The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER f otrng Sftaffe of ttffis tte«t Hi HWrstfft fcett ft* ft lift *ftf et rtttdy *t tfiifd annual oide* t«Jy« »fid tit ertfcfitts*. fi wi! to tola J the Mmerson Methodist church sessions will start at 8:30 a. Presiding ftt the conference [will tie Lois Wilson ot Wesley [enapel, county president) and Dasiittef ot Mftivefn, «ranty fvlee president. Leaders and speakers assisting will be 0. 0. Merbtecht of Des Motnes, D. J. Bhenton ot Council Bluffs, Rex O. Doty of Henderson and ministers of the several churches ot the county. Theme tot tne €onfefenee wll: tw "Lite in Pull Measure," and this wilt be takftn Up in devotion ai periods, group conferences and Addresses. A ' banquet served ft 6!30 p. m. with program follow ing will end the affair. Ooal set by those planning the conference is an attendance o 860 young people. High school students will be. excused from .school for the day, Bach one attending will pay tt- registration fee ot 40o which will include the charge for the banquet In the evening. Mrs. L. B. Ripley ot Emerson, chairman of the young people's department, has been at •the head ot the pro-conference "work. The complete program Is below. Morning Session 8:80, Registration In the sc~ •clal room of the church. 9:16, Assembly with Lois Wilson presiding. • ( 9:80, Director's period, O. 0. Herbrecbt of Des Mojpes. • 9:46, Devotional period, Wan•da Kochersperger, Champion Bill. 10, Address, "The Power of Ohristlan Youth," Rex Dory.* 10: SO, Conferences: 1) Meth. ,-ods, ."Tbe Organised Young Peo- ple's'Class," by Rev. Barnes' of '/Silver; pity and "Building a So- •*r c !Herpr»ebt. fem?»i "Address, "Christian 9utb in Christian church" by plev, L. R. Bobbitt ot Malvern, 11:30, Appointment of nominating committee, directed by Mr, Herbrecbt. Music by young peo- * "pie of Strahan. X 11:50, Announcements and adjournment for luncb. . 19:80, Meeting of nominating ^•committee,, , Max Dashner will preside, 1;15, Devotional period led by Lo|s Wilson, ,"'>,. 1;80, Election in charge of Mr. Herbrecbt, 1:45, Presentation, "Ways of using in opening period: In the cburcb school," Mr, Herbrecbt, 8?3Q, Conferences repeated from morning session' with dif« . f er«nt groups, 8:15, Reassemble, song and ', announcement period. ?i3Q» Address, 4'W»H| fee |Jn4 Herbresht, , Adjournment,-' •• ; filming Program i|l pr^banijuat assembly, Mr, goitfty feature* ttt OH Sol were ot>*c*tsd Sn*day *ftir> ft*o* at ft «a«t storm f tflfd the aft with ft thick h*t* ot dirt. Stistf ot wfttA, it times ifirftis* ttfty strong, kept the air fitted until late In the night The storm left thick deposits ot «*st etetf pUsslDle pi***, canting «*ny toiisewltes to again start tali house cleaning. IB the «Wt«ry tne accompany* ing wind bid moat corn fields flat and blew tke ears from the tew stocks remaining erect. Discouraged by the ptospect ot picking ftll corn from the ground, several groups ot Missouri cot* huskers left fof na- ttve haunts Monday. Farmers using mechanical pickers sadly laid them away for the soft- son as they surveyed the havoc wrought by the storm. County Meeting of Legion on Nov. 23 Several Post* to be in Mai vern for Annual Not Under Council Jttfi«dictlon Say* P a r k Commitiion Formal Reply Mad* to ft«te* by rraffi tlM County Se&t Mason* Mwtat j in (tewed* Toni*r,t Hear £» Stanley Jones Say Local Mitiiitif• Sunday The several posts of the American Legion will meet tn Malvern Thursday, Nov. 83, for their annual organisation gathering. Business affecting the Legion as ft whole will also be considered and speakers of prominence will attend. Invited to be at the meeting have been Father pat McDermOtt ot Atlantic', General Matt Tlnley of Council Bluffs, Percy Lalnson of Council Bluffs and others prominent In Legion work. The meeting will be held in the evening. Miu Almena Hatting* Died in Omaha Nov. 10 Hits Almena Hastings, tor many years ft resident of Silver City, died MOT. 10, in th» General hosiptal T Jn Qmaha. She was brougunto? Stiver City and funeral services ware held in the Methodist church Sunday utter- noon at 2 o'clock conducted by the pastor, , Rev. F. .O.