The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 6
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^r/w^-TST!^^ >, •'•'• -"Wfi $&"••'•••• m Sly. * '• fl;v tor.. miimi DAILY,,AND WEEKLY. By POWERS A COLCLQ. SUBSCRIPTIONS. tangle eotij.Htir address, pet rest ... tf l>ntd in «rt vHnce 1 BO .1% «KNTINRL It a *t.l;H«llt-on, ,.,...,........ r«\f pnper working for the nflvancement ot the terefttB or the cause In Northwestern to VL. Tlie«ltoulatlonotTHH SRHTM ut au> paper on tlieC. &N. W. Rullttuy went oi a!arsli«lltown. Out lleta lire open to iius advertiser. We have good lists In every town on all brunch roads, list* reaching the boat, rnriners •nd bustneBB men In ever; community. Baton on •II classes ot adverttstng reasonnble. 3chp-*ule $f f M w. i'lrnlBhed on application tr< th Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper named plainly, t.t Hiaveyourletter reaoli us «arl r T T^-lrr. • «ttyevrnilug. Address, THE SENIiWiiij, Carroll. iow«. Rntere at*the Carroll, Iowa, postofflce, as se OBUolaae matter.'' Published weekly. FBIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1894. [See preceding page tot late telegraphic news. I If there was Bbytbitig the Republicans MHuiedani did no! get, it WUB lieouutie they failed to ask for it. Beaoh ran several hundred votes ahead ot hie picket in this county which is a Lome iurloreemeot to be proud of, American politics appears to have but • little effect on the Japaneeee war, for the ObiuBinen are being routed in every en- just the same. 'The next congress will stand: Congressmen — Republican 259, Democrats 80; Populists 17. The senate— Repnbli- cane 40, Demoorate 41, Populists 6. The latest news ie that Texas, the bul- '• wark ot Democracy, has cone with the tide. th« Populists having elected the governor and eleven congressmen. We trust it is. not this bad. ' Cor the os Beach and Goldsmith,, our candidates for judges, went down along with the wreck. The traditional "yeller dog" could have been elected in tbis judicial district' this year if his name bed only .. have been on the Republican ticket: • If the will' of the people means anything it declared iu '90 and '92 that l\iglj tariff is wrong. Now they tell us that high tariff ie right because tbe people so declared. Ob, tbe people, when did they learn which wee rigbjt or Wrong ? Local Politics. The fute was in elore Democratic party in this county throughout tbe nation. Our majority was greatly reduced and two of oar can-, didatee defeated. Viewing the situation from all aides, let as be thankful that It is no worse. Quit fault finding with our neighbor, for tbe great majority of the Democrats ot this county .did handsomely and bat few counties in this whole country oatne oat of tbe landslide in BB good ebape BB did onie . We are Nprry ftcbroeder and Flecker w?re defeat- fed, bat it ia iu'ieed fortunate for OB that uo vuoib of our candidates Buffered u like defeat. A» to Mr. Behroedtr tbe whole brant of tbe campaign wae shifted onto him. He not only bad to taee the- opposition ot tbe united Republican party but WHfi mude the target for every die- eMiefled voter in tbe Democratic party. TTi"l"r ttoee circumstances Mr. Schroeder did wall. Those who opposed him on election day are willing to admit that be proved a much stronger man in tbe race iuttn Ub tuiUuipated. Had tbe niujority been what it former years Sobroe- £ui- v.uuld today be couaty clerk. He must not feel discouraged, bie successful rival made three campaign! for tbe (,E-j.','j, ..1 i;a he still has two more ch before be etanda on equal footing with him there ie still hope. Hombaob and Korte won their fight by their* own personal popularity. Both MoNaugbt and Bowen w.ere strong men and made heavy gains in the Democratic ranks, but tbe personal frisuds of these two gentlemen with the opposition made good I heir loss and SDOQ red their election. 