Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 15, 1966 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1966
Page 11
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THE REGISTER-NEWS DAILY MAGAZINE PAGE IIONDW SK CHIC VOUNO ih ABNOI OH, V6AW ..-TWEN HOW DO YOU eXPLAIMTMiS KIEWSPAPER CUPPING ? /ONLV MIRRIONAIRES AMD CUTE ( DANCER PERMITTED IN .r-YOU WlOTMIRRIONAIRE IHt BURIk lOSM -ANDVOU X AM IS CEATAIKIlW /SUMPTHIKl' NOT CUTE < EVEM • DANCER.':''; FINER// A Hado's They'll Do It Every Time T HE PUTUPA W3RAL MAILBOX ON THEIR RUSTIC FEMCE TO MAKETHINSS EASIER FOR •rHEAiMU^AM MILK AMP WEI?S ?Vgp .U ^1 60T TRAVELERS' OIKKS? yep/- Tl^KETTZ-R ^Hri-^a -ADYJ.^ ^ • As You Were Clance Through the File» of Tha Ragitttr ^nd Th* N«wt THEM MRS, E. ADDEDAFIWAL TOUCH-. RAMBLING ROSE BUSHES- OUCH/, 70 YEARS AGO TODAY A union mass meeting was held at the Opera House yesterday afternoon under the aux- pices of the young people's societies of the various churches to express condemnation of the Turkish persecution of Armenians in Asia Minor. Dr. Gee went to Winfield this crippled RajiM the scare of their young lives on the Carmi gridiron yesterday afternoon but Dox- le Moore's lads managed to pull out with a slim 14-13 victory. CoQiplaints liave been made to Sheriff Arthur Owens by resi- «^ents of Belle Rive who seek to recover money paid to a magazine 'solicitor who falsely repre- A\AURy PHAiOCK ai'^fM/i/t/i:t.s., PENNA. SlOk ^UNCfa e m* ^^ hi^ i» IX I,, HI. M o» CAPTAIN %:St niRNH ^"ff^l^^ C A COHORT IN CWCASO WIlL mi AtUTMKEE (THEM. I MUSTN'T BE TKflCC-O IfiRAtJDPAP? CAN 5T0P THIS HUSE SPACE BOOH- poeate. mi, ••\^\sx(M wiu SAV THAT WAN» CUKIOSITV LEP TO THE PEMCLE ^^-^^^^ . THAT WIPEP HIM OUTl •^fO\^^tMLK, WHO W/l-t- WRITE Trie HISTOBV? WELl.,THEy'BeMAll.BPiNOW LETlS HAVE PWWe(?.„THeM , CALL THAT MICE INSTITUTlOM I ANP- ' MO! CAWrmsK, NOT Till I SEE THE REACTIOMTDMV ^ THREAK- me WIllETS I e 1M tr NO, W. m (ig. u^. roi. on. "I don't recall having any clients who'd be interested in how Ceraldine looked in her red dotted Swiss!" morning to look after his agri- sented hmiself to be a collector cultural interests on his broad ^ tor The Register-News, acres in that vicinity. 10 irEAita Aqo TODAY With the basketball season opener only a week distant, Coach Stan Changnon is busy with the task of building a varsity five around three first 65 YEARS AQO TODAY Homer Hicks has bought the pr. C .J. Poole property on north 12th street and in his purchase he has acquired on of the ni-i cest homes in the city. The con- •' stringers of last year's Rams. 1 If . . 1 r\A»»u ^1 -I* sideration is given as $5,000 George Green went quail hunting Wednesday and while chasr ing the feathered prize, someone of the party he was with fired at a bu:d and one of the shot from the charge struck him the nose under the left eye and buried itself in the flesh. PRISCItU'S tOf The hellbender is the common name for the great aquatic salamander of the eastern United States. It and a counterpart salamander found in Japan and China are the only sur* vivors of this primitive family which dates hack 70 million years. The hell« bender lives in and around rivers, has a flat head and body and reaches a maximum length of more than two feet. It feeds on small fish and often takes the bait off fishing lines. 9 iRcrelopaidla •rltoMlca SO YEARS AGO TODAY The Jefferson county farmer's institute opened its session at the court house today. A cab horse driven by Homer White fell on the slick pavement on Main street last night and broke its leg. it had to be shot. Donald Glover, Benny Purcell, and Charles M(^ee. Coach Changnon i? trying to find someone to fill the shoes of Junior Graham, center, and George Bedc, guard, veterans lo ^t to the teai^^ by graduatioiv pr. Andym Dr. J. A; 0^ son, Dr. aiid Mrs. IV*ert Sn^th, Dr. and Mrs. CM. Dixoi^, Koi- bert« Hock and Dr. f.B. Williamson attended the Southern Illinois Annual Medical meeting in Anna yesterday. 45 YEARS AGO TODAY The big storage resei-voir four miles north of the city is lower' at the present time tlian it has been for years «0 YEARS AGO TODAY George B. Thompson, county clerk elect, has appointed Thom-r as O, Gibson of this city as deputy county clei'k. The newj — —..