-Barfies. " 'It Sxeeirtton wfts taken by Mftfc vetft's fioftf* of Park Commtg- sten« when that body learned ot the felottttioft passed ftt the last meeting of the town count!!, dl* reeling the town treasufet to f*> fuse to pay ftny bills incurred *y the park board until approved by the council. The hoard prepared a statement which Is printed to lew. . Included in the explanation of' feted by the board are statements as to other allegations made in the council's resolution. The statement: "To the Mayor and Members of the City Council:— "Referring to the resolution passed by your body and published In The Malvern Leader would say you are In error In your statement. The city clerk, Mr. Byiag- ton, spoke to Mrs. McCord In the treasurer's office or place of business regarding the report for 1989 and she told him all bills and orders were in the treasurer's hands and he replied same was satisfactory and he would make the feport from them which he did and published same in The Malvern Leader April 20. - Wo shall be glad to make a report March 31, 1934 tor the year 1933 as required by law. "We wish to state that we are an elected body and UNDER BONDS governing our acts and, likewise, not under your jurisdiction. You have gone on park premises, which at the time were rented to an outside party, and dug holes making the property unfit for what it was rented and you also have allowed travelers and shows to use same without authority from us. "Now to explain to the Public; "During the past year over 7000 children under thirteen years ot age have enjoyed tree swims and in spite of this the receipts were sufficient to cover operating expenses. It became necessary to Install a drain and put In sewer pipe and we can now , u Lodg« ffco. 68 will fcold ft tfwclft! Atting this (Thufsdfty) tfrtfcitl! ftt which tlm* tnete %ni t* fork In the thltd deffse frtut «* W »*»* »»»* ters ot the lorffi. A number ot tlsltofs item tfci elne* lodges in the Mills Mftwato Circle «te expected to be present and a real lite meeting is exlgfeted. Glettwood Higtt Defeats 6 to 0 BLACK CAP STARTS | lifted Crest Open* Glenwood high** tootball team drove to Tabor Saturday where in theifr annual classle they defeated the Tabor tefttn by the close score of 6 to 0. The game was rather slow. Lawrence Stan* Died In Glenwood Nov. 8 Lawrence Stone, prominent young business man* ot Olenwood, died very suddenly Wednesday morning of "last week after a few hours illness. Funeral services,were held in the Myers funeral home Friday afternoon and burial was in the Olenwood cemetery. He Is survived by his wife, his mother, Mrs. Jessie Stone, of Glenwood, and a brother, Ernest Stone, of Eugene, Ore., brother, John Y. Stone, and sister, Louise Stone McKhann, of Phenlx, Arts. Mrs. McKhann was the only one of the relatives from a distance able to be present ftt the services. A. D. French Still Confined to His Home We enjoyed ft nice little visit the other day with our old time friend and Mills county's Grand Old Man, A. D. French. Mr. French has been confined to his bed for several'months past .hut still keeps up his cheery talk, as Interesting as It |a cheerful. Not many men like, Mr,. French these —•; fftUftntiveteran ot ,the *.._'*«»±k»A''i^iitKt i> i !.*»•.•> A.* *M&* Wofld Fam*! Miwionftfy hi Oittanli Sunday at A * »-^ * ^ja^a£g.aa^Aa- AUOIKnTuin Mftlvetn ministers, anxious that their Docks get ft broader outlook on the subject ot missions, extended strong invitations for them to attend some of the sessions of the United Missionary Conference. This, an interdenominational affair, will be held ftov. 19 and so in omahft. Heading the list of prominent religions workers included In the conference program Is fi. Stanley Jones, world famed tor his work In India and for several books regarding religious work. He will gpeak Sunday afternoon at the Omaha municipal auditorium. Others of unusual prominence Include Dr. Herman Cheu-eh Liu, president of the University of Shanghai, and Dr. Yl-fang Wu, president of Olndlng College in Nanking. The affair is Interdenominational. tn order that ail may go, the ministers decided to hold no vesper service Sunday afternoon and urged all church members to attend some ot the conference sessions. At the vesper service last Sunday evening Rev. L. R. Bobbitt preached on the subject "Did Jesus Bring Both Peace and