The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 7
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PAGESEVEW ot 8ept«;tth*r 18tn wer* r«*« HASTINGS £* mmmmra^»*v+ jBvt^ £F«»« K^ W«*D UQIU in the 6*c« Woods froine Saturday ereSiftg. Prf«* were given to the fcWit drewred feoy and ffrl — piaytag ifcdeer ftfrd otrtdffo* gaines several It*!to*6*Mi attrirts. tatftd fat th« eeearton in the Hal- lowe'en eoiots. Those prSient Were: Edith Vlner, Leota Christie, Crystal and George Re*n, Gladys HItes, Pauline, Virfil, and LaVefn hotter, Mlidred Dariand, Veltea Mings, Blanche Woods, Evelyn aad thelina Crawford, Itarry Patterson, Lid Clarlt, Elmer Parker, Margaret Qalttby, Willie Huntsman, Mr. and Mrs. Ged. Irvln, Mrs. Ruth HtthUmaa of Emerson, and Mr, and MM, 0. A. Woods, Kadenc and Oeraldlne. Delicious refreshments of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and gSCoft wwe lewed. All reported an enjoyable time. Mf. and Mrs, Ode, Hall Given Surprise Sunday Mr, and Mrs. Odes Hail were pleasantly surprised Sunday when a number of their relatives and friends gathered at their hotae bringing dinner with them. Besides the Hall family those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hatfield and daughter, Alice Jean. Mr, and Mrs. Henry Schilling and daughter, Mrs. Laura Hall, all of Emerson, Mr. and Gfcttfcb Stt Sunday Bchoolg of eastern Mttte comrty have Jolsed togethet for a four of flt« weeks tefcoot of testrncttoa for flnsday eefcoot ot- fieett and le*Chets. the meetings will be fceid tnnrsdky evening of e*^ wee*, beginning tnfs *eet, ahd wit! b« held in the Methodist church In Hatting*. It promises some very profitable sessions for all interested fn Sunday school work and they are cordially Invited to attend. Surprise Mn, Powers at " ome in Jim Hays, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Largent and family, Mrs, Lizzie Largent, Mr. and Mrs. N, J. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Crouse, Mr. and Mrs, I. R. Shapcott, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zundall, Frank Wllll- man, and Mr. Dean, all of Hastings, Sylvester Klose and Otto Wiers of South Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Powers, • Russell and Opal Hall ot Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hall and Klnabelle Sunbarger of Silver City, Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson, Mrs. Harry Russell and children, and Tom Thompson of Vllllsca. , Ladies' Aid to Sponsor Community Party Nov. 8 A community party sponsored ; by, the ^Ladies' Aid Society will *'- b ?vM l ftfc t l,^ t *P oon -' ot -' NoT '' 8 *«r\ ,. _ , , Anderson, Mrs.- Dwight Fellows; Mrs. Gene Crouse,'Mrs, "Aaron Orouse, Mrs, Ira Turner, and Mrs. Bert Scott Mr, and Mrs, Clarence Nelson of Emerson visited Sunday In the Will Trimmer home, Kenneth Nebbitt who is husk- Ing corn at the Heber Hlllyer home near Jmogene, spent Sunday . with bis parents, Mr, and Mrs, .George Nebbitt Mr, and Mm. Lawrence Read and daughter, Dolores, of Glenwood visited Friday in the home of Mv, and Mrs. Dale Read and Mr, and Mrs, Ralph Hanaconj. Relatives and friends of Mr. and Mfs. Karl Powers gathered at their home in Glenwood Sunday, Oct. 42, for a surprise di»> ner In honor of Mrs. Powers. Those present besides the Powers family were: Mr. and Mrs, Frank Largent and children, Mrs. Lizzie Largent, Mrs. Lionel Cooper and daughter, Jim Hays, Mr, and Mrs, B. H, Grouse, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zundall, Mr. and Mrs, 1. R. Shapcott and children, and Frank Wit' liman, ail of'Hastings,. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling and daughter, Mrs. Laura Hall, Mr, and Mrs. Roy Hatfield and daughter, Alice Jean, all ot Emerson, The condition of Miss Carrie Luther still remains quite* critical, She rallied considerably the latter part of the week but suffered a little backset Sunday and was not quite so well. Miss Ethelyn Crawford, student at Nebraska State Teachers' college at Peru, spent a tew days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, A. ! H. Crawford. Miss Isabel Varley and Miss Garrison of Vllllsca spent the week end at their homes In Stuart and Vllllsca. f Miss Mlna Christie is assisting Mrs. Bert Fickel with her bouse work this week. Henry Clark and son, Harry, Cecil Woods, and Miss Thelma Crawford were Malvern visitors Saturday, Miss Regina Lookabill was down from Omaha for the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill. , Mr, and Mrs,-Wayne Byers of Henderson .visited .Saturday/we- nlng-in "-- -—- * - —• . wtrren, HaroJd Ma^ott* stott oi Corirtftg am Bfttjche Wo^te S Mr*. A, H. CrKwtaM and «*Hrt*r*, Itarrtet a«a tftfrelt*. AM Mrs. |«ek Nidhit *M Rttth Dtftelt were R«J Oirtt fttftors Bverhart were Malvern: visitors Saturday, Miss Margaret Sbepard of Malvern spent the week end with her parents, Mr.,.and Mrs. Rea 8hep- ard, Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Schurr and Mrs. C. W. Kelley drove to Sben- andoah Sunday to see Mrs, Henry McFarland. Her condition remains about the same. Mrs. Faye Blunt, Robert and Kleth visited Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Bert Fldcel, near Wesley Chapel, W. F. Crawford and B, W, Shaw and son, George, autoed to Shenandoah Friday. ' Cter* aud fatofly df WMte Clo*d, Mrs. Win. C!*f*» a*« Mrs. fed Ctar* and ttrisa» Krtrl Stoker guests In the Geo. Clafl Borne SnMay. Miss Rowena Sh«t»ard who H employed in Red dak apent the *e*t end with he* pareatt. ' Mr. and Mrs. A. L, OnStafson and Mr. and MM. Blffls Se*eH of Red oak, and Clarenes Hdtnbt oi Gert*r, Calif, w«r* gmwtt in the Herman Schorr Home Thntw- day night. Mrs. Bertfca O'Nlel and tin. llttffly O'Wtel of Omaha tlslted In tis & & Clatk home Snnday. Merle Redmond and daughter, Mavis, aoa Mf Meg Kathleefi and Mary jo corrigan ef siont City visited in the Herman Schorr hoae over Sunday. Mrs. Little Urgent and grand' daughters, Delia and Elotse Largent, spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Lionel Cooper, Mrs. B. B. Wallatian and Bruw drove to Omaha Monday. Mrs. Mabel Sandlland who had been visiting here returned with them, The county road workers spread the oil on the road to the cemetery Sunday afternoon and it will soon be ready for ihe top coat or oil and ro«k mlttar*. They have made a fine grade for it and graded to the top of the Braielton hill. George Schurr was down from Omaha for an over Sunday visit He is with the Chevrolet people in Omaha, Clyde Bltner of our schools spent Sunday In Omaha. Born— .To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morse on Friday, Oct. 87, a son. He has been named Lane Fred. We extend congratulations. Wayne, Thelma, and