0. H, FJenker, tbe Democratic oaudi date for supervisor, was looked upon by iill rti) Hie strongest man in the race ant Lut little (.Mention was paid to bis cam- pnifln. A. O. Bteele, of GOOD Rapids won 'by to narrow a margin that tbe •honor must rest lightly upon bis eboul- doia. Tuu towubhip iu which he residaa gave him 85U voted and only 87 for bla rivul whiob practically won the fight A few Dtunoorala jwho owed Mr. Fleuker u political grudge took advantage of tbe uuuHuiuu uuii UelMitod oneol the beat men lltu.UtfUioofttU have prMeated to tbe peo ].]» f<-r fhffi responsible position. Thu ottuvaw between Jps. Kempker the JJt-uiooratic candidate Wid H. W Reed, WUB u model of partition. Neither one did H dishonorable act aud tbe record tbunc men uiude in the campaign Mnuo help bat be a source of great pleasure to them, While Mr. Kempker'a majority irue BWull it was fairly woo. la the township Wai. Lyuoh ww«l«ct nd juetjoe by thirty-five majority and Fred Gaspary by fifteen. Tbe Itepubll- bad l>!)i 9M wodidtkte, JM. Martin and notwithstanding they gave )im their united support, the Democratic candidates both pulled through success- ully. Mr. L jo oil's long residence and fitness for the office msde him a strong mnn in tbe oity while in the township tbe 'stranger" appeared to have tbe|j best ot t. Tbe contest for assessor between Geo. A. Wieland and N. D. Noble WBS spirited and although Mr. Wieland won, lie majority was reduced to 11.. Andrew liik had no trouble in being elected ruetee, while Joe. Buobheit end L. Simmons were chosen constables without opposition. A Reversal. Tbe result of the election Tuesday is undoubtedly an expression of tbe people gainst, the Wilson bill which became a nw on tbe 28th of August. In the hflsty and precipitous action of the >eople in filing their protests against tbe new tariff bill, they did about as they did in 1890 when tbe MoEinley tariff was passed. Within less than a month after the passage of that bill, tbe country went- Democratic by the largest and most sweeping results ever known. This was lone at a time of universal prosperity, not only in this country but throughout he world. Two yean later when tbe people bad thoroughly tested tbe work- ngs of tbe MoEinley bill and before tbe vil results of its workings were generally understood, the people again put be seal of condemnation on tbe "robber ariff bill," by electing botb bouses and be president pledged- to tariff reform. 80 widespread was tbe dissatisfaction with the MoEinley law at that time that be entire north, with a few states ex- defeat." oepted, joined hands with tbe south and. ^NO FURTHER FOR TKEIA. ditional relief can the Kepnbliotm party give the country more thnn it did in '92 when it bad full control of everv department? It WHS at that time nscompletely routed as the Democratic party was last Tuesday and this, too, otter the MoKinley bill had been in full force for over two years. . M. K. REPLIES TO THE BOASTS THE BEBALD BAN IN ON HIM THIS WEEK, AND INCIDENTALLY LETS IN SOME LIGHT ON THE BE- PUBLIOAN WAY OF MAKING NOMINATIONS. EDITOB SENTINEI.: I beg permission for a small space in your paper, that I may notice my friend Hnngertord of tbe Herald. It is certainly humiliating to notice a man of no more ability than be possesses, but since he edits a paper and me of the story of the oat and the mouse. The out. nfter devouring the mnnee went into its closet and prayed for the Boul nf the little mouse, and prayed that for the net of killing tbe little mouse it might bn forgiven and it would not do so again until it became hungry." So it is with Huugfrford, be will not libel the Demo- orotio party any more until he thinks be has eootber chance. This prayer of bie might controdict my diagnosis ot his conscience being ns new as it was at birth, if it were not for the fact that be is a stranger to.truth and veracity anil therefore Hungerford's saying he prayed dues not furnish us with sufficient information to oBnse us to bfelieve him. Now one more statement( !) I told El wood myself, tbnt I would uud was doing muob because of that fact and that alone is he j to . hel P defeB *. * h «? 8Dd . never .. tol f now noticed. To diagnoiee him from bis articles, one would be lend to believe bis conscience is still in the same embryonic state it was when he was born and therefore ie perfectly new, never having been called into use since birtb. His knowledge of truth and veracity is entirely wanting and since he does not either one of them I would be silent.. I do despise a byncsrite and will cot not Very truly, M. R. MoOBABY. one. Nature's Mechanical Power. Pew but remember the pictures of Archimedes' screw iu the old textbooks. The ancient philosopher aiado a hollow possess that faonltv, nature is to blame I »P«al screw and placed it against the and that makes him a fraud on ore'ation ! «*ient of the Kite .with Us Bloping , ... , * ^ E. j -i j j mouth iu the water. The current of the andahbelto tbe human and we \ will