The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIH. NO, 29. CAJLUOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1894. WHOLE NO. KASH IS KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH YOU MUST GO TO s Dry Goods Store^— Guild's He sells for cash only and makee one price to everybody, consequently he does not make them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it will pay you to ^compare prices before you buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but how little we can sell tnem for. Underwear AT C. We will soil you a lady's fine Egyptian Jersey Ribbed Natural Gray Vest or Pants, sizes from 2 .to 6. Heavy fleeced same goods sold last year at 50c. AT The B. E. J., ihe finest combed Egyptian Vests and Pants on the market, today are being advertised In Chicago at 680., they ought to be cheap In Carroll at50c. AT 69<j. Gents heavy all-wool Underwear. This is a great bargain as you can not duplicate them for less than one dollar anywhere. AT C. Extra One quality heavy weight medicated scarlet pure wool underwear. They would be good value at $1.25. Flannels AT Blankets AT An extra heavy Kersey flannel. Would be very cheap at fifteen cents. .AT 15c. A double thick fleeced Flannel, just the thing to keep you warm. These goods are selling everywhere at 18c. AT A fine medicated twilled scarlet all; wool Flannel. If you are looking for a bargain, be sure you see this. AT 20c. A western W.> six oz. to the yard, in red or bluo. These goods are worth and sold every where at 25c. AT C. We will aell you a heavy twilled 6 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with any 85o. quality and 1 Know you will take ours. AT A very fine Sliakur Flannel yard with all wool, extra heavy and soft. This is a regular fifty cent quality. C. per Pair A 10x4 Peruvian liln.nket.fme and soft, justthe thing these cold nights, and they would be cheap at 76e. AT C. Our largo 10x4 Kleetwing Blankets. This is a hummer as they are 81.25 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra large 11x4 very heavy Blankets. These goods sold last year for $2.50. AT $3.50 An extra good quality all wool Blankets in white or gray. 51 bs to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the capitol city woolen mills in our state. AT $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and warmest blanket In Iowa for tbe money. Cloaks AT $6.25 A Lady's Fine Cloak in Blue Kersey cloth. This garment Is well mado and handsomely finished. You can't match it for less than §7.50 anywhere. AT $9.25 A very Stylish Coat made from the new covert cloth, durable and very becoming. This garment is a bargain, be sure you see it. AT $9.95 A Beautiful Black Fur Trimmed Beaver cloak. This is a regular 8)2.00 garment. AT $10.95 A 27 inch Elegant Fur Cape, h you intend buying anything of this kind, you can't afford to miss this as it would be cheap at 815. Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, pro- portifmately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT A good all wool Knit Ladles' Hood. This is a great bnrjiain as you can't buy the yarn that is. in it for that price, they come in black and brown. AT 39c. A very fine large hood, made from Fleishers best Germantown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would bfe very cheap at 60c. