The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, November 9, 1933
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t, LEADER KO. it. Observe Week by Special Talk* _______ Plan* ft* Ede€*tj*i Week at M, H, §T L . j &• tfteftev tib* tftefttae? te i , ltfctv£ffi fcSocwul arTS pfesifittng ft t«ft*i of special program* this W*ei it i part of theif observa* tloa di American Education Week. Designated al such by the ftatiofiat Bdnfeatloii association, the week has bees planned tinder th$ supervision of State Saperln- idnofifit 0i FttDliS IftfttfUCfidiS Jt^ft*i I^iAiKAitlAfi Today {Thursday) patfofis of the school ire specially invited to attend classes of the school and ta let the regular-working Special topic*, ettphaiitietf the theme of the week, ant being eon* eidered each day at the «cheol. Monday "Increased Responsible tie* of the Schools" Wai shOWtt by * talk by Ofie member Of the high school faculty. Tuesday an* other presented "Flttanelal Bno* port of the Schools." "What Citl* sens Hay Do to Protect -• the Schools," was discussed Wednes- I, T. Stemtt of ftfrif tstifnf w a f *w day* «fe? Ifcat Ms #B*» mm&i Wfcff fafttt f ne ora oola^ $ii&§ ftoTbffeswt ot Mafvefn &tt fl@ftt firfgnty good aunt this ftaf. Mi t»a flttsasd (We #•& di ft* i&ef that ffiatfe it avSrig* ef t Ml* tie better than ?« fetishsis *tt act*, aft ft Wat *elgn«d ofef the scales, allowing f & pounds $*r bushel. Ptetty food corn lor an eft yeaf. it was frown oft ground that had be*n in blae grass pasture several yeafs so was Jtt tteelleat con-> ^wnifiSft^i of Diitriet Court . • Today (Thursday) designated at go*to-school day for patrons, (Contiaued on page 8) Methodist W.F.M.S. Luncheon Program Malvern Ladies Hold Monthly Meeting- with Silver City Ladies The Women's Foreign Mission* ary . Society of the Methodist church held their November, meet* ing in the church last Friday afternoon. They began with a 1 .o'clock luncheon in the dining room to which each member had invited a guest. During the luncheon hour Mrs.' Fred Durbin reviewed the first chapter of "Eastern Women Today and Tomorrow," After the luncheon the women^ ;/went -to the church, auditorium ljr)»ere the program war finished, Neighbor* Hu*k Blackman's Corn LastWednesday 40 Men, 20 Teams Put 2,500 Buthela In Crib} Ladle* Serve jp{nn«r Hoy Blackman was in town Wednesday evening and stopped to tell as that he had just about the best neighbors that any one ever had, He said that they had been mighty good to him all year, helping him with work,during his sickness and at the time of the death Of his wife and now to cap the climax, as it were, Wed* nesday morning they came in on him without warning and preceded to husk and crib a whole forty acre field of corn for him. It was pretty good corn too and amounted to 2,600 bushels in round numbers. It was a gracious .deed and we venture to say that the men got' almost as much fun out of getting together and doing this good deed as they would have attending a rodeo or a football game or any other big game amusement, The. ladies too were in on the day, as usual, and proceeding to the home of Louis Bass they pre- prepared and had ready to serve when' the men came in with their loads, one of those big dinners for which that neighborhood is famous—that was 1 '-another place fitmett It Milter te f*f**nl« at f«f» Start* , 2S fs&at the otic* of the e1«tk of tfc« district court. 1. Ffa&Mia Qttiffti Jfc, list week eafii tit* following list ef frettt jttdfi, dfawa for the fcoteftfcef ttftt* This will start Not. II With Ittdge Earnest fi. Mifief ptesld* inf. fri k AfCB will sefv* as coutt,. repoMef for the torn. P. fi. tteasonef , Oleawood. Cora fi*itehl*f, Mtneola. 