Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 30, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1955
Page 18
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DUI PA-2.4600 for • WANT AD Tik«r EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD.. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1955 FIFTEEN The Ptwif tni»* Ntiiift tn ft# p*rf*nMiM M«Mi» K^mlfy ttttt •ppotirion. Garnet of Week Ending December 4, 1955 Hi*hM Ratinf I,.* Rrttr ' OiH. R.ttr FRIDAY, DECEMBER.! Tempe St. . 81.6 (15) H»wiit'_ •«.! - Oklahoma 115 0 ' Mich. State _lil 9 •T. c:u. 109.0 . U. C. L. A. 108.0 " Maryland 107.3 ;'. Ohio Stale 104.4 Ga. Tech __ 102.a So. Calif. 101.9 , Pittsburgh 101.3 Texas '_ .-^ 100.9 . Miami, Fla. 100.6 . Texas A&M —100.3 ' Michigan 100.0 • Notre Damt _ 99.5 . Mississippi . 99.4 Tnw» , , 99 } Army 98.S Vanderbilt 98.6 -L; S. U. S3.4 *I»vy _.- , . 9g 4 Aiibiioi , Oft j Stanford 98 0 . Syracuse 98.0 S. M. IT ' (17 9 '» Arkansas — 97 3 . Kentucky _^_ 96.7 • Tiilan* «; n Tennessee 95.9 'Baylor 85.8 W. Virginia 95.3 ; Duke 14.8 Purdu* ,..,;,' 92 fi f Minnesota ' 92.8 .Flnrid, II? 4 "Mllinnw " 92 3 Wisconsin 91.5 Miami, O. 91.3 /Miss. State 91.1 - . Penn State 90;9 '.. Oregon *9.9 RANK Ah Georgia 8J.7 Clemson 88.4 Rir» OBJ Washington $7.6 Colgate 87.5 Texas Tech 86.2 Boston Col. _ 85.7 Col. Pacific _ »5.7 Indiana . S5.0 Miss. South _ 84.8 Wichita t< 4 Xavier, O. 84.1 Vll» : • . )fl 7 Colorado 82.6 Nebraska 82.5 Kani State 8° 2 Wake Forest _ J2.1 Utah »] 7 Temp« St. — • 81.6 Denver j ' • fll 4 Oregon St 80 9 Princeton : 80.5 California S0.2 Delaware 80.1 Colo; A&M 19.9 Va. Twh 79's Missouri 79.1 Okla.. A&M _ 78.7 ,G. Wash'ton _ 78.3 Houston U. _ 78.3 Bowl. Green _ 78J Lafayette ' 78.2 Hardin-Simi. _ 78.0 N'western ' — „ 78.0 N C State '778 Detroit 76.3 Trinity. T. : 163 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 Duk* .: — _ *94.l (19) N. Carolina 75.8- Tampa — '71.7 ( 0) Fla. State . 71.3 Trinity, T. «76.Z ( 5) N. Texas St. 71.6 Wyomint _ tO.3 ( 2) Houston U. '78.3 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 R*frit«r«lor B«»l. Evanirill*, Ind. R. Island . 73.5 (12) Jax State . 61J ID RATING OF 240 LEADING TEAMS N. Carolina 35 S f*r.T-n*.-tt/»iit KKI st niaf . M(t MarqueUe 75.5 Kur^ns 7 ? 0 Kent State 74.9 Chattanooga - .74.8 San Jose St - 74.1 Rhode Isl'd _ 73.5 Louisville — : 73.1 Richmond - 72.9 Cornell 7** 8 Holy Crosi 72.6 La Twh 7* S W.,Texas St - 72.2 Ohio U. 72.1 Wm. 4 Mary _ 72.0 Tampa 71.7 N. Texaj St - 71.6 Dartmouth _^_ 71.5 Tla St?tr • " ' '1 3 Gettysburf ^_: 70.6. M»m» - - 70 R Utah State — 70.6 S. Carolina _ 70,2 Virginia M fi Lfhigh " *9 5 Brown- : 69.0 Trinity, -C. 68.9 Cent; Mich.;_ «8.8 Villnno"»- ''. ; «*,* Iowa State _ 87.9 M»hn K7.2 Wash. State _;«7.1 Tulsa ••' • 67.0 Boston U. ' 66.5 Mjw»il K.5 J, * Horn. Tmifl z Rlfin* UlMvoilfbl* Tenn. Tech 66.3 McMurry i. 64.8 Memphis St. _ 64.4 Marshall 62.9 Moravian 62.6 Sprincfield _ 62.5 Heidelberg 62.1 Mor. Harvey . 61.7 Coe ; 61.6 Youngstown -61.5 E. Kentucky _ 61.2 Jax, Ala., St 61.2 How. Payne _ 61.1 Pennsylvania 61.1 Abil. Chrisn. J 60.8 McNeese St _ 60 17 SW. La. last. 6Q.O Ark. State — 59.6 Florence St _ 59.6 Leh'r Rhyne _ 59.6 N. -Hampshire 59.5 SW. .Texas St.59.2 SE. Louisiana 59.1 Omaha — • 59.0 Akron M.9 Murray St 58.9 n T »V» M5 Dfexel . i_58.4 Mid. Ten. St. _ 58.0 HillcriaV - .177 SJ3. State _ 57.7 Wofford 57.7 Mass. U. . ^56.8 E. Twin. St. - 56.7 TnUrtn .IB 7 ' Copyright 1955 bj Cent. Okla. _ 56J Alfred .. m . . S6 2 Calif. Poly — 56.2 NW. Louisiana 56.1 S. Houston St. 55.8 Midwestern _ 55.4 E. Mich. St. _ 54.9 Va. Military •_ 54.9 W.Kentucky _• 54.9 Davidson 54.6 Iowa Tchrs. _ 54.3 Scranton 54 3. Westminster . 54.2 Tufts 54 1 Mo. Valley 54.0 St Cloud St. . 53.7 St. John's — 53.7 Appalachian - 53.6 N Mexico 53 4 Whitworth 53.4 C'cordia. M. - 53 J E. Texas St. _ 53.1 Juniata 52.8 Wa^hburn ' 52 1 N. Dakota __ 51.5 St SI ,4 Austin Peay _ 51.3 Ft Hay» St _ 51.2 Furroan .— — 51.2 G. Adolphiis _ 51.2 Rrartl^y .51.1 Citadel 51.1 Wash. U.. Mo. 51.1 N. Haven St . 