The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 8, 1974 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1974
Page 5
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MUSICAL IKSTR. 'Your Hit Parade' will F " 8UiFllls "'• l "' r " 1 fr' 1 """^ bring back memories Ru IAV CUADDTItir . . . SEE THE new Supersiar organs at «W °"S><> Music. Walnut cabinets padded bench, automatic rhythm with easy pi ay features. Banjo'? P'»no all built in and a low price of only $499. complete. Trades and lerms at Roy pispn MuS | c USED GUITARS! We have seveTaT with prices starting at $3500 electrics flat lops in both "t'eei string and nylon. Stop by today'at Roy Olson Music. K , aan bench. Walnut cabinet in excellent condition. Priced al only »199. at Roy Olson Music. LANDSCAPE & GARDENING r Nursery and Garden Center. Complete nursery and garden service. AUTHORIZED LAWNBOY sales and service. Johnson Repair Shop 734-3949. SOD DELIVERED or complete landscape. 218J67-5831. SHOPPERS GUIDE TYPEWRITERS. Lundeen's. A LWAYS B.Sure C-Suh7 bed rm. 9'-o"no'.<2r living rm 25'-0' , IZ'.S- (Oft 25'. O'i I3'.< - loft zv-cr.zi'.cr /MX)6- ~—A first floor plan second floor ANTIQUES ANTIQUES AT Amor. 495-2551. COUNTRYSIDE ANTIQUES buy ??A S ,i!' 2 miles north °n Hwy. 59. /jO-2400. MERZ GIFT, Antique Shop. I mile north on Jewell Lake Road. 736 HANNEMAN MUSEUM near Elizabeth open Wednesday 7-9 p.m. Sunday p.m. Admission charged! HEIRLOOM GALLERIES' Antiques, gifts, collector's items, art work. Natural Food Depart ment. Ph. 736 7634, 213 E. Summit BUILDINGS HERE is a unique cottage plan. A shingled gabrel roof gives a barn-like appearance. Rough sawn cedar front and back provides a true rustic flavor. Although narrow in dimension, there is plenty of space to move around. A side door opens into a small room, ideal for dripping bathers. And the bathroom is just around the corner and a closet is convenient. The kitchen has everything necessary but doesn't take up much space. Upstairs, two lofts both feature sliding glass doors to balconies Design HA833G has 936 square feet on the main floor and 936 on the loft floor. Carl E. Gaiser 25600 Telegraph Rd., Southfield, Mich. 48075 is the architect and he will answer queries when accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope By JAY SHARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Singer Kelly Garrett, who has signed in a Broadway musical to star in CBS' summer revival of "Your Hit Parade," won't exactly be traveling down memory lane to reach her new destination. She says she does recall the show starred Gisele MacKenzie and Dorothy Collins, among others, "but I don't ever remember watching the show." Miss Garrett, of Santa Fe, N.M., who comes from a family of 10 children, says her home lacked a TV set. "We never had television in Santa Fe," she said. "With 10 kids, you were lucky to have food, forget television." The old "Hit Parade" show had its heyday in the mid-1950s but folded in 1959. It's coming back Aug. 2 for five weeks with Miss Garrett and three other regulars who haven't been named yet. Miss Garrett, an ebullient soul, credits the new job to the rave reviews she recently received for her singing in "Words and Music," a Broadway showcase of tunesmith Sammy Cahn's hit songs over the years. She said her career started taking off when she got good reviews two years ago while in another Broadway show, "Mother Earth." It led to major TV guest shots and work in the nation's better night clubs. A key part in her career struggle involves music arrangements. Young saloon singers who are just starting out frequently are dismayed to learn one simply doesn't tell the house pianist, "Maestro, 'Fever' in the key of C, if you please." One needs prepared musical arrangements. And they cost dough, as much as $700 a song when prepared by top craftsmen. Miss Garrett was asked how she overcame her musical balance of payment problems when she first sought Hollywood night club work. "I was very lucky," she said. "When 1 went there, I met some very talented people who believed in me. One was a fine piano player, Bill Baker, an arranger who'd worked there for years. "He did me so many favors. If I had an audition, he'd play for me free. I never had any CROSSWORD PUZZLE WANTED: PARTY to move or tear down 16-ft. by 40 ft. building for the lumber. Rolhsay, 218.B67-2173. Hiring handicapped veterans DINING, DANCING! • i i i i . is urged by banking activist Pir l^VC 1 CU ADDlTrtVT* COUNTRYSIDE 1-94 Shelly. We appreciate your business. Come and see Ruby & Cy. TEN AM LE Lake Sleak House. Open 7 days a week. Dalton 589-8845. STUB'S, BATTLE Lake, now open Tuesday through Saturday, featuring Paul Dube in the piano bar this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Featuring "Friendship" Friday and Saturday. PERSONALS NEW X-ll Reducing Plan. <2 tablets, S3.00. Money back guarantee. White Drug. WANT TO RE NT WANT TO rent 12 bedroom apartment for summer months. Call collect 847-2347. WANT TO rent farm house, 1 to 3 miles from Fergus Falls, low rent 3 or more bedrooms. Bob Schultz, Box 21, Fergus. Phone 734-5154. NEEDED BY family of six, 3 or 4 bedroom home. Call collect 485. RESORTS CAMPING VACATION AT Moser's Resort, Route 2, Long Lake, Fergus Falls. Cabins, camping area, beach, canoe, paddle boat, playground, lodge has recreation, pizza, beer groceries, bail, ice. Phone 218-7347621. BUSINESS OPPOR. RESORT TAVERN & store business. Retirement, reason lor selling. Miller Realty dW N Friberg. 