The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 12
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The Iowa State Tests. In Baking: Powders, Royal Leads All. DRAKE UNIVERSITY, Des Moines, Iowa. I have analyzed all the principal brands of baking powders sold in this State. The results show that the Royal has the highest leavening power of «ny powder examined, and is composed of pure and wholesome ingredients, of a character perfectly proper for use. No other powder gave results so satisfactory. FLOYD DAVIS, E. M., M. Sc., Ph. D. Prof, of Chemistry Dr»ke University, Imu* Ctlltgnf Physicians and forgo*}, Dealt tf Iowa Cotleft ifPhrmvy, Chemist of Iowa State Board of Health, etc., etc. Careful housekeepers cannot afford to use any baking powder but Royal. ROYAL BAKING POWDEH CO., 10» WALL ST., NEW-YOBK. DAILY AMD WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THB BBNTMBL Is tbe only newspaper in Carton count)' tbat IB printed all at borne and it con- alos mote local and county news than any other two papers to this county. POWBRB ft COLGI/O, PtOpS. FRIDAY, NOVEMBEB 2, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Patent photograph envelope* for sale at this office. Our new story,"The Lone Inn,'' starts in today's paper.' PaiutH, Oils aud Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. "The Lone Inn," an interesting story, begins in today's paper. H. J. P. Mueller, of Newton.was in the city Saturday for a short time. . Diseases of the eve, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. Do not fail to read the first chapter of "The Lone Inn" in today's paper. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DB.B.C. KBLLBY, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to loan on real- estate at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MABTIN. Boss A Laugblin are offering the low- eat prices on carpets and oil cloth of anyone in the city. E. H. Funk, editor of the Manning Monitor, wai In the city Saturday on bust- Court will be in session Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock to issue naturalization papers. Mrs. Jai. Kingmann and children, of •lorfolk, Neb., are in tbe city risking relatives. Mies Bailey and her niece and nephew, from Vail, were guests of Mrs. C. H. Westbrook. Tbe Daughters, of Rebekah will give •n oyster supper Saturday evening at I. O. O. F. ball. Mike Morlan and two of bis brothers from Union township were in tbe city yesterday. J. H. Mulr and wife went to Dunlap (Saturdays to pend Sunday with Mr. Muir's parents. The grand Jury is still at work and will probably 1 remain in session until some time neit week. , Pat. Gorasally and John Kehoe, of Barney, were in the city for a short time on business. Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson left for Sac City Saturday for a visit with tkulr sister, Mrs. Baiter. Sheriff Jeffrey left yesterday for Clarinda haying in charge Geo. Crittenden, tbe insane patient. Bupt. MoMahon was busy Saturday with a class passing the county examination (on certificates. Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Lee returned Saturday from Adel, where they bad been attending a wedding. Obits. Kanue Is reported as quite siok. lie has hues ailing for some time and is improving slowly as ret. Henry Winker, one of tbe staunch Democrats of Sheridan township, was a otller at this office Monday. O T. Wadsworth has been on tbe slok list for a few days and John Blade has booji muking bis run for him. Saturday was pay day fqt the teachers In thu city schools and KB usual on such oo- ejuilous they were promptly on baud. Oar price* on flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and you '" will come buck to tbe Yellow front tor more. Uegulur meeting of Signet Chapter, O. K. M., thin evening. All members requested to bo present. M, H. W. I'. Workmen are engaged on J. L. Minor's residence on Nortb Main street. The is about completed ttud the carpenters will be at work tbe flrtt of tb« week. It is the intention to have the building done by the first of the New Year and then the Miner family will dwell under its own vine acd fig tree. Hallowe'en passed off very quietly and so far as we have heard the boys behaved themselves very well indeed. Ben Schwitters, of Washington town ship, was in the city on his way to Wall Lake where he has gone on business. F. M. Bobbins and family have moved into S. H. Johnston's residence for the winter during Mrs. Johnston's absence in south. John F. Duncombe arrived in the city