Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 15, 1948 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 10
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„ 14 July 14, 1948 Hun CHjr OtoW-Guttto. MAMB CHjr. U. ^ n _ -,_-| l j- L r - - , Suesens New Boss of Cage Redskins Shebomc, W!s., (#)—Ken "Suzy',' Suesens Tuesday was named manager of the Sheboygan Redskins of .the National Basketball league. Appointment of the veteran guard to succeed Doxie Moore, recently chosen commissioner of the league, was announced by President Magnus Brinkman. Suesens joined the Redskins in 1939 alter starring with the University of Iowa. He has been a first-string guard since that time, except for military leave of absence. Johnny Sain Signs New Contract Early Boston, (U.R)—Righthander Johnny Sain of the Boston Braves was given a new contract for the balance of this year and another for 1949 Wednesday, following his performance in the All-Star game at St. Louis. The Braves front office announced that Sain had been given the contracts "because of an outstanding job ... this season." He struck out 3 straight batters In Tuesday's game and has an 116 record for the season. WANT SOFTBALL GAMES Meservey—Meservey would like Softball games for its boys group from ages 8-12 and for its high school girls team. Teams interested should contact Coach Lovell Diddy. MIDGET BASEBALL LEAGUE W. L. Pct.| W. L,. Pet. Decker B. 8 S .127|Tyler-Ry. 5 6 .-155 Betsy Ro. 6 4 ,COO|Coca-Cola 4 7 304 Ward's 7 8 .5»4|M.-Swin 3 8 .273 Montgomery-Ward, with Daryl Miller pitching, knocked off the loop-leading Decker Brothers team 3-2 in the East park Midget league Tuesday. Marshall-Swift lost its 7th game of the season by one run to Betsy-Ross. SPORTS PARADE By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer New Y«rk, (U,R)—Bobby Feller is proving to be an $80,000-a-year. lemon for the Cleveland Indians and Bobby Lemon is proving to be quite a $20.000-a-year fellow. Feller blew his 10th game recently but Lemon c'ame on to score his 13th triumph against the same 7th place Browns and hold the Indians in first place. Replies to Iowa Editor Now, before anybody gets the idea that Old Fearless is picking on a nice young Feller stil trying to consolidate his first million, I'd like to explain that this simply is rebuttal to the remarks directed at me by an Iowa editor. Remarks influenced, no doubt, by the fact that after his Sunday defeat of last week Feller was described as an overpaid pitcher — and just happens to be from Iowa, also. I reported that around the dugouts they were saying Feller's hat size is too large and that he has too many outside interests. Ye editor insisted Feller had abandoned "most" of his outside intereste; cancelled all autograph parties for Feller's book, "Strikeout Story;" that Feller was not unapproachable, and that Old Fearless sounded like a reporter trying to get even for a slight. Never Slighted First, Feller has never slighted me. After listening to his many "admirers" around the league I didn't give him a chance. Second, I reported only what they were saying about his hat size, and believe me, brother, they're all saying it. And while he may have stopped autographing "Strikeout Story" how about his new tome, "How to Pitch?" The question mark is mine— although some critics will tell you it should have been in the title. Mitchell Tops in Bond Sales Continues at First Place in North Iowa Mitchell county continued to lead North Iowa counties in security loan sales, it is revealed in the 12th report just released by Roger F. Warin, state director of the savings bonds division. Below is the standing of counties in this area: Sales % Quota Mitchell $448,000 71.81 Floyd t. 513,436 67.45 Hardin 699,787 65.92 Palo Alto 429,280 62.92 Bremer 512,453 62.68 Winnebago 349;684 62.02 Wright 557,171 60.01 Winneshiek 467,763 58.72 Cerro Gordo ... 976,471 57.61 Butler 428,011 57.43 Kossuth 680,181 56.46 Emmet 360,108 56.13 Howard. 269,364 54.27 Huboldt 337,748 51.56 Franklin 390,044 50.49 Fayette 484,512 50.08 Worth 190,287 43.77 Hancock 287,312 39.18 Chickasaw 213,560 38.10 West Union Lions Wage War on Flies West- Union—The West Union Lions club has completed its 2nd exterior spraying for fly control ,vith DDT. All alleys, barns, city dump, stockyards, creameries and lairgrounds Were given a complete reatment. Chairman for the work was Darrel Peasley and helpers were franklin Reyner, Doran Meyer Art Rupp, Harold Upham and Vern Halverson, all local businessmen. It is suggested that DDT concentrates of 5 per cent be appliec to window screens, doorways, ligh' cords and garbage cans once every 2 weeks. tfo Jher cofa ' at #2jf face Bottled by: Pepsi-Cola Bottling: Company of Mason City Under appointment from Pepsi-Cola, Company, N. Y. 9 remiums Expire— Procedure for Extension of Term Insurance Given Inside Washington Movy to Make Guam a Bristling Armed Fort Special to Central Press WASHINGTON — The navy is preparing to spend 