0. A. White, GteiiWOOd. Lloyd Markei, dlenwood. fien Harroff, BastingSr Oertrade Williams, aienwood. Jennie Workman, Maltem. ftiram Cool 3t. t ttendefson. Doris Beekwith, Maltem, Gerald Caldwell, Malvera. Lulu fiist, Oleuwood. Oeneva Reasoner, Olenwood, Arlelgh Shepard, Olenwood. W. A, ftaeay, Henderson. Lawrence Johnson, Bartlett. Lucy Wllcox, Olenwood. Ben guile, faciflc Junction. J. M. Bateman, Malvem. Harold Roenfeldt, Mineola. , Mildred Kelley, Qlenwood. Everett Sawyers, Qlenwood, R. S3. Long, Olenwood. Wendell Lambert, Hastings, \ J. D. Dwyer, Olenwood. L. C. Dean Qle&wood> Leo Hopp, Olenwood. Bessie Hyde, Hastings, Our Adams, Pacific Junction. . Otto Schoening, Olenwood, Robert Stroud, Malvern, Marvin Harold, Olenwood. W. 0. Stivers, Qlenwood. J. H. Stivers, Qlenwood. Leo Darland, Hastings. Fred Atkinson, Malvern. Ella Donelan, Qlenwood'. Anna Mickelwalt, Qlenwood, Ruth Tisher, Olenwood, - , Esther Diamond, Qlenwood, Pearl Evans, Qlenwood, , Little Beverly Dalzell, > Badly Scalded^Yesterday Dr. Parsons was- called to Hastings yesterday by a,serious of Iff Mtte1*«t» last *««* hitik of cW». «M o*e ear sur- , fffilttef eafi itt feed at the Ib ^|<A| gate A " ' ^& nmt ena. - ^- , js A deintte ffMkf the monster eat r«nlted fttlKbfy frott sofie tlotence Of ardent in its period of ferftJfatfon. Luckily for the adttiftittt*tfve corn re- daetldtt frlan, cwA tars are infrequent aftd ttestitoth stalks aro eofttenl to prMtce only the regulation ear wnhont indulging ift attcft fi«t»aary torma- tions. 1%« *af is displayed at The Leader Ofttee, Eight Mllli Boyt to Have Stock at Ak-Sar*Ben Show Omah* Espdittion Open* Saturday i Features Live v Stock Exhibits Mills county wilt have eight representatives in the sixth annual Ak-8ar-Beh 4»H club baby beef exhibit, the largest in the world, to be a part of the annual Ak-Bar-Ben live stock ihow, rodeo and horse show in Omaha which opens Armistice day, Saturday, Nov. It, and continues through Friday, Nov. 17. Altogether 61 counties have entered nearly 1,000 calves, •wine and sheep in the big show. Seward county , heads the list from Nebraska, with 107 animals, while' Crawford county sent the ojost from Iowa, 70. The following have entered 4- n club antmaU from Mills county in the Ak-Sar-Ben show In Omaha through! County Agent B. M, Kilpatrlckt :Dlck Hyde of Hastings; Ed Wearin, Dudley Conner, James Jammers, Herb Benton, Tom Beaton, and Robert Benton of Malvern; John Pitser of Qlenwood. - - , Special Session or General Attembly Coftffottte<! with Taxe*, Relief, Liquor Leader CorrestKKndftnt Fntnish es Carefol Sttttmary of New* of the Bessten Got. fcftTffftg, w» af» herr* «id the extra *«iriOfi of ths 4it& Oenetal Assembly Monday. And thirty days from now we taay be permitted under the law to quote w&at the governor says about the extra session he is responsible fof; atkd again, maybe the law Will not permit as to print what he says. No governor ever had an extra session between political campaigns and lived to be proud of it. Why did the governor call this extra session! He told the newspaper men at Iowa City in October that it was for three things: First, to deal With the tax question; second, to adopt some sort of a liquor taw in place of prohibition; third, to plan and take care of relief for the needy this winter. Most people may say the first ttlght wen have watted a year; others tnay say we would be better able to form a workable and popular Hqnor law a year later, With the regular session. The third proposition was with as a year ago and is with ns yet — and will be with us a year from now, tf the session is confined to the three matters mentioned, how ever, Iowa Will be lucky. The fact of It now is that a Senate which is Republican by a majority of two has replaced the Senate of a year ago which had a Democratic majority of one, due to some special elections called to fill places made vacant by members who deserted the legislative halts to take places at the pie counter! And in one of these districts the Republicans slipped In a member in (Continued on page two) School ** « -- Give ram Council Moves to Check Spending of Park Commission Refuse Payment of Cheek* in Excess of Available Park Fund* Alarmed at what they considered a deviation from their present "pay as you go" policy, members