The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 8, 1959 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
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Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 19
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MARKET thtttsdaj, Jan. 8, 195* , ?.*„ roUo *' D 8 Pr'cw were paid at V IS 1111 ( Barrows and Gilts Grading 0-170 ^0-180 ,0-190 M-220 .'20-230 No, 1 No. 3 No. 2 U.25 16.25 ...... lt.25 17.65,.. .17.25. ...16.85 17.35....16.95....18.55 17.05....16.65....18.25 18.75....16.35....15,95 16.45.... 16.05.... 15.K 1 ) .. 16.15.... 1.V75..,. 15.35 "•" ..15.45.... 15.05 ...15.55....15.15....15.05 ...15.25... .14.85. ...1.M5 15.85.. : !0-250 iQ-260 1.30-270 .0-280 TO-290 :.>0-300 All nutrhers we:«hinR nvct 3n6 iris ra priced the same as sows of the ime wgt classification. PACKING SOWS No. 1 No. 2 15.15. K.80. (.14.85. 1-MO. 13.80. 13.-'0. 12X0, STAGS ,iji3 under 400 a-.5 •'.\ga 400-600 1'g'oo lags over 600 7 00 nnderttnlshed cull or filled hoes list be discounted accordingly. AD :radlng 0-300 J-330 1-360 1-400 1-450 •1-5CO tt-550 "0-np .14.75.. .14.50.. ,li.25.. .14.00.. .13.50.. .13.00.. .12. r O.. .12.00.. NO. 3 .14.15 .14.10 .13.85 .13.60 .13.10 .12.60 .12.10 .11.6C Reactions to Freeman Talk Differ Either Praised or Assailed Inaugural Talk by Governor ST. PAUL (AP) — Depending on political viewpoints, Minnesota legislators were either strong in praise or harsh critics of Gov. Freeman's inaugural talk. Freeman spelled out in his budget message Wednesday how he thinks the money should be raised for the expanded govern^ mental efforts he is proposing. I IM •» AAilli<*M Among other things, he called I "lIl'Cl'lvllElilOn for raisi "g tlie standards of humanitarian services, e d u c a tion, Baby Is Healthv si*" 1 an " 80V ™* / g Loud In Praise LOS ANGELES (AP)-She's a . "I"!" 11 *' °f whom the governor "hole, heavy 240-W ib^iMMiiii one-in-a-million baby. i' Sf tl . t . ular hea f' wer * loud ">P™.' 56 «ood heavy 240-300 ibs. . That's the chance for lif P thai the speech as ^ward-looking cuiis au weight ii.oo.2o.Ml,. 8 cnance 101 me »« . w hu fr the conservative faction was almost unanimous in posing the question of where the money's coming from to finance the Freeman projects. ! The governor himself has esti-' mated that 84 million dollars in new revenue will have to be raised go- WRITER DEAD — Octavus Roy Cohen (above), 67, au„ thor of books, plays and -''eetiSn* to s " vernment ln '! motion pictures, died in Los ' Angeles Tuesday following a stroke. (AP Phorofax) LAMB MARKET •holce iSc'Prlme 10.00 •holce , 18.00 r °° d ••••• 17.00-18.00 ts-cllum 16.00-17.00 Ml buck ambs discounted $1 per •inndred weight by grade. Lambs over '00 Ibs. discounted 20c per cwt per •louiul over 100. VKAL MARKET Veal calves of all weight* and elMt- » purchoeed •'holes 180-230 ,.32.50-34.00 Hood 180-230 29.00-30.50 -standard 27.00-28.SO 280-230 Ibs 24.00-25.SO • n.» «*,. weight ,, ll.Ou-^u.uu ' j , , AII calves over 300 ibs. discounted j doctors gave her when she was VJ CWT !_,„.„ Veal calves will be accepted at Aus-' tin until 9:30 a.m. Friday No market •)u Saturdav But Lorna Luverne Hazelwood CATTLE MARKET | startec * her second year of life to- us. Prime stem it year- . day, a plump, healthy 17-pounder. lings 27.25-29.00' U s Cholcs stetre & yearlings 25.25-27.50 U. s Good Bteort ft yearlings 23.00-25.50 0. S Standard at«er* & yearlings 20.50-23.00 AU heifers 25 cents to 50 cents CWT under steer prices. All steers over .050 ibs. and belters over 950 ibs. are 'scounted according to welRht. n. s. Commercial Cows ..17.75-20.25 'I. S. Utility Co-ws 17.00-18.50 '"^r 18.25-18.25 j years she will catch up in size ••-"r Buns":::::::;:;;:;:;;;:i9:lo:22:oo to ch 'Wren of normal term birth. jiuisage Bulls ,.19.75-2!.00 U.'Wt. Thin Bulls 14.00-16.00 TROUBLE WITH NUMBERS—Rev. Mr. Walter Propheta, dean of priests at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of The Holy Resurrection in the Bronx, didn't let a little thing like- a license suspension summons keep him from calling out the numbers at a church bingo game. The summons, served during the game, lies at the foot of the master bingo table near Rev. Propheta's left foot. He brushed it off his lap when served. The suspension stemmed from the complaint of three women that they failed to receive $1,000 prize money won at a church bingo game last summer. (AP Photofax) (See story Page 20) Additional BOWLING AUSTIN BOWL NtCHIt HAWK f.KAGL'K Derby B16 890 821—2420 Austin Bowl ..015 90!) 