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Facinator in Black or irhite, large size, made from very fine wool and would be good value at 65o. AT 49c. This fascinator is made from oxtra fine Saxony Yarn and bended, it cmues in black, .white blue and pink. If you don't get one of them you willbo sorry. AT 65c. Yon run got something grand. Don't pa> i dollar for one when you cun get in." hero for(i5o. Dress Goods AT 15c. A yard wide .covert cloth. These goods will wear and hnvft the appearance of very expensive goods. AT 23e. A full 86 inch English Cashmere, WG have them in all colors. This is the same goods you have been paying 85c for. AT 33c. A fine all wool Flannel broad cloth finish, 40 in wide in nil the latest shades, be sure you see this as you always pay SOc for this quality. AT 45c. A lino of Plaid flannels with Boiir- etle Checks. These are C5cgoods. \Vv> put this price on them to sell them out quick. OUR 65c. Black Henrietta boats the world. This is Julllnrds goods 42 inches wide, guarantiee a wooded black and would be a bargain at T5c. tST'A VISIT TO OUR STORE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Furnishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap tby us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, and our trade so far this fall has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people appreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal price. These prices can only be had at _ Next door west of Postofflce. GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE OBDBOB DIBBCTOBY K )BN1NO service*. 11 a. ».; •«nlngi»nloe§ Tp. m,; Y. P. 8. 6. E. MnlM, • p. - Mbool, 13:16 P. ni.i Pwer MMMnc, T •Nnlng.7-.aO P. m. BAPTIST. ORNING ••HIM, 11 •. m.; Bfjnlii* ««J|«« Tp. m.:Y. P. 8. 0. >. Mttrlot* p. •.( - r B&ool.UiU p. m,i Prwr Mating w. H. OUMH, BnpMtoUaawl, lOBN'Ntt .•K«?-.^JiJJj' .V*"!? 1 .*!"!?: rvica,u •. IB,, •»•«••••••«»-^-. unlor Bpmwtb U*|iw. t P. ».; u*, 6 p. V, Bundtr BekoorUilj MMtlni, Tburidtr IvoDlag. 7i» T. W B. TUOMHJOM, PMtOT . .; Junior I*HIW A. in, n< HI »*»«»• »v«i i On. WM. HtMf •H«T. BuporlpundiDt. UMTOII foot-Offloe. Ottoe open on Sundiiy tram » to 10 k. m. an4 froma.-SOto<.•.•» P. w. WttlU at tbe oiUuu oloM M f olowti ttolng east: 240 and 7ON o'clock p. IB. «oln«we«t: 11M «. m. iud TiflOowok t. n. BTAtt UOUTKS. Ut. Cirin«l and Kufitnor. daily. Doptrta ut la m,. »rrlveiM*il)' l> in. Roiujlle, WUIt-y and Uarrolttou, dully. 7 a. in., urrlvt>.H(i : ;nj p. m. V, ti N. W . fyn« Ultra. I-AMKNUBH TKAIMI WMT. 1 Owrlud Umttad ......... ....10W •o, Mo. 6 Mo. 7 NO. la NO. 16 NO. W t*AJNUUfOMII T0AJJIB VAUT* No. t Ourlnud Uuitttd 0 OS p. to Ho. « Paoinc Bipreii .............. ,145 Ourroll Kxpreii ............... U 06 nut Mull ....... . ............ 1«« rr»ubt ......................... a na p.m. p. in. l>. w. THE RESULT. Democracy Buffered Defeat in an Off Year—Carroll County Still in tbe King but Badly Disfigured. The following are the Majorities: State Democratic 252, Mohr 43b, ombaob 241, Korto 03, Kempker 63, Steele 26. Den Uuluo* faiwiiKtir HOD a, w. t, Wo*t9tdalo Boon*.. 