Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 15, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 4
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20 July 14, 1948 M»»»n City Glob«-G»»eUe, Ma»on City, U. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs. $25.25 160-170 Ibs. /. •. $26.25 170-180 Ibs $27.25 180-190 Ibs • 190-200 Ibs. ..- „ 180-200 Ibs $28.50 200-220 Ibs $28.50 220-240 Jbs $28.50 240-270 Ibs $27.25 270-300 Ibs $26.00 300-330 Ibs $24.75 330-360 Ibs 523.75 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs $23.25 300-330 Ibs $23.25 330-360 !bs $23.00 360-400 Ibs $22.25 400-450 Ibs $21.25 450-500 Jbs $20.50 500-550 Ibs $20.00 (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea, Austin, Minn. Minn. Steady Steady $20.00 $22.90 $23.90 $20.50 $28.00 $28.50 $28.50 $28.50 $27.25 $26.25 $24.50 $23.50 $23.25 $23.25 $23.00 $22.25 $21.25 S20.2S $20.25 Waterloo Steady $25.00 $26.50 $28.00 $28.25 $28.25 $27.00 $25.75 $24.50 $23.75 $23.25 $23.25 $23.00 $22.00 $21.00 $21.00 $20.25 Cedar Rapids Steady $27.75 $28.25 $28.25 $27.00 $25.75 $24.50 $23.50 $23.00 $23.00 $23.00 $22.00 $20.75 $20.25 $20.00 Livestock Prices Down Chicago, (/P) —With the receipts Wednesday the highest for a Wednesday in a month and the week's run to date heading for the biggest delivery in several months, prices were as much as 75 cents lower. Some grades and classes were steady, however, and heifers at $39.00 set a new alltime high mark. The previous peak was $38.25 paid June 28. Hogs were steady to 25 cents lower with a top at §30.00 and butcher prices ranging downward to $21.75. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 9,000, total 11,500; market unevenly steady to 25 cents lower; most decline on butchers over 250 Ib. and on sows over 400 lb.; moderately active early but closed slow at decline with indications of poor clearance; top $30; most good and choice 170 to 240 lb. $29.251(1)30; 250 to 270 lb. $28© 20; 280 to 300 lb. $26.50^27.75: 310 to 330 lb. $25©26.50; heavier weight butchers scarce; good and choice sows under 3GO lb. $23®25.50; weights under 300 lb. at $25.50; good 375 to 425 lb. sows $21.50f(f 23; 450 to 550 lb. $19.50<ti:20.75; around 600 lb. weights' $19© 19.25. Salable cattle 11,000, total 11,000; salable calves COO, total GOO; fed steers and yearlings steady to 75 cents lower; medium and good grade steers off most; heifers steady to 50 cents off; largely steers run; early top $40.50 on mature steers; $40 on yearlings, and $39, all time high, on 975 lb. heifers; cows steady to 25 cents lower; canners and cutters SIGH 20: good beef cows $26<f;.28; bulls firm at $26 down; vealers steady at $32 down. Salable sheep 1,500. total 2,500; spring lambs ?o rnnis lower: yearlings and ewes steady; good and choice native spring lambs $31.50(0:32: top $32; some good 70 lb. spring lambs $31: 3 decks good and choice shorn yearlings with No. 1 pelts $28.50iTi29; deck medium to good grassy kinds $25; load cull and common 91 lb. western ewes $Q; few choice shorn native ewes up to $12. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK ItECEIPTS (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (/P)—(a. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: 8,000 hogs, 5,000 cattle, and 1,500 sheep. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Steady. Good light lights 1GO-17Q S26.25 Good light lights 170-180 $27.25 Good med. weights 180-200 528.25 Good med. weights 220-240 S28.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $28.25 Good med. weights 240-270 $27.25 Good med. weights 270-300 S2S.OO Good med. weights 300-330 $24.75 Good med. weights 330-360 $23.50 Good sows >. 