Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 3, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, August 3, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, AUGUST 3, 1965. Stock Market Slips Lower in Obituaries Court at Hurley Lists 18 Cases M. Ladin Receives Degree at Winona Michael Ladin, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Ladin, 1861 37th St. NW. Rochester, Minn, was a candidate for a master of science degree at the s u m m e r One person was fined and 17 commencement exercises of Wi- ; bonds were ordered for-. n ona State College. : felted in Monday's session of; He is a graduate of Luther; L. Wright High School. His Plans |Mrs. Alice Stanton ; ONTONAGON — Mrs. Alice 1 Stanton. 81. former Ontonagon , resident, died Sunday at a Methodist home at Chelsea. She had resided at the home Iron County Court at Hurley NEW YORK <4P> — The since the death of her husband, Bernice D. Garner, Hur 1 e y . Ior the" future include teaching. stock market paused from a se- Lee. in February 1953. paid a $10 fine plus $3 costs, on, ries of advances and slipped ir- Alter funeral services at Chel-; a charge of allowing an unau-1 . I Tl ' f reeula;!v lower early this after- sea. the remains will be brought thorized minor to operate a pow-j Appi ICAfl I h|Pl noon Trading was moderate to Ontonagon for burial. er-driven cycle. It was charged, HLLUjCU IIIICI Weakness in General Motors Graveside services will be that the offense took place on and -some strength in gold-min- held at Riverside Cemetery : highway US-2 m Kimball. ing issues were features of the Thursday at 3 p.m. with the Rev. d ay. George Luciani officiating. The market had stretched its run of gains to four straight Mondn.y but not without a struggle, and this time profit taking overcRine what bullish trend remained WITH THE COLORS j^gy Goes to Rudyard SAN DIEGO, CALIF. — Navy Seaman Recruits Randall E.i Swanbeck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Swanbeck, 204 E. Oak St.. Gerald R. Nolcox. son ofj MAR Q UET TE - Appointment, Kenneth Ray-j of tne Rev No ,. bert B. Landre-l 0 n " | ville of Marquette as pastor of i St. Joseph's Church, Rudyard,, the Most I Hospital Notes i GRAND VIEW. Admitted, I Monday: Carl L. Krankk a 1 a ,; 1 Iron Belt, George A. Peterson,: ,205 6th Ave., N., Hurley, John JKetola, 108 W. Aurora St., Mrs. 1 Harold L. Peterson. Route 2, ! North Lake Road, Mrs. L e m p i 84 E. Thomas St., Mrs. A generally lower tone pre-; vailed among autos, steels, oils rails, utilities and aerospace stocks The decline in GM was at- Scattered Areas Get Rain Today By filL, ASSOCIATED PRESS Iron County Judge Arnc H. j Wicklund ordered the following; bail bonds forfeited: Edward Auger. RCAF station,' Comox d highway Pleads Guilty J. Rundquist, 434 W.j Francis St., and Patrick K. Sim-1 monds, son of Mrs. A. J. Sim-L of monds. 410 E. McLeod, all of "."__... Discharged Monday: Mrs. 10 Girls Have Exciting Summer With Rockettes By JEAN HELLER Noa ° a Ironwood. reported July 12 to Marquette. D D bis- Mal 'y Practor - Hurley: Mrs. NEW YORK (AP , _ A sum 1 ' " of William Lasanen, Brownsvil 1 e, mertimc j 0b for a schoolgirl is Texas: Mrs. Axel Berg, Saxon; rarely exciting It's usually the Recruit Training Command, „„„,.* U S Naval Training Center, San assistant pastor at St. Michaels Diego. Calif., for nine weeks of! Church, will be taking over his basic training. W omen in Mich., way 77, Hurley. Roy Schulz, Wausau, S15, with a vehicle weigh- Phvsical fitness training, drill, Kind tMs morning at Iron Coun; ty Court at Hurley cu P 0 ^ 65 ' 6 *' =. hRri nreviouslv used the • water .survival, first ad pei: ing ovel- 10.000 pounds on High- ""S'P™ Bronco? ?f ; ~^ hygieneT'seamanship and; Landreville. 