9 16 •• ». we pit OJTT A»D MOVIUJI mu»oii«». ouxOll»i»prM«...... ....7 U p. » »»a. m r !Wp» •«>,,„ • ...l Wv «• 7 II*. r J. K. OltKAUKU, A|(0nt. o. M. r. »'?. Me. J PMMOfN io. oamSfitf. 0. fil Kiolgllt tHilM «OIM WM1 i P, in. The impaudiuK o^oiouu wtiiob baa been hovHfiug ju Ibu pulitionl uky (or some mouthu just arrived yeaterday ou uolitidult) lime. It WBS Hppureul to all that a twister ot uuuanul severity would uoroea this emiutry uu Nov. C, Wiiile we were nnHoiputiiig n etorm of ou sumll |>ro|)orliouH we bud not made tbe uaueeaury prejjumtioiia (or oue of I ueverity whioli put iir its uppaurNboa Fruiu Uuiuo to Ottgou tbe 8Hiuu and Idle o( woe ia beard. Peuioo- wim ruului] in oil quarters ami the U O. P. ie triuuipbuut. 'i'be hard times ttud ottlnuiHy bowl did ite work and tbe priuoiplea wbiob tb« people voted (ot ttvo jears ugu were laid itway (or (lie HOIB belug. Oar roll oouuty WHB uo , tbe utorm slruck ua all over tw yet wa nrw unuble to tell just we are «t." We keoiv, Uowever, tlmt we were auuwod uuder, (Lut ie our large majority wan aud part o( our looul Uokel. Billy Mobr mode • great ruoe uud luuded lu lite o!»rk'u ollloe with ubont 400 umjority. Steele, o( Ooou Ituplde, w«a aluo eucoeeeful ia de(eatiug 0. D. Fleuker (or tuperviaor. Itead «ud Kewpker bad R uioe (]ui«t little ontupulgu nil to tbeiunelvaa «ud tbe beet of ,(e«Uug prevtttled, but Kewpker probably («•!» a little bettor M»y tbau does bi» ttutily rival who mad* »uob an •loelleut raw. Ptvtd U. Hilt UMfouedowB to dataat along with Tammany and tbe rest of tbe Demount tio party. Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraek^i, aud praotioally everything else ItBB gone Itopublioan except Texas and Carroll county. Had we ever im- agiued io our wildest epeunlatioua tb .t Ibe proud old Demooratio mujority io Ibis county would bave slumped off to 800 we would buve ibough it all a borrld dream. But Onrroll county baa done nothing elrange, tbe rest of the etate aud the nation baa gone off ou tbe earne wild goose ohaee, only to return again in a a abort time a wiser but a endder people. Every oue oou«idered this au off year and tboueanda of Democratic voters remained away from the po'le and allowed tbe Itapublionua to bold tbe oleotion jnet to etw wbat tbey would do when tbey bad everything their own way. By the time another election rolls urouud tbey will luive Been Ibe folly of the bouetecl aluitue of (lie oppoeiiiou and will aguiu he in liue for tbe putty of th« people, juat ua they were two yeara iigu when tbe iHiidwIiiln liurirtl the Kcpuhli uuti pnrty out of night, 'IVduy we give tbe returua ot tbu county election, wbiob are Bubetuulially correct. It will be e«»n from them tbut tbe Democrats nnd lUpublionna were both liberal with their votes und were but loosely held by purty liuee. Uom- littoh uud Korta ni«dn u great race under tbe oiruumstitucea uud have great reuuoii to feel proud of tbu iudoraemeut tbey received. __ MIDDLE STATEa of ovurSJorooo ftV tho city. '~ MICHIGAN—Tho latest returns ahow that of tho 33 Btuto souators elected every ouo ia a Republican. Of the 10X1 inom- b«rs of the house nil are Ropublicnn except onu. .