270-300 $23.00 Good sows 300-330 $23.00 Good sows 330-360 $23.00 Good sows 360-400 $22.00 Good sows 400-450$21.00 Good sows 450-50U $21.00 No hogs received nCLer 5 p. m. Jacob E. Decker & Son= CATTLE MASON CITY—For Good steers and heifers Good to choice steers and heifers Good steers and heifers .... Medium steers and heifers ... Fair steers and heifers Plain steers and heifers Choice cows Good cows Medium cows Fair cows Good bulls Medium bulls Bologna bulls Canners and cutters Choice Good ... Medium Common CuII» ... CALVKS MASON CITY—For Wednesday S33.00-3G.OO $31.00-33.00 $30.00-31.00 $27.00-29.00 $21.00-23.50 $19.00-21.00 $21.00-23.00 $20.00-22.00 .S19.50-22.r-,0 $17.00-18.50 $21.00-23.00 $20.00-22.00 $18.00-21.00 $14.50-17.00 Wednesday $28.00 S2G.OO 521.00 $18.00 SU.CO CLIPPED T.AMFIS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Good to choice $22.50-2.'{^0 Medium $19.50-20.50 Common $15,00-1(5.00 Culls 12.50 GENUINE SPUING LAMBS Good to choice J29.00 EU'ES Good to choice $ 7.50- 9.50 Medium $ B.50- 7.50 Common and culls $ 5.00- 6.00 Stock Prices Become Firm New York, (/P)—Demand for steel shares helped put the stock market on a firm price footing Wednesday. After a number of feints toward higher prices, steels late in the day finally pulled ahead and stayed there. Buying spread to the rail division, which had also been under mild pressure earlier. Elsewhere gains and losses were well mixed. Volume picked up as the market veered ahead with the day's total running a bit above Tuesday's 1,200,000 shares. Produce (Quotation-by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY—For Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 . 44c Eggs, undergrades 33c Eggs, nest run 37c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. up 2Gc Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. up ... 21c Light hens . 17c Springs, heavy breeds 36c Springs, Leghorns 33c Old cocks, heavy breeds .... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Eggs, at retail 43-53c Butter, Iowa State Brand 89c Butter, Corn Country 83c CHICAGO PRODUCE (Wedneiday's Market) Chlearo, (/P)—Butter firm. Receipts 823,159. Prices unchanged except 'A cent n pound higher inside on 90 score at 70c. Egg a top firm. Balance uneasy. Receipts 20,703. Prices 1 cent a dozen higher to 1 cent lower. U. S. extras 70 per cent and up A 4B'ij;4nc; 60 In Gn.9 per eent A 44<ci'4C.5c; U. S. standards 40r,i, 43.5c; current receipts 39c; dirties 36.Sc; •hecks 35c. Corn Showing Only Strength Chicago, (/P) — The July corn contract showed the only real strength noticeable on the board of trade Wednesday. At times this delivery was ahead more than 2 cents with a good part of the buying coming from cash grain houses. Action of wheat offered little cause for cheer among those who hold the bread cereal. Both the July and May contracts sank below $2.28 a bushel at times, putting them under the government loan level here for cash wheat. The loan is $2.29 for No. 1 hard wheat. As in the past, the government followed the market in its wheat buying program. It was bidding 5A cents a bushel over the Chicago September future when that future sold at $2.29i or below. This was a reduction* of 1 cent in the premium and } cent in the base price. Wheat closed unchanged to 5 lower, July $2.27|, corn was ^ lower to 3i higher, July $2.08i-J, oats were unchanged to i lower, July 88J-89, rye was 2A-23 lower, December $1.873, and" soybeans were 7.? to 8 cents lower, July $3.87-i-i. CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Wednesday's Chicago, (,T>— WHEAT— July .. , Sept. ... Dec. May ... CORN— July High 2.28!i 2.30 2.31 >ii 2.08U Sept l.ROU Dec 1.62^4 May l.53~.» OATS— July 89>' 3 Sept (52 '{i Dec 83 5 s May 8S 3 i RYE— Dec 1.83'a May 1.88' • SOYBEANS— July 3.94 Nov 3.10 LAUD— July 22.80 Sept 2;i.27 Oct. 23.40 Nov Dec 24.57 Jan Market) Low 2.27'i 2.29V* 2.31 2.27 : ii 2.04 U 1.78 l.Gl'l. .B2 1.8R 1 /-! 