923—2747 Zeo Ran 88!J 811 771—2-tn Cooky« Tavern ...,745 n:i2 8fl3—2440 Thorns*!! Clenncra ..fill 725 800—2342 Note's Flrcbnlls .. ..753 897 757— 2212 Austin Liquors 783 728 760—2271 Klnsmmid 767 713 742—2222 tx>K Cabin 7.W 089 785— 21»3 Hamm'A .....'. ...... 660 724 7112— 21 16 Paramount Liquors .714 730 824—2277 ami ............ ana &i3 eon— 2147 M and S Shell ...... 824 M3 928—2715 II Sportlni; ---- E7H 851 IH.T— 2572 C Trimble* Shell ---- 350 850 813—2A22 Liir* SUnclard ...... .740 819 752—Mll UI'TOWNKHS t.KAKVK WuUhnm Equip. ...827 877 722—2-12(1 Turf Bur 704 749 817—IW7!) Olson Ins. Mnc'R APCO .,,,,,..784 V8.1 7B5-- I'M Hawks Drive for Cup Berth By THE ASSOCIATE!) PRESS The Chicago Black Hawks, the surprise team of the National Hockey League, have solidified their grip on second place while AUSTIN (Minn,) H6RAI& f ft Thursday, J«ft. I, W9 19 No Big Oscar Can Be Placed on Todd Grave HOLLYWOOD (AW - .The Aei- demy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has spiked plans to mark showman Mike Todd'a Chicago grave with a 9-foot-hlgh Oscar, "The Oscar is protected by And the aroused Hawks are heirs will respect this copyright.; 1 doing it witli a potent mixture of He said it could not be used to castoffs and youngsters who have < murk a grave, carried the club on n scven-pame Todd's brother, David' Gold- I unbeaten streak that has even bogen, had said in Chicago he ffi tt7i :::SKS " lnC ' C ,. I11P Wce-setllng Montreal'was p lannlng to erect . ^ Unadiens take notice. > marble statue over the grave. The standouts in Chicago's 4-0: Todd won an Academy Award Os- .ois B74 776—2.;.«:, victory over the New York Rang-'car for his movie "Around the era Wednesday night were goal-[World In 80 Days," He died in a Skclly Oil Co. , Austin 8«e<l Co. •85810870-2171 scorm Te( ] j_._. R | s __ y) ______ L i ton .: plane crash last March 21. 822 833 743--2-1021 Dubinsky steel ....781 «nm4;i-24221 bcr 6 er - E "c Neslerenko and Ken', Goldbogen was not available for Austin 'n*ndy MIX ..855 «77 B02-iir.24! Wharraiii and goalie Glenn Hall, comment on the academy's state- North central LIU- .,752 mo 833--2.wi;i who collected his first shutout of'ment, but his wife said she did Ashley m,t c<, 77o»2flB.i»-..asi4!t, lc cnmp aign. 'not believe her husband knew of Wttltham Cheese ..897 815 875—-2587 n i n ir i n. . . HIP rnnvrirrVil Plumb. ....7!ii 800 882—24731 Bo ° Pulford, Toronto center, tne copyright. U. S. Rejects ! No D «* h » ln ' 58 1 in State Ore Mines Offer to Fix Liberty Bell She was born 100 days prematurely, so fragile that she „_. 11 ... . i , _ . iivtr iwvbliuc Will liaVC \AJ UC i'tt couldnt be weighed. At 10 days to keep the state government she scaled just 1 pound 8 ounces. ;ing . He warned that the cost "of ,J,""^7T" 1 ' 1 W T "i" e She was nourished by trans- "secunnz the thinn w« want" will b . e11 a defecllve and »e foundry PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The . . - wwwwi 11* fusions and formula meals from! be high. . AUSTIN GKAIN MARKET an eyedropper. j Highest praise came from House Doctors say that in five or six Majority Leader Fred Cina of Aurora and Speaker E. J. Chilgren On Lorna's first birthday Wednesday, her mother, Mrs. oa J ts e " DS IJ.021 Howard Hazelwood, cuddled her OfttS com said: of Littlefork. Cina said the gover- that cast it has offered to correct the defect—free. The offer comes a little late from the Maers and Stainback London, England. w* MH.I.LI.IVI i\. >^iiia amu me KUVCI-I, ' ... ., -. nor "clearly and concisely ^ | na PS \fthe firms predecessor, the lined the problems we are faced ? ld Whltecha P el Foundry, nad with" and said he felt the goals i as ^nerous early in the last can be aneomnlishpH will, »ffnn ! centurv - the Liberty Bell wouldn't I HIBBING, Minn. (AP) - For i the first time in the history of j Minnesota iron ore mining, the I year 1958 went by without a fatal accident, according to preliminary reports from Iron Range mine inspectors. The reports were submitted by Ben Kangas, Oliver Stark and Brian Hurley, mine inspectors for St. Louis, Crow Wing and Itasca counties. They cover accidents in can be accomplished with