The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 7
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ill DAllt AND WEEKLt. At,L HOME PRINT. THE BfttrttmcL is the only newspaper m Cat" • Mil oountr tbnt Is printed nil at home ami Itooft- «loi more local and cou ntr news than an; other • two papers in this oountr. POWRHS * CoLObo, Props , NoVfiMCEB 9, 1604. PEOPLE AND EVENTS Rubbers at Moore's. 'Overshoes nt Moore's. •Ladies' overshoes at Moore's. 'Children's overshoes at Moore's. ''Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore's. •Smoke El Gernclo, on sale at'The Hub Fresh oysters all the time, at The Hub. King's Daughters this evening at the •opera house, BOOB & Lnnghlio., funeral directors and embulmers. A nice line of school supplies,. at the Palace drug store. You can get flue repairing done at 'Moore's shoe store. This cold, bracinu wind'puts life into tbe few remaining Democrats in the northwest. Why do you saner from a 'bad .'cough' when ' Mann's Cough cure will cure you at once. Pal v ace Drug Store. ' When you want first class fruits of any kind, call at Sohaohtner & Egan's cash grocery. The Olio clu'b will-meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. E. Guild at 3 o'clock. Mann's Cough Cure-end Mann's Allgator Llnl ment are guaranteed remedies and will cure every time. For Palace Drug Store. 8. T. Boynton, West Side, Iowa breeder of 'registered Poland China pigs has pigs of fcnth sexes for sale. ' Boos & Laug-hlin bave just receive c their line of holiday furniture and it is tbe finest eve/ exhibited in CUrroll. Try a sack of Crosby's best flour, for sale by Schachtner & Egan's grocery, ant be convinced of its superiority. Mann's Alligator-Liniment Is tbe .moat pene , tratlng medicine >la use,'and will cure any mil ment where an external remedy Is needed, for sale at Palace Drug-Store. For rent,—two dwelling houses, one located on north side, andj the other on tbe south side. Geo. W. Bo wen. ' A good -house to rent on north aide with good accommodations. Enquire at Carroll, box 211.— MBS. MAHY;HAHT. Baxter's bibles for sale atj the cheap Palace drag store. Furnished room and unfurnished room for rent down town. Inquire at BENTI NBL office. Call at Joyce's office. for rock, mca and barrel salt, oil meal, storm'.sash, hard >.'and soft coal. Special prices on surplus m lumber. I WANTKIJ: A competent woman to take charge of tho house, co6k for a family of two. 'Inquire at TUB SENTINEL office, Lounges $3,20, mattreeeea, $2.50 bedroom suits $15, parlor raite 980, ir (act we have rook bottom prices on al oar good*. Booe & Laugblin. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt -Lake potatoes on hand. Al parties ordering now will be furnithec from tbe car al wholesale prices. Oh eay! .Are yon going to give or Mod any Onriatmae preeenta? If ao«all and get Boos J Jc Langblin'e prices on ooaobM, roekere and lonngee. Schumacher & Mitt», dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furnish jioods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. J. J. HcMahon and Prof. Whitten are at Denison attending an educational meeting. Both of these gentlemen are on program, and will represent the educational intoicBts of our county in a creditable manner. That joyful fooling with tbe exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and Internal cleanliness, which followb the use of U> nip of Klgs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed) beyond iJ'l'o old.time uiudlolues aud tlie cheap nub- tttntos Bomeiiinfls offered but never aa- ' cepted by the well informed, Cold and chilly days are bard on any oucc's health.Protect yourielvcs/witbnice •comfortable uudurwear and you will not 'be exposed to the change of the weather, therehy secure and keep your health. Health is wealth; It takes bullltllo wealth now to procure a nloo sot of underwear. Ceo the aimouucuuieut of MOSBS SIUON. Henry irilson, the postmaster at Welsh' ton,5Klorlda, says he eured u cose of dlur- rhoitaof longstanding In six hours, wl'h one M mall buttle nf'oimmberlalu's cullc, cholera nnd dlairlioea '.remedy. IKImt u pleasant surprise that must have beeu to theHMlfuror. Such cures are not unusual with this reuiedy, In many instance* on- j-, ly one or Iwo dotteu are r«<juUe4- to give purmuuout relief. 