The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 8
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IJOLCOMB IS ELECTED. Late Returns Show He Wilt Be Nebraska's Governor. LEGISLATURE 19 REPUBLICAN, Returns Indicate a Minority of OB on Joint BBlInt— Rcpitbllcann Elect the Full Con- BtTAslcinnl Delogntlnn In Doth lows ftiitl Ncbrnskn— Urynn'i District Olvos Judgo Sti-oile 4,804 M»Jorlty. OMAHA, Nov. 8.— The Omaha Bee, tlie leading Republican paper Jn Nebraska, has this to say in regm'd to the Nebraska election this morning: "lu spite of all the bluffs and bluster e^ the Majors men, Judge Silas A. Hoi- comb has been elected governor of Nebraska by n plurality that will reach about 8,001). Even the Republican state central committee has conceded the de feat of Majors by 2.WiO. The Bee of yes terday was the only paper In the state that told the truth and announced the result deflnitely, and this morning tbs story of the success of Judge Holcomb has only to be repeated. "Returns retelved by The Bee last night from every county in the State, nearly all official, and a few partially estimated, give Holcomb a plurality of 2,?<Ji. This may be increased, but it cannot be reduced, "The returns from the counties in which 'phenominal' gains were made by Majors were held back an long as pos- eiWe, but when it was seen that there was no hope of knocking out the growing plurality for Holcomb, the. vote from theas counties was allowed to become public property. "Outside of the governorship there has been almost a landslide in the state for Republicans. Every candidate on the Republican state ticket except Majors h<^ been elected by a round plurality, The Republicans have elected, probably, aU six congressmen and the state legislature will be overwhelmingly Republican orj joint ballot. It would seem from the returns that ou legislative candidates generally fusion failed to fuse, and this 'Republican year 1 Nebraska swung into lihe for Republicanism of the unspotted kid." Republican Committee Gives It Up. At midnight Assistant Secretary ' Rlgg of the Republican state centj-al copimittee was seen by a representative of The Bee and asked for a statement of the situation. "You may say," said Mr. Rigg, "that the Republican state central committee concedes the election of Judge Holcomb by a plurality of about 2,000. In the ab- eaice of Chairman Merrill, who has retired for the purpose of getting a littlb re»t after the strain of the past two nights, I do not think it proper for me to offer' any statement as to how or why Mr.'Majors was defeated. We concede Ins defeat and stop With that. We oe- liaYe that the bfrtnnce of the state ticket is elected by from 7,000 to 10,000. We also feel safe in claiming the election of all six Republican congressmen from Nebraska. par returns indicate a Repub- Ijcan majority of 8iin the legislature on joint ballot." ' : ' ' ' '• ' Unusually large Tote. "Probably the greatest surprise of the Tijhole election to the people who have been fainiU'ar with its political situation ip the -at ate is the enormous increase in the vote cast over that of two years ago. In spite of the exodus on account of the drouth shows an increase 1 in certain localities that is very mysterious— a mystery that may be explained later." judge Strode'* Victory. In the First district Judge Strode is elected to congress ovev Weir, the People's Independent and Democratic candidate, by a large majority. Two year? ago Bryan earned the district; by a plurality of but U*. This year Strode has won by 4,W)4. In the Second district Congressman Merder is re-elected by a flattering majority. Sarpy county has given him a plurality, but in Douglas and Washington counties Mercer has a majority of 1,-ififf over