The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 3, 1948 Red Activity High 1 In New York City Probe of Communist- Led Unions Reveals Membership of 11,080 WASHINGTON. July 3. (UI») — A former PHI agent testified yesterday thai '.he CcmmimLst Pnny listed 11,080 members on New York's Manhattan island last year. He said they %ere scattered through key positions to blanket the economy of New York City, The fanner agent, Theodore C. JKIirkpairick, appeared before a ^Hoiise Labor Subcommittee inve-sU- p suing alleged left-wing domination of New York locals of the CIO Retail. Wholesale arid Department Store Employes Union, He said Ihc union was established in the early 1920's after New York Communist leaders determined to include some light industry— including department stores — i:* their organising. Previously, lie said, they had concentrated on heavy in dnstry. Kirkpatrick, now a private inves- lissuer of Communism and co-pub' Ji.sher of ii weekly anU-Connmmi.s news Letter, showed thu su'ocoiii mittee what he termed an "exnt copy' 1 of a Communist party "control bulletin 1 ' dated June 13, 1947. He said it outlined ats organization o[ 20 "sections" it) New York county, orokcn clown by indns',iv and by location. Of the 11,030 members it claimed. Kirk pa trick sain 517 were members of I he department store union. The bulletin lusted members in most other economic and social Jields, he said, adding that "it red 6G3 members who were Mus—the largest section of all." Maniac Murders Woman, Attacks Mother, Children TULSA, Oklfl., July 3. (UPi -The body of ,a woman who had been betiten to death was found in tlit: same neighborhood yesterday a few hours after t»'O 'leen-age girls and the mother of one of than were clubbed nearly fatally by a "murder-mad maniac." Police said the murdered woman, Mrs. Ruth Norton, about 4!), hud been hit about the head with the same weapon used in a brutnl iu- tack at 2 a.m. yesterday on the girls and other woman. ] Mrs. Norton, night elevator oper- I fcfitor at a downtown office building, 1 was found dead about 9 a.m., six hours after the other bludgeoning victims had been hospitalized with critical injuries. Screams of Mrs. J, B. Cole. 37, Doris Cole, 13, and Lavon Gabbard. 14. awakened neighbors and forced the intruder to flee thtit home. Mrs. Norton's body, nude from the waist down, bore crescent- shaped wounds similar to those suffered by the other victims. Police described the murder and assaults as the work of a "murder- mad, club swinging maniac." The Norton and Cole houses are located nboul three blocks apart in Tulsa's Northside residential section jammed close to railroad and industrial areas. BTTTHKVIM.E (ARK.) COURIER NRWS PAGE SEVT8H New German Money Nolle* ol (it'undiif of l.lquhtr I'rrmlt Notice U hereby Riven thiil Hie Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas has Lssui'd u per- • mil. No. 535 10 If. W. Distort A, } H. H. Tluirnioml to M'll unit ells-1 vtnoiis or spirituous liquors ] for bevei'URe nt rt'tull on Use prern- i Ises described as 105 E. 3rd St., ' Ijciichvlllr, Arkansas. ' i This permit issued on the 1st dny , of July 1048 mid exijlirs on the < 3UII> clay of Jtine, linu. ! H. W. lil.shiiff * 11 II. Thurmond I 13-10: Reurt Courier New* Want Ads. Hmd Courier Newi Wiuit. Adi. Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! ATLACIDE Kills Here ate samples of new German currency established by \Veslern Allies for Germsuiy, known as I ho Denlsohe mark. The 50-innrk b;ink nole is pictured above, and the iwo-mavk bill below. I.ottor "IV* stumped on 1hc money HKlk-jitcs it wns i^uc-d in <>m» ti( t>u- Western zones. Only Soviet-stamped marks ore Hcteplcd in the Soviet zone. Notie* of Grant Luff of Liquor IVnnll Notice Is hereby Kivcn that the I Commissioner of Ut*vrnnrs nl the I .SI n I e ol Arkansas luis l.