The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. WINTER STYLES." of rinill Skirts Awful Slccreat and Thou* Plain skirts continue to appear on the HULfwity of the now French modpls in EDMB of tho acknowledged clninis of double an(l draped styles. A close fit about the hips Is essential, but this is mado up for by Intnmslng width around the bottom. Tho finjJiloimblo skirt touches tho ground all the way round, but does not drag. Tailor made styles are as much In vogue aswor. Gowns of this sort are tho most useful ones for everyday street woar, as th«jr always look noat and have no frills to boooiuQ shabby in dampness and dust. An variety of goods suitable for SILK TOILET. thftm costumes is shown this fall in dull recjs, blues and greens as well as in the older tan and mode colors. Large and small buttons of out smoked pearl, with rows of stitching, are tho aocapted trim- iBijjlg. Bound waists, worn with a belt, continue in- favor. Pointed corselets are also seen, although the novelty of these is long outworn. Tight fitting Eton jackets, with wide revere, are to be employed as outer gafmsnts and will be made up in fur, astrakhan cloth and similar thick goods. As an example of how extremes sometimes meet in fashion may bo cited the fact that long redlngotcs, extending nearly to tho foot of the gown, will also be worn this wtetor. No now departure is noted in sleeves. AB exaggerated glgot style prevails, very full above tho elbow and very tight below. Lass often the upper part consists of one or more separate puffs, sometimes ornamented with bows and bauds. The high clave collar is universal. The illustration shows a toilet of flax bhM glace Bilk. Tho skirt and bodice are perfectly plain. The cape bos a yoke, pointed behind and square in front, on which are mounted two ruffles. From the front of tho yoke faU two long stole ends. The yoke itself is trimmed with jet passemen- teato and pendent tassels of jet. JUDIO CnoLLET. TRAVELING COSTUMES. That Women Should Strenuously Decline to Deceive. It used to bo a canon of dress that simplicity ought to bo the chief feature of traveling costume, folds and trillings and gathers wore forbidden as receptacles for inviting and retaining tho inevitable dust of railways. But now there is a change. Even the tablicr Is sometimes seen, and the polonaise has been adopted in more than one instance. Women should strenuously declino this form of skirt trimming. It is heavy, useless, by no inoani invariably decorative and absolutely sense- IIKJ.TKD JACKKT. Jess. Tlioro is Home little moaning in pan- iilurs, but none in polonaises. Tho former give shapo und dignity to very thin, angular UguroH, preventing thorn from show- Ing that straight lino up und down which is such u foo to grace. IJut the polonalso, on double bUIrt, adds warmth whoro it In luast needed and nmkos it dlilloult, gome- times Impossible, to hold the skirt free of tho mud or dust of tho roads. Tho ideal traveling oostumo IH light, easily doiinod, iM Dually duffutl und is jnudo of u material that does not) orouKu or wrlnklu, Bomo sort/ of nil uuturgurmunt is always rcjjuii'odcjn u journey, uvun in warm woiith- <!», uud u Biuurt traveling gown itppimru nil the smarter if I/ho cout or cupo jnntuhus it. On occasions of tiulllelent Importance to wiirruut u sncolul traveling gown It is • worth wllilo to conijilelu lliu continue by uu appropriate wrap. Oupiw of medium length, hlugle, doublo Ulld triple, are liked by many pursuits, whllo othora prufer u Bbort cout, plainly niaile In tailor fashion, Women who dlnllku Rovuro stylus ofton huvo u lini'd wmt inuilu of Iho iliv* •; ma- turlul und nllow thomselvos u bi-ei ;i:lii(i Unit ml u in cut anil trimming. A <•<>*• tumu jacket uf lliu Intuit litylo IH wlunvi, lu tho cut. U Is ol' cloth Ilku Ilio gown/:int hut) u loiij.; lmst|iio and an ImimiiiHollinlr • . oollur. Tim iml'l'rt, wliluh ivauu to the i- • bo\v, unj Hm vest mity bu iiiuilu of tl.c mutt-rial. .Jl'DK) OUOLUCT. HANDSOME GOWNS FOR WARM PALL DAYS. _ At the left is a handsome tailor g<rwn of gray twilled serge with silver gray moire •wnist and rovers. Two other handsome gowns for