soon have reason to believe he IB a Ugher higher UQtn at Iength lt elanclei to consistency. Now the tbinge rejwhed the top ^j was poure d into a "1 aaid oana i that conveyed it inland and mado Painp'e |t irrigate the crops. That was one of delegates their vote , tor the votes ot | the first recorded instances of thontiliza- he said I lied about were these: Elwood's delegates promised Paioe's delegates and El wood got tbe voteu of Paiue's delegates, but Paine never got tbe votes from Elwood'e delegates as promised and therefore Paint's be west and demanded the repeal of be obnoxious law. Kow, no sooner has the will of the people been carried out than a tidal wave ot political condemnation sweeps heroes the country. It remains to be aeen whether tbe cooler, sober judgment will sustain tbe actions ot tbe people in tbe verdict of last Tuesday at tbe polls two years hence as was tbe case in '92. Unfortunately for tbe Democratic party the toi-iff bill was put into life at a time of a financial panic, not only in this country but throughout tbe world. Hard times were upon us long before the bill was pawed. -Politicians took advantage of this and tbe only argument used was, "We have a low tariff bill and hard times; when we had a high tariff law we bud good times, therefore high tariff was good times and low tariff bard times." Tbe country will be given au opportunity to test tbe truth- fnlnepB of these statements. It will be at least three years before tbe present tariff bill can be repealed and during tbis time tbe people buve bad an opportunity to etndv the political somersaults they have t>i>erf taking daring tbe puuk few years, 'i'he low tariff bill will huvebueu thoroughly tested and should the country be blessed with prosperity under this law as the Democrat* oluitn, we will look to Bee tbe pendulum swing buok to where it was two and four yeare ago. Viewing tbe last three or four con. gre&eiouttl eltoUorm from any etardpoint tbut you may, tbe result is inevitable that the people lire dissatisfied and refit- lees and that aome.crlsis is approaching Do lens prosperity ugain blesses oar laud we iit*J nut luuk lo nee any one party remain long iu power. The will of lite pnople ie but lightly bold by party lioee, Buutiuwut controls the voters and not ttatubltabed law*. Whut break or fancy muy uext lake control of it la only u question of speculation, There can be no hope (hat higfc (ariff will form a per inaueut stability around which popular eentioieut can oryatalize itself iuto form Three dietiuot election* throughout ||w country proved that the people w»re tired ot it aud that the trouble was uot to b» cured by tbia olwa of legislation. Thto year a rauotiou art ID, but wh*t »d I ask everyone who wisbee to know tbe truth to ask about above statement ot men who knew, and ot course it above statement is not true than I am in tbe wrong. I said that a . person whose truth and veracity I could mt doubt, told me, "be saw J. F. Conner take four ballots out of the hat and place other four therein." 1 believe tbe above statement because good men from Oalboun county say that Crawford county delegates promised four votes to Calboun county for four from Oalhonn county and Oalbonn county did as they promised and good men from Oalbonn county will make oath that they saw tbe ballots written and BB promised and bad Crawford county delegates done as promised Onlhonu county's candidate wouM have been nominated. Will Hungerford deny that Crawford county promised four votes to Culliouo county for four votes in return ? Then, I said "that there was a conspiracy to defeat Paine at all buzurds aud that conspiracy was lead by J. F, Conner." I have a letter that points to J. P. Conner's perfidy iu that convention Then I said: "Should fraud be upheld ut the ballot bos any more Hum uuy- where else." I agaiu say uo. Auy man should be as houeat aud truthful iu politics as iu anything else, aud I WHS condemning dishonesty aud conspiracy iu auy form, hence because of that fuo I am "Judas" in tbe eyes ot Butigerford I would like to know who ever tol( Huugerford of "Judas," for, judging bin from bie actions, be certainly nover ieuc about "Judas." 1 I «aid: "Olmrob would go to prayer meeting aud pra; like u auint and on the street woulj swear liko u sailor and was informed be wits high up around the green tiible.' 