Evelyn Crawford, George Resh, and Millie Gale attended the walkathon in Shenandoah Thursday evening. Mr. and MM. Cecil Woods and Mrs. Ruth Huntsman of Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Story of Malvern attended the walkathon at Shenandoah Thursday. Miss, Valerie Christy, nurse in the Jennie Edmnndson hospital In Council Bluffs spent Saturday and Snnday with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Christy. Miss Ruth Jean GHtens and Edward Deriekson rUttta- relatives and Monday. w«s ^ Carrie Lutber somewhat improved, Miss Kathryn Shaw who is attending school in Omaha University visited Sunday morning in the horn* of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N, W, Colling. Mr. and Mrs, Charley Hall moved last week from the property oi Mrs. L. K, Mason into that of Mr. and Mrs. H, P. Rea, Mrs, H. B, Clark and daughter, LomJne, were Malvern visitors Saturday. Mrs. w, D, Sbepard, Harold Culver, and Harold Mitchell were dinner guests Sunday >n the W. R. Sbepard home, ' NVELOPES ! -y i •;«'>i On, Friday and Saturday only we will sell 500 Envelopes f t -, f -**- ' in, by 6# in,) of gpo4 quality, with yo«r nime and r§« turn card neatly printed thereon WTCKTf jHirsluwse e»aWts u§ fe> sell tbese _,_ opes at tWa unheard o| price, You? Bamsi or your firm's name snd return card will be neatly pric oo tne enveJgpes in a modern &tyl§ of type in black j ^tte l«8itfip l i;priB«»ir;fe ma*«Blisd to niw»ft tomer. Included in tne envelopes offered are tte . mOJUs lA/l)Axk, 8TATH OF IOWA. coi^rtt, stAtk w TOWA. Listed B«tf# «1% «at«»«ats of the allotments whfeh have oeen deternrtned for flfcfctxrs ot the MlTls County Wheat Prodnctton Control Attoefattoft fiwtt SfTO Cotnty. T%M« altotments are to hold for tn« daratfe* at IMI predent *neat eentracts, and they are the basft nuwft whleli^*a}ftsm«nt paynieats are to he made. They have bee* determined 6? ttrtjCeirtty Allotment Commute* after careful consid- tratfon of the appfteatlon statetuent*. Every effort has been made to nave thes* anottt«*ts a» accurate as possible. The matlmnm acreage »»t t* «®tft to wheat for the 1984 crop on each farm, *nder Hf^tffWttteis of tfce contract, is also listed. JpJM*ty allotment, which has been calculated from el tt* tr«Ma State* Department of Agrfcnlttrre, Is 111,267 tnte to *6 total nninoer of trashels allotted to the county lfc« wlteai ffa*. Th* total of the fftdivttlBai aiTotments. includ- ttf ttris** alM»*lrts wife* could have been assigned to fattns whlcn are Hat f*«m|Sl«W iiftder the wheat program, must b« hi line with the eofcnty anotttr*at figure. The number of nonpartlelpatlng wheat tar»«« tt ft* ftWAty is ao : the aterage total wheat acreage for those nonp*ftl«p&tlng farms daring the base period is 1000 acres; tfct total l ati«t* wheat production on these nonpartlcipatlng farms during the ten period is 26,000 bushels. Signed— JOHtf R. CLARK, Chairman County Allotment committee. IVAN SALMONS BENTON Community Committee: Chas. BUmt P. V 4 AISTROPE— Sec. If, 840 A: Allot.—892 bu.; Mftit A-^ ALBERT ARMSTRONG— Sec. 7-8, 8*0 At Allot.— 698 bu.; Mai. A— 87. KENO BAS8--8ec. 28-23-24, . 1112 A: Allot.— 804 bn.; Mat. A —62, ELMER D. BRAMMER— Sec. , «00 A: Allot.— 393 bu.; OSCAR T. BRtLEY— Sec. 15- K, 872 AS Allot,— 441 bu,; Max. Ai ?0»ftE8t ft. CHANTRY— Sec. 29-82-88-36, 829 A: Allot. 962 bU.