Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 20, 1970 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1970
Page 6
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Junior Editor Quit en- JACKALOPES THE PRONGHORN ANTELOPE = THE ANTELOPE ^m JACK BABBIT ^ QUESTION: Is the Jackalope an antelope or a Jack rabbit? ANSWER: If you will roam around the Western plains (black area in map) you may come across, in a house o restaurant, the mounted head of a very odd lookin, animal. The neck, face and long ears are obviouly thos of the skinny-looking western jack rabbit, the animal wit! long legs who skims along so fast and can jump up to 2( feet. But above the rabbit's head rises the queerly shaped horns of the prong horned antelope, another very fas running western animal. Ask your host what this strange animal is and he'll say: "Oh, that's a jackalope, it's cross between a jack rabbit and an antelope." Do you believe him? If you do he'll put you down as an Eastern tenderfoot, for the jackalope is an animal which doesn't exist and never did. The idea originated because the two animals, with patches of white against brownish colors resemble each other, especially at a distance, as they leap lightly across the Western landscape. There have been many other mythical combinations of animals, like the unicorn, a horse with a long ivory horn carried by the arctic narwhal. (David Gojda of St. Catherines, Ontario, wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Friday, November 20, 1970 Thanksgiving Answer to Previous Puzzle By Kate Osann njTJnnri f ' O -^ <D WI» bj NEA, Inc. T.M. b|. U.S. fat. Olf. ACROSS 1 Thanks for blessings 5 Gallons of coffee 8 Turkey——- (pl.t 12 Winglike processes 13 Native oi: Csuffix)- 14 Siouan Indian (var.) 15 Khd of lino 16 and sage stuffing 3 8 Military cap 20 Prevaricators 21 Color 23 Also 24 Masculine appellation. 25 Headed 29 Miss Rehart and namesakes 30 Journey 31Jewishhigh. priest 32 Caucasian ibex 33 Those people 34 Chemical suffix 35 Was a fixed attribute 37 Mountain. crest • 38 Against 39 Frolicsome leap 40 French historian 43 Incisors, for ' example 45 Plants with, needlelike edges 47 Hercules' captive (Greek) 50 Weight allowance 51 Palm leaf (var.) 52 Individuals 53 Certain 54 Greek letter 55 Tennis necessities DOWN 1 Chum _ 2 According to (2 words) 3 Englishman (Scot.) <f Ropes 5 White Rhine iii iiii •wine 6 Roman eaiperor 7 Golfing necessity 8 Ointment 9 Sicilian volcano 10 Wild Siberian donkey (var.) 11 Fixes in place 17 Sailing vessel 19" more giblet gravy left?" 21 Moslem, •warrior champion 22 Fortification 23 Neat 25 Masculine nickname 26 Instrument of communication 27 Choicest 28 Kitchen gadget 30 At that time 33 Mineral sodium carbonates 34 Declamation 38 Card game 37 High card 40 Rodents 41 Beige 42 Not at all (contr.) 43 Membrane (anat.) 44 Jacob's brother (Bib,> 46 Little child 48 Allow 49 Double curve CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "My friend Arlington is planning to write The Great American Novel—if he can figure out the right arrangement of words!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox 'What do you suggest for o woman who has everything, and isnt' happy with any of it?I" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMOAHL & STOFFEL OS&OOP WOULP MAKE A G(?eA7' WATCHDOG FEKVA, HE'S JUST/R«*X/A/'/ COME ON tt-10 © IJ70 t/ NU, far. TJA 1^. U.S. >«•. Hrvnrio: I like you all right, but I don't plan to fall in love till things get cheaper!" CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE JUST ONE,,,HE WOUUPN'T TALK MUCH ON THE PHOM0, E'P PK0P AKOUMP, I 5POTT&P VOUR AP IN THE- MORWIWS PAPER.., AW RESPONSE,VET? OUT OUR WAY ly NtQ COCHRAM OUR BOARDING HOUSt . . . with . . . MAJO* HOOPLt AIN'T >OU ear NO HEART ' HOW YEW WUZ THROWBPf C'MON— MA AH-HA AH PONT BUEEP AT THB SAP TALE THE NEWMAN HA&TOTEi-U. •&BEAA 1 ? UIKB COWPUNCHER HA5 TO &0 THROUGH IT AT LEAST ONCE. , MA-Vop, BUT I'LL HAVE- TO \W1UU A/^BASi?APO?2 to VOUNS PEOPLE/ t sooc? OP ARTISTIC. /\AEf2\T AMP THAT COMPOSIbVS ou; He CANT SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL THE FLINTSTONES n ... ROUGH HA ARTHRITIS, N IRON-POOR , FATIGUE, BAP n By HANNA-BARBERA ...DANDRUFF. SHORT TEMPER EXCESS FAT, FLAT-FEET. *' I d ...BUT, you MUST HAVE TERRIFIC PRISCILLA'S POP By AX VERIER IT'S ^N PERPECT FOR TAKING "HANDEL'S WAT EC ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN ALLEY, YOU'LL HAVE TO \ YEAH... I WISH WE APMIT KINGS DAY MAS \ COULD' B R§R WELL, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING/ WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI ..ID SUFFER THE SLINGS /MD ARROWS OF FRECKLES THE WORLD'LOST A 6DRERSTAR WHEN! RATE QAVe A\EABEAkAND FEATHERS. By HENRY FORMHALS Yoifee A&spLUTeiy _x< BEFORE I GO, COULP YOU //-ag CAMPUS CLATTER I PRACTICE ALL WEEK, WARM UP DURINS THE SAME-, AND NEVER SgT INI LET'S FACE IT/ COACH** By LARRY LEWIS

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