The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on March 4, 1919 · 16
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 16

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1919
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1G THE EVENING SUN. BALTIMORE. TUESDAY. MAHCIl 4. 1019. J I ! t i i- f U is i it ',. f.i 4 i i ! . I!. f i PRIEST TELLS STORY Of GUNTHER'S DEATH ' Continued From Page 20 waa brar man. the bravext he had ever wvn, and that he lived such a life in France aa full to prepare him to meet his Maker. The prW told the story of the death and burial of rJergt. Hnr Gunther, of Baltimore, in low-pitrhed tonra. Sad aad avr faces watrhul him. He had to atop frequently. He did not want them to cee that he also waa frying. But they did flee it Thouah their heart were breaking with Borrow, they pitied the chaplain. They aaid m. Gunther Happy At Proipect Of Home. father Jonaitia told the parents and sweetheart of the 23-year-old hero that Henrv waa one of the happiest of the men in the Three Hundred and Thirteenth Infantry at lti.tti o'clock on the I morning of November 11. when the n aage waa Rent down the line to stop tifht-in at 11 o'clock. He aaid be heard oenretnt tiiinther aay : "Oh, Gee! I am glad this hell i nearly oyer. I am noon going home." Three minutes before 11 o'clock Sergeant Gunther was ordered to take a platoon of men over and get a nest of ierman machine gunners. Gunther knew it was nearly stopping time and was well aware of the dangerous tusk before him. hut the priest said that the Sergeant, calling to the other men to follow, gripped his gun tightly in both hi hards aud went to bis death with a smile on his face. German Wave To Them To Go Back He reputed to them the story of how the Germans waved to Sergeant Gunther and bis men to go back as the time was .nearly up. lSut Gunther had not gone to Frame to take orders from the- Germane. His commanders bad told him to get that German nest aud he wi trying his best to obey orders. He said Gunther had almost reached the nest and was raising hia gun to tire, when three German bullets stopped him. One ot the bullets pierced the hero's head : the other passed through a batch of letters some from bis mother and Miss Gruebl end others which he had written to them saving he was coming home soon and through a prayer book, into bis heart: - the third bullet went into his right wrist. The priest described the prayer book and Miss Gruebl said it was a present from her just before Henry sailed ir Krone. Immediately after Henry .-.11, Father Jonaitia said, the Germans leaped from their trench and, placing the lialtimore hero on a stretcher, carried him over to hia comrades in Company A of the Three Hundred and Thirteenth, who had forgotten their joy in the ending of hostilities. He said the other boys in the company loved Henry Gunther and his death took all the joy at the signing of the armistice out of them for that day. Deacribea Young Man's Burial. The priest then told how he and friends of Henry carefully wrapped his body in two blaugets and carried it to a grave they had dug. After the body was covered, he told the parents and sweetheart, how he and the men of the company placed a mound of stones over the , grave and then planted daisies they had j gathered from a nearby fie! w After making a cross which they pis. d at tl head of the grave with the name of Sergeant Gunther written on it, as well as a short account telling that he was the last American to die in tl- fisht, Father Jonaitia said they placed four wooden posts at each corner of the grave, around which they strung a fence of wire. When the priest finished the story no i' one in the room spoke for fully live minutes. All were going over in their minds the death and burial of the yntiiig hero. Mr. Gunther was the first to break the silence when he asked with great eager-neaa If his son was prepared to meet his God. Before the priest could answer. , Mr. Gunther, joined by his wife and Miss Gruebl, said Henry was an ideal son when he was home and led and exemplary life. When Father Jonaitia told them that Henry while in France led just as good and probably even a better life than he did in Baltimore and that he was certain of Henry's salvation, the parents and Miss Gruebl together, with their hands raised to Heaven, exclaimed : "Thank God, we have given a saint to God aud a hero to our country." Hope To Bring Body o Baltimore. The chaplain then described the esact location of the grave. He wrote out the location for the little group, and each of them said they will plan at once to have the body brought back to this city for burial. Little Mother Gunther said she wanted to go over there herself and bring back her boy's body, but her husband's condition will not permit her leaving him. She said, however, that if she cannot have the remains brought back by the Government, despite her frail health, she will go over to France after it. Father Jonaitia. before burying Sergeant Gunther, removed his wrist watch. In his excitement yesterday the priest forgot the watch. He will give it to them this afternoon. During bis last visit to Baltimore before going "Over There.' Sergeant Gunther purchased several religious pic turea now hanging on the walls in the kitchen end dining-room of hia home. His parents are proud of those pictures. They are still where Henry placed them. Despite the terrible pain he was suffering Mr. Gunther hobbled about the two room yesterday pointing out with his cane to Chaplain Jonaitis the pictures which Henry had hung on the walls. Father Jonaitis said he will be delighted to meet any of the parents of the boys in the Three Hundred and Thirteenth. Probably, he said, he will remember something about the deeds of their sons. He ia guest at the Hotel Kmerson. MUSTARD GAS FAILS TO HALT NEGROES Continued From Page 20 deadly at a point 6 inches above the ground than at a point 5 feet from the ground, after it had been sprayed. At the conclusion of Dr. Marshall's discourse, Dr. William II. Welch complimented him on the paper and the manner in which the subject waa explained, and, incidentally, suggested that Dr. Marshall might enlighten them on the reported scheme of the Germans to create alleys in their gas clouds, through which they made their attacks without endangering their own soldiers. Think Dye Marked Lanes. Dr. Marshall said that the story was probably correct. He stated that it bad been observed that the German used a red dye in their gag shells, the function of which baffled the Allies for a long time. It left a red stain on the ground where the shell exploded, and the