a Sword," bringing out that the sword referred to In the Scriptures was that ot truth, rather than one of steel. MIis Harriet Seattle sang the hymn, "In the Secret of Thy Presence," as a soprano solo for special music. She was accompanied by Miss Helen Jones, After several delay*, the huge Road Mix machine which wftl apply tfce Mack cftp to the county roads now being surfaced, tot under way late Wednesday afternoon. Scraping np great monthfnla ot crashed rock Which had been left in windrows along the road, the machine loudly mixed the rock with asphalt oil and spewed it out over the graded road. this process ends the surfacing as ordinary travel wilt pack the material properly. The machine started ott the road just south of Malvern and after it finishes there, it will lumber over to the stretches near Hastings and Emerson which are now being surfaced. Minor breakdowns caused the delay in starting, the machine being shipped into town Tuesday morning. Gable, Harlow in Sizzler at Empresi "Hold Your Man" Promise Fun for Fans of Famous Screen Pair Annual Drive Member*, Pundi Mrt. J. N. Swain Chairman of Local Organization To obtain members and funds tot efttrytng on Its wot* the American Red Cross began this week Its annual membership cam- IMigo. Community organisations were tofined by Win. H. f . Wei* Ions ot Olenwood, president ot the Mills county chapter, and Instructed to assist In the wotk. For Malvern Mrs. Jr. K. Swain will serve as chairman and wilt appoint assistants to help In the work ot presenting the case of the Red Cross to the people and receiving membership dues. The work will be continued tor several weeks. Need for funds by the Red Cross IB based on Us comprehensive program ol relief ot acute distress, ot health service and education assistance In time of disaster. The various phases of Its work are carried on nationally through permanent organization. The entire facilities of the Red Cross are available where needed, tn time ot disaster, such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc., the organ- Warm days ahead for movie M«tlon rushes relief of alt kinds fans of Clark Gable and Jean -medical assistance, food, shel- Malvern Masons Go to Glenwood Tonight The members ot Silver Urn lodge of Masons of this city are invited to Glenwood this (Thursday) evening to see the work in the third degree put on by Glenwood Past Masters, All who" are going kindly meet ftt the Salyers garage about 7 or 7:30 so that there may be conveyances for all. Harlow. For this siszttng screen pair come to the Empress theater Sunday and Monday in a new vehicle which will be equally as exciting as "Red Dust." The two will perform unusual antics in "Hold Your Man." With an underworld flavor, "Hold Your Man" Is a rapidly moving story which provides plenty of outlet for the peculiar talents ot this pair. The plot Is thrilling and has a climactic background in a woman's reform school. For the theater's Wednesday bargain show has been scheduled a play which is bargain in no other thing but price. Olive Brook, George Raft, Alison Skipworth, and Helen Vlnson are brought together in "Midnight Club," from the story by B. Phillips Oppenhelm, VolleyballUU Called . . w •-<?. *•»* • <*?. . .„ er — to the area affected and in this way performs a vitally Important function not provided for >y any other agency. Its less spectacular activities, such as health service and general relief, are carried on constantly all over the country. Membership tn the Red Cross Is obtained by payment ot an annual dues of $1 and from this source is gained most of the money used by the organisation In Us work. White Eagle Redecorate* Malvern Service Station j In new and shiny colors a>j peared the White Eagle Service station in north . Malvern . last week when it was entirely redecorated in tbe familiar red and white used by the company. Tbe station bas noticed a good increase, in business since, the-announcement ot its new winter fuels three weeks ago, High Teat MobUgas and Mpblloll Arctic. Good Birthday Sale for Leader Store To signs ot returning good times should be added the annual Birthday Sal? of tbe Deader pept, Store which closed last Saturday, Sales during the special selling increased importantly over 'the store's sale last year and business in e?