Boyd and Denver and a plu • rality of 4.VB5 over Boyd. Congressmen. Meiklejolm and 'Hainer ape also re-elected by handsome plural- ties, the exact size of which are uot yet fully determined by the count. HiiKolKlmu Badly lleuteu. One of the surprises of the campaign is the defeat of McKoiglmii, the Demo- cuatic-Populist of the Fifth district, who has already served two terms, and who in former yearn was elected by immense majorities, the change of the ballots re- spited in the election of W. E. Andrews by a plurality of about 1,000. Secretary Rentier ^f the Fifth district ecMigi essionttl committee telegraphed T«e Boo that Mr. Andrews' plurality on the official count would be about 1.8UO. Kom AUo llano For. Unless there are unexpected gains for his opponent Matt Daugherty, the Republican candidate for congress in the Sixth district, is elected over the Populist, Kern, who, for » second time, was a candidate for re-eleptjpn. Tho,. fsDbnisku congressional delegation J3 Republican. The delegation is: Pirat tll>>lrld, ,Ii'»su Blrudu, Hop, Second, Duvo Murour, Hop. Third, Ooorgo D. Mi'iklujolin, Rep. Fourth, 13. J. Humor, Hop, Fifth, W. E. Andrews, Hup, : Sixth, Matt Dougherty, Rep, Wurlil-Uuralil'i Auuuuut. The World-IIoHi'M tins uioniiug nays: OiTluiul rotunw rucuivis I fi-oin <>•'> of tlio 'JO I'ouutiflB of this BtiUo at 'J u, in. Thura- .tluy mqrii(ug show thul llolcouih ha« a Ipad of 878 over Mujura for govurnor, Newly all of thu counUoi not yot lieuril trow uru uoiisiiluruil friendly tu thu uautiu of tlio I'ojuilUt oamliil'klB, whiuh will Hwi-ll Huh'omb's niHJorily. Tim Kojmlilii'iins will control b I!' bfuiiclun of tlui iit-xl Irgitthluru. ' Tliu wimtu will ho us Ull|IU)llil'lUIH GENERAL WILLIAM BOOTH. General William Booth, commander-in-oKief of the Salvation Army, who is now in this country, has been conducting his novel crusade against am for 2» years, tie has done'a great deal of good among the "submerged tenth " as he calls the poorest of England's people, and many criminals and unfortunates have been reclaimed. CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS, Tabulated Statement of the ateinbemhlp of the Kelt Uotun—Republicans Will H»V6 n Majority nf About 00. CHICAGO, Nov. 8.— The following shows the composition of the naxt congress as closely as can be determined from the returns BO far received: but aside from these the house now stands thus: Republicans "^ Populists 1« Democrats 8 Jn rtoubfc 9 Total 100 This will give the Republicans OS on joint session. Sixty-seven votes are necbssary to elect a United States senator, The complexion of the last Nebraska legislature was as follows: Senate. Democrats " Populists 1* Republicans 1* Bau»e. Democrats & Populists 40 Republicans 48 Joint Sesulon. Democrats " Populists 6* Republicans Without counting the nine contests yet to be heard from this shows a Republican gain over 18»2 of 30, a Populist lost of i>0 and a Democratic loss of nine. IOWA MAr^§_r\ RECORD. Republican Plurality Panel the Fainoni Oarfleld High Water Mark. DBS AloiNES, Nov. a.—The later election returns from Iowa hive more than kept up the Republican record, At this writing, I o'clock, the plurality on the state ticket promises to be well up in the ninety thousands. It, may climb over the 100,(HX> nark, making it clearly the largest Republican plurality ever polled in the state. Up to 10 o'clock full returns were received' from 65 of the 09 counties. In these the Rapnblican plurality is on the average almost Unchanged. For the first 30 counties it was D73 per county. For the 46 counties it was »77, showing a steady increase in the 'average plurality. These 45 counties include several strongly Democratic counties. If this ratio is kept up, as there is