734 3531 or 734 4515. Girl kidnaped in Thailand BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) —Three men grabbed the four- year-old daughter of a Colorado man working in Thailand and dragged her screaming into a car five days ago in a town 100 miles southeast of Bangkok, the Bangkok Post reported today The Post said the father, Tony Trevino of Mancos, Colo., had not yet received a ransom demand for the girl, I jnda. The child reportedly was buying candy from a vendor in front of the family's house when the men grabbed her. Her Thai mother was standing about 50 yards away and tried to follow the car but lost it. The U.S. Embassy reported it had not been officially informed of the case. A spokesman said Trevino is employed by a firm that works for U.S. government agencies in Thailand. ByEVESHAKBUTT AP Newsfeatures Writer NEW YORK (AP) Beatrice McCann wants everybody to be "on board." To her, that phrase means involved in every way. That's what she expects of government, industry and the disabled veterans with whom she works, matching men to meaningful jobs. Miss McCann is personnel specialist for the Bankers Tnist Company and the banking industry representative on a presidential committee for hiring disabled veterans. Her own firm began hiring handicapped veterans in 1968. "We realized there was a segment of the population that nobody was using. We decided it was ridiculous. So we began working out our own system for contacting disabled veterans, telling them jobs were available and matching men to jobs," Miss McCann said ''The Veteran's Administration (VA) had no time for us then, so we went through the back door. We talked to people in hospitals and veterans organizations." Now about one sixth of the 9,000 employes of the bank are handicapped. The program has earned several awards, but Miss McCann emphasizes it was not a policy that came from a board chairman. "We initiated it, and got supervisors to go along. We appealed to their patriotism at first, and finally, after they saw how well it worked out, everybody wanted to get 'on board,' " she said. "Industry is 'on board" to giving handicapped veterans jobs. My effort now is to help them get meaningful jobs," Miss McCann added. "The handicapped have the same career potential and desires for job stability and satisfaction that other people have." Those who are not 'on board' to helping hire the disabled veterans are, according to Miss McCann, the VA, its clinics and vocational counselors. "The VA refuses to open its clinics at any time other than 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. That means, if a man needs care, he has to choose between a job and treatment of his problem. He may well lose his job. And all it would take from the VA would be clinic hours a couple of evenings each week or maybe a Saturday morning clinic. "The VA serves itself, at its own convenience, and the veteran has to wait until the VA is ready to help him. He can't make an appointment at the clinic. Indeed, he often must . wait for hours," Miss McCann added. : . She works with the New York VA office where, she says, her voice is not exactly welcome on the telephone. She has been able to get cooperation to the point that when a veteran shows his identification card from her bank, an appointment is made for his treatment. "But for those places where nobody like me is hollering, men are still kept waiting all day for treatment. We've got to force the VA to change, and the only way is to bring this problem to the attention of the media, so that somebody knows what a rotten thing is going on," she said. Miss McCann is also fighting architectural barriers to employment of the handicapped. She says escalators, doors that open just one way and revolving doors that don't collapse are things most people don't consider.. But they can keep a man in a wheelchair from getting into a building. She works to bring elevators to parking areas and lunch rooms and other places where wheelchair-bound workers go. "Medical progress has been so fast that society is not yet able to cope with the end product. Today one in every 10 persons has a handicap of some sort. It's a sad situation, I can tell you. The disabled are the largest minority in the nation, but in New York City they have less rights than diplomats," she said. With greying hair and bright eyes behind her glasses, Miss McCann has been with her company for 20 years in the personnel department. She has been asked to write books about hiring handicapped veterans but says she just can't find time. "We started out flying on our own, solving problems as they cropped up," she said. "And we didn't believe in the words all, every and never." Miss McCann tells supervisors hiring the disabled veteran to call her if they have any problems. That keeps them from giving the veteran a "nothing" job she said. "When I see a problem that could be solved by using just a little common sense, I just get generally upset," Miss McCann said. "I can't stand injustice. We need everybody to be 'on board. 1 " ON THE HOUSE Auction Directory SATURDAY, JUNE 15 - LENV1LLE SCHUMANN, 6 miles South and 4 miles West of Rothsay. 