The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 8, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1933
Page 6
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* I THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORJttAN, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1033 FEATURE AI FOX IN MSI 2 DAYS "State Fm'r" Nt-ars End of Run Locally; Announce Disney Comic. ".Statn Fair" Is showing only two more' dnys at the FOT. ThtB great picture closes Its run Thursday evening. It's a chance of a lifetime to BOP so groat a picture plip-ed hy so great a cast. "State Fair" In nn adaptation from the prize-winning best -seller novel of the same name by Phil Ktong. Played by n great cant which Includes nil these favorites: Will RoR«>r.«. Janet Tiaynor, T,ew Ayres, Sully Kllery, Nornmn Fouler, l,ouise ProHHpr. Frank fravon, Victor Jory and Hlue Boy, the champion Hampshire bouv hog. See this simple story nf simple people who visit the state fair and who Ket Just what they want. There are laughs galore furnished mainly by Will Rogers; there's plenty of romance with lif\v Ayres and Janet Ciaynnr; you'll thrill with Sully Filers and Normnn Foster. As a sjieolnl added entertainment feature the Fox offers Walt Disney's prize-winning short, a Silly Symphony In technicolor, "King Neptune." FOUR STARS AT FOX Will Rogers, Norman Foiter, Janet Qaynor and Lew Ayres In a scene from "State Fair," Marlene, Ramon to Go Into Vaudeville ll'nitrd Prcsa Leaned Wirrl LONDON, Feb. 8.— The Dally Express film critic said today that arrangements hail been completed for Marlene Dietrich and Rnmon Novurro to appear In vaudeville here this summer. IOXIHIAIKI CONTINUOUS 2:30 TO 11:00 LAST 2 DAYS -<*> KERN—1200 K. 6—Chesterfield Program, Blng Crosby, Leonard Hayton's Orchestra. 6:15—"Romantic Bachelor." 6:30—Jimmy Blttlck's orahoxtra. 7—Old Clold, featuring "Warrlng's Pennsylvanlans. 7:30—Kdwin C. Hill. 7:45—Jiyrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:10—Nino Martini and Columbia Symphony orehewtra. 8:30—laham Jones' orchestra. B—The Atrocities of 1933. 10—"Cross Cuts." 10:06—"All request hour." 10:40—Ted Plortto's orchestra. 11—Dancing tvlth the stars. 11:30—Dance orchestra. i 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. Burning Desire, Romance, Laughs and Ambition! . . You'll Know All In This Great All-Star Picture! A GREAT CAST IN A DRAMA THAT'S LIFE ITSELF! t»T^^^ pp m. —EXTRA- WALT DISNEY'S "KING NEPTUNE" IN COLOR FOX MOVIETONE NEWS .WCTUtJl 6—Charlie Wellman and orchestra. 0:30—Belasco's orchestra with Donald Novls. 7—Corn Cob Pipe Club. 7:30—Program featuring; Eddie Peabody. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—The Seal of tho Don 8:30—"One Man Family," drama. 9—Arzen Molody Time. 9:15—Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 9:45—"Buddies," male quartet. 10—Richfield Reporter of the Air. 1015—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Qua Arn' helm's orchestra. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. I i , . . <i 6—Bins Crosby. G:16—Vlck's VapoRub Varieties. 0:SO—Jimmy Blttlrk'H orchestra. 7—Columbia Revue. 7:30—chnndu, tho Magician. 7:4S—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. ' 8:16—Columbia Symphony orchestra. 8:30—Musical Comedy Farce Burlesque. 9:30—Program to be announced. 10—News Items. 10:15—Kb and Zeb. 30:30—Ted Flurlto's orchestra. 12 to ) a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. STAR AT NILE TONIGHT WARREN WILLIAM IN "EMPLOYEES' ENTRANCE. 285.5 M.