The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 2
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?AGB TWO BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) - COURIER NEWS McMath Outlines i ';• Roads Program : Simpk Plan Offered i T* Borrow Funds to Obtain Federal Aid $ 7 0 Million Market Operations By U.S. Worker Investigated . NoUe* tf N«w R«Uts* «* A«mlBisiratl» hM beca WASHINGTON, /ily 1. <UH — Congressional Investigators said yeslerdBj' [hey were trying to find out whether me $10,00,000 commod,- ily market operations of a $64-a- week woman government worker "masked speculation by other federal employes or officials." Chairman August H. Andrcsen. R. r Minn- of a special House Commodity Investigating Committee the name and address of the executor No. .or administrator. 1M1. Est»te of • • By B*b Brown <raU*4 Tnm SUtf CMTMpwideiit) LTTTUi ROCK, Ark., July S. — <W»)—Thousands of holiday motor-1 again'refused lo identify the mys- Uti were getting personally ac- | crj , woman except to s«y she was Huainted with Arkansas' worn out I, WJOO-a-ye»r Navy department hi«hw»y« today as they studied a, c i,,k. •hinr new replacement plan »d- ^we have no evidence of irregu- Y*ne*d by Sid McMath. i Urllles or violation of the law In The Hot Springs candidate for ' her case," he emphasized, "and the " committee does not, want to persecute anyone. "But the committee is Interested Iap< his proposal to Issue bonds in finding out bow she could do totaltr* »M.OOO,000. I Justice to her *3300-a-year Job In "My position is clear," he said.! the Navy Department and st«j «-rhe decision Is yours." • handle her commodity account McMath'i proposal, which other] which Involved hundreds of small, candidate, have said would only «lmosl dally transactions." Tdd to Arkansas' present $118.000,-1 The woman, described by Andre- 000 hlfhway debt, was simple. | M11 «» «hou(, 35 and well-mannered. »! would borrow money over a \ "I^ledly netted "substanlla fonmor—in a slate-wide radio broadcast originating in Harrison last night—dumped squarely In their Oklahoma Butineaman Becomes Party in M. & A. Rail Abandonment Case WASHINGTON, July 3. —<UP) — Celly f. Gibson, Tulsa, Okla., busl- e.ssman, today received authority rom the Interstate Commerce Com- .Isslon to become a party to the Itssquri A Arkansas Railway aban- onment case. The conunla.slon declined, how-, T . Q .- ver, to halt proceedings pending I Jun " "' '"•• he flllnif of certain documents by I Witness my hand «s such Gibson: Gibson told the commission , Kn 5 th « •«• from her big-time pro- market He WOUm DOrrow muncj "\c. » .. • „ Jour-year total 17,900,000 for »«.''".' Toother, would be for ^.TOO.OOO.U"^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ evidence that the woman or any of Hie other 822 federal workers on the commodity mar- The otht__ . Thi people would vote on each issue separately. Want* Taipayers lo Decide "It you are not satisfied with the administration of the monies obtained, If you have not received a dollar's value for the money that has been spent, you will have four annual opportunities to reject further borrowing," he said. The fiery prosecutor said his plan, by utilizing "current ocnstruction funds, would provide $20,000,000 an- nuall Jor new roads. And he added that it would not interfere with present highway maintenance. He defended his program »s im expression of faith In Arkansas' future and attacked what the termed the pay-as-you-go-to-ruln plans proposed by other candidates as an expression of failure. Declaring that he Is "unalterably ket had profited from "inside Information." "We are endeavoring to find out whether this was a dummy account and, if so. whether It masked speculation by other federal employes or officials." Andresm said. He said it would have been "difficult" (or the woman to have swung her speculative deals alone | But he pointed out that xhe har been operating In the market "for a number of j-*ars and she may hav amassed her capital that way."' Her dealings In the wheat mar ket over the two-year period ende< last Cec. 31 would have requlrei at least $100,000 cash, Andresei opposed" to any new taxes, lie asserted "highways today will produce dividends for today and for generations of tomorrow." said. Also, for instance," he salt "the record shows she total of 48 carloads of egfis. That I . 