^^!lny ilistriots which hud not rrtiii'Jiu'.i Hi'piibliciiu Icffislators for a uu..MT ot a century have done so, ! XNNSYLVANU— Complete returns Viuin all but a dozun of the 07 uonntiea in this state give Haslicgs u plurality of »;i;!,8?y, Returns recuivuil by the Aaso- ciute.l Press iuilU'tito th» R'upublloaiu havo elected 28 ol the bO conj,'rusdiuen iu tliis Mate. MASSACHUSETTS — llvturm from (ill hnl two citins uiitl (uwus iu the stuto Kivo iVri'ouhalKu, Hop., iUO.yiuj Russell, JJciii., I28,4ii'l % u Ui'iHtliUcau gum of 8tt,- KIU. In Boston Hnssull'ti plurality of Ml? iu 18H1) was cut to 'J,]\ 2. Lugiala- tuiv <iv»rwheluiiii{{ly H^inibUoati. INDIANA—This stata olrote a goliil exwutiuti have not ytit rcuo'ti-il iu full, but thu Republican plus-alit/ in ihu stato will run betwt*-u -in.ii iu : i: ( ,i ;Tm.oiHi. In tiu' li -liNlaturii th • !(•;'iiliiie.iu majority ou j"nit btillot is ;w KUquutt* on • Bojntl Captain Carter, who sails tho Prlnco of 1 yacht Britannia, was sitting with a munlwrof othor yaoht captains of tor ouo of thu HrltaiiMlii-Vigllmit raoos, and (ho coiivorsntlon turnod on tbo reception of ro.valty. ••Well," wild tho captain, ''I ouyht, to know something about It. Last woi'k tho jtrliice cainu aboard with tho ', princess ami tho two daughters. Tho prlnco wiys, 'C'nrtor, my wife and two daughters.' So I said, 'llopo you're quite Well, inu'iini, and tho BUIUO to yon, ' "— »'hllailol|ilila Pros. Ii«|>ulilli>»u» Kl.u'l Twi-nly-Klght out ol Thirty t)oni;rc(i,«iiivu In l'uun«ylv»ul». ItolUl lli<h> K ittlou 1'rom ludl*u«. NEW YOllK—Thu votofor govoruor iu Now York Kt;it», Sullivuu oouuty out, tttmula tw follow*; Hill, 5U,OOl; Moi- tou, (Hn,0b^i Wlioului-j 81,611. Morton's loa, I'.':.'; Alorton'd a from nil except a vory fy\v luutiou dUtriuUi show au ai>> urulity iu Now York City (or •tiou ov tho Kwitor New EAGtRLY Au-lil.uu fc'l WATCHED By SHIPPERS. tu Kumi«u'» Suit Jt« Au For 8vrltcU Ciiu'Ado, Nov. «.-Tho ivci'lvorsof the Atchisou rcnul ftlwl an uuswor to tho suit of \V. T. Kwniaii, livestock sblppor.who askoil thw foilonil court to itboliau iis far us thu Atdhibuii ruml is concerned, tho HWitcbing ohur^oa of $'3 per our ou nil tmU of atouk rouuived ut thu Union Ytti-dd in thU city. Thy uiwsvor auts forth tlmt Kooiuiu know nil about the uhnrgo wlwu ho uuido thu contract to ohip thu cnttle tuul tliHl H» tho stock wiw to bo do- livninl ut tbo ttUwk ytmls, tbu ruilruud oonlil do uolhing but usu the truoks of the Htiwk yiu'du cuinpitny Io get it thero,' thuchurgu, tlmrotoro, of tlio AtuhUou rouil wns aomotuiujf that llio j-o«d propor luiU no right to regulutti. The stock yunls compuiiy dnuuiiib « liku uiuuuitt for fiich our dollvurud ut Iho yiuxls tbut 'ls tlie road ti» «>k that tlietihlppur tiio miiuuut good to it, This u u cast* of t'i'L'Mt iiiijioi-ijuico to ahlpnur* of live Htook throughout the west uud tho which will probably bo huiidod down lu the courae of Id day*, U eagerly atcht"!,.. Peter Amlurtiou, oua o( Ooxt>yV aruiyi Liuu lal leu heir U> u lurguvitutotnSvvudeu. PoetN to be Pitied. I'lljr Hie lK)«t» whu tsei ataok \n their f Botu to iiiiikt) word" rliytmi. Kmu-y a nmn liuntlim lor it rlij-nie lor the word "l j «llu»." it n weto uaty in tlu> 8lii8uliir-"l'Bllet" he nilitlil pralao ttie "Pellot" mid Did you sintill u. toll It, yell It, anil It ami wlmt IH«. tJuft'ollcts" U Imrll to mutch. At leant Dr. Plorco'i I'lcamtnt Felletn uro niiuou IKHB na H jure tot bilious uunoka. liullKesllon, cuiiDtlimlloti iiiul alok lieiidai'lie. Tlu<v uro pro' vtMitlvaiuwelliuc'iirallVH. H»riHj ldrK«r tlmu uumtalil gtetU. Ttioy work wondi'm . ^l »1 UiirrU'l Mourou'a Hiiii against Thw \Vi!i-!.l for NViu-ld's mil- u,!t> was in .