—KNX—1060 K. 6—News. C-.10—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:80—SI and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Screnaders. 7—Frank Wntamibi* and Archie, 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Joseph Dlskay and concert orchestra. ' 7:45—Happy Chappies. 8—KNX mid-week parade. 9—News» 9:15—Crockett Mountaineers. fl:30—"Patches." 10—KNX ensemble. 10:30—Organ recital. ]1 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. YOU MAY NOT COME TO ME TONIGHT- OR TOMORROW NIGHT-BUT YOU LL COME /" llns Powerful Role as Head of Department Slore; Splendid Cast Warren William Is said to dominate In "lOmployecs 1 Rntrance," which opens tonight at tho Nil*. Others In tho cast are Loretta Young, Ruth Donnelly, Wallace Ford and Allco White. It IB a picture of life within a bin department store. The owne'' of the sloro la u puppet figure who likes to servo on mayor's welcoming committees. Tho real boss IB the Kurt Anderson, played by William, a' man who fires and hires, smashes anil rebuilds without a flicker of the eyebrow. From tho runic and fllo ho chooses young Wallace Ford to groom as his HMSlstant and protege. Ford disobeys orders when ho secretly marries Lor- ottu. Young, a model, and who IIUH been a part, of an earlier chapter of (he manager's life. There l_n hitter .strife and conflict between all three, each of vliom Is fighting for certain power. In the end Ford and Miss Young go away to try to find happiness In some less cruel, sordid, setting, while William with a grin goes right on with his work. "Employees' lOntrauce" Is said to bo an excellent picture, finely directed In modcYn tempo by Mervyn L,oRoy. It has Interest, color, power. It has good acting, notably from Willlam, and it has comedy from Alice White. Wallace Ford turns In a smooth, easy performance, and Miss Young plays well opposite him and looks, as usual, attractively pretty, FAIRBANKS IS STAR IN REX DRAMA TODAY Deserting the American scenes which characterized his roles In such recent films as "It's Tough to Be ; Famous," and "Love Is a Racket," Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., turns to Russia for his latest story, "Scarlet Dawn," the Warner Brothers picture which opens today at the Rex theater, with Nancy Carroll co-starred. As a young Russian prince who Is forced to flee his native land when the revolution breaks out, the later sequences of the story give him an opportunity to portray the romantic lero, dashing, chivalrous and daring. The story opens with the young officer on leave from the front, only ,o fall Into the whirlpool of revolution. Disguised as a peasant, he makes his escape from the country followed by a faithful peasant servant girl. They make their way to Constantinople where the prince marries the peasant. But that is only the beginning of a series of events which lead up to the final, brilliant climax. . The film Is made doubly interesting by virtue of the fact that two lead- ng ladies, the red headed Nancy Carrole and the blonde Ulyan Tashman, provide the female element of the romantic Interest. "Vanity Street," featuring Charles Blckford and Helen Chandler, Is also on the program. 5-Day Cut Price Sale • ,. . • . J . "• .». • ,y >• Chester Avenue at Twentieth Street STARTS TODAY CUT PRICES REGARDLESS OF COST No Limit—Open Until 11 p. m. 23e 49e 43e Actor Indignantly "Goat" HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 8.