of Malvern's town council called the Board of Park Commissioners sharply to task Monday evening when they discovered outstanding bills and checks in excess of the park fund. A resolution permitting them to check expenditures was passed as a result. The resolution came when it was learned that the park board had not submitted its annual financial report as is required by law and which had been requested at a previous council meeting. At the meeting Monday the matter was brought up when bills to- talling more than f 500 were submitted by the park board. Bills bad been incurred by tbe ^,, Jugejer read's letter from Kath- ferine Bocye, one of our mission- 1/ariea in India, The meeting , closed with prayer by Mrs, Kerns, "* There were nearly fifty present; ' fourteen ladles cpming from 811- VTrer City, and it was a very pleasant afternoon for those present, Joe Wearin Ha* An Eye Operation Joe Wearin had another operation at the EdroundBon hospital in Council Bluffs last Saturday morning. He had the cataract re- »ore4 from his eye that had been JtetelJy fllosea by it tor some time f past,?!fe itood the operation well, v4esjplte Ws enfeebled health, »ufl U seems to lie successful although the . real outcome/ hi; recovered »|fbt, 4 win, »o$ be fcnowij for a • few 'days yet, Tbe bandage was t« Hrtmoyed for the first time, yesterday afternoon, Cos Groceries Consolidate Bftlph Ces wfes bas bees to for time past has «ol4 tte s»njo bis father, Arthur Cox, who ? mofej} Die stock, ts Malvern ; »»d spnealtdatea it with the Cos bwe, He atea pnre la tte store , bam, Mrs. Frank HeUell, Mrs,' J; M. Roberts, Mrs. Walter Hilton, Mrs. Theodore Powles, Mrs. Lottie Van Orsdel, Mrs, Olen Seeger, Mrs. Ine* Bower, and Mrs. Fred Dickersbach, The men who did the busking and hauling were; Roy Bpetman, Maurice Bateman, Martin Cunningham, Henry Hubbar.d, Charles Wilson, Fred Dickersbach, Harley Stevesson, W, C, Van Orsdel, Howard Seeger, Lewis Watkins, Louis Bass, Wm. Frederickson, Oliver* Weak, Dwight Bufflngton, Olen Bower, Frank Hetzel, Gene Van Orsdel, Will'Stout, Kenneth Grave's, Ross Roberts, Clifford Dlllebay, .Will Andrews. Harold Big ok man, Harry Conway, Charles Hopp, 8. J, Anderson, Charles Ruse, Darwin Dickersbftcb, George Buffing* ton, Q, R, Warren, J. U Anthony, b. R. Plppitt, Otba .Piekersbach, Billy Butflngton, Floyd Black* wan, o, C, Dlllebay, 0, M, Wilson, and W. A, Bower. Card of Thank* We wish to express our elation to tbe business men of QlenwoQd, Henderson, and Mai' vern for tbe many prises donated far tbe county corn busking con. and for the cooperation will probably get along all right if no complications set in. • i i ____ ^ . Ministers Met in Malvern Monday Methodist Group Holds Monthly Conference on Church Problems Ministers of. the Malvern group of Methodist churches met here Monday for their regular month' ly conference. Church problems and study of theological themes were considered by tbe group, Rev, M, H, Keast of Olenwood presided over tbe sessions which were, held In both tbe morning and afternoon,* Tbe p- OU p enjoy. ed a pot }uok dinner 'together at noon, . 1)r« JJ, ,j, ghent08,of Council Bluffs, district superintendent of the church led dissuasions p? the. problems. Only three ministers of the Waivem group were to attend tbe. Afternoon T , I* B. ,Rlpierpf nineteen, H»sMnp t Rer, B, R, streud et Farrftgut, Rev, s»d' Mrs, Keast of GJesswood, $ey , Mrs, «f Macedonia, Malvern schools will take part in a patriotic program in the Community building today, given in commemoration of Armistice Day, Tbe program is given today rather than Saturday so that the schools can more easily take part. No admission will be charged for the entertainment and the public |s cordially invited to take part in tbe affair. It will start at 8:30 o'clock, The observance is sponsored by the American Legion auxiliary. Tbe order of the program; Flag salute by first and second grades. Poem, "Our Flag," and song, "Soldiers," by first grade. 