conclusion was that the Germans used this means of marking the path of their deadly sprays, tie said they also used a yellow plate attached to a pole, which would turn black when in contact with gac fumes. According to the experiments made at the American University, the fumes from the mustard gas would cause casualties for 12 days after the ground was sprayed, lhis conclusion was reached by experiments with ani mals of about the same susceptibility as man. Interesting Conclusion Reached. One interesting conclusion that ha been reached in connection with mustard gas, according to Dr. Marshall, is the effect of the gas upon a more resistant or thicker akin when it is placed in contact with a more susceptible skin on which the gas solution has been applied. Although the more resistant skin, ordinarily, ia less.susceptible to the gas when it comes in direct contact with it, it ia more seriously burned than the thinner and more susceptible skin when the contact is made. The experiment of SDDlving the mustard gas to an arm hav ing less resistant skin, and then holding over the portion that has been treated. an arm that has more resistant skin disclosed the fact that the latter arm tuf- fered more severely. Dr. Arthur L. BloomGeld read a paper on "Skin Hensitiveoesa to Intluenza," wbicb gave some interesting technical points on the effect of the disease in the recent epidemic. A discussion of the subject followed the reading of Dr. Marshall's piper. BRINGING UP YOU DREV ENTIRELY TOO OLD- I'VE ORDERED iOMt CLOTHED TOf? YOU ACCOK50IN4 TO MY rlOEA5 OP ASKS JOBS FOR "BOYS" Eetailers' Buieau Of The M. & M. Association Sends Out Appeal To Employers. 500 TO BE PLACED THIS WEEK Eeal Co-Operation Needed If Discharged Soldiers And Sailors Are To Be Taken Care Of. Retailers are appealed to by the Retail Merchants' Bureau of the Merchants and Manufacturers' Association to help the Bureau for Returned Soldiers, Sail ors and War Workers find positions for men as they are discharged from the army or navy. Letters accompanied by a blank, which the employers are expected to fill out, were mailed today by the bureau, asking for information as to their attitude about replacing the returned fighters in their old positions and about giving positions to men not formerly in their em ploy. '. . Genuine co-operation on aa '.' a scale as possible by the employer ia abso lutely imperative if the bureau is to do the work cut out far it in the immediate future. Cards were received by the bureau to day indicating that something more than 500 men will be seeking positions there this week. AU of them are men whose homes are In Baltimore. Those who lived elsewhere are discouraged when they seek a position here. All the power of the Federal Government Is being used to persuade men to return to their own towns when they are discharged from army or navy. About 300 of those for whom the bu reau will have to find jobs this week are Baltimore and Maryland negroes who went to France with the Three Hundred and Sixty-eighth Infantry. The others are white men of various commands. W hen a man is about to be discharaed at Camp Meade he fills out it card, in which he gives, among other things, the occupations in which he worked before entering the army, so that C. Green, director of the bureau, knows exactly what the men for whom he must find positions are fitted to do.. Their capaci ties cover a very wins range. FOR SUNDAY SPORTS Continued From Page 20 safeguard of the individual, aud it is 'righteousness that exalteth a nation.' Religion Is Necessary. "Where divine worship and religious instructiou are neglected no people can long prosier. That children may lie brought up in the nurture aud admoni tion of the Lord, become good citizens as well as good Christians, and that adults may do the right. Christian education and worship in Hunday-schonls and cnurclies must be regarded as of primary imirtanee. It was the 'custom' of Jesus to worship In the sanctuary. There never waa a time when there was more nerd than now to follow Ilia example in this respect, as well as in other respects. "In this time of social unrest it should be borne in mind that 'other foundation can no man lay thnn that which is laid in Christ Jesus.' In order that divine worship, which is necessary to meet the religious and moral needs of people, may not be interfered with Sunday must be safeguarded, on the one band, from commercialism, from the greed of industry, and on the other hand, from the making Of it simply a holidav. or W f.,r- ... cursiuD and worldly amusements. Approve Amateur Innocent Games. "3. A proper observance of Sunday should mean the reinvigoratlon of the body as well as the culture of the soul and the improvement of the mind. We must recognize the fact that what would be physical rest or recreation for one person would not be for anather "The manual laborer may find sitting on an easy chair bis best way to rest, while the clerk who has been at an office desk during the week may bad most rest and recratioo taking physical exercise outdoors. Kor this reason we willingly go on record as not opposing the permission to those who wish to do so in the right way to engage in amateur innocent games on Sunday between 'i aud 6 P. M., at hours which will not interfere with the attendance of Sunday-school and church services. "If the poor man is not allowed to play healthful games on rinmiav afternoons consistency demands that the rich man should not be permitted to take pleasure trips in bis automobile on that day. "We most strongly protect against the commercialising of Sunday in any way, shape or form, aa by the paying of ad misison to games, the paying of professional players to take part in games, or the opening of theatres, concert halls and moving-picture psrlors." Receipt to Make a Gray Hair Remedy A. L. Paulson, M. D., who has practiced medicine In New York city for many years, gave out the following recipe for a home-made gray hair remedy : "Gray, streaked or faded hair can be immediately turned black, brown or light brown, whichever shade you desire, by the following simple remedy that yon can make at home : "Merely get a box of Orlex powder at any drug store. It costs very little and no extras to buy. Dissolve it in 4 os: distilled or rain water and comb it through the hair. Directions for mixing and use and a gold-bond guarantee come in each box. "It is safe, it does not rub off, is not sticky or greasy, and leaves the hair fluffy. It will make a gray-haired person look twenty year younger." Adver- FORYUADACMl. 