The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 7, 1959 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 20
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REGULATED BY GOVERNMENT Castro Could Hold Key to Price and Supply of Sugar in America NEW YORK (AP) — Sugar is jar sales under a law designed [o\ If consumption exceeds the one commodity whose price is keep domestic cane and sugar j quotas—which happens more often closely watched and regulated by i beet growers as happy as possible j than not, since the original esti- Uie U.S. government. : while still letting our offshore j mate is usually set low — the What happens to Cuba's crop as; possessions and our allies main- ! quotas are raised, making up the Fidel Castro takes over could jtnin their economies. ; shortage and killing any boom in affect the supply and price here. | Before the sugar harvest start prices. but not to the extent it might if j the U.S. Department of Agricul- j Quolas were u k ^ ju , . such regulations didn t exist, ; ture has the duty of estimating year-giving Cuba more That is begSiisp Cuba is allowed j how much Americans will con- j^ nere as t[ie to send only part of its normal'sume during the year. It, then : -because strikes held im crop here, and because chances divides that by formula among ian shipmDnts and had weather of getting more sugar from other, the suppliers-the domestic sugar cut the output, in Puerto Rico areas are excellent. growers, Cuba, Hawaii, Puerto _ , Last year Cuba sent 3'i million Rico and the Philippines. Outlook Excellent sliort tons of raw sugar here. Its TaHorrd (o Quotas Traders say that this year the quota this year—out of a total! Their harvesting and refining is outlook for harvests in all sugar j estimated U.S. consumption of 9'.' t then tailored to these quotas and Crowing areas is excellent. | million tons—is set at just over to their own estimates of how The day after Batista fiecl and S million tons. The Cuban Sugar much more sugar they can sell Castro was in position to halt! Institute estimates this year's in markets other than the United interference with Cuban harvest-! crop there—if harvested and mar- Stales, ] ing — just starting — and restore ! keted without hitch—should be. If American consumption drags.'broken transportation lines, the' just under (i million tons. That the Department of Agriculture i sugar market here had a'busy would make plenty and to spare lowers the quotas allowed into the ] "— for the U.S, market. i market., and thus drooping prices! The United States regulates SUR-; are revived. j IOWA NEWS But the excitement was conj fined largely to the world future markets. Spot buying of raw sugar was at only slightly changed prices. World futures are contracts to buy or sell sugar at some future date. They mostly involve sugar NO MORE SHOUTING — Rep. Arne Warwik Dulurh" gets instruction in use of the new individual microphones for each of the 131 members of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Giving Rep. Wanvik his lesson at the State Capitol is Hazel Hyndman, Minneapolis, a House page. (AP Phorofax) TEMPERATURES k\7vc-» T. ^ H H « tlcnda " ce - I]OWi ' movie »«en.jnot coming under the U.S. quo!^ ' Alexandria AMES M* - The Iowa Highway | dance dropped about 5 per cent j an d mostly are intended for ulti- Bemidji Commission plans to let contracts ; compared to he 7.:, per cent rebate sale to consumers abroad i Intl Falls ne^xt week for the beautification of ported nationally. i „ , ,,-,,, more Shan 30 miles of Interstate! ' Ri " U " Prices | Redwood Falls 35 south of Des Moines. Tiie pro-! SKI.L CHAIN . Wlli!e the revolution was gain-1 * , QC ", ^ ject will include the settling of! DES MOINES i/p> — The Iowa ing & rouncl in Cuba and the|~, ,V* 7B1 acres and planting 2,355 trees.'Executive Council has agreed to! chances of harvesting the crop j , " 3,040 shrubs and 2.200 vines. ,'.sel! John Ropes of Onawa thei grew dim ' tracler s had bid tip^T. h j chair he occupied as a member! |{> e « world future prices. Now i*™ ENROLLMENT .fl.038 lot the State Commerce Comrais-i lhat they belleve Castro will fos-i™ ° * AMES tfi — Winter quarter en- : sion. Ropes bid $20 for the chair, i^ r H le Sllgar indl 'stry there— j" ° rollment at Iowa State College is saying he wanted it "as a token j smce it>s n mai nstay of the Cuban j R ?? „. 