't ii true I never heard Ohuroh pruy bu I have heard him swear often. It ia truf the praying doee not disqualify Ohurol as a judge, neither does hifliweurin(j,bu they are like certain chemicals Iliut burn each other up it together, but when wholly apart are different. ' Now lo Huugeiford'n own record. lu Nov. 7,1894, iseu* he eayn'. "We do nay iu nil oitudoi that the Democratic) part WM liberal during the reoeutoaiupnigu. "We b«ve during our leisure hourfl studied the qajtiiov prayerfully au< carefully." That kind of talk remind* tion of nature's mechanical forces. It may turn out yet that Archimedes had tb« seed of an idea which will develop m»re mechanical force than all our inventors have been able to do in modern times. It is true we have steam and electricity, but at a waste of 80 per jent of the power furnished. Mechanic- 1 genius will probably have to go hack o something like the ancient Arohime- ian screw to got power enough to run all tbe machinery of the world. Inventors arc turning seriously to the iroblem of getting mechanical power rom the currents ol tides and rivers, nrning that into electricity, convoying be current to wherever it in wanted, and feus 'doing away at ouo stroke with coal and steam. Already the beginning hai >een made at Niagara, where turbine wheels turned by the great fall receive ibv power and transfer it to dyuamoi. the success of this undertaking per- taps depondg the revolution of our present modes of obtaining mechanical jower. Engineers say there is nothing mechanically impossible in tbe matter of tapping the currents of rivers and tho oocau tides and getting from thorn power enough to do everything at accomplished by etoniu, coal and gaa. The transformation that would take place iu the modern city e:ui bo painted by the wildest imagination. The only thing in tho way of working this wirnclo of Boiouco is at present the want of capital. It would require por- baps *J 00, 000,000 to establish u pluut lurgo cmouiih to got tho power from Hie ourront which pmirn through Hall O"to Uotwww N«w York oity uml Brooklyn. Tho liomipowor UIUH to bo obtained is diwxliiiK whc-ii rcducod to •ngun.'H. TniiiKforiiKul into oloctrioity, it would light ami hwilwwiry building iu tho two citit'H, run all tho Hurfuco and olovatod «urn und nil till) fautoriua Is There a ftnshiess Edward Kemble, president of the Boiton chamber of commerce, says in a symposium in The North American He- view that there is no business revival. The best that can be snid is that the situation is better thnn it was last winter. Tho new tariff has worked au undoubted injury in tho abrogation of tho reciprocity treaties, a serious injury. And Mr. Keiuble utters the following Ktuliiiieiit, which will bo echoed by every American: "It is appalling to see how important; matters touching tho Welfare of tbe whole country are lost Bight of by congress iu the scrambling contests of special and political aud personal interests." James M.. Glenn, president of the Qiucinuati chamber of commerce, says that Cincinnati suffered less than many other cities during tho depression of 1898., Now it has prospect of having almost a boom in the great crops produced in the south this year. Prosperity in the south is a large factor in Cincinnati's good times. A. K. Miller, president of the-New Orleans chamber of commerce, says the general business of that city is better than it was a year ago. The ' 'popgnu sugar bill" wrought untold woe to Louisiana, but the oity of Now Orleans herself managed to have a revival of local industries which is very encouraging. The oity is turning more and more from a mere commercial towu to a manufacturing one. Thus, although rice, sugar and lumber, three of the four great industries of Louisiana, whence New Orleans draws her prosperity, were badly hit by the new tariff bill, nevertheless that city is holding her own and gaining. Tho great crops in the south this year will help her still further. Then comes the report of William G. Boyd, president of the St. Louis chamber of commerce. The reader will learn with pleasure that St. Louis for some reason not quite clear presents the one exception in the Union to tho prevailing hard times. She had no panic at all, only a period of depression that lasted over sis months last year. Now that is all over, aud St. Louis is tho midst of an almost phenomenal prosperity. Long may it last! ' Where tho Czar Was at His Best. "if the Russian autocrat had been'a simple country gentleman of large estates, he would have