11:30 a.m., Warren E. Beckman Auctioneer. (Farm) ' SATURDAY, JUNE 22 - WALTER BAKER, 7 miles North of Breckenridge on No. 9, then 4 miles East. 11 a.m., Warren E Beckman, Auctioneer (Farm) SATURDAY, JULY 6 - HENRY H. LANGUE ESTATE, city of Ashby, 1 p.m., Ray Torgerson — Al Roers, Auctioneers ^household) **** ByANDYLANG AP Newsfeatures The other day I was present at a discussion that started innocently enough with unanimous agreement on how much more it costs to buy a house these days. What changed the discussion into an argument was one person's comment that she thought a woman was more capable of selling a house than a man. A woman, she asserted, is less likely to turn off a prospective buyer. A male real estate salesman, according to her own experience in recently shopping for and finally purchasing a house, tended to oversell, emphasizing and reemphasizing the good points of a house and ignoring the bad points. "Are you telling me," asked one of the men in the group, "that women are most honest in selling — that they actually call attention to the weaknesses of a house?" "No," was the reply, "but neither dp they deliberately fail to mention them. Why, the president of the National Association of Realtors said just a few days ago that women know better than men whether traffic patterns in a house are good, whether a kitchen has an efficient layout, whether a laundry is conveniently located, whether there's enough closet space and dozens of other things that really are important after a family has moved into a house." (A later check showed that the statement was made by a woman, Mrs. Angelina Kopka, who is president of the Women's Council of NAR.) One of the other men present said that any male real estate salesman worth his salt would take the time and trouble to learn all about floor plans and other vital details before he actually began selling houses and thus would be on a par with any woman who might know these things before her entry into the real estate field. Besides, he said, men have greater knowledge about aspects of construction- thana women do. After about half an hour of arguments, someone said to me: "Andy, you're always writing about houses. What's your opinion?" "I can't see where sex has anything to do with it," 1 replied, placing myself securely on the fence. Then I added: "But you might be interested to know that the two most recent houses we bought were sold to us by women." money, but he'd put together arrangements for me ivhen I was going into a club. You don't forget people like that." Kgad, almost forgot a good public TV show coming up tonight. It's the 47th annual National Spelling lice from Washington, D.C. Some 79 young spelktrs from across the United Stales are in competition. Humorist Jean Shepherd is doing the comcntcry. EDITOR'S NOTE: Misspelled words are deliberate. -Junior Editors'Quiz on THE WAPITI ACROSS 1. Study for exams 5. Ctoose 8. Sea gull 11. Wash 12. And not 13. Aleut 14. Infirm 15. Rehearsed 17. Fancy 19.Heai( 20. Amateurs 23. And so forth ?6. Wither ?8. Philippine volcano 29. Ciuiseport 30. Eggs 3?. Preceded 33. Musical work 36. Finis 38. fopsy-tuivy «.'Fuel 45. Desolate 46. Lubricant 47. Soy's nickname 48. Rainbow 49.GuertH 50. Timetable abbreviation SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE 5!. Assignment DOWN l.Alliied 3T 26 Par line 28 min. 27 30 ib AP Ne«"ifeaJurei "i. Fasircn 3. With: Fr. 4. Bordeaux 5. Great Lake 6. Haven 7. Cbaracteristic 8. Ore 9. Fiench season 10. Bankroll 16. Vine 13.Scepter 21. Unlock 22. Turl 23. Go astray 24. Spanish uncle 25. Grieve with 27. Asian mountain 3).Including 34. Savory sauce 35. Kindofcrange 37 Account entiy 39. Burden •10. —• avis 41. Goddess of discord 4?. Rollfcp 43. Blue grass 44. f.'ove with speed HAGAR THE HORRIBLE QUESTION: What can you tell me about the wapiti'' ANSWER: Wapiti is the Algonkin Indian name for the amrml known as the American elk. Il is a large member ol (Ho deer lamily inhabiting the mountain regions of the northwestern United Slates. It is related to the Red Deer or Mag Deer, hunted for centuries in Europe by the nobility. Tins breed, once common from western Russia and northern Africa across all of Europe, has been almost exterminated. The wapiti are large American deer with wide spreading, rounded antlers and a thick mane. Males stand 5 feet high at the shoulders and weigh over 600 pounds The antlers often exceed 4 to 5 feet in length. A really fine set ot an lers on a wapiti might weigh as much as 40 pounds •emales are smaller and lack antlers. Their color is yellowish brown on the upper parts and gray on the sides I he bucks are polygamous and fight fiercely, often with lata results during the mating season. The successful buck is lollowed by a herd of does. One or two spotted young are born to each doe late in the spring Herds usually move into the mountains during the summer. f\ R (Juanita Jernigan of Offennan, Georgia, wins a prize for tlm question You can win S10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for JOIN PRlNk P BLONDIE PEP THERE ISN'T A DINNER ON HERE FOR LESS THAN $6,50 ONE MOMENT MONSIEUR IF MOJS'.EUR WlLLSirOO THIS I WiLL SNEAK HIM A CHILD'S PORTION THIS MENU IS RIPICULOUS.' PEPPER// LOOK A3" THAT . . .<.MAVS£ IT HAS A £l_o£er FUU- Op TlP£7 OF THAT IF I HAP TO i,\'c\R

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