The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1931
Page 3
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Famous Castle In Spotlight I O m.YTHF.VIT.l.R. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRKh FIT FOR! Rii 1 r o a c] Powerful Oil Steam Engine. CHICAGO, 11!.. (UPl — A new > P I:M' cf la'.omolive ni'lne.has brai acni/red b'' th" Milwaukee rail- read:, ill. its fight to maintain. sur.'Vtinucy of steam for transpor-: tatlon pwpcs?3 .against the iuva-j s f .on..of. Caroline and electricity. ! Tlic^V invention was completed alter .16 yrars ol cxperimcnti:!!; an 1 .! testing. accord!:!? lo J. T. Gi'.lick. vice-president cf the riilrjad, i-irll will, he placed in use immediately! on several lims. ! lt:hns been name:! the I.oecmotor and l.i outward appearances resembles a modem steel ba?gn£? j car.... U is 01 feet- lona, woiahs: .CQj^-'jjcimd:, and generates SCO t^power. Steam is generated ,in a'small compartment in the for-: ^»td:diva-of tlie cur wilcrc the co:i- • are located and engines are neJ under the car lo leave ( flcfcr space for bagsaee. I number of coaches that can b3'"hauled by Iho I.occmoior is de- tennined by the schedule to be miintaifed and the territory in it is oueratrd. s he new unit uses steam at 703 pounds pressure. Ollllck said, is about three times Ihe normal pressure cf the mo'.lrrn strain !cci>n;otiV5. Steam is generated an nciided. Tlw fuel used is cither distillate, .or ordinary furnace oil. automatically fed, and is bvrned so completely (here !s no smok^. The Isw'am itself is condensed and the I recovered, water Vscd again. ing our band to sissmne Ihat even i the fourth card of 8 four-card suit ! should be a probable trick. When we hold u solid establlslier sui! in trump, every card Is counted Ins a probau'.e trlcfe but when t!i:- I trumij sull Is ml established, the (op c.itds may o:ily bo cjuntcd fir 1 (lirir t?x? vain,", c B.. a llve-c.ird isult headed by ftce, Utnj. (|iieen Is irat«l as live probable tricks, w.-.lle 1 a five-card suit headed by kl ! mieen. ]ack can only be counted ' (our probable tricks as on; of the i throe top honors must be used tJ ! force out. the ace. 1 Additional values ot one-hnU ! probable tricks are given to all II- ncsslug combinations In trump 'such as aci\ jack, 10; king, j.ick, 10 !or ace, king. Jack. : Long cards In side suits are nc | co'.n-.i^l as probable trick winner ' unless Ihe trump suit Is suluc'.eiHls lon-i and strong to insure complt 1 control of the hand. e. g.. you hold i Sp.idos—A-K-CJ-IO-10-10 1 Hearts—5 ! Diauicnds—1 i Clubs-A-K-Q-10-10. . I The long spade trump suit I? strong enough lo Insure control of I the hand, and therefore tlu club suit can IK counted for five prol!- .able tricks which would siivc us 11 probable tricks In this hand. The probable trick value of .sid? sulli should be based on lil|>li c.ird First GlaSS-Metal HoilSC Local Health Unit Nar« L* 1 ; Marv Moore, nurjc of th? cootv litaltli unit, assisted In tlio iii-l'i-itlcs of the Ci'lttenrten county unit, u-.-i'iilly orcanked, for the of arrival of planes operating c:i , schedule. AlUS Crittenden County C11 V officials participated in the' dedication ceremony recently. Another recent Installation nt the airport Is an amplifying system which din be heard for n mile. It Is us?'.l to anouncc. weather retiorts tuul other announcements of Inlcix'.st u aviators. 'Ihe Mississippi comity unit has, bnn «i-n;iiTiii!in with the new 1 null in its ivoiynnlyod work by nlvini Inslrur-Hi'iis In its mcmbirs and aliuwlit' Us tt'crkcis to spend j fi p.ifl of tb'lr :h'.e tli: i'5. | - C; ! CTn gn Good Burglar Alarm : r • hol-doi; cILspKiscr. has dl;c3V:rsJ lor tOlinty U)M me electric sign over his IHlh Superintendents P.wcd ' 'Ihe standards for qmliflca of cuiiiilv Mj|vrlutend<»nts In ki'ii^as have Ix'en raised by <(• beard of education, according lo Information sent the county (K-parlmcnt. All county tuper- lnlcitdi'iil.s miiM have fnui 1 years nl college work from an approve:!) | 1( ,.i r>llti;c or university and an A. U. i ^1 1 a burglar alarm. I0ns i When rowdies attacked li'.in in Av " his shop l:c switched Uw .!le;tr:3 "" sign on nnd oil repeatedly until Ii3 aUiacled the iillcullcn of Pclhi- nian M.irlln J. Colemiin. Th? •--!