street wear on warm fall days ore also shown in the accompanying; illustration. VARIOUS NOTES. Braided Jacket* Worn Again—Whims In Stationery. Toques, which ore again in fashion, are usually trimmed with velvet, this being held in place by motifs of jet or numerous little gilded pins. Tea gowns and tea jackets are still in high favor and are more and more esteemed in France, to which they are not native. A pretty model of a tea jacket is of geranium surah entirely accordion plaited. It is trimmed with bands of lace insertion across the bosom and bos a belt PARISIAN IDEAS. Gown* Show EnjuUlto Color Combination*. Jet K I'ofMlar Garulturu, The Society For tho Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Purls having taken exception to u fully developed Spanish bull fight which lately occurred lu that city, a woman fills several paragraphs of a Parisian society journal with arguments and ridicule against the objectors to the aforesaid gentle sport. At first thought it may seem astonishing that Purls, which considers Itself und is considered by every- VIBITINU TOI1.KT. body except KngUElinmii I ho contur of th» olvllUrd world, bliuulti yut rrtuln cnouKli liurburlum to unjuy u upuotuule the uliluf R'uturos of wliluh uio imittlutlou uitil bloodshed. It is not, however, necessary to scratch any of the Latin races very deeply in order to find tho savage. The most that civilization, even of the highest order, seems to do for them is to give them a superficial coating of gentle manners. It is to be hoped that la belle dnmo sans mercl who writes for the papers pines for bull fights rather because they avoid her an opportunity of showing her pretty clothes than because she desires to gloat over disemboweled horses, since these entertainments, like all others in the reputed paradise of Americans, servo as an excuse for tho blossoming of a whole flower garden of toilets. Materials and trimmings are unusually sumptuous in quality and color this winter, and costumes, especially those of a formal character, are constructed with great elaboration. The ono shown in the Illustration, for instance, is a laurel green velvet redingote bordered withiableovera Violet peau do sole skirt. The yoke and fall front of the corsage are of peau de sole and are richly trimmed with an open arrangement of jet which forms bretelles, which extend below the waist line. The lower part of the sleeves is of green velvet, as are the sable trimmed sleeve caps, while the puffs are of peau de sole. JUDIO CHOLLET. soft silk or Japanese crape attached to either side. These ends lire tied in « bow : at the front and hang half way down the ' skirt. If one does not like the crushing Bfts Citr to the Gulf of Mexico nt Sii- bine Pass, through Fort Smith, Ark., Texarfcana, Tex. ( and Shreveport, La. It would b9 a competitor of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas nnd Texas Pacific. Dignity. On none does dignity sit more gracefully than upon the woman who has lived beyond her first youth. She may be as routhful as her heart is if she preserves a tweet, womanly dignity throughout, but tet her descend to Foolish simpering and kittenish ways, and she loses the advantages of her years and come* down to mere ordinariness.—Buffalo News. FROCKS FOR GIRLS. EVENING WEAP. of Insertion. Tho nock, which is slightly cut down, has a wido laco collar. The ae- oordlon plaited elbow sleeves have plaited caps. | Extremely small stationery is appearing , again, and Parisian tasto permits it to be ( perfumed, although to English and Amer-1 loan women this custom does not commend iteeM. The darts and book seams of some of the new jackets are outlined with braid or galloon, not a pretty fashion, but a la mode, which insures its being more or less followed. There is a fancy for trimming coats and capes with motifs of velvet in applique. Sometimes they form bands and borders, and again they aro employed in a detached form. They aro usually combined with stitching. The draped skirt is not so generally adopted as was anticipated. Skirts have more or less trimming, but it is nearly always flat arid Is of a oharnotor to add little to tho