1.0(5 3.87 la 3.Ofi 22.70 23.10 23.20 24.37 Close, 2.27 5 ,, 2.29% 2.31' J ,i 2.08'i 1.793« 1.02 :.C3',i .88' » .R2' n .R3 3 ii .83'.;. 1.87 ; i4 1.88 3.87 Hj 3.0C',i 22.75 23.10 23.20 23.37 24.37 24.60 Mason City Grain (Quotations Farmers' Elevator) At 10 a. m. Wednesday No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., 5 day 79c No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., July 20 ... 77c No. 2 oats, August 79c No. 2 yellow corn, 5 day . . . $1.90 Soybeans, No. 2 $3.68 Soybeans, No. 2, Nov. 15 ... $2.70 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday's Market) Chicago. W;—Wheat: No. 1 hard S2.29%. Corn: No. 1 yellow S2.15U; No. 2, $2.15f.(.2.15 : !.'i; No. 5, S2.07'.a. Oats: No. 2 white g.V.'.c. Barley nominal: Malting $1.60<Ti 1.95' Iced Sl.20ucl.55. Soybeans: None. New York Stocks By the Associated Press Am Tei & Tei 154J. Anaconda Cop 38.',. Bendix Aviat 35i" Beth Steel 37J. Boeing Airplane 25i. Chrysler Corp 643. Gen Elea 40g.. Gen Motors 64i. Illinois Central"4] J. Int Harvester 33£ Montgom Ward 57 1 NY Central RR 18£. Radio. Cor p. L4 Sears Rnebuck 40.1. Stand Oil ind 51 1 Stand Oil NJ 85.',-. Texas Co 65 US Steel- 83|! Oklahoma Warned of Extra Dry Summer Norman, Okla., (U.R)—A geography professor predicts July and August will be the driest months Oklahoma has had in 28 years. The prophecy comes from C. J. Bellinger, associate professor of geography at the University of Oklahoma. He has developed index figures on relation of planets to the sun. He says when the indices are low it indicates drought. N. Y. to Hear Vienna I'rimadonna Vienna, (fP) — Ljuba Welitsch, mezzo-soprano primadonna of the State opera in' Vienna, will be the first Austrian, singer to appear at the Metropolitan opera in New York since the war. Madame Welitsch, who recently scored a number of triumphs at the Coven t Garden in London, has been invited to sing the title role in "Salome" and "Aida," the Donna Anna role in "Don Giovanni" and the part of Desdemona in "Othello" during the coming season. CHICAGO POULTRY, {Wednesday's Market)' ' Chicago, W)—(U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry; Fowl steady. Balance weak. Receipts 2{ trucks. Prices unchanged except 1 cent a pound lower on roasters at 42c and fryers 36®43, F. O. B. Death Notices 1 BOYLE, Clyde S., 67. Lanark, 111., died at a local hospital Tuesday at 3:30 p. m., after a short illness. Funeral services will be held at Lanark Friday. Bvirial will be at the Lanark cemetery. The Meyer funeral home in charge. PION, Staff Sgi. Louis J., Jr., bombardier on a B-26, was killed in action over France on Sept. 5, 1944. Services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Major Memorial chapel, with Doctor Paul A. Peterson, pastor of Wesley Methodist church, officiating Interment will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. Card of Thanks I WISH to thank all my many friends and neighbors for cards, flowers and gifts sent to me during my recent illness. I will always remember my kind hearted nurses on third floor at Mercy Hospital and especially the blood doners. Mrsi Vern Guttorinan. SOUTH ST. I'AUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday's Market) South St. I'aul, (U.R)—(U. S. D. A.— Livestock: Cattle 4,100. General slaughter cattle trade moderately active; steers, heifers, cows fully steady; hulls strong to 50 cents higher. Two loads choice-to-pritne 1,230 and 1,302 lb. steers S-IO. equalling all time high locally. Numerous loads top good-choice steers, yearlings S37<U 39, good 34«i 3G.50. Load choice l.OOfi lb. heifers S38, new record top for class. Good hifers mostly $33«j 35.50, medium steers, heifers S27o>3&. common S22*i 2fi.f>n. Choice grain fed cows to $28, bulk good grasscrs 523^25, c o m m o ii-m c d i u m S19.50f(i;22.50. canncr-cu'Uer SKiiii.ia.SO, beefy cutters SI9. Medium-good bulls $25.50. cutter-common S19ra22.50. Stoek- ers, feeders firm: package choice 923 lb. fleshy feeder steers S31. Sprinkling good stockcrs $25?! 