Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 3, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, August 3, 1965
Page 3
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'iu_oDAY, i 3, 1 ; IfcONWGGD DAILY GLObt, IRGNWGGD, MICHIGAN IHRfct 90 Present at Bessemer 1935 Class Reunion BESSEMER — About 90 were n attendance for (lie 30th ;mni- /ersary banquet program of the \. D. Johnston High Sell o o 1 ilass of 1935 which was held in ,he Elks club rooms. Inclucl c cl vere 46 members of the class )f 128 who were graduated in 1935, with their wives or hus- Dands, and special guests Coach ind Mrs. Robert Rhcisen and SUuir', McCune. of the Chicago m-:?. who were instructors in i\c,\\ school at. the time: and m'st'iU Supt. and Mrs. Walter Me win an and Mr. and Mrs. Wal- ;er Nemacheck, who were also iHijjntacrs of the high school staff )f instructors. Practically all of the male Membership of this class was imong the first to be called into unitary service in World War II. Activities opened with a cock- ail hour from 5-6 p.m.. followed jy the banquet and program, and .lancing entertained during the •cmainder of the evening. Covers were laid at cand 1 c- Helen Joswiak. June Lonchartc ighted tables made festive with Kinch. and Ann Grace Webber, irrangements of gold and white c. Herbert Carlson welc o m e cl gladioli, floral decorated place classmates and guests. Ivnpromp- -.nrcls and program booklets at tu remarks were offered by :ach place. Expressive of the classmates in response to the iccasion, the walls of the dining, roll call. The "Reunion Song" ,iall were decorated with silhou- composed by Ruth Vostlin Bis- :'ttcs of graduates in cap and hop, to the tune of "My Happi- .io\vn, accented by dainty floral ness" was sung by' the assem- iprays. Decorations were in ijjy. Charge of .Mrs. Rose Parol a r i Harriet Jasper Varda present- rlamsko. ec , special awa rds as follows: Wamo Sarvana. Arlington, classmate, who traveled the far- Heights, 111., who initiated and , nesU Pearl K arvonen l-l e i n o, .leaded plans for the reunion. c . mo! , a Park , C alif.: most eligi- <orved as toastmastcr. and led ble bache i 0 r present. Silvio •he assembly in a salute to the Mascottli Atlanta. Ga.: married lag. Norman Lincl officiated in lhc longcsli Llicillc Fribble San- Marcello Is Man Without Country By BEN THOMAS NEW ORLEANS. La. (APi - j C; rlos Marcello is the underworld's equivalent of a man year later, immigration agents nabbed Marcello and whisked him off to Guatemala. He wa« back in the New Orleans area shortly. Before that, the government tried to send him to Franco, Italy, Canada. Mexico or any place that would have him. Italy accepted once, then changed its mind, with the Italian consulate here citing "the political situation Marcello once said he definitely didn't want to go to Italy. "I ain't never been there." he said. "And I don't want to go without a country. The federal government tried to kick him out of the 1 country since 1950. The immi- SfSS ^I^TSuiS: there. I wish they would deport before you could bat an eye ^^eTsSin?' ^ ' COUld Finding a place to send him Grand Isle is on the Louisiana has posed a big problem for the coast sou th of New Orleans government. Marcello was tried in federal The Justice Department has j C0 urt here two years ago on tried unsuccessfully to send thej cria rges of fraud in connection BICSSKMKK CLASS OF 1935—Members of the A. D. Johnston High School class of 1935, who attended the 30th anniversary reunion held recently, are pictured above. Left to right, they are: First row—Waino Sarvana, Arlington Heights, 111.; Pearl Karvonen Heino, Canoga Park, Calif.; Vivian Jacobson Ott, St. Johns; Dorothy Green, Chicago; Ruth Kataja File, Dearborn: Ruth Maki Larcheid, Shorewood; Laimc Honkala Simenson, Chicago; Josephine Evangelisto D'Antonio, Waukegan, 111.: Mary Ann Legessa Herlevi, Iron Bell; Harriet Jasper Varda, Ml. Morris, 111.: second row—John Pazdernik, Garden City; Jack Grimm, Modesto, Calif.; Ann Holmquist Norbert, Marquette; Cecelia E. Hanisek Tarnaski, Bessemer; Deloris Sanders Crenna, Chicago; Mary Louise Gray Hoffner. Babbitt. Minn.; Dorothy Sanders Crow, Flint; Lucille Fribble Sanders, Coldwater; Marie Toomey Re, Blanche Marauder Kivi, Bes- semer; Mary Agnes Mooncy Soderstrom, Duluth: third row—Isaclore Maccani, James McCarthy, Anton Ippolite, Norman Lincl, Hilmar Nyman. Bessemer; Ralph