The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 8
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^g^^^SBM^p^Ww^^S^^S^^S^^^Bv^^^^^^—rT^^^S STRAHAN Mm. Roht. Shanl was pleas antly surprised when on return ing home from church last Sttn^ day she found her home invader by friends and neighbors who came to remind her that she had a birthday on that date. A fine picnic dinner at noon was enjoyed and the afternoon spent in visiting. Those in attendance were: Mr and Mrs. Ray Allensworth and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad, Clyde and Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Level I, Oall and Betty, Miss Mildred Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus, David and Anna Edith, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Naget and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steete, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Wederqvlst and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grouse, Roy Shanl, Frelda and Miles, Frank Cole, Merrltt Fisher, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shanl, Helen and Norma. In the afternoon they were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hopple of Council Bluffs and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wetherly of Omaha. Everett Gipes Entertain With a Hallowe'en Party Mr. and Mrs. Everett Olpe en tertained at a Hallowe'en party at the home of their parents, Mr and Mrs. Chas. Qlpe. on last Saturday evening. The guests were received at the door by ghosts and escorted to the living room where witches and goblins put them through their paces. Games and stunts followed and each guest did their part In carrying out the stunt assigned to him. At the close of the evenings entertainment the hostess served refreshments of pumpkin pie and coffee. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Oee. Mr. and Mrs. Kermlt Hlllyer, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kayton, Mr. and Mrs. Arlln Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Olpe, Supt. and Mrs. Ben Coxen, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Churchman, Mr. and Mrs. Mlllard Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCain, Mr. and Ms. Virgil Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCain, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Qlpe. Mrs. A. O, cole was an all day visitor Monday In the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emmett Olpe. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tlmson and two daughters were Sunday dinner guests In the home of their sister, Mrs. Asa Smith. Chas. Olpe was having some dental work done in Qlenwood Comolidated School School News The students are drawing maps and working by contracts tn an cient history class. The bookkeeping students are learning how to make "Promissory Notes." The sophomore English class is very busy drawing pictures of the Shakespearian theater. Some new music has Just arrived on which we are going to begin work soon. They are as follows: "Bells of the Sea," boys; "Alla's Holiday- and "Lullaby" for the girls. Wilbur Whittam and Sebanna Smith were elected cheer leaders at a student meeting Friday. Josephine bye, reporter. Basketball Schedule Strahan will play their first game of basketball Friday, Nov. 0. The schedule as It has been arranged so far is as follows: Nov. 10: Pacific Junction here; boys and girls. Nov. 24: Silver City there; boys and girls. Nov. 29: Pacific Junction there; boys and girls. Dec. 1: Henderson there; boys and girls. Dec. 11: Emerson here; first S.H.D. Ottt> M«*t* *t or Mf*a, and second boys. Dec. 16: Henderson here; boys and girls. Dec. 21: Silver City here; boys and girls. Jan. 2: Bartlett here; boys and girls. Jan. 6: Emerson there; first and second boys. Jan. 26: Bartlett there; boys and girls. Feb. 23: Randolph there; boys and girl*. The boys have elected Earl Watts captain for the first team. Edward Plburn, 'reporter. Nov. 9 has been set aside as a national go to school day. All parents are especially invited to visit school that day. Of course you are welcome any other day too. Grade New* . , „ , i &- "Honoring,the birthday of their mother, Mrs. Ed Laughlin. last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlln entertained at a family dinner Mr. and Mrs, Ed Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Selpold, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laughlin and two children, and Mrs. Emma Campbell. Howard and Nina Carley or Carson, Miss Letha Imaii, and Neale Thomas of Oakland were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Chas. Kayton. Mrs. Ed Nagel and daughter, Dorothy, were Shenandoah shoppers Saturday. See What Ten Cents Will Buy in