«ry department was up, Although wholesale prises bad tab en a decided upward swing, the Leader store bad cut margins to a minimum J» prder to keep their own prices down and the results of tbe sale gnawed that their cue* tomers appreciated it. ,,. : the pool was .stopping f the operation ot our pumps and ; Mr. Boehner said that after building the pool and bath house and giving them to the city be felt that In Justice to himself and family ie could do no more but would furnish the money WITHOUT INTEREST to complete same. Mr. Boehner has not only furnished all tbe water free but has also paid all of tbe electrical bills and generously given two years of bis time without any compensation. Your resolution calls for condemnation from right thinking people and we are Inclined to the opinion that you are using this method to slur Mr, Boehner who has asked you aa Mayor and City Council to resign, We feel that we have spent gur money to the best advantage possible an4 have been conscientious In so doing, and our every effprt bas been made to make tbe pool clean and sanitary," Signed by; Marie AMrope, Ruth. McCord, Qeo, MeJlor, Members of tbe Malvern Board ot Park Commis, sjoners, t^^*^ , t . , ^t^c^r^ •Inspiration • to snow him all these years. &l»rte«*:Byflig 351* >to Today to their »4 in last W, & Crawford to hold a cattle, 70 f yftida Ja ~ 81 BUSHEL CORN Cbas, Myers Drive* Here from Wyoming Mr, 'and Mrs. Chas. A. Myers and sons, Gordon and Glfford, and Mrs. Fred Fair ot Laramte, Wyo, drove in Saturday and visited over Sunday, the Myerses with their father and family and Mrs. Fair with tbe H. M. Logans. They got bere in time to enjoy our "windy" Sunday which made them feel somewhat at home. Mr, and Mrs. A, P, Myers enjoyed a family reunion Sunday afternoon when all their family were at borne witb tbe exception of Dwayne of Pe» Molnes and Reginald of California. A very pleasant afternoon was spent and all present will remember it long, Marriage Licenses But one lone marriage was recorded the past week: Nov, 10: Leo Knudtson, 24, Omaha, and Alice Gardiner, 31, Omaha. They were married the same day by Rev. Martin H, IJeast, pastor of tbe Glenwood M. & church. AS, aa Tbsy are fi»s M&ja* 'l XOU ATA lOMtlllg fOT KOOd Cfttr JP^'V-WP "s. WW^*S^*W | JW'_ ^y^^W" "^^W Breeding in another of our Mills county farmers has been busing out j mighty eo.od corn, lately, . wets fef ftotoed up s? a on. tfce Bretdiss Arm so west ef MMrert from wblsb buskftd Jpt MSS bUBfeeu or an average »f a utU 9 better thjj) $1 bushels per »cre 4 wfitcb Is an average yj e id pretiy bard t» beat, ' - - father, Quy IS . loaf *»?,!,» make up ol tHe PAOT yield* i ft parts 14 tie Lawrence Henry SelU Silver City Times Last week's Silver City Times carried the announcement that Lawrence Henry for the past six jaoatbs owner and publisher of the Silver City Times had dl s * pased of bis Interests to Reginald Hesdrix of that city who has bee« associated with him In its publication. Mr. Henry, wblle entirely new to tbe newspaper business, in tbe lime be was in charge made it $\na of tbe newieet papers aloof thj line and showed, a real geoliis tor newspaper work. We bad lipped be would continue. But be an opportunity to go back to old line o« we?* vHb tbe W»? «Uf«*4 aw* efl#M aat r* tbe lure. However we are th&t he will re* Local Nimrods Bombard the Bird* in Open Areas Last Week Guns were packed by Malvern-1 ians last Friday and several cars of nimroda hurried to the north part of the state. There the hunters set up their guns, blazed away at numerous and sundry Chinese, Mongolian, and Ring- neck pheasants. Some reported excellent shooting with game plentiful and bags filled, Others had not such good luck but struck sparse areas, although returned with game In the bag. Going to the field near Armstrong were J, R. Hall, Dr, W. M. Hiett, Pr. 3. 