—Sidney A. Blackmer, actor husband of Lenore Ulrlc, New York' actress, Indignantly branded himself a "goat" today after ho had been released on his own recognizance when arraigned on a omplalnt charging him with a statutory offense. The complaint was signed by Ber- nlce Bach, 17, whom Blackmer said He had met casually at a party as "Patricia Morten." "Her accusation is utterly untrue," Blackmer said. "I'm being made the goat In this affair." THEFT OF MONA LISA Grls you couldn't touch with a 100-foot yacht ready to barter their kisses for a $10 job! Cmployees ENTRANCE' with ALICE WHITE WALLACE FORD STARTS I TONIGHT Allen Ruth DONNELLY Jack Haley Comedy Abe Lyman COMPOSER DIES TVATERVLJET, N. Y.,' Feb. 8. (A. J—Miss Anna M. Toohey, 73. widely known composer of music and prose, Is dead. In 1876 her song, "The Belle of Washington," was played In the nation's centennial observance. AT CALIFORNIA Tho picture that sent'the New York and Berlin photoplay critics Into a rave and won encomiums In every other world capital opens today at the Rialto th«ater. This production, "The Theft of the Mona Lisa," features the sensational song hit "Why Do You. Smile, Mona Lisa?" as Its musical theme. This spectacular talking motion picture has likewise the distinction of superbly dramatizing a modern historical front page event, the theft of tho great painting, treated from suspenseful and romantic angle. Its hero and heroine are played by the noted continental stars. Willy Forst and Trude von Molo. Forst plays the thief, who" Is motivated- by love for a girl who looks remarkably like the celebrated art masterpiece. On the same bill is Charley Chaplin in a reissue of his greatest comedy hit, "Easy Street," now shown with music and sound effects. 200,000 EXPECTED AT 4 .yn Rlpley Shows 7 and 9 p. m. CONTINUOUS 1:30 TO 11iOO Today and Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Nancy Carroll in "Scarlet Dawn" Also story ol today •> NOT WANltD" girll VAMITY STREET With Charles Bickford ALSO "MALAY NIGHTS" JOHNNY MACK BROWN DOROTHY BUHUfSb BALTH INCC VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—15c ANY TIME Last Times Today TWO FEATURES TOM MIX and Hi« Wonder Hors* TONY In "Destry Rides Again" and an All-Star Cast In "MIDNIGHT LADY" Powerful drama of modern moral*. Also Comedy DANCE TONIGHT Can ad ay's Pavilion Benefit Greenfield Night Baseball Club GOOD MUSIC REFRESHMENTS Admission 25c RIALTO 5 TO 6 P. M., ISci AFTER 6, I Be, lit TODAY AND THURSDAY "Theft of Mona Lisa" Robbery that shocked the world. Charley Chaplin in his greatest hit (with sound) "Easy Street" Newt and Cartoon CKINA NIOHT THURSDAY TUNE IN KERN TOMORROW Thursday, Feb. 9 at 12:30 (noon) for Frager's Program of Spanish Music by 5-Plece Spanish Orchestra Presenting Famous Spanish SongH and Instrumental Selections You'll Like It, the Same as Everybody Likes the Famous Frager's Hot Tamalcs and Spanish Dishes Served Dally at 625 East Nineteenth Street or Delivered to Your Home PHONE 2257 TALLULAH BANKHEAD f I N "FAITHLESS," which opens today at the California theater, Metro-Goldwyn-tyayer presents a drama with a modern theme. Presents It brilliantly,, forcefully and convincingly. ! Tallulah Bankhead and Robert Montgomery are costarred. It Is their first appearance together, and a happy one. Miss 'Banlchead gives a performance that will touch you to the quick with sympathy for the pampered daughter of wealth who, through no fault except an extravagance on which she had been nurtured from childhood, finds herself In a whirlpool of misfortune against whose currents she Is not strong enough to swim. Robert Montgomery Is a young man on whom life has not showered so many material blessings. But he cares endugh to share