every reason to,l>elieve it will be, the Republican plurality will be tt«,12«, which by almost 30,000 outstrips that famous Oar field plurality, which has long been the high water mark of Republicanism in this state. The state ticket runs very evenly and the figures for the head can. didate will hold good for all. The com binod Prohibition and Populist vote will, at present predictions, not exceed 40,000. In the congressional districts the Re publicans win decided victories in every one. Dolliver, in the Tenth, leads with an estimated plurality of at least 8,00o This is a strong Republican district. Th< lowest plurality is 507, which is in the Second district, where George M. Curtie defeated Walter I. Hayes, Dem., ant present incumbent. This distric two years ago gave a plurality for Hayes of almost 8,000. The turn o the vote in that district was very largely dtte to the change on the part of the (Jer man-Americans in Davenport and othe cities on account of protection and cur rency questions, ' Cou|re»ime.u All lte|fulill«»ui. Fiist district, 8, M. Clark, Rep, Second, George M. Curtis, Rep, Third, David 13. Henderson, Rep. Fourth, Thomas Updegraff, Rep. Fifth, Robert C. Cousins, Rep. Sixth, John F. Lacey/ilep. Seventh, John A. Hull, Rep. Eighth, William Hepburn, Rep, Ninth, A. L. Hager, Rep. Tenth, J. P. Dolliver, Rep. Rep. SOU1HERN STATES, Republican* Hnro Sixteen Mftjorlty In the Welt Virginia Legislature on a Joint Ballot—Wilson Defeated. WEST VIRGINIA—With the legislature W Republican majority on joint ballot the election of Stephen B. Elkins to succeed J. N. Cauiden as United States senator is generally conceded. Elkins managed the campaign against Wilson as well as the legislative canvass. Republicans are elected in 'all four Of the congressional districts as follows: First, B. B. Dovernor, «,W)Oj Second, Aliston G. Dayton, 8,000; Third, Bates H. Huling, 8,000; Fourth, Warren Miller, 8,000. There are eight counties ' yet tc vonnt officially, most of which will give Republican pluralities. The Republicans are claiming Dayton's election by a,000, but Senator Faulkner says he does not concede Wilson's defeat and will not do so until the official returns are all in. [r. Wilson is resting »t his home in Charleston and is taking matters calmly. Le baa nothing to say. . WEST VIRGINIA—Republican -state sommiftea makes the Following statement: Dovernor, Rep., First district, leoted by 8,843 majority; Dayton, Sec- nd district, over Wilson, 8,300 ma- arity; Huling, Rep., Third district, ,500 majority; Miller, Rep., Fourth district, 8,000 majority. ThU makes the tate Republican on the popular vote upwards of 8,000. Both branches of the egislature is JBepublioan ! bjr a majority f tl, insuring the election of a Repnbli- an to succeed Camden in the United States senate. TENNESSEE—Chairman Carroll, of he 1 Democratic state committee, says he loes not concede the election.,of Evans, lep., for igovernor and insists thatTur- STATE Florida , Illinois Michigan New Jersey N«w York North Carolina. ,,...,. North Dakota ; Ohio Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee. , Virginia Washington West Virginia Tntjil PI1B8KNT HOUSE. I 9 U 7 2 4 1 11 22 13 11 8 11 t) 4 U 13 ia ; T 16 6 \ at t gl a 30 i! ,; 't 10 13 a u ; 4 1( «',« g> •c 2 1 1 11 2 IU 2 1 4 0 7 4 1 ij 2 a 15 1 1C s 20 s 1 8 2 1 4 1 i"« 1 ~t> 0 4 a i 2 U 11 11 1 10 U 0 4 5 2 14 1 6 W 8 11 10 ii 6 8 1» 10 . J "1H 1 1 2 5 1 1 Ifl NEXT itotrsi-. I 6 1 4 1 i 8 0 4 2 12 12 7 0 6 1 2 7 30 ] £1 2 28 2 t 6 2 I 1 j ffifl B 1 8 •fi 1 2 11 1 D 6 4 1 6 1 i i lii 1 m 1 i l 4 "1 Coughing. ,For all the ailments of Throat and Lungs there is rio cure so quick and permanent as Scott's Ettiulsion of Cod-liver Oil. It is palatable, easy on the most