effort and understanding. Met Problems Speaker Chilgren said the gov- - ernor met the problems of the day ! derso ". superintendent of Incle SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK i .' " M y husband is missing a lot, SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) j not being here. He was washing — (USDA) — Cattle 4,500; calves ! some clothes for me, caught his 2,000; trade fairly active on choice!hand in the wringer, and so he's __ slaughter steers and heifers atj ir > the hospital. But he knows one "headon," and^ added he was ini-1 1)e " d . ence Hall- fully steady prices; good grade! thing—the name he picked for our and below mostly steady; cows j child was the right one. fully steady; bulls strong to 50 j "Know what 'Lorna' means? higher; load high choice and! "'Symbol of victory'." prime around 1200 Ib slaughter be cracked today. "No thanks," was the reply mailed Wednesday by M. 0. An- steers 28.50; high choice 1220 Ib weights 28.25; average to high IIOWENSTINE DIES Ariz. (AP) — E. Jay if the pressed with Freeman's firm stand j " 1>rn surc we wouldn't be inter- on education. jested," he said, "and I'pi sure Sens. Donald 0. Wright of Min-i the Amer 'can people wouldn't be neapolis and Gordon Rosenmeier interested in having the crack re- of Little Falls, veteran conserva-' moveci -" live leaders, led the critics. "I was disappointed that he! failed to relate his remarks to the j problems of the state," said Rosenmeier. Sen. Wright called the governor-, iPillsbury Shows in Earnings other new high in recent years; commercial and good grades 23.0024.50; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and 'choice vealers 30.00-36.00; high choice and prime 37.00 - 39.00; good and choice slaughter calves 26.00-30.00; stocker and feeder classes steady; good 620 Ib stock steers 32.00; medium and good 500 Ib steer calves 31.00. Hogs 14,000; moderately active; all classes about steady with Wednesday's close; 2 and 3 190240 Ib barrows and gilts 16.5017,25; most sales 16.75-17.00; good volume 1 and 2 hogs 17.50-18.50; 2 and 3 240-300 Ibs 15.25-16.75; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs 16.50-17.75; 1, :> and 3 sows 270-550 Ibs 13.0015.50; odd head 3 dows 12.50; feeder pigs about steady; good and choice 16,00-16.50. Sheep 2,500; wooled slaughter lambs under 105 Ibs 50 lower; 'ii-avier weights wooled and shorn lambs discounted 2.00-4.00 per cwt; shorn lambs under 105 Ibs, feeder lambs and ewes steady; most good and choice wooled slaughter lambs under 105 Ibs Ki.00-19.50; largely 19.00; choice wooled lambs 305-120 Ibs 1G.OO- 1H.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50; package choice 77 Ib breeding lambs 21.50; half deck choice 75 Ib feeder lambs 21.25; j most good and choice feeders J under 80 Ibs 20.50-21.00; mostly "1.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Hogs 11,000; butchers steady to 25 lower; 2-3 200-225 Ib butchers 17.00-17.75; around 140 head 1-2 1945. 56%; 89 C 56'/i>; cars: 90 B 57Vi; 89 C 57. Eggs easy; receipts 7,900; wholesale buying prices Vi to 2 lower; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 34V 2 ; mixed 34Vz; mediums 33%; standards 33'A; dirties 32; checks 31; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings heavy; demand spotty. Receipts 750,000; prices changed. Cheese steady; receipts 68,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings increased; demand spotty today; receipts 15,400, (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume sales.) New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: Mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 3G'b-38'i;; extra medium 3512-36^; smalls 34-35; standard lards large 35V--36',2; checks 33 1 ,i-34'/j. Whites: extras (40-50 Ibs) 37-40; extras medium 36-37. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37- SS'i. more expense, more taxation, more government interference in the lives of the people. . .the message will go thundering down in history with the same effect as an extra gallon of water going over Niagara Falls." Other comment included: Socialistic Rep. Roy Dunn, Pelican Rapids conservative; Some what STOCKS YORK (AP) — 1 p.m. 64',2 Intl Paper 119 92 3 i Jones & L BO'.i Allied Sirs 52- p ! 