Toilet Article. At CLEMS We»t Side DruggUt Malvern The following people have lolned the fourth grade Qolden Rule club: Mary McCollester, Sheila Johnson, Rosemary Toland, Kenneth Swain, Anna Bennett, Lawrence Blngham, Imogene McOlll, Tom Bradley, Dorothy Beam, .Walter Blngham, Betty Mlchaelaon, Jsred Woodflll, Nadlne Wiseman, Roy Bolton, Edward Smith. Tbe third and fourth grades took part of their reading period Wednesday to watch the electric eraser cleaner work. We wrote stories about It afterward. The pictures Jared Woodflll brought his room make their study of Japan much more interesting. Third grade people finished their study of dogs this week. They enjoyed the picture, "Dignity and Independence," by Landseer, Friday. Sheila Johnson won the third grade arithmetic race Friday and Mrs. Harry Conrad was tess to tfte S.H.D. cTnt» at fce* home last Friday afternoon? fiight members were present. 1*B« afternoon was spent socially. Mrs Conrad served refreshments of creamed ehfeken, mashed potatoes, pfckies. date loaf, and coffee. Tne next regular meeting wit; be held Dec. 1 at the home of Mrs. Oeraldine Dolph and at tbis time will be held the election oi officers for the coming year. Mrs. Sadie Warneld is a guest this week in the home of net sister, Mrs. Horace Eacrett. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Curtis and son, Jnntor, were sapper guests Saturday evening in tbe Henry Nlms home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boyer and Prank French were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and tfra, Herbert Johnson. Howard Kayton and son, Charles, were on the Omaha mar- cel Monday with a fine bunch of 21 baby beeves which topped the market that day with a price of 15.65. Their average weight was .074 pounds and they were such i choice bunch that they were purchased by an eastern buyer and later shipped to New fork City. , „„. ^ w * HfjfSS ttftti Sf0£K SriiHiJ 1 ; T Thrilling Rodeo m Omaha Soon •XSttV#rtmK&i>W*v*aj^KJ^*#S*v^ V>t. HILLSDALE Miss Margaret Estes who is in the Jennie Edmundson hospital is getting along very nicely follow* ing her operation. Miss Dorothy Howard was a week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howard. Mrs. Dlllehay who fell and broke her hip about ten days ago at the home of her son, C. C. Dll- lehay, Is reported to be very low, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Howard and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howard entertained a group of their friends Saturday evening at the Edwin Howard home. a* the t*tffeTi* Att Swsfety at tfre Ff*Wk S3W tat newe. f^f» <^» sbttMin *tf ntti atd ttfe* enfitfren prewM tot tn* «fn*«f stftwit si the noon Irotrr tM Wvef^nfte did otfeef »ay affftwl lot tfrft . ndoft waste*, fbs sfntfng 6t „_.fed front* was enjoyed by tfcft j|Fo%p ftfra ^fftftt ^fr&f'& dlA$ft§iHlA as t« bow td best fttSfttfntri tfi* work of the Society la i nfiantial way. fnere *itl probably b* i Irfoffift «JH§ tfafftft nest fDOutu* 111 XNSC&foONKr tlHHNfe Wffl sNfc another all daf meettug » fee held at the pafsotags 1ft Siltet City. W. H. Nagle and family drote to Council Sluffg Sunday to tisit Miss Ida Ireland who is a patient fn the Jennie Sd»nndson Here's an indication of what can b expected at the sixth annual Ak*8ar Ben live stock show and rodeo to b held In Omaha, November 11 to 17. Tht ^^_--.«=»,, outstanding rodeo stars, both man and beast, tn this part cf the country will be in Omaha, headed by the famous horse, Yellow Fever, shown In action here. One Inset is of High Noon, nationally known prize winner from the George Brandeis stables of Omaha. The other inset is of a typical entry In the Ak-Sar-Ben 4*« club baby beef show, the largest In the world. ' Rosemary grade. Toland the fourth Mrs. Mona Pewitt and little daughter, Carol, who have been visiting their relatives, the Bradley families, left for her home at Laurel, Mont, last Friday. Her aunt and uncle. Inez and Arthur Bradley, and her mother, Mrs. Sadie Warfield, accompanied her to Qlenwood where she boarded the train for her home. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Curtis were visitors Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Churchman, R.I.C. Has Interesting Program at Meeting Nov. 1 The R.I.C. met with Mrs. Verna White Wednesday, Nov. 1. After the regular business session Mae Williams presented the following program: Roll call, Historical Items Concerning New England. Duets, Pearl Shephard and Florence Howard. Historical pantomime, "Costumes and Manners of Colonial Times," written by Ella Dlllehay and read by Marjorle Kilpatrick, Duet, Ruth Jackson and Janet Mlckelwaite. Readings from "Courtship of Miles Standlsb," Alice DavleM Delicious refreshments of chicken sandwiches, pumpkin pie, coffee, and mints were served by Mrs. White and her committee. The St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) Suffragist League, in a recent letter to Interior Secretary Half a dozen great features, combined to make the outstanding exposition of its kind In the country, will make up the sixth annual Ak-Sar-Ben Live Stock Show and Rodeo to be held at the Coliseum In Omaha the week of November 11 to 17. The world's largest 4-H club baby beef show and one of the most important carlot shows will be features of the live stock show. The rodeo will bring together some of the most daring and expert riders In the country, as well as hundreds' of the most vicious and cunning bucking broncos and fighting steers and other rodeo stock. In the bone show, there will be everything from ponies to the beautiful Belgian and Percheron draft horses, with classes in the show division for all types of riding and driving animals. And in addition, the colorful exhibits of county resources and'the Nebraska Pigeon Association mid- western exposition will be staged. All these features except the live clock carlot show will be in the Coliseum. The carlot show will be at the Union Stock Yards. A brilliant parade at 10:30 A. M. Saturday, November 11, Armis* Uce day, will usher in Ak-Sar-Beu week, to be followed by formal opening of the live stock show and rodeo that evening. It will continue every evening at 8 o'clock thrqugh Friday, November 17, with matinee performances on Sunday. Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 3:30 o'clock. A complete show will take place each time. Oen- eral admission to each performance will be only 50 cents. tai. they found her somewhat Unproved. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haloes, Mf. and Mrs. A. L. Ha I ties and Walter were visitor* la the if. A. McColtlster home bear Strahan, Oct. 29, helping Albert McCollls- tef celebrate his eighth birthday. Jack Hastings has moved bis family from Red Oak and they are living in a tent on the J. H. Whitesides property, He has been basking corn for Mr, Whltesldes. Mr. and Mrs. George Buffing* ton from near Hillsdale were Sunday afternoon visitors in tbe home of Mr. and Mrs, George Rime). '*» of tfr* ff#m<t*«it tfttei ttrt* HrO Vnfu TTujWiw tflWCWtt* Ajfejfe ^&ju$ 4Nt*A gy^itif Afr Auiz tinst WTO riBn* ox a «#uw MttHfigaifc jfc&tfi £ AfcrfKit 6Xfr&T0F «nfu 8 ffBOu wffnfn Wa-gftiftnfal t-i oosvpictO A. D. fet It £. FreWSt, Agt. HoMer ififi fffrtef sf ftftf t CUSPID III AiMfRAfHB efi$t«ti Abstract of 8fni «Jf eitin pf#ev 81 pfoiWrt'ty^ m Mills Ooftstj Afcttr** (Mftftfeef of the Afi«ttcaft f ttl« AIM. and fftWI title Aftf&t taw*. . ifttt fan Shaw — Plane Tuning, Leave orders with Collin* ffrtt, Maltern. of Priest's SSttf ttaft, tfastifits. , tttt. FOR RENT Real Eatate Transfers Record of instruments filed in the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county, Iowa, from Oct 20, 1933, at 8 a. at., to Oct. 27 ,1933, at 8 a. m. James 8. Wilson to Mlllard L. Wilson et al (W. D.) $1 and 0. Und. 1-16 int. ia acres in Sec, 30-72-43. 240 . E. H. Lougee to Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. (W. D.) $1 and V. 0. 8E% 9-7L40. Sheriff to Prudential Ins. Co. (8hf. Deed) $416«.16. NB* NE% ft WH SB* NEU 8171-42. i There's something j n the -*dv« tisementa todays tn interest you Redemption Notice To L. Q, Lathrop and unknown -~ Rent —Modern house.' r, H. Beckwith. ft MISCELLANEOUS Dead Animals—call Art Jen» kins, Phone id, Emerson, or City Meat Market, 61, Malvern. Itf. ~*-— - TITC •- T T -Til 11 inf.- -, -J t Call me for potatoes or wood. Best grade oil potatoes and food dry elm.—-Ivan McCord, 16*1, Ramsay Rendering Win,, 8h«n* andoah, phone 628. Reverse long distance charges to us. Let us haul your dead animals. Call for one hog appreciated. Fresh tank age for sale at all times. Boos For Sale—Pure breo Hamp* sblre spring boars. At the farm 2% miles northeast of Malvern on Highway 34.— Lee A. Roland, istf. For Sale —Pure bred yearling Poland China boar,—J. F. Wearin, Malvern. 17-1. owners; EAST UBERTY $-*<*~&lumiff&miarri Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Lookabill and Ruth and Joe Matheson drove to Omaha Sunday morning where they were guests of friends for the day. The church night supper and program Friday night was very Ickes, urged that the Virgin Is-well attended. Those present en- landa be returned to naval ad-Joyed both the supper and the en- ministration. tertalnment. Imogene - S. E. Mills .' *l- :,, STATEMENT OF TUB CONDITION OF +'*" FARMERS STATE BANK JJ*^ 1 *^. !£$* *?.»**? of Iowa, located at in the J , RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, Bonds and Securl- Overdrafts ~III"Z"_r"iriII"~ III"" Hanking House ,. , _ --»*•*•» Furniture and Fixtures «.