Pried cbidcea or &«* croqtKSiw aad potatogr. Gravy or Perfccsiox salad or Bead iectxee aad draasias PmsBkia p*» aad wkij-peci ereas or If* CTBEJE. *sA Coffee T^ Mili Malvern Tea Room " ^ i Mr. amd Mrs. Goorre Boseafeld ] "Nellie Robicso= was born Oct. i :>xsd George Jr. cam* Saturday to • 31. 117* at Malvera, Iowa, and ^ Fp*ii a few days with Mr. aad j died at Haxton. Colo., Oct. 12, lf _ i Malv«nj fxteeds. WhQe Mr. R«*- ' years, eleven &>csths. and eleven Ak-Sar-1 days. issve of Oct. t*. is aa aecoaat of t** death of a fera*er well kaowa | ^^ ."ueaa^ee last Snnday. We Mote eoaaty rerifieEt, a sister ot j lnriif others. ' Mrs. P. E. Crawater. aorth of! ganj^et ^ morning sertaon.: *»£«*»:. "The Uve It Through Idea." Fwaeral 8*=rriw* for Mrs. .^^ Keaslagtoa wffl meet Charles BaauBoad were heMj Thursday with Mrs. Fred Mnlbol- land. The Presbyterlaas deserve to be congratulated on the large nambers wbo cane to the Vesper service through the storm. Also the others who came. No Vesper services this Sonday because many will go to Omaha to the great missionary meeting to hear Dr. Jones at the auditorium at 3 o'clock. Do not miss this. Go early If yon want a seat. When the Northern aad Sooth- era Baptist conventions met at the tame time ia Washington, D. C-, the presidents called on Preat- Want a good •USED 1 they J coadtttoa had bees critical for r»e*ts t&day aad toaerrow i scoae tlate. She died at the Me- Kaight hospital in HaxtuB last Tbaraday alteraooa. Tb« faaeral seratoa was ereM^Mid by tbe R«r. I. C, Snare- Ir, who read tb« following obituary: sfcow thit >! M3ar Alic* MeXalty rrtmraed Tawday tress a several day* visa with reiatrrw ta Craig asd Mrs. E. C- KAruau Miss AMoe BcoiUy. Mrs. X«a« Woods, Mrs. Jaaws Kob«cts. aad Mrs. to »o manhood at it- 1 MsJrent aad called with tbe j Christiaa chart-b whea qaU* . T. B. Caadell aad | yoaag. She was saperiateadeet of aad Mra. .Ft«d<th« Saaday achoo! there for a drove day aad caOat «• Miss Ida Ire- laad aad otter Malrera atfteat* IB the Bftawadsem bos»lta» Mr. aad Mrs. O- K. Davis aad lit lanes'* sider. Mrs. Mtaaie Grares. drore to Baisbvrs dzy xaoraias to visit a bard trip base Uaa wisd. Mrs. J. O. Eobbiss who left at »eets ago for aad daaghter, BUaor. to Sbesaadoah Satarday Mr. aad Mrs. C. F. Davis dm* to Des M«ia*s Friday takiac Mrs. DxtVk brother, Barrey K. Dotph, hear Secretary of Heary Wallace Saturday evealae- Mrs, Praak HaS aad daach- ters. Effite aad Marian, drove gp Clarifida Ta«sday afternoon for a short visit ia the George Mr. aad Mrs. Hirrer Ray Daalap. asd Mn. DoH Xel- SOB all of Perkiaj, OUa. arrrred ,&* ; later expecss te go for tie wiat*r. b«t ieto Jf pou want fair prices everpdap Deardorff's have them Baby Staart B»by Staart Baby Smart Cit Grcei Striig Sifted Eiriy Jne Ctntry GeiticBii C«r Pumpkiuci 5 Ripe Red TomatoesS Sweet Potatoes 0 ** 2 Xa. 5 CSBS S Ke- Cwa 15c 18c 25c lOc '25c 15c lie I visit with the George Riiaeis. Mr. i Hiia-eJ's ooaditton Is still very se| riots aad he seess to be grad*| ally growixg wester. I Dr. asd Mrs. D. M. Kliae, Mr. aad Mrs. Aady J- Berkhia»«-. «ad Mr. aad Mrs, K. C. Coffins drore ap to Omaha. Tsesday afteraooa aad »tte*d«i the Ai-Sw-Ben saoei show aad eisj«n*iBineat. Floyd Stepheat froai aorth«ast of