her burden with her, and though their love for each other is never for a moment to bo doubted, they are carried relentlessly downstream together. Also showing Is tho thrill feature "Malay Nights," starring Johnny Mack Brown, Dorothy Burgess and Ralph Ince. The picture is rich in scenic beauty and packed -with* action, thrills and romance. ' Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Where You Get the Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost Club Breakfast, 25c to SOc Lunches, 50c and 85e Dinners, 50c to J1.50 A Delicious T-Bono Steak Dinner, 11.00 Assorted Toasted Sandwiches, 1Bc SPECIAL Hot Roust Turkey Sandwich, • Mashed Potatoes, Glblet Gravy, 4Bo, 1C1 Tojon Made Pins a la Mode, (Attociatcd Prei* Leased Vftre) WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.—More than 200,000 people are expected hi Washington for tho Roosevelt Inaugural. Analysts for the inaugural committee today made the estimate after n study of reservations for trains and hotels, the sale of tickets for places in the reviewing stands, and Inquiries which have come from every state. Arrangements for more than a score of special trains have already been made and several hotels reported that most of their rooms have been reserved. . Accommodations for 50,000 persons outside of hotels are being made. Twenty-five governors have ac- epled Invitations to come. « . *—i Entertainment Cost Cannot Be Deducted (United Press Leased W(re) WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.—The United tato Board of Tax Appeals toduy uled that Lenore Ulrlc, theatrical tar, could not deduct as ordinary and ecessary expenses money spent In I making contacts and entertaining au- ' hdrs, critics, directors and newspa- er writers. The board held that such expenses ,re not deductible as ordinary and j lecessary expenses of carrying on a heatrical star's business. Miss Ulric In her petition sought re- determination of deficiencies in in- ome tax for 1927 totaling $1140.32 and or 1928 amounting to $237.22. ROUTE COAST TO COAST HOURS FAKk 2 1/3 San Francisco $ 14.45 Los Angeles 6.85 Fresno 5.95 New York 160.00 10% Off on Round Trips Call! Trarel Bureau*. Hotel Porter*. fo»t»\, Wettern Union, Peno. R. R. or TRANSCONTINENTAL AND WESTERN AIM. Inc. Phone Kern County Municipal Airport, 3488. or Any Hotel or Travel Bureau LA GRANADA Dance Tonight Sponsored by American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps Waltz Contest Now On Finals Washington's Birthday Wednesday, February 22 Old-Timers' Dancing Club Friday Night Warships to Chase Vessel in Mutiny THE HAGUE, Feb. 8.—A Dutch quadron of warships Is prepared for mmedlate action against mutineers aboard the cruiser De Zeven Provln- clen, who threatened to fire on a government' vessel pursuing them, the ministry of colonies told the United ress today. WOMAN LOST 20 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS Mrs. Mae West of St. Louis, Mo., writes: "I'm only 28 yrs. old and weighed 170 Ibs. until taking one box o'f your Kruschen Salt* Just 4 weeks ago. I now weigh 150 Ibs. I also have more energy and furthermore I've never had a hungry moment." Fut folks Hhould take one half teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts In a glasti of hot water In tho morning before breakfast—It's the SAFE, harmless way to reduce as tens of thousands of men and women'know. For your health's safe ask for and get Kruschen at Eastern Drug' Co., Service Drug Co., Hughes Drug Store, 19th and Cheater, or-any drug store— the cost for a bottle that lasts 4 weeks Is but a trine and If after the first bottle you are not Joyfully satisfied with results—money back.