been one of the happiest aud most beloved of men. His best side was his domestic one. There will be no tale of secret and unworthy intrigue or of morganatic wife in the history of Alexander III. To the latest day of MB life he was the true husband and lover of Dagmar, his sweet Danish bride. He was a ruler who was safer outside of his own country than iu it. Perhaps he was never so fci.fe and certainly he' was never BO happy as when he took brief vacations at Frodensburg, the summer place of old King Christian of Denmark. There he and his children and the nephews, nieces, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and all tbe members of the numerous royal family of Denmark that the little kingdom could hold at one time enjoyed themselves in true idyllic fashion. The cziir had a little country house where he and his children did tho gardening with their own hands. Often ho cooked, while Empress Dagmar and the girls spread tho table. And of all their many uncles there was nobody tho English, Greek, German and Danish grandchildren of King Christian loved as they did the dread czar of Russia. There was nobody who made so much <nu for thorn, nobody who led them on excursions and iu outdoor games as did the big Tartar athlete. Empress Dagmar will never recover from her loss. But it must be a comfort to her, it must be a comfort to him if he can know of it, that after all tho orouk and nihilist attempts on his lil'o he died peaceably in his bod and not with his boots on. Tho fastest track, or "straightaway 1 milu, as it is called in tbe vernacular, ever motto by a ruuuiug horse was Sal- vutor's grout achievement in 1:86.^. But now this tut*,, world's record hut* been distanced by a man on a wheel, John B. Johnson, who did his straightaway mile in 1 minute 80 8-6 seconds. This is now tho world's record for tho straight truck bioyulo mile. The whcwl men long ago distanced the trultinu horse. Now they put tho runner behind thuiu. •>..,.• ,---eek nnci .':. 'ie». Pope Leo says, even though the patriarch ofi» Armenia would not attend the conference to which his holiness summoned delegates of the Greek and Romnn churches, he. will not therefore cease from his efforts to reunite these two communions as they were in the old days of the Christian faith. The split bcgau os far back as the year 685, When** the Roman church adopted the dogma that the Holy Ghost proceeded from tho Son as well ns from the Father. Tho bishops.of Constantinople refused to swallow this doctrine and declared that the Holy Spirit came only from the Father through the Sou ai medium. It does not seem, so long as the Christians themselves have the Holy Spirit, as though there need be any quarrel about whore it conies from, yet this was made the basis of separation and generations of quarreling between the Greek aud Roman churches. In these quarrels about where the Holy Spirit came from the Holy Spirit itself was quite lost, and a spirit of burning enmity and ferocity took its place, as is apt to happen in theological quarrels. Now evidently Pope Leo thinks it is time for both churches to infuse into themselves something of the Holy Spirit praotijally. Political ambitious which now have no sway helped to separate the two branches. It is not likely there can be any union, though, Since theological ambitious have taken tbe place of the former political ones. Tho patriarch of Constantinople would not be likely ever to bring himself to tho point of acknowledging the authority of the pope of Rome. The Greek church in Russia permits the marriage of priests provided they take wives before they take orders. But it draws the line on second marriages for priests and fourth marriages for laymen. Good Temper and Happiness. That grea.t and good man, Joe Howard, occasionally preaches an excellent sermon on-the necessity of keeping cheerful and good natured. He dwells on the advantages it gives one in his intercourse with his follow men. Especially he thinks people ought to be good ua- tured to themselves. He mentions Walt Whitman as 0 man who bore every misfortune and lived it down because he was always in good temper with himself. Mr. Howard writes in the Boston Globe of Whitman: Being good natured to himself put him into condition of good nature toward, everybody else. That is tho secret of contentment while living. It is tho secret of longevity itself. The man who gous to bed cross and ugly with him•elf, the