\«>w Mary and Her Uttlo Pain. Mary IIMHH lluh< pnlii; Oiiiiios irtim toriiUI llvvv; It follow* lirr tt'lirre'tir illm K'***! t-plluof ull till') e\\a IHT. 1,1 kc Slur)', lainti, wv'll mm It oiil, iMIirlut; ijulek rt'wvi'ry, Hy ulvlnii Dr. I'h'h•«•'• I fur I'lllounnotH, torpid llvor, COIIBII IMilluu. U)»|>t<|iiil», M'uirulH, ttlul nil liloiul, nKiii anil «unl|iiillor!loni'. Only laetlldliti so tura lit oiiriit^vniu-lliiii Uuil It can lit) Kunriinlof<l. tiuiiruntvourouuilriivU of tUo Baloui, MUM., Suvlii|{s bank bnvi- Illed *.nlt tifc'Hlnal il»> Imtulh- lin'ii v»J ihu luyitlvi' lunik li'lli'r, Claivni-i' Murphy, to ivcdv TWO LIVES SAVED. MM. riiwlm ihommi, of Juuoiloiii'iij, ill.,w«a t< Ul l>y her ilovlurn elu> luul c-jn>ui»i>tton nuit Unit HUTU \v»» no li»|ie (or lior, but two bullion ot lit. KUi«'aN«w IMm-uvorj ooui|ili)Uil> curwl her Hutl «lu< »u)« II tuvi'il lior lire, ilr Tlio*. KKgnrn IS!) VlorliUbU, ban Krunolaoo, .ultctvil tmni K tlri)«illul I'olJ, u(<(iruttf|it|.t{ ''(Kuuiuiitlau, CttoJ ullliout rv»ull«vvryllili>Kt<Utt, ih«u Uouubt oue bollluoflir. Kliitf'ii Now I)l»''iWfr/ iiiul in two vkiiwiKcuniil. Hit U uitturully tlmnktul. U U nuoh t«»ukl>, ot which Uie«o uro •tuunliw, Iiiul I'roVB lilt) wouUrrlul vlllouu) 1 of llila uimltolii a tu Klu •nil uolilt. KriM) trlttl bullies at J. W, UuUuu'u ilrim niuro. UuKular «Uublo. uu^ttUO CAKilOLL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. i MRS. M. SUADLK, fttslilonttble Mllltuery. • I MISS ELLA TOD1), Milliner; aud Fancy Good* F. M. DAVF.NPORT, A TTORN* AT LAW. LiW»I l>Uilu«M tlkw «i>t*4 lu both «UU wid fwlwtl FINANCIAL. NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Ualn anil Plan Street. NOKTBWESTKRN BtMLDIN'n AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth Stpeal. FEED MILLS. I. J. t\c J. U. MAT1.OCK, KUttl Str««t. HARNESS. ETC. il"uyno<l<i store, Ottm>ll L. T. ANUEUSON, llaniMa iiiul ll«r»» I'lulliln*. TrunUs, VallDvii aim tiuwliiK Muchlne». WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTUIi.ll. STKl'l'lJUK, "Tho Ulainoiul," Kourtli Htwet PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. 8HKKKIK1.I) .V I-ATTKHSON. Win.I illli'n. Tank* «(ul JOB PRINTING. IUII.V C>KN'TIN'KL. Adunn tilt(»t Hunt Kiiuli>|uHt Printing unioatn Wentern IOWA. Professional Cards. Ji». 1,. UAHIIN. i>. K. MAIIIIM. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS. p m yr^ ltt * ui ° "* miit ntlunllun KIVKII lootilluollont Kuury in oOKu). oittw lu Uot,m!»n D(iMk. HKAUH A HOYT LAWYERS. lu il«it> •nd f*d»itl court*. OMe* «g U»lo »tr«<>t, over NUwoUK«r't dry tf«o<l« »tot» UKO. W. KOUTJS, LAWYER, onk'o «u Oral floor U«uuku bunk buiuiuj. will pruuHoo tu ttoUt ma («ii«ramuru. «l ttMitlou gtrou to ror«cio«ur«* Md

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