Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 18, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Tuesday, May 18, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts NOTES Sportswriter Lambastes The Sporting Girls Women seriously engaged in athletics are in for a sound ribbing by sportswriter Brian Glanville in his article, "The Amazons," in the Jlay issue of Mademoiselle magazine. He comments that when women pai'ti- cipate in sports it is not, in the last analysis, well done, and and that it can often be very strange, even grotesque, to see it done at all. Having covered the Olympic Games in Tokyo for the London Sunday Times. Glanville found many of the women participating in the events to be oversized, overly aggressive, and anything but feminine. Describing the Rumanian girl who won the gold medal for the javelin throw, he called her "hulking . . . with a Butch crew cut, thighs like a heavyweight wrestler" and a "virile exuberance." For a girl to devote her life to hurling spears — or to be profoundly distressed at losing an event — "take the thing beyond the bounds of reason," according to Glanville. He quotes Percy Cerrutty, veteran Olympic ocach, who said, "The women's shot put final is absurd. What a travesty of womanhood! Huge, overweight monstrosities of human malformation . . . they interest me like that fat woman in a circus does, or the elephant . . . But we must give up lionizing and paying tribute to these freaks, who, by reason of being freaks, win at athletics. They're not worth a cracker to look at." The winning of the short put by 215-pound Tamara Press he characterizes as "the reductio ad absurdum." When this "gargantuan" girl puts the shot, he says, "her mouth opens and she gasps like an expiring whale." INTERLOCKING RING SETS We Invife you to ins p e cf and use our shop service developed through years of experience. The quality required with tl:a economy desired lis E. State Phone 793-4806 COLONmi DAMES EXTRA RICH NIGHT CREAM HYPO-ALLERGENIC & VITAMIN FORTIFIED the incredible cream To give you the blended harmony of •beauty building moisturizing humec- tants, and softening elements. All these work together to give you that 'J'^ soft, young, fresh and desirable look. h PRICE SPRING SALE PRESCRtPTlOH ^ JSINCE ^ PHARMAClSn Paul Hallum 12 E. State St. Jerry Haislip <Redlands In fact. Glanville has few com- pUmentary remarks about any of jthe competitors in women's events. —Swimming: "Pool swimming is one of the less interesting subcultures of female sport, because most of those who parctice it are so ridiculously young. Despite their astonishing times and their remarkable training schedules, they remain essentially schoolgirls, intriguing mainly to those with a Lolita-penchant." —Tennis: "Miss Smith (Margaret Smith) clumps about the court with her fine, masculine stride, hitting fine, masculine shots ..." —Wrestling: "Finally, point of no return, there are the women wrestlers." The only ladies engaged in sport who meet with Glanville's approval are the ones who either play up their femininity or who make it clear that they don't take sports all that seriously. "You can, of course, devote yourself obsessionally to sport and still remain feminine, but if you do, you are merely the exception who proves the rule." Mrs. Mary Rand of Great Britain, who won three medals in Tokyo, "failed miserably in the long jump in Rome because she was a giddy girl and, by her own admission, didn't take it seriously ... one would see her sitting soulfully on the ground, in the Olympic Village, pretty pink face, pretty pink jersey, thinking of things which clearly had little relevance to long jumping or hurdling ..." Then there's Mrs. Marley Spearman, "a former London dancer of great poinse and pleasing endowments, who is now one of the world's best women golfers" whose "difference" sets her off from the average woman golfer of serious aspirations as a "mature, sophisticated w o m e n." Glanville champions Maria Bueno as "merely a girl who plays tennis." "... the tennis crowd . . . prefers a feminine player, which w'as doubtless why Maria Bueno's victory over Margaret Smith . . . was so popular" which was, in turn, "a triumph for the feminine principle, though the life of any leading girl tennis player still seems to me a mindless and unnatural one." Summed up, Glanville's views are (hat: "Women, it is perfectly obvious, are bound to pay a higher price than men . . .. But men, by nature, are aggressive and competitive. For women to compete with the same intensity must lead to imbalance, psychological stress, and sometimes physical distortion." Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything CaU 793-3221 DRIVE A LITTLE and SAVE A LOT! 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