( MAX, A— Bl. WILSON CLARK— Sec. 2-1, 819 Ai Allot— 611 bu.; Max. A 14, 960 A: Allot.— 2234 bu.; Mat, A— 163. CHARLES K1LPATR1CK— Sec 33-34, 198 A: Allot.— 90? bu.; Max. A— 42. ALVA L. LOVELL— Sec. 27, 683 A: Allot.— 1630 bu,; Mat. A— 127, R. E. PARKER — Sec. 11-21-1 346 Ac Allot.— 436 bn.; Max. A BOBBINS BROS.— Sec. 34-3327-26, 784 A: Allot.— 6019 bu.; Mat. A— 312. D. W. THOMAS— Sec. 4-9, 810 A: Allot,— 2794 bu.j Mat. A— 126. MILLARD A, YOUNG— Sec. 33, 120 A: Allot.— 304 bu.; Mat. A _ . —20. DEER CREEK TOWNSHIP Community Committee: Ivan Salmons, W. 8. Llston, John 0. Russell. GEORGE ft CHARLES DOB NJBY— S*C, 10*11, 240 A: Allot. — 269 bu.; Max. A— 23. FRANK O. KOCHERSPERGER 18, 240 A: Allot.— 348 bu.sMax. A— 17, W. M, LAUOHLIN— Sec. 36, 240 A: Allot.— 616 bu.; Max. A ""WILLIAM s. LISTON— sec. 2531-6, 240 A: Allot. — 686 bu.; Max. A— 84, DEAN W. McLAIN— Sec. 11- A—17. JERRY F. MAKER—Sec. 26, 276 A: Allot—264 bu.; Max. A —19. JOHN O. RUSSELL—Sec. 4-9, 294 A: Allot—66 bu.; Max. A —4.2. IVAN J. SALMONS—Sec. 2, 80 A: Allot—238 bu.; Max. A—11. IVAN J. SALMONS—Sec. 3, 80 A: Allot—209 bu.; Max. A—11, IVAN J. SALMONS—Sec. 2, 80 A: Allot—206 bu.; Max. A—11. 12, 240 A: Allot.—318 bu.; Max. SILVER CREEK, OAK, CENTER, INGRAHAM TOWNSHIPS Community Committee: J. N. Summers, R. K. Henderson, J. M. 8*66169 I. D. ANDERSON A SON— Sec. 22, 320 A: Allot. A— 17, 489 bu,; Max. HENRY T. BBATTIE— Sec. 32, 171 A: Allot 426 bu,; Mat. A MAX S. BBNTON—Sec. 29-3080, 821 A: Allot.—124 bu.; Max. BUCH—Sec. 87-28, 180 A; Allot— 197 bu.; Max. A **»13* ** A— 64. HENRY PAUL M. FLAM M ANT—Sec. 19-73-41-24, 664 A: Allot—497 bu.; Max. A—25. ROBERT K. HENDERSON— Sec. 31-32, 466 A: Allot. 393 bu.; Mat. A—21. J. M. STEELE—Sec. 21-28-29, 680 A: Allot—1660 bu.; Max. A —68. HARLEY STEVENSON — Sec. 36, 243 A: Allot—130 bu.; Mat. INDIAN CREEK TOWNSHIP Community Committee} Hurlbert J. Beaton, Warren L. Honeyman, -'" '- ^.~..£..' K,A,_Evan. bo.J Max, A.— 44, (RAYMOND C, 4M "At?"' Allot, i.oss DOUGLAS— Sec. 21 880 A.: Allot,—416 bu.; Max, A.—86. L HGABIRY BVAMS—Sec. 33-34, • A,5 Allot,—740 bu,; Max. A. WiABREN L, .,_ Sec. 22, 252 A.: Allot.—374 bu.; Kax. A.— 28, WENDELL E. LAMBERT— See. 18, 160 A, 5 Allot,— 814 bu.i Max, A.— 32. J3, McPOWEULr-Sec. 23,J89 A.; Allot.—269 bu.; Max. ' R. MILLER—Sec. 2" 30-11, 44Q A.: Allot.—610 bu.; Max, A.—40. WIiLUS PATRICK—Sec. 1416-27-36 780 A.: Allot,—893 bu.; Max. A.—63. W, A. SMITH—Sec. 23, 240 A.: Allot—274 bu.; Max, A.—20, PAUL D. VESTAL—Sec, 4, 120 A.; Allot,—283 bu.; Max. A. JOHN WAiLKER—Sec. 8*35, 500 A,; Allot.—680 bu.j Max. A. —42. LYONS-RAWLES TOWNSHIPS Community Committee: Geo, M. Graves, A. B. Hubbell, Carl B, RiBX W, AJSTROPE—Sec. 19"- AJlot.—322 A.: bu,; Max, A. — 21. M, ALLEY-~Sec. 83-24, A.? AlJ«t.—271 bu.: Max. A. •—20. PAY BUGKPJGHAiM.— Sec. 21, WO A,f Allot,— 980 bu,; Max, A. —47, 3ec, M, A.; Allot,— 575 b«.; Max. A.— 44. HARRY H. DUVAL— Sec. 12, 190 A,; Allot — 436 by.; Max. A. Max, A,—6B. E. L. GLADWJN—Sec. 86 „ A.: Allot,™-5'l6 bu.; Max. A 37. GEO, M. GRAVES—Sec, 8-17, 498^ A,: Allot,—1,798 bu,; Max, J. M, SEVEm-,S«c. 24, 166 A.: Allot,—386 bu,; Max. A,19. 16, m A;? 'Aiiot.—i,m 5*1 Max. A—47, ROY WEIGHT & SONS—Sec, 9-iO 386 A,: Allot,—3,23$ btt.J APBBY C. GAK«EOT—Sec. Max. • ' •-- * H - '^' Siw) ww " 24-H, 280 A- Allot.