33 Rain fell in scattered sections W ay 51 Mercer " ame . R °beit Lee Bioison or. j , orie ntation w i 11 nn Hermansville tributed to disappointment in y d Northeast today Gentry Glady Griffis, South Valeio. Calif., p eaded gin! t y : ^ | weeks! family moved to Marquette. He Wall Street that directors had; eneraUv clear wea ther pre-: Houston Tex S18 speeding on' to the rhar 6 e of breaking a "d ™ B1n ^ transltion from civilian attended Baraga Grade School done n 0 more than declare the : Ued in mo - st other parts of the i Highway 77. Hurley ; entering and stealing by reason fn m , ntarv ]ife in Ma-quette before entering, iicuai 7^-npnt riivirlpnn. Some; .•_ . ' _ .. usual 75-cent dividend. Some : ^ '^ Lgjjwci.y j i, AAUI ^^-j . f 'ncanitv Leslie Larson. Winnipeg,; 01 J" 5 ?"' 1 .;', s had noped for a stock split or showprs in New England Mon- i Canada $18, speeding with vehi- 00He I»rther testiiied that he is trajns '' special dividend. dav ap p e ared to have little ef- ] C le weighting over 10,000 pounds S20. 00 23 : Matt V. Ahoncn, Alex Puisto, i h r , , vr)1 .|.- libp clerking in » Father Landreville. popu 1 a r j IromVQOd j JanJ *oik like uc ^ g c DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. Admitted Monday: Larry Bre- 1 tall, Bessemer, Jack Hrivn a k. During their early days o f j >' a ™ S"™ n " iau """" u * a | Presque Isle, Wis.. Roland Del- ; ^ jor-Vare'Tnterludcs of high training they will receive a ser -jinej3nmiey Mission. ^ ^Favero. Christine Samps o n , t excitement ancl, perhaps, ' '"" *'" -•.•.«„,. o ,. ,•. =. , ^ glamorous ranging in age from 16 summer replacements line of Radio City Music Hall's famed Rockettes. The nirls do four shows a clay, seven days a week. Each work day is 11 hours, except on holidays Then it is longer — more shows are added to the schedule. After working three weeks, the girls get a week off. It's a tough routine, but the Rudyard's St. Joseph, who is i being placed on sick leave Born in Hermansville, Father \ attended school' before the \ The "Naval Trailing Center the seminary. e ~~« T.T^I « f^».,-,•,«,« LI CUUD UU.UUU OWHW..J v.... ~.. ., — .- - | of age siicl a toimci , n [(s RMU|t Tralnlns and serv . reside,, o. v,to,n S U,. H, coj.W, ^"^i" ccnSs however, offer the court no sub- , The Associated Press average f ^ fhe a , drougnt con- O n Highway US-2, Kimball. of 60 stocks at noon was off .8 ; dmons in the six . state area. Dennis Saari, Hurley, . at 326.2 with industrials off 1.3 ;, , Nearlv one incn of rain fe ii at speeding on Cary Road. Hurley. < stantuu proof of his age. | CAMp LEJEUNE , N .C. raiis off 6 and utilities off .>. , N H avp.n. Conn., and about a! Ravmond McDerm-: Attev extensive questioning . CorDOral j ames I. Marine Corporal James I. An- 11 c vt imv\-ii ( v^wiiii.i t*i»\-* w«j>-»i.iu ».» | i^,iu.i jcii u. ALO.^ ii*wi*^ i»*«- *~r ^-* »i • , ivieiiiiiv, v^vji ^/wi t** u t.*.»*v,u -. The Dow Jones industrial ay-. ha]f inch was rep0 rted at Buf-'ott, Bessemer, $18, failure to|J ucl g e Wicklund ordered t ha t ; dersorii son of Mr a nd Mrs. erage at noon was down 2.14 fa]Q N at 879.71. i n r . ne west, a thunderstorm j UW, J-J^OOV^I 11^-1 , i^IAU, Attiti.n'- Tt 1 * *-^ U flrt' *- 4 ^ 1 OWll, OW1I *-/* "*• ». "*»— .,..—! make complete stop at arterial Roose be tianspurted, by the Edward M Anderson, Route 2, ! at the intersection of the Spruce Iron County Sheriff's Department :Ironwoodi returned July 19 to Meeting on Tax Program Slated LANSING lAPi-Gov. Geo: _ ^^ Seminary, St. Nazianz, Wis.: St.; Romn e.v and perhaps two, dozen: replacements say they love it. Paul Seminary. St. Paul. Minn., legislators will meet Aug. 12-13, £ase in point: Carolyn Bahr, nnrl Rr .Tnhn's: 'Prnvmnnl SPTY1- _. »»....!.:.,.,« j^i^^ri i.-. on ot_, ._ . . V sailors each year] He attended the Salvato r i an ' LANSING iAPi— Gov. George; and Sc John's Provincial Seminary. Plymouth. Mich. Father Landreville receivedj tax program. at Mackinac Island in an at-j 15, of Pittsburgh. tempt to work out a bi-partisan; -Last summer we came here his bachelor of arts degree from St. Paul Seminary. He v.