1 FOB BILIOUSKESSJ FOR CONSTIPATOff l I I jmJ Mil I r 4 ) . . I III II W mm Uiver All pius. FATHER n 1 i t n rrrr .11 1 r- DO YCU MINO ip i pick me OWN TEETH' CANDIDATES GET BUSY Both Preston And Williams Down For A Number Of Addresses To Democrats Tonight. BAIL FAILS AS "WINDSTRAW" Crowd Composed Mostly Of Tenth Warders Seemed Equally Divided, Judging From Applause. Both candidates for the Democratic nomination for Mayor will make a number of speeches tonight. Mayor Preston will ta'k at West Park Recreation Cntre. in the Thirteenth ward, and at the Kairmouut Democratic Club, in the Sixth ward. Ueorgp Weems Williams will attend a supper at St. Paul's Guild, 85H Columbia avenue, at 7.30 o'clock ; thereafter the Holy Cross baxar, and then will speak at the Strieker Athletic Club, Strieker and Baltimore streets. Mr. Williams made two speeches today one at an ice-cream plant on East Baltimore street and one at a shoe factory on Kast Lombard street. Tomorrow night he, Joseph M. Smith, candidate on his ticket for the nomination for Comptroller; William Pnrnell Hall, Robert E. I,ee and some of the Council-manic candidates will speak at Mann's Hall, in the -OIK) block Harford road, at a Ninth ward meeting. Bryant At Atlantic City. Howard Bryant, candidate on the Williams ticket for the nomination for President tif the Second Brunch of the City Council, has gone to Atlantic City for a little rest. It is understood that he is having some trouble with his throat and believes that a few days at the seashore will put him back iu shape. According tft those who attended the Hibernian ball at Hasaxer's Hall last night, it was hard to.tell whether a majority of the men who divided their time between politics and torpiehore were in favor of Williams or Preston. Each candidate addressed the crowd between dances and each was given loud applause. It was largely a Tenth ward affair, and the Tenth ward, if all reports are correct, is badly split. The Williams people say they will carry it. a statement which provokes the Prestou people to laughter. Much' probably will depend upon the Councilmanic light in the ward. Four Candidates In Ward. In this connection it looks now as if Councilman John A. J. McKcnua is fairly sure of reniimination. There are four candidates for .the First Branch nomination in the ward Mr. MrKenna, who has the backing of William P. O't'onor; James J. Burke, who is "Bernie" Lee's candidate; James Q. Parmer, who is without organized support, and Ambrose T. Kennedy, the Kelly candidate. MrKenna seems to have the better of the fij:ht, for the reason that many of the Tenth warders who Intend to vote for Mr. Williams for the Mayoralty nomination are supporting him and letting Kennedy drift. It is thought that this defection from the Kelly ranks will overcome any losses M' Kenna may sustain by reason of "Bernie' Lee s fight against him. 1 However, the situation is a very complicated one, and there will be doubt about how it is going to turn out down to the last minute in all probability. SURGEONS WORKED ON AS HUNS' BOMBS FELL Continued From Page 20 very severe leg wound waa thrown from bis bed and his arm was broken. A man who lay in a bed there when the bombing began, with n very serious wound in the back, received a fragment of the bomb in the old wound, which was reopened nnd cut deeper Shell shock patients rushed through the tents, shouting in their terror. I'p in the operating room the surgeons went on with their work on the prostrate figure before them. "How could you control your hands so that you could use a surgical instrument under such conditions, when you did not know at what minute a bomb would be coming through the ceiling?" Major KtelTer was asked. The Major is, a tall, athletic-looking man, with a' sharply-cut, smoothly-shaved face and peculiarly keen blue eyes. He looked his questioner very keenly in the eyes as he answered '. "Well, 1 haif served a bit with the British the summer before. We had been bombed there. I had learned that if it wns going to get me it would get roe. and if it wasn't going to get me, it wouldn't; that there was no use getting excited about it. I had the operation before me to finish, and I knew that those who bad been wounded in this raid would presently be brought in to us. There was nothing to do but to go on operating so we did that." Kept Right On Operating. While they were going on with their operating one of the enlisted men of the hospital, who had gone down among the tents to see that the electric lights were extinguished, was lying on the ground with one leg ripped to shreds by the bombs. Another was on the ground with a terrible wound in the abdomen. Then the raider went. on. His work has lasted only a few minutes.. The surgeon began to get the wounded from their own hospitsl, as they hao expected they would- They took them in and kept right on operating, finishing out the 48-hours of continuous work. Handled 41,000 Casualties. Army Evacuation Hospital No. 114. That was the name of Major Kieffer's unit. It moved up into the town ol Chateau Thierry after the Issue was decided there. From Chateau Thierry it moved to Toul to take care of the wounded of the St. Mihiel drive. That proved a walkover, and the number of the wounded was imall. Then lury wenv vu Fleury, near Verdun, for the Argonne offensive, getting there in September and remaining until the end of hostilities. There the rush" of wounded they had seen nt Chateau Thierry was repeated in greater volume. In six weeks lacy handled 5,500 wounded. The total of their record during the summer was 41,-KKI, oue-hftli of the total number of Americans wounded. "I remember one night at Jouy-sur-Morin." said Major Kieffer, "when I stepped out of the chateau and saw 25 tni'-ks In a row, all loaded with wounded, waiting in a row td discharge. They stretched down the lane from the house, out into the road and down it. No Whimpering Among Wounded. "The nieu were splendid. There was no whimpering. There wns no demanding that tliey be operated on first. Pre- inently one would hesr a ninn lying on a stretcher say. as he nodded ' toward another lying near him, 'Take bim first, he is more seriously wounded than I am.' " f I I y I I I I lflJIlIrX-I T L 1 f J-TT'.' 