684,000 dozen. A drop of one pe the [cent per down would have cast vhleh ' following accounts of Executors and of Coa- ! Administrators have r>een filed for j 'settlement and confirmation In the Notice U hereby given that the ' Probate Court for tlie chickasawba followlnj li a list of estates of •. District, of Mississippi County, Ar- deceased person, upon which Let- Kansas and that such accounts with their respective filing dates are as SATURDAY, JULY t. ters Testamentary or of Adaaink- t ration •. wat«Y|Hui»«d v'.ojfntic . J t»«e month of June, 1948 With' the dale of the granting of such letters and Josephine Wert, deceased. Letters of Admln- istrtlon Issued to Arthur S Harrison, Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 19(8. No. 1862- Stewart, July, 1««. ELIZABETH BLVTHE County and Probate Clerk testamenUry were granted to the} any b«n««IU of said e«Ut». undersigned on the 24lh day of June, 1948, upon the estate of Mrs. follows: No- 1G68. Estate of c. H. Harris, deceased. Final report of FYatik Whltworth, Administrator 111 e d probated in common form by the June 12. IM8. | Probate court of Mississippi Coun- No. 1680. Estate of Ollle Snider, '^ Chickasawba District, Arkansas, deceased Final report of Graver E. i "V ortier of salc) court entered June Snider, 'Executor filed June 14, 21 - 1918 1948. ' Ail appeal from said probate can No. 1766. Estate of Elbert M. Huff- : be effected only by filing „ petition, Estate of I .eon a Irene man. Sr., deceased, Final report' stating the grounds on such appeal deceased. Letter* testa- of Bbcrt. M. Huffman, Jr., ad- ; with this court within six months mentary issued lo Harvey Wood ' ininlsirator filed June 17, 1948. I from the date of this notice, Stewart, Blytheville, Arkansas, on [ No, 1762. Estate of Jesse D. | Witness my hand and seal of said j t „ .«.. Heatlicock, deceased. Final report court tills 2nd day of Julv 1948 ' ' ' ELIZABETH BLYTHE. ' Clerk. ™ — •— ) - —•-• , »-»v, m-"Jii HIE rfliiitt ui en 10, By Stella Cain, 1 Leona Irene Stewart, Deceased by Deputy Clerk, tlie Probate Court for the Chlcka- v«7i ^ _„. sawba District, Mississippi County, Notice of Prob,u wm Arkansas. All persons having claims Notice is hereby given that the I or demand against said estate must Will and Testament of Mrs. I present them to Harvey W. Sic- Stewart ' d _ ec eased, was | wart, Northwest corner of Main and Lake streets, Blytheville, Arkansas, duly authenticated, within six momns irom the date of the first publication of this notice or Harvey W. StUftrt, executor of the Mate ot Mrs. Won* Irene Stewart, Prank C. Douglas, Attorney. such claims will be barred Irom OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS •All*S^ ^_UA^^» ^M^^ te ^BM. - IWflB^W •^i^iv^^iV ^OTWB IV OTV^k MM. •• fanM MW. M Malta. MEM. II «. BM, ie is interested In the case because f investments In Arkansas. He pro- wsed a plan of o|>erallon for the hie, which has been out of business Ince September, 1S4B. It runs from ppltn, Mo., to Helena, Ark. r A. G. Nye that the entire 330-mile ine be abandoned. 2nd day of July, 194S. Cierk 'of IxMs Hcnthcock, Administratrix 'of'iaid CotirTthU the I rile <J. Jtme 26 >, """ AI1 persons Interested In the set- Prank C. Douglas, Ally. EW/IABBTH BLYTHE, By Stella Cain, Deputy Clerk. I ri i-sAHKTM HI vi-mr Uemenls of any of the above es-I TiS-lO-n rinSS* IV^KT ^f' „ Ua" 1 * a'« *&'neA to file exceptions ' I °° Un L* =7.°,. IS- j thereto. If any have they on or | In the Chancery Court, Chleka- before the sixtieth day following j sawba District, Miuluippl Ounly, > ; the filing of the respective ac- . Arkansas. Probate Division. I _, IcouiH.s, falling which thcv will be In the Matter of the Estate of „ . . v.- i n r. .. ....... ..... ..., . . »..*. ...U.....L ui luc £V>LnLC LH j l)arrccl Wevcr Irom excepting to; No. 1862 ' **• i HIP accounts, j Mrs. Leona Irene Stewart, Deceased i Notice i« hereby given that dur- | Witness my hand as Clerk and i Notice of Administration i ing the month of June, 1648 the 'the seal ol said Court this 2 day 1 Notice Is hereby given that letters ------------------------- Notice of AecounU Attend Service! at The Firtt Church of Hie Noiarene Corner First and Sycamore Str««U SUNDAY 11 A. M.: "Source of Spiritual Independence 8 l>. M.: "The Singing Churth" Special singing by quariet Daniel Stafford, Minister landit Steals $7,000 Payroll, Elude* Police PITTSBURGH, July :t.