man who is disappointed and feels it whon ho is curled up between tho ehcutu, hat no right to anticipate u good night's rest, and without ro'rcahing sleep whore arp you on the following morning? Selflalily conHidored, the best medicine a man can take is the knowledge that good nature makes life's pathway smooth and an uneven nature mukos a disgruntled mental condition, upsetting not alone tho head, but the stomach, and therefore the entire phy«in.uo. The best nature in all the world is good nature, and if you haven't got it by birth let experience bring it to you. Study for it; work lor it; got it. Then you will bo welcomed. Otherwise you won't. The hard times have brought horse beef into use somewhat in this country, though Chicago seems to be the only oity that has the courage of conviction enough to openly slaughter and sell equine beef. What the cowboys have so felicitously named "salt boss" oau now be literally had to f uruish soup aud sandwiches to (JhicngoniiB. The slaughtering establishments are situated outside the oity limits, so tliat the board of health has no jurisdiction over them, And even if it had, what would be the use! There is no law anywhere against the use ot horse beef. It is true that it is rather hard on a horse to pass through tho stages of carriage high stepper, grocery wagon hack aud finally juuk cart tyjost and be made into bologna at last. Btill, if about 20 por cent of the scrub brutes that now disgrace the noble horse in this country were turned into beef or something else and gut rid of, it would help tho market, breed up the horses of the country and give the beef equiues au easier ending than they would otherwise have. A littlo whilu ago oamo from the r liable news uomispoudeiit in Knropo ait Admirable summing up of tho virtues of the lute luiui'uttHl ameer of Afgbunii <;M. Now the R, N. O. lulls UB how ,','lad civilised nations may be that the umuor Of Afghanistan gut well instead of dying. Great is tho ouble ooiTcspouduut. Western wwuou are becoming danger- PUB creatures. Thuy not only vote, but shoot, Miss Agnes Joues and Kmiiuol Burtsull ijuuvivkid ovor u houiusluuil cluiiu near i'wry, O. T. Tho ditt'uronte BiiriouB as to draw out revolvers, Uurtsull was killed. Tho girl was not hurt. Jt is tinioBowo people had their bruins taken out of storage. Tho CliinpHo emperor will make a jolly blooming widower. They »ay now he poisoned his wifo— that is, if dit really in dead. A littlo thing like pui- Boning a prince or an empress dueu nut make uuy uuisu in C'liiuu. Now York will Bpoiid the watches of thu night gnashing bur tool 1 . aud muttering now that who llnds win hatt ouly U.UOO uiovo I'ugitaentd thuu (Jhiuub'o him. Tho liveliest, most hustling mid l<a luidosuupiu uuUUuul uttuipuigu CuUuv.« has over passed through was that ut' U fall, uuil U WUH owiug to thu uuw w;., oil voters, • Oeriuauy *uid if wo wouldn't lu i heet augur iu fveu sho •would, vopuvl i • our outtlu hitvu Tuxus fuvur, urn'. uia it ____ The women of Now York ami Taniniuuy tiger are having u m< aud parrot tiiuo. The Japanese have proved that they van light UK wull as be polite. Because tlwy are the most kindly, courteous and good tempered people alivo and treat childreu with nuhourd. of mildness and geutlenvKB in tho way of discipline, it was supposed they were luokiug iu the Bteruor, mure virile qualities. Hut now they show time oven though their diet is mostly fruit* and vegetables, with very little, the Jupunuse uiuku us good Boldiers us uuy Ucrumus, Britons or Frenchmen tlmt uvur walked. Lord Kelvin (Hir William Thompson) Bi»ys thu runson thu uurth utthopolun nsad to be wnrmor fhuu it is now is that the sun used to bu warmer than it is uow. Thin it u >aol reasonable hypotho- Bis. If ' the turn iu u material, burning body, us it in i>uyiiutiud tu be, liuwuvur grout its muss is, it must buru Usulf out ov ikuu', Difficult tuttks ilout to The aisnlhiig uuiupRuy ortttuil'iwu to fight the Whisky tvust lilts ohosuii for itself a Jiunw that will eouo dowu the corridors of liuiu. It oi*i)s itsolf the Great White Bjiiriti company. Groat. auakcs! It ou«!u lu have suid the Grout Black Bpirit company. New York »:tatt< prides itself on iu progress, yut Nuw Yoi'k "till allow* twiiulliug liuoki-U'i'rt to**!! vogutttbliis b» to oalloil uicuiiurfc. Wostoru atwlus loi»v <»go instituted ^uliw by wolght, ^tt^^JMMkM^M^^k^^te^^

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