1 - ' ' J , i.N. J I 1 I 1 I I ltj-'l I I lk. I W -I I T A. IV. t V" ' v ropirtsht, ma. kr tlx International NmSmin.l lUutuUrad, L". a. Patent (Kflw.) r - i - LEFT ESTATE TO WIDOW Bruce W. Ducr Mads Her Executrix And Sols Beneficiary. Naming hia widow, Mrs. Rosamond I. Duer, executrix, and making her the sole beneficiary of his estate, the will of Bruce W. Duer, former traffic expert of the Public Service Commission, was filed in the Orphans' Court this afternoon. Mr. Duer died February 13 last and the will was executed on April 12, IMS. BOARDING. AKU-NCTON AVE., N , G08-' TAHI.B IUIAI1I). MhS. rii.ARr.Es st N . ii$is-Jui wied. fan. doub! rtxsnt. with board. Mhi4e FRANKLIN ST.. W , :t;t-Bxm sn4 Board ia urittoe ftnilyfnr int!mn. Mh5e LArATKTTB AVE. W.. I3-Eiceiitot tfwi j . ti.r Hoi;t ..icfclns- stbll MARYLAND A VK.. 21 10 Room and BotrilYmui i aliipyards or Sparrewa Pointi a imn. wsjk to t'piou Station: early breakfast. Afe ".IV' THE COLONNADE lfijfi -rLa.-u family hotel. Kpacitmi dinini room. ftevricy. Tnmintg )'. wrmtnynt. Atuq -NOHTH A VK., W, RnoiN. with Bo-rd : pB- tj-iPrTi fmlT; wirljr hrmfcfm. fh. Mad. 4718-J. NtWTH AVE, V., Tat-ld-st. front room. wilt. Wj'tKSTON ST.. Tme."tzht. U-tUaj .front with howrd. M ISH g.UrKI.KFOHl). ST- VaTU St., ioiK---AUrartW Koaii.s. with Board; bTf nquart from Belfwltr. Phone ML Vfrnon UWi.'S. MhV TWK.vf? EiC.HTII ST., K-. ItttS-Rootn anJ Rnl ft jtniWr.Bin; trary conwniencej near l..-ir.nS'njv it li., Sftlli 1 Tom. Uomn, with Board, for ggntlyman . only. Ph. M-1. 7 ! ROFj A Vri PTTSoOil AND BOARD. Can Ai roMMor-ATV, a Few ;eSti.kmkn BOARUWUS, Telephone . Home wood 813T-W., ( ,a,Lf 3tM3fl Huntingdon .avenue. Ap3 FIRST CLASS table Bj&fd. ulnutn' wa'lt to f'nion matron. 32 1 Kas Lalaytut mnw, LATtGE front Room, light, pinning water and hat; aLn Side Britht. Airy Itnoma, faring pri-at trTac at dispoi of eunu; wntral and faxhionable location: ail troiijrniiwtori; terms Inmlcra!; Rooms, with or without Board. CIAKK. MANOR. JJ21 Madiaon nwnr. liia NK'H.Y lurn. Room, with board, for (AntWian, in private, Vnian iHta. Horn "wood 1812 -J. ROOMS, will. Board, Apie 710 ram avenua. ROOMS, with table Board; alao Apartment. Vbwt JWaihroofc IflOq. M liTc SrRINU BOAR V al dorf! 1K21. North Ch a r 1 n it.; elevator: cafe opes Sumiafi; meal tickets; rte . "Mil U f M. Mui3 TTTR New Calvert," 2024 Calrrt t.-Idea "loc- tlnn- porch froa : near can; table jMMt . Mli2M 12211 .N7CALYKRT HT.-Cheerful RooiT.!.: South- t-m rooairj; 3 mjuinn from L'nton Htatinn and Rfftfmier? HoM. PI tone Mt. Vwraon 511112. BOARD WANTED. BOARD and Room by young man in private Prot-ei'ai.t family; walking dt-itanr to Lexington BiUUling prrWermi. AdrtrT H 14Q. Sun. M ha BY ToTing Idy ia critate family; eastern wttIob wi rrrd ; tate torroa. HBlO. Sm. lAlT dceirt-a Board and HfWwtth JflwislT t am- ily; northwert ction. fiSiMi. Him oflkt. Mhftg fiOTIIKR wimld likTBoaM'for Boy yeax'oid. and baby, 11 souths; $7.0) per wwk, M hi 72 9np offto HiWtH AND BOARD by young couple in prt'ii (amilv; iUmiden mcUod prefened, lUU ttrriia. -ll'irq Bt. Son- Mh R-MIM and Bfwrd wanted ht rflntKl couple; Kor- -t I'arfc. lUferen.a. OCMttiffiin. Mh5e RoOM ANI) BOARD by April 1; Wafking fenea TTMPORAHy Board 7or two'wVrited in northern sminn of city or lutmrtw, brwpsn Falls and A.t!?twro'! Addrtm H73. Sim office. Mh5 ANTKfv By a tfttled grn-mtn. a tSiriiiihed riwm. with or without board, in a peflned hrutiao family; central lorarion; atata trnia, ronvfnieni'w, etc. Addr9tifi74. Son. MhSe TOfNO BueineM MatT wr,tKoom with private fmi 1 JJt t et nri A dd rr w i f M Htut . M h5 YolS'ti MAX IIRFSROOli AND BOARfi; Uta trnna. &7KI, Hun offlsa. Mh5a SUBURBAN BOARD. BOA&DINO to young lady, private family; ma Mutable ; Suburbs. (ti71, Hun. Uh5e SUBURBAN BOARD WANTED. BTMNFHS Woman desires room md hoardn pri-mte family; Walbrona' or Forest Park; not on car Jxa. Addna tiHiH, Bun ofBua. Mhflfe Ft'R fioomi and Bath, with Board, for adulu and child, for tmmmer monthi; prirat family preferred; near ear Uii. Afkiraaa 61U. Mun oflic. ilk ROOMS l-OR RENT. BOLTON fT.. 1 HSR - Urge Room and AlcfWa, aiiitabl for btutnesa or henuetoeping ; uleuhone aervi?,twmt andjitiht Madiwiri j 1 gJt. M!4p Al. 1 01 ' N NT , , -7 N.2RWma; opp. Harlrm Jlart.; hot -water hwat A elec. I 'hone Giimoc 2347-1. LINDEN AVE.. ina.i-Bf March M, mi7i Vn- fn. Itotmfl and hatlv all i from $ to t M!i7 2T41 WI.NrHK.MTKR HtT "Two:nfurniVrt Rrrftma: gaa and eWtririty; sew hexua. Mh6 ROOMS WANTED. iLADY, employed, wishea Largtt Pnfttrnishad, Wetl-b.tmtd Room; large alcovf or very acnall room. Bear wctxid floor prnferred; rrrnst ntata lowt monthly pnee; refereneea. WlSfS, Run. Ml5 SUBURBAN ROOMS FOR RENT. MT. HdlJ.T ST., 2aiO-Jne or two moot: prt-rat faiuilT. -, Mnae ffli-SON AVB.. B1I4. Arltnrton-S Un(iimiha Honing ; alMplng porch ; tu. bath ; all vodik MTe SUBURBAN ROOMS WANTED. 3 OH 4 ROOMS tr I larfica, auburba. Aiiar at onorx ttcf70. 8un office MhS FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT. OAI.VKKT STIlEKt N , 1XIH-lart. .tlrartlM Rrviins, nmtr L'ulon SUUoo. fbooa MT. VF.A Nd.N' 14111 Mha k LViMf ST., N.. 93J-tir., LiitM. Sunnjr rlonoi, ttiftaht for I or i ffaoilamMi; .team liMt. iMttrie llaht; all fonwiLnoea. Mlift AI.VKRf N.. IHOli. aw Colon Station lrpw rlMitle room, with hoard. ti CAI.VEKT rV?TCTlTIUiiitrl furs. Sa-aUrV frt. lalh al. ; atam Ifb-al loratlon. CaXvKliT ST., 351)5-2 Room.. Mm. ot unfurn., in t-rirat. rarntly. UhM CALVERT ST.. N.r HVA-or Renl-Uwim fur I.iirhr MtHliWKWBiitJig. Mh" CAiVVKRf "8f., Jt., l5lT:firil.t. attrartlVe Front Kooma. nrXnion Sta.fl A jihone. Mhta CAtV Hlf 8T , X., 03-S WMl-furnnhM Sinrta and tHutl. Room), nien only. Mt. Vernon 55tf J. CHARLES ST.. 601 2V Caret. Bewly fnrnih3 Rooroa, eteam nct, elactrtc hglits, ninntns "ater; CHARUS BT, N.attAtt Third-it ory rront Mh5 Itiym irPTit iptovtn only. CHARLEft HT7. 3HAA N.-HHacond floor pornb room, Elaftrtrhj and phofie. MhlOe CHARLES ST.. N., 2;iI--lArt" wH-htl Ilooni nrit to bath, f omftwood r,2H. MhV CHARLES ST., 212U .-ieit.y"imVihd Knotrxa for rnt. Mhlie KLr.WH)0, N . 23l-NiralT fumihd roooi; Vn- miint to bath. I'hona Wotfe 1707-W. tiMf KI;TAv"sT '. 'it.. MR 1 NrwLy iSirniahtyi hofal ac. pompiodatlotit; Piaannahl. MU BUT AW Pljirg, 1.V.2 Urr- funiished Room: pnar lamuy. to ona of wro arnufmen. MM KCTaW t'lJlC; Boom, for rtt. Sli-Natijr xv'' fSSH ETtAW"-t , !.. BlS-Eirit fltnia.wiifn.uiri Fumi.herl honma fio'M'.iNa St., 1411- -?fUr ISmlabeT Rcflrc Ml. tor genttemen only. THIIV ST .OfV- ONB rTRONT ROOM. JU11.A1 .., IMt Phrm. Mad. 11.10J. SOUS ST.. 1 II T-A"ltracflr"SdT rooraTaitVrtn- litt nam; prtva'. tatnny; taiy prererrecL. aim. fiAUiaOM A V K. , IMliA-alWBrifit rorn'M- Fl,ir,rFront Room, tranalant or nerm, Mhi. ii aTM(n" 'ifj'K.7 "iO'.i-Ne.tiy lumiiiT)iWi ..ri'lemen. Peferne. Mhll. ffAi)iiiiN T . Ilia funuahod "rSirn, .enllwrian; teferenew. Mhlle SA'riI'JsTi7iaI4riii, room ho,eltepln, MAlil-6'. "AVErTaii5r.t& htrrijarwl'rrwri tiit ffentlmenonly. MM. aiAtiiNoy ave., it iao-smubi. for ( djcilnlnf Nth; prlraia family; owner. 