Heikkinen. Grosse Pointe Woods; Wallace Chisholm, Minneapolis; Robert Hoffner, Babbitt; Thomas R. Pollard, Garden City; Silvio Mascotti, Atlanta. Ga.; Thomas Whittaurn, Milwaukee; Harold Annear, Negaunee; John Re, Bessemer; Anton Turkol, Hastings; Barney Salmi, Ironwood. Not present when the picture was taken were Rose Parolari Hanisko, Margaret Les- kovianski Pavlovich, Rose Marie Lukach Shouldice. Lucille Fidanzi Winkowski, Clarence Cabianca, Louis Callovi, Herbert Carlson. Malcolm Erickson, William Hansen, William McMinn, John Marchello and Leonard Pajula. (Range Photo Service) 55-year-old Marcello to jail. Another attempt is now under way. Marcello's trial on jury tam- with the Guatemalan birth certificate. He was acquitted Nov. 22. 1963. During World War II, Marccl- pering charges went into its! i 0 and his brother, Anthony, by second day today before U.S. District Judge Herbert W. their own admission and police records, operated slot ma- The WORRY CLINIC By OR. GEORGE W. CRANE Christenberry with efforts to se- chines, juke boxes, horserace lect a jury. Marcello is accusedi wires and gambling casinos in of trying to fix the jury which! Louisiana. set him free on fraud charges in, Carlos Marcello served 4 1963. years of a 9-14 year sentence for Marcello, who likes bright; assault and armed robbery in suits and dark glasses, claims, connection with a bank holdup he's a simple businessman. j j n 1929. in 1938, he was sen- The late Sen. Estes Kefauver, i tenced to a year and a day in a (3) Their babies are also light- but you readers probably never D-Tenn., branded Marcello "one| federal prison on narcotics Expectant mothers grew hysterical a few years ago over the possible damaging effect of a certain t r a n - quilizcr pill on their unborn babies. It was reported as causing 4,000 deformed i n - lants, but what about the 70,000 other abnormal bab- bies born that same year! what caused their defects? Read below I He shows that smoking er in weight: (4) The more mother smoked, the veloped is her baby. So — if you mothers wish , heard a word about the 70,000 of tne worst criminals in the| C h arge s. th e'other defective infants, did you?I country" when he held his rack-j less de-iWhy? Send for my booklet "Facts ets hearings in the early 1950s It was established that Mai -i Horse Show Is Aug. 12 nu snows, uiai a ui u «. in & i .. play ball .. witn your unb 0 r n ; «"'S ; hampers the normal growth and; babies, you better curb your! plus ' development of the babies. i addiction to the nuisance habit! For example, premature bir-iof smoking. ths were 2' * times as numerous For not only will you jeopar- j among the mothers wh o dize your baby's size, weight, smoked I ar >d general health, but you There was also a higher in-l ma y be the cause of deformed I OC11U 1VJI illy UUUJXH,L -.' »\_.LQ , i , -, t About Pregnancy" enclosing a cell ° was born Calogero Mena-| IQNIA (APt—-The Ionia Free long stamped, return envelope,! cari in Tunis, North Africa, of Fair w ui h 0 id its horse show o:-., . ^ „„*„..„., *v,~ Aug 12 resea r c h i cidence of spontaneous abor-| inl ^ ius4 . ! tions For experimental ...^ , ~ ,., i ',',,. e , • 'has shown, even among labor-|Jf,. , - , j And the babies of smoking) t animals, that nicotine j Syndicate, Inc.) , mothers were smaller and ayer-, seem _ to cause deformltyi mon- 1 Sicilian parents and entered the United States in October 1940. (Always write to Dr. Crane in| He had never become a natural- care of this newspaper, enclos- lz ^ ci citizen. stamped addressed! Marcello's father, Joseph, en- cents to cover! tered.the shrimping business in South Louisiana. In 1960, a birth certificate forl nnrt and you send for one of his book- KILL ATHLETE'S FOOT GERM One npplicatior of T-4-t, »t»»s Ittfc and hnrnln. In MINUTES er y»«r 4»o back. In 3 in 5 days. Infected skin sloughs olf to expose more jerms f»r the kill. Th^n waUh HEALTH! skin (Copyright by The Hopk i n sI Marcello popped up during an „„_.„: TOD ,\r at ir.nw..* pn»r- tribute honoring the d coldwater: largest number - 4 is expectant mother ki rr)i t rlf»r>r»n cor? /•1'icomot'oe -* •* > loi1ilt-AUC.wvclltl HIULIIV. i • .ipht deceased classmates - of chilciren , Janics McCarthy. 