—Adv. Phillips Music Co. mis Sheet Music M Publishers' Prices Pint Rubbing Alcohol.. $1.35 Ramon* Wine "fonlc $1.20 Caldwell Syrup YA* of Pepsin >wv SOc OQ* Liquocold WVW $1.25 Ray-Ma-Tol Tonic . for Rheumatism 60c Swamproot $1.25 Flaxolyn Liquid 35c LaLasine |Q«t Antiseptic • VW 25c Vlnco Tablets $1.20 King's New Discovery. '. SOc Halltosine 90* Antiseptic £v6 $1.10 Nuxated Iron Tablets $2.00 Reducolds $1.25 Whlttier Water 60c Foley's Cough Syrup.... 30c Volcanic OH Pint Milk of Magnet)*. ........ Pint Triple-Distilled Witch Hazel ...... SOc Syrup of Figs.'. ....... ----- . One Pound Blonde Seeds $1.00 Badger Shaving Brush 60c Unguentlne Skin Cream SOc After Shaving Lotion ..... 29c 29c 29c 29e 39c 23c I3e 49c $1.29 39c 39e I9c 300 Bottles Standard Brands Toilet Waters Perfumes One-Half Off $2.00 Imported Castile Soap 50o Facial Tissue (rolls) 25c Curran's •! Shampoo ...... W SOc Liquid Tar Shampoo SOc Chlor Dentu Tooth Paste. $1.00 Body Powder ..... for 23e 25c 23c 2lc 29c All Cameras One-Half OH $2.98 ... 36c I7e 35c Wizard Oil $1.50 Germanla Tea *50o Spirits of Camphor SOc Aromatic Ammonia.... 25c Castor Oil $1.20 Milk's Emulsion. $6.00 Nue-Ovo Tonic $2.00 Amoco I, for Pyorrhea.... 86c Reducing Salts...: $1.00 Sarsasparllla Tonic 25c Sore Foot Powder 23c $1.19 23c 27c I7c 69c $4.29 50c Electric Brand Liniment $1.25 Coso Mineral Water $1.00 Buchu" Pills 25c Bronchial Lozenges... 25c Headache Wafers 49e 59e I2e 29c 49c 59e 9e I6e 59c I2e I9e 26c 49c 39c I7c $1.00 Syrup Hypophosphites... 25c Laxative Cold Tabs 35c Corn Remedy SOc Liver Laxative $1.00 Peptonized Beef With Iron arid Nux Vomlca $1.25 Female Tonic SOc Quick Relief Digestive Tablets 25c Foot 19* Powder • aW 60c Liquid Veneer One Dozen Aspirin Ifljt Tablets IU* 4-oz. Syrup of White Pine 59c $6.00 Electric Iron 50c Chamberlain Lotion 35c Djer Kiss Talcum $1.00 Hinds Honey and Almond Cream SOc Hinds Honey and Almond Cream 75c Three Flower Face Powder , 60c Packer's Shampoo 25c Pluko Hair Dressing 60c Danderlne SOc Prophylactic Toothbrush 60c Pompelan Creams 40c Squlbb'a Shaving Cream 35c Cutex Manicure 91ft Items at 1C 25c Pond's Tissue Four cakes Castile Soap Powder Puffs, « |||_ value to 2Sc... W for IUv Linen Envelopes, A I Rjk 1Sc value ft for IWV 1 pound Perfumed 14* Talcum Iw6 Hot Water Bottle or Syr- Inge, $1 value for.... Rouges, values to $1.00, for Bulk Perfume, value to $3.00 ...01 Lipsticks, values to 4A& $1, for fiVG Toothbrushes, values to I AM SOc, for IVV Dr. West's Tooth Paste Norwalk Razor Blades (Gem, Ever Ready or Gil- I A* lette types) I vV Fountain Pen Ink 15c Dyes—R It, Diamond, Putnam's or A Tlntex * for Face Creams In Tubes; values to SOc, for 10e Toilet 1C 39c 29c 29e 9c 25c 33e 23c Candy Specials 29o Chocolate-Covered Cherries. Fruit and Nut Chocolates ...... Ib. 9e I9e for wllw Soaps; v Nursing Bottle and Nipple Free With Each Purchase of Baby Food $1.50 Q. T., Feminine Hygiene $1.50 CERTAINE 20 Rolls 15c TOILET TISSUE.. $1.00 Ambrosia ' SKIN LOTION.... 49c Hundreds of Items at Half Price INCLUDING All Stationery All Bath Salts All Ingersoll Watches All Bath Sprays All Bed Pans, Etc. All Trusses and Abdominal Belts Also 500 Standard Cold Creams and Face Powders 15c MEASURING , CUPS $5.00, 10-lb. can MALTED MILK... 25-lb, can < MALTED MILK... 5e HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS HOME-COOKED LUNCH, 35c SERVICE DRUB CO. Twentieth and Chester

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