Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 30, 1974 · Page 51
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 51

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 51
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ASK TV SCOUT Dear Readers. Got any questions about your favorite TV stars - want to know how they got started, where they live', the stars of that old movie, the year your favorite TV show first hit the air waves? Well, this is your chance to find out. We are featuring a question and answer column called "Ask TV Scout." You can send your questions to us at "This Week" Magazine, P.O. Box 1232, Pensacola, Florida 32596, and we'll do our best to get the requested information and publish it in a future issue. These questions cannot be answered by mail or telephone. Just send them to us and we'll do a little "scouting" for you, our readers. AGES OF MAN AND WOMAN - How old is Jeanette Nolan who plays Dirty Sally? Also, how old is Dack Rambo, who costars with her? -- B. H., Crystal Lake, III. Jeannette is 63. She's a marvelous, actress who loves to play ugly old ladies and, in Sally's case, nice dirty old ladies. In real life Jeannette is a very youthful looking woman. Dack is 33. ooo FRATERNAL QUESTION -Is Bob Hastings, who plays the bartender in All it; the Family, the brother of Don Hastings who is on As the World Turns? - Lill Raymond, Muskegon, Mich. Yup. Bob is the older brother. Dan, in the early days of TV, was Captain Video. Remember that? ooo QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS -How old are Robert Young, Randolph Mantooth, Kevin Tighe, James Brolin, Robert Fuller, Julie London and Brian Keith. Is it true that Lucille Ball is 62? Who plays Bill on Firehouse? Who plays Puni on The Brian Keith Show? Is Emergency a true show? - Jenny Behncy, York Springs, Pa. Whew! Well, here goes. Young is 67. Mantooth is still in his 20s. Tighe is in his 30s. Brolin is 32. Fuller is about 40. Julie London is 48. Keith is 53. Lucille Ball will be 63 this year. Brad David plays Billy. Victoria Young, who is married to Brian Keith, plays Puni. Emergency is a fictitious show but is based on a real program in Los Angeles and events are often from real life. 000 ROCKY POINT •• Was Rock Hudson in the movie "Strange Bedfellows"? Where can I write him? -- L.D., Gvanston, 111. Yes, Rock was in the 1964 film "Strange Bedfellows." Presently he is touring with Carol Burnett in "I Do, I Do," but he'll be back at work on his TV series McMillan and Wife next month. So you can have a letter waiting for him at Universal Studios, Universal City, Calif. 91608. ooo WITHER SHE GOEST? » I attended a very interesting movie in Ozana, Tex., in 1937 called "Satan Takes a Holiday." Jane Withers played in it. Where is she and what is she doing now? Beatrice Wright, Austin, Tex. The film you mention was called "Angel's Holiday," and Jane, a very popular child actress, was indeed in it. If you watch TV, you've seen grown up Jane. She is Josephine the Plumber on those Comet commercials, ooo YOU CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING » Did Linda Blair have a nervous breakdown after playing in "The Exorcist?" - A Curious Fan, Browning, Mont. No, a thousand times no. There were all kinds of wild rumors after the film was released, none of which did the box office business any harm. But Linda is a happy, rosy- cheeked young lady who has just completed work in "Airport 1975," the sequel to "Airoort." She's fine. I know. I'm also in the picture, ooo RESTLESS SOAP -• I'd like to know if the spap opera The Young and the Restless is ever going to be on again. Lots of people I know liked the show and were mad when it didn't come on. •• T.V., St. Petersburg, Fla. The Young and the Restless is still being telecast. It's one of CBS-TV's very popular shows. If it's not on in your area, it might have been preempted for some special programming or dropped by the local station. Check the station to see what happened, ooo EASTWOOD IS EASTWOOD • - When and where was Clint Eastwood born? Where can I write him? •- P. S., Chicago, III. Clint was born in San Francisco in 1930. He is a product of TV, having costarred in the series Rawhide. One year,. during hiatus, he went to Italy to make a western and that launched his tremendous film career here. Write him at Universal Studios, Universal City, Calif. 91608. ooo AND WEST IS WEST -• I would like to write to Mae West. Can you, give me an address for her.? -Brent Bates, Twin Lakes, Mich. Miss Wes* who is seen a lot at Hollywood parties, lives on Rossmore Avenue in Hollywood. Bet if you write her with just that much ACROSS address the postman would know just where to take it. ooo HELP --1 would like to know if the producers of the TV show Emergency! have ever considered putting it on as a nightly television program? Eleanor Murdock, St. Petersburg, Fla. I don't even have to check them to see what their answer might be -- Jack Webb is the executive producer -- because logistically it would be nearly impossible to make an hour- long, technically difficult show for nightly telecasts. It takes a week to film one episode. If they worked 50 weeks a year, they would still only have enough programs for 10 weeks. ooo aix . i t rM Toka stock in America. 1,4 Shown, TV 33 Egg-shaped science fiction 34 Sight organs mm 35 Rlcklas employs 11 Maureen —— them 14 Mitchell 37 Asner's role IS Lateral plants 38 Mr. Brynner 16Traachar'a Initial! 40 Small bird 17 Flattop land 41 Nothing formation 44 Markham'a llrst ISThua name 19 Lucy 46 Initials ol an Allen 22 Stitch 48 State positively 23 Marshall, 50 Eastwood's Counselor at Law cullllnk letters 25 The 51 Alias Murray, Temperatures MacLeod Rising 54 Telly 27 Dating and Parent 56 Played by 29 on a Match Roundtree 1 N S a A 1 a H 57 Seen on Wild Kingdom (pi.) 58 Born DOWN 1 Diana or Katharine 2 Midwestern state 3 Fred to Lamont 4 Wound mark 5 Devoured 6 McDowell's monogram 7 Masculine nickname 6 Angers 9 Ouranta's distinction 10 Chew on 12Egan's shirt Inscription 13 Fire remains 20 A Nelson's note signature 21 Color TV 23 Mr. Sharif 24 Young's role, Marcus 26 Who, What, 27 Lump 28 Gardner 30 O'Neal's first name 31 Poetic contraction 32 Superlative suffix 36 Total 37 Morris' namesakes 39 TV schedule word 40 Weight (ab.) 4 1 \ U Is 1 1 5P • 8 41 Qovt. space agency (ab.) 42 — Dixon 43 Son of Jacob (Bib.) 45 Stack's onetime 49 Male sheep role 52 Exclamation 46 Maude lo Waller 53 Johnson 47 Poker slake 55 Musical note PAGE 13

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