deli- date stomach and effective. Emulsion stimulates the appetite, aids the digestion of other foods, cures Coughs ;md Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, and gives • vital strength besides. It has no equal ,as nourishment for' Babies and Children who do not thrive, and overcomes Any Condition of Wasting. Semi/or Pamphlet en Scolt'i Elnulsiitn. Fret, Scolt&Bowne, N. Y, AIIDraggitts. B0c.and$1. OF OARROLIi, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. Surplus. $d,OOO.OO. Opened bwlncsx Feb. i, issa. Copleirton Kemi'ivw User - fStlo 1 . Sunburn and Etoros, tlio skla Tr -^ ml freshness, producing a clear and benltbv jilexion. Superlu''' ' jirepamttonB T.;V Jf • VIOLA ;WGii thin ptirlfriujt &i-.- ; rltml for tUe i . .... 'hannless. At aU Bend lot Circular. • riuiply tacot&putble u ' ,'or th* toilet, i»nd < OFHCEUBAND DIKBOTOHB'. C. A. MAST, . - '- - President. H. W. WATTLES, - - Vice President. 0. L. WATTJ.KS, - Cashier. J. E. Griffith, T. Hlntlabft, N. V. Sturges, Clms. Walterschold, Simmer Wallace, Interedt paid on time deposita. Monny to losn on good ncourltr. Drafts for gale on all parts of the World. Steamship tickets to and from: (ill vmt» «t Kurope. Insurance written in the bmt oompsnlei. Q.ROBOB W. BOWBN ATTORNEY A i LAW. • •'' '•''' orvio*. CWeo.* *• WTUBBlHlw, i-ftuc Ji* vwnl*. . ; G. C. BITTNJiR*. CO.,ToLtod.O. DEB MOINKS, Nov. «.— The trial of Po lice Judge Frank Phillips, urroutod three weeks ago with four other city official* by tho church committee for buyiuj pools ut the Capital City driving purl races, . was commenced before Justice Stuhl, Two dutectivea swear (but they saw Judge Phillip* buy pools. d» fhurtili lloilloutvd DLYBSEB, Nob., Nov. 8.— Bishop Boua cum of Lincoln the flue Oath olio cfiurcli of Ulytwiy. The Catholics eructud 4 lino building ut u coat o fcd.OUO. Tlio luumbnvUip is largely com posoJ of well to do farmers. Nuuii DO were takuu into tlio church. Ituv. Krtiuk C'ruim Talk*. i)iw MOINKS, Nov. 3.— Rev. Frank t'ntriu of Uinuhu iuldi'titised uu uudiunuc of !i,OOU ut thu Btutu convention of Ih Hpwurth league Jiuro. When tin) »s«»ioi was culled to order 400 dulogiiU'ii wiir pi'UBi'iit uud thu day was .tulcuu up roiul ing intpors uuU inaliing I't-purtu. i'luuvur *i>ttlur llurluil. PopulUU Have Balance of Power. WASHiNaroN, Nov. 8.—Rdiiorts received up to date indicate the next senate will have 40 Democrat, 41 Republicans and six Populists, while tbe attitude of tbe successor of Senator Harris of Tennessee i still in donbt. In this classification Senator Stewart and Jones of Nevada, who were elected by tho Republicans, but have announced their separation from that party; and Governor Tillman, who will doubtless be elected by the so-called Indepehdent- Demodrats of the South Carolina legislature, are placed in the Populist column. Tillman will probably vote with the Democrats on organization tod Stewart and Jones .of Nevada and Petfer with the Republicans. • TTafs would throw the balance of power into the hands of the Populists. ' ;•:;•:• WASHINGTON, Nor. 8.—When Chair, man Babcock of the Republican congressional committee left tbe Republican headquarters Wednesday night he said the report received during the day give the Republicans 230 of 860 members of the bouse beyond : peradventure, while there was a possibility of securing 8? additional members. Mr. Babcock also stated that his information leads him to believe there is a possibility of securing three more from Alabama, two from Illinois, one from Iowa, Kansas, Ken- Nebraska and South Carolina the i . f . «**v • >! ' '•:*•-'' Heal Goes Up the chimney. You have to drive the stove all the time in order to get results. This is but one .pf the common stove troubles that have been overcome