-ww'd A |H*r- inlt. No. 5.SG to \\ A. to ! sell find (lisptMiM. 1 vinous or .spirituous | llqtior.s for beverage «t retail on , I he premises tte.sci'ibcil as 17 W. 2nd I St., Lcnchvlllc. Ark, f This nernul iSMH-tl LIU the 1st day t t>f .)ul>', 1948 nnd expires on thi? i 30ili day o[ JUIIP, 19-19- j A. Children 7 J- PRESCRIPTIONS fri'sli Slock Ciuaruntfcil llest I'rices Kirby Drug StoreS ! Johnson Grass •E.G. Robinson j Lumber Company ! .11!! W.est Ash St. R. U. S. Aid for State Roads Scheduled To Drop in 1949 UTTLE ROCK, Ark.. July 3,— (UP»— Federal aid for Arkansas) slrln highways is .scheduled lo drop be- Cominform Headquarters Are Moved to Bucharest BUCHAREST, July 3. (UP) — Coinmiinist sources re;xn ted lod.iv thai. Coin in form he:utqnar'c*i'.s l> niovinpr lirre fioiu Delcrndc, "AL Ir-asi iirovi.sionally." Workers \vrio :iii' hflrlx^ri wire around a big Nutici» i»f (i rii/illitK uf Liquor IVrnilt Noli<-e i.< hereby ^ivcn that the Gommis.MoiLor of Rcvotnic.s o( the Pintc n[ Arkfttisa.s lists issuod R p<*r- mit, No. LM1 to Philip Apjilpbauin \<,\ sell unit (.lisiK-usv viucvus ov splvlt- UI.HIK liciurn.s for bcvi-ra^o ^t rot all on the prpmlsr.'s flc^rribrd us 110 S. fjlh. Blyihrvillf, Ark. This penult issued on the l^-t duy of Jiiiv, in^H nn(t expires on Ihn :j01.h day of June, t£) 11>. PiuLIp Apph-Uiuiiu 73-10 SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars of Inw present levels diirinR the f-vn-! Tlip OomLnlorm'jmirnal was pub- year period beginning July i. !fl49.i iLshcil here yesterday and the'nd- Hlgluvay Director J. C. Baker said uress nl which it was published was GiiinUnj; itf Liquor Penult Notice is hereljy Ki\'<*n thai Commissioner of Revenues ol .State of Arkansas hns Issue pet-mil. Nn. :>1!0 lo limold T. I. to sell and dispense vinous or spirlt- rane nt the SMITH PONTIAC CO. yesterday. Baker .said the new highway nuth- fjtiv.alion act signed by President Truman ollots 1G.T07.000 in federal funds to Arkansas for each of thp fiscal years. In IfHG-H Arkansas lecmmg with, activity "It should be clear thai form headquatU'is is moving lo JlHi'hftrest. at le:i>L provisionully," a high soum: Haidy The area swarmed wl1h hundreds uons lirjuors for on the premises clesrrlberl a.s W. Ash St. BlyihcvUli', Ark. CnmU:- I ' r ' lls pcrt'mt Issued on the 1st I of July l!)48 niul exj>Lres day ot June, 1?J!». llaroid T, Ixuwls 7:3-10 1 2<> S< >1 IH BLYrHliVUll i, I'llONI the ccived $7,M8.775 while in the fiscal | c,f workers putlJnff the buildinss hi year wliich ended Wednesday tlie sJiape. state received 57,351.525, With the exception of small [ amounts for grade' crossings ~(i- nnnced entirely by the federal KOV- Nnllcfc of (Jruntitis nf l.lqunr I'tTMHt Noiuii; is hereby given ln . u rmnent—the federal money will be . Commissioner of Revenues of matched by the stale. the the ' Read Courier News Want Ads. I Watnuga Dam near Eliz;ibethtoM, ,Tenn.. where 525.000 pounds of ex- -State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No, 215 to Martins Whiskey Store to sell and dispense vinous or ptriLuons liquors for beverage nt ' retail on the premises describee.! i\s 112 W. Main St.. Blythevillc. Ark.; This permit issued on the \j>t day SPECIAL! BEER '1.95 Five Per Cent Cose of 24 Bottles • PHILLIP APPLEBAUM J plosives were detonated last Sum- ' of July 'lfl-!8 nnd expires on the SOtli '' l,i(|UOV Sinn 1 mer. It Js ^ expected to move move . day of June 1949. |J No Deposit on Bottles .1 . ^-,, .„._.. __,_:_ . ,, Buford Martin than a half-million cubic yards ol j stone, engineers said. - 110 So. Mb Phone 820 , Four Marines Captured By Chinese Reds Freed .SHANGHAI, July 3. (UP)—Four U.S.