8 Ken'cott 99Vi NEW Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch AllisChal 28 : is Lor'lrd Amerada 100!'i Lukens Stl 200-210 Ibs 18.00; 2-3 230-250 Ibs lii.25-17.00; few 2s around 230 Ibs at 17.25; and a few 2s 250 Ibs at !fi.75 2-3 260-280 Ibs 15.75-16.75, largely 16.00-16.50; a few lots 3s -'90-330 Ibs 15.25-16.00; 1-3 330-400 Ib sows 14.50-15.50; 400-550 Ibs U.25-14.75. Cattle 2,000; calves 100; slaughter cattle generally steady to 25 higher with bulls strong to 50 high- 50 40 | Am Can Am Mtrs AT&T 235 1 ; Anac Co G3 Minn MM 112 Minn P&L Mon Chm Mon Dk U ArmcoStl 66'i Mon Wrd socialistic .. .not very encouraging to property owners or people in business." Rep. Charles Halsted, Brainerd I liberal: "The speech was a chal- un 'llenge to use. . .— do agree we must be forward looking." Rep. Lloyd Duxbury, Caledonia, conservative leader: "An effort to prepare us for a request for substantial increase in taxes." Sen. John Zwach, Walnut Grove, conservative leader: "It failed to come to grips with the 80 and 90 million dollar quota. Sen. Harold Schultz, St. Paul, liberal leader: "He did not give the Legislature aa ultimatim, but left us to develop a program." Rep. Frances Labrosse, Duluth liberal: I'm interested in hearing the budget mesage and tax program. Can't Go Backward Rep. Loren Rutter, Hibbing liberal: "We cannot go backward; we must go forward. In an expanding economy, we must have additional revenue." Sen. Harry Wahlstrand, Willmar conservative: "It was a remarkable presentation. I will reserve judgment until he presents his tax program." Sen. Robert Dunlap, Plainview conservative: "I appreciate that he is aware of the crisis in education. I Will be interested in how he proposes to solve it." Sen. Chris Erickson, Fairmont JC Is Closed but Albert Lea Still Keeps It Decker Acres aroc. 7oc 781 7ni—2367 i scored with only <>5 seconds re- cnuiB Lhr. Co R37 win 830-2544' maiding to pave the way for a NAU/ \ttAno NlnmAsi *'.KS LE. V U,K. ... _..>t victory over Detroit. ?*" JU .°^ Named to Rochester Post Scliwebke 845 835 7 Mower County Oil ,.782 S32 B2H .lordnu Bldr» 731 677 709—2117 I Alrovo 727 717 800—22-I-1 i Heine ff. Roberts .,,,701 717 1127—2303 \ BueJlO Elec. Supply ,.0!M 710 742—2152 j Bills Drive In 77006-1704—2144 Murpliy Oil Co 7M 712 803—-220U ST PAtIT I4>1 All-inrt T on Tun i EAGLES LKAnL'K ai. .PAUL, i/i) — Albeit Lea Jim- rtnm 8 l)35 01( . 7 _ ] ___ 253 ._ i lor College, which operated from'Team i ssi aao 775—2-15(11 1!)38 to 1943, is still legally in'r-oum 3 BOI 71111 IM—24211 College Basketball existence, Ally. Gen Miles Lordj ruled Wednesday. The opinion was requested by Dean M. Schweickhard, state com-1 ream mlssioner of education, who sub-i j Ten in 7 I'oam 4 844 DM S27—24!>'.l '• Ttuilu 0 ,..,..«..*..800 Hill 81o—2520; Team « 791812804—2407 0-1, Duke 33 Texnfl Clirlatlnn (12, Arlcailfiu.s 4R Vlllanovn 91), Muhlenberg 85 Temple 88, Pitt 73 LnSiille 70. Hiicknell 68 (ot) Army 80. Colgate til Holy Crosn 102, Rhode Island 62 Navy 59, aott.vsburf? 42 Tech fifl, Oeor^ln 02 'EKlbnll scores Soutliern Tcnchern 72, Yiiiikton Col- .. i,.i, •• — 2W > . 3port.s — Add ST. PAUL (fl — Gov. Freeman Wednesday appointed William LaPlante, a Rochester attorney, to be municipal judge for Rochester. 83, W.nona State 63 BlsmarcK .1C 94. Mlnot, Teachers 77 processing and mining of iron ore,| mitte d an outline of the situation! including taconite for the 12-month from Elmer R . Pe terson, attorney j ECHO LANES period last year. Air Force Plans to Fire Titan ECHO MIDGETS 1 Sunset Motel ...... 001 608 007—10.10 ; for the Albert Lea School Board. | Berniccs- Beauty ..(uo 724 trn-aoio Effect of the ruling apparently I P"k Drive in ...... 590027 051-1377 is to make it possible for the Al . ' Duluth Bnuich 7. Hamllne I MILITARY STAR QUANTICO, Va. - Center Sam NAMED TO TEAM ,,„.,. , __„ <_,„, , - , . AXO Johnson CM Gil C20—1883! was named to the Armed Forces bert Lea School Board to reopen |Derby BM 01(i 624 «*-,«,., ! to0tba .i All-Star first team. the junior college and to receive i R(vmsey Oolf Clllb ..030 687 752-2000! the $200 per student aid voted by Uiutsny U70 5M oia—IBOII the 1957 Legislature. | ECHO EAGI,I;S JTcam 1 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.Sll M7704-203oi VANCOUVER W - Doug CAPF CANAVFRAT Fin (AP EleCtrOniCC Pioneer 'reum 7 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.715 (!52 723-2000' ham Of tlle A 1 " 61 * 11 ' Athletics - was CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP CieCITOniCS TlOneer j Tcam 2 705',^74t:-22B5i named Wednesday to the Canadian -The Air Force is pushing ahead Qj f U--.