1 "Honor to the Flag, tbe Flag of the V, 8, A., 1 ' and song, "Our Flag," by tbe second grade. Flag salute by third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades. • Poem, "For My Country," song "A, Parade," and poem, "The Flag Goes By," by third grade. Playlet, "World Neighbors," an.d"Tbe Story that has No End," by fourth grade. Readings, "Spirit of Peace," and "Song for the Patriot," fifth grade, , Playlet, "November Days,' 1 by the sixth grade. Headings, »m Flanders Field" "America's Answer," and I, "Aperjca tbe Beautiful," and "Keep the Home Fires Burn* Isg' 4 by junior high. Community 8lngteg, "America," Items or new equipment, laying of new walks around the pool and other Improvements have been made during the past summer and money for these had been advanced by L. W, Boehner, The park board had paid Mr. Boehner in warrants and checks for the advances. The resolution passed Monday orders tbe town treasurer not to honor any orders of the park board nor to draw any checks on tbe park fund until such had been approved by tbe council. Also considered by the council at this meeting, but not passed, was an ordinance governing sale and distribution of milk in Malvern advocated by the state department of health. Harman Thirteenth in State Contest Clarence Bockea of Conrad First in Bangboard Derbyi Auduboo Reue) Harm,an, Mills county's entry in the state corn husking contest last Friday, brought in a heavy load of com but placed about 13th as the buskers bombarded their bangboards at Audubon, Clarence Bpckes of Conrad, won the the state title when he brought in 8,865.5 pounds in] tbe 80 minutes of busking. Harjaan, who brought in 1 84S7.28 pounds in tbe county j»eejt, was slightly below that In ibe 8ta(e competition, getting but 8,085.8 pounds, Ttu» state contest attracted shout 85,000 spectator! and among tbe visitore to tbe affair ws» congreaanjan Qtba Wearla. Malvem Baptists Attend Conference in Red Oak The most' efficient group of Christian educational leaders from Philadelphia that Baptists ever had in Iowa held a one day and evening conference at Ited Oak Monday. This was one of ten to be held in Iowa, Two hundred delegates from southwest Iowa were present. The following local Baptist people were in attendance: Mesdames Chamberlain, Hall, Trlvely; Chambers, Wise, Robbing, and Bobbin, and Alice and Billy McNulty, John Hall, Clinton Wise, Ha Stroud, Grace Hall, and Rev. Bobbitt. Vernon Bobbin was on the program with two solos. Thorpe Diggers to Start Local Well Expect Equipment in This Week to Fulfill Water Contract Into Malvern this week will come equipment and workmen .from .Thorpe Bros., well company 1«ft«J&«OlneslttOifttlfll^ ' will start a well from which the company will furnish water for 6 cents per 1000 gallons. Well to be made is of gravel type and is expected to furnish the town a permanent supply of good water. After locating a suitable site, by means of test holes, the company will sink a shaft to the necessary depth, and then pump in loads of gravel around the shaft, The gravel is expected to act as a filter for the water and to keep a sufficient supply around the pump heads. For this supply the council will pay Thorpe Bros, the fee stated above, or should they decide to purchase the well, they will do so at a price agreed upon after tbe well is finished, As soon as a suitable well la located and made, the council will install pumps and other necessary equipment and obtain tbe town supply therefrom. Coat of pumps and pumping will be in addition to tbe fee paid Thorpe Bros. This has been estimated to be 1% cents per 1000 gallons, besides the cost of equipment. No definite site for the new well has been selected but It is expected that it will be placed on town property if possible. Fire Tuesday at *~" Good Elevator A fire at the Good elevator in •'—- caused the fire depart, julck run Tuesday. The developed la a pile of , WftUer was sbellJag probably from a flying spark. with h^*m?, Ulg ! J)r «tlaiwl«be with