11 can always be de- ponded upon, When reduced with water ills plenumtoUko. For sale by J. IK. HutUm. tlruuKlut, The Kind's Uaughters have been wait*Jug great uruiiurutious for tkeireuterUlu- mcnuhlf ermiluK at tbe opers, uoune. You will mis* u line ent«rta.lai»«ut if you remain away. ' W. 4, McUutre, a well known citizen of MoK»y, Ohio, ls\m the opinion that there (I nothing as good for children troubled with colds 01 croup as Chamberlain's «<Mljth remedy, lie has used In hit foully for n»ver«l years with the beat remits au^ 1*1 Way » koepu» bottle of It lu the house. .ftflf ItAKlnj '» «rlu|M> he WM niuiiflf * I with a severe flou«h. lie uae4 titmtiw withoui to»«flt ina " concluded tov try tbe children's medtdue and to hi* delight it soon effected a permanent cute. 28 and 60 cent bottles for sale by J, W. llatton,druggist. DtBtfitOt CotRT, Oonrt convened Wednesday afternoon, Judge Paine presiding. The first cnee called was that of B. F. Erb va. German Insurance Co. Action was brought for $998.88. Last evening the jnry retired a verdict (or $930. The next case was that of Matthew White vs. Libby, M. W. Beach Appearing for the plaintiff and P. M Powers (or defendant. This is an action at law brought on an attachment. The jury hue been selected and tbe case ia now being heard. B. I. Salinger appeared iu the* court room between trains. He was aa smiling and pleasant as it is possible for him to ap-^ pear. He was on legal business and in tbe few minutes be was in the court room secured a divorce for Mrs. J.ennle O. Morsoh of Manning. Mrs, M. was well koo^yp in this joity as Mies Jennie Young. The grand jury ie still at work. Nothing of any definite character has leaked from the jury room, but it is understood on the side that, they are working on some eeueational evidence, and if it materializes, will create no little excitement. Oonrt will remain in session another week. $1OO Heward, $1OO. The readers of this paper will be pleased to •learn that there Is at least one dreaded dUean that science lin? been able to cure In all Its stage andthatlscatnrrh. Ball's catarrh cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's catarrh cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of tbe disease, and giving the patient strength by infilling uo the constitution and assisting nature In doing Us work. The proprietors have so much faith In Its curative powers, that they offer one hundred dollars for anyi case that It alls to cure. Send for ifrt ,of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. ES~8oia by druggists, 7oc. WANTED. 250 bushels of oats. Highest market price paid. LETTS. FtETcnEn Co. N.OTICK. Goolidge and Martin want all accounts due them paid at once. Therefore the books and accounts have been left with Martin & Martin for collection. JOE REMI-KBR. CORRESPONDENCE. (Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them so they will reach our office Wednesday.] TEMTLBTON ITEMS. On election day a Democrat and a Republican nearly got into a "scrap." It they had come together I think the Republican would have got the worst of it. Jno. Haider lost one of bis colts. It ran into a barbed wire fence and out ite throat. It fell dead wben it was releaaed from tbe wire. Nio Langenfleld, of Carroll, was bere on bnaineae Wedoeadajr. Mre. Neber of Salem, 8. D., was here on a vieit witb her relatives and friends, bat has returned borne. T. A. Boboeppner made a flying trip to Manning Monday, and arrived there before sunrise. Joe. Shilling of State Center, a eouin of Mr. Mack, baa returned borne after a abort visit. Mies Itoay Wette and Mre. Horn bave started a millinery store in tbe postoffioe building. Tbia store ia tbe largest of its kind ever started in our eitf and those in need of millinery goods will do well to call on them. MiasJLizzie Haferland returned bom* last Sunday. H. Witt waa south of tbe city trying to buy corn. M. Vollmer left Monday for Omaha where be will etay for H few weeke. Jobn Trabe