^.cu uiurcn or cnrist county official will assuim* his: will observe the Sth annlversa.ry office Monday, Dec. 6. • 1 Qf the de^icati<m of its present M.M. Goodsae, known to his'"JuiWinsr. formerly the First many friends as Marsh Goodale, Ghn'stialn Chureh, at servic^a died here today at the family, Sunday. IS YEAIIS AGO TODAY Principal Arthur MHward of Mt Vernon high school will speaH at Pinckneywlle November 19 at a program dedicating the new high school gymnasium and dassroom building at the hlRh school in that city. Dr. Charles J. Poole, irfdely known retired Mt Vernon physi- )an and surgeon died at 8:30 last night in Tucson, Ariz:, following a long illness. His age Was 77 years, four months and 77 days. The Central Church of Christ home, 203 north 16th street. He was a Civil War veteran. SO YEARS AGO TODAY Mary Jane Carroll and Lacey Payne attended the dance in Herrin Satui'day evening «6 YEARS AGO TODAY A surprisingly tough ^w, football team gave Mt. Vernon •y Al VERMEU •v Walt W«tterb«rg FL0RIA,6EEIFV0U cbbOr A-S I SEE IT JENNY'LU, tt3UR ATTIT^JDE TOWARD CARLYLE IS MUCH TOO AC3SRESS1VE ^ ' ^ ^ ^riRSTIWERFARL ...>,.„^,.,^w.. . - Y<?nREALWAY$EWB4RRA $5ilCUFFUNKS!l aNFINDMYPEARLlW0W,IA$KYOiJ-DID INS ME! WHVCAN'TYOU ~ • -| CUFPLINKSJ n;S )EVER $EE50CHAM &N? WEAR(3ARtEF ?$UKE0THERMEM ?m« ly aiotsn rP*CKin AND Hit rRIEhM X MAve- A SURPRISE FOR.VOU Ro/s oor, , IMTRE, CAtZASE!' GPAMDPA, DtAMA AND I HAVE DATtS WITH , FRECKLES AMD BA200.' ••••AMD WE'DUKETO GETSTAP.TED,/ BE , PATfENT MONEV.' WE 'RE ONLY SolN'dJTTo, THE SARASe i rrWON-TTAKE LOM <5.' . SHORT RIBS AUEY OOP Walton Pv Gillespie, recently appointed niani^ger of the C^an^ ber qt (DtMnii ^erga, siilifis to inovf his family from Princeton shortly after Thanksgiving and they will make their home at 41S south 20t)« street. Three more Company M. men left today lor active duty »t Carmi'Atteberry, In^. They are: : Sgt. BUI R. Cummfav. Cpl. Donald E. Price, and Pfc. James HAMim WINTHROP WITH HER UP IN THE AIR LIKE THAT? I DON'T KNOW IF 1 CARE RISK IT.' Dlcfc CtvaM UK O'NEAl ^ 1 ::2) to— oQl •UQS BUNN* / CICEROi^ / I 'M TIRED 0' V FALUN' OVER V YER. TOYS' WHEN 1 COME BACK I WANT EV'RY TOY OFF TH' FLOOR EXCEPT TH 'AMF YER FLAVIN' WITH J nx a MMB NOW DON'T GET EXCITED -I 'M ONLY aAYIM' WITH o^e SKATE.' (D tM< Ir W""" tm}/" ^ ftr MOMrlF tCHNRIDEI BUT, MOkJiOOe, HOW CO YOU KMDtU I'M WOT TW£ ^AA^J FOR SOU? G<l/EMM£ACflAMC6.» A GfRL Ymm lUMEW SHeS MET THE RIGHT GUV.' BeCCS GOOFF/ «l«|.lRllil>l«^ 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Howard Mendeiihall, administrator cf the Rend Lake Conservancy District, has opened an office in Benton. The qiy of Mt. Vernrai will receive ^7 ,210.09 from October fuel tax receipts, it was announced today by City Qerk Harry DeWltt. Naifcy ^ea^, ]|ennie Haynec, Earlen? Heftie ^P liUny Wit son, senlqp?, i|re qi the high honiff «rt WeW >Br Ttownahip Hii;h StchPol. ' '-Rose Marie.w wftft Milllcent Ledbctter aiit| ^phn {^tta in the romantic leads, will be Bi^sen: t<gd tonlsht «»nd Friday eve^pf at the Ugh adxxd. mm »mmm Open hws« Will he |wM Nov. IT at m WW Mt. V*nW School M «»c«, el?* of B^sk in4 Dewl^ C^tibs of North Awe^lcf, N Mt. Vemw BirWW ro«ters leete^ I H 9f m ye «ur. Dr, CK, WeHu 1» the af fiistant «eq«tary of the Sou*em nihxrts IWedlcal Association. OUR »n»>OlNrt HOil«» wm- MAin» • '\r\*\% OUT OUR WAV WIlliAMI _/ MY VIOTO.FATHEPC, OOM'T^IHlNKA MOTOKCYfcLE 16 A 81T FRIVOLOUS FOR' AMAN^foUK AGE-? .*>-HAK-(^FF.'-^TH&/ KOOPi-ENAME- 3 ^.TANDSFOB \ CO/VIMLJN\TY VL 1EAUEP.5HIP.' TURNED OM-**-BlKeS ARE IN THl<a ^EA^OM.' 'AND AS LONS A-S Yog'RE THE »0ei<5HSORHOOD 3\& OAPDV YOU CAM HELP ME START A CYCLE CLUB.' ^A HAND WaH I IHtS GEAR.' AND 6E LAWFUL-~-THAT SUITAR TO0l< PLEtATY OP FORT KNO>: VITAMIM^.' AMOS* BOY, YOUR ^--N BROTHER'S HARP OWyou.AIW'THE?, -Srril-L LEAVIM' IKISTRUOTIOWS FORBIPPIN' YOU TO RAIP THE ICE BOX.' % / OH, HE'S UETTIM' UPA LITTLE.' ' < YOU AlW'T READIN' HIA/» RlfiHT- WHAT HE'S SAVIN' THERE iS; *EAT SQMETXIKJ6 IF VOU AAUST, BUT WASH 10UR HAMpS FIRST AKip CLEAWUPTHE MESS AFTERVYARPS, OR ELSE.'* THE M^RV VU^ART

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