9,058 students, Registrar Arthur, reminder of my service with the econ ° m y—they look for a normal j ^Xnrv M. Gowan said Tuesday. Among state." He was defeated for re- undergraduate divisions, Engineer- j election last November, ing has the largest enrollment with j 2,533 students and Agriculture is [ AUTO PRIVILEGES LOST DES MOINES (/B — The Iowa nest with 1,827. i Safety Department reports that a WOMEN VOTERS PARLEY | record 8,320 motorists lost their CEDAR RAPIDS IAI — The state'driving privileges last year—1,191 board of the League of Women more than in 1957 Voters will meet today and Thursday to discuss its recommendations for legislative reapportionment. NURSERYMEN MEET Ice Skater to Draw Sizeable Alimony SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) supply of sugar on the world mar- i ~ a , lgary knt. Sn full,™ r,,.;,,,,,. A , ... i Edmonton ket. So future prices dropped back j Edmonl to their level in more peaceful' !!,° glna days. i Winnipeg Traders will watch Castro But! A !' any> cloudy unless the wholly unexpected hap- l Albuc l uerc l ue - cloudy pens, the American housewife i^" ch °'' age ; clear shouldn't see nnv c lllTar ei,™,™,,,. Atlanta, clear shouldn't see any sugar shortages in the stores or any wide swings in prices. The Department of Agriculture will do the watching for her. Hi Lo Pep 12 14 3 21 1!) 13 15 1!) 17 23 7 14 54 23 •6 -17 6 2 fi 1 12 10 35 28 16 10 45 28 8 7 -1 10 12 10 12 8 7 10 5 11 11 -7 Legal Notice DES MOINES W) - The three-' k ' e skatlng Star Donna Atwood has i day Iowa Nurserymen's Assn. con-: a1 . divor « decr ' e . W.OOO-a-month j vention opens here Thursday A- ' f 1 '" 10 "^ ? 375 monthly support for i mong the subjects to be discuss-1 her three cllildren . and title to thej ed are Dutch Elm disease and the i ^^J*™'^ nurserymen's part in the interstate highway program. Legal Notice ORDER FOIl HEARING ON FINAL *,,'..,' ".'ni.i,>i. t)« UNA ACCOUNT ANI> I'KTITION FOR mSTKIIHJTION ^OP MINNESOTA. County ot Estute of The ACCOUNT AND , DISTRIBUTION STATE OF MINNESOTA County ol Mower- sa in Prnhate ''our 1 In Re Estate of Anna May Sansom. Decedent. The representative of the above named estate having riled his final account and petition for settlement and allowance thereof and for dlstrl button t«i the persons thereunto en titled; IT IS ORDERED Thnt the hearing. .„ MOVIE TREND Harris, 59, her husband for eight years. The 34-year-old Miss At- ! '"IT'IS' ORDERED Th wood obtained the divorce Tues- ] iHcrcor be had on the lath l " r ' 1ll0 ' clok DES MOINES ffl _ State sales i day after tellinglhe^ourt Vw^s Wf^^ tax figures show that Iowa's popu-j rude to her friends and had a bad i m ° m "' the court house in lace is in keenine with n ™H™.,I I tomno,. U Q rii.i .,„* „.,„!.,„. i... J Mlnncsota . and that notice A ' " lace is in keeping with a national i temper. He did not contest her trend showing a decline in movie | suit. Starts Tonight 7 & 9 P. M. REGULAR PRICES ALL THE GREATNESS OF A WALT DISNEY HIT- ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERYONE UT OF THE AGE OF WONDERS -ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL MOTION PICTURES OF OUR TIME! SEE Slnbad clutched by the two-headed Roc I SEE Princess Parlsa In the palm of her loverl •EC the murderous Skeleton stalking Slnbad I SEE the chained Dragon unleashed! Fantastically filmed in TECHNICOLOR* and brilliant new moviemaking process! Jnw bv . ...... -• •*•*«.» if i in u "tiL-u:t; iicrpni •38 given by publication of this order in the Austin Daily Herald ancl mailed notice as provided bv Dated December 20th 1958 PAUL KIMBALL JR.' Probate Judiro i PROBATE COURT SEAL) WALLACE C. SIEH Attorney for Petitioner Austin. .Minnesota File No. 11779 _ . Dec. 2-1, 31. Jnn. 7 Legal Notice ORDER FOU H1CARINC5 ON FINAL FOll room In the court house In Austin Minnesota, and that notice hereof be Klven by publication of this order in thn Austin Dally Herald and hy mall- e<! noMcc as provided nv Inw. Dated December 22nd, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL. JR. Probate Judge. (PROBATE COURT SEAL) R. A DUNNETTE Attorney lor Petitioner. Austin. Minnesota File No. 11777 Dec. 2-!, 31, Jan. 7 Bismarck, cloudy 9 4 Boston, clear 19 12 Buffalo, snow 13 g .14 Chicago, cloudy 24 21 Cleveland, cloudy 18 13 Denver, cloudy 56 26 Des Moines, cloudy 32 17 Detroit, cloudy 21 13 Fort Worth, rain 40 37 T Helena, clear 42 20 Indianapolis, cloudy 29 26 Kansas City, rain 38 33 T Los Angeles, cloudy 61 52 Louisville, cloudy 35 30 Memphis, cloudy 44 37 Miami, cloudy _ 6!) (57 Milwaukee, cloudy 22 13 Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 16 13 New Orleans, cloudy 49 42 New York, clear 22 16 O'klahoma City, rain 38 33 T Omaha, cloudy 33 18 People's Pulpit 20 EVILS OP DRINK THE HERALD: Mrs. Gladys Lillie of the WCTU asked me if I would- present a statement regarding granting of liquor licenses in Austin. The outcome of the recent controversy is not so surprising for it would seem that temperance forces were backed off the map. But not backed off the map are the consequences