yesterday and spent the day visiting friends. Mr. buncombe is V.ol\ pleased with our city. Mrs.E.R.Hastings ie in the city the guest of Mrs. J. E. Griffith and family. Her many friends will be pleased to meet her during, her stay. Theodore Schoeppner, of Templeton, was in the city on his 'way to Mt. Carmel where he was going to spend Sunday with relatives. The King's Daughters are preparing to give one of their charming entertainments in the near future. We look forward to it with pleasure. Miss Qayle Mills, one of the Wall Lake teachers, was in the city and remained over Sunday, the guest of Miss Moon one of the Carroll teachers. Mrs. W. Humphrey left Thursday evening for Independence, where she was called by the seriout illness of her father, Tbe little ones went with her. Obese & Banborn teas an! ooffeee were used exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, selected for tbeir superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. The first snow ef tbe season put in %n appearance Sunday night and continuec to fell the greater part of Monday bat i was so warm that it melted as fast as i fell. W. H. Penn, chief clerk of tbe rail road mail service for this state, was in the city looking after tbe workings the- fast mall service which was put ou last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Gllley returned Saturday from northern Iowa and southern Minnesota where they have been during the part three weeks. They made tbe trip overland. Merchant wants yon to call at bis store aud see bow few goods yoa can buy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and baskets at boms, but put a double box oo your sled or wagon. Next Tuesday, election day, tbe polls will open at 8 o'clock and must close at 6 p. m., unless proclamation is made at tbe opening of tbe polls tbat they will be kept open until 8 o'clock. Hungerford talks about corruption in public office. This Is a subject on which he should be authority. Wo have a case iu mind which we know demonstrates his weakness In this direction. A. B. Gumming! of Dos Moincs was in the Friday. He delivered a Republican campaign speech at Coon Rapids tbe evening before. Mr. UummingB is one of the ablest orators in this state. E. M. Sbephard, of Rockford, 111., is in the city working at tbe bench in ilef- folfinger's Jowelry store. The business has increased so much that Mr. H. was compelled to procure more assistance. Juo, Lusher, of Sheridan township, was a pleasant caller yesterday, lie is a great admirer of David B. iiill as he was formally a resident of that slate and it very solicitous regarding bis success at tbe polls next Tuesday. Mrs. John aud Mrs. Henry Meyers returned Tuesday from Dubuque .county, where they have linen for som* weeks visiting relatives. Their brother, Color Meyers, roturusd to their bouie in Hoselle township with thorn and will with bis brothers for some time. Tburadsy, Nov. 1, was a holiday recognized by tbe Catholic church. It is kept tbe sftwow Bundav. Both tbe hr relies In tbe city held regular services, t i* to commemorate the services of the uurctt triumphant, as tbe church tnlli- ant pays hotnnge to the Worthy dead who rest in Christ. Alex Tuel, of Union township, was in he city Tuesday fora short time on bus! ess and just dropped into the office to ell us that things were all O, K. in that ocalily for the Democratic ticket as far B be could BCD. The Manning Monitor II after Hunger. tml'a soilp iu great shape and makes otne very damaging statements against mr contemporary, 'if they are true, and dr. Funk, the editor, appears to be peaking by the card. A meeting was held at the county uperintendent'e office Friday evening for he purpose of organizing a class in philosophy. About ten Joined and the Irst meeting will bn next Monday even- K- The court room wae well filled Monday afternoon when court was called. A )hoiographer took a couple of exposures ny the flash light process which,as it was a newjprocess to us,appeared quite novel. The work done was under the direction of J. A. Rohner. The stock of goods 'owned by the tarroll Dry Goods Co. has been packed and shipped to HoUtein, Iowa. This stock of goods has been a disturbing element in tbe dry goods business in our city for the past few months and It is a good thing for tbe trade that it is gone. A. 0. Steele, the republican candidate for supervisor, from Coon Rapids, was in the citv Tuesday. We understand that Mr, Steele is not making much of a canvass for the office as he finds the people well