The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on February 3, 1972 · Page 8
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The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 8

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1972
Page 8
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CITY SCENE MERITS 'THINK CLEAN' LABEL ity Pag© CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1972 «<3€ II ANGRY ABOUT FLIGHT DELAY Man Removed From Airliner On Return To Kanawha Port an airliner last night at Kanawha Airport after "malting remarks out of anger," a Kanawha County sheriffs detective said. The officer said the was questioned, but wa taken into cuatodV The Associated Press said i not ait Allegheny Airline official told them the man bad asked a stewardess, apparently in a joking manner, if the plane had enough fuel to go to Cuba. The plane was enroute to Baltimore, the AP said. The officer said the passenger was upset at the delay caused when the aircraft re Hot Line Got a problem? Need an answer? Hot Urn aotvee problems, answers question*, cute rod tape. For help dial 348 - 4811, any hour of the day or night, seven day* « wee*. Or writ* Hoi Una, Daily Matt, Chathta ton, Went V*. 25330. Q Why isn't samethuu done about •f »e recreation baUdtng on toe dty playgreaad la Jefferson Park? The broken glass, falling ceflteg, etc., are a batard to D. E. South Chariesbm A. Bob Anderson, South Charleston recreation director, said the city does not own the playground land - Jefferson Park residents do - but it has installed new equipment there. However, a petition is being circulated on which Jefferson Park residents can indicate if they want the building razed. If so, Anderson said the city will demolish it Q. There is an archery range «n VS. OS across from Rose CHy Cafeteria near St. Albans. Archers sheet parallel to em - eosatag traffic. Isn't there a esashtersUe danger from «e - 2 P rotest Oil Pool Protection On the eve of systematic de - vehxmient of the deeper levels of the Appalachian on and gas fields, a bill to regulate this matter received strong endorse ment Wednesday from a malor oil and gas producer, but opposition from two senators having ties to independent producers. The average cost of drilling deep well (the bill aonlies to depths below 6,0(10 feet) has oeen estimated to oe about sz million, and the bill contains several features to protect this R. D. W. st - Albas* A. There has never been an accident m the more than Si years the range has ben there, according to Babe Toed, secretory of the South Charleston Archery Club which maintains the site. He admitted there is s chance of an accident occurring. However, he said archers are taught to shoot at a distance from which they are sure they can hit the target, Q. Why can tenth Charleston High School staccato slay cw«> imq kmi hdc ween vane was man wumuu eas> A,PriiicipaJi operate each schesi is a way they believe best specific rote* about the school yw attend. Q. Dees Mayer i I exist? Per the post tws weeks I r ana west t» see nun twice. I even wrote to* a letter and as reply. I am such concerned over the «*y ssssg "see for tlM tor iscfawrater toe whleh I paid. My cheek was letarned. Can Hot Use help er is this Mbshm ImteesMe* Mrs. R. 0. A. We called the city tion and a spokesman i of. Any tune the dty sues a debtor through a Justice of the peace, the court costs are prepaid, be added. Your check was returned because it covered only the delinquent biH and not the 17.90 court coat. Since the city later found that you did not receive proper notice, it did not hold you responsible for the court cost Poultry Good Buy; Egg Prices Down Poultry again will be the best] buy in fresh meat this week. The beef and pork market is 10 More Seek County Posts i With Saturday's filing deadline drawing nearer, 10 holding steady, according to Stephanie Teague, home economist for the West Virginia Denart. vi ngrrcuiiure. produce counters 1n»l prices will be found on lor - al apples, grapefruit, dried omonsj Florida oranges, potatoes and radishes. Moderately priced are cabbage and yams. fi m price Veryhii apples, i Circuit Clerk Jack KJnder'a office as candidates for nomination in the May * primary election: WUUam W. (BiU) Chambers of Elkview Rt 2, assessor, District IV, Republican. - Samuel L. (Mont) Shelto* of Miami, Kanawha County Board of Education. - Kanawha Del. Phyllis J. Rutledge of 1332 Frame St., Charleston, re - election to House of Delegates, Democrat. —Lawrence