„.__.,_„ " Other real estate owned ..----None Due from baufcs and bankers, cash cash items ,„„,,,„ „,„„„. 3,500.00 1.@00.00 1102,612,94 87.84 6,000.00 60,258.36 Total Resources Stock U»«vi4e4 proflts ' .„„., „.„„ (after deducting of ._,. tw, certtfted cbecki, c»»b,, checks »n4 unpaid divldencU - 25,000.00 5,000.00 5,m,»7 U.Q60.31 1157,85944 i 30,000.00 8,930.«8 1167,863.11 MUUCowty Attended County Meeting of Rural Letter Camera Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstock and Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Gee attended a Joint county meeting of the rural carriers and their wives which was held in the I.O.O.F. ball in Villlsca Saturday evening. It was a splendid meeting, 100 being present. All enjoyed the pleasure of meeting many state officers who came to attend the meeting, A pot luck supper was enjoyed after which a splendid program was given with excellent talks by the state officers, A few more cases of scarlet fever have been reported. A man working at tbe home of Bernie Slater is one of the latest victims so the home of Mr. Slater is now under quarantine. Another of the Hob Jones children is reported sick. The children school enjoyed of tbe Union ft holiday last Tuesday, Tbe teacher, MUi Martha. Doyle attended teachers' meeting, Jim CasseU and stetw, lift- ared, drove down from Qtnft&a. Sunday for tb,e)r Bother, Mrs. jdj» CasaeU, and her little mndwn. took th.e» to . they wtU spend tlu» wteter, Mrs. CasaeU haa rentwj her borne bare to Bate! Bu«g»rd. Mr, Mrs. . of »r»n4- 04 , F»rr»»ut ftnJ Mr. ftftd Mr». W(U 8u»d»y. Mr. Mr*. Hfrrry et Oom»tock -——-»» Rural Carrier* Meet On Friday evening, Nov. S, tbe Fremont rural carriers met at the Metbodtst church in Farragut. At 1 p. m. a pot luck supper was served after which a business meeting of both carriers and the Auxiliary was beld followed by a social meeting. T_hjelr next meet" ing will be at Sidney Dec, 3, Tbe Fremont carriers and auxiliary extend a cordial invitation to rural carriers of other counties to attend their county meetings which are always held tbe first Friday evening of each month. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Oomstocfc and Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Oee attended the meeting last Friday, Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Qlimore of near Coin spent 8»n4»y bwt with her parents Mr. »n4 Mrs, Bern M»ber. , Tbe public acb&gj <jpene4 day BWrn|nf *lfter b«lag two week* pwiag $9 U»» SU»4ay eyesJnj, NOT, 6. twenty of tb« y to th» ho F, M»b,er M?. A. R. Bird* Honored on ' married forty - yean-' also 'Thurs% day, Nov. 2, and on the preceding Sunday they were very pleasantly surprised to have a goodly number of relatives arrive to help them celebrate. In fact some of their children came the night be* fore. Of course the dinner was all that might be desired. Mr, and Mrs. Bird were the recipients, of several nice gifts all of which were much appreciated. Their children present were Isabel at home, Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Davis of Sioux City, Mrs. Vivian West of Kansas City, Mr, and Mrs. Murl Bird and children, Mr, and Mrs. Russel Bird and children and Howard Miles of Qlenwood, and Mr, and Mr*. Holland Bird, Their son, Gerald, and family of Omaha could not come, other guests were; Mr. and Mrs. 0. M, Hamilton and Don and MtM Agan of Macedonia, Quy Plum* mer and family from near Silver City, and Mr. and Mrs, Reno Ou«' ter and Wilma from Bear Mai* ethodUt Church East IJ Bast Wb«V"«i5ir3Fw*i4 "*""' 8 PWt In the Harvest JJonie eery. TAKE NOTICE: That on the 1st day of December, 1930, at the Regular Tax Sale begun and held on the First Monday in December, 1880, Jn.a tbwit; Lot No. 10 in Block No. 88 in tbe town of Malvern, Iowa, for For Sale — Chester White spring boars. — Phone 179-F5, Oscar Leu, 14tf. POP Bale—Big bodied Chester White boars. — R. B. Tubbs, Emerson, la. 17-2. For Bale — Pure bred Hampshire male hog two years old.— John Orudle, Ph. 164-F23. 16tf. For Sale—12 big husky Hamp. shire spring boars, Immuned 'May ,..,„„., House. — Phone W, A. Harman. Public SALE! in the Malvern Sale, Barn , SATURDAY,.', Nov. 11 ^ 3__* " f commencing at one o'clock p. ra. - PITTil A wee let »f RflLIf COWS consisting of Brown Swi» «»w 4 yra. old, ju»t fr«*b, giving 5 gallon* milk p«i* ;<h]rf .Jvntf ww 7 srt. oWf iiTttf ",& ;|.Jlon* $£& per day, Guern*ey cow 4 yri, .old, giving 4 gallons milk per day i Guernsey heifer 2 yn. old, ju*t fre»h, with heifer c*lf by side 5 Guern»ey cow a y», old, giving at iilvw 9Uy Nwtt giHi4a,sr as , »t 10 o'clock, H

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