The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 8, 1959 · Page 1
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Thursday, January 8, 1959
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The Weather Colder tonight; highs todoy 18.; lows tonight around tero; llttl« -"-*"-- Chang* Friday; light AUSTIN DAILY HERALD \rnt *iw**"trt * ^*fc "^^""^^ VOL. CXXXVI AUSTIN, MINN., THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1959 Economy Bill Before Governor Legislature Says it May Save State Millions of Dollars ST. PAUL (AP) —.The Minnesota Legislature acted with unusual speed today to pass a bill its sponsors said would save the state a million dollars. There -was no dissent in either House or Senate. The bill now goes to the governor for signature. The measure, which would make certificates of indebtedness negotiable, was passed first in the Senate. There it was introduced Wednesday by Sen. John Zwach of Walnut Grove. It was approved by a standing committee this morning. It was passed in the House without having been introduced and after only a brief explanation by Rep. Fred Cina of I Aurora, the majority leader. Rules Suspended Usual rules of procedure were T * I f ^tlf >•• I suspended in both houses to make the speedy action possible. Certificates of indebtedness, sold by the state to raise money needed before tax receipts come in, are not now negotiable. | State Auditor Stafford King told' the Senate Commerce Committee, i HAVANA, Cuba (API-Speedy! ing Miight, Urrutia told a news which approved the bill shortly j "war crimes" trials for followers! conference Wednesday night At before the Senate met, that the of fallen Dictator Fulgenciojleast 1,100 persons have been re change would make certificates "-'-'- ' ' ._._..!.more salable and permit the state to obtain a lower interest rate. He said an issue of 22 million PRIEST VISITS TANK CREW — Father Joseph Vandor visits the crew of a-rebel tank as the unit stopped at the military barracks in Santa Clara for a short rest on the trip to Havana. This is part of the equipment in the caravan bringing Fidel Castro to the capital for an expected riotous welcome. (AP Photofax) 15 EXECUTED SINGLE COPY — If 20 Pages TROW CHANGB Steam locomotive! at* hardly i «ed In the United States snytnw*, -wrts Tha AffiftHeta Seeie# <rt -jchanieal Engineer*. A rteent survey ihowed oftfy 1,737 ateafn unita ia gervlc* «* compared to 27,390 diesel units, Trials for 'War Crimes Under Way in Cuba Batista have begun in Cuba. Fif- ! ported arrested since Batista fled i c , aravan as il P asse d e " route teen military officers already!to the Dominican Rennhlir- n | the Ford Motor Co. research c Incidents Eisenhower Urges Courtesy for Red Envoy During Tour DETROIT (AP) — Touring Soviet Dep. Premier Anastas Mikoyan arrived in Detroit today at Willow Run airport without any picket incidents. His arrival coincided with a statement by President Eisenhower in Washington urging courteous treatment for the Russian and deploring demonstrations by pickets. Mikoyan stepped off .his -commercial airplane after a flight from Cleveland. Baltic national groups had pick- •ts at the airport. But officials rushed the Soviet official out a rear door of the airplane-hangar and drove from the airport by a round-about route. He made a brief address at the airport commenting that Russia's automobile industry was developed with the aid of Detroit auto experts. State police troopers lined overpasses along the Willow Run expressway to protect Mikoyan's caravan as it passed en route to the Ford Motor Co, research center in Dearborn. The Soviet deputy premier met pressway to protect Mikoyan's caravan as it passed en route to already! to the Dominican Republic jweek ago and victorious rebel .... -••, — --".V..-I.L. Manuel i leader 'Fidel Castro proclaimed dollars m certificates to raise ! Urrutia said thousands of per-! Urrutia as provisional president. have been executed. Provisional President money for the state building program is to be sold Feb. 10. He estimated that making the certifi- would cut the Vt of 1 per cent, state a million Gunfire Flares cates negotiable interest rates by thus save the dollars over the 20-year life of the certificates. The bill was passed as an emergency measure under a suspension of the rules. It now goes to the House. Extend Date The Senate also passed a bill to extend the date for a report by the interim commission studying election laws from Jan. 15 to March 16 and approved a resolution granting $35 in postage to sons will be tried by revolution ary courts in "the same manner as war criminals were tried in STSm,, 111 * 7 - W '! n C dlrar f ed !