aud wife, of liouaUe, ware among UIM visitore last Sunday. , Itev. Father Bouulto bold services at Dedbam Wednesday. Jos. Mutt, wbo moved to tbe south a tew yeara ago, baa returned anil will move bis family bere in a short time. Miss Ottillia Zerwas.of Carroll, visited a tew dave witb Miss Wolfe. The Democrats bad a flue meeting at tbe hall Saturday, Mr. Davenport made the main apseob. A few Republicans re present and they did not appear to eujoy tbe meeting as well an tbe Democrats did, Last Sunday evening T. A. S. was aurprised us be opened tbe door after a short ebsrp rap and found H crowd of ii«wrly tblrtv of bis most esteemed friends wbo greeted biro wilb it surprise, At 10:80 supper was served; all spent a few hours iu a right royal way, after wbiob ibey returned bum* hsppr. ' Ofc*oa. •AST fcWIU^TY AND VQUK HUH, Election day. Albert tied la attending college ut GlUUlou. Mr. awldfra. jfert i'lgert havo « uew baby, Fred Lssher bus bought the ttosiuer place, consisting of giO aor«g. Mr, aud Mrs. Martin Keeler are 111, They tie worn out witb *M4>»dJug the «l«k "fill 1 Il§il tn 3 •nni(iiati '| -f uop.iog 'H '0 "MTAV 'AVT jjo nqof 1 'a'H uosaopny '3 'f qi!«is - j 'a T 'O'AVV S|mij3unj -Y 'AV t 'I saiiof -x'o 'K ao2iinus 'I 'a T T 'V •J IIUI|)«UOf •>»>l«« '0 T • • • i|i|Ui»p|oo 'i 'V 'At 'ft tJfSE!' '• »<: •«|ja«H -v -| •aj|kjojnag -jj ui|uf »— I '•"low 'H '« «»r3* M ** H> ( »>* »-• *K U * 'VI 'AV 'II -f^ 'oo[> IS'O 'V MuUiuuuti ,\; '|| A f I S e-l B •d S 5 a I = m 11 3 a S 1 a S a rc •o a I o 9 If J S 8 i i 1 s 1 i I Mi 1 . Kutli'a fuiully. Dr. Uuukle U lu attoudeuee. It In hoped they will ebcapc typhoid feVer. 1', J. Jol>unuiig( Uus Moluiw \a look lug after his fitrwluterosU here, uud vUltlujj Old frlouda. ' v John Ulukley U still busily engaged drilling wells, This week he U at work 011 oue for Johu Flatt. UhrU Smith Is helplutf him, llad circumstances beeu slightly different Thoww Uuioek wonld li»ve ,lo»t hU team and buggy lu tho icoout ui'» »t Munsoii. lie was vIsllliiK hU brotlier-lu- Ittw; Jaiuoii Suburu, at that plsou. Mr. usually ul»o«U his guests' teams lu i) atuLlolh»twusl)iiiut; but that kojit A/r. Smuok'a toum In u bunion hU own promises. Uov. A.M.JSIUot, Wm. Cox uud Luvi Noblo uiul J, W. Sanderson will attend the Itouiio Ulstrlut AT. K. Ouuferenvo at Novuilu this week. 3/i-a. Kttu Mary Aldiluli, formerly of this plut'u, but wbo for souiu tlmu past b«« boeu witu u daughter lu Lluu Co.,died on Jet. 28, atti>r a brief Illness, aged 71 years. The fun«rnl was hplrt there on the Slst,tlie rr«si)j't«riait nilnl,stnr olTlciatlng, nfter wliicli tlifs remains were brought hpre,aml after s°rvlcp» at the grave, were laid at rest besldtt her husband in Mount Vernon cemetery. Mrs. Herman Best,while returning from Carroll on the evening of the 8d, was Hirowr from tlmhncgy nndquiteseriouslj' iiijurud. Nov.6th. Jut. PIiKABANT HILIj Miss A. Ornlinin will teach at No. 8 this winter. Guy Kibble, of Carrollton, will attend school at Carroll this winter, A combined stable and buggy shed has been built at No. 2. The teacher will drivj to and from school it Is presumed. Tom nibble went down toTuttle's grove last Sunday on bicycle business. iU. Bjrcl.v and wife we.e callers n n 11. C. Kaybuck last Sunday. "' Mrs r~MlT"MT"3tT5/n1Tw county suporlutendent, returned home last Saturday. Mesf>rs Ossnmn and Bnrkhart, of Dedham,' attended services last Sunday at No. 8. The winter wheat and rye is making R very good showing, with some snow, \vi'! be a good crop next year. Wm. Long, o[ Carroll, was clown in on; locality on election day. K. Smith of Carrollton,and E.Schneider, of Coon Rapid?, bad business near thr Hill last Sunday. There are several culverts on the mail route in this township that should be re paired soon. iUIss Delia Clark lias gone to Mills county for a two weeks' visit with £her relatives. A proposition was made last Sunday at No. 8, to elect a deacon and an elder for thiit appointment, and on motion the consideration of it was laid over for two weeks. S. Byrely and Trm. Unybuck returned from their trip up north last week and report seeing some very good country, but