pleased with the Democratic candidate, C. H. Flenker, of Washington township. We have made arrangements by which we can furnish this paper aud the twioe- a-week New York World all for only 82 a year. Here is the opportunity to get your own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rates. Address THE SBNTI NEL, Carroll, la. A pleasant surprise party was gotten upFriday evening on Jno. O'Donnell and family, residing a few miles west of tbe city. About twenty-five couple took possession of their hospitabl* home and held sway for several hours enjoying themselves at cards and dancing until a late hour. The affair was a pleasant one. John Hood, of Glidden, was in the city Saturday evening and when going bone his horse took fright when in tbe eastern part of the city and broke the buggy to pieceE and threw Mr. Hood and his son to the ground with considerable force. Fortunately neither of them were serious ly injured. The buggy was a complete wreck. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill eats no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button bole yon on tbe street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, but think you ate wise enough to obocee tbe beet place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHANT. The special train to tbe Dolliver (rally at Manning did not materialize Monday as was anticipated, nor was there any use for tbe band, for the number attending from this point was small. But owing to the kind of weather we are having we think they showed their goot judgment by staying at borne instead of tramping through tbe mud. Mail going west closes now at 11:40 instead of ISO as heretofore and, collec tiOBS of the mail at the letter boxes wil be made at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. The fast mail goes west at noon and business men will be apt to miss thisjmail unlee (bey take note of tbe change, as the train which arrives from|the east at 1:50 p. m. does not carry mail. Yesterday tbe Butler bouse at Boon changes bands and W. L, Butler assumes control. Mr. Butler has been for many years connected with the C. & N. W railroad acting in tbe capacity of passenger conductor. He is a genial, whole- souled fellow and has a wide circle o friends and acquaintances who will wish him success in his new undertaking. b. W. Macomber returned Sundai from Chicago where be and bis wifi have been during the past ten days Mrs. M. will remain another week with her son Frank and family. H. W. at tended tbe Reed banquet In Uhlcaje and those who know him can well Imagln tbe amount of partisan enthusiasm he 1 now surcharged, with. In fact be 1 loaded to the muzzle. Thu insaae commission was in eesiion at the clerk's office and sent Oeo N. Crittonden, of Coon Itaplda,. to th hospital at Clarinda. Mr. Crittendon i u young man of about twenty-four your and of a good family. He in of a very despondent aud morose nature and It hoped by bis friends that u ooureo o treatment ui that institution will Uo th means of restoring him to pwfool beulil both bodily aud uieutuly. So far as the family relations of th junior editor of this paper ure concerns they are at least above the reproach o tbe blighting Influence of Mr. IJungerforc if not beyond bis slanderous, attack** We know nothing of hi* family affair aud would not if we could tear the vei of reorooy from tbe home, which oul tun Omnipotent himself hit* u right t< penetrate, Civilization In all its stage has recognised tbe seca-cy of luu huiue Tear down aud yuu huve at one destroyed tbe nearest and ilcaroot thin, oo e»rlh and tbe mau who will allow Is tongue to wag against the home is 00 damnable and contetnptable to be lasaed with human beings. Before we would allow an adversary to drive us to eek protection behind BO sticred an m- lltution as the home we would get on ur knees and beg for mercy. We beg to call attention to tbe'befuiti • ul operetttt,"Geraldide,"under thesdirec- on of Dr. Lowerv, of New York City, ATS. 9. E Lowery, manager, that is to e given at the new opera house (Gar- mania) Carroll, Iowa, on Nov. 15 and 16, v a lavke troupe of voung ladles and entlemen and children. A fine orches- ra and selected chorus will assist. Beau- iful costumes and a verv interesting tory told in rhyme and song, with bewitching tableaux will prove n great at- rnctioi). Bear the date in mind. Full H8t next weeh. The fast mail train which was put on uuday arrived here thirty minutes late, 'his was due to tbe fact'(hat 3 man got >n the flyer at Boone