Hasting* was in tows ye«er- day JtEd e»ited to advaace his cab- fetifuoB aaother aotch- B* says the big wiad Ssadsy care pat the; %&hiB^ced cora OJK thft CTtKBAd. Xt : slows op hesktas » lot. Call Pane rT to *eO ete^ aad pomltrr-—Harry WOsoa. adr- Mrs. Rows Fartahar eua* wf Sheaacdoah early Saaday for a tew days visit ia aaaiber of yeair. **She waa,waited with Charles Baou 25, 1$»*. They Irnd oa a tana aear Malveni WE HAVE. ia marriace d oa Dee. t**T ""^-ISdFfia ~Sfc» bad bee* a coastaat saf- fercr far th« last few years. Throve* an her cafferiag she was alwaya ebeerfal aad patient and taxtsted that che was going to get well. Abovt eleven weeks ago her eoaditioa became critical aad ah* waa takes to th» McKalght hospi- taJ where a major operation was perforaed from which, she failed to recover aad died at 1:1* p. m., Tharsday, Oct. IS. "Her husband aad son. Ken- dead Roosevelt. As they left Dr of tbe Northern convensaid: "Mr. President, we are with you SS.S per cent." Subtract tkte from 1»0 aad see what Is left. Severs! of oar young people | are pUanlng to attend tbe Older Boys" aad Obis' eoafereae* at 1932 Deluxe Chevrolet Coach like new — 6 Wire Wheels. 1931 Deluxe Chevrolet Coach a dandy. 1930 Chevrolet Coach a good, clean ear. 1928 Chevrolet Coupe better than average. 1931 Model A Ford with 6 Wire Wheels. 1930 Model A Ford Coach 1928 Model A Ford Coach 1931 Ford Roadster like new. Then waa a Saaday school Sa&day. Let's work to keep this iacreadac Sunday after Saaday, Six Sunday school workers from oar church went to Hastings last Thursday evealac to take part ia the leadership traialas school which is betas conducted by several charchca. Hie represeated last Thursday evening were Hasting*. Strahsn. Emerson. Wesley Chapel, aad CAN YOU BEAT IT? Radiator Glycerin, SO below zero Gal ^- , Soap Flakes Water Softener Cleanser Castile Toilet Saturday Only Specials Granulated ™s^Bp» VR^' ^f99^f DEARDORFFS SWwp^P wcJ'I^P^ J^^^^^P^^W the Fred Fai*.mhar Fr«d Darhia aad F. E. M*lho}- taad mad« a trip to Xtes Mots« yecurday to loo* after seas* "'Mrs. Ira Hatchiacc md teft S«t«rday ajunoa* for Mr. aad Mrs. to» MaJOea whff wfll t*«r dnrre Anngh % th* Bmtd^ car aa4 wtl vjMtt rt^tft hefians rat^r*is^- •4 w«t» aa* W« tra>eks. 9* to**, UM> WI width «* th« * 3^ T^B iw^WP ip^^^sf 75c S. Clem Drugs We want to buy your Ask w about Prices and Delivery 99&& Here's Hoiu to Really 1 If you buy at bargain counters yon save at the most only a small per cent and take the chance of getting inferior goods, BUT, if your suit or coat Is fairly good, yet has a torn lining, a rip or so, a worn cuff, or buttons missing a little expert altering and repairing will make it give several months more w«ar. That is TRUE ECONOMY and our skilled tailoring service will do the work neatly, efficiently and the results are guaranteed. Let us help you save in this truly economical way, 2 Pirty, unpresaed clothes wear not newly as long as do those kept in good condition. Your clothing will not only look better, but will jpBppf^ **** longer if cleaned mid preaacd reguUrly, Miny have fouod that our service includes not only the best possible cleaning «»J preasing, but exte»',*> IPHMIMMI --1

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