The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 2
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THE MALVERNLEADER Bat*T»d tn tie Pott otlce at Hattern, Iowa, fti fftcoftd at Subscription: Payable fa Ad**Uc« Oft* copy on* yea? - - - O.eo o*« copy tftre* arotttt - .£« One copy sit mdnths - - 1.00 Stttf* copy ------- •** The date on t&e printed tat tftows the time to Which the tub- NATIONAL EtttTOtUAt ASSOCIATION COtfrtfr t»Altefc!«*An U« otWal proceedings of tte Hoard of Supervisors are printed in toiiJtJjjiM >B teats " Advertising Rules eolMjn tfichi & cents an inch additional fof , an. Extra for gtaranteed position. LOCALS, ClaMined * * * 6c a linn LOCALS, among reading matter **--*-- 10e a line Obituary Poetry * * * * |c a line Resolutions ****** 6c a line Card of thanks* - . * * toe LEADER subscribe!™ *r« to notify the subscription tneot Dtompuy of an/ ot Under addresses. e new . addition, there Is also the prob- Ion of d»l»r In delivery or failure toset th< Tpapw. The best plan Is to "ind Uiechinf e of address in advance. __ ........ EDITORIAL The present debate between Mllo Reno and Secretary Wallace is more entertaining than instructive. Most of us were pleased by the things told us by General Johnson on his NRA-selling tour of the midwest but we did wish he badn't been so sure that all ot these good things were of his own doing. Another week and we'll be able to try the new experimental roads in the county. At present they look as if the new type of surfacing will give us an all weather road at less than a tenth of the cost of concrete paving. The many complaints which are now being heard to the effect that the NRA has not helped the small towns and country are quite true. On the other hand there are few employed workers In urban communities who look to the as & direct help toward bet- potter " : 4Tamtaiitrat!« relief prograw'.ao as well for the farming and rural towns, we will need to worry little about the return ot better times. Post Master General James Farley, who had charge ot the Democratic campaign last year and was rewarded with the chief patronage office under the president's appointing power, has been going before the different states preceding their election or vote on the re* peal ot the Eighteenth Amend* ment and pleading for repeal because It was a vital part of the Democratic platform. Up to date, however, we haven't noticed him making any great plea for "Farm Relief" which was also one of the major planks of his party platform. The Red Cross Is opening Us annual drive for members and funds. This organization, In spite ot the criticism which has been directed to some of Its past activities, fills an important and vitally necessary role In this country and truly deserves the assistance of everyone able to give. The Red Cross has not only helped unfortunates during spectacular disasters, but has worked during the dark days ot the depression to relieve suffering and want and to perform a function cared for by neither the governmental relief work nor other private agencies. Housewives consider the dust storm ot last Sunday as a great cure tor unemployment. Moat have been busy since then removing the gritty deposits left by the storm. fUtprcBBIUU \J» VW» »w»|p*«™ — Tote tor out tfep*rte* Bretftef, therefore be ft nci>v»<;u by lire m*t&l*rit or thto lodge that In the death of Brother Wolfe we nave test A trn* and faithful member « our order, that the members of the lodge extend to the family o*r heartfelt sympathy in tfcefr &o«r of mottrnlng and that a copy ot these resolutions be sent to t&e bereaved ones and a pnblt*b«d copy b* placed on the records of the lodge. W. D. Slot&ower P. 0. Slothower Ward d. _§!»»»*«_ Resolution of Rcapcct Whereas, the -Great Architect Brother, William W. Wolfe, away from earthly things unto His own Grand Lodge; Therefore, we, his brethren, of Silver Urn Lodge No. 834 A. F, Item* Abont Town Main source ot recreation tot those with voluntary inertia has been to burn the dead grass and leaves from their lawns to sate raking them ... not lasy We didn't do that. . . just waited for the high Wind Sunday and let it blow the leaves on the neighbor's yard . . . Social innovation was the literalltatton of the southern term "carryin' someone to some place" . . . Corporal Heesalyre reports that he saw one young blood load his girl friend on his shoulders during the Sunday aft* ernoon breeze and lug her to her home . . . who says that men are not men when such civility exists . . . Heezalyfe, too, by the way, has offered to endow permanently (take the term figuratively) a local 8. P. C. B. tt. D. W. M. T. M. . t