27. G o i> d-cholce dairy cows S22 to $300. Calves 1.700. Vealers steady •«> 51 higher; choice SXt)r«, 32, few S33, gpod $26^29, coji\n\on-Jiie- d'.um Slfift(25, culls $13^/15. Hogs 7,0(30. Opening sales good-choice 170 to 230 Vb, barrows, gilts on shipper accounts 25 cents higher at. S2!).25, other bids on most hogs steady. Good-choice light sows 23 Cents higher at S23.50. Average costs, weights Tuesday: Barrows, gills .525.57, 2.78 Jbs.; sows 522.34, 358 Ibs. Sheep 1,000. Less than 500 mixed offerings on sale early, market not established. 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Includes '46 Ford truck—18000 miles. 5 underground tanks, power takeoff, meter, small plot of land. All for less than cost of equipment. CAFE—small town near Mason City. Doing good business. $4500 takes it. CAFE—in Mason City. Good location, good lease a dandy. Romey Realty Co. PHONE 584 Cafes, Hardware stores, Taverns, Hotels, Ballrooms, Tourists camp, Grocerys, Lockers, Filling Stations, Dry Cleaning, Bakery, Theatres, Drug Sundry, many others in Central and North Iowa. Phillips-Gray Co. "BUSINESS EXCHANGE" 2-8378 G02 S & L Bldg. Des Moines I need $ Name Address Phone Employed by How long I have credit at Salary $. NEW YORK VKOHtiCE (Wednesday's Markr.l) New Tork, (^—Prices for CRR.S were irregular in the wholesale market. Eggs 20,472. New York spot quotations follow: Mfrlwestcrn, mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights SS'ATrSSc; extra. No. 1 large 50ft Sic; extra, No. 2 large 47<ft:4nc; extra, No. 1 medium 4G l /i<f<.4f)c; standards, No. 1 44'/i<(C45c; dirties 4Hi<fi42c; checks 37(fi)37'/ a c. Butter 1,174,600. Firm. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons: Creamery, higher than 92 score and premium marks A'A 83tfi'fl4c; 82 score A COftBIc: 1)0 score B 7(li?t7fl'/<c; SO score C 7flc. (New tuba usually command li cent a pound over the bulk carton price i. Cheese 420,6(M5. Steady. Prices unchanged. Phone, write or come in. 'State Finance Co. Room 201 Weir Bldg. b W. State Over United Cigar Store Phone 1038 CASH to solve your money problems. Our monthly repayment LOANS are promptly and conveniently arranged. INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPT. First National Bank MASON CITY ICECREAM AND SANDWICH SHOP in Iowa college town. For sule or trade on So. Minn, or No. Iowa farm. Good gross. WRITE A-1.4, GLOBE-GAZETTE Wanted—Girl for Geni. Office Work Good working conditions. Apply GAMBLE ROBINSON CO. 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Sec. 56500,00 6 rm. mod. hse., gas heat, garage. Central Heights 58000.00 9 rm. mod. hse., close in 512,000.00 fi rm. mod. hse. Gas heat, sleeping porch, N. W. ?)3,000.00 8 rm. mod. hse. Close in. Good earner ." $10,800.00 Excellent Forest Park home. 5 rooms and bath downstairs. 2 bedrooms and bath up ! $15,000.00 W. L. PATTON, 109 E. State St. ASHES and rubbish hauled; basements cleaned. Phone 548V-W. ATTENTION COTTAGE OWNERS Famous Coleinan gas floor furnaces can now be installed for seasonal use. KELROY'S Phono 4-11 137 Fourth St. S. W. Help Wtd., Male 20 WANTED — Man to learn bakery Apply Clear Lake Bakery. trade. WANTED Furnace Installers with sheet metal exp. or without. Top Wages YEAR ROUND JOB In nearby town. WRITE L-14, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED Menl8to45Yrs.Old in Canning Dept. JACOB E. DECKER & SONS THERE WILL he 4 or 5 Globe-GnzeUe routes in Mnson City open this month. If yon nre