1-rii . Cra p e •• she bc g an . obscure Guatemalan visit. A A'illiam F. Filter. Frank A. Tor- Bcssemcr: 'i ea .st hair. Louis cal- .. "P r> Cran rcano. Walter C. Corcla. Alv i n lovi ancl mos , gr ., v hl)ir . Anlon it dangerous ,V. Jaloncn. Toivo D. K u n s i. mnniim RP^P^PV ; .m<i (minor! Inoinci to , s Life Insurance For People Ages 39 to 79 Now you ran apply by mail, direct in thr Honip Otlif". for n Life Insurant 1 ' 1 Policy providing $'JlX)0 {riinrantci'd-rnti' lirVtimp protection. Application :ind ra'.f"; mailed to you without ohiitrHtic'ii. Triir out. this ad and mail today with your nanu 1 , addr''>.-. zip fidf and year of birth to (Irrat I.H'KOV <'o.. Kiprin. I'.l. (iOTJJ. CASE W-462; Mabel T., aged aged one-half pound less in blrtn | t freaks and other ab'norm- Two FaCC Jury Trial it an r-vnpptuni mntivMv -weight than similar babies born i a ijfj es .-. D , , *,. is to non-smokers. | Wnen tne thalidomide scare O" Robbery Charges for an expectant 1 These results, moreover, are i was a t its height, and 4,000 de- 1 GRAND RAPIDS (API -^' ,. . , ,,„„.,,, „„ smoke during her, not limited only to America. formed babies were ascribed to'men accused in the May 17 rob- Ippolite. Bessemer, and gained prcgnan( . y? Lasl year the Pederal Health 1 its effect, there were an addi- : bery of 843,303 from a suburban most weigh, Leonard Paj u ) a, ,. And . f ^ why haveiVl we Service of Wcst Germany made! tional 70,000 deformed babies Wyoming branch of Union Bank oaHiawn. in wm-npri mm-p'wirioiv Hhont/a similar analysis of this moot ; born in America alone! ! & Trust Co. face jury trial here Statistics of the 120 livi classmates show them scattered ,n various stales of this nation. .ru, n,y ™™, ;>--- "Yt'conciudedr'a's" follows: j infants?" ' | William Pearson, 24, of Grand with an unusually large number Ldll> fpibids his patients, u. U| Smok , n mothers h a v e j Tne attention was focussed . Rapids, and James Marshall, 22, living on the Gogobic Range. MUUM. ^^ undeveloped babies; 'for dramatic effect, on thalido-lof Rockford, 111. They were ar- Places 01 residence show t>2 in During pregnancy, a \cr.v. (2) Th j infants are shorter, 1 mides 4,000 abnormal bab i e h rested May 28 in New Orleans. Michigan, of whom 38 live in (lie minute chemical change in thc ; , immediate vicinity; 19 in Wis- mother can affect the develop-' consin; six in Minnesota: eight ing baby in her womb. pregnancy' '' "Ancl. if so. why haven't we Service of West Germany made ' tional 70,000 deformed been warned more"widely about 1 a similar analysis of this moot:born in America alone! 0 this hazard? ' [question about the effect of ci-| What do you suppose caused! today before Judge Noel P. Fox. "For my obstetrician specifi-: garets on pregnancy. tail those other 70,000 deformed! Charged in the robbery are his patients to: " ' PICNIC PLANNERS! Why nol make it eaiy for Mom, lei u* ptek your picnic lunch . . . Tak« out Order* on: • Italian Sauce •Giocchi •MeatB-lU • Spaghetti •Rarioli •Chicken All you need do is phone in your order— then taring in your, own food containers and you're off to a fun-filled picnic! Phon* 561-4713 Silver St. Hurley, Wisconsin .MO./ to DCP' :ntiii)lMi5 Great Lakes Insurance Co Elgin, lllir.ou 6017? Plraic rr.oif me nn app'ucitioo ona rate, to apply tor Life tnwronce. N»VE AODRfSS. rirv Thus, the thalidomide hazard a couple of years ago showed one each in New Jersey. Dela- that thousands of deformed in- ware. Georgia ancl Washington, fants resulted from taking such D. C.. Texas and Wyoming, tranquilizer pills. Whereabouts of two classmates But nicotine is also a violent poison, often used in insecticides lor that purpose. And examination of the ba'o- ies born to smoking m o t h ers versus those who are non-smokers, reveals several startli n g BOSTON i APi — The long facts. drought has caused serious Dr. J. R. Zabriskie, a fellow damage to the cranberry crop in the American College of Ob- of Cape Cod. the state says. s*etricians ancl Gynecolog i s ts, About 100.000 barrels have been reported a study of 2,000 conse- lost so far. cutive births. in California: 1'J in Illinois: two in New York: two in Florida : were not known. Drought Ruins Cape Cod Cranberry Crop •^^^^0p^^|^gjgpg^^^p^^^^^^_p^^gBB^« > ^lJBg_H___e_eBMVBBl__eB_WBeBBBVBeKBBBiBMBHBI_VMHHiBVBHB«BHMB^_B SALE PRICES SLASHED! FINAL PRICE CUTS ON ALL OUR REMAINING SUMMER FOOTWEAR All Sciies Final—No Refunds—No Exchanges All SALES ARE CASH ON SALE SHOES! Let your Plymouth Dealer's success rub off on you. 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