weight of tho garment. Tho panel and tho tablior aro tho stylos mainly favored. Perhaps as skirts beconio narrower drapery will advance to tho front. A sketch is given of an entirely new evening wrap. Tho body is of pale rose faille, while the i routs and yoke are of old blue plush. Tho pelerine is of rose brocade, plaited at tho shoulders under knots of satin and motif u of pearl passementerie. Tho modiol collar and the fronts are edged with far. JUDIO CIIOLLET. A FMtty FMhlon That Is Helpful In Be- modeling Clowns. .,-.'' Tha most awkward ago at which to dress young girls la that between 11 and 16 or 16. The fast growing limbs aro difficult to suit, and tho necessity for providing deep horns and turnings as a precautionary measure for the days when the garments will bo ull too short tends to make them clumsy wear. Only the wealthy can afford to have their daughters' gowns of the exact dimensions that look most graceful, for if so out they have to be replaced by in a few weeks. Those who have to out their coat according to their cloth aro obliged to flnd means to adapt tho cloaks VELVBT WRAP. of the material, tho bow may be rondy mnde and honked underneath the front. These bows have points of advantage, in that they give an excellent effect to tho costume and do away with the necessity for elaborate vests. Winter copes and cloaks should not be so heavy as to drag injuriously from the shoulders. There are light but warm tweeds and cloths that can be utilized for this purpose. Those lined with tartan are not always light, but only In the best qualities. A feltlike stiff ones is far front being a recommendation, preventing the capo or cloak from falling In protectively to the figure. The stiff ones that could "stand alone" hang away from the wearer and let all the cold breezes play about her arms and chest. The little capes that are used as a finish to capes, pelisses and dresses are sometimes highly decorative. They are often made of plush in some rioh color, such as green, blue or heliotrope, though the pelisse itself may bo of a woolen texture, such as tweed or cloth. ' For general wear capes are shown mode, of heavy cheviot, serge or astrakhan. They aro ample in width and longer than last winter's capes, so long indeed that they seem likely to bo forerunners of tbo return of the full length circular. The wrap of which a picture is given ll of black velours d« nord and black moire. It has a velvet jacket body, with long mantle ends in front of moire. The back is trimmed with bretelles of moire, with ends reaching to tho bottom of the jacket. Four pelerines, alternately of velvet and moire, cover tho arms and ure surmounted by velvet epaulotc embroidered with jet. The shoulders of the wrap aro similarly embroidered, and the high collar ll bordered with feathers. JUDIC CHOLLET. YOUNG GIRL'S COSTUME. and dresses to tho IncmtsliiKInches of tho wearer. Sonietiiuea It Is <>:tsy enough to add a trimming of such u clmractur that It need not betray tho mutlvu fur uppnly- Ing it. A band of volvot or plush IH often (in artlutlo addition to u frock, i>Hpt>uially if tho material bo of a nruinil color. Tho recent fashion favors Mich devices, mid as both velvet and velveteen will bo very largely used in trimming ilrtBbcrilhlu winter no ono need four to apply It to tho ubovo purpose, Tho edge of tho skirt whou too short oould be lungthenod by a bund of I ho bilk or ono of bcuvur. The formor in prulurublo for a child's wiiar, but a llttlo fur on tho bodloo ia not objectionable und very becoming to tho young fuoos, with thulr olour, youthful coloring. A protty costumu for u girl of 10 yoarn old in shown lu tho itcoomjmn.vIiiK uketcu. It IH of gray olotli uiul blue velvet and in trlminud with uetrukhuii. The. ulutb, iklrt U plainly faced with velvet luilf way to tho wulst, the tup anil bottom uf tbo facing being trimmed with u Imnd of iwtra- kuuti. A vtltnhud pocket Hup, with but tons, lu placed oil uuch hip. Tliu bodloo Imu u double jtickut front, the upper juvkut bolng of cloth and thu lower of vulvot, opening ovor a cloth vest. Tho tight uloth BlwovuH huvo Ik putf from shoulder to til- bow, unit wrlnU, juokotgund neck uro bordered with ustruktkuu. C (.'I1OUUKT. *tth*r and Child Killed. KEOKUK, !