but little damage except to Sell V * Qt MP ' W * ller '» Farm Strike Quiet As Law anil Order Croup Take Action drtantte ia Keep All Ro*da Opeti Lettdifig to Markets All's been quiet on the Mills county farm strike front since a fairly serious clash between pickets and antl-picketers which occurred last Thursday evening. At that time the antl-pieketers, led by Frank Bufflngton, president of the Milts County Law and order society, forced a large group of pickets who were guarding the Piattsmouth bridge, to retire and permit a number of trucks to go through to the Omaha markets. While farm strike violence has been evident since around Sioux City and in Wisconsin and Minnesota, none has occurred in this county. The Law and order association has further organised to insure keeping the roads open but pickets have not appeared to prevent this. Excitement in Olenwood was at a high pitch Tuesday evening when the tire siren was sounded and cltlsens and members of the Law and Order group In that vicinity rushed to the city square armed with pick handles and similar weapons. The siren was to have been used to call them to action but Tuesday it was for a tire and not for assembly. Practice Begun on Christmas Concert by Choral Society Mr*. F. R. Chantry Directa Rehearsals: First on Monday ' First rehearsal for the annual Christmas concert given by the Malvern Choral society was held Monday evening when nearly 80 singers attended the meeting in the Community building. A program of three choruses from The Messiah and several Christmas carols and choruses was tentatively arranged at the rehearsal. Tbe group will be directed this season by Mrs. F, R. Chantry and Mrs. Zelma Fletcher will serve as accompanist. It is expected * to bold jrebearsaUi'jBaQb.JJOj The Choral Society is anxlo\! to have all who enjoy singing to take part in the rehearsals' and concert and asks those who wish to join to attend next Monday's rehearsal. Especially needed at the first meeting were tenors and basses. ——• Attending the first rehearsal were not only Malvernlans but a number of singers from Hastings and other nearby communities. A fee of 25c is asked of each member of tbe society to care for the expenses incurred before the concert. No new music will he purchased this year as the ehorus will use some of the compositions sung in tbe three concerts previously given, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Oates and three children of la Saturday evening and Tfl8Ut4 over Sunday *u ft tbe a, a B d tbe Baftk of Mid 4o»s»tlfl price* of TM8 w-rj"-^*, Tor Safety '****'** 11 * MMT! Akjti M4 it* M Slmt* MA ffl fit oiiBttJUt you* l?my^^T^^^^™BP y Ww* Representative Laughlin in Town Saturday Hon. 8. p, Laughlin of Imo» gene, representative from Fremont county, was in town Saturday and made our office an agreeable call. Mr. Laughlin wag getting, things in readiness to go up to Des Moines this week to attend the special session of tbe legislature. He had in 480 acres of corn and would lack but one day of finishing bis busking before be left, To busk all this corn be bad one busking machine and four teams and wagons with buskers, BO be turned it out pretty fast. Two boys who sre busking for him. tbe Crawford boys who used to live north of Malvern, in one day husked 909 bushels, busking with one team and wagon, Pretty good work for boys, Mr. Laughlin raises nothing but white corn as it nearly al« way* sells at a premium and the yield is just ej good. He had some that made a» high as eighty bushels per acre this year and the quality }a good, Legion Post Elects Perdew Commander Meeting in tbe Legion rooms in tbe Community building Tuesday eveulijg member* of Harry Ham- mows Post American Legion elected fidgar perdew pott eonj. ——-- tot tbe coming year, He „„..„! fit, o, Kiueaidt Other officers elevtitd at thin tlm.» we»! Qtoar Flnkle, vice. 4. Kartell. tdjuttnt j at tm§t WiltMT WtttftOWW, fw » turk*y itut b«lor»

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