in Jewel Stoves and Ranges. They throw out all the heat generated. They make neither dirt or trouble and burn little fuel. As for looks—they are the handsomest stoves made. Sold by all dealers, took for Trade M?irk. ney"will have nearly 8,UOU over Evans,! each, three more from Minnesota, two »sing his claims upon the showing that i from Ohio, two from Pennsylvania, nooniplete returns make. The Repnb- three from Missouri, one from Arkansas, ican state committee confidently claim! three from Lottiiiana and three from the election of Evans. It looks now as l Texas. If these claims are realized, it f the official count will be required to'wU give ttie Republicans 357 iiieinbew.or settle the question. Republicans have a majority of nearly HO members. Ac- elected four out of the 10 congressmen • cording to the claims of the Republicans from this state. ! they will be abb to secure the votes of at Nashvills—Official and unofficial re- 1 least 80 of the 44 states, in case the next tarns show that 78 Democrats have' presidential election is thrown into the l>een elected to the legislature, with sev- house, as they Will have either the eral counties to hear from, which givea j solid delegations or a majority ip each Democrats control in bdth houles and of the deldgaiioni from that number of insures elec Jv iu of United States senator, i states. ALABAMA—Latest returns from the Ninth congressional district show thnt Uundurwood, Dein., is elected by at least 2.0'K) majority. Return* from tho Bevcmth districf, the only one in Alabama where the Democrats are not sun; of 8UCC868, are Blow, but indicate thu election of Howard, Pop. , over Branson, Dem. The Kolbitcs are in high spirits over tho result. Their convention, called to meet in Montgomery next Monday, will orgauiza u legislature of their own und name a United States senator to contest for tho seat of John L. Morgan, who will be re-elected by the Democratic legislature on the ground that a majority of the regular legislature was elected by fruud. NORTH CAROLINA— The state judicial ticket is so cloaa that it will require tlw official count to decide. Tho legislature in in doubt. Indications are that the congressional delegation will stand three Democrats and two Republicans and four PomilJBUi, The Duino- crate, howevor. are still claiming the Seventh, JSiglith and Ninth districts. TEXAS — In Tuxad congressional results are still uncertain beyond tho fuel the Democrats have carried the First, Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth districts, The PupuKbtH urn making it closo in tho Fourth (Culborson's), Sixth, Seventh, Eleventh and Thirteenth, and tlio Itopubliciius uluiiu lh.u Tenth aud Twelfth- DELAWARE— Tho Delaware voto is complete. Republicans "loot governor and cuugrotwiuau aud louul ticket iu two count ii)d. Tim uuxt legiHlaturo will stand ou joint ballot, IB Rupubliuuns to 13 PoniocraU, This iutiures u Republican Buocywur to Uuitoil HtHtiw Bunulor llitc^itui. V1HG1N1A— Chttlriuiiii lOlllson hu»ru coivod u tulegruili saying ttiu Niuth clib- trio* hu» gonw fot Walkor, Rep., by 7')U or «ou. AUKANBA8— Tliu Democrats him- uluctinl tliwir six congriu»muu froui tlii= stiitu by umjonuos ranging from 1,OOU u> Killed la Bleotlun BloU. MIDDLESBOBO, Ky., Nov. 8.— William 0. Ruse was shot and killed in an election riot in South American, this county, by Tom Jones. Will Jones and Tom Buchanan were killed by the Bomors brothers in an election riot in Wise county, Virginia. The murderers escaped. ' • ^ FIGHTING' '•VI An A gl lot ml Wl.opq.ln VVIIIi Only llt« Nov. F.iiully "f TweUe r'f fare. «.