-- — ««'«• —mane weapons !±u " agamSt the Cuban fired 'w "bout 15 minutes near the American - operated National Hotel as rebel militia reportedly ... center in Dearborn. The Soviet deputy premier met with some of the Midwest's wealthiest industrialists at Cleveland Wednesday in a visit marked people. Some of the accused .still are be- Federal, iowa Health Probe at Fort Dodge FORT DODGE, Iowa W) — Fed-|d"ency o n s by Hungarian Fighters and immigrants from other Iron Curtain countries. Mikoyan is paying no attention at all to demonstrations against his pursued several carloads of men ^ ^ ,Z 1 • , • who had hPPn .hi«iin B ^ ~,^~~ V1S '.- He ls fuml y Pursuing his! Quick Sh Filib CONGRESSMEN TAKE OATH _ Members of the House of Representatives take their oath of office Wednesday in the House chamber as the 86th congress began its session. Speaker Sam Rayburn stands with upraised hand to administer oath, (AP Photofax) who had been shooting at random in the streets. The militia still is trying to eliminate diehard Batista supporters, including members of a private army called the Tigers which belonged to former Sen. Rolando Masferrer. Masferrer fled by yacht to Key (West, Fla. Minister of the Presi- Cuba will Senate Gets Holand Bill on Hotel Motel I Senate File No. 4, permitting the (city of Austin to release a certain WILL REACH TOP SPEED ._„, 4. mi i i. l , —-~~, *WTC, u,, — .VCTJ-meuuy i^uis ausn said Uuba will .SlnT^V?* P BC ""r" er< V Bd StatC hea " h authorities ldemand his extradition on charge ance in the 1957 session wqs ?25. are busy trymg to track down the | of taking away 17 million dollars Am™* h,n. produced were cause of a disease resembling in-!belonging to the people US Cus- iVinMsJ !?«.--«._:- _T t-nr.* I««l fl.. ...I.: _1. 1. 1-1- , , r r* ^.u. w u.<i Among bills two by Sen. policy of emanating friendship, good humor and advocacy of better political and trade relations between the Soviet Union and the United States—and more contacts in general. Violent Efforts Immigrant groups, spearheaded,portion of the Horace . Austin, by Hungarian refugees recently!State Park to the Austin Hotel-j entists Red Scientists Say Rocket Is Now in Orbit Around Sun MOSCOW (AP) figure the Soviet Sci- space rocket ^j .nuiiguLmii iciugees recenuyiaiaie .rant 10 me Austin nocei-i o--- "—~ -.^u,.,. •^n.^. brought to the United States, seem i Motel Corp. was introduced in thej Mecn to i- s now in orbit around the to be becoming more violent in i Legislature Wednesday, Sen. P. J. sun. They predict it will reach efforts to attract attention to heir atacks on the Soviet visitors. Holand announced. The bill was referred to the pub" : «-'*-"-'ii fat j,fc ) tv/ LIIC HVVJJ1C. U ,O. \^U5- ' * 11\- win YT«a AC.1C11CU LU IIJC JJUU- Ferrary ofjtestjnal flit which has affected: toms officials said Masferrer's 1 . cha »S il! g. shouting, spitting and lie domain committee for hearings. — ~j ~— ....^.....u + t.iiaiiv ui j «..wjicu jiu tvniLii nils aueeiea corns oliicials said Masferrer's '~" a "*" l &> sil Duluth dealing with old age assist-j hundreds of persons in Fort Dodge; party of 3(5 men had about $90,000 i sign ' wavin « wei ' e tlle principal j A companion bin will be introduc- to be reached when the mksil P ance. One would repeal the law and other Iowa cities. | when it landed. The men were put tacUcs used Wednesday at the air- ed in the House shortly bv Rep. £t "toTh pointnelrcS U!Tun requiring those who receive old. Dr. Tom Chin, Kansas City,| on parole to the Miami ImmigVa-j"° rt al . ld downtown. One young;Emil Schaffer. Sen. Holand said a distance Ced at "bout SS spe-jtion Office. Hungarian woman, arrested for toriav that masmiirOi a« i.h» run',.,;>!;„., ...;>„,. ;.. ,,_ .,,:..,....., '" its top speed of 72,000 miles per hour next Wednesday. They expect the peak velocity 32 kilometers (about 20 miles) a!the artificial planet are diverging second," the official Soviet news agency Tass said. Confident of Getting Backing WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate moved toward a quick first showdown in the filibuster fight today with the immediate issue narrowed to the question whether to throw the Senate rules open for revision. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, the Democratic leader, agreed to the move and pushed it along, then announced plans to try to kill the proposal for new rules by means of a motion to table. The situation was set up by an agreement from Johnson to let the Senate take up first the proposal to adopt new rules, sponsored by forces which want tighter curbs on long talk. The plan was offered as a substitute for a compromise proposal by Johnson himself. The Democratic leader obtained unanimous consent to go into the proposal immediately, and then announced his tabling plan. Simmering Fight Against the background of the simmering fight over civil rights and integration legislation, Johnson had proposed some tightening of the rules for cutting off debate. But he had not gone nearly as far as the strong opponents of the filibuster wanted. And his plan ; would have reaffirmed the prin- iciple that the old rules, which (make debate hard to cut off, carry over. A motion to table is not debatable, and once made would cut L off further discussion. However, } Johnson said he would consult jwith both sides and see that they 'had an adequate opportunity for age assistance allowance from $71 to $76. prevent age assistance to give the state j member of a federal team of spe-ition Office. a Hen on property they 6wn forl ciansts > said he believes a virus |, Ba s , the amount of assistance they are,'* 5 responsible for an outbreak that! " a ts given. The other would increase : nit between 1,000 and 2,000 per-1 the maximum monthly old age sons ' n ^ ne Fort Dodge area alone wi in e ast wo months. j would reach the capital. Dr - Chin said the illness is nrt: hoped the ban would p.evem Offered by Holmqulst ;new to health authorities but is ( heavy drinking that might add to The third legislative reap-;'new m this area. the unstable security situation, portionrnent bill of the session was' He said the symptoms of nan-' Castro reached Matanzas GO offered by Sen. Stanley Holmquist sea . vomiting and diarrhea bear; miles east of Havana Wednesday of Grove City. It proposes to! more resemblance to gastro-ente-ion his slow progress through ador- amend the constitution to set up; ritis tnan tl)e disease which lay-:ing crowds. His 20-car "column House districts on a population ba-j men cal1 intestinal flu. | careened into Matanzas at break- sis, Senate districts on an area! Mos t of those affected have been neck speed and the rebel leader basis. The Constitution now speci- children - Reports of cases have j as usual was besieged with peo- fies that both be on a population been revived from Eagle Grove,: pie who wanted to cheer him and jHumboldt, Gilmore City and other;hear him speak. Iowa cities [ Umitia said his government Dr. Ralph Heeren of the Iowa would respect "all international Health Department i.s aiding the Agreements on rights of asylum " federal team which also includes: Hundreds of Batista followers le'ft : Clifton R. Gravelle, a virologist. in the lurch when the dictator Hungarian woman arrested for'today that inasmuch aa'ibe iBl'llirniHion" mWsTTnlts'elHpUcal'o" tossing a rock in the general di-iis of a local nature and non-con-i bit. basis. Weather Roof of Fire Station: High previous 24 hours — 22. Low previous 24 hours — -1. Heading at 8:30 a.m. — 0. General Weather — Clenr. Temperatures Recorded ui TIIK IIKRALU Uuildin-: WiiDNESUAV . 22 ; 7 P. M. ... I P. M. -l P. M. :; P. M. -I P. M. ."> P. M. ii P. M. ! A. M. •i A. M. :; A. M. -I A. M. .". A. M. >> A. M. 2 8 P. M 9 P. M II) P. M HP M. 21 12 P. JJH'JtSJUV 14 12 H ; 7 A. M. 8 A. M. !) A. M. Ill A. M. 11 A. M. J2 Noon - • ~ -~, .-•.»-».... iT • il_«-A I.IH*^ HCW JCtli'S . all associated with the U. S. Day without tipping them off , Public Health Service. bave taken refuge in Latin A.neri- I Dr. Chm said about 2,100 ques-;can embassies jtionnaires have been distributed in: Traditionally, political refu»ees •live schools for children to take are granted sale conduct from home. Answers to the questions, embassies to the borders but will be scrutinized to help trace, charged with common crimes the cause of the outbreak. i might m>i be S ivcn thi.s pi-ivilo fi e. SAY STATE MEMBERS GOP Switch Will Not Mean Policy Change By lllCUAKU I'. J'OWKHS different manner. However I m.