- ficcT ap;)c:ired at tlu> shop a lo v nicincnts later nn:l the tricks plus' additional adva'.i- tage of possible finessing values, e. g.. ace, Jack, 10 in side suits shJuU be valued as one and otic-half probable tricks. Here's some n r w liyht on an eld subjecJ—the illumination at night ol femous old Roehesler Castle. In Kent. England. The b.auty of the historic structure, one cf the finest, examples of Norman architecture j tif i. • t ,• •, in the country, is strikingly brought out by a battery of powerful flood " a « Onians PC. JVlty lights. A pageant dealing with the history of the castle is to be slaved thrrc in June. I ^ BRIDGE E n\ vrai. E. MCKEXNEY ; two of the outstanding trump, your Repose Shows Progress CHICAGO—Tr merlons progress w->s marie In Outdoor Conservation ard Restoration throughout Ihe United States, according to the minimi report of the conservation department, of the Izaak Walton LeagU" c-f America, submitted at the opcnlnx session of the Lease's convention here Ihls morn- Thls Is tbe Ilrst all-melal-and-ulass house built as a practical home In Iho western world. It is allractlng ragcr atlenilon at New York's Architectural and Allied Arts Exposition. All construction is of steel and aluminum, fabricated of standard parts In less than a week. H's flreinouf. taithquakc-proof, and practically Indistructlble. It can b? knocked down 'and moved to another nel?hborhocd cheaper than building a new home. Many architects rce in 11 the- home of tlie future. . ' ' , 'come under three classifications. I Tliere was a large crowd attended ^q^k lTlclis . [Sunday s-jli^ol Sunday. Secretary American Brijje I.s:i3u;. third trump would lose to the queen and you would be left with t«>, ln J moOT ^ ^ ^^ ^ The nrcbable tricks thai a han 1 . and you lean contain at a suit declaration I good trumps. This is the basis upon , ....... ,...., , mrcnl , sra come under three classifications. : which the number of proteblc |^, P'° t .',«s «ere lanrt niirclmsra Mr. and Mi-s. Hid Buck wer2 Bgue'tt'; of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Gaincs [Saturday. 2—Probable finessing vn',u=f. 3—Long or lo\v curd tricks. | trump tricks should to estimated.! '.for Ihe declarer's hand. ! Until the bidding indicates land establishment of inviolate sanc- 'j tuaries in the national wild life refuge system: the prevention of read buildim in th; primeval wil- ""•Mr? aiid Mrs Lowe Ineram had will pick up the ouU'.aniing three; It is rattier difficult to estimate s thei-- eutsts. Smidav." Mr. aud' trump and your two renijinto . the probable trick value of a four•I-s "V/iil Ho-arU " i trump are good for two tricks. If card suit as the fourth card, due to "Mrs.'i'Hrs-lo R:cl:ardsDii and ycu held a trump suit of five cards i unfavorably dUtributlon. ^ may not I daughter. Joyce, left Siturday for headed. by ace. kins, you should '" ' Memphis where they will visit ret- j value it PS four probable tvicV.s. a(ivcs''for several weeks. I The.a'cc' and kin:; would pick u, Stuffed Pigeons Will Be Used as Bird Traps CHICAGO, (UP)-Stutfcd barnyard plerous. made to flutter in till breeze about IS Inches above Ihe ground, will be used in the OEC- maw forest of nortl'^rn Michigan this year as traps for predatory birds. The Idea was advanced by Blaluc Frannon. keeper of the Ogomnw refute iibov,:; Bay City. Mich.; and endorsed b ylhe conservation of the Izaak Walton League. U is the latest move in the n^ht against big hcrntd owls and other predators which prey on valuable giunu and song birds. An ordinary stuffed, barnyard pigeon, with its wings spread, is supported on a slim coll of wire, Brannon explained. A spring trap rests un tbe back and \vings of Ihe. bird and is fastened to a stake in the ground with a connecting chain Wind will cause the letheicd bird to sway and tremble, catching the eye Flood Lifrht Turns Night Into Day at Flying Field ST. l.OUtS, (UPt — A -1,000,030 candltpinviT Hood lt?l>t Illunilnnlcs