The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 8, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1959
Page 9
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,- \ .—^w ANNIE FRESH RENdlS. IRKS MY TIME, urck Next ttM6, B<y/s. \WJVS BOUQHT A BARGAIN! THIS ONE WILL MAKB VOU PAMOUSl AU.RSHtOHn.6MEN> umi UP rr ANOTHER TEN THOUSAND? « BUT DECIDE WHICH LAWVER ISC6IN' TO DEPEND MR. WILL NOD 00 TO THE STOCK ROOM AND (jet ME SOME FRESH PENCILS? ANP LOOK IN ON TOE TROOP?" IN EN6LANP , COM6 AWNSl CANYON TO I GOT VOUR \ WE'LL PICK UP SEE COL. I PHONE CALL. I MY 8RIPB LARIPSE / I WAS JUST | ANO POTH6 OOINO INTO LONDON VA3NP6R If OUR PEP FRIENDS WILL KNOW CANYON LARID6E WILL \JOIM THE AIR FORCE MAKE CERTAIN \ ANP BE SEEN BY THE CANYON IS SHOWN I UNDERWORLD j TO7H6RKSHT WRONfl PEOPLE ASNIi «MM! MMJ ARE CRAMPED HERE, YT£i=^ MARY 1 ..- NO MATTER! IU RENT J " QUARTERS NEARBY FOR MARIA 0 GIUSEPPE! MARY WORTH YOU'LL NOT REALLY NEED >ERVANT5,CONSTANCE..' I'M A600DCOOK'"IPIDO 5AV50—ANDTHE CLEANING is SLIGHT! I HAVEN T TURNED A HAND OVER FOR. YEARSl-AND I'LL NOT 'HAVE YOU , WAITING ON ME/i BESIDES--WE'LL BE GIVING SIMPLY LOADS OF BIG PARTIES THIS WINTER! PRISClllA'S POP-By Al Vermeer WHAT BUSINES NEEDS IS MEN Wi IMAGINATION! VOL) (5KAT- .. - _ IMS REALLY/PACK- USETMi WARDS, TO <f HE . 3UMPK5AlD/> OMER.1 IO PARRELS ATA , TIME ?> nr ^, OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major H&ople VTHESe'LL SP5CI ALTV AS A "si MY SKATES ff FIT Y2U.' YOUTH WAS SPEED StfAT-V\ WITH ME, ) LAt>5 . TH£V MATCHED ME OME '(OTHERWISE- TIMH WITH A SPEEDING ll'DSNE-p, TRAIN WHICH RAN ALOMS \YOUA OUR RNERRW~ WE /==! LITTLE 20 T - H CENTURY LI/VUTEo I THINK IT WAS/ 1 KEPT EVEN WHIT F0RFNE- MILES AND WON IN A PHOTO TOO AMV- THING 3USTA .__ LATE TO BACK ODT CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams BORN THIRTY VEARS V TOO SOOM~ V STAMP BACK: WHEK) A PASSEMSER FIREMAN IS KISSING HIS WIFE 6OOPBY. TIZZY-by Kate Osann 'If your wife ever asks you that loaded question, 'Why do they name hurricanes after women? 1 tell, her you don't know!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Alessio "I'm sorry, Don, but my history teacher, my English teacher and my French teacher have conspired to Heep, me out of circulation tonight!" 'That's Mr. Flax. He's had 4 wives—4 an dpays a total of $50,000 alimony—$50,000!" The Marquise de Pompadour,I Among many of New Mexico's famous mistress of Louis V ofjNavajo and Apache Indian's a IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS f'rance, is reputed to have spent about five million dollars a year man's wealth and social status depend upon the number of horset he owns. QUAD TO IF 21 VOU'LL GIVE HIAA UP,'.' SO THAT YOU CANMARRV I'LL TAKE CARE OFALLTHE LEGAU TECHNICALITIES!! AN'AMCAINT LIVE IRSUTLI' OH,v;HUT wltS ALL I LOVES ME,MR. \ GOOCH.STpP ABNE(?,WIF YORE 7 NOPE—BUT I. WORRY I ABOUT YOU, SUGARr ~-IMAYHA^ET060 BACK HOME FOR A SPELL--AND FACING ALLTHIS OPPOSITION ALONE WON Y BE EAS/ --MWi_c«;i;--:r UNLESS l—CAN'T WHAT? SAY ITT AUSTIN (Mifin.) HEftAlt ARCHIE YES .'ANOTHER SCHOOL IS SPEAK1NS AT\ HONORINS AN OUT-OF- < ITS RETIRING TOWN -\ JANITOR.' LUNCHEON: MV TRAIN } SIT K1SHT WAS LATE// DOWN/ THEY'RE READV POC y<?UR SPEECH.' ...AND I ONLY WISH THAT MY SCHOOL COULD'HAVE HAD THIS MAN AS JANITOR.,.- J PSST. PS5ST.' THAT'S NOT THE OANITOR.'... . THAT'S THE CHAIRMAN >-.!. __, OP OUR. PO&" JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfleld I SPOKE TO MRS. '— 80SWORTH TODAY, MISS LUCAS. THEVRE SIVIN& YOUR UNIT TWO WEEKS TO SHOW POSITIVE PTO6RESS-OR CLOSE IT UP AS A BUSINESS (-055. OH, MR. ftp SAXON & Jy r-.«i' WHY CAN'T THEY, LAURA? IT'S THEIR MONEY. THE ONLY THINS THAT WOULP NOT Pff. WRISHT, LAURA. SAY ST£V£ WRISHT. SAY IT/ SAY STEVE, ANP MAYBE I'LL . you HURT YOU IS YOUR M1SPLACEP PRIDE.' ALL RK3HT. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. BUT IT ISN'T ME... IT... THIS WAS OR. WRISHT'S IDEA, HE WORKED SO HARD., LET'S KEEP IT GOING FOR HIS SAKE.., MORTY MEEKIE r AND THEN AGAIN, MAVBE , I WON'T OICK GV'A! [J ALLEY OOP fllf HADN'T WE ^BETTER RUN .L, IT'S FINISHED/ \ATESTOM NOW WE CAM START OUR. \ THE TIME- INVESTIGATION OF THE J MACHINE IO,OOO,OOO-YEAR-OLD A FIRST? , ~ V C0AL MIME MAM jtel^ \&®m *f\,r< ^ Bh m \ n,^ ' 1>T OKAY \Me,POC, IF rr'LL S. IT MAKE \OUWILL FEEL ANY I-B r BEHER /-—V •:*' C>~ MB (f DIP tOU THINK IT/WHO ELSE, \ ME.OF COURSE WAS YOU 1 WAS/ SINCE OOP'S\ WlffiE POTST- GOING TO SEND I NO LONGER /LYCX>MPETENT BACK TEN \ ON THE /TO HANDLE THE —•• -i^>-* i *—P •» ^ hv'i^ irnu* MILLION YEARS? 1 TEAM?/ r? I if MACHINE WELL, FIRST I SAW CAR WITH OHIO LICEWSB PLATES, OFF TH 1 RCAP BEHIWD SOME BUSHES NEAR TH 1 SCHOOL! JUP.TELL CAPTAW EASY WHAT YOU SAW THE MIGHT THE SCHOOL WAS WNAWITED1 WASH TUBBS COULD IT \ KNAVBE. HAVE KEN \ IN TH 1 DARK. ANYWAY. YELLOW 6V TH 1 5CH00L.I KAN IMSTEAP O'l INTO TWO MBK) CREEPlU 1 GRAY, JUP?/ THRU TH' TREESV WHEN THEY HEAKP MB THEY RAN 8EHIKIP A BU5H" ONE WAS KINPA FAT,.. WOKE GLASSES ANP A DERBY THAT FELL OFP WHEN H£ RAN 1 . T. COULO SEE HE WAS BALP. TH' OTHER GUY LOOKEP LIKE A FORBIfiNER AWP WOKE PARK GLASSES! JT I'M 5URB THEY WERE McKEf AMP TMtb, HE* 8mic,. Inf. T.M. «... U.S. pT BUGS BUNNY ULP! CATCH YOUR POS AND PUT HIM OUTSIPE, CICERO 1 FREE DEMONSTRATION AIN'T INCLUPED IN MY REGULAR FRECKLES / ! 6uebi v»«'e SHOULD 13 (HAVE TURNED ir SIDtWAVS/ Ht/, LEVEL \ SGMCTHIN'9 our- W£'PE IPULLIM LOS IN' THE .CM IHIS BWS; Bovs/ I'VE CHANGED MY WND •--- 1 DOJT WANF THAT DESK UPSTAIRS ALL/ 60LLY/ THANKS,"! CONSIDER. fTAS A 6IFT ^MR. WILSON/ ^7 FROM YOUR. ADMIRERS/ "" ^^IV7 SHORT ( KUNNIM I ACTING LIKE A HOODLUM! JACOBY'S BRIDGE WEST NORTH 4KJ76 VAJ83 4 2 + 9765 RAST V765 VQ1098 4KQ.I9 410543 #Q84 *KJ3 SOUTH (D) * AQ94 VK4 • A876 + A102 and West vulnerable South West North E»st 3 N.T. Pass 2 * Pass 2 4 Pass 4 4 Pass Pas* Pass Opening ]ead— • K \Vrltlnn for NEA Service Tiie Staymon two-club convention la » part of the Jacoby Transrer Bid •ystem. We liave noted already that ether suit responses at the two level- are transfer bids nnd that the three- club response is the transfer to diamonds. This leaves two clubs as Stayman and It la used whenever responder has enough strength to want to bid or In- vlte game and wanta to explore the possibilities of a four - four fit in a mnjor suit, North has Just such a hand. Nine high card points and four cards In each major. He responds two clubs and South Is required to show a four- card major If he has one. He has and does and North takes him right to game. There Is no truoble malting flv« spades. South wins the diamond opening, ruffs a' diamond, plays a club to the ace, ruffs a diamond, plays a heart to the king, rxtffs his last diamond and will still make another heart nnd four spade tricks. Three no-trump goes down one trick. All South can make are four spades, two hearts and the minor suit aces. Incidentally, if South had had no four-card major he would have rebid to two diamonds to show thl» and North would hav« gona to two no- trump whereupon South would pass with a minimum or go on to gome with a good opening nb-tnunp. Playtime Parade Ctiy as Toylwwll Tots Till adore tbU . pjruUe of pUj-Jui pala having tun 10 uiany ways. Mow PLAV than worts to «nbroi<i« these tittppy jouut-sterj on tineas, puiows, curuUas, clothe, blbe. Pattftru 513: transfer of U uiolHa tboiit 5»« Inches. Send Thirty . tlT« Cent* (ooln*) lor Uils paU«ra — *dd 5 ceots for civcli pattwa lor Ut • class milUnj;.' Send to the Austin Dally Ho.r»ld. Needlecraft O»pt.. P. O. Box 169. Old Chelsea Station, New Yortf JJ. H. 3f.' Prlut plainly PATTERN NU N4:WUE. ADORBSS M>4 ZONE. Send for a copy oU»59 l*vw»' «r Nwdlecrafv Book. It JM* deslgM to order: «mbH»W#i. kuittiug. weavtag, qullttag. the " i

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