* Marines whose capture by Chinese Communists near Tsini,- tao was announced April 5 have been released, it was aimounccrl yesterday. The captured Marines were 1st Lt. Harold W. Hawkins, Kalamnzon, I Mich.; M;Sgt. Thomas J. Siiau Winnfielf. La.; T.Sgt. Robert C. White. North Fork. W. Va.; am. Corp. Robert R. Lewis, Petersbuiz N. Y. Their plane made an emergency landing ill Communist territory during a training (light. Hawkins was the pilot. Huge Blast of Dynamite To Move Stone at Dam BRISTOL, Term., July 3. (UP) — What is described as the big^ dynamite blast in history will be set off at South Holslon dam here precisely at 2:30 p.m. July H. Tennessee Valley Authority engineers said yesterday. Th explosion, to consume 840,00[> pounds of dynamite, will be greater than me previous largest blast at MY COOKING IS GOOD But You Can't Beat The Food At Johns Cafe Elliott Johns 403 West Main AT THE MOX SUNDAY ONLY! With His Feature Picture 1 DIRECT FROM HOLLYWOOD Western Minnie Lee Jones Studio Summer (H»ss«s In PIANO ICntoll Now 807 CliicknsnwhH Tuition Reasonuhle rhone 2!)<|.l Galewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS R«g., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 22.9< BEER (iriesedicck—CIIKU $:!.(IX Kulsliiff—case $:i.l)S Cooks—(jnse S;l.()8 Hiidwi'isci"—case $!!.<)S ('.inailian Ajjc—in tans $ I.(11) Wine & Whiskey—Any Price Concrete Tiie Scwcr Tile Sr/.cx I, 6 and it Inch Culvert Tile SiiM 10, 12. IT,. 18. 21, U. 30 »nd 30 Inch A. H. WEBB Tlwj 61 xt Stale Phonf Blrthrvlllr 714 FOR SALE Building Blocks Concrete AQUELLA and TITEKOTE Water Proofing Paints 12-IS INCH CONCRBTP; CUI.VKRTS Plain or Reinforced We Deliver Osceola Tile and Culvert Co. Phone 691 if you're hurrying—we can rebuild your shoes in sliorl- e.sf lime possililc by ItKAI. workmanship. Of course, close prices, bcsl material. HflLTSRS QUflLITY SHO€ SHOP IZI W. MfllN ST. SPECIAL Beer Per Case Krrt Top Air $>.» (irirseiilrrk JJ.15 I'ubst Blue Klbhoi J3.15 Kudweliicr $3.75 Russell Marr Liquor Store 111 So. 2ml SI. I'liun* 807 THE TOT SHOP Everything for Children Up to 6 110 S. Second I'hone 2308 Closed Wednesday afternoon STUDEB AKE T U D E B A K Chamblin Sales Co. E R STUDEBAKERS inn <; USED CARS & TRUCKS I!H7 <J,MC 1 Inn 1 !!•!(> h'on! I'/, Inn Slake lil.ll Chevrolet y t tun 111 1 1 Fonl ».', („„ And Mitity OUiiTs on Our 2 l.uls TK si-nvici-: I>I.<-AHTMKNT I'AICI'S AMI AIXT.SSOHIKK "Your Friendly Slndi'Imker l)e:iler" K. It. & Ash I'lnmc 21! RS T U D E B A K E R WHEN BUILDING Buy the .Best in Lumber from a GOOD LUMBER YARD! 100% HOME OWNED BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. Phone 2882 ,1. Wilson llenrv 61 South W. H. IVase fOX K£fU MBtCVRy MRViCf AlWtH $ti you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer "Kvi'iihially U'e Will lie Ilcrommcmlcd io You" ^•;iliiiil «l I'lion* 4^33 or 4334 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Does Your Car Need Washing? Greasing? Oil? Tires & Tubes? Tire Repairing? Acme Accessories? See Cotton Graham at Collon Graham Service Station Cities Service Products Ark-.Mo Slalc I-itic I'hone 400-1 Cafe Now O|>cn Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Anv Buck lace Mehorg 401 E. Mgin St. Phones: Day 018 Night 2986 i Radio Service i ! at itt Best! ! All New KM ! Test Equipment J All Service Guaranteed j Blytheville Salts Co. • Felix Carney ; US K. Main Phone . STOP LOOKING/ COME' IN AND SEE THEM EAST END AUTO SALES 503 E. Main Phone 4191 A NATURAL AII> FOR EXCESS ACIDITY Mountain Valley Water, bottled and soled tl thi springs, i.s a natural aid in eliminating poisons from Ihc system. Not a laxative, It works jttntly tliruugli tlie kidneys. Ask your doctor about thi» famous health \vntcr from Hot Springs. Ark. It has been prescribed for more than 15 ye»r». CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Mtln and DtTlM*B lilytheville, Ark. SHOP

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