* Atl;aclo T "'''' 3 «» m 7.12-2120! team winch will compete in the with plans to fire the Titan, the|^ les ° r neOfT MITaCK Tl , luu „ ^ coo 7M-20K, workl basketball championships at nations newest and most power-! COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Gus-1 roam a 773864 ful war rocket. Slav Hirsch, 82, a pioneer in the rcain 4 72« wa The 90 - foot intercontinental telephone and electronics field,!.., , Kc "° MA '.' ) . 11 * ,„ ,„ , ,..,., ..i .,*.., . > • nilZlilKfi v2l i 1,7 u.».J—J'Ju.I : i n , fi(i,. HKQ range ballistic missile gushed fireidied Tuesday of a heart attack.jnerfs Liquor 645 r.uo 713—los;-,;^ wiiihuiiB l'.".!'.!;;".'.";;'.'.""^?'!!? • • --- - ** w«r ••i««.*wi>'**v*ai%,ai -M. bx,i w ft* wtif. ****** v>*h«vii*.vrtiii,bi *Jrllv»ln> n 1 "1*7 pr r ^ (lu'> arnings range ballistic missile gushed fire idled Tuesday of a heart altack.lhcr".^ TK: t Am TiJ and smoke Wednesday during a (He founded the Custav Hirsch Or- jjorcio insulation ....ois 63« 609-2033 !«'. My lire .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'555 LIS (AP) _ The . preliminary ground test o£ organization In 1908 to engage in' w "*°» wll ' c i ...... WB na na-zwa 1 . a. Anderson ...................... 5-M ^S!^ ......... M THE 1959 FORECAST Thi outlook for buiinm, tinin;l int thi ilotk muktt In thi yiir . mated timings ml dividend! pirihiri for 130 will- known iloekj— Ihit'i i lirltf plttun of thi lunjicli covini In Tne 1959 Fw.eiit. in the static test, a launching was!prises and it operates throughout; ture. Although the test lasted only seconds, it was learned that the! attempt was successful. Dodge County Sets Bloodmobile Dates DODGE CENTER, M i n n. — Scluirmnn's Oarage 567 678 617—18*12 Echo Luties 651 04« 002—1009 ECHO MINORS Ceclle's Beauty Bar 614 fiM 628—1873 LILLIAN BROADHURST DIES ^^ ^^^ ^^{^ ^«- « ™ ^-J«' SANTA BARBARA, Calif, for the Feb. 9-13 visit in Dodgej;ciiomfys"uciu'or"!!l!532 557 527—1«6 (AP) — Lillian Trimble Broad-' County were set today. Nntc's W. Block 610 740 095—211-1 .A. J. Allus . 691 101 054— 2032 i C. Anderson ^t«t.'sarr.r^: <*-- ; «*="• -»-- - «-• 238,000 for the same period a year ago. Officials said there was a general increase in sales of consumer, industrial and agricultural products. WESTERN SENIOR CHICAGO — The Western Golf hurst, about 75, a former Broad-! The schedule is: Feb. 9, West j Tapttl!0rs 616 587 002—IBOS Association plans to re-establish way director and widow of play-'Concord; Feb. 10 Hayfield; Feb.iAustin Bus Lines ....<M3 713 630—1001 .._._. .... 1 . . T *"i ' •* ' fTjil Hart flo I itt» at i \ rtn i a 4*t 1 fv.-} * .......... 55B; ............... 535! ............... 52fl! Schcld's 752 n06 797—2415 i K ' ril '^" el ' 5 2 « Wlggly 812 7-I5 &42—23U9 1 EAOI.ES LKAGL'K Torosilahl 53D C. Dugnu 537 M. lUiseth 53G Now in its twelfth yeir, this report has .been prepared by the Economics Staff of a nationally-known Research Organization. There is no obligation. For your FREE copy of this In- vcstors'-eye-view of 1959, return the coupon below today. Wright Wells & Co. lit Nal'l. Bank Bldg. Bridge St. Entrance Austin HE 3-3050 Plnsi i Kid mi fHt 1939 Foriuit Kttrtif __ . — _ * Adtlrem __ ^ Clorks 820 500 580—17M its Senior Championship, last heldjwright George Broadhurst, died ! ll Kasson; Feb. 12 Dodge Center •- ••>-• i • in 1924. I Wednesday. i and Feb. 13 Claremont. 83% 35% 39>4 29V& iOolden Dairy 050 671 Lanes (M-l 652 679—1075 j Burton Boat Bales ..573 B97 672—1032! Riviera 61)9 678652—2029! annul Hotfl 7166-176-17—2010] Bowling's Top Five By ANN LANDERS i an 11-year-old chaperone. This'parents. There's more involved^ ECHO MAJOUS Dear Ann Landers: What can'woman drags the boy along be-' here than $11.70. If/'Sarcasm Vincent ,..."'..'.'.'.!!!.".!!!'.!',!507 He Didn't Grow Up, Just Ta E. Buggc ...,, ..................... 535 -51 I do about a 35-year-old baby who cause she doesn't want to talk ... also happens to be my husband? about anything serious. If she 1 Are you tem P ted to smok e be-jn. Johnsou Whenever we have an argument, ; were interested in orange bios- cause the crowd does? If so ' send j ' he runs to the telephone and soms, you wouldn't be breaking! for ANN LAN DERS' new booklet. »i.... i . t( T«or\'i trt* CtT\r\Vinrr *' fkti/ilnflim t..