-as ordained into were than fractional sues . ^ DI indicators. ' "ThcAVPrs"" helped"' firefighters ] $13, failure to" operate vehicle: Juds*. GM. which rose Us Monday! conlrnj fires in Washington' in proper lane, causing an acci-j defendant to appear in coui\ sank as much as 1 points to-; state forests Monday. A blaze in i dent on Highway US-2, Saxon, i again Aug. 11, at 9:30 a.m. day, then pared the loss to a tne union Creek area of the! Kenneth Daronco, St. Louis,' bit more than a point. ' Cascac'e Mountains had burned Mo., S17, speeding on Highway Steels seemed preoccupied goo acres before j t was brought ; 77, Hurley. still ovei the Sept. 1 strike, under control. Showers fell i Robert Lee Matchett, Iron! deadline. Rails showed a string j througjiout the day. Two fires ! Mountain, Mich., $14, speeding! of fractional losses as they • wnich i-, urn ed more than 150 ion Highway 77, Town of Knight, i trimmed recent gains. 'acres in Ml. Rainier National 1 John Hogben, Kitchemer, On-j Laboratory for Electronics , Park also wcre doused The rain itario, Canada, $15, improper, was nfi '--i at 8's on 27.400 i and cocler weather followed a ^ passing on a hill on highway US-, Prices were generally higher : jrj-ciav hot spell 2. Saxon. ITT' 11 1 1 1 fl Wicklund ordered the , Driver Licenses Now Available The Gogebic County Sheriff's Anderson is a member of Battalion Landing Team 2-8 (BLT 2-8) which is built around the 2nd Battalion. 8th Marines, 2nd Marine Division. It is reinforced with ground and aviation . _ 'for a vacation," Carolyn said Romney announced dates of De t W eer. shows. "I saw .the the meeting at a news confer-1 R OC kettes and I just knew I had t " e ence today and said he hoped; to be one So j talked to my the group could narrow six al- (dancing) teacher and came up ternative tax proposals down to nere I0 ,- the audition, and here I one program for general legis-| am _" Ca'-olyn will go back to Pilts- P ro " burgh's"Holy Ghost Academy as a senior, hoping to become a membP 1 ' of the permanent lative consideration. The alternatives were Church. Caspian, from his ordi-i ed ]a£t week at a meeting of nation until 1960 when he be-| Romnpv and tne legislators, iiiciu _. ut int F _ 1 ..... Ii . llu came assistant at St Ambrose h hnve worked vviln tnc gov - Rockettes cornpan y when she's Phiirph Trnnwnnrl Tn .Tnnp 10R4 ,_ -* n._ .. „,, >„.. i • 1% '" v '"^': lv -' J ~" .*" J Church Ironwood. In June 1964 he received his assignment to St. Michael's Church here. elements from the MCAS, j The promotion of Father Lan- ernor much of the year on tax, through school. ideas. The Mackinac meeting will be a closed-door, shirt-sleeve gath- If she does, it won't be anything new for her family. Her sister Eileen, 20. has been a Cherry Point. N.C., and Force dreyilk is effective immediately., ering wnere .. we can get up Rocke tt.e for' more than two Troops and Marine Corps Base _ The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arnold^ L. j there by ourse ives," said the at Camp Lejeune. i Casanova, pastor of St. Mi-j During his deployment t h e chael's. said plans will b e made " at Nap-if 01 ' a farewell reception for governoi. years Kathv Christie. 16, of Union, es ° Romney said invitations were 1 N j came to New York to audi- about 35 legisla-j tlon witb Alice K ozimor, 17. of in quiet trading on the Amen- ;* unseasonably' cool weather, Gary James LeBeau. Racine,; Department and the Ironw o o d. ^ Fr / n ' ce . and Paima", M a H ably will be held here next! r g'" d ~ nad other commitments /as reported again this morn- >15. speeding on Highway n,. Police Department _ have an- } Q • c fl otner popular sites, month can Stock Exchange. was Corporate and U.S. Treasury ' ing in ^-eas in the Midwest and ^ Hurley, bonds were mostly unchanged in ' Northeast The 51 reading at' Lawrence Whiffen Jr., Milwau-i light trading. licens e s reacned from ttiese cities in- i !' X ' l f. y lf.. W S : eluded Rome, Paris, Nice and; Stock Market Columbus. Ohio, tied the record !