11 xa. SioNIlAWMlM AVr" . Knn.t.hl Front Kooni. for fonnie. Mhll. fiOrtKllASO Ar... if:H, N. W. S-'tion-AH trv-riie fmnt room; prirat. family ;elec. Illlit. Joint" ft"otAL"A. lrwil (naai iiamTit 'lon'-Ttallia, .leelrif li.lil. WliB aTuXrrEHltY ST., W . I1 1 . Th M.Kmir-lt'rU,! ai 'ontn' and trana. Mt..ll5r8. CrLBSKltX St.. W.; jioi ila.-ond.tory front; eleclriy li.f U. Hon. flilmor 1-IOT f hl f AHK AVK., ejoairk.'frrmrarmmrn"l"'rr; .let. ; roeD only. Pbon. Mt. Vernon IlllltS-J. I FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT. Cdntinued from frrrrding Column. POWKRS ST . HOM aMjnd-stotr (rorr room: rrt-ratf taallly . OTOm ; reaa. ; r.f ; war rarline MM1. KOSEMOKE. r' 1TT1. MhU 1 1QH V.iti!tott ata, 8A"fiATOf.A St.. W., IOIjbb ft. room; run. ; j pq, n. new Lei, BHg. ; ti) wlc. 8T. I'Af't. ST . tl.VSr-ciasB tunuhp.l iiwmi. team heat, plwtnfity; crnrlocatnm; rennjifl. ST. l'ACL 8T.7 tt2T-One laiVeil-rurnishei It nom, nil tuo.intn iiiipicTmpnU. MblSo WASH1NC TON ST.. N . 1715 Furn. oTTa- fiiniRjoin ; ner JHMdle Jif.Siat.on. BRUiHT fiinitahed Rntim; til conveuieui: near fiiion Station. lJlB N. CliarlcB at, Mhllo r"("itNISIit:r Wont ItDOOts, hocirvkf eping ; quiet aonereafHHiabi. S. V. Lor. Ma.dlori A Lindfn. KI'ltNIHHKl) ito.7n jn private fuuiily with" owner. R-fotvnr. RIoa. Sun fft. Mhfle FrkNfNllKO RtHM'r''priratB f.udh: central. Phi naMt . er non41 f JjkfJ r HM. M M NH KI Y" Purnr-.hd ' RrtW Phcsye Uaoiewood Tr jx :n jwrt a. ap1 Nirt-XV Purtiuiwd Hoome- him Ijght Uoimktep- tng A par: nt. Ajiir-a !iU'7. Sun. Mhie FCKN9 rfesinng turn, ck qiiiuiti. ntucua, fit tt eub'irba, phona IJrt, ilendrco. Tuinio Ji(2-J. the BRisTorr,"i"i.';',',b,Si'r1'' "itil " lSa fcl 1 A1V PUAUt. MhW. 4 NirE Lareo Roonia: .UTlric light.; prirata family. Auply lO-lH Brantley are., corner Ar-Mnzion avi.. Mh5o FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED. WANTKI-Wlty three adults, two furniabed room, an I tKillO. Sua oftlra. ilhi FURNISHED ROOMS SUBURBAN. C'ATOB AVE.. IT-Larn Front Hoom. 2d floor. JTaae Ywkj-oad atr toFrankiia Tmnra. Mh3e SKI ON bFLOOK ROOM, in "nrivate iiniilv; all con. ; 15. fall Walbroo Un;!.1 J. libs. FURNITURE FOR RENT. Strictly Sanitary Furniture for Tent by the day. week or month. A irtnsle plei or a cotnpiet. numt'. ut. . iiuao. uj.i wr.ia uniy i ' 1 itore. Hit 1-8-5 Penna. at... cor. Orchard. COAL AND WOOD. FOR SALE-Wood rawed and .nlit ready for ator.. a-iirereaii- a com. nixeno intij. aih TIRV SAWED FIRE WiklD-Eo cio out a. Va A eofj, we d.ltrer aaat of China, ftreet, at ore h-nath, at S12 a cord. OVKRLKA RKALTY CO.. B.lra.r. l'lin. Hamilton HIO . llhlll ffALF-rOltlV WOOD' aawed and anlit." deliran in Kaat Baltlriotv. Stl. 157 North Liuwood aranue. trl. tvoue :taai.-M afhls. Cni)tl .'I't ---AI.K in bloek or .put Kor. flUUU len.rha: froin our "n wooda. Apply BALTIMORE fvuOD CO.. 10t W. Balttmora ttreet- t.llmor . . HBiUa but (t.-l!,--. ttml Sal. CLe.u. ATLANTIC MILL & LI'MBKU CO. Phona Wolfe NS. MnJJ BOX FACTORY WOOD. SrKriAL PHICB IF ORDERED NOW CSION BOX CO.. TOO ALH'KNNA I T. PAt'L KB1. UK. BitOCIK. ! FOR SALE. ELW.'TKIO Motors .nd (Jenerator. Stam. lu and Oil tngtns. Boiler.. lnnipii and Compressor, (iwirge R. Rittenhouao, C.tonrillg, M.l. Alh;5e CALL E. T. NEWELL & CO.,' MT. VKU. Mil. Wa tray and re!! aaoond-oatbl Faraitilr., vtc. Largo and Muall lota tl TYPEWRITERS ' Sold- r,entod- Reral-ed Frehanaed. HRSS TIPKWKITKF. AND SUPl'f.Y CO., t. Paul aaau i f.j. t. ai SHOWOASFS AND STORR FITTtJREa.-tAUVLU FiIOR AND C4S1S AT SPECIAL PRI6ES. Buy At ih. Fr.ctory." 808 LOW RT.. NEAR FRONT. It V . 1-. el ' K. Hill Orlr. PRESS, Tyiw. I'aft.'., tr. Phon. PKINTKHS .1 CO.. 1-a S. cnailefc WILL SACRIFICE ClreiMitn Wtlnut Bedroom Suit, Urewr, Trm- ins UMe, i.rutjrmier. Hrmu nc.a, i,in2'K'foiii Suit. Kockafi, lory Strit, I allien' Uafrwruiy Writ inc Tabi. OtU inning Koom Suit, Kuo, Cabinet Victroin. M,i6 larW. NORTH AVR.. NEAR CARLY. FOR SALE Chp. ortfl 5 Honwiowr?r Wngner A. C. Motor; in first -CUM coaUition. Anply JOI.ITBIM KRES. Mh4 W. Rnltiiiiore rt. KNTrRK rONTENTS OF 9 ROOM TIOPSP. FlliNIT1.'Rri, ttl'i.a, RRIOA BRAC. MV. CAN BE SKKN ANY TIM M. NO UtALKIW. SUld CAILOVV AVKNL'E. MiM tV)U BAI-K--Kuraishriiii! in l-ronm lioti. chtmp rnt with W(uw; muhl for litfht bouw keeping fttxtrliitentH; uxxl Ivi-jtuon; a bitrvraiii. kvt appointment phott Mt. V.rnoa 4(i;tS-J. f'iil for MR. or MRS. MARTIN. MhTe 1 NO. 7 RANGE Trtth wirminf oren 4n4 hnrT-lontjil boikr ; 1 Fireplace tltMter ; CloaeU and TankB. mtnplel. 9 VT NORTH 3TRirK FR STREET. Mh5 TW'O Brand New Rmrs 9U), Oai Oinine gft (nearly o-'. IaT!op-rt (Set. lem Box, Bifyrle, r. ltau Rnxton avgntw. Mhte fOH HALE- Kj.i'uiMte Suite of DininrRoom Vtjr-ntture. t:an be seen as J25 mw i'lare between 130 and KM. IVIli tR" "Sa!-"C(.niplete' BlarViniith " Ouffit. "Appij r-ntrai TransforJ. a, N. t;ay .. l hw TKRY I-arw iittk Rintt-', irfeft nihiitionT tA JMI OWjToiroaiJIwdTaH.W. lliite GAS UANOlir "good aa new, ii tnply TA Harford aTe. Mht: flAVING dt out. homwteeiniifc wiil whi'p goose f pat her i;iiiows ; fTeatrwlUi'tion. Hii. liOUsS-J. Sgf.'AKb KN ARK 11 A NO, in but conftitioa. Hllt North Carolina iitmst- m M!l"i Bl.At K ARUtiue Hhawl, ctjibi'aiiiiwt'd in cokjrs. im-poMible to uup irate. 715 Mt. Paul. A."!o C'Yl'RheHH Incubator, SfiO oghn; food condition; wm tll HJwt v a-H-ara fln-fi suite KTVFfi BKA4IH7 LCMRKIt. ETC. OlJilj Rt. HI N. Mhlt Gas rangk cheap. Mhte S43I3 MARYLA&D AVB. hi r A Knab. L'prlfiht afabosany Piano; reft H. I rl by party; bargain to yuii-k borer; eaay 11) I JJ tenna, PKAUODT PIANO I.O.. Mhllte Sill Went (Saratoga t.reet. iJKf'LlNINO HotuieieetJhifiMiaetioIrl Effects for aa!.: no dealer.. lo:lU Brantly av.. t all be- twn I J m l 10.30 X, M. VIhlto ONK Oak Ueclrootn Suit for aale; ?.ry chcaii. An- ply lillll North Charie. atreet. ili,j BEAUTIFUL UPRIGHT PIANO, $95. NKARLT NKW. f'OST STOOL AND 80AKF INt'LtLKn. Ap2 NATIONAL PIANO CO., 316 N. HOWARD ST. U. S. HOFFMAN. PRESSING MACHINES. TT WILL PAY TOTT TO INTESTtOaTie 11 N. OAT ST., SF.AH BAl.TIMOHK ST Mh5. AR'ilTT 360 feat tonfttie and rove floorinir: lot of boartl.; all ney. rlieap. Mtllil. Sun. JJliae SODA FOUNTAIN rnSVeon-' rlltU-n; yery rheap. A'lrlrea. Witt, I, Stin ollee. Slightly Used Players and Pianos "nkvkr PKIrpp sr) IX1VV. ALL FI IJ.V Ul'ARA.XTEEO. FVANS. FPRIiTHT (Its N i:VTON. MAHOCANY (fl , royal, "puioht. MAiiooA.vY. nian ' jllil.LWOOr), OAK aMfl.1 ("ARLK, MA.IOOANY (J'Jrl BTKINWAT: LIKK NKW , i:ill.1 Bet NtrlK Pf,A Y KK PIANO, BUNril, 8CA11F ANll Sit HOI.1.4 l.luH HUB PIANO CO., 1 22 NORTHJ,! HF.RT T STR PET A nte FOR (AI.K-lA boolla, Offie. Furniture anil Typewriter; all In coorl eonilition; prorty of rle-ea.l atta-ney: opportunity for young man antrrtni U practice. W. .N. COLE, llarra d. Orace, ld. Jln8s fR SALK-Two llraft ffonea, 1 W"elh Ponie. and f'arriatra. 