«., Nov. 6.—D. M. Obi* holm, of the firm of Chiaholm Sc Evans, coal dealers and mineownera, was struck by a trian while crossing tha track and killed. His 8-year-old child was fatally injured. SUPPOSED TO BE AN IOWA MAN. Jama* Wu«m Reported Killed IB Memle« Known In W«*hlngto». WASHINGTON, NOT. s.-VThe Jamei Wasson reported in the Jalapa, Mez., dispatch as having kitled his Mexican wife and himself is believed by man; army officers here to be the James R. Wasson who was formerly in the United States army. For a time he was a volunteer soldier in the late war, later entered West Point and graduated at tb< head of the class of which Fred Grant was a member. Resigning from th« army he went to Japan, served as a professor of engineering in the University ol Tokio and altso in the Japanese army. While in Japan, Wasson married the daughter of United States Alinistet Binghum. Returning to the United States, he was on Doc. 1, 187t<, through Grant's influence, appointed from Iowa as major in the pay department of the army, and while stationed in Texas wot short $20,000 in United State) funds. Major Wasson is said to huvo had a penchant for gambling, and bis story that the money was taken while on n train is not believed. Tho court mitrital sentenced him to di.-tmisnal from tha service and to a term in prison. He was pardoned before bis term expired so he might be restored to citizenship. Now Short Llm> to tliu-Oulf. NEW YOKK, Nov. 5,— Mlthiii the last few wanks tho syndicate which is building the Kaunas City, Pittsbnrg and Gulf railroad has succutiiloc] in railing, in subscriptions, upwards of $l,0<iO,liiiO to complete thu construction of that lino to tho Gulf of Mox;co. It ia boiug built mostly by Philadelphia people, although tbe money has bo«n secured in Ainstor- dam, New York and Wanton. About 650 miles ia coiuploU-d. It iu projected to run in almost an air liue from Kau CLOAKS AND CAPES. Ilttuvy Wiiiiluiu for (Ivuuriil \Vaaf aud Vrltitt fur L>re»«jr OvrUKlmi*. With I ho return of cooler da.vH and thu uooc»-Hy for wraps ul tiomu burl Uio oniir- uioiih buw of watered ribbon n appear* UH it llnii-h lor thu oulhido garment. Thuro uro also bumo now juodelH, wi li uudj uf Utanppxared. LEXINGTON, Nov. 5.— A lettnr written by Mrs. Kate G. Ernest of 81 ikton, Oal., h/is been received by Dr. J. E. Mooney of Laxington announcing that George Washington Johnson, a mphew of Coloiit'l Richard Johnson, candidate for via9»nresident ,a ty30, had tny.ttefi- ously disappeared from hor house, where he ha<J Itniged several weeks and has not been heard from. He. liad plenty of money, s i;d he was worth $250,000, that lie wa» limiting nfter the interests of tho NorttHMB PaclQo railway and that he Bad a hh'R ; stock farm in Scott county, Ky> Pt. Mponey does not know the man, tJtit is looking tfp his history. KStoilt'rn WiijOrtmen Shotting 1 . SPEtNGFiKLD, Ills.. Nov. 6, — The national bganl of directors of the Modern WooduMB cc America has adjourned. There b«s been an increase of membership dMhkg the paot month in the United States OL <),000. The amount paid in death losses during the month waa $100,000. A Gnndlilntn Arrested. PEBHY.O. T., Nov. 6.— G. A. Beilder, a proniinenc candidate for territorial office at Oklahoma City, and ex-postmaster at that place, is under arrest on four indictment by the federal grand jury for embezzlement and perjury. He gave AB.uOO bonds. H>> is from New York. OLD PEOPLE. Old peeple who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy In Electric Blttera. This modlelno does not stimulate and contains no whisky or other Intoxicants, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It sots mildly on tbe stomach and bowels, adding s'reugth n id giving tone to tbe organs, thercbj aiding nature to the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters U nn excellent appetizer and aid* digestion. Old people nnd It Just exactly whtt they need. Pries fifty cents; per hot- lie at J. W. Hnttoa'a dru£ *tore. * JNear Ferry, O. T., nine members of n hunting party were injured by the explo- nio.