*ee. $15, improper passing on a | Monday through Saturday from low mark for Aug 3 set in 1886. ^ curve on highway US-2. Kimbal . 8 a.m to 9 p.m., with Sundays ' Kenneth Juntunen, Ironwood, ! morning temperatures rangec from 38 at Pellston, Mich., to 97 at Needles, Calif NOON QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP) — Following is a sectioned list of stock transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. Allied Ob 46 5 a U i/s Am Car, 49',i D \B Am iVlot Am i'ci-& Tel Armour Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Cnem du Pot.t East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fcls Gen Motors Gen Tel Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Steel Interlak Ir Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Te 1 & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk 49 LOF Glass 54 Ligg & My 82'/2 D Mack Tr-k 3434 D Mont Ward 32 NY Central 52 D Pennej, JC 65 3 4 D PA RR 42« 8 D Pfizer • 58 Repub Stl 40 s s D Sears Roeb 66Vi D 1 A \ Std Oil Ind 48^ a U Std Oil NJ 75' 3 US Steel 48U D Wn Un Tel 39 U U—Up D—Down. Harriman Sees Tough Fighting holidays the exceptions. r passing on hill on | Ironwood Police Chief Donald highway US-2, Saxon. IE. Nevala has stated that it is Henry Gilbertson, Hurley, S20, < now permissible for licensees • speeding on Highway 77, with a !to obtain licenses anywhere in motorbike. : the statr. ancl not just in their • Robert DuCharme, Saxon, S13, j home towns as was the case prc- yield right of way v i OU3 | V Fire Domages Herns' Home Council Endorses Plan N.J. Both made it. j .? a high school junior, and could not attend. Legisla- > Alice a sen ior. tive leaders also are being in-| Another member of the sum- vited. . I mer group is Carolyn Newton Even if a tax program is 16 of W ayne. N .J. agreed upon by the bi - partisan i Even ' among the summer group, it still must be sold to gTO up. there are the old pros, other legislators — some of Joan Srieary 20. a college scn- whom have been adamant in jor frori Worcester. Mass., is in their opposition to tax action • ner fourtn summer with the this year. ' Rockettes, and Nancy Conant, of a Grand Rapids, _Minn._home' H C a letter to State Sen. Joseph $102 m jni 0rii " revenues are fall- hprind exDendiUires and the be gone with n Uvo " 1 *' cnsis W d"ay W he ote '^impression In talks in Moscow "Whcn I was 10." Nancy said, my family came to New York saw the Rockettes. Right with Premier Alexei N. Kosygin :that the Russians looked to a peaceful settlement in Viet Nam. But he saw tough fighting meeting of the Board of Direc- aie 66 n 4 D 38 rl B U 35% 45 r 's 79^ K D 57 r ;s D 55 : 's U 37 5 s D 35' a U 69 233'a D 84*8 D s 52^ D . 83'.-:. D '4 ; settlement. President Johnson this evening. All members are 97'.i D I 3 s has said on many occasions that expected to be present with 40",;. D r a | he js willing to undertake dis- proper fire fighting gear. j ' cussions with any government. • ! "But thc Hanoi government The Cloverland Chorus will D claim the : i pessimistic in his ] .failure to _ I while passing, resulting in a col-j photo? of the drivers are in owned by Mr. and Mrs. John g. Mack endorsing his pro- ilision on Highway 51, Mercer, i co j or or their licenses ancl the Heclin, former residents of Iron- posal for free tuition for , Ten of the arrests were made; license is in laminated form. wood. Friday afternoon. Michigan residents enrolling by the county traffic officer and, p ersonb are ac i v i se ci not to About 3 Friday aftern o o n , i in junior colleges. The council made by a state traf- wear a nead COV ering or sun- Mrs Hedin left the home to is urging the new college board 'omen are advised pj c k L1 p Hedin at work and then of trustees, the county board of lair curlers when ' fK PV Hrnvp hprp to meet their 1 supervisors, and other public ^" nnr n,, n «f /HQ nnnvmmip piu ; - ""-'^ '*• * v v ~ v«"°',"\-.