* *™ 4 * 476 ECHO MINOKS _, _j — „ .. w »._- (w « u **«%,M«».m_j. _ I 1 !. IL1111UKC ,•••**«*<((•, *iti } lyour head figuring ways to get i Teena 8e Smoking," enclosing I a. Joimsou :..:.:..4(io calls up his mother. He tells her everything that was her alone. said, and adds so many extra de- j if y ou - r e marriage „.„, tails I can hardly recognize the' don't waste any more time on this •. fight. i with your request 10 cents in com ^- Brooks 1 . . i A. Class 44!) I, stamp- ;j. weueking 447 KCHO MIDGETS t, Stnlsck , 4,TO (Ann Landers will be glad to A> c ' llllor ' ! ••• -I'M i, , ... . , „ , t. brickson 44:1 . ,_ ., , i help you with your problems. Send i M coogcn .... «i - , .... . Ani1 ; My wife s younger ; lhem to her in care of THE . M. Husemoiicr ::::.:::::«2 limit. When he sister visited with us last month '• HE RALD, enclosing a stamped,: H " DcxltUl « started to repeat for , a few da y s - s ' ie s ls >' ears °' d ; self . addressed envelope.) ! gleesome threesome. Last night was a b s o 1 utely the Dear some half baked things I never said, I grabbed the phone from him to tell his mother my side. and a senior in high school. We tried to make her home but I think we over KfHO EAGLES J. Duillap ........................ 540 S. WuljschaU .................... 522 If. Swank feel at DAV Auxiliary Gets !": E^ ::::::::::::::::::::::::$ •-did it. ! I"- Yocum 4U3 . The telephone bill arrived a few Cotjimittee RfiDOrtS J-,.,«_,-.__ iti 11 _ i ' days ago and there were three long-distance calls which came to' NIGHT HAWK LEAGUE J. dalleritlne ........ , ............. 630 First meeting of the year was'in! Bre1"barth"! '.'.'.".;'.'.!;".; '/.'.;;; ie'i^ He yelled "Now a total of $11.70. There's no ques-! held Wednesday evening by the^- £«»« she's after me tion but what these calls were' DAV Auxiliary at the VFW club-' Ann Landers again!" and slammed the receiver. He made me sound like a crazy woman. placed by our guest because no one in our family made them.i Reports were given by Mrs, I They were put through on the ! claus Brandt, hospital committee; UPTOWN'EHS LEAGUE E. Sulllvau Please give me some advice. I dates while she was visiting in Mrs - R°scoe Blanchard, Veterans ! am ready to strangle him with the; ° ur home, telephone cord. — LOTTIE Council, and Mrs. Aldon Larson. We don't want to get the girl in , M ™' tLa , rso " Deported five fruit Dear Lottie: There's nothing you bad with her parents by sending the ^ skets had been distributed for n.i,,i.-uou 0 «- z »,»„ ,v,u ,,„ . i can do about a 35-year-old baby' bill to them but I'll be cow-kicked'. c n™ as a t rest homes to those Armour 24% Nat Dy Pr «,., conservative: "It was a well- j who has to ri M and; if I'll pay it. How shall we handle ' who had no farail y or other r9la ' » I ti/^l 1M rJ Ci/4 nr^nrsnVk TT^Ill _~ ^ i i * -...»- IIIFttC Beth Steel 51% No Am Av 43*i r °™ de * Speech - He ' U never get report on the family fights. He this? - R. L. party designation and constitution- Boeing Air 44-1i Nor Pac 50 Case J I Celanese dies & O er; bulk choice 1,050 Ib slaughter i ^, M __ P _^ steer yearlings 23.00-29.50; other loads and lots good and choice 1,050-1,400 Ib steers 25.25-29.00; a Chi & NW Chrysler Cities Svc 22'4 Nor St Pw 27^8 Norw Airl 31 ! 69=i Penney 106 28 Phil Pet 30'.i Pure Oil 52% Radio Crp Rep Steel 47 . ,.— .„ „, - r _-,, -__. T, rp..u TJ 0 ., 3 / twiiocivauvc: it was a,very gooo. loud of choice 1,175 Ibs 29.00; good gmwEd 57 8 Rey Tob B 93,4 estimate Q{ ^ mg y « l'isn.1 ann m= K is.i^ sn- a f^.A, i L °n s w> o 3 -" Kicn Oil 99^4 , , __.. r _. .„ ..__ lives. al revision, and I don't think we need them." Well Conceived Sen. Karl Grittner, St. Paul liberal: "It was a very well conceived and delivered speech. needs professional help to unwind The girl showed a shocking lack f»A*M *«««* ; rtf tiiffirr,.; (it nt\A r.V.nt.l<J U n «nUn^1 QOOr from Mom. of integrity and should be called Mrs. Harvey Brandt won the prize. Hostesses were ..... on it Droo her -i linp mid tdl Mrs - Maurice Demets and Mrs. He phones her in your presence °" "• "' op ller d llne f ud U11 1 A lvin Bornfleth to irritate you so tune him nut her sne for S°t to mention the long-: A ' v ' n . „, . „, .. iu jjuidie you io nine mm out ; Members will bring Mothers Day oomnlptplv flTirl n«v \-\r\ ^Honf \f\n • u*5iance Cuio sne niaue on \oui , J completely and pay no attention. i !llpn ,k t nn « v a P rons to the ne3 "- meeting, Feb. 4 Perhaps when he fails to get the, pnom - A ' sK now ' s)le Jnten(jb to P d > : _ PvnontPri rpaniim-, v,Q'ii ^,.t if „.,. ' for them. If she doesn't respond!»al NJiitiro Sen. Donald "Sinclair," Stephan expecled reaclio "- he '» "it it out.; ior ll « m - " sne « 0 f ! ' 1 ,f e(s ^ nd; conservative: "It was a very goS Too bad this little boy grew talliP^P^L^^.'