I.itmbcit-Sl. -Loiils I'lcld here BO (fiat visibility at night Is rilmost as poo<l as during the day. i Th? IHjhl, a sliiBle-nre lump, cost ct the predator which swoops lo| lror( , t ) ln ,, $10,003. u floods an i folzc the stuffed plgegn nnd Is; r ,.,, n 0 ( ^75 ni . rcs w | t |, hs! h t .j-i,,. caught when Us cluws arc thrust Into the bird nnd open trap. cincr rim of the ll«lit Is maiked by | rid boundary lam)>s. Renew Your Ilealth By Purification Any physician will toll you that "Pi'ifecl I'uiincntion of tlic System is N.ituvc's Foundation ol' Perfect llcalih." \Vliy not rid yourself of chronic ailments that are umtcrmining your vitality? Purify youf rjntirc system by taking a tholouch course of t'alutaba, —onci> or twice n week for several \vec-ks—and oco how Nature i~c- wurds you with health. purify the blood by ac- NEW YORK, HIP) — A' diamond of the finest quality, welching 121 carnlB In the rougli, has Just icachrd Hew York, and ranks amoiv; the largest stones hi the country. Tills diamond will be cut In America. 'Ilic llchl Is tuniwl on by n:\ nt- ] tivnlin^thc livor, kidneys, stomach of n plane . mid bowels. In IU cia. und 35 els. loiulnnt whun HIP Of the 340.000.000 people in India, only 2,000,000 speak English. prove a long card trick, but as the ' Of the rest, few can read or write top honors haveradaiticnal strsn?th any o[ the 222 Oriental languages as quick tricks, 1 -we. H EAD COLDS & Melt in boUbs mttr «od tnh»l« vapor it «llo tnuff up BMt. COATED TONGUE, BAD TASTE "1 Buffered from heartburn nnd oti. My tongue would not cnnlLiI, ami I would have a had labto iu my nwjUi. I UaO xna pal i in, nml If I ladled 1L would IMJ' rlgbt bit tor. My mother told mo io try LJIiick-ttrnuglit, \vlilcli I Olil. Aftor I hail inkcn n few itoses, 1 felt innrJi heltor. Tllo Has pains \voulil atu[>. my ino'jlli would feel clean, nrul niy fiMil \vonlil iiislo n\uch better. I Ximw lliaL IltacktDraiiKtit lielinsl »\c." — Hubert Hnttcifj G(ilnt3bora t (leorgla. Insist, on Tlicdforil'a JXA-J Is heard overlvad and at Ihe hour Pailent'ts. AH ilealors. (Adv.) How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of Fat Lost Her Double Chin Lost Her I'roniini;nt Hips Lost Her Ri Galnnl Phisical Vifur (JaitiMl in (jalncil a Shapely I-'iglirc If you're fnt—remove the cause! KRUSCI1EN SAL.TS contain the 0 mln-cral salts your body organs gla::ds and r:crvcs should have lo vuler every morning—cut or.t pas- ry and fatly meats—go ll«lil on potatoes, butter, cream and sugar- in 3 weeks uct on the scales pud not? how many pounds of fat, have vanished. notice also that you Iravj sal-.ic.t hi energy—yonr skin in clearer— . your, eyes .sparkle with slnrhus health—you fe^l vcunger I'l ro'y. —keener In mind. KRUSOHEN will Rive any fat person a joyous surprise.' Get an 85c bottle of KRUSCHEV SALTS at Kirby Drug Co. (lasts 4 If this first bottle docra't c.isirs', - miLLlQH JARS USED-YEAR1Y THET MONTH OF BLYTHEVILLE'S V/hen your vilnl organs fall to iKrform their \vork correctly—your towels nud kidneys, can't throw oil —It you don't feel a superb Ini- r'alize It—you're erowinj hlduously urov;niciU in health—so gloriously end scllc — vigorously Take half o Unspoonlul of KRU- money gladly returned. —Adv. SCI1EN SjAl.TS in n glass, of hot THURSDAY, MAY 2 Your Shopping Trip to Blytheville Now Buy your needs from the merchants listed below as they offer the utmost in value and service. Shop in Blytheville Now For Best Assortments and Values Borum's Drug Store Hubbard Hardware Co. R. D. Hughes & Co. Dodson Furniture Store Aldridge Jewelry Co. Joe Isaacs Gillen Furniture Co. The New Dixie Store Co. Miss Whitsitt's Shop New Mead Clothing Co. Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Groccrics 0. C. Barnes ^' 30S Flour - Fcctl East Main St. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. Phillips Motor Co. Blytheville Laundry The Grand Leader Tlie Fashion Guard's Jewelry Store Hubbard Furniture Co. Rosenthal's Tull G- Johnson Hall Sisters Shoppe Across From Home Theatre Blytheville Courier News

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