—S9S bu.; PLATTVlll-EKH*ENWOQD TOWNSHIPS Community Committee; Chas. w, Karr, jj, p, guhi, Alien Watts JOHNS, BAWRW—Sec. 89- • "'- *' '' A " en wa ™ 20, 200 A.; Allot,—875 bu,; Max, p. FISHED—Sec. 2|,-8a-84-4 i l, &60 A.: Allot,— t.873 bo,; M«X, A,—97. WW C. FXSHESU-Sec. 29 196 A.; Allot.—8'^ bu.; Max. A. JACK Qf^ORE-^Sec, 35, 160 C, T, ByHJEkkUsec* 34, }«(> V»lM.o_W74j? bj-.iM.M, 4.»<4Q. W.' WfOMM I, m A»J W, KAWl— Sec, 17, 160 A,: AUoWSge bu.j Max. A.— CHARLES W. KAJ»R— Sep. 8 A,; Allot.--806 bu.s Max. A, 840 A.! P, b B .; Max, A. J. W. KUmr*-Sec. 13-7, S 4.; AUaWMdS bu-s M»x. -A W. W. If, 160 A.; , is, bu,| Mix, A. JOHN W, Wft{GHT--£«H:. 3$, 630 A.; Allot.^tS? bu.; ANDERSON Conunittfre; John Clark H. H- Lisle, W, 0. Byer» 8,76 foWowing claims were aftowed: HafdOn C. Altetrose, assfstttif cterlt—Court Expense Fond-* 60.0ft S. O. BTuiftftftn, court reporter—Court Expense Fund — lffO.3* C. B. A Q. R. R. Co., freight—Maintenance Fund 8*4.9* C. B. ft Q. R. R. Co., freight—Construction Fund 11«.1& C. B. Day, error t« assessment—Retuftd 7.08 Helen Fattier, assisting Co. Treasurer—County Fand — 14.00 H. O\ Ferguson, court reporter—Court Expense Fund — 11.80 Matltre Hamilton, tratwportatfon—poor Fond _ 11.45 I. F. ». C.. care of patients—Poor Fund — 8B.tR Otto Jodkins, Co. Treas., Jurors' certificates—Court Expense Fand _.__—-.--—... J6B.OO C. P. Klnney. Del. tax collector—Couhty Fond IMS X. Rlerseh. error in assessment—Refund . 27.00 W. C. Miller, freight and drayage—County Fund . 8.86 Matntenafice Fund. Journal vouchers—Construction Fund. 1,783.14 Emma F. Otis, assisting recorder—County Fond Railway Express Agency, express—County Fund N. C. Reasoner, bailiff district court—Court Expense Fond C. K. Reasoner, land for rfght of way—Constractlojj Fond R. W. Rhoades, P. M., envelope*—Construction Fund R. W. Rhoades. P. M., envelopes-—County Fund Mrs. Carrie Storer, matron old ladles' home—Poor Fund _ B. A. Sehade, Co. Auditor, office expense—County Fond __ White Phillips Co., services for bond issue—County Fond W. B. Agan, supervisor-—CoTinty Fund -—— W. E. Agan, supervisor—Pony Creek Fund —— Gay Breeding, supervisor—County Fund — — Guy Breeding, supervisor—Pony Creek Fund Chpate Publishing Co., printing—Coahty Fond ___-,-__ 8. V. Cooney, boarding prisoners—County Fond Citttens Power A Light Co., services, court boose and jail —County Fund _**-».— **.+--**-*. _^.---— --R. E. Cogley, !c* court house-M3o«fity Fund *..>*. «.*.«. W. 8. DeMoss, mileage—County Fund Emerson Chronicle, printing—County Fund —...___— C. A. Fllnn, installing radio sheriff office—County Fund 3. F. Greene Jr., commissioner's fees—Insane Fund _ J. M. Donelan, commissioner's fees—Insane Fund —-.— N. 8. Denting, commissioner's fees—Insane Fund —-—- CHenwood Water Dept., services court house and jail— County Fund -___--___-_.»-- _.__ ._---_.. Henderson Telephone Co., services—County Fund _,.*«.Otto Judkins, office expense—County Fund _.-..----_-Koch Brothers, office supplies—County Fund ---. --Malvern Leader, printing—County Fund — .•Matt Parrott A Sons Co., office supplies—County Fund -Milts County Farm Bureau, appropriation—County Fund- NW Bell Telephone Co., serrlce»—County Fund ... , Peoples Natural Gas Co., services jail—County Fund Spring Handle Co., supplies court house—County Fund -Crescent Printing Co., text books—County Fund -—----. J. H. Welch Printing Co., office supplies—County Fund _Glnn ft Company, text books—County Fund __-_- -_ Hall A McCreary, text books—County Fund ..... J. B, Llpplncott Co., text books—County Fund _.