--' WASHINGTON ,AP) _ Repub- ugnize diaries Halleck's ability" 1!) hcan House members from Min- Rep. Albert Quie said ihe' nesota View the switch in GOP change from Martin to Halleck house leadership from Rep. Joseph did not mean any swin- from a Nearly Triple Speed This will be nearly triple the speed at which the rocket was launched last Friday. The missile was hurled clear of the earth's gravitational field to become the solar system's first artificial planet. in the cosmos," The Soviet reports on the rocket's position and what it is doing now are all based on calculations. Radio contact was lost Monday when the rocket's radio batteries gave out, and it is too far away from the earth to track with optical instruments. debate before making his motion. The sponsor of record for the resolution before the Senate is Sen. Clinton P. Anderson (D-NM), Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, the new Republican leader, objected to any strategy which would force a night session. No Inconvenience Johnson told Dirksen he would not handle the affair so as to inconvenience anybody. In response to a parliamentary inquiry, Vice President Richard M. Nixon held that under the rules Anderson's motion would have'to lie over one day before it could be acted on. Johnson said, however, that he was willing to waive this rule in the interest of obtaining a prompt vote. No one objected when he asked for a unanimous consent agreement to this effect. Debates Shut Off Leaders of the coalition group favor a rule that would permit debates to be shut off by a majority of the Senate membership, or 50 votes. BRANDON, Minn. I'AP) -H(w-,- Physically, attendants said, Mrs. The present rule requires the pital attendants said today Mrs.; Kelly is in good condition. She j votes 01 66 senators, or two-thirds [>ave' sulft ' ml only 11linor bums in the | of the entire membership. John- tliat trapped her three sons j son's compromise would reduce Close Enough According to Soviet calcula-j But Soviet scientists say the tions, the rocket Wednesday had | rocket may come close enough to '.. . , , i gone more than 021,000 miles on aithe earth in the remote future for |its maximum speed of more than j direct line from the earth. Tass: observation. 'said this distance between earth j Prof. V. Dobronravov, a nuclear and Mechta would increase at "a ROCKET terrific pace since the earth and' (Continued on page 2) HUSBAND, 5 CHILDREN DIE Brandon Woman May Not Realize Her Loss j Mark Kelly may not * arl >' Wed «<*- thls to two-thirds of the senators absorbed the full impact of her;, loss, the di'ath of her husband and''i ,, ,.,•,.,',• i • * five children in a fire that de ' ay> '"'-^and, 38, died in an present and voting. .livedI thei! home i""™ 1 * '" rMClie then1 ' l ^ RJChard B ' Russe11 ( °- Ga) "She talks ihoiit if « !,%» " -,;,i • charles Rossum, Brandon police j chief strategist for Southern a nun at Our Lndv of nW dlief '. Hai<1 & fllnd dHve WOuld be!f ° rces in tlle rllles «Sht, offered ,, ... I ,,, , , '. ' . . . organized to help Mrs. Kelly. 'a new challenge to Nixon's ruling land m'av not reaHze yet tlu'"i'ull A slal ; e / ir f marshal's deputy i that each Senate session can adopl Mneanmg of her loss" u '"iwasjsent to investigate the fire,|its own_rules, but Nixon did not , , 'but Rossuni said it might be cliffi- j change his position. FIRE VICTIMS — Mark Kelly, 36, and his five children (all above i, perished Wednesday in fire which swept their home in Branden, Minn. Top row, left to right, are Kelly and his sons, Jim, 1', STILL JITTERY and Patrick, 14; Below are Dennis, 11, and the two Kelly daughters, Marilee, 10 and Peggy, 2. Mrs. Kelly, sole survivor, was hospitalized for minor burns and shock (AP Photofax i NEW YORK i AP) - Whe yells, e v e r v b o d v i WHERE 16 DIED — Map locates Bosweit, O k I a., where 16 persons, 15 of them children or teenagers, died today in a fire that destroyed a four-room wooden home, (AP Wirephoto Mapj (Story on Page 20) more aggressive leadership but lit- House. But he agreed with others tie change in policy. that it probably meant that the • Rep. Aneber Nelsen. sworn in party would be more vigorously , Wednesday to begin his first term, represented on the floor by Hali summed up the general feeling leek. •with: "It was not a battle of lib- "I do not think this will turn ,eral versus conservative." into a tactional light between Re! Rep. H. Carl Andersen, who said publicans in the House " Quie said j he voted in the secret Republican No III Will ' UU£l!