and jumped off at Moiagona when the train was under full peed. The man was thrown about orty feet but was still breathing when he train left. Had it not boon for he stop caused by this man trying to ump from the fastest train that ever passed through oar state tbe mail would lave arrived on schedule time. Tuesday night we saw a crowd of young adies on the street armed with all kinds of dangerous weapons, such as broom- 1 ticks,, spears and ehillalahs, as it thev were about to perform'the "White Cap" ace on some object of their wrath. Our uriosity was aroused and thinking we would be able to procure a scsational tern we followed them until they filed nto the Turn vereln hall.where we were n formed that they were the King's Daughters and were only practicing for the entertainment they are to give Friday evening, Nov. 9, at the German i a opera house. The lecture course arranged by the Y. fl. C. A. and the King'sDaughters prom- see to be of great interest, as the speakers secured one of the very best ou the platform. Tbe price for tbe course has leen fixed at $1.50. The first lecture will ie given Wednesday evening, Nov. 88, by Rev. Robert Nourse, the second in January by W'm. Hawley Smith, tbe third iy Dr. Headly and a musical entertain - ment will complete the course. These lectures will be the first series ever given in our city and it is to be hoped that they will meet with sufficient encouragement to warrant tbe societies having them in charge to continue the good work. We understand that Congressman Dolliver so far forgot the dignity of '.be great petition he is filling as to attack a private citizen in his speech at Manning Monday. Dolliver may be filling an important post tion but be undoubtedly forgot himself when be descended to the level of a barnstormer and held an American citizen up as a subject of ridicule simply because be differed from him in a political sense. Hueh a man as this is a poor representative of the American people. We would ooK for such things from the end man of a "nigger minstrel show," but when a man has been honored by the people of this state by giving him a teat in the lialls of congress for six year* we naturally look for something better from him. Dolliver, by this unmanly attack on Funk at Manning, showed th« smallest of bis brain and deserves the censure of the people for it. DlSTBIOT GoDBT. Judge Painearrived iu the city Monday forenoon, and at 1 o'clock Sheriff Jeffrey called court. Tbe grand jury waa selected. Tbe following i* tb* list: Dana Esrle, foreman; J. B. Willey, Herman Stevens, Joe. Friedman, Frank Goeoke, Jno. Sleinbaasr, M. V. Swear- iogau. Tbe jury retired and t naturalization papers were issued Christen Nelson, of Denmark, Karl Johnston, of Norwav aud to Chris Krugss, Oust Bemer and Hans Nnppnarin of Germany. Tbe foar prisoners confined in tbs county jail appeared in court and made no objections to tbe grand jury. Alex Gnegel was looking unusually bright bud uppoar to be perfectly contented with tbe present condition of affaire. Judge Paine announced tbat arrangements bad been made between be and Judge Bulliett, of D«e Moiuaa, to exchange benches during tbe next two weeks but j net before calling court be re oeived a telegram that Judge Ballistt could not be present, 80 court was adjourned until next Monday when a short session will be held to grant naturalization paper* but no other buii neat will be transacted. Tbe regular work of tbe term will begin Wednesday Nov. 8, when Judge Paine wili ag»iu occupy tbe bench. AGAINST WOMAN'S (Suit FHAUB, The arguments uned by those wli<> oppose woman's entrance to public IICu are In theno days usually based on the Hue that women Is to aaered, liur Influence too pure aud precious to bo frltturd away in the sordid quarrels and moan ambitious entailed by party politics; that bur presence Imtt ever been the magnet of thu home and that the u*tlou will be wlieutand bool that preserve* the sanctity of Its woman hood and tbu lufluencu of Its mother*. It Iu precisely because 1 believe Iu tbe truth of this arguinuut that 1 maintain that to debar womeu from auy one Blu right, to exclude her from prerogative I* to create for her not only a disability by reauon of her sux, but to build up a barrier tbat must ever effectually hinder her wld- * IT FLOAT5 * fCKTY MILLION CAKES YEARLY. THE PROCTER & OAMI3LE CO., OlN'TI. est Influence. It is well to tnlk of the mother guiding the son In life, but from the hour that the boy understands that his mother's prerogatives end at the garden rate, that she has no voice whatever in :he moulding of film nation's lawn, tbat ier precepts are good for the fireside but unavailing at the hearthstone of government, there insidiously creeps into the joy's thought a realization of the fact that ils mother is classified by the rulers of the land with the lunatic and the idiot; and I malrtaln that this discovery has done more than sons are themselves aware of to undermine the Influence that Is deemed so precious, and yet which Is sedulously preserved for "home consumption" only.