think it Is the Society for the Prevention of Circus Bills Hanging In Display Windows for More Than a Month ... it would have a fertile field in Malvern . . -f-t-1- Local weather sages viewed the dust storm Sunday with deep pleasure . . . they were sure it would blow back to Texas (or Oklahoma or wherever it came from) a supply ot dust equal to the amount deposited on Iowa from that place last spring . . . most of It stayed on our front porch, however ... local butchers «Hf wtftifc etft it Aa^-^.JttJt-.a.tA. J^AAJhUft •¥•«£ WraataB iBYwieo wre **#» ti»f» wa* *ft . ott p%«*s*ftt« . . . on tn* otffer m .iAtjfr "AiMflf^- mmm Jbsi.Jsflft**fr 'KW • uftuQ IfttBIUffBB wi»*i l» uu. either ... newest reeftttt ness ilfttfr ft Verso* ft6t#ftf ft new wattre dTWtftt sit tfi* ««• •frsrft T$SJ Room . . . tfWSfciSs Wrtfle* erttsirtd rect tffcwt o* 6«- urday afgttt to finish pttcftf « on tie etperittental road south of towi .. . they **« to «rfts to Red Oak tor the staff and made tfcf« trips every two fronts of thereabout . . . -f-t-1- Most farmers plan to %ft&totA their corn in the elevators fe* * tsteady stream of tracts brottgW lift shelled and ear corn every day test week . . . receipts here were the heaviest since the speculative I market of last June, July .. * the | Leader has become the battle ground between the town council and park board receiving the heavier ammunition of both bel* ligerents and serving as a No Man's Land ... we hope the best rules ot combat will be used and that innocent bystanders remain that way . . . volieybaliists are getting restless and calling for the opening of the season . , . Dutch Saar is being rumored as the new Czar of the club to Sue* ceed Chas. Johnson who had it four years and resigned . . . of course, Chas. Irwin. watch dog of the Community building, will col* lect the evening dues with cos* tomary thoroughness . . . high school athletes are sounding off for new basketball suits ... the old ones are too thin for cold weather , , . Bportwrlter Jim Beckwith says it's new suits or a nudist camp . . . *f-t*l- J. R. Hall, the beau brummel of bank examiners, was seen in soup and fish at a swank social affair in the old home town at Wlnterset. . . main Interest after the Saturday sale was to watch young Clinton Wise back his dad's new trailer truck into the feedlot corral between posts not more than a dozen feet apart . . . if you've never tried to run one of the things don't do it . . . four good store rooms are still available on Malvern's main drag . . . the new grade on the road to the cemetery saves 24 steps . . the road was straightened and leveled . , . those who go there don't care much . . . TAke CmiM tod opened tfte efXrt Bisilon oi the lower nous* 64 the 46th O. A. last Monday tnotfrfng with aft etc- qtretrt aftd httpffift prayer tot "mote tMn feUMi imaom," to i&e cc*dact of ttfti body. As the iowef JHrttre stffl »s ft Democratic isajottty of two-thirds no diflenltlet fdlffwed* feat the Senate fan tqtarely ifite * irttg When both Republicans tJ4 Uemoerats held separate fatly caacnees immediately after eefttening to see what can be done to beat each other. Mtttfed m History of the Wcefc An interpretative news summary of the important events of the past week.- JtaWfc Senate Republicans evidently muffed the bait on their first chance to score Tuesday lit a bat* tie to elect their nominee tat president "pro teinpore.*' Their majority ot two faded When S4 Republicans only toted for Sena* tor Oeo. Wilson of Des Moines fof president protein, and 24 Democrats toted tot Senator Harold irwin of Clinton county for the same place. The other two Republicans — Knudson of ttamll* on county, and Roeloffs of Sioux county —voted for each other, which caused the tie tote on the main candidates. Ballot after ballot was taken, with intervals of speeches and cracking the party whip, but the two refusing to tote for Senator Wilson stood the gaff until Lleut.-Oov. Kraschel declared himself voting for Irwin and announced his election. There was a bowl over the possible illegality of this proceeding, but it urorked, and the Senate thereby jecame organised for business late in the afternoon ot the second day. Prior to this fray, an attempt was made by a minority report of the credentials committee to unseat Senator Warren F. Miller, (Dem.) ot Buchanan county, charging that as he had accepted a federal appointment as "acting postmaster" at Independence he was now ineligible to hold the position of state senator. It proved a fine point, all right, bul enough Republican senators voted with the Democrats to kill the minority report, thus permitting Senator Miller