800 million dollars to make the island of Juam in the Pacific an armed fort second to none—and that goes in event of an atomic war, too. The service has on hand 83 million dollars to begin its formidable task of making Guam a "Gibraltar of the Pacific." Actually, use of the island is not expected to be so great as originally planned, but it's still the projected stepping off point for the supply forces to be used in event of an emergency in the Pacific. Vice Adm. R. B. Carney says that the Guam development today is about 50 per cent of what had been contemplated in 1945. It is probable'that the long-range of newly developed bombers de- MOVIE By MAJOR THOMAS NIAL Nobody was surprised when congress extended 5 year' term insurance for another 5 years. Here's what that means in terms of your own term insurance. (It has no meaning at all if you have converted your insurance to one of the permanent forms). When your branch of the service sold you national life insurance—almost every serviceman bought some, up to a maximum of $10,000—the insurance was good for 5 years. It was meant to be protection against the hazards of war. When the war dragged on and on it looked as though it would still be going by October 1945. So in July, 1945, congress extended the 5 year period for an- VETERANS' GUIDE REVIEWS By CARL WRIGHT The passing of time is a matter of life and death to Ray Milland in Paramount's suspense drama, "The Big Clock," showing currently at the Cecil theater, with Charles Laughton co-starred. "The Big Clock" ticks off 36 hours in Milland's life, a-day- and-a-half in which he desperately tries to break put of the web tightening about him for a murder he did not commit. To make this short span of time even more harrowing, he is the man ordered to close the trap on THEATERS AT A GLANCE CECIL— "The Blj Clock" now PALACE— "The Challenge" Keckleu" now showlnr. STRAND— "The Ghoit »nd Mrs. Mulr" and "Partners In Time" new Rites for Gl at St. Ansgar St. Ansr»r—The body ' of Pfc. Harlan George Slaichert, 28, was laid in its final resting place in the City cemetery here Tuesday following services at the home of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Slai- chert, and at the Methodist church. Pfc. Slaichert was killed in action in New Guinea Dec. 6, 1942. He served in a machinegun unit, being inducted Jan. 3, 1942. He worked on his father's farm until he entered the army. Besides his parents he leaves 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Boost Soldier Budget Needs Garner — The Hancock county oldier's relief committee met at he courthoouse and filed its 1948 >udget with the board of supervi- ors. Proposed expenditures for 1949 •vere listed at $15,000 and amount necessary to be levied $10,000. Expenditures for relief of veterans and their families is stead- ly increasing, according to mem- aers of the commission and it was accessary to increase the 1949 budget $5,000 over 1948. and "Mr. other 3 years. It said that any one who got his term insurance before Jan. 1, 1946, could keep it for 8 years before converting to STATE— "Bed Stallion" and "Wide Open Faeei" close Wednesday.. "Sioux City Sue" and "The Knockout" »ptn Thuri- day. LAKE— "Call Northitde T)V now fhow- 3 Boys Land 20 Lb. Carp in 45 Minutes W a u c o m a — The largest fish caught in the Little Turkey rive here this year, was a 20 pound carp by James, son of Dr. and Mrs. Pau H. Belding, near their home Sun day. It required 45 minutes fo James, assisted by his brother La Vern, and Robert Smith, to Ian' the 36 inch long 20 pounder. veloped by the navy may have [ a permanent form. Seeded Entrants Move Ahead on Clay Courts Chicago, (U.R)—All 8 seeded entrants in the men's singles of the national clay courts tennis tourn- nament at the River Forest Tennis club were still in the running Wednesday as 3rd round matches began. Top-seeded Tom Brown, San Francisco, defeated Tom Mulloy, New Orleans, in a 2nd round match Tuesday, 5-7, 6-3, 6-1. Number 2 man, Jack Tuero, New Orleans, edged Henry duPont, Appleton, Wis., 6-4, 3-6, 6-2. Denver Moves Into 3rd in Western Loop Chase By United Press Denver moved into undisputed possession of 3rd place in the Western league Wednesday after blasting out a 15-7 victory over Lincoln Tuesday night to stretch its winning streak to 12 straight games. Pueblo guarded its first place rating by winning a well- played contest from Omaha, 2-1. Des Moines and Sioux City were not scheduled. something'to do with this. In any event, the navy is concentrating on underground fuel tanks and ammunition depots— this in preparation s h o ul d the world again be confronted with war. * * » • "FLOATING ISLAND" —The navy's new 65,000-ton carrier, authorized in the closing hours of congress, will give the United States a "floating island" base from which devastating attacks against any enemy could be launched withiii days — perhaps hours — of the outbreak of any new war. Military men agree that this country's chief hope of