lost a valuable horae while enroute. Tardon us, "Dear Jim," for we also lament the extreme shortness of our pencil at times, because it means work to get a good copy in always. As the elections are held iu the Center school house of each township or usually so, and other meetings for the transaction of public business also; that school district, must always be to the expense of gettine the house cleaned up in shape for school again; and of course the directors hardly ever grumble, but to do this evi-i-j year is more than should be askedof them, and the tax payers in each district mighi do their share and not load the Center fellows up every year just because they don't kick. Two dollars every time wi'! wear some in n few years. Now consider this matter or put yourself In their plum for awhile. SANTA. MT. CA.RMET,. Election day passed off quietly at this place. Peter Ueruer, of Carroll, was seen in our burg Insr. Friday. C. Bojo, of Sheridan township, raised his new wind mill Tuesday. A surprise party met at Joe llieff's last Sunday evening. A good time was enjoyed. John Walz and sisters spent Sunday at Carroll. Mrs. Shenkelborg, of Balbur, is visiting her parents this week, Joseph Olburtz, of Washington township, was visiting in this township last week. John Ooecke is one of the Jurymen this term of court. Geo. IFalz Is visiting relatives and friends at Danbury. Frank Jennings returned home from Halbur last Monday aud says that some oi the farmers are still gathering corn In that locality. John Hoffman has bnd his corn stalks threshed this week. Cnpp of Carroll dlil the work. He has a machine for that purpose and It does good work. It .is dUu- Kreuublu working about it on account <>l ths smut. It is a question whether it Is best to thresh the. stocks or run tlunii through a stalk cutter. There Is too much loss to feed them whole. Some of Dr. Holmes' Sayings. As time goes on the wisdom and rweetness of Oliver Wendell Holmes' Writings and snyings will become more and more apparent. His fnnie will grow instead of diminishing. He was wiso and sound naturecl through aud through. Without any uncommon share of vitality physically, through sheer force of intellectuality ami cheerful tempo:', he lived to the nge of 8S with his mental powers ns clear and quick as they were jvhou iu the prime of his bodily lifo ho wrote "Tha Autocrat of the Bieakfnst Table" and "Elsie Vernier," nnd whoii ho loft us ho simply went away with almost no pain or suffering. Ho cultivated what he called the "habit of success" all through his long life. Ho thought success, hoped success and believed in success in whatever ho undertook, and the result always justified his confidence. Ho cultivated, too, the habit of thinking kindly of oil his fellow men, of treating them courteously and fixing his mind persistently on their good qualities instead of their bud ones. Consequently, when they were •with him, people's good qualities came to tho surface. Ho declared that habitual cheerfulness was a duty the sonl owed to its yoke follow, the body. Melancholy and gloom weaken, sicken and finally destroy tho body. Ho said: "In tho interest of health and your own hope of success, take a bright view of things. " No man ever tittered a truer saying. As a physician he did not beiiovo in telling people they were going to die, even when their case was hopeless. He said: "Beware how yon take away hope from any human being. Nothing is clearer than that tho Creator intends to blind most people as they pass down tho dark valley. Without very good reasons, temporal or spiritual, wo should not interfere with his kind arrangements." Perhaps his maxims on perseverance are tho best of all. Read them nnd moko them part of your life: "Eofuso to bo discouraged. Accept each disappointment as a mere postponement of yonr •wishes. Say'too soon.' Never say'too late.'" Carroll Market Report COKN-60 UATS-aOo HOGS-S5.40 I'OTATOKd-IU! HUTTBR-10 KlifiS-Uo KVK-76 HAHI.EV-40 Kt AX-SI • 10 WHKAT-UO An invention which will bo rutluT joorotl tit by ttuusoiiud old \vhoiihnun unit women in tho bioyolu uuibrollu. It i-s fiuteiiud securely to