— (UP)— A mlil yesterday escaped wltlj *~ ~ (7,000 payroll of the Hachmelster Chemical Co. The bandit, wearing dark glasses and brnncli.ihlnK a foreign-made automatic, held up James W. Hughes, nn employe of the Payroll Department. He made off with » payroll intended for lift men and eluded police after running through a weed- grown lot that lies between the Soho Community House and the Soho Both House. McMath was the second gubernatorial candidate to place a detailed highway plan before the people. Earlier Jim Merrltt of McGehee had advocated several new tax levies. Candidates Attend Picnics jher more than her entire govern' ment salary for the two years. 1'eace IB Wonderful BOSTON tUPI—Bruce Ferguson. 23, a former 7th Air Force gunner whr helped invade Okinawa, receive,? $7.50 an hour for holding and Oxceo/o Rotary £/«cts Bruce Colbert was Installed as president of the Osceola Rotary Club at the last meeting of the group. He succeeded Welby Young. Other officers are Faber White, vice-president; Dane Fergus, secretary - t r e a s >l r e r; and Arthur Rogers, scrKcant-al-arms, FARMERS-THE CHEAP WAY TO (LEAR GRASS FROM YOUR COTTON Horace E. Thompson advocates a kissing beautiful girls. He Is the j i pay-as-you-go program, financed by the highway users. Meanwhile, Jack Holt's headquarters said he would probably reveal his program next week. Holt so tar has limited his highway talk to a promise to "construct 1.000 miles ol paved road without a bond issue or additional taxes." Today the candidates were taking advantage of tailor-made crowds at picnics and Independence Day celebrations throughout Arkansas. McMath visited Marshall, Shirley. Clinton, Damascus. Quitman and iru to «nd up at Conway; Thompson wa* at Harrison and Portia; Holt at Portia, Corning, Piggott and Bate.'.ville and James MacKrell at Judsonta, Portia and Corning. And In Heber Springs, MocKrell's followers are clearing up the remains of » county-wide pie supper held there last night. Proceeds from the sale of the pastry was donated to his campaign fund. only former GI male model In Bos- I ton. THE CURTAIN SHOP Mrs. N. J. Humphrey Phone 815 108 So. First Osceofa C. of C. to fleet Five as New Directors Five vacancies will occur in the Chamber of Commerce, of Osceoln board of directors In August and President Ben P. Butler last week appointed a committee to nominate ten members for election to fill the vacancies. Mr. Butler said that In addition to names submitted by this committee other nominations may be made by any member of the Chamber of Commerce who wil place their name with Secretary Harry Paulus. The nominations will close July 30. Nominating committee members named by Mr. Butler include chairman Dr. W. J. Sheddan,, Leroy Owens, Guy Bobbins, O. E. Massengill, D. 3. Laney and Tal Ton- Revival Days Are Days of Special Get a Cor Collides with Bus, Starting Fire; None Hurt VOLO, HI., July 3. —(UP)— A pa*senger car struck the rear end of a bus here yesterday, selling tlie bus afire. John Bhortell, operator of n fill- tni* station, said the crash occurred «t »n Intersection. State Police said several persous were taken to a hospital at Woodstock. They reported no fatalities. "The bus did not tip over," Bhor- tell said. "It weaved down the road about 200 yards but remained up- Tight. The J3 passengers and the driver jot out all right." The Hundley Brothers Trio will he wilh us beginning Sunday, July 4th, nightly cxcep^ Saturdays. THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH t,. C. Ramsey, Pastnr 7lh * Ash Streets Hear E. C "Took" Galhings! Air His Views Over Station KLCN - - - Blytheville Each Monday Afternoon 2:30 p.m. Mr. G»thinK> Address Can B« Heard Over the Following Stations! Paragould, KDRL, Fri.—7a.m. W«r Memphis, KWEM, Sot.—10.45 a.m. Helena, KFFA, Sun.—7:20 p.m. Jonesboro, KBTM, Mon.—7:00 a.m. BARKSDALE FLAME CULTIVATOR IT FITS ON YOUR TRACTOR BURNS OFF THE GRASS HERE'S WHY IT'S (HEAP • COST OF OPERATION IS 50< PER ACRE • RESULTS ARE SUPERIOR TO HAND-CHOPPED COTTON. • CAN ALSO BE USED FOR CORN AND SOYBEANS LET US SHOW YOU! CALL OUR PLANT-2911-AND WE'LL TAKE YOU TO THE FIELD WHERE YOU CAN SEE HOW THIS AMAZING FLAME CULTIVATOR WORKS. -; OUR PRICES —— FOUR-ROW MODEL - - $670 TWO-ROW MODEL $425 Mounted On Tractor Free — Immediate Delivery DON'T DELAY! CALL TODAY! BARKSDALE MANDFACT URING COMPANY 3 Blocks South of Farmers Bank BlythevilU Phone 2911

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