-i ol a package of powder. Several will dw. A. Good Appetite. Always a<vompaule? good health, and an absence of Btpetlte Is an Indication of something wrong, The universal testimony vlven by tboie who hare used Hood's Sarsaparllls, as to Us merits In restoring appetite, and as ft purifier of the blood, constitutes the strongefit recommendation tbst can be urged for any medicine. Hood's Fills euro all liver Ills, biliousness, Jaundice, Indigestion, sick headache. 26c, The upper Iowa conference of the Mct'u uclist Episcopal church opened a six duy:' conference tit Charles. City, Ia., Bishop Thomim Bowman of St. Louis presidium- Buoklen'a Ai'nioa Salve Tbe best talve In the world for Cuts, Brauet. Komi, Dicers. HsitRbeom, Fever 8or»o,Tetter, Ohspped Hsndi,OnllblslM,Onni« and all Skla •rapHoni, aid positively cures Piles or »o pay required. It U guarsnled to give perteot iaUcfs«M*B or mooev refunded. Price 95 O»B»> d«r >>ox. For sale b J. W. Hatton. , Swimming. Swimming is tin admirable ezerclBs, tcndin;:, us it iloi':>, tu d'jerciiHe the size of thu hijw, too gU'RC LovudM] hns been fluolnrcd tlio chiof fnult with tho modern flgurf U' n girl cnn munngc to go to u twimi:i..ij^ HchoolacouplBof times u week, lh<> needs no gymniisliiui.—Phllaclolphla Consumers ofchewiwj tokoBlh art willing to pai) a little more tU the price dialed for tneordinan) trade tobaccos, will find tnis orand superior to all othej^ BEWARE Of'iMTATLONS, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to tne need's of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its-excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feyert and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met .with the approval ot the medici. profession,'because it acts on the Kid* neys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs in for sale by all drug- tots in 50c and $1 bottles, but it It manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. THE CHICAGO TIMES ESTABLISH ED 1834. The Leading Daily of the West THE CHICAGO TIME:) is In every reipect a I national newspaper. It contains tlio news of the world In every Issue. In addition to the complete report ol the Associated Press TUB TIMKS receives a ipeclal service covering every groat news center In the Culled State*, (t employs more tnan 1,500 Special Correspondents! T HE CHICAGO TIMES gives special attention to tbe news ot the northweit, and for the people residing m adjoining state* and an for west us the Kooky mountains It IB tbe most valuable and Intereittlng ot any Chleano d.tlly paper. Toe editorial page of TUB TIMES u written by tbe ablest writers on politics, finance, science and religion. Its opinions nro sought for by all ol»§«e> who wimt a sule guide on economic and social subjects. THE CHICAGO SUNDAY TIMES 4O—PAGES—40 I BB CHICAGO SUNDAY TIMES Is admittedly one o the largest und best Sunday papers In merle*. It contain* »ll tbe latest and uioit novel special features IB profusely and liimdsouieljt Illustrated by the test newspaper artists. Send for Sample Copies. THE CHICAGO TIMES Fifth ave. and Washington St., OUICAUO, ILL. Limited amounts or reliable Insurance, ID good mutual companies. Kstlmated cost, about one half tbe present board ruUn, If you wunt ruusonublv rntes on good Insurance, tnke-out a pulley from tbe on If non-boitrd ofllcu lu the city. J. E. GRIFFITH, Agent. The ART AMATEUR. Tti« and. X* -A-rt (The only Art Periodical uwurdod u Medal at the World's Kttlr.) luvalunble for nil who wlxb to nmko tlielr living by art or to wake thulr homes beautiful. 1fV> *« will send to a-iyone mention - XV/L/ tlonlng till* publication a itpeoi men copy, wltb BuuerD color platen, _ ^^ m (for copying or framing) auil 8 sup- 4 rih pltmiHutufy |iug«n of design* (rogulur I i. M price tltlrty ttve oeiitu). Or • ^^ TPrtr> Ofir> wewllliunt »l«o "HllNTINW rUF «UL> JTOBBKUlNNKtt8"(i»p»<e«). Montague Marks, 23'Unlou Square. N . OSING OUT On account of the dissolution of the firm of NOCKELS & GNAM The entire stock of Clothing and Furnishing Goods will be sold at [ Great | Reduced Prices,

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