~ . . LIJCN uiuvc iit^i t* LW iiiv-^t tnv-**i- i- readme 01 me cCUHUnilL t-ll T^nnnQ ^pmntnlfpQ 17 nf Rnc. up to have their pic- i ^ wno was a summe r student bodies to endorse the proposed, ^ ata0in ^ h °J rc CQV n hnnrilno . nr n-'H"^-..?. 18 ^,." 1 ,n\°L?°f ture naken, Nevala said. Hair al Nortnern Michigan University There will be an import a n t co ! or is , no lon ^ r ^quired on a d bring nim back to Gr a n d T .1?™ ,"L° «*",!, ^Ar«n.i driver's license, he further noted. Ra ids For those who wish to obtain of Holly N H ' k I mate. Others say a bonding pro-; ton; Pf , ula Biglen,' 18, 'of Scran- The letter to Sen l gram coukl solve the P roblem i ton, Pa . and Connie Jean Wil- The letter to ben., without imrnedlate new taxes. 2Q Q{ Co , umbuSi Ohio bv Gogebic County merg Mnday Tuesday ancl a tour of European capitals ning at 7:30. All members where he talked with govern- asked to attend. ment leaders, told reporters be- u ce Department has the camera fore flying home to Washington: The Ironwood \oluntecr I-ire- Tnursdav Friday and Saturday. •\anavt-mont \i7iii hnvp a meet- J • •> - 1 ; s "i got the general impression Department will have a meet that Moscow would like to see a, ing and practice session at 7 u^ .^,.^ ;i Q ---ion™ »„ offnrri fro» tnitinn ! TRAVERSE CITY (APi—The and simultaneously , legislation to afford free tution; . o Lf^L-. J 'National Cherry Festival Board out the living room win- to Michigan residents enrolling,/ S PuDl 151160 j of^Directors Las announced S fire starting im- in^mo^^colleges. ^ ^ ^ ASSOCIATED PRESs!the 1966 National Cherry Festi- 'ThP^Hedins did not know of price "college'education out of; WASHINGTON (APi-A new val will be held July 11-15. The Hedins did not Know 01. *f = ohnrt^r, of U^O-P , smvprnment, nub ii Vote Aug. 4 5114 D ',-B ; them they are not going to be' tice tonight at 7 at the Legion final form. being informed. '•• permitted to take over South clubrooms and also Thursday But Sen. William Proxmire, The living room was reported < Viet Nam -ind that the Viet- night A11 members must be D-Wis., a leader of the opposi- to be completely gutted by fire 3 s : namese oeooie are -ohm to be present. tion. told newsmen the odds are and some damage was done to ,namese peopie aie & omg 10 DC ^ {hat {he v(jte wlu ^ ^^^ ^ bedrooms by smoke and nntii th P v arrivpri hprp at reacn to the children of wage; government publication rolled thP h±P nf Mr, HPdm.nar learners. Education should b e| off the press Monday. ; ' t Tr «nri Mr? Oliver Prided to children with the Called the "Weekly Compila-j IT v, ^ wririav nilm i scholastic ability, regardl e s s tion ol Presidential Docu- Johnson, Fiiclay night. \ hjs nts , fina ncial posi-jments." it will be distributed Friday evening, before t h e The primary requirem e nt free to all congressmen plus WASHINGTON (AP> - Oppo- Hedins arrived, Mrs. Johnson f^dmtttance must not be the! those officials of the executive or aland judicial branches who now the only receive the Federal Register,; officu.1 diary of thc U.S. government Its in'tial 8.500-name circula -..,, - i! continues to say they will not not meet this week. The next a ^ tt ^ a ^^ ^ ..-. 42- 8 D % have any part of it. Hanoi thinks! session will be held Wednesday, nents have refused to agree to a received a telephone call f r o m ts , financial sta tus 36% D '8 U can take over South Viet Nam Aug. 11. ^ OWCl T\ ° n Sen vfY? re " ^ r -.? edm 3 SUP T?' H °*?