^^i 0 . 11 ^ 1,350-1,400 Ibs 25.25-25.50; a few j H50 Ib standard 25.50; a few 1,700 ! ib commercial grade 23.50; good! and choice heifers 26.00-28.75; |Deere 39% 83 DlMs 65^8 Rich Oil 57'ij Sears Roe 63'» Shell Oil 49 U Sine Oil short load standard and good 875 j ? ow Chem 75 " s St Br f llds Ibs 25.50; utility and commercial j du Pont 2n> * St Ol Cal cows 18.50-21.50; a few standard East Kod lw -~ St Ol ) Ind ^.00-23.00; caimers and cutters j Firestone 129U St Oil NJ 56Vi IG.50-20.00; bulk 17.00-19.50; utility \ Ford Mtr and commercial bulls 24.50-26.75; [ vealers 33.00 down; good grades! :»0.00-33.00; culls down to 15.00; a : short load medium and good 1,000 ; Goodrlch Ib feeding steers 25.00. Sheep 4,000; lambs steady to! 1 54 77'i 75 49Ts Texas Co 78 Truax Tra Stud Pack Sunray 27'-2 Swift & Co 35',s 83*4 21% - and not up - isn't it? for perhaps the next 10 years. I was glad he emphasized that continuing and expanding state serv-i ices are gc al taxes." Rep Aubrey Dirlam, Redwood! Falls Conservative: "It was Legal Notice .-, . , , ., ORDER FOR HEAKINQ ON Dear Ann Landers: I ve been PETITION j Goodyear 119?i Ua Oil Cal Nr 3l> strong; good to choice wooled j Greyhound 1,4 U S Rub lambs 98-108 Ibs 18.25-20.00, around i H « tk . ^ 3 * U & fe teel 2.300 head at 20.00; cull to low! Inland SUU 143 , West U " Sfxrf 15.00-17.50; cull to choice P.,^f ch 52 ° West 8 El slaughter ewes 6.00-7.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) —Chicago Mercantile Exchange — Butter about steady; receipts 1,147,000; Whole- Legal Notice ORDER FOR BEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL, LIMITING TIME TO FILE CLAIMS AND FOR HEARING THEREON 'taking out a very nice woman for LI *l I J, l , N .? l _ l . ri .5l? A B^2«- r i.u E i,H%i\ 1M!S i * l » vvr ->*' i» Probat«"coart , , -., . , ANUrUK HtARlNtj rHknr.UN ' in R^ Kstat** nT Tnlm Rrnndt Ti*. ices are going to reouire addition several months. She is 34 and has STATK OF MINNESOTA, coumy o.;^/.,^ bswu ° r Joht> Brandt ' De ices aie going to require addition- inev(?r been man .. ed> iiowi-r-*. in Probate court ; RulH . rt cv BritIl(1Sp havlnB ,,,_.„ a lie . ; lu Re lv,;;iio o! Lyiiiaii A. Mot;, u.1- tiuon lor Uio probate of the Will ol I would like to marry this WO- «>_<»»*" us L. A. Mott. Decedent. ( d.-cccleul aua lor the apuolut- ;.,.„,. u,,, . _..„.. _, . , . Minulc Bu.-.hinan hrr.ln.: illttl' nii-nt of Mk-ha*! Br..ndi us Execu- a i man DUt 1 cant get ner alone aerem a petition tor genenu adinlnlfi-' tor, which Will U on file 111 this typical Freeman speech. I was'dis-1 Ion 8 enou e h to discuss anything of ;.?.'!.?..,""'l^ l p"."u? t"f "^^1"^°^^TODSu 0 That Pe uu 0 hLriu? appointed in the lack of specifics." a Serious nature. She has au 11- M. Hug,: b'e appointed' aU:nin:.-,:r.aor; . thereof be had oil Hie 2nd day of Sen. Val 1mm. Mankato conser-! year-old nephew who spends every „££ ^^^ '^ .}% r""*i W^ r ^^, ^^ ££; . . u! before this Court In , -- • -- « --. - ..^ v* ... ,. j uv i L, 4U l|JiO V.-1* Ul t, 111 I IIC U1UUUUI vatjve; ll was a message for '• weekend wuh her. She brings this iM-i)nun. :ibf). a: 10 u'.-.ock A M.. court room in the court noiu* m legislators to care fully de-; boy along no matter where w, go. °^ ^ ^"ilo ^,ri'" r.^X u^n""o u!e "ttnw of ^m *m* » liberate ..." 1m a salcsm n and out of tiv ;*"••>; m. Mtniusot.i; umt the time m.y, n e Died before said ume of tie'ar- w!iic!i t-reultort ot aalci de- ; i hear- thiu the time within which crfcd- 96',: - Intl Harv Wlwoi-th 54Vi Rep. Howard Ottinger, Chaska j city Monday through Thursday.i^^t m.,v nio tm-ir CULM be i::n.i-,, t( ;r 8 O i 4 -uid decJdeuV'n^r'fiiV Tmlr conservative: "Idealism without I The only nighU I c-an see hor ar>.'^ !0 . IO '" r H.™••!••» '«.-r, the- d.i'e. c :aini« be limited to ioui moothi realism." [Friday and Saturday. She M\s'h?'