of the liquor habit. They are just what they were before the 18th Amendment. The Founding Fathers sought to establish an idealistic society, "a Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, with the right to life with the right to the pursuit of happiness." But the 10,00f) or 11,000 people last year lost their lives on highways because of drunkenness found their right nullified because of the strain upon personal liberty effected by those who put their indulgence above citizenship and patriotism. The history of alcoholic indulgence has been the history of a thief and a betrayer and there is not an item in the Bill of Rights that is not made a mockery by people who compromise the interests of their fellow men. Some philosopher has said that AUSTIN (Minn.) HERAIO Wedne*doy, Jan. 1, 1959 mankind will go to. the death for a faith that it does hot understand and whose precepts it constantly violate*. American ideology means nothing to people who do not prac tice its precepts and exhibit the same dedication in peace that they pretend in war. Alcohol has one supreme interest and that is profit. If it has ever blessed America in any particular, I do not know what it is. It seems to be human nature like to be on the side of the majority. But I would like to state my conviction that the temperance movement of the past 100 years has projected a sentiment into life that will not perish. There has been no change that I know of in the position of the leading churches. The United Temperance Movement in Minnesota is supported by most of Protestant churches and none that I know of has altered its stand because we do not always win at the ballot box..Several years ago I picked up a tract in the Catholic hospital in Graceville written by a prominent Catholic clergyman telling of a growing total abstinence movement among Catholic people and also that the young priests in Ireland are going on the water wagon because of the blight that alcohol has brought upon th«lr nation. It was ftot prohibition that lost in 1932, it was the suffering families of alcoholic parents, suffering children, pure human wrecks that now once more inhabit our city slums, and the victimized public that has to pay the taxes for reform institutions, jails, prisons, and courts that deal with the wreckage alcohol produces. Mr. Editor, a few weeks ago you raised the question as to what could be done with the human element involved in the alcohol problem. Well, we are living in an area that professes to believe in the Bible. The people could read their Bibles for themselves and their church constitutions find if the majority opinion might shift most wholesomely and expeditious* ly. Robert W. Duel 405 S. Franklin. JAILER'S CAR STOLEN ATLANTA, Ga., (AP) - Someone stole a car belonging to Carl Smithwick, chief jailer at Fulton Tower, where persons charged i with auto theft are held pending ! trial. Reserve District No. 9 State Bank No. 1574 REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF AUSTIN STATE BANK of Austin, in the Slate of Minnesota at (lie close of business on I December 31, 1958. ! a « S J?!* Banking institution organized and operating unfler the oanklng laws !of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System Mitllslicd In accordance with a call made by the State Banking Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank of this District. Assets ~ I Cash, balances with other banks. Including reserve balances and I cash Items in process of collection $ 1 533 112 &3 i United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .. 3',4£)7'<377 n Obligations ol States and political subdivisions w'fHfi n Other bonds, notes, and debentures " an'noOOO Corporate stocks (Including $15,000.00 atock of Federal' Reserve ' ' bank) 1500000 Loans and discounts (Including $835.37 overdrafts')".".'.',','.'.'.'.'.'.' 6 170 484'o' an «in pnr t« l S! 8 owned *»9.3«-22. furniture and fixtures ' ' •p luU ,5*10.24 •,, (»«« Legal Notice ORDER FOK I1KAK1NCJ ON PFT1 TION FOU ADMINISTRATION LJ.M ITING TIMK TO F1LK" CLAIMS AND FOR HEARING TIIKKKON FATE OF MINNESOTA. County ni Mower—«s In Probate Oourt In Re Estute ot Albert Krelnbrlnn. Decedent. Everett Kxclubrlnu havlnz tiled Notice of Hearing ON CHANGE OF USE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that. It Is the determination of the City Council of Austin, Minnesota, th.V; It Is necessary and expedient to have a public hearing as to whether or not the use district of the following described premises shall be changed from residential to multiple dwelliii" use: A tract of Ifind located on the west aide of Sutton Place between East Oakland Avenue on the north and East Wlnonn Street on the south and being 300