1 Dump W.gon, I Tart. 3 Ii-ltvery VV.frma, 1 HilBBT an-i HarTtfsii. M. II ILPr.KT, Belalr toatl, abore Krdman are. Ph. Wolfe 1221. BRASH BKI) and Sprln, fi. Ml aroaH,"oj. S.miile Tin Vn Kte. grosa 2727 Ldmondaon arenue. Mttlo HANiM ARVLP SlUKIlOAHIl and one nanrf-maie ater'in. ailrer Tea S.-t, to aettl. an e.tat. Adilreaa BIMO. .Sun office. W it. (pRIOHT TIANO. or nVrtlenl.ra write to FRANK FK1.HMANN. JR.. HIH Harl.m .... 1RY Cleaning or tourin. or Wringing Machlnecbeap;.21 N. PattenonPart are. HO. 9 OLIVKK lStrite?7or Tl(. Uln ftrit. claaa. AddreM WB4T, gun office IIMr POH SALr-'oal rltoT. : neWT"n.nt b. K1(1 ' at mice Apply Bill Wilaon arenu MhU TlTt'llKN Ranee with "hot -water" boiWr uid rot.. nectlona; rlieap fl.iri N. Kenwood .r.. Mhte FOK SAI.F -J'Vf'" Prannrleg PordTitu; Ad- drM Krina. fun office. Mhi. ANT iu TO K O it A N I 'FA T MF R- (XOCK for mC, clapJ-IOl K, I.ANVALK ST Mhl. Klf SA! B-j ili-wK-tlon Oa. UarUatoral uo orw ton Truck Botly. -U MhTe St. Pant 308.1. CNK l'owr Bi TUt-.'tlng al.rMM.ail Irtii f'ipr.. on. inch plan-r and lot of Bcilinil. PISTON IRON MCTAI. CO.. Mill and toward rtree'.. t Paul :tS2!t. VPW BIMJUAUIN OASflLlNK TANK. 14. i 1jW lm r,,rn pl.iforo, Scl.. and ID Wrl torn of rlisli. 3. llnl.OilA.N. ia23 tmth Wo-f, rwL Tl'f. jilUa 'V Mhlae I FOR S.r"One"te I'orwnower atarU). Knglnf. Ap. I PU US North Pan atreet. AllU According To FOR SALE. Continued From Prtceiing Cotewaj, 9KIHM-HAM Ofc rurnllnr.. Roll Tot lUa,' thjaii.. Chair, anil Filing I abinata. .H't'AH BHim . a:l K. Baltlmor. at. it BilM3:K8. rttflhaa. HoUttnl EiKina, lt.aur. and Strjnu;. Tank... l-umu., .11 auca. LUl'lK A. TAKtt. I.Ntj.. -JIM W. Conww. at. P. T3TT-.W atf t-nn(M-tjii,.r. Ki.turM. m.itfinl flr.tali: .laise mlnoft. we. T . I'aihoun it. Iltttl SHOW CASES AND STORE FIXTURES FOR KITTING OUT STORKS OF EVERT IKMKlrT10N. SOME SUUHTLY USED AT HACHIFICS PRICEN. F. X. GANTER COMPANY FACTORY norNDKD RV SHARP. OffTKNB, I.KA liKMi A 1.1. a.'l WKST STRF.KTS. ALSO MAKKKS OK UIKKOR, PLATBS AND ih;h,ij;ii pun; uiaa Una. Buy livrevt From Factory avs Jtf ifirlkfflrl'a Profits. POikryFBiij,iAiTi) AMI RIU.IAKU TABLES AND 81 PPI.IKS OP ALL KINDS. LOWK.ST I'KU'KR. Hl.MMEL, 11H NOltUI CAT ST. 4if i s'vki.v i t itrti '$2iPba SUSUilU AXJIINSTKlt Rt-f! .T...;I3 CKNTKAL KI RNITI RB OO . tf Tsa W. 8 ALT1S10 K B ST. T. PAUL BTSIt. PLATFil rlASo: '; metal tnblnc: raahof-any plain ea: In. ton.: purchaaed laWlyi aaTifioo for S27S, InciudMl 21 maaie roll, and brnrh; can bu iw.n at my bom any n-Rinf by ajl. Sun. Mhl&e 30 (MPO PFFT(ir ONK-lNrn pipb ALSO ALL 0IUH SiZKS: KKASONABLK PRICtS. SAMLLH BROS.. INC.. . F.AKT FALlJj AVt. AND STILUS. MM FOR SALE HEAVY TIMBER MILTON & LAXVALE ST. MnU FliR 8ALF-On lara. Bornarri Kcliic Refrul erator and one No. 19 Paris Range, with K-ffaT hot water bolier attarhmetit: bota alithtly uaeti. Ajiply 2.-.4II rlmondaon arenue. ti $22.50 GREAT SACRIFICE. Fine Vietrola and Cabinet. Almost New. 2418 Callow Avenue. Mbu' HOISTING ENGINES, AJSTJ55- ENOINI-M, roMPRrHSORS. TANKS. PltHs. SI RE RTFKL, WOOD AMI COPFEB; PPMPS, IM I'LKX, TRIPLEX CENTllIrTOAL.ATHKS CRAIN nitYKHS AND PRKSSRftS, MOTtMtS lil'.NKHATtJRS. BOIISTKK SKTS. ELKTTRIC HOISTS. OAS. OASOUNB ANO STIiAM EN IIISKR, PIPR. SUArTlNf, ri'LLFTS, HANfl-KRS BW.TINO, SMOKW STAl'KS, ROIL ICR 3 . . STKFJ, CAIiLK, I Ka!U8, SAW M1I.IJS. tmilA. PRKSSES. BLOWKJIS. Mallory Machine Corporation, BaJ.IO IIT ST. ST. PAPL 21)8. tf STAR IM.l MIILNP, sl'PPLT ro.. wholewle and " ail. I I K. Iom hard it near Fiet.r t. SlliSte MUST SACRIFICE MMi Rprtiitiful Wahnitany UrinB-rormi Ritit and THac Ti'hlZ'iiui a C. warnT Motor. ngl pVm; tfriniVr, piillv-y and nhafttnti; Junior )rif. Camera flj 15 Roso Hlll TpiTae-. Call eninij. K K F P TAH On tocb eml6tes. IXlaEsT l .AD U Vim- iiw v.--.. FttR tMie--twOnff Por-foni Crinpat Macbtnc; M-tAppiy3MMi w. umtien at. Mwi FOR HALE - tmHm IJiht Marhina f cmU, nearly all brand-new; Latbes, Milling Machine. Pd'nin Machinw, 1.509 CMN)ar( Boiea, Tilwa tinfl F'lanti-g, Baniert, Mntort. Tanna, ca.-h. MKrHANl7..'AL 8I'K(;IaLT7 CO., , Light A rputtney bU, fk Mr. Fleagla, Sunt. Dayton Computing Scales suLJaJi absohiti-ty dinlaMe; tima, lalwr and money. Kasy ttrma. INMAN A. M-K KSNiET, aigr.. Baa vv. uaiuroor su ru rui niiio, j at Kr.i.Tti ,7 PTTr- Wihmt anj Uahofni lWJroom Saita: Caioni iTiil MkhiVxtll I'nt mom Rntta pAaoat4al I.II NU K. 6t W. Balto. it. tt UMraW001 Tix-WT.ter:food M new; ary lata i;Hrnnint ; rrwwiniy yrwri. oiipo, nan. ainj SODA K'winutn, diap in good woridng onlar. 1 0WwtJUnT. rt-rent. Mhi WAlai, CASK. 40H W. Sanitun at., or caJl ML FIN K I'I'RKIHT PIANO. SNAP. Mhl F STO'KSDAIaK. 7Q GKORGE STREET. CHOICE BARGAINS 111 uS4 IVophMd Rintrer ftttO Nt Horm 1 Wtifelcr Wilaon. -Vin IomMtic iltf Otht-.r r,nm .VrvJceahli M"hinf at tjom Prtcai. C AMPRFTjTj'S 70S W. Half i mora fit. AlUriiiUU Orn Eveninp. Mh3ii FRKK DK LIVERY PITY AND St RURBAN, Hf)MI Mnhoirany Finpire DoaWu Bed: alao Ms riouany Uounie wamrona, r-Titimn iju Ulmnr roraB r-n. xnatr nraroiTn wniutr ana lipU hoiii hflecta. Addtvaa 5024. Sun office. Mhia ONK flat-top DK, ona aunding Desk. twoOfflca l'artitionrt with beveled plate a las tuA ('ountc: wiih ball baarint doort and dra-r, 3 BAFKS, 400 Pict,tre-iJarror Cliaira. 1 BT1KFF PI ANO. MhlVa 41 II WKT FAYBTTE STREET. A SAFETY BY A SAFE LARGEST STOCK IS CITY. NEW AND rSKB. STANDARD FE & VAULT COMPANY. 18 a TTANOVKR RT. PHONR ST. TAVL 908. f ii inn ma'TB i5r TSkck oiFiTTtR's vtt f FORM FOR RALE CHEAP. 'a!laji after, nntxt, exrept Wednesday and fiaturda. Addte. 13 1 Moene r at., near Carey. CASH REGISTEB BARGAINS. An Kin. rd MarHnei a (w Ntn AMERICAN CASH RRGISTFR KICBANCB. 1 let wt rajatta. tf DANCING UASK BALL, WFD.. MAR, 12 IRO PRIZES). PROF. COCKF.r. aMI W. North .... Oneti Lay .nd Nutht. Claeae. Hon. .od Tnnn. SOntFF. Wed. .nd Hat. Childrea . Claatw I' Bona PRIVATE IlANCINQ LESSONS, WITH U IMIC. PIIONK HOalKWOOU 4I1H J. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS. PIANO TUNING. Expert Piano Tuning, $1.00. 33 years' nrartir. Worll guaranteed. J. B. AV llfiKWIt. 77 S Laaawood .- Pa. Woll. BT18. boatsTXaIInciTesTtc WANTED TO BUY FOR CASH, Motorboat for Passenger Service. Must be in Al condition. Not less than 40 feet long ; not less than 25-1I.P. engine. Telephone South 209. mm FOR SALl- U NTINIJ CA BIN LAtSCll: Hit. FILL lagCll'PKli; CI1KAP BLVKP.. I11BS. Bl'N OFFICE. TO UllOK WANTKU VANTKIl Sjwmson Can'ie; giro full particnlara. Address Hllr.ll, Sun jolrica. kllioa MOTORCYCLES. 