tho utivmlurd of tho luuullo buv and is intended to keep oil both ruin uud sun. Tho bioyolu outhuKi- ust prides hiuibolf on not minding wuathor of any kind. But somu \vimk hourtuil rldurs will liko to bo vrotoi'toU froiu'guttintj bnriuid aud tuuuoil, uven at tho cost of n diminution of spood. To those tho bioyolo uuibrollu will command itself. Wlwt will it do iu u wiiul, though? It in u «ood tlmo now to plant fruit, uiul tiluulu trtMM all about your land. Lot tho furust ticos bo nut trues of iuiprovud vuriutiwi if possible. Thoro is more tlmu now to (iluut properly ohoiuo gifts of uuturu than tUuro will bo in tho t>priub>. Tlioy will Imvu u oliuuoo to bUiko their routs into tlio KO: ' uofoi'o wiutur ivwtv* it up. Plant hunl. orchard trout), too, whioh will boar fruii so luscious that yuur graudohildren \vili cut of tuoui und blows tho old inuu. The Lords. It is plain that tho downfall of tho British hereditary legislative honse is now only a questiqp of a little time. It has destroyed itself by voting down every important reform measure in tho past 20 years. The English people havo been peer ridden till they will endure it no longer, and now they will riso and throw off tho load. Tho hereditary lords sealed their doom when they defeated tho Irish homo rule which Gladstone had meant to bo tho crowning achievement of his life and for which he worked himself almost blind. There is an clement of tho dramatic, too, iu the fact that Rosebery, a hereditary peer of long descent 'and the premier of England, is the leading advaoato of tho destruction of tbo house of lords. It long ago ceased to bo anything but an obstruction. Ambitions Englishmen of noble birth havo for years preferred to bo elected to the house of commons because there were lifo and work worth doing iu tho lower chamber. •Startling indeed it must have been to hear Rosebery announce- in his cold, quiet, most British mauuer that the task whioh took precedence of every thing else now was tho abolishment of the lords. There will be hereditary lords still wben the legislative houso is. abolished, but they will bave no more political power than Tom Jones. Tbo upper houso of parliament will bcaorna an oleotivo ouo. American girls will still be ready to jump at marriages with tho British lords, however, and this part of their mission will go bravely on. Timo was when tho family physician thought it added to medical eulat to bo a bruto in his manner toward his pit- tiouts. That timo hits gone by, and doctors now understand that gentle language, politunoBs nnd n sympathetic manner go as far toward a euro as their drugs. But Dr. Zitclmrin, tho old bear who attondod tho cznr of Russia, evidently hua not yet learned those great truths. Ho affects brusqucuciis aud a ooursu, ollonsivu mauuur to a clegnxi that his prufossKuial brutliron \vlio wore Bummonud iu consultation oould not boar it. Consequently all tho world witnessed tho edifyingBpcutaolo of medical attendants quarreling violently by the bodsido of thu (lying rulor. It is uot n speotuolu ouli'uhitcd to impress tho public oitlu'r \vith thu skill or iiwnui'i • <>!' BO culled K''°-'t physicians, Zaolmriu brutally told tho cssar early in his sick- no-ss tbo fatal naturu of his ailment. No pains wcro taken to break tho uo\v« gently. On tho contrary, pitlus Boom to liavu boon taUeit tu muko tho announce- moat iw rough and startling us potuiblti. Zaoharln uviduntly prided hlms»lf on (lisrogarding thu maxim of ourowii Dr. Holmes, "lluwaro how you tako away hopo from any human boiug." Doctors liku Zauhuriu ought to bo boycotted out of taihtenoo. No amount of uiudicul skill oau uumiHiusato for brutal, maimon* lu u phyiiiuitui. Quo would just like to know whotUor tlio young uiniirotw of China really it Uoad or nut. Between tho burbario be- crooy olwerveil about tlio Chinwo court uuil tho ei|uully borbivrio lying of oabUi uuwa>oiuKmt«i outsiders have uu uUauoo at all to gut at tho truth, Jvu>t> utter tho political oriitoru hud boon wuoopiug U v»l> Uioir aottest in Indiana a_j)|rwwettd.ou» gtu wall w».s Utruck at ifuuols. *

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