> yens every j caucus to retain Martin as leader, "There i, nothing more damaging stands at'attention nr as in tl<i- ! added however, that "The change than when the party breaks up case, lies down probably will benefit the party as into factions. Joe Martin said he 1 An'anct,, L . r- c- i ;rt,- c "" k ' Ha '"t r r - r ? ^ - - *£ "' *•""" »L£±sr^: uae moie Aggressive leadership, meant n. ' , ;„....•>,. <• • „ , , ;: JK^ have more fighK , ? u v ls - ^ h - Wit - *•" -« ; - 2 S -S.,;? - SL-i K • 1 T S 0i , WiiCO " Sl " * iU '"to the bank wtdnLlav \\JMII J-uii do an excellent |ob as chairman yelled"I personally do not feel H ua, ot the House Republican Policy "Evervbodv He d, \vn fair to dump Joe Martin in that Committee. ;ir,,,7V manner," Andersen said. "I think Martin had held both the lead- it could have been handled in a ership and chairman posts. Bank Boss Bellows Alarm and Causes a Shattering Reaction Only Minor Burns , cull to definitely ascertain the! As the Senate plunged into the Mi-.-.. Kelly. 3li, was comiurted fire's cause. , rules scrap today, Sen. Mike during the night by her husband's The blaze started in the north-; Mansfield (D-Mont), the assistant .sister, a nun living in Sunk Cen-. east corner of the living room near! majority leader, defended John- jlre, Sister Kathleen. On their way the couch. A state wiring inspector' FILIBUSTER from California were her parents, investigated Wednesday. ' (Continued on Page 2) ''STATE OF THE WORLD 1 i Ike's Message Will Emphasize Fiscal Responsibility, Peace WASHINGTON (AP>— The cen-, lahvt program he will put before lars in the fiscal year starting tral theme of President Eisenhow- ! Congress. 'July L That is nearly three billion 'er's State ot the Union message; The State of the Union report j dollars less than estimated spencl- Friday will be the importance of will be followed on Jan. ly by the ing in the current year. maintaining tiscal responsibility • President's budget message. The White House announced tout, home while carrying on the : The White House already has day that the third major admin- light lor enduring world peace. • announced that Eisenhower will • istration message to Congress, the The White House so indicated to-1 submit a balanced budget calling President's annual economic re"• ••• repeating, as Press Secre- for spending about 77 billion dol- port, will go to the Capitol Jan. 20. IMlM^f"* Ufilli^i-flriilit^ll i TU« ,-..»_,* ...Al.,— A.1 ui. TS* 1. . dav in sounded a 4u, ciiiet tiurk, ourglar alarm. He Mr. glasses. Tb t Two weeks ago tour j: obbcd the bank ol $ Krotb "It's all right the trubtee. gtin in Frier.? hand 'My God, it's iht bo.v- tinuiovt/s were .still jittery. The polici.- were ..ifcn u As the alarm sounded. b..nk l-'roeb. Dn. Sum Hotwinu-k t •j.uard Frank Friel wlni..ped out iiis i;i,u: "You're lucky you didn't ^ . i\ vnlvi'i-. tiii'ie di'ie.'iivi's in lii. i.urt " J " r! : b:ink vicinity dashed in. and coi* Froilj was apolugf.ic • 1 in .-, so everybody - all eight tin- came swarming into the place. iv," he said "1 did it to see and four customers - lay) By that time Paul McGuirk. the j everyone was alert " on Hagerty put it, j It'i that "it will be not only a State of !r. f*rr He'j the Union message but a 'State of w*0ritl Ufr the World' message." 'CblmS LlVeS of 6 '• l!l > Eisenhower will deliver the mes-' '"-' sage personally at a joint Senate-! OSLO (AP) — Officials today House session. His 40-minute talk,' Counted at least U dead and 40 ''!' beginning about 12:^0, will be car-,fishing boats sunk or damaged MOfOCCO •!d ried on major television and radio after a two-day storm along Nor-' ;i'i networks. .way's far north Fiumark coast. Hagorty also said tiie President; Oue fishing boat was still missing. The suggestion that Eisenhower may make a series of televised talks reflects an administration recognition that it probably will take a hard fight to hold spending to the level he proposes. delL : ni " ned to Uie evfcl >' °P'i sale ended Wednesday but see forms, to; continuing snow cut visibility to for ^ le««-liOO yards ' lit (AP) — Amelia correspondent for Time auj

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