— Frud Kusch lives near Muskego Lako, IU miles southwest of this city, four milas from Kale's cornur and three milos from Tesch's corner. Mr. and Mr% Kusch had 10 children lust Wednesday. Two died Thursday of flmalljwi and one Saturday. Several of the other* and the mother are now bide. Kuscb baa been lighting the diseaso singlehanded from the start. Hit uear*st noighVor. William Bishop, lives half u mile away. He alone had tr>d to hvlpthe o|Bictea family.. He wenj to corner for a physician. Tb» doctor cuiue on 'Friday but did not enter thu house, He left uiadiulnes for the sick and took au order for one or two Biuall colllna for thu ohililren. Then be wont uwuy and has not bt>en back smoe. Meantime thu father kepl> up day and night iiurting iii* wife aud the children who yt't live, and has uot hud time to bury his (loud bttbio*. Their bodies were still in tho house Monday moruUiK. ICuneh'B iidlghbors havo been afraid to go noiir his place. In adUiliou to the oare of his own family, living and dead, luiKcU u oiirinif ti» b*»t he cau for hw wili.-'B mothur, au ag«d invalid, who bus iiv,.,i w iii, tlunn for vuuru, ___ The Modern Writing Machine la the invention of geuius, uufattared by old-sob.>ol traditions. It hi>8 been brought to perfection in its meobanioal datails by four years of rapmienor, bucked by ample, capita), helped by practical HMD .determined to spare uo endeavor to maunfsotnre A high grado machine ivliioh ahull 'pro<1uo» {the best work .with the least effort and in the shortest tim». Ita price may by a Utllo • ! gber than that of others, bat the BHt-Look is r the class who want he Best Typewriter Possible, And the only doqble key-bosrd moobioe tbftt EVERY .LETTER IN SIGHT. ftNDOKSjKJ) by those who use it: H. Q.-fhm i& ''o., St. Paul. Minn. Pinkerton National Deteatiw Ag«noji, (8) • Veto York Ventral JtHudHM Utoer K. R. (10) MioMijan Central H. It- Co. (10) Vaenport Daily lletnoorat. Davenport Daily Time*. , Superior JSoentiny Telegram, National Wall I'aper Oo. (7) And thotmandt of others. ON TRIAL io your ofHoA, and anleee you like it you ^^^""^™ pay nothing, Old maabiaee eiobaoged Our Argument-. SHUI ou trial the Bar-Look has a ontnoe to spank (or iUalf nud to titaod on its own merits, which is juet wh«re we w»iit the Bar. Look to stand. We take all the risk ot its opt plewiug you. Whatefer typewriter you bay, there nre typewriter ewt»ts 709 should know. Oar c»»Blognn oontnins them. 8»ad • pn«tt| (or il. Tito Columbia Typewriter Mfg, Oo., llflili at., ionot noil rmn sv«., NRW YOHK. St. Paul lirilltcli, OS I3>*4t 4th urc iiuii: 1 1 hour DK Wirr, Nob. Wi'uvui, tliu olJt.-at wuij buried from tliu with iuipruwivu ro Nubruuku. iu 1«05. Nov. it.— Mru. 1 thin lowu, yiio cuuiu Itl'tf Mllli.r. htrlk«TliriiiitfM«d. Dm M'oi: iw, JS(.v. •'. Wliut iu all pioliiniilily will dcvciop a big i>ti'iki< lu i/ic \)v& MoillCD (llnlrirt was IIHHl- Friiluy night when tl ) (mill nun- ut (.'liltou ilr.i^htB iniiiu lu »U tiuwu LONDON, Nov. 6.— Tht- Dully News that tho Oliinenu minlstur bus Im- puruid to the foreign <>ftk«> Ohiuu'a dtxiro thut tliu powers utvdiate. with Jauitu for JJCfttUO. _ _ __ _ Jit|i« Ilwy » (lUllxHii t'ruUor. HUKNOS AviiKD, Nov. U,--Advloes roi-.Bi'vuU from BiiHliiiK"- Clli|l; i « l ' t1 1<» ' he rtl'tnit that HIM Chili-mi gi-v. nimuul hon bull Utu m uutor lObiu'-nitiiu !o Juuuu, ro- t)WiiiSA, Nov, O.-A ilrin b. 'In •( vutl:j hero lint Czur NinlioUw will isli thu Hffirfi y<'Me LISTEN EVERYBODY! 1 am now prepared to do all kinds of bluoksinitlilng, lioi'B«' shoeing, plow work and genera) repairing. WROON MfVKER A first olasB workman Iu wood ie employed in the earae build ^ Jug, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and uarrlage \rork and UB A OAIJU JERHY LUCY, Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa .A Vl^>. ...-S.„*... J. .j , Llt&to

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