J. Conway, 406% - B Quarrier St., Charleston, House of Delegates, Democrat. —Eric Nelson, 18 Fern Road, Charleston, House of Detaat — E. J. (Sam) Javins, 611 Ruffner Ave., Charleston, justice of ths pwce, District V, Democrat. - A. T. (Ted) Boylen, U10 Davis Circle^ Charleston, justice of the peace, district V, Democrat. - John Lsroy (Pokey) With row. 932 Hann - a Drive, Charleston, constable, district V, Republican, - Harry H. Hill, .461* Kanawha Ave,, South Charleston, constable, District III, Republican. turned to the airport for repairs. When the plane was preparing for a second takeoff, the stewardess overheard comments made by the passenger and she notified the co - pilot, Hie detective said. The officer said the pilot requested instructions from the airlines Pittsbrugh office and was told to have the man removed from the plane. The plane was allowed to depart after the crew was questioned, the detective said. The Kanawha County sheriff's investigation bureau and road patrol investigated. One officer said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been advised of the incident. After an initial pool has been bcovered. a five man Oil and Gas Oooservation Commission would have the responsibility of (Jetenaining the exact siae of the pool. Under the provisions of the biH, any subsequent opera - nsning to arm into ins pom . have his application ap - prevea oy me commission. Tne but further provides tor xnpulsory pooling of property rer the established reservoir. thus eliminating the possibility or an moivnuai packing devel opment of an oil or gas pool. ine coamnea laaoowners i receiver a one - eiahth rovall [the oil or gas icwvered under ineir property ana we naivjau al's share would be oro - rstod on rms proportion at tne raw una Reoresentetives of Humble Oil and Refining Co., which has Columbia Gas and Consolidated lias to systematically explore the deeper horizons spoke for tne oui. Don Langs ton, the company T of exploration for tl U. S.. said Humble. division of the gigantic Standard Oil of New Jersey, has an im mediate interest in the of Senate Bill 72. He said 90 per cent of the state's potential gas on reserves be below the 6,000 foot mark. Cflrmts rniiliflrniiar cekry, corn, cucumbers, egg ki«*, jhii«s, lemons, neaa jet - tooe, leaf lettuce, green onions, uuuonua oranges, pears, peppers, tomatoes and rinniiw I Bargains on staple food items include: 44b. bags of pinto 24 - oz. packages of . thin spaghetti, 15 % - ot. canned peas, cream style and whole kernel corn, tomatoes and 2 - lb. bags of uvwii rian'ii H ies. *** market has gone >wn since last week'. Lara *=sb» ore aown o cents, mecaum 2% cents, and small l cent Here are a few pointers for awl - emu casseroies: I. Use foods that "go togeth '" from the standpoint of fla vor, texture and color. 2. Keep pieces of food in identifiable sizes and shanes 6. nememoer mat me casser le will absorb some of the! liquid during baking, so don't make the sauce too thick. 4, Try layers of food rather than stirring the ingredients as one mixture. attorney Paul Bowles, who represents Humble locally said the present oil and gas law gives the landowner no protection since a well adjacent to his property can remove thei oil or gas from under his land. While the bill for the mo part merely fixes the standard landowners' share (one - eighth royally) by law, and thus does little to affect his ability to share m the wealth under his land, the bill does have major consequences to independent op erators wno nave aireaay acquired drilling rights to proper Operators who have drilling rights on any section of the pooled property over the reser voir may snare tne cost of the actual drilling, in which case they would also share in the remaining seven - eights profits. Or they can refuse to contribute to the drilling costs in which case wey do not collect anything until the drillers have recovered three times their original investment. Objecting to the bill were Sen. Russell Beall, Democrat from Parkersburg, and Sen. Prank Deem, Republican from Marys. It is never too early for individual 'Think Clean" campaigns. This scene is beside the Lee Street Bridge over Elk.Rver near the Civic Center. A resident called the Daily Mail yesterday and asked if dumping is allowed in this area. It is not, but it is being done. Also, Article 49, section three of the city code states, "No person shall keep or permit to be kept within the corporate limits any hog, goat, cow, chicken,1 or