£ 'large bank account as th 476 U l'/t bv force - Dirkscn s constitutional Rapids stating what had hap- requirement " 8514 U i s ' "i am afraid we have some All units of the Blue Knights amendment on legislative reap- pened. The Hedin's returned to l _ 53 U 1.4 i toueh fighting ahead to prove to Drum and Bugle Corps will prac- portionment until they see its Grand Rapids immediately after _ ^ ,. , ,-' G & & " ,. ,.;_.i.i._i.r? rt «-*U J -.T nrr !/-*•,-» f \ n o 1 fy-ii*>-k-i l-»Qitinr i »^f/-\t»r*T orl THE WEATHER l IMvK AT TRKS IN 1KO.' T u«d«>. ..\u»ur,t 9. iw 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 8 p.m. 71 Midnight M 8 a.m. 57 70 2 a.m. 39 10 a.m. fi» 67, 4 a.m. 37 'Noon 70 Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.80; Noon 2fl 80 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA'I — Hogs 3,500: butchers steady to strong; 1-2 190-225 Ib 25.00-25.25; to decide their own future ,. ,, r , and not at the dictation of B°" nic Dchch was thc winner Wednesday. Dirksen. the Senate water. y,, u an0 j " 'Of the womens stock car race GOP leader, also said this was J/ 8 j Harriman President John- Sunday night at the Gogebic likely. 5 's • son's special envov arrived Sun-, County Fairgrounds, not Bonnie DirksetVs amendment would day and had talks'with Foreign ; Orlich as was Previously report- permit one house of state legists secretary Michael Stewart and ed - latures to be apportioned on the Minister Wilson It was basls of eeography and political V B !,,„,„ ,,., <~ TT^,, mi <-„ ,J. n! ,« »!,„ There will be a meeting of the subdivisions as well as popula- ment tonight at 7 at the Fire referendum. Hall. The Supreme Court, in a "one man, one vote" decision last All members of thc Hurley year neld that botn tranches Eagles Aerie 247 are asked t o must be apportioned on the basis attend the 63rd annivers a r y of population THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE tion list is expected to be in- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS creased through public subscrip- High Low Pr. ects s i now up to Hanoi to make the ! next Viet Nam peace move. i D-^f 1-^.,^ J DGIlGVGQ WASHINGTON (AP,-The Air Force says oeople who reported kl _/__,„ T-*a/^*»/ : tions of S6 per year. Albany, cloudy 76 62 IlllCIGOr I iCCliyi included in the first issue Albuquerque, clear 82 60 GENEVA (APi The Sovietiw ere * transcript of the Presi- Atlant?, clear 85 64 Union said today it will never; dent's news conference on Viet' Bismarck, cloudy ... 91 56 sign a treaty to halt the spread! Nam. a report he received on Boise, clear 90 56 of nuclear weapons so long as i the employment of women in. Boston, cloudy .. " c " the West continues to bow to'the postal service, his remarks i Buffalo, cloudy . what it called "West German'at the swearing in of U.N. Am- 1 Chicago, cloudy blackmail" and goes ahead with! bassador Arthur J. Goldberg | Cincinnati, cloudy the proposed NATO nuclear, and the annual report to the j Cleveland, clear ; President by the Board of Visi-1 Denver, cloudy force. Chief Soviet Delegate Semyonj tors of the U.S. Naval Academy. Will Travel To Marquette of unidentified flying ob-,K. Tsarapkin told the 17-nation' to banquet to be held Thursday . Two car caravans will be Aug. 5, at, 6:30 p.m. at the mixed 1-3 190-250 Ibs 24.50-25.00; 'leaving Gogebic County Friday, Eagles Hall •540-270 Ibs 2435-24.75; mixed 1-3 ; Aug. 8, on a pilgrimage to the : 300-35C 'b sows 22.50-23.25; 350- ; Ahmed Shrine Temple in Mar- 400 Ibs ^2 00-22 85 i quette for the summer ceremo- Cattle 2,000; calves none; nial. The first car caravan will to Wed Residents Continued from Page One Monday her mother-in-law, Mrs. Has \A/Pflffier " T CtllllCf Des Moines, clear Detroit, clear Fairbanks, cloudy clear cloudy Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis, clear 66 57 72 55 68 60 75 46 65 51 83 58 78 60 65 50 66 48 96 66 94 62 87 74 74 50 .06 .14 2J .65 .06 ,33 .01 of "locations in the South-1 "absolutely unacceptable" ] the Soviet Union. An Air Force spokesman 1 J n a strong attack on the B y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS } Jacksonville, cloudy 91 74 sa i d . ! United States, he said American Michigan's overnight weather i Juneau, cloudy 68 49 "Initial study of reports re- : "imperialism and aggression" I produced temperatures neari Kansas City, cloudy 85 70 .02 ceived "would indicate that the ; in viet Nam is a major ob-;f re ezing in some areas. s Los Angeles, cloudy 81 62 observations were astronomical stacle to further disarmament! The 30-day forecast for Mich-i Louisville, clear 77 52 .. Applications for marriage 1 i- velma Kisler, was on hand to in nature The objects observed agreements. igan indicates that temperatures! Memphis, cloudy <?iai]£?h*pr "steers fullv steady'' leave tne Ironwood-Bess e m e r ; censes have been made at the;] 0ok after Tlna _ several loads high choice and'area about 7 a.m. The second! office of the Gogebic County: The W ashtenaw County Crip- prime 1200-1300 Ib 27.50-2800; i caravan will assemble and or- clerk by the following: pled children's Association has choice VlOO-l'325 Ibs 26.00-27.25; B anize in tlie Watersmeet area Charles A. Warren, Atlanta. saicl it will try to assume all mixed good 'and choice 24.75- and meet with the other one foriGa.. and Elaine A. Esser. Alma costs of Tlna . s treatment both gooa an , h ,. D ^, at , 0( «,,,,„ r-,^ , n „ ; o^tn,. w,= at home ancl at its clinic in the 25.50; or- ter hei' good ar. 50-1 050 Ib slaugh . - ; ference hfi Wflg disappointec i b y na . mixed The two .groups will proceed o, Jo hn Chase Bennett and J a c- futurp . Thc , ypsllant , commun ,. ;; ^htings uppoits this PieUmi-. 8 ..propaganda. vilifi- c 2275-23.25. **., Pakistan Says i Marquette in caravan style with , queline Ann Biggin, Minneapol- ty nas t , iven S60Q , ... i the Shrine Ambassadors of Go- is. • ° fa ! gebic and Ontonagon Counties; Paul W. Wcishaar and Judy I leading the procession. May Johnson, St. Paul. ! All Shriners are reminded that Charles E. Sellner and Con- 'e to bring their red fez- stance Marie Campbell, M inn • well as this year's due eapolis. and bedding ancl an air conditioner for the baby's room. The Washtenaw Fibrosis for mav have been the planet Jupi-l Tsarapkin's attack caused no, w m continue to be below normal 1 Miami, cloudy ter o'- the stars Rigel Capella 'surprise although one Western through August. i Milwaukee, cloudy *eiise or Aldebar'an which' delegate said it was "rather; Pellston recorded a low of 34; Mpls-St P., cloudy "t'isihip At the time nf thp! tou g her th3n we expected." I Monday night. Lansing and; New Orleans, clear siuie. «u me ue m im. i ug disarmamerit negotiator; Traverse City had a low of 37,; New York, clear =ipvatinn nf thr rpnnrtpri william c - Fost er told the con- and the mercury hit 40 at Alpe-iOkla. City, clear IfVdllUll Ul lilt I epUllLU , ,„„„„„„ ,, Q ,,, QO rticonnnintorl ll\? _, Omalll C'lOUdy _ _ _ Grand Rapids, Houghton and i Philadelphia, clear i cation and distortion." He said; Muskegon also reported lows in Phoenix, clear the middle 40s. Pittsburgh, cloudy .75 ,->ni'v nnnnhicinn ' naij conclusion the Air continue to check the re P°'' ts N. Vietnamese Shoot certificate. Visiting Nobles from: Jeffrey Ragnar Joscphson. "j" luc ' *--^>"»™ va P n '' ma ' Down Air Force Plane RAWALPINDI, Pakistan otner Temples are also remind-; Milwaukee, and Cynthia Yvonne ..£',„ ,,„,.