----.__ Macmlllan Company, text books—County Fund ......... Practical Drawing Co., text books—County Fund .....— John C. Winston, text books—County Fund ......— O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund . .......... O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund .. •—....... Blrdelle Wllkins, justice fees—Court Expense Fund —. W. 8. DeMoss, constable fees—Court Expense Fund ..— E. E. Goodrich, justice fees—Court Expense Fund .. Fred Nix, constable fees—Court Expense Fund . Boyer Hardware, supplies old ladies home—Poor Fund .K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund —. ..... Henry Boyer, provisions—Poor Fund —.._....._._..— Dr. M. 8. Campbell, medical aid—Poor Fund (Not Allowed) N. W. Colling, provisions—Poor Fund . Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fund . . Citizens Power A Light Co., services old ladles home—Poor L. C. Case, supplies old ladles home—Poor Fund — .... Cox Grocery, provisions old ladles' home—Poor Fund ._— R. E. Cogley, Ice old ladles home—Poor Fund .......— R. W. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund .... —. C. W, Davles, rent old ladles home—Poor Fund ........ R. E. Davis, provisions old ladles home—Poor Fund .— Fullerton Lumber Co,, provisions—Poor Fund .—.—-— Farmers Cash Store, provisions—Poor Fund . Qlenwood Water Dept., services old ladles home—Poor .. Lee Gllfillan, provisions—Poor Fund . -Dr. Fred A, Hansen, medical aid—Poor Fund ... C. F. Hlnes, provisions—Poor Fund ..........—...... Dr. McM Hanchett, medical aid—Poor Fund .... -John Harris, cobs old ladles home—Poor Fund ......... la. Cblldrens Home Society, care of Chas. Long—Poor Fund Jennie Edmundaon-Hospltal, services—Poor Fund ...... Dr. D. M. Kline, medical aid—Poor Fund --_--_-._.,-_ Mabel Killmon, provisions—Poor Fund —........ -. Kler A Son, provisions—Poor Fund ....—........—.. E, C, Linguist, provisions—Poor Fund — — Harry Lehman, provisions—Poor Fund —__.._....„.. F. A. Mulholland, provisions—Poor Fund ............. F. A. Mulholland Corp., clothing—Poor Fund . ..—. Delia Noah, rent—Poor Fund 6.75 6.00 £8.00 1S.OO 38.1tt 76.SO 1S.OO 6.00 340.00 41.10 4.20 64.20 8.20 76.41 42.96 31.08 6.21 22.35 47.74 4.70 6.00 3.00 3.00 43.68 1.60 16.00 24.13 70.98 4.80 600.00 73.00 9.00 9,12 3.18 .68 19.96 23.78 18.01 14.48 22.83 29.33 61.90 7,20 2.60 2.00 4.60 .86 .70 17.48 27.72 12.00 68,86 30.00 1.80 2.46 28.83 3,04 12.47 20.00 4.60 7.81 4.00 3.20 11.46 10.00 18.69 86,00 8.00 29.78 23.76 8.60 8.00 2.67 11.84 17.71 23.77 16.06 6.00 Mrs. E. H, Ord, rent—Poor Fund (Not Allowed) 202.60 F. H. Raynor, ambulance and burial—Poor Fund Verner J. Scott, milk old ladles home—Poor Fund American Disinfecting Co., supplies Co. Farm—Poor Fund Carl Buch, blacksmith work, Co. farm—Poor Fund . Citizens power & Light Co., services Co. farm—Poor Fund R. E, Davis, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund .......... Economy Food Store, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund -Farmers Cash Store, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund -,D. O, Jamison & Co., clothing Co. farm—Poor Fund A. P. Ktlmartln, repairs Co. farm—Poor Fund „ Pott. Co, Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Insurance Co, farm— Poor Fund —,—, — „,-..,, —,,—„„,._ South Side Bakery, bread Co. farm—Poor Fund —„,...,— Mrs. Bert Wheeler, extracts Co, farm-—Poor Fund -»*.,«_ J. D, Adams Co,, repairs—Maintenance Fund „--...,---,Carl Bucb, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund ?*i-i_'— Central States Bridge Co., lumber—Maintenance Fund _-, Derby OH Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund --_„-._-,,,,__ R. H. Daniel, supplies—Maintenance Fund ----—„-.,,-..„_ H, A. Darting Oil Co., supplies and gasoline—Maintenance Graybar Electric Co. Inc., supplies—Maintenance Fund — H, H, Hammer, supplies—Maintenance Fund .--Kunce & Nelson, supplies and gasoline—'Maintenance J. A- Klersch, blacksmith work—Maintenance Fund .... P. Melcholrs & Son, repairs—Maintenance Fund —---Jake Mintle, piling—Maintenance Fund ,„,„„_„„,_,.,, McCord Hardware, repairs—Maintenance Fund National Refining Co., grease—Maintenance Fund „Omaha Welding Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund Phillips Petroleum Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund Sberwln Williams Co., paint—^Maintenance Fund Smith Machine Shop, repairs—Maintenance Fund -,----United Motors Service, supplies—Maintenance Fund —,„ Mrs, B. H. VanKlrk, rent for garage—Maintenance Fund. Wright ft Wllhelmy Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund — Zenith Nixon Carburetor Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund. Koch Brothers, Co. Engr. supplies—Construction Fund .. T, 1. Martin, mileage—Construction Fund , , Omaha. Bridge Works, bridge steel-—Construction Fund Wheeler Lumber Bridge Co,, laminated Oreo, culverts— 164.00 4,60 34.83 37,26 16,00 1.10 40.69 3,08 11.04 2.80 23,90 9.36 1.00 86,97 8,26 908.62 62,38 3,68 492.37 8.38 1.50 372.7$ 6.75 2.00 69,70 2.09 9i?7 73.94 89.7? 13.16 7,43 16.00 37.80 3.17 176,00 66,70 347-44 Oscar Lee, Pay Roll No. 8i, September road "work-.—Maintenance Pay Roll No. 88, September road work—Maintenance --Pay Roll No. 83, September road work—Maintenance ... Pay Roll No. 84, September road work—Maintenance ... Pay Roll No. 86, September road work—Maintenance ... Pay Roll Not. 86, September rpad work—Maintenance ,,, Pay Roll No. 87, September road work-*-Maintenance -~, Pay Roll No. 88, September road work—Maintenance ... Pay Roll No. 89, September road work—Maintenance -„_ Pay Roll No. 80, September road work—Maintenance ,,Pay Boll No. 91, September road work—Maintenance .., Pay Rpll No. 99, September road work—Maintenance ... Pay Roll No. 98, September road work—Construction --Pay Bell No. 94, September rpad work—Construction — Pay Boll No. 86. September road work—Construction -— V. A. Matthews, damages by dogs—-P. Animal Fund -,.I}, A. MoCoUloter ft 0. G. WederQulst. aamaee» by dogs— p. Animal Fund (Ctaime4 114-00.) Allowed -. „..„ The county auditor was directed to Issue a poor warrant.each moatb to Bum Starr for a pllad »emion, in tbe amount of 16.00 per Tfee fi«8b allowaace gr»ate4 to Mike Wilfon on Juue 83, l?3a !.rf%8.TO tp §4,90 p*r mnntb> «ft,«l tb» Soidiajra' ReUef Ca»miaiHon, p. p. ^n- B4> tfet Beiiiw*' Bjliitf Oomwiwiott ta tb« ' ft&id oftattnt * 945.65 80,49 48.60 61.60 387,60 54,68 542.33 190.01 437,06 196.10 92.00 510.26 46.60 306.18 368.98 418.46 99.79 30.00

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