51.0 W. Illinois . . 50.7 NE. Okla. St. 50.6 r Dunkel Sports Resec Chico St. . — 50.4 Pittsburfc St _ 50.4 Wesleyan 50.4 Wavnesburg _ 50.2 Cortland St. _ 50.1 Catawba 50.0 E. Carolina 50.0 Centre 49.8 Morningside _ 49.8 S F Austin 49 7 N'eastern 49.6 Lewis i Clark 49.5 Coast Guard _ 49.4 Wore. Toly _ 49.4 Colo. West'n _ 49.0 W. Reserve _ 48.9 Hobart 48.8 S niinois . 48.4 Ni Mex. AIM 48.2 W. Michigan _ 48.2 Stetson - _i 48.1 . Macalester 4S.O SW. Okla. T. _ 47.9 ftolnit • 47_3 Col. Emporta _ 47.3 Pa. Military •_ 47.3 SE. Mo. State 46.9 Shepherd _ .- 46.5 W. Chester St 46.4 Presbyter'n _ 46.2 Hamp. Sydn'y 46.1 Alhrifht 46.0 Brig. Young — 46.0 NELouisiana •_ 46.0 Wabash .. 46.0 T»v Ail 4!H • rch Servict Faurot Galled Nation's Best ers COLUMBIA, Mo. Wl—Don Faurot just finished the worst football season in his coaching career — 9 losses in 10 games — but his players acclaim him "the best coach in America." . ,-' : University of Missouri officials back them. " Strange happenings in a period when a .flock of coaches — and even a coach's -wife — have been hanged .in effigy, by disgruntled fans? -•'.; ;.'••: Commended At Dinner .' Faurot,.; inventor of football's split-T 'formation, drew some alumni!fire .during the disastrous season but you wouldn't have known it at the annual Missouri football--banquet last night. Dr. Elmer Ellis,. the university president, read two brief papers. One' from, the institution's athletic .advisory' 'committee was "a resolution commending Faurot and others responsible for the athletic program and • recommending that "Don Faurot be retained as-athletic director and head football coach."-The committee consists of •nen who relay the attitude of alumni throughout the state to university officials'- 'governing the sports program. " •' Best Coach In America 'The -other paper signed by 49 members of the varsity football squad said: "Coach Don Faurot is the .best coach in America and we petition you to keep him. Our coach stands for the things we want." Faurot, 53, has been a head football .coach 26 years — 18 of those at Missouri. Some alumni grumblings in the past have been aimed at his methods .of obtaining athletes. He concentrates on players living in Missouri, does practically no out-of-state recruiting. He also believes in. strict adherence to the Big Seven Conference and .NCAA codes on recruiting and subsidization. District Disciplinarian Sooners Wrap Up National Honors In DunkeVs System By DICK DUNKEL DAYTQNA BEACH. Fla. — '(Special) —With .only ive games remaining on the regular schedule of the 1955 college football season, it's quite apparent that Oklahoma las wrapped up top national honors for the current His overall record at Missouri is 86 victories, 74 defeats and 9 ties. He's a strict disciplinarian with his players. It's follow, the training rules, or else . - Faurot's reception at season's end was just the opposite of that accorded a number of other coach es, principally on the West Coast. At the-University of Washington, 'about 30 football players rebelled against coach Johnny Cherberg. They took their complaints to Harvey Cassill, director of athletics. Jim Sutherland, a backfield coach, was fired but Cherberg is still on the job. .Both Sutherland and the players 'denied Sutherland had any connection with the uprising. Several coaches in the West have been hanged in effigy and at San Jose State the effigy of Mrs. Bob Brozan, wife of. the head coach, was found hanging from a telephone pole. Even a sports editor was strung up in effigy for defending a football coach. Jack Murphy of the San Diego Union got the treatment after he criticized the "playful little rascals" who carried, out an effigy hanging of San "Diego State College coach Bill Schutte. So last night you couldn't blame Faurot for being surprised. "I'm.overawed, at all the ;things that have happened. to me,'' he said. Fairgo Race Starter,. L Assist In Cuba Harry Palmer, who has.served as official starter for. the Cumber land Fair. Association's '10-day racing-meets for the past three years, has been named assistan starter for the winter, meeting a Oriental Park, .Havana," Cuba which gets under way : Decem her 10..' • Palmer will act as aide to George Cassidy, son of.the late Mare Cas sidy, one of the sr«rt starters o American racing, and brother o Marshall Cassidy another nation ally known starter. ,-,-. Al Larry, who will get * spring trial with the Chicago Cube, caugh 35 passe* for 756 yards with Ala bama fjridmen in itto. The numbe of passes and yards gained are «chool records. ampaigri. •The Sooners made it 10 straight i licking Okla. A&M, 53-0, last aturday, and, in so doing, brought heir average scoring superiority er game to 31.1 points. This has een accomplished against opposition with average adjusted Power ndex of 83.9. Adding 31.1 to 83.9 ives. Oklahoma its No. 1 ranking f 115.0. Second-place Michigan" State ( had wound.'up a week earlier with' an 8.7 scoring margin over 93.2 op- losition for aTating of 111.9. Season's finales, set for this com- ng weekend, will find Tenipe tate flying to Hawaii for a Friday ontest in which the Arizona eleven will rate 15 over the Rainbows. On Saturday, it will be Duke rating 19 ver North Carolina; Tampa even with.Florida State; Trinity, Texas, over North Texas State; and Wy- ming 2 over Houston U. Eyansville's" annual Refrigerator Jowl festivities will take place next tonday with two strong representa- ives of the "small" college cate : gory presiding the chief entertain- nent. Rhode Island (73.5) will :angle' with Jacksonville, Ala., State (61.2) in this one, with the 12- Doint rating separation being in Ihody's favor. Now that the season has .been :ompleted by nearly all of the na ion's 700 college teams, it is appar- mt that Northeast Oklahoma State, if Tahlequah, has won the distinction of "most improved," by .Power ndex measurement. Northeastern's rating increased by 31.0 over last •ear's final. Other notable increases this'year have been by the following: Mc- Veese State, 29.7; Arkansas State, 9.5; Bowling Green, 28.9; Lycom- ng, 23.7; California Aggies, 22.3; Lehigh, 22.1; Bethany, W. Va., 22.0; Stanford,.21.0; Akron, 20.3; Beloit, 20.3; Tempe State, 20.3; Washing- on, 18.9; Parsons, 18.9; and Bufalo, 18.8. In the reverse, or nose-dive, department, the largest decrease of he year was not enjoyed by Southeastern Louisiana whose rating went down by 26.4. Other leading shrinkages were Temple, 26.1; Hofstra, 24.6; Valley City, N. D., 23.8; John Carroll, 23.2; Principia, 21.4; Williamette, 21.3 ;-N. E. Missour State, 21.0; Lawrence, 20.6; and Cincinnati, 19.7. Cassady Wins Heisman Title By Big Mar gin NEW YORK - (INS)'- Howard (Hopalong) Cassady, the only football player whose name is mentioned in the same breath around tolumbus, 0., with the immortal Chick Harley, has been voted the college gridiron's "Man .. of the Year award" — the Heisman Trophy. The red-haired, ISO-pound Ohio State halfback won the 2lst annual award by the greatest point margin in the history of this national poll of sports writers and broadcasters. The selection, announced yesterday, was the result of ballots submitted by 1,324 voters. .Cassady won 594 first-place votes and, on a 3-2-1 basis for first, second and third mentions, totaled 2,219 points. Runnerup Jim Swink* of Texas Christian had 128 first and 742 points. Cassady led in every section of the country except the Southwest, where the balloters went' for Swink. Far behipd the two . leaders came Navy quarterback George Welsh (742 points): Earl Morrall, Michigan State quarterback (383); Paul Hbrnung, Notre Dame quar-: terback (321); Bob Pellegrini, i Maryland center (294); Ron Bea-i gle, Navy end (212); Ron Kramer, Michigan (192): "Bo Bolinger, Oklahoma guard (148) and Cal Jones, Iowa guard (138). As usual, linemen did not fare too-well. As a matter of fact, with the exceptions of ends Larry Kelley in 1936 and Leon Hart in 1949^ all the winners have been backs. Hal Jeff coat Quits Baseball CHICAGO ffl — Hal Jeffcoat, re- ief