„ hrao . , . ' SAIGON, Viet Nam (APi — (AP) - President Mohammed; ed tnal in order to gain admit-iNasi. Hurley. WP Vn if • wonderful. Ayub Khan has charged the| tance to a n the ceremonies they. Application for a marriage li-' we c.oumn t eventually will agree to settle Detroit's low was 54, and thciptlnd. Me., rain 89 64 88 77 1.67 66 53 79 59 87 69 77 63 92 68 83 64 82 57 107 80 66 51 67 57 down to serious negotiations on thermometer stayed below 65lptind,' Ore., cloudy 74 61 disarmament. bring along their certifica--cnse has been made at the of- !! avc / an]ci Tina wouldn't have nr 1-hoh- hnmp tpmnlp anrl- ! fi^P nf thp Trnn Hnnntv clerk hv Jlvecl as lon g as She has without on. United States with delaying new nid commitments in an effort to'tion for their home temple and-' fice of the Iron County clerk by . 'orce a change in Pakistan's ! or the warrant from the Imperi- : Robert J. Hornick, Montre a 1, ineir neJ P- said Mrs. Lillie. voreign policy. j al Council. land Linda Jane Anderson, Sax- 1 — Ayub in a nationwide broadcast Sunday referred to a July 3 message from President Johnson saying America would ask the World Bank to postpone the aid - to - Pakistan consortium Nortn Vietnamese gunners shot w ' :a , t we down a U.S. Air Force Flos on a north of Vinh Effort To Free Ship 6 i throughout the day in the Motor | Rapid City, clear 1 City. Coffee Social Planned 91 61 1 Richmond, clear 83 58 St. Louis clear 81 50 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 87 61 San Diego, cloudy . 75 64 San Fran , clear MANILA Finnish Festival The National Finnish-Am e r i- Seattle cloudy — Efforts are can Festival will hold a coffee Tampa, cloudy the Dllot was Drecumedl to be i continuing to free the radar social on Friday, August 13, ac-; Washington, clear LUC JJHOl Wdb prtbUinea tO OC _,„,,„,. ,> ac ,t..,.,, 0 ,. TTranVr Wnnv nn ,.H< nrr t^ TH..C, tPi^r. KTovala lirlnnlnair Mnilrtv Stefani. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stefani, Chicago, a son, Thomas Steven, July 19. M r s Ewen Personals Traffic Toll Is Up Mrs Leroy Fencil has ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The ceived word that her sist Motor Vehicle Department Mrs. Joreph Chonezena, cli dead. A U.S. spokesman said the pilot was seen ejecting from his crippled craft over the sea 20 re-; miles northeast of Vinh, but res- picket destroyer Frank Knox, cording to Mrs. Eino Nevala, aground on a coral reef in the foods committee chairman. the U.S. Navy said today. the home of the Rev. Fred Paa- A spokesman said there were lonan, corner of Ayer and Winnipeg, cloudy 62 57 66 56 88 73 87 62 82 54 .14 .01 ,02 02 .07 RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:29. Sunrise tomorrow 5:44 Moonset tonight e V, cut""personner* found""onlv 'hfs "° casualties among the crew of Lake Streets, Ironwood, and 11:53 p.m. First Quarter tomor- Chonezena, died parachute. ' tne 2,400-ton ship. The Knox is serving will begin at 3 p.m. and row 12:48 am. Prominent Star: aid - to - Pakistan consortium mas Steven, July 19. M r s fat ate Motor vehicle Department Mrs. Joreph Chonezena, cli e cl meeting scheduled for July 27. ; Stefani is the former Lois Brag- says 1.221 persons died in traffic July 23 at Seattle. Wash. Mrs. Pakistan has received more hini. daughter of Mrs. Cesira accidents in New York in the Chonezc-na was the former Ida than So billion in foreign eco- Braghini, Chicago, formerly c) first half of this year. This com- Lantto daughter of Eli Lant- nojtnic «nd military aid since Bessemer, and the late L o u i.i pares with 1.211 deatjis in the to. Hancock. She had been ill nnd the utter devastation of the 'USE DAILY GLOBE left and needs more. i Braghini. i same period last year. ; five years. | South. j WANT-ADS P "'""""!l aground near Piatas Island, 165 continue until 8:30 p.m". Arcturus, In the west 11:05 p.m. The Civil War which ended miles southeast of Hong Kong. Home baked goods will be fea- Visible Planets—Venus, low in April 9, 1865, rost 600000 lives; < , tured and the public is invited west 9:" Pm ; _Mars, setf 10:25 to attend. All proceeds will go p.m. Saturn, in southeast 12:41 .into the festival building fund, j a.m. Jupiter, rises 2:23 a.m.

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