survival in event of an atom-bomb attack would be a swift counterattack severe enough to immobilize the enemy's bases of operation. Outlying United States bases in Alaska, Greenland and elsewhere could mount such counterattacks but only if they happen to be within warplane range of the enemy. On the other hand, the new super cai-rier could dash to any point on the world's oceans and then launch its A-bomb-carrying aircraft. This way there are few points on the earth's surface which could not be reached. The new flat-top 50 per cent bigger than the largest warship now afloat, will carry multiengine planes capable of carrying up to 10 tons of bombs. Its speed The seedless fig is the brainchild of two Californians. Instead of cross-fertilizing the trees with fig wasps, the American Magazine says they were sprayed with chemical hormones. Now! End Friday "THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR" Also LUM & ABNER COMEDY Dinner Before Game Joice — With a Border Line league standing of .555, 5 wins and 4 loses, Joice is scheduled to play Kensett here Sunday. The community is invited to attend the potluck picnic of the old Friendly club to be held in the town park at noon before the game. and range, secret. of course, are top- * * * ANOTHER LARGE SHIPMENT OF THESE FINE SHOES HAS ARRIVED BRAND NEW U. S. ARMY STYLE DRESS OXFORDS • INFLATION SIGNS — Presidential economic advisers are warily watching the nation's price index for signs of another burst of inflation. There are several indications that prices and wages are going up, but whether this portends runaway inflation is at present debatable. In recent weeks, top corporations granted another round of wage increases. Some, like General Motors, were pay boosts tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics price index. However, none of them was given gratuitously. Price increases swiftly followed. With leading corporations setting the pace, it was felt that smaller firms would be forced to follow suit or face increasing competition for mate- A SURPLUS RELEASE DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC Made to conform to rigid specifications Identical to Navy Oxford only in Brown. All Sizes We believe this shoe to be equal in value to 'any $12.50 shoes on the market today. Made to conform to rigid specifications. This shoe is built of solid leather throughout. Although light in weight and easy on the feet, it is rugged as an army tank and will stand for years of the hardest type of wear. We suggest you buy one, two or three pairs as long as they last. 222 South Federal MASON CITY'S LARGEST WAR SURPLUS STORE Add 2% Sales Tax rials. ... Nevertheless, there are still signs that the threat of uncontrolled inflation is being counteracted. Although consumer credit it at an all-time high, buying power is also up. ^Cutlet WAR SURPLUS STORE Those who got their insurance after Jan. 1, 1946, would have to convert within 5 years. Now those 5 and 8 year periods are about to be running put. I mean, if a veteran got his insurance in November 1940 his 8 year term will be up this coming November. Starting in October, the number of policies which will run out will increase from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. If congress hadn't passed an extension o! term insurance these policies would have to be converted to permanent forms before the term ran out—or else they would expire. The extension means that any veteran with a term policy may extend his Insurance for another 5 year period—but at a higher premium. How much higher? Say you were 21 when you went into the navy and first got your insurance. You paid a premium of $6.50 a month for $10,000 worth. That was in January, 1941, which means your 8 years will expire this coming January. You'll be 29 years old then. The new premium will be $7.00 a month for $10,000. In other words, the new premium will depend on your age and the time your term runs out. The VA does not automatically extend your term insurance. It is up to you to do it. Sixty days before your deadline (the deadline will vary, naturally, for almost every veteran) you'll get a notice from the VA explaining that in order to keep your insurance you'll have to either convert or take out a new term policy with a higher premium. Another notice will be sent you 30 days before the expiration date. You'll have to go to the nearest VA office and get a form, which is just now being prepared at VA's central office. Or you can write for the form. I'm told the form will be short and easily filled out. Then you send the form to your VA branch office together with 1 I month's premium at the new rate. To learn what that rate is you'll have to go to your nearest VA office—or write. If you write, be sure and say how old you are and give your birthday. The form, plus the 1 month premium, must be postmarked before midnight of the day your 8 or himself. Heading the supporting cast of "The Big Clock" are Maureen O'Sullivan, George