over It years of npe, come In nml fill out an application. Ask tor Dob Brophy. TRACTOR SERVICE — ON — Magnetos Radiators Valve Grinding Carburetors Battery Ignition CENTRAL AUTO 25 1st St. S. W. Go to McKibben & Bryan Service at 5 S. Penn. for that EXPERT SIMONIZE JOB RADIATOR BACK FLUSH WHEEL PACK GENERAL TUNE UP - AUTO REPAIR ALL MAKES OF CARS H & H MOTORS Sales—PACKARD—Service 12 Seventh St. S. E. NORTH IOWA WALL MASTERS WALL WASH ING by Machine HOMES AND COMMERCIAL Buildings Free Estimate FRANK AND BILL TENNEY Phone 812 310 North Federal FOR SALE—Nearly modern, 5 room bungalow, with furnace heat, water system, garage, 1 acre. Wimicbago Heights. $6.500. 1314 or 2374. C. R. Brown. Phone FOR SALE A real little dream home. NEW, VERY ATTRACTIVE Ci. Lake Bungalow High in livability—low in upkeep. $11,000. STUART REALTORS, Clear Lake FOR SALE—Clean, 4 bedroom home. Stoker heat, water softener, hot water heater. 113 23rd St. S. W. FOR SALE—3 2-54 Autman-Taylor sep- erator; 25-40 Rumley tractor, complete with belts. A-l running condition. Verne Dawson, Dows. Ph. 1304. FOR SALE—"B" John Deere. Starter and lights, gas manifold, hydraulic lift. A-l cond. With or without Quick Tatch cultivator. 92194. Toby Jurgens, Latimer, la. Ph. FOR SALE international . 3-14 Plow on rubber. Hi-Speed Slats. Used 2 years. -' FRANKLYN BUSEMAN 3 Miles West, >-. Mile South of K!emm«« FOR SALE—One '41 model Franklin fast charger; 1 Drednot hydraulic curb Jack; 1 Speedmaster wheel balancer. All in excellent condition. Wade Vasbinder, 1108 N. Carolina. Ph. 271 or 1785-J. FOR SALE—Massey Harris Clipper combine with pickup attachment. 1st $750. Edgai- Parker, Marble Rock. FOR SALE—Red River Special 28 inch threshing machine with 100 ft. drive belt. Good cond. Chris Schroeder, '•: mi. E.. 3 mi. N. of Clear Lake. Our Business is TIRES PASSENGER, TRUCK AND TRACTOR Prompt attention given to service calls. J &L Tire and Supply Co. Jack Murray Lloyd Farrer 125 FIRST ST. S. E. WANTED—Care ol children by week. Excellent qualifications. Phone 34B5-W between 1 and 4:30 p. in. MAN wants Job running combine. Experienced. Call 304 bet. 7 mid 0 p. m. EXPERIENCED lady bookkeeper and typist desires position. Ph. 2034. WILL CARE for children in my home by the hour, day or week. Close in. PI). 5091-J. For Summer, Fall & Spring Repairs Call Walter Strand PHONE 5405-W MIRRORS rcsilvered. Factory process. Guaranteed. AIncket's. Phone 7B2. Instruction 28 COMPLETE your school at home in spare time with American School. Texts furnished. Diploma awarded. No Classes. Booklet tree. Write American School. Dept. M., P. O. Box 672, DCS Moines, la. TEACHER of Saxophone and Clarinet. Beginner class starting now. Ph. 2049-W. Trade Service 29 WILL TRADE used gas stove lor dvesser or dressing table. Ph. 570, Y. W. C. A WILL TRADE 7 rm. house in Mason City ns part payment on 80 A. farm. Write B-13, Globe-Gazette. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Rooms for gentlemen. 421 N. Adnms. Ph. 322H-W. FOR DENT—Sleeping rim. Men or working couple. 32U 2nd St. N. W. FOR RENT—Airy sleeping room, tleman prcf. Ph. 4392-W. Gcn- Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—Furn. apt.; slpR. rm.; cabin 213 E. South St.. Clear Lake. Ph. 548-W Houses for Sale 35 FOR SALE—One of the best brick home: In town. For Information call 2343-J FOR SALE—Nice, 2 bedroom home will attached RarnKe, oak floors, «as heat East Parlc Place. S8.050. C. R. Brown Phone 1U14 or 2374. FOR SALE—+ rms. and bath, auto, o! floor furnace, hnrilivood floors, inlaid linoleum, $G,B50. 