The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (AKK.) COURIER TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 19BS Italian Magazine Criticizes West's Views of Government's Majority ROME uv—The Italian magazine . Foreign Affairs (Esterl), which often reflects the views of Premier Alcide de Gasperl's roreiRii Ministry, says the West is unduly and unnecessarily upset over the slimncss of the parliamentary majority the government bloc won in last week's elections. The magazine said the NATO minded Premier won a working majority in both Senate (13 votes) and Chamber of Deputies (16 seats i equal to that of the governments in Germany and Britain, This, the editorial asserted, Would permit De Oasperl to carry on his pro-Western, pro-European policies. "Our American friends," the article continued, "lament the fact that in spile of American aid the Italian Communists increased iheir vote. The Americans ought to consider what might have happened if there had been no aid." Indications of trouble for the Premier continued, however. To a pointed suggestion from moderate Socialist leader Giuseppe Saragat that De Gasperi should 'make peace with Pietro Nenni's extreme left socialists, the secretary of the Premier's own Christian Democratic party enid flatly yesterday there was "no possibility of collaboration with Nenni, who Is firmly with the Communists." There was no indication just how far Saragat would go to press his idea of rexmion with the pro-Red Socialists. Should he pull the moderate leftists' 19 seats in the Chamber of Deputies out of the government coalition's total of 30J votes, it wouid destroy De Gasperi's 1-vote majority. One Rome newspaper speculated that Saragat might be giving put> lie notice he intends to use his faction ns such a balance of power in the Chamber. One Pair of Flat Feet Almost Kept Two Men out of Service NORTH KOREANS GET A "LIFT"—Up in smoke goes this North Korean supply center ys Navy jet fighter phmes from the carrier USS Princeton bomb Ihc area. The raid demolished the target on the northeast Korean seaboard. 9 Reds' Offensive To Teach ROKs' Commie Newsmen Say Seoul Riots Prompted Attack PANMUNJOM f/P)—Two Communist newsmen snid today the vicious Communist attacks that have bulged the Allied line in the East-Central Front would "teach the ROKs a lesson." Alan Winnington of the London Daily. Worker and Wilfred Burchctt .Australian-born correspondent 1 for the Pamis L'Huninnife. snid the Communists "didn't like nt nil those '?o north' shouts in the streets of Seoul." The two, while not Red spokesmen, frequently reflect the thinking of to'j Communist officials here. The two newsmen, veterans of the truce talks on the Red side, told Allied correspondents the lust-minute attacks "ure not murderous." They snid, "The U. N. sitle has always snid the Communists would never sign a truce unless the greatest ,Military pressure was exerted and the Communslts were In dire military straits This may change their minds." The statement indicated that the two newsmen believe the iirmisitce will be siRiied and that th.e attacks are mainly just to save fnce and spnnk the rambunctious ROKs, Both Red newsmen said the talks smonp stuff officers ironing out final truce details are "going smoothly." Chilean Plane Explodes; 7 Die SANTIAGO, Chile {/Pi—A Chilean airliner exploded and crashed at Copdapo Airport, yesterday, killing the four passengers and three crewmen aboard. All were Chileans. The plane, owned by Unea Aerea Na- clonal, blew'up as it was coming in for an emergency landing a I, the airpoi't. 425 miles north nf SantiaRo. Hemingway to Seek Material in Africa KEY WEST, Fin. f/P) — Pulitzer Prirc-winning author Ernest Hemingway is going to Africa to collecl material for more books. Hemingway stopped over in Ke.\ West yesterday and told a reporter he Is going to South Tanganyika Kenya and Northern Rhodesia. He plitns U> return in December. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Air Crash Kills 8 in Costa Rica SAN JOSE, Costa Rica'UP) — At Irast eight persons, Including n !)month-old baby, reportedly survived the crash of a Costa RIcan airliner in the San Ramon Mountains north cf here Jast night. Twelve passengers and three crewmen were aboard. Radio reports from San Isiriro, 16 miles from the wreck site, said one of the surviving passengers was Fred Harding. 