^? 1 -* ll - ; " !1; - ""'"^ '" - i: Irora lln! dale bereof au ' tllat the Dozen Bills ; me she owes it to her sister to be l * 05 u_._,"_,,' Meeting before and after the' kind to the boy. (The sisters is h<? court joint sesison, the 1 Senate received 1 in a mental institution.) i , li, Austin. ;al» buying prices unchanged; 93 ocqre AA B7H; W A 57Vi; 90 B George A. Borme) A Co. Common Stock (Wright Wells & Co.) Bid 55 Asked 87 chilius &u filed be heard on the Iltli day of May, 1959. at ""10 ^n'clock A M. oelore ihl» court lu the pro ;i,!butc court room In the court house did that notice hem,r be jisveu by ; In Austin, Mlniitsoia, aiio that notice a dozen bills, the first to be in-j Don't you feel we should have : 'Xw«M^'™\^^^ troduced this session. jsonie time alone together? I hate "aucd^j'.luua'rv Sens. Homer Carr, Proctor lib-!to appear jealous of the child but PAl ' L KIMBAU... jit . Ptub;i:c JucUc. PROBATh COURT SEAL, erator, and Leo Lauerman, Olivia I result tins. The conservative, presented identical iderful and I'm very fond of her «Auiii^K"^"BAU'DLEK' biU» aimed at wiving the legisla- -' : Attn — "" p ' t1 "'" 1 ' tivt ^apportionment problem. What do you suggest? — GEORGE, Don't look now, but you've got. 1 " 11 * No Attoruess lor Petitioner. Aujtla, " the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law i Dtited January 6th. 1859. PAUL KIMBALL. JR, Probate Judge i PROBATE COURT SEALi UAUDLEB 4c BAUDLEH Attorney* (oi Petitioner AUtUtl, MlPPCfcOtfc Pll» No. 11863 ». 1». '&•' J«D t, 15. 12 ZRUCKY Refrigeration Service HE 3-3607 AIR-CONDITIONING As we are diieontlnuing dairying, w« will conduct • complete dispersal of our entir* herd of dairy <artla, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 13th starting at 12:30 P. M. Located 2Vi miles North of Preiton on Hwy. 52, then 1 mile West or ZVt milei South of Fountain on Hwy. 52 and 1 mile West. Lunch will b« served by the Ladies of Christ Lutheran Church of Preston. 72 HEAD DAIRY CATTLE 60 HOLSTEINS-12GUERNSEYS Nearly all cattle are calihood vaccinated. Herd hat always been Bangs free. These cattle are accustomed to loafing barn. 6 Holitein Helfert fresh 3 weeki to 2 months. 2 Hohtcin Hcifert fresh ] rnonthi — bred back. 2 Hohlcin Heifers fieih 4 months — bred back. 1 Holsteln Heifer due Jan. 7 Holstein Heifers due in late spring. 4 Holstcin cows 2nd calf fresh 3 months — bred back 2 Holstcin cows 2nd calf due Ftb. 2 Holilcin cows 3rd calf fresh ) months — bred back. 7 Holstcin cows 3rd calf dm Fab. & March. 3 HoUtein cows 4th calf fresh ) months — bred. 12 Yrlg. Holstein Heifcri open. 1 Holstcin Heifer 8 months old. 4 Holitein Hcifcri 4 months old, 6 Holstein Heifers 2-3 months. 1 Holstcin Heifer 2 weekt old. 3 Guernsey Heilen fresh 2 w«eki, 2 Guernwy Helftri dm Jan. and Feb. 1 Guernsey Heifer due Iat* spring. 2 Guernsey eow< 2nd calf du« Feb. Guernsey cow 3rd calf fresh 1 months — bred. 1 Guernsey cow 3rd calf due in March. 2 Guernsey cows 4th calf due Feb. SHEEP 20 Shropshire Ewes due to lamb in Feb. 1 Oxford buck, P.B. HORSES Team matched Sarrills, 19 yn. old — Jet hornejj. DAIRY EQUIPMENT 4 Surge units, seamless pails. Dairy Coal 12 can cooler, side opening, in excellent condition. Owners Eihridge Reynolds & James Callan Auctioneers — Howard Knudsen A Les Olson Clerk - Thorp Sa|e» Company, Rochester, Minnesota AUCTION! AUCTION! AUCTION! Hull's Auction Mart 2 miles south of Austin on River Road, 105, to Auction sign then V* milt west. Large Sale of Tools, Furniture and Household Goods FRIDAY, JANUARY 9 - 7:00 P. M large heated building. Lunch served. Plenty parking space. NEW MERCHANDISE New beautiful davenport and chairs; Dinette set; Chest of drawers; Bedrpom suites; Electric drills, Drill bits; Blankets; Fryers; Coffee makers; and many pther new items. CONSIGNED MERCHANDISE Furniture and household goods of all kinds; Wringer washing machine, like new. Beds, springs and mattresses. Pine 2 by 4 lumber. Nearly new gas stove. Dining room table and buffet; Vanities, Refrigerator; 11x15x5 Sandelle Velvet, 'AlfWool Pile Rug, China closet, Davenport and chair, gas tank heater, Kenmore 30" electric range. Model A Ford Pick-up; many other items. BUY AT AUCTION AND SAVE LARGEST AUCTION MART IN COUNTRY COLS. HULL end THOMSEN, Auctignwrs

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