Macready and Rita Johnson. * * * . Dramatic action in the oil fields of California is pictured in the Pine-Thomas thriller, "Mr. Reckless," showing currently at teh Palace theater. Heading the cast are William Eythe and Barbara Britton, the former playing the title role around whose personal life the story revolves. Bulldog Drummond offers another adventure in crime detection in the co-hit, "The Challenge." Tom Conway, a favorite in the "Falcon" series, appears as the the British sleuth for the first time. June Vincent and Richard Stapley head a featured cast. * * » Rex Harrison is co-starred with Gene Tierney and George Sanders in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," Twentieth Century-Fox's filmiza- tion of the R. A. Dick best-seller, showing currently at the Strand theater. Harrison is seen as the lusty spirit who is beguiled by lovely Mrs. Muir. Lum and Abner, radio's Osark rustics of the Jot-'em-Down store, are featured in the co-hit, "Partners in Time." * * * "Sioux City -Sue" which opens Thursday at the State theater, is the debut picture for one of the most important characters in Gene Autry musical westerns. That character is "Chamy," beautiful Morgan horse. Also featured are Lynne Roberts and Sterling Holloway. The co-hit features Joe Palooka in "The Knockout," starring Leon Errol and Joe Kirkwood, Jr. The story is based on Ham Fisher's comic strip. * * * James Stewart is seen in what is credited as his most dramatic role in "Call Northside 777," showing currently at the Lake theater. The story is based on the real-life drama of Chicago in the turbulent 1930's, and the picture presents Stewart as a reporter who fights against overwhelming odds to secure evidence that will set free a man condemned for lile. son INJURED IN FALL Fertile — Earl Louis, youngest of Supt. and Mrs. J. M. 222 So. Federal JUST RECEIVED 5 Gallon ARMY SURPLUS GAS CANS 5 year period runs out. After you do this you'll get a brand new insurance policy. Your present insurance has an "N' number. And here's a new wrinkle— the VA says it's not yet sure, but that it may issue regular policies to veterans who extend their term insurance for another 5 years. These will take the place of the certificates sent your next of kin when you 1st bought your insurance. Wright, fell downstairs at their home in the Harley Ouverson apartment. He was taken to Mercy hospital, Mason City, where x-rays were taken. He was suffering from a slight concussion and one leg was badly bruised. Order By Mail We Pay The Postage Flexible Nozzle 9Sc Hurry Down, Get Yours Now/— They Won't Last Long. THE OUTLET STORE MEETINGS In North Iowa SWALEDALE — Circle No. 2 of the W. S. C. S. was to meet at the Methodist church Wednesday with Mrs. Les Bonner chairman. KENSETT — Bethany Ladies Aid will meet Thursday in the church parlors. CRYSTAL LAKE— The W. S. C. S. will meet in the Methodist church parlors Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Howard Rose, Mrs. Lloyd Christenson, Mrs. Earl Hobbs and Mrs. Fred Korte as hostesses. SWALEDALE— The W. S. C. S. of the Methodist church will hold a picnic in the park Thursday. CLARION— Mrs. Roger Grove and Mrs. Wayne Ebert will entertain a group of friends at a dessert luncheon Friday at 1 p. m. at the Clarmond country club. CRESCO — Mrs. A. J. Cray of Lime Springs, president of the Howard County Republican Women's club, has called a meeting at the Cray home in Lime Springs at 2 p. m. Thursday. Mrs. Robert O. Fowler of Iowa Falls, Hardin county republican committeewoman, and Mrs. Alice Austenson of Mclntire, Howard county republican women's chairman, will be speakers. > NOW! END THURS. TOM CONWAY n IWU*f PnrnM*rf — AND — MR.KECKtiSS William EYTHE • Barbara BRITTON Cming: "Feudiir, Fussln', and A-Ftehtin'" LEAVE ON TRIP LakoU—Mrs. William Schroeder and daughter Dorothy left for Toledo, Wash., to visit the former's daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Al Scott whom they have not seen since' their marriage 2 years ago. Together they will take a tour up into Canada, to northern California and other point*. They expect to be gone 6 or 8 weeks. The Beautiful SURF BALLROOM Wed. & Thurs. July 14 and 15 Don Ragon Orch. • ' FRL, JULY 16 OLDTIME Fezz Fritchie Orchestra Mee/~ You At Ihr-Surf . NORTH SHORE CLEAR LAKE DANCE TO YOUR FAVORITE BAND "THE COUNTRY CLUBBERS" WEDNESDAY, JULY 14 A Fine Floor and Delightful Atmosphere. Come and Bring Your Friends — It's FREE! ALL VETS SOCIAL CENTER NORTH SHORE CLEAR LAKE I J Clear Lake's Greatest Amusement NOW! ENDS THURS. fACTUAl...6«IPPmC...tXCiriXGI James Stewart CAU 1H H 777/ «Xh CEN1U»T.IO« HCTU«t PLUS—DAFFY DUCK EVENING SHOWS CARTOON - NEWS, START 7—9 P. M. "Red Stallion" and "Wide Open Faces" "Next !• fcw wife I know Km 'NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH" CARTOON LATEST WORLD NEWS EVENTS BETTER WEAR GLOVES TO THIS THRILLER, OR YOU WONT HAVE ANY FINGER-NAILS LEFT!

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