55, a native of the U. S., who suffered a leg injury. The U. S. Embassy said Harding was born,in Pcarsall, Tex., and latei lived in Yucca Valley, Calif. He now owns farm property near San Isidro. Michelangelo completed the statue of Pieta, now In St. Peter's basilica in Rome, when he was 2-1 years old. Parts and Supplies for * AH Cars, Trucks and Tractors WHOLESALE What Is This Elusive Ailment Called ALCOHOLISM? An Alcoholic's indulgence in the use of alcohol in any form, cither conliriunusl&.iir pcri^Wcnll.v,..usually results in a diruption in all family and social relations. His menial and physical condition is so affected by continuous use of alcohol that everything except the precurcmonl of alcohol is neglected or ignored for long periods. The main problem of the Alcoholic centers in his mind rather than in his body. If you ask him why he started on flint last bender, (he chances are he will offer you any one of a hundred alibis. Once in a while he may tell (he (ruth. And (he (ruth, strange (o say, is usually (lint he has no more idea why he look that last drink (ban you have. Once you start down the road (o alcoholism it grows progressively harder to stop. This fact has been hnnwn almost from (be beginning of time, but only in recent years has medical science given study (o finding out the WHY. They have concluded that excessive drinking indicates a sick personality. It is a disease. Many do not like to admit that they are bodily and mentally different from their fellows. Therefore, it is not'surprising that their drinking careers have been characterized by countless vain attempts to prove that they could drink like other people. The idea thai somehow, somebody (hey will control and enjoy (heir liquor drinking is (he great obsession of many abnormal drinkers. The persistence of (his illusion is astonishing. Many pursue it into the gales of insanity and death. There is no known hope of recovery until the person is willing to concede to their innermost selves that they are alcoholics. The first and most essential step is HONKSTY. Alcoholics Anonymous Club Rooms Over Hardy Furniture Co. Meeting Every Friday 8:30 P.M. Open to Public Ministers and Other Civic Leaders Invited Clark Invited To Testify in Justice Probe WASHINGTON (fP) — Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark has an invitation to appear before a House judiciary subcommittee Investigating the Jiihlice Department, which Clark once Headed as attorney general. The mime of the justice, in his 1945-1949 capacity as attorney s;en~ end, lias come up in various ways in te.stimon ytaken by the subcommittee during its investigations of tax, mail and vote fraud cases After considerable consultation, capped by more than an hour's discussion yesterday, the subcommittee sent, tht- Invitation by mes.scn- ger. Chairman Keating (R-NYj said it suERcstfid three dates — next Thursday or Friday or the following Monday. Margaret Truman Signs New Contract with NBC NEW YORK i.Vt— Margaret Trii- mim has signed a new contract with the National Broadcasting Cn:npa- ny for nine radio and television performances. The company announced yesterday the signing of the contract and said f/he daughter of the former President Truman will have .singing and guest star roles during the 1953-54 season. Contract terms were not disclosed. . CHICAGO f/n — One man's flat feet nlmont kept two men out of the Army! James Pamons, an assistant U. 8. district attorney, said, yesterday two youths tried this stunt »nd nearly succeeded. Peter P. Ropinskl Jr., 22, of Chl- cago, and Robert F. Wyzykow&ki, 21, of suburban Mclrose Park, were .seized yesterday by FBI agents. Wyzykowskl was charged with draft evasion and Ropinskl was accused of aiding the abetting him. Parsons gave this account: Wy- xykowski received his induction notice Jan. 17. Knowing that Ronin- ski wan classified 4-P for hia flat leer, Wyzykowski suggested the other youth act as his substitute during a pre-induction physical examination. fiopinski agreed. Everything went according to plan. Ropinskl, alias WyAykowski, was classified 4-F. Several days later, however, a check of records the induction center listed Wyzykowski's height as 5 feet 10 inches. His draft board oaid he was 6 feet 4 inches tall. At that point, the FBI took over. The two youths appeared before U. S. Commissioner C. S. Bentley Pike. He continued the case to July 21 and set their bond at 1,500 each. Bill to Give Pakistan Wheat Is Unopposed WASHINGTON M>j—No opposition was in sight as the Senate called up today a bill urged by President Eisenhower to give one million tons of whe^.t to fa mine-ridden Pak- isfan. The gift will amount to about 100 million dollars. Read Courier News Classified Ads. j Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Five building permits wer« issued last week by the City Engineer's office. Holly Development Corporation applied for permit to construct a si>t-rooni brick residence at 701 Illinois. Estimated value is $15,000. Applications for additions to present residences were made by Milton Williams for adding one room valued at $400 at 1215 South 21st Street, and Isaiy Lewis for adding a front porch, valued at $250, to a residence at 130 West Sawyer. Ted Green received a permit to build a carport at 2224 Birch, valued at S250, and Henry Rosamond was granted a permit to construct a storage room, valued at $310, at 318 South Division. Real estate transfers filed last week: Max.and Annie Laurie Logan to Curtis M. and Dorothy B. McDermott, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 5, Block A, Morris Addition. . Jack and Mildred Hunt to Pearl Lewis, for S10 and other considerations, south 50 feet of Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Highland Place Addition. Elmo R. Manning to Leslie Moore, for $550, Lot 7, Block 1, West End