1111 Ifith N. E. FOR SALE—Duplex with 3 bedrm., bath llv. rm.. din. rm. mid kitchen on cacl side. Will give you good home and in come. Reck Bros., Realtors. Ph. 13 or 4733-W nfter hours. Here Is a Real Buy! New, well built 4 room home. F.lcclrlclty, well, etc. Locntccl In Vcntur, Height*. Mall and schoolbus by the door Pricu S2")0n. Terms if desired. JIM ANDERSON 114J South Fourth Clear Lake 'OR SALE—1847 American trailer hous*, 25 ft., all equipped. Less tha.i 100 mi. 2,250. Kozy Korners, Dows, Iowa. OR SALE—By owner leaving town: 5 rm.. 1'i story. Built F. H. A. Will G 828 9th N. E. Ph. 4845-J. FOR SALE—Small house in Central Heights with water system. §2,300. C. R. Brown. Phone 1314 or 2374. FOR SALE—Good, 3 bedroom home with attached garage, stoker- heat, automatic hot water, oak floors, fireplace. 1 jlock Monroe school, on paving. 510,500. R. Brown, Realtor. Phone 1314 or 2374, FOR SALE—New, used house trailers. S Broadway Trailer Sales, Albert Lea. 'OR SALE—Several homes and vacant lots. See L. H. Rud, 20V 3 S Federal. FOR SALE—Newly remodeled. 5 room house. Gas heat. Call at 105 21st S. E. •"OR SALE—8 rm. all modern house. Oak floors and finish, full lot, 3 stall garage. 31 14th N. E. after 5 p. in. FOR SALE—New 2 bedroom house at Manly. Auto, gas heat, good location. Very good buy. Terms SI.500 down, 550 mo. Ph. 4491 Manly, bet. 8 and 12 n. in. or evenings. FOR SALE 3 BEDROOM ALL MOD. HOME, automatic oil heat, double garage, 2 lots, fruit trees. Leaving town ALSO 7 AND 6 ROOM HOME All in Plymouth, Iowa Dave Ryan, Realtor Phone 827 Cottages A35 FOfl RENT— Desirable Clear Lake cottage for. balance ot season. Clnse In- close to lake. Available only due to change of plans of present tenant, S200 thrfmgh Sept. 15. Lake. , Stuart Realtors, Clear Lots for Sale 36 FOR SALE—1 choice lot on 2Gth S. \V Inquire 804 S. Maryland. Ph. 1068. FOR SALE—Lot in Oak wood park a Clear Lake. On Highway IOC. S200 Sti:art Realtors. FOR SALE Case Hammer Mills, 8-10-14 Inch, ase Trailers Without Tires §118. Portable Air Compressors. Enderes Sprayer With Corn Borer Attachment. Perfection Milkers. Farm and Home Freezers. Tractor Umbrellas. 1—1943 (C) Allis Chalmers Tractor With Cultivator. NORTH IOWA . FARM STORE Headquarters for Advanced Farm Practices 706 South Federal Phone 982 FOR SALE McCorm.-Deering 8 Foot Combine First class condition. Mason City Implement Co. FOR SALE—One John Deere R-ft. grain binder. Wm. L. Hamblin. Ph. 214-R1, Mason City. FOR SALE—Ford-Ferguson 7-foot mower. Agricultural type. Lester Diegel, Nora Springs. FOR SALE—Innes pickup and windrow feeder for A.-C. fiO combine: also good hay rack. D. L. Schofield. Rockwell. FOR SALE IN WILLOWBROOK ADDITION LOT NO. 1, BLOCK 16 Located on Circle Drive on west side. This lot has a 210 it. frontage on the lagoon. CONTACT DR. M. L. HALE 121 E. Park Road, Iowa City, Iowa Acreage 37 FOR SALE—30 acres with buildinfis. 1 mile North 1 ir,lie West of Rock Falls. For Sale-3.75 Acres With Garage ac ft. x 22 ft. East on Highway 105 out of Northwood, Iowa. Priced S3500. EARL WINTERTON Phone 350-IJ Humboldt, Iowa Farms for Sale 39 FOR SALF.—120 acre Improved farm, Clenr Lake, by owner. Globc-Gnzettc. Write N-14. FOR SALE—Lnr«c selection southern Minn, farms. Write for bulletin, Jo- nann.sen Realty Co., 422V» N. Main, Austin, Minn. FOR SALE 10 New and Slightly Used COMBINES All makes. 7 GOOD USED TRACTORS 3 NEW CASE FIELD HARVESTERS. BRAND NEW CASE 10 Ft. DRILL ON RUBBER JIM DONAHUE Bc-;bcock Avenue ALBERT LEA, MINN. POWER TOOLS Ward's have a complete tine of POWER TOOLS for your shop. See the new complete power tool—5 tools in one .. . saw, lathe, drill press, sandcr, buffer $159.95 Montgomery Ward FOR SALE—193B F-20 Farmull on rubber, complete with cultivator and HfU Recently overhauled. Roy Trcttin, 2 ml, E., I'.i ml. S. of Grnfton. FOR SALE—Combine. Case A-p 6-;t. A-l cond. Enrl Hlnrlchscn, 2 ml. E. of Rock FHlls, Ph. 207.

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