101S CLKVKLAND Motorcycle: good condition. Apply Pleasant I11H. Owing. Milla. Md. Mhwl Sv'ANTI.D tandem Bicycle; Stat. nmdtUoa and cftuh nnce A.idrcss fll34, Bon office. MM 3 '-sPFKn I.sblAN and Bid Car. Call Saturday P. M. Xltt B. Clinton at. Mhs. POULTRY. EGOS. PU per setting: . C Buff Orpa., Khott. Islnnd Reds and Barred Rock.. Apply corner Hamilton avemM and balalr road. Utiie J 0. RARPt DOGS. BIRDS. ETC. fjANAIlirS- Females, tl: Guaranteed Slngcrv ill. W 11 WH, Breeder, T42 Penna, are. Apl. CANAllV Bitda wantM: male aiid fuuaja: staby la-ice. Addre. B7M. (Inn officw. MhlOe CanarIM). 7ritti to T5--iiier. A BtMd to 1). th. best. Thoroitglibrad Colllaa, Hoodies. Belgin Babhita. etc T2W N. pay at. PAIR Belgian H.r.. for Hlai (ooaTbrawders: S 1111 V,. Lafayetu m Mhta CARPET CLEANING. CARPFTM and Ruga Cleaned .nd Jtored Btrrrage for Furniture. TIIK ENTBKPBISB CARPLT CLKANINO ANO KTOUAOK CO., T23-TU5 Wint Pratt . fit. PaiU HIV. Jyle PATENTS. B d BRr-WINCTON A BON. PATF1T Trf. F.'shllshed to: Cnnsnltatlnn FRK: wMmta fbergwa Til notrltashl. Blda.. tralrXmorw. Afd. fMAI-IN a KKROI HON. Psumt Attom.y. tlw. 117 Law Hlg., B.Ko. S isttf' nrwM. H MARINE ENGINES. UO II. P liCTLINOLR Fay A Bowen EnainM. good eundiun, clwwu. Apply at AOO rioutl. . itattr. .trnei. MhIZe tj II. P. t II. P. HJj.t 1 rcftttc. 3ft SO if, riSKsiltANi reb,illt: W-ll. r. 3-cylindn Aotn OT. foot Light sttM. uior GASOLINE ENGINES. BEOL'CED PRICKS FOB 11 ON A1X PA1JIKR tNOINFS. PALM Lit BROH.. 514 at Pratt at, MVal Maggie's Ideas! -COME DOWN HERE AH'OT ME OUT THEtVC at.CkT MF IN THE IN6A.NE rWfLUtV WANTS WP VP 17T1 Fnrnilwra tr fuinl.h two hotawW. .'uHt uuy aingle puH.-aa or cotnllrta nouaeholdw HllilltriT Pltli ES BENJAMIN. 014 Baltimore at. Olin.or HTftl V Ml;in VlCTltOi.AS, P.ECmtn WANTED: bait pneea. BtiiAr rr..tQ, a.r .a.uioerry ar. u 4B10LCTKLT the Hlgliert PrtM. for Tour Fur-mtur. .nd I'.rpet. of .11 ktnda. I need to fur- nlab a 14-room houar. Jun let m. know., PrirM jtut let m. know. eto oblM. CaU Uilmor 3SUII-V. or write W. LtmibartI at. 1'rv.nut attastton. UhlOa so ODjaei. Liu wuruor awttt-H ur write n.-u CfllCll Maclun. Shop rtaulliraent i Htrtiea, etaulliraent j HUttea, drill., wooilworking and arneral .ftilnety Co.. 2IS N CalrMt. ete. Mae m i BOK'T Hll.I. UiMrern a. Antiotia Fiimltnr. Car. tiqtu 1.. n u.t: mta. Matting. Hu.he 1 t tt fou k. rue. Ph. St. P. lit. U.13 W. Lrilngtca. d 'U. Btoae., alattln. rv.u.. nold trteeta unui fA7 MOHifTlONiCT FOB TOCR FT'ltNI-lTUE, FEATHERS. CARPETS. ALL BOba . . .. ... ........ nn .-.,..... r. CARPETS. F BATHERS! ANTIQf ES '.te.; wt pay you eery good pftrtta. 1 rrlte or call, mint DER. HSU V. BalMmsr . O'lmor 34T3J. WANTEI-2d Hand Battery Charging Otitflt and tlxaoetyitie vretmng 1 oren. a- itarwmt roau. OOOI) PltlfFSFOK rotll rt'RNITlHE. IlOlrsIIOIJl EFFFT BRIC-A-P-RAC. CI T (1IJISS. ETC. FFCTS. KTC ijlllr. or Part Content It. (itJl.l.rtr.Ktl, Phon. iladiaon 4'i' a-J. ftTkwitllERS and aifjiso!(iAsIir?fEa bought. Ulra maka and eutntwr. 8U4tt. 6un.Mbll BEST prier. tor Clothing Al Hlioen Jt Cotul, Uniform.: aenu uostal. Shmi'kler. SIH EL Fayutt.. at fPU KEPAlk iSirnTi tyre and unt ; Store and llltlo. Future, uv. J. KLINK. till tt. 1ULL HI'. prion, soutn titllr-J. Mtui. 1 6 GOLD. Sllrer A broken pi.ted Jewelry nougU WAaNTKO-OLD A.NTIUUK. UaiH-a-nj and Mod tj. a. r. t-aiT.rc. cm rwruiure; ajao sua r tamer iscas; wa wii uraii pay you more, sena ioatai. u Wolf 71 1 Office F'urniture Exchange I W rwjC cwttn I IT IHIHI1UIIW, uvanw, ItI1L ill- lnf doTiwa. cl.aira. N Gay at. St. Paul 5431 rWATE A 8 ROOM rT.AT'to" f'fflNlSH -Will tniy jmir old FVRNJTL'RE. sinaly r enMra hou.-holii ; hifhest i)rt9. Send iwial to fcCVt-i W. BaJtlmorc St., or phona Giltnor 871 5-J. Hh21 UFK1UHT PIANOS. PLAVKKS Bought For CaaB HUB PIANO FX CHANGE. 122 N IJbertT at. Phone Mt. Paul tittKS, r aeod word And our rapreHtmaiiTa win oaiL A? SPOT CASH FOR USED UPRIGHT Tf ANOS. Nationai. Piano Exchange, 31 fi M TTownriT Sf AvU MT, VBRXOW .MI1NM itWB. OOLO, Silrer. PlaTinTunanri alM"Vetll botullii WHOUfMAN. MK. N Ar3 fr'AVTElf-Second Hand Safe. Addrea. A. AIAl'K, Bill, roltinibia arenue. Mil. TO GAIN MORE MONEY T2S 5?',!;I;EELL E TorRFi-RNiTCHF ANn OA It PETS. WE MPST FIRNISH 14 B'.!!!J!8i).rFLBJ"Trn's Ann caupets at ONCE. .PHONE GILMOR 4a(HI. Oil POSTAL H. HKTMAN, 851 S. MONROE ST. MliJT. "S'P-P02!?8v immerilat. attmUoa. dlltnot 46f-W:SHANKS. HHH W. Baltlmor. . A f OVPUim reatrier Rail aThnrneat ran vr.avyij prieea. Old Mahogany Furaltur. Ml!.Ca5,-ilmn,1M"rriandl oY .U kind.. C1TT OR COUNTRY. AUSKA FEATtUR ... o. rTernont ... N CALL E. T. NEWELL & CO., " BIO N Howard, lit. Taf. 511, Wa buy old tnrnU tttTt. att.. larta and arnall lflta:lbt eaah prloaa. Good Phices '2S..1.0.; 'UE2n5. 0ARPF.T8. FTT. BE 8I RET0 AUK FOR t. OALTON. B.l N. Howard at. ML Vernon 8 PtimitnrrJ ? W th. htglwwt ra.h prlea. im A7 Ullllture HonsaholiTGoexl., gtorai. Cartnta. ftc. laamed. attetl. flend rmn.I or eall St. Paul itfa. or Qllrooy JMO-W. gbaperlr). T4S W. R.lto HIOHEST price, paid for Victor and Ool'irab'A iunng warnut.., jc.r. uajiow y. Mm ANTIQUES. J!SZrVZi'us B.D.Nuitz, 603 N. Eutaw St. 55ft. OLD CL0TnES.V-tl:.'?.r,,,h'!.,'!e5 dtiom; Co.. SB? aentt poatal for nprevanUtira. Refklnd Lbeatar .trwat. fic', OHEST Prlea. nald for Uidlei' and Oenn' Old hAhlng. rIU UrtUd 11111 are. Mt. V. HUtt. tf CANiTfor" Fiimltnr., Plann., eto. IIAlOtPAT- i iatrw, K7tw nt. r am at. itomaworia tt PHO.Nrrtlllmor 872 W. Need all kintE Turn! tare. MOltRIB. 87a W. Baitlmora at. JIh31 WE RL'X ttocood Band TooU of .11 daarrllitlcna. MhlS. M.KLE1N. SOU N. Gay t. CARU bald tor Victor and ColnrnMa Machine, and rtacorn. weaTeigya-ia-t w. nuia. till, ituuk. BEST Prion tor Mel :n'. Suit., teaa tn W. rlaratoga. Mt. at atiraitura, tyt fTTTX V.ltw for ynr FrtrnltTir. and fTlothln.. Mrg, rrUdal. Iti.'il N. Aopl.ton at. Mad. 4S1KI4. WANTEi)-Boll."r. Kngin.. tin. J'latiu of erary d.-riptnn. JAMES , TARR, lilia W ttonway B. At. Paul T8TT. . MCRT FILL ORDER . fw Forcftrtre, Canta. S Piano., s ratlr Bd; trill pay good pnea, Atorrla. ttla Uraentsuunt an ML Yemon MtHtO. ' ISK5!fiSrj",Ht. ""mltur. and nothing. BOHOCllET, HPS W. B.lto. atfiji!427B W hlOHEHT PRICES Paid for Old Clothe, and (bona, fcndgrtalrr Olam, I'tB Front d SUjSk Pt. rnb.r prtea. for lenrrmttr.. dnetora' TJttlforma, CarpaU, Rnaa, ts. ge. ... rW. Klelman, W24 W BaltDgl. Oil. JOI BIOHEST CASH PRirES nald for DIAMONDrS I.U UII..MA.NU BILVEtt I- wiu eirhau. Jewalry. LEON LKVI. -USED GUNS BOUGHT. Beat rrricn, or literal allowance In erchinae ine new gnn.. IJttK Joa'a, B.lto. and HowardUJlhll. DOV'T r Btorig. for yonr Fumltnra. Ml -v-.1 them to ma for hl.ha nil... OLK-KMAN. 1T04 Alltwanna at. Wolf. BiSl DTAMriVflH BoroHt 1 fob cash. AlilJitJ.NUO y.a4 FIDF.LITT BLLO. OLD Clothe, and fthoe. bought for higbut price.; prMUL, 1 trl N.Exeter. HOTELS AND RESORTS. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. I saifceaniivsall T, TH.J, Sdualed. planned, arid camforVaiut hlixUK. imiTafj.Bvzsr GRAND ATLANTIC Virtlnia A?anui. neu BoaHwalk and nt rt amiiM.mta, Coma to a wrU-a,H)ointd hotal anj njoy u tha eonTanlwm it offt-ra. Private batha. w.icr m rootna, f.ietoT. Tbla and "Tic dUtmctlM ffflturn. up daily. 8pa fHiW' Cwl.1rlU. h-t' HookltL Auto BtaU . Proprktor. Try CLARENDON HOTEL VIBOLNIA AVB. KKAB BEACH. Always Open. Roor with hot and n14 imnlng Watr. Prir.t. BaUia. Canaclt. Ha. tit. tot rata, aud BooklM. Monro, aauwidaav HOTEL ST.CH ARLES tba Ota Twm U Atlnattwa City, K mrlcjtfi Plam pi Ai. ?.rh. M Hotel Arlingiton, Jf7CH10A! A VS., near Brach, attractlr. loe. ASHEV1LLE, N. C. RY PARX HOTEL v'w n. ajixic n 1 g n way . Famans K.arywhero for Ian Local Ion, rWwIow And Cnlalnat. BookM and rata, upon tppUeatlr 8. J. LAWRENCE. M.n.g.r. EDUCATIONAL. EARN 25 A WEEK - IN 30 DAYS 30-Day Business College PROOF. X dan- fe .nt.t. nJ?. It epertNTENOORAPHr;K. Day and Indindttal Instruction. 1'o.ilion Unaranteed. m A ntllN N1, lrnrjetetr)r. BIN North Charles .it-.t.' O MATTER WHAT OTHERS IHI, I rHD (in tna unet dollar rpr your Old Furniture. Hotuw- RfflTE MONEY TC LOAN. WE LOAN MONEY Any amwrTit troi tzi t tPw. any riace, n oils tar ail our I -4, romi t an I court vui Mine ia our viotio. uur lataa v jagn. a lututre at ur OVE STfiN'ATITRE. RTR1PTI.V PRIVATE. fall. ri' t th"" i,"Ml XBT PAKK. AVIS. AND raiBllnol. sETmr. keexe;' " m . ... I '.artfY and Ktmscr slodtoa frtmrM. Udiw earns M fT"- , S. E. Cor. Howard & Ii ayetta Ste. PRIVATK I-OAVf on VnrnltiiT. Pianoa, tte. r ta.l luteal Raay Payrnanii. . GLOBE LOAN CO., 715 EQCITAflLJI BLDG. LCaNS S24 TO $300. . HekeIeri, Behnol TWachr. And other MhUUd tly'TSenu. C l M I'l-M Wti Paul ltli Agent ail. oalU HOUSEHOLD LOAN CO., ' boom 5olh 'orSSk LEGAL RATI LOANS ON FURNITURE. A licenaeri and handed firm nuking loans . 115 to Crt without reniorlni M-iirtty. IIW RATEft-Br.HT TEHMe) -tONO.TIMB. 'l month ia Inl.mat at St tf rum month on aionthft ba It 111 tt K.1 nionth pays BIOO .ncwa. Pay uiofw u; S10 mouth paja ai)Q tlm rwdueu OMt, Qwk. O'lrtemn. Priat Herrkw. Sttpertid hy Hanlting Department. Opart .ft cTOUnt ih u. Buy what you wantor artrullr ne.l- for CAfH t Wraain price., making a prollt on the tratiaartlnn. Call on our manajrer, Irf him etj.lain our a"djClPi!t.S!A,P rV" latiun on SKltVll'E To T11E BOUUOWER atul u carried on Is your behalf. PEOPLES LOAN SOCIETY, 404 WEST BALTIMORE STREET, K, W. Cor. Baltitrlor. .nd Rntaw gtA. ltootn No. 1, ejMtind Floor, rail, writ, at phon. at. Paul 0848. tf LOANS $24 TO $300 Mad. to H nut.i ee peri at coal prirrii'jd by tow: no no'ary charge rr other .ipenae. You rwcir. the full amounl. Interest not nayahl. In aflianca Paybient of ata. and titn. Mtitahla t ytrar wubtA. Yon Can Afford This Cost. mm for t mnnthl (13 1IJ Ultl for I ,...r,S.04 Otien a borrowing acL-tmnt h.r. Jtm a. yon wcMid at a bank, l'rirate offices, courteou. attention, confld.ntiftl. Banking Oepartroenl slifjarrlAloa. Uoura, 1.30 to i.VI. Pboiw St. Paul 11004. Chesapeake Loan Company, ' 2 East Lexington Street, RoonvY, .second Floor. "BORROW MONEY Fk'oM ' A BANK. If ym ncfd money roma aod lha oSteen f this hank. We loan mocry At 6 a Year Not 30 Per Cent. to prrrrtrtr ownra, ftfri tboiuh Um ronvrtv mortgaged, or othtr aecuiitv. Tuy ir intrn on the loaj. at the rata of Q rr yi and par it bark at tdt rata of 91 a wak for ach ?0 Common aen$e will tunis UU jva to act ub bafipc botTOwlng etaeWrhar.. Mercantile Savin?s Bank, J3 1 ft OTHLFORD AVR.. OI'P. MARYLAND TASIJAITT feLDO. tf MONEY TO LOAN Any perann tn Baltimore keeping konn ar wteAttil. employed who can rue CK5 to MOU can Moura the monej from ua without EndomT. Referenoe or Pletuttta. No other co&inan In R.ltimfww win m.v. you a loon at lower rate, or on term, aa eaay to nay. WE WILL MAKE YOU A LOAN TODAY "TI 1 EL? your own tarns atfck, tad with rm yoo ar borrowt aiaaaa lor (Xat 1 arri ca. I Malt IU W. LEXINGTON ST. jmD ruo, hinoks HLoq Look Up The "CENTRAL" When You Need Money. Lawful legal rat. of lntere-rt : confidential, touneoua treatment, canwrnieajt Ur&uv lUIck sendee. Call, write or phon. ST, PATTt, 4TT3. CENTRAL L6AN CO., 419 420 .nd 421 MTTNSKT BLDO. M. fc. Cor. Fayetta attd Calrert sta. tf MONEY TODAY $25:00 up K Jon ar. keeping hmu. or ateadily Bnployad rou Mn borrow the money you want for any purpose from this tnciety on ualer t.rmn than rou can Hour, from.any other concern in Paltimore Sa a PKR MONTH HKPAV8 WfO PKB MONTH BKPAll iuifl .1 PKR MONTH KKPATS jo6 II PKR MONTH ItKPAYg Ii fit, ' S PKH I MONTH ON BALANt;. We hand you the fun anmint of the loan 1 n.h and will glre you one year or mora to repay tho money, arranging payment, weekry or monthly to suit your incom. and convenience. No advanae charge. Other cooipania. paid off. Mora none -adrancd, TALL. WBrTB OR PHOyrj PERSONAL LOAN SOCIETY. 83 1 EQUITABLE BI.UO.. Fayette and Calrert ata. St. Paul 8040 P I'M MONTH KKPAYM gt'JIHI AUCTION SALES. Ol'T-OK-TOWJ BALKS. Philadelphia Sale Wednestlay, March 5th, 1919, at 10 A. M, at our Salegroom, 14 North Fourth 8i, Philadelphia, Pa. The entire wholesale atock of Karrtah A Elscn, Broadway, New York, N. Y. ' $147,000 Invoiced $147,000 ConnlMing of the moat complete line of Lamps', Cbllrtren'a and In-fanta' White Gooda. White and Colored Dreaaea, Rompera, Chlldran'a Coateea, Flannel Wenr, Nlghttrowna, filtirtg, Knrelope Cnemtae, Caml-a o I a, Corael-eoTera, Brailerea, Drawers, Apron., Dre.ilne Baequea, ' Robea, etc. Entire atock mn.t ba old without reaerre. DAVID KASKEY, Austloneer, . 14 North 4th Bt Philadelphia. mb3-4( STEAMSHIP LINES. SOUTH AMERICA ROYAL HOLLAND LLOYD T. S. S. "HOLLA NDIA" ialllnf Utter part wf Maweh tram NEW YORK for PKBNAMHICO, BAHIA, BIO I)B JAXKIKO, MONTEVIDEO and Bl'E. NOS AIRES. tf F.r RaUee. ReaemtUna, Ete apply rrVBHENOKR OFFICE, 1 BATTEJtY PLACE, w. Y r Ueal Aceata. . NEW YORK TO UVERPOOL Aquitania Mar. 6 Caronia Mar. 10 MAURETANIA Mar. 12 Ordunat M.. i. Sasonia M.r' 1 Carmania Mar. 24 AQUITANIA April 5 11 Eatat Baltlm.r. Bl Plwltlnaarw. WHITE STAR LINE NEW YORK LIVERPOOl Upland . .Mar. 8 Bailie. . ..Alar. 29 Adriatic . . Mari 1 S Upland . . Apr. 5 And Ketnlarly Therrartwr. IXTFRNATIONAL MKRt'A.NTILK MA. BINE CO. A. H. -RdltsON AOKNCY, 121 Kt Knltlmora Ht.. Baltlmora. Freight, chamber at Cemaiere. Itnlldlnt. t ELECTRIC MOTORS. faoTOKR. ROUO II f. .MOLD ANU tiCHANO Utat BALllAIUllK STi-iS. i i'

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