Subdivision. L. C. Pruitt to Olumay Barber Pruitt, for 1, 5 acres, south half of north half of the north half of SE quarter of the SE quarter of Sec 28- T15N-R11E. R. H. and Carrie Arensmeier to F. and Lillie Johns, for $11,500, Lot 2, Block 2, Parris Simon Addition. Beulah Trantham Barker to Pay «nd Virginia LH Austin, tor (10 »nd other considerations. Lot 13, Block 27, Blythe Addition. B. J. and Martha Louise Allen to Philip J. and Pearl D. Deer, for $1,000 and other consideration!, Lot 4, Block 3, Chlckasawba Gardens Addition. William C. and Anna C. Stemac to Kemp and Mary Whlsenhunt, for $10 and other considerations and the assumption of indebtedness, Lot L 16, Block 4, David Acres Subdivision. Clarence Shaffner to Blanche Shaffner, for $1, Lot J97, Block 15, Orginial survey of Manila. Minnie Gipps to Federal Compress and Warehouse Company, for $1,650, Lot 8, Block 1, Beckman Addition. J. E., Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson and Kendall and Thelma Berry to J. E., Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson, for $850, Lot 4, Block 1, Country Club Helfhts Addition. last add Bldg Permits Neta Bunch and Mildred Bunch Homey to City of BIytheville, for $19,000, the NW quarter ol the SW quarter.of Sec. 29-T16N-R11E. Board of Directors of St. Francis Levee District to City of BIythe- ville, for $1, Tract No. A-103. being part of the SW quarter of Sec. 29. part of the east half of the SE ouarter of Sec. 30, part of the NE quarter of Sec. 31, and part of the NW quarter of Sec. 32-T16N-R11E. (191 acres) City of BIytheville, acting by and through Mayor Dan Blodgett and City clerk W. I. Malin, to the United States of America, for $1 and other considerations, Tract No. A-103. City of BIytheville to the United States of America, for $1 and other considerations. Sections 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-T15N-E11E, and part of fractional Sections 31, 32 and 33-T16N- B11E, (2.642,72 acres) Roy and Helen Wolford to Otis arid Neva Wolford, for $300, 75 feet of the east side of Lot 1, Block 5, Hayes Addition to Leachville. Olive Ross Keaton to • \V. S. and Doris Allen, for $2,500, Lot 8. Block 6. Highland Place Addition. Thomas W. and Patsy Jun» Oltch- ell to Magnola courts, Inc., for tig and other considerations and subject to first mortgage loan, Lot 10, Block D, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Vcrnon E. and Edith O. Carrier to Sue Council, for $10 and other consideration* and subject to Jlnt mortgage loan, Lot 2, Block 2, William Lee Walker Second Subdtvl. sion. Sue Connell to Charles Boy and Emma Cohoon, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 2, Block 2, William Lee Walker Second Subdivision. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Henry and Louise R. Dodd, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 18, Block 1, Miller Greenlee Addition. Henry J. and Louise R. Dodd, to Max and Annie Laurie Logan, for S10 and other considerations and assumption of loan, Lot 15, Jackson's Second Addition. Elvin and Lola Wallace to Mag. nolia Courts, Inc., for $1 and other considerations and subject to first mortgage loan, Lot 1, Block 4, Maybelle Addition. James Russell and Dina May Mead to Gilbert B. and Emma Kathryn Mann, for $6,000, Lot 1, Block 3, BIytheville Lumber Company's Second Addition. Board of Directors of St. Francis Levee District to Hirshel and Gertrude Buck, for $37.08, Lot 4. Block A, Grace M. Jackson Addition to Leachville. DEAF? Now there is no need to let impaired hearing handicap you in business or in social activities. The new "AUDIO- TONE" Hearing Aid may help you regain the joys of better hearing. This tiny instrument has many advanced engineering features, such, as Its printed circuits which eliminate* most servicing problems, yet has i powerlul.beautitully clear andnatural tone, "AUDIOTONE" Is approved by the American Medical Association. Come in for a FEES demonstration. Kirby Drug Stores Make a Rocket 8 DRIVE IT YOURSELF I You want a car you'll both b« happy with—one that performs for a man, handles easily for * woman. We believe Oldsmobile's the answer. That's why we're launching this special "Double-Date" campaign- inviting you to couic in and drive the Super "88" or Classic Ninety-Eight together. See for yourself how the "Rocket" Engine rules the straightaway, how Hydra-Matic's Super Range levels the hills, how the Power-Ride Chassis seems to iron out the roughest roads. Then . . , LEI HER DRIVE IT TOO! You 1 !! learn that Oldsmohfle has a double appeal—to men and women alike. She's probably told you already how she loves Oldsmob'uVe long, sweeping Hues and luxurious Custom- Lounge interiors. But at thft wheel she'll discover that this big, powerful car is as obedient to her touch as to yours—with Power Steering* and Power Brakes* taking the work out of driving. Come in together. Discover the double appeal of Oldsmobilel NINETY-EIGHT HOLIDAY COUPE 4 General Motor* V a liu SEE YOUR NCAREST O LDSM O & I LI DEALER HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. 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