0. Laird, and J, H, Beckwlth. In spite of lively debate as to methods and skill, for some bad bunted big game? in the Rockies and all were experienced, they flushed enough pheasants so that all returned with tbe limit. They came home Saturday bringing 24 birds, the full quota, Not such good luck but excellent shooting none the leas, was had by Lloyd Landis aud Leonard Duval who drove up near Em- mettsburg. pheasant were plentiful, they reported, Another group, who tramped around the fields near Moville, found game not so plentiful but brought home a few pheasants after diligent shooting. Reports from scatter guns reverberated around the fields near Whiting as another group of five Malvernlans bombarded hapless birds. Verne Walker took with htm L. B, Saar, Hay Bwanson, Or* vllle Weak, and Pale Kline and all enjoyed good Shooting in that vicinity. Three Mills County Boys to K* €• Show Will Organize, Play at First Session of New Season which classification includes every able bodied male who enjoys that sport, will meet In the Malvern Community building next Monday evening for their first session of this season. Organization work of the group will be cared for and teams drawn by lot will play during the first evening. Plans thus far are for two sessions of play each week, probably on Monday and Thursday evenings. The floor will be available at 7 O'clock and play may continue to 10:30 each evening. Organization of teams will be on much the same lines aa for the kittenball club and more exuberant fans are predicting a dozen of such, Floor rules will be much the same as in previous years and finances will be handled In the same way, All wanting tp play are requested to attend this first meeting so that teams can be made up and all organization completed. No equipment is needed for play with the exception of rubber-soled shoes or sneakers. Bobbitt to Manage Malvern Tea Room Vernon Bobbitt has "been appointed as manager of the Mai- Tern Tea Room and began his work in this capacity Monday morning. He announces that he. will follow the same general policy established by Mrs. Margaret Wilson, who recently sold hsr in- Mr. Bobbitt has bad considerable experience in this work in other communities and plans to strengthen the Tea Room's reputation as an unusually good eating place. Three Miuwjfty boys join a larse delegation of Iowa farm toys which will attend the «il bth ajjatta! National dent* te to ii J* IB with Soya) Uve»twk " Hertz Announces Oriole Cage Card With 1? games and two tournaments lined UP for Oriole competition Coach Paul Hertg this past week completed the major part of the basketball schedule for Malvern high school. A few open dates remain aud be hopes to have those filled shortly. Most of the tilts thus far named are with county teams, although the Orioles will journey to Hamburg and Plattsmouth for engagements. Nonetheless Orioles will have plenty of competition to test their mettle. Tfte schedule: p#c, 8; Straban here. Ree, 16: Bweraon there. Bee, 88: Tabor here. *Jift- I: PltUmmitii •Jan. Is straban there. , JIM P«4fte m Sl*»Wft»4. t-Mft 3* Cemetery Exchange Will Be Held November 29 The ladies of tbe Malvern Cemetery Association are already planning for their annual exchange and food sale. It will be held tbe day preceding Thanksgiving, Nov. 29, this year, in Mansfield's furniture store. They are very anxious to make this a big one this year and ask you to remember them with your patronage and more still, with your donations, Nearly every one in the community Is Interested . in the .cemetery association and the work it is doing. All of you can contribute something for the sale — baked stuff, foods, vegetables, fruit, eggs, butter, chickens, meat, Notify Mrs. J, W. McNulty as to what you can do. Instruct Teachers in Rural Choir Work Between thirty and forty rural teachers with Miss Amy Hammers, county superintendent, gathered at the Hillsdale school last Wednesday evening to be instructed in tbe rural choir work. Mrs. Renna Hamilton demonstrated with her pupils the proper method of introducing and teaching a new song. There were a number ot group songs and also the individual testa. The program was varied by rhythm exercises and a toy or* chestra. Some very fine work was put on aud tbe evening proved a very profitable one for the teachers present. Legion Plans Big Turkey Shoot Here £. Turkey* and seew. alive drwssd. will h* put up a* Incea- tiv» for a W* trap »feo.»t 19 b» »ta«*4 by th» Harry Rammon* IM»t of tba A»ftrl«n Idofyui here Nov. 88, AH exten»lv» ll»t ol h«*o plauwwd by tb»

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