— Prom "The Renaissance of IPoman," by Lady Henry Snmerset,:ln North American Review for October. Plain Talk to Men. "Man Know Thyself" is an admonition which has been handed down to generations of mankind f6r 3000 years, and it is difficult to understand why mankind does not heed the admonition. Could we read the heart of every man we meet in our daily walks, how many there are who would reveal pictures of some disease, the result of lust and excess of passion offset by lack of will power. How many there are who suffer from some disease of the stomach, heart, lungs, kidneys or nervous system which is the result of improper habits at some time, either In the thoughtless, careless heyday of youth or the reckless reliance of maturer years. It is a fact which is attested by most eminent men in the medical profession that the intimate relation of the generative and nervous systems is a cause of many of the most distressing diseases which afflict mankind. "Secret vice and secret folly, Rule the mind with stubborn sway. Fill the soul with meluricholly, And terminate in quick decay." "Man Know Thyself." How little does he think that the demon which is rising up within him will, like a vampire, suck his life blood, steal his strength and life and vivacity, take the courage from his heart, unnerve him, dog his footsteps to the altar to curse and blacken those joys of parentage and marital right that should be his. Nor does the disease confine itself to the victim who has weakened and enslaved himself by indulgences and excess, but its effects are felt by those with whom he associates, Is Inherited by his posterity and conduces to the downfall of his race. Children inherit the peculiarities, manners, morals, dispositions, physical characteristics, facial expressions and diseases of the parent. Too much cannot be said against the'wide- spread disaster wrought by this vice which is responsible for so much of the moral, physical oat domestic unhappiness of mankind. Physlelans who have given attention to the disease say that it is often not recognized and the victim continues for years, perhaps, In 111 health, believing himself a sufferer from some disease of stomach, kidneys, heart or lungs, complains of innervation, untimely drowsiness, has pale or haggard countenance, uncertain appetite, pumness of tile face, sleep disturbed, mind gloomy, too rapid beating of the heart, muscular pains, lack of ambition, languor, loss of memory, ote. The young especially should be warned of the fearful destructive effects of this disease. If you suspect this weakness you should be alarmed before U is too late; summon your courage and manhood aud seek the advice and consultation of a reliable specialist upon whom you may rely. Readers of this paper are familiar with the name of Dr. Downing, a specialist of national reputation In the treatment of all chronic and nervous diseases, who has given the disease referred to careful attention and has a reputation for curing cases far advanced and after others fail. Dr. Downing will again visit Carroll, Thursday, November 15, at Burko's hotel. Consultation free and confidential, DlBO. Thomas Oalivan aged 87 years, died at St. Bernard's, hospital at Council Bluffs on the 27th. For several years be bed been at Clarinda hospital, but about a year ago wot transferred to St. Bernard's. For some time bis bealtb bos been gradually failing. James Boyoe, of Gruui township, went out to tbe Bluffs and brought tbe remains to tbe oily last Sunday and ou Monday they were laid to rest in St. Joseph's cemetery. Tbee. Qalivaa was for many years one of tbe well kuowu citizens of this city aud was respected by all who knew him. For some reason bie mind gave way and since tbeu be bos been at tbe hospitals. His malady was of a barm lose uatureand be woe always grunted a great deal of freedom. He visited oar city a couple of times during bis oou- nuameot. Hit case was a sad oae aud culled tor the sympathy of tbe public. OlUQiUO NBWBl'AI'KH TltAlN. Uunltuii lluvlew. Tue spued tbe deliver? of tbe Obioago ut'^spapers tbe government starts special trains ou tbe 0. B. & Q.,theO. It. I.