other animal or fowl in a pen or otherwise confined in any lot . . ." Notice the white rooster beside the house in the background. — Daily Mail Photo by Tom Hodges. RANDOLPH MAY BE CHALLENGED Senate Race Lures Hechler; Underwood To Support Moore WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Ken Hechler, D - W. V*. mentioned as a possible chal Gov. Arch Moore Jr.'s deci - And former Gov. Cecil Under - lenger to incumbent Sen. Jetv sion to seek re - election has wood called Moore "the pro - rungs Randolph, a challenge made the U. S. Senate race per candWate." . that Moore had also report ed "look more attractive" to Hechler has been widely ly considered. C.W. Kemper Memorial Set Toe oastor for the Bsotist Temple from 1922 to 1934, the Rev. Clarence W. Kemper' died MMPuuy in Awuquerque, n.M. Mr - Kemper. 89. was born ml Freemajisburg in Lewis County, and resided in Charleston 11 years before moving to Ootora - He was a tonmer vice president of - AHerson*roaddus Col lege at pniimpi, wbere be was 5. Use your imi and spices. vary aginafo irious ion in toppings - fluffy Nt potatoes, cooked rice. read batter, ready - to - bake imscuiis or runs, roasted ai - tonds. 7. Investigate the wide variety of canned soq* for added flavor ana esse or preparation. m 1952. After leaving the Baptist Tem ple in Charleston m 1994, he went to Denver, Colo., where he became the minister of the First Baptist Church. He wrote several books, in cluding "The story of the Temple" "Faith Unafraid." "At wips wim L*e, • "ine story of Old First," and "Forty Years a Minister. - ne ma oeen sresi dent of the West Virginia Bap tist uonvenaon, presiaenc ot me Charleston Ministerial and in 1956 was chairman of the board of stewardship nances. He taught the adult class at the Boulder First Bap si i^nHiai, wnere ne resioeo. Mr. Kemper was editor of the Rocky Mountain Churchman, I and had written many articles for The Wes t Virginia Baptist. surviving: wile, tana mc - Daoiel Kemper of Bw jdaughters, Mrs. C. D - Deeds; and Mrs. Albert S. Davis Jr.; m, Dr. Clarence Kemper. The funeral and. burial were in Boulder. There will be a memorial service Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Baptist Temple - witn tne regu lar monwng worsmp service. Jackson County Sets CD. Classes RAVENSWOOD - Jackson County Civil Defense has organized two evening classes for comity residents. Dr. James McCoy, Ravens wood veterinarian, will teach iclasses in Racboloetcal Moni toring Feb. 7 - 11, and Lewis nessegger, uiotogy teacner at Ravenswood Hum School, will teacn sneiter Management r eo. 1* - 18. The five - evcniim classes will be held from 7 - 9 p. m. in the Ravenswood High School cafeteria. Both are free, but enroll ment is limited to 25. Persons iirterested may enroll by celling 27M217 or 273 - 2308, said Robert TkM Jr., Jackson[ County Civil Defense director Legislators Pondering Park Liquor/Obscenity By ROBERT C. WELLING Bills to allow private liquor | clubs in . parks and to define obscene niaterials were xoouced m i the House and Senate today. The private dub bnuor bill. sponsored by Dels. Don Rich - ! ardson, D - Kanawha and Fred Grewe, R - Ohio. is similar to legislation vetoed by uov. Moore following the 1971 session. The is mat touay s bill allows the Department of Natural Resources or a park board to determine whether such clubs will be established in facility. The obscenity bill; sponsored by Dei. George Griffith, D - Han cock. Prohibits the distribution. sales, advertisement or promo tion ot ODScene material. It also makes, it unlawful participate in lewd exposure or sing obscene ballads or songs.' Griffith notes that the legisla - | uon is patterned aiier tne American Law Institute Model Penal Code. Those convicted of sale, dis - : parks were family facilities. ;That bill gave approval for all parks to obtain such permits and did not contain the provi sion allowing the Department of Natural Resources or local nark boards to exercise final jurisdiction. Other bills submitted today receive a $1,000 or six months in jail. Those convicted of distributing such material to a minor, hiring a Paul N. Bowles Cancer Chairman "We want to wipe out cancer in your metime, is tne stogan for this year's Cancer Crusade1 fund - raising campaign during April. The Kanawha - Putnam County unit, has selected attorney Paul N. Bowles of Charleston to head this year's search for funds to carry on research projects and caucauonai programs. Bowles, a past president of (he