pitcher who was. traded by the Chicago Cubs 'to the Cincinnati Sedlegs Monday for catcher Hobie a n d r i t h announced yesterday ie is through with baseball. Jeffcoat's announcement brought about the possibility that the deal will be off. .Wid Matthews, Cub personnel boss, said "It's a deal. Landrith Belongs to us and it's our responsibility to get him to report. Jeffcoat now belongs to Cincinnati and it's their responsibility to get him :o report." Cincinnati officials had no immediate comment since they said they had not contacted Jeffcoat. The former outfielder who was converted into a pitcher said he was giving up baseball in order to remain in Chicago and work in the insurance business. Jeffcoat, 31, and with the Cubs eight years, added that he would.stay out of baseball even if he were a member of the Cubs. Hayes Says Ranks WitK Grange NEW YORK - (INS). — Ohio State halfback Howard (Hopalong) Cassady, everybody's All-American, ranks with Illinois' immortal CASSADY GETS KE1SMAN ir.OPiiY—Awarding of the Heisman Memorial Trophy to Howard "Hopalong" Cassady, Ohio State All- American halfback, was announced at a campus ceremony at Columbus. Here deft to right) are Ohio Governor Prank Lausche. OSU president Howard Bevis; Mrs. Betty Cassady, the football star's wife, and coach Woody Hayes. (AP Phofofax) Red Grange, according to OSU Doctors Seek Signs coach Woody Hayes. j c. • •He's the greatest football play-Babe's Cancer Attack er I've ever seen, one of the great-! est of the century," the Big Ten champion coach declared at a football writers' meeting in New York. Hayes added: "Compare him this season with Red Grange's senior year. He was defensed in every game we played, yet he'd still get away for 123 yards. No one could stop him. "Hoppie's a great blocker. too, GALVESTAN, Tex. —.(INS) — Babe Zaharias continued to undergo a long series of. tests today while doctors searched for signs of a third cancer attack. The famed woman athlete who entered a Galveston hospital earlier this week because of a pain in her right hip has been operated on twice before in her battle a fine defensive player and he] usually played about 55 minutes in each game. I'll never forget what the little guy. di£ for us." against cancer. The tests will take Navy tackle Tony Anthony's full name is Anthony Arthur Anthony. Florida State will lose only two of its football backs to graduation. They are Gene Cox and John Griner. Panhandle Star Tops In Offense EMPORIA. Kan »).— Ivan Simmons of Panhandle A&M (Okla. is the nation's total offensive leader among small college football players. : The National Assn. of Intercollegiate; Athletics, in its final statistical report today, said Simmons gained 1,624 yards, an average of 1S0.4 in nine games. Max Homer, Bethany {\V. VaJ. was runnerup with 1,358 in seven Next year's Ivy League football champions will get a trophy from the 1925 class at Pennsylvania. contests. Hamiline's Jerry Foley had the highest individual game mark of 198.8, but he participated in only five games. USE OUR TOY LAYAWAY PLAN The TOY SHOP Cor. N. Centre & Bedford Stv Charles treasurer Segar, of the secretary- major leagues, said in Columbus; Ohio, that under a certain ruling a trade deal might be voided in the event of a bona- fide retirement. Women Bowl In Miami MIAMI, Fla.—(0—The 39th annual Woman's International Bowling Congress Tournament will open April 19, 1956 in Miami. JOE 173 THE MOTORISTS' FRIEND, Inc. Baltimore Street for the Largest Selection off TOYS USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN SUBURBANITE WINTER TRACTION TIRES by GOOD/YEAR If Hit season's lh« reason you're temporarily put of cash— here's a timely suggestion: At HFC— - Household Finance Corporation—you can borrow the money yoi^ need with little or no fuse. Your promise to repay—on terms that you select—is M that's usually needed to get the money in your hands. There's an HFC office near you. Why not phone or drop by today. 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