to hold his seat. Of course, formal charges might yet be filed to oust him, but it is considered unlikely. Certainly the credentials committee could not vacate his seat. ' '' ' By Glendon Williams There was;* s*UeW strike on tbe^Cb^ago^hoj: There was a time when real comfort was not to be had by anyone at any price Imagine this in Your Kitchen ELECTRIC RRTES HflVE STERDIIYCONE DOWN price paid per K. W, H, /or retidential tie* Iricily in (to (Mi««d S«o<«i. II II I I II II I M I I Mil supposedlyUfttrm Twlfda; pathlzers. NBA Administrator Hugh S. Johnson and Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace were barnstorming the disaffected middleweat for their respective new deals and in Washington Comptroller-General McCarl ruled that the government must consider bids by Henry Ford tor contracts. The required number of states' voters had approved repeal ot the eighteenth amendment and the first two states to reject repeal had voted. In wild gyrations on foreign exchange the dollar was daily touching historic lows while the government was issuing regulations by which farmers could obtain loans of 45c for their new crop ot corn. Whether there were or were not definite trends indicated in the news from the nation tt was clear that there were events happening in more rapid succession than in many of the smoother weeks of the New Peal. It was, however, merely a further development ot the circumstances ot late weeks that offices in Wash* ington were no longer the center of all the changes in the nation, that changes were now coming from the nation itself. * * * t The peculiar situation in the Chicago Hog Market came from the determination of commission men selling hogs to maintain a top price of 14.50, and their re* fusal to sell at lower figures. Large packers held just as deleft iJffwSrwWr 9 Got. Herring, We noon, app*aied fcefofe a Joint — t oi t&e General Assembly is Sews* e»im1i*r to «««*€* Ml m«***e. fa* Kotent tat* *«ai » etote and interested fceaffnf. He explained that this special «*s*o* Waa fcrotMsed t** pfeponents of tat revision » tfc* r*talar te£ sfofi, and that now an interim tat committee has repotted * plan for ttew tat laws, he desires tatt session to Work out that plan. The Governor inadvertently omitted reference to the report of the Brooklngs institution. Privately he hat stated that he dogs not know what is in that report, but he knows a lot about it Just the same. Members of this *es* ftiOfi are likewise apparently ready to forget it. Aft* «»tbit mm itfry*si» ft ft^* -gt-rfjUiaiisi ¥fmi niftst Ksu ffOP«U& *Bs»» fclW IfeSt &£fi (JMttr* ftitftfe 'lift f&tt is tfrsf*Wft«eSiatfon of tlte special SbnVfitltWS fe&inctA by tfce goveffiot to r«ebmift*ftS * pit* foT h**«tfn* trftfd Hfaof f* Iowa. The fepoft wftt cetc*rrf« In fty all ttl toftfcWfffl &* tfr* ««- atttee, Ml tfctfi twd «t th«fi> *a<ted ft miftdrttr ftpWt tatofis| the ptohftttioii t>t advertising feard nqtfof ft !#»*, Itftfaifftel and cfttaiojttift tiftt fieod the state wftt %• Hrteteitsd in tnktj d tadio. W« mfty eominand th« ft to stand Mitt ftfcd shifis otiy o* Iowa, bat Just watcn the oat* side fnatfttlfies, tftittttetf panv phlets, moving pictflfes and r** dios when we try to fett them to leave oat llqnot adtettising. this committee woald provide i comtolssioft to handle the tale of hard llquot in loWa, with ft view to taking oat of it any profit to retailers and handlers. Hot. Herring laid a pardonable emphasis on the eatings effected by his administration in state government expense. He pointed out the total tat figures for state county, school and municipal expense in 1930 was 1110,000,060 In 1031 there was a reduction of. approximately ten millions and in 32 of nine millions more. But under this regime, board of as* uesstdent and review estimates a further reduction ot fifteen ail lion dollars. When asked it thai could be true, Comptroller C. B Murtagh, who is recognized as the "big shot" in this state re* adjustment business cog, stated, "That is what the figures on paper show, and it must be right." Well, well. We didn't think at this time there was that much money in the world to be saved. Then the governor told the so- lons that he expected them to revamp the banking laws »o that state banks can be rehabilitated on an equal basis with national banks that now come undw the federal law. Also that the repent of prohibition nationally requires that new state laws governing the liquor proposition shall be enacted. That is not going to be so easy for if there are a million men who know better how to run the government than those chosen to do so, there are twice as many have ideas about