& P. aud tbe 0. & N. W. railroad* at B u. m. Tbe train subsidized with tbe people'* money arrives iu P«ulsoa at 19:4(1 p. a, Tbe Sioux City and Ooauoll Bluff* paper* arrive at !i:0t> p. M,, tbu* Chicago boa the advantage of over an hour of the daily papers only 70 milee from here. Tbis train snrviae will be a great injury to the Iowa daily press. Considering that no mau can travel east on a' train ten miles from Denison and return the same da; on the oars, it will be seen how little account are the conveniences of the home public compared with trusts and syndicate*. MABBIAQB LICENSE. W. B. Orchard, of Qlidden, came to the city Wednesday and procured a marriage license for himself and Miss Edith Greene. The ceremony was performed Wednesday evening.The newly wedded couple will begin house keepin at once. The bride is a sister of Mr Brnner of this city and is a young of rare qualifications. Mr. Orchard is one of the editors of the Glidden Gtapbio and ia one of Carroll county 'a brightest yonng men and undoubtedly baa a promisng future before him. It i* with pleasure that we extend congratulations to this worthy yonng couple and wish them all tbe happiness poseible aa they glide down life's happy stream. OABD OF THAHKB. I hereby extend my most heartfelt thanks to all my friends and neighbors who so generously assisted me at the burial of my deceased friend, Thomas Galivan. JAB. M. BOTCH. Piles) Piles! Honing Piles. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itching and stlag lug, moat at night; worse by scratching. If al lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very sore. Sway* ne's ointment stops tbe Itching and bleeding, heals ulceratlon and In mo«t cases removes the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for W cents Dr. Swayne ft BOD, Philadelphia. 6-1-86 Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postofflce, § Oct. 29, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. 0.: Mr*. Conrad Dletr. Kd. Wlnalow. C. H. Smith. Mrs. 0. A. dason Mlts Rosa Hmacb. L, V. Furnam. Tbomas B. Broner. Mn. c. 6. Remington. Mrs. Paul Kamerl. Mrs. H. E. Qllson. L. E.TOunnlngham. J. C. Aiiderson. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please stata date of advertisement. JNO. L. POWKBS, P. M. POLLING FLACKS. Tbe following polling places for tbe general election to be held Nov. 6 have' been selected by the city council: First ward at the court house. Second Third Fourth Beatty building. Hoffman Hotel. National House. E. M. PABSON*, Mayor. "How to Our* All Skin Diseases." Slowly apply Swajne'i ointment. No internal medicine required. Caret tetter, eczema, Itch, all eruptloni on the lace, bandi, now, ste. Leaving tbe iklBOlwr, white and healthy. Its great healing and curative powers are poMMsed br no other remedy. Auk jour dragglit foi Bwaine'i ointment. 61-91 WANTED. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A. liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. CBND twelve oenu In postugo ititmus to 86 Cor- O coran Building, Waihlnnton, D. C.. and yon will receive four uoplei of KATK KIKLU'S WASB- 1SOTOJI, containing matter of speeUI Intersil, lilvo namaand »ddre»«, ind say where lou saw tuU advertisement. DUwolution Notice. Notice is hereby given that ou the Ulh day of October, 1804, tbe firm ot Nolen ft Hodge was dissolved by mutual ooDBHut. All debts owed by tbs flrm will be paid by H. H. Nolen & Oo. All. bills due the same are to bs paid to H. H. Nolen & Oo. H. H, NOLEN, OHAS, Horxm. ALMOST A NKW Yoiuc DAILY. Tbat Democratic wonder, tbe New York Weekly World, has just changed its weekly into a twice- a-wwk paper, and yon can now get the two papers a week for the same old pries—-81 u year. Think of it! Tbe news from New York right at your door fresh every three day*—104 papers a year. Pure Bred Poland China Plga for Sate. I have 100 pure bred I'olitud Obloa pigs for sale, most of them sired by Ooo (8416) out ot aged sows. I wil) take good uote* when partial want them. Ono is lour vesrs old weighs over els hundred pouude when in breeding condition; can carry 1000 pound*. s. T. UOYNTOK. West Side, la. oo YOU WANT wnnif WUim '*) year* wtablUhod. With our facility we oaii luuk* a good nalvniaau in two w«*k* from raw Uiulsrlul. Nursery ttook tbat U war- B w-jr nfi^TajM ^ vja&jlki

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