Charleston Bar Assn.. said yesterday that caseer fighters are on the verse of important discoveries that could acceler ate preventive medicine against tne disease. The federal novernment also :has launched a multi - million dollar attack on cancer. acts, takinc part in lewd ex posure or singing an obscene song could receive a 12,000 fine or a jail term of one year. A conspiracy of two or more persons to commit any of the crimes could result in a prison term of one to five years or a $5,000 fine. The liquor bill requires that any state, county or municipal para applying mr sucn a li cense aiso operate a amine ta - cility at the park or recreation ■ea. In vetoine last vear's legisla tion, Moore cited the fact that too many of the state - owned VEAZEY STREET 'BIG MUD HOLE' ONLY TEMPORARY The "one big mud hole" on Veazey Street is only temporary, the city engineer's office reported today. Jim Sell, said his office investigated a resident's complaint to the Daily Mail and found that the mud in the road was caused by the installation of a 24 - inch water line by the West Virginia Water Co. "If the weather is favorable," Sell said, "the whole street will be repaved by the end of the week," measure allowing race tracks and the West Virginia Racing Commission to determine the days of a week that racing snouw oe conauctM. The bill, introduced by Del. Paul wanstreet, D - Harnson, apparently would permit Sun racing. •A measure to reduce from $10 to $5 the non - resident six da v fisbina license fee. It was sponsored by Del. Adam Toney. u - rayeite. —A measure introduced by Toney to allow auto dealers to use dealers license plates only for the purpose of demonstrating a motor vehicle to a pros - IpeCtive purchaser. —A measure by Sen. Robert Nelson, D - Cabell, directing the State Aeronautics Commission! to initiate the planning of a re gional airport to serve central and southern West Virginia. The. commission would be re quired to submit a report on the planning to the next session oi the legislature. "This certainly means that the greatest concentration of effort can be shifted to the primary fight," Hechler said in a statement, "instead of spreading time and resources over a lo - mooth period." Hechler said he would announce bis political intentions "enough in advance of the filing deadline of midnight Saturday to allow freedom of Underwood said he would not discuss his future political plans until at least Friday, but commented « Moore's "I think Arch is the proper candidate, and a good one. He has my support. He's established a good record. I think it's a good one to run on." Underwood was goveror from 1956 - 60 and was the only ex - governor in the past 100 years to be renominated by his party for another term. Underwood was defeated to the 1964 election by Democrat Hulett Smith. Meanwhile, Randolph apparently was as uncertain of Moore's plans as many other Washington office o Associated Press office in Charleston three times Wednesday, while Moore was holding a news conference to announce he would seek reelection. The staff member said he wanted to know what office Moore was seeking. Party Convention Set The West Virginia Peoples' Party, a new political group headed by Clifton Bryant of Cabin Creek in Kanawha County, will bold a convention at Jacksons Mill Feb. 25 - 27. DANCING OK, BUT NOT IN MIDDLE OF HIGHWAY Like other fans of the entertainment business, St. Albans police believe that the show must go on. Not, however, in the middle of a busy, rain - soaked highway at S a.m., they said. The comment was made by officers today after they had arrested a shapely, 19 - year - old girl who was dancing a "little jig" along U. S. 60, She was fully clothed, but slightly intoxicated, police said. Police said the young woman is a go - go dancer in a Charleston area nightclub. She was charged with public intoxication and taten to jail pending a hearing today. "She wasn't exactly singing in the rain," one patrolman said, "but we can certainly say that she was humming a little bit." 'SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL' Restraining their uncle in trie performance of "School For Scandal." beginning tonight at the Civic Center, are the Surface Brothers, characters in the 18th century Richard Sheridan comedy. Playing the brothers, left and right, arc Gary Thomas and Michael Carey, David Philen, center, portray3 their uncle. Curtain time is 8:30 tonight, Friday and Saturday.

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