how to handle the liquor problem. With the tax laws, bank laws and liquor laws attended to, all the special session will have to do is provide about steen million thirteen bills, mostly on cot* potation laws, were introduced in the Senate Thursday, and a tew were presented In the House. Among the latter Was Representative Gallaghers bill to repeat the primary law. The Senate adjourned Thtirt- day boon to Monday, finding no business ready to be acted upon, pending report ot the rules and other committees, Just organised, But they have Indicated this session witt not be confined to aty set program limiting the number or sort ot bills for acts. That meant "we'll be seeln' you" at the legislative halls any time from now to March 1. The House had recessed Thursday morning so that a few members had to stay over to Friday to vote adjournment to Monday, The Senate slipping over an extra day's vacation on the House that way is not playing according to rules, members say. The Senate should be penalised tor off-side playing. Someone has said that a sate place to stop when on an auto*' mobile tour, is at the railroad crossings. DRS. KLINE & KLINE Dr. O. M, Kline ' Dr. J. A. Kilns Oiteopithlo Phyilolani Office hours) 1 to • p. m, and 7 tp S ; p. m. on Saturday. Other Hours by Appointment Office over low« »Ut« laving* BtnX X'Ray Diagnosis* : ' . Phonest Qff|<^,1»l. HoMss. lUNSfttwdftofcttate *t_»_ * _• . . m _ . _ m ,,,, reo9Q&s why tbs 907 W9f« sot §g gey, tbt "good old days" man worked from eua to ma but wo- minedly for $4,35 aa<l the receipts of hogs at Chicago remained in their pens from Wednesday until Saturday, while the large packers carried on with the hogs purchased direct from producers. The government finally broke the deadlock by buy* ing the JJOKB, some ?Q,QQO head, Loans would be obtained through local _toan rggencte*. and would maturftfDJL?A«|yJiilJ|ii^AtJi 'tlnWWahe 'IwiwiS ministration corn-hoc plan • * * * While the administration was conservatively making its bid for gold on the world market at the opening quotations of the London market each day, although it was slowly raising the domestic price, the foreign exchange moved in violent fluctuations. The dollar fell to a quotation of about 15.15 for the pound sterling after successive days of lower prices, but no quotation was stable. Domes- tlo grain and equity markets followed the trend with rising prices, but large increases or rapidly fluctuating prices were smoothed out. There seemed to be a marked reluctance to move into the hysterical markets of early summer, perhaps from the absence of a large speculative public interest. For rtoeks of course there was the deterrent of continued unfavorable Industrial reports and indications of a continuation of the downward trend in business activity, * t » * I4itst Tuesday the voters of North Carolina and South Carolina vote4 against the ratification of the twenty-first amendment to the constitution. But,the voters of Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania an4 Utah votgd for ratification bringing the, total number of states approving the amendment to 37, one more than was re* quired to wake the repeal of the eighteenth amendment effective, Actual repeal i* 4»rty«4 flrty " be completion of form*! r.. ** E!W*IT£I^ ; fe.*-^3?f v*iafeE-*ia.£a-iLl f& . 1 H*I ' ~*f,K Now eletfrtcity Is stoop, Tlw coWwe <»d U» monaion ai jqudly in the beneiiie u bringa. Even the «o»t boroes ea»Uy afieidt an electric de^btJl, dtai rodlp, twwtw, peicolatcr, Uoo, rej^erator «wi wotfl* Uoa will si Ugb^ ** With the IT'S A SENSATION!' / the new I White Rose Gasoline! 70 Octane — Quicker Start--Better Mileage A FASTER-BETTlR GASOLINE at REGULAR Price , j 11 • 9 i ff i ana that s not aw I have leased the Service Station of the NattonaJ Refining Co, My aim; to give you snappier, more courteQua emice than you have ever had, , . , I will featsure » fulUJns el,T * ' ~ r EMTCQ Motor OiU «pd 6r««a«i Imprgy«4:Rty*i , , ^Vv* f ?„ :7- % ., mm*--, .*& rl--." s - •":** A m_M_±- i»lrjis^. * ' Vn^l^E^ IP «si asilss-i " Call •••M* <• sT* * *" ' s^^WwMMl A&A S^IMAMAA ' V^slW-f^sSA. '' completed the ftttentio* devices for testten &»( effective mtroj oj tra4e after It's Sj?OBQray to change „ %"'" 'r\f±c*r\ i . f ** at the sellers' prices tor the ae* n#al WPVUQ meftft sale and use ef the taxe« count tion. The «*h#r Strike, the f»rmer»' holiday, had cbang«4 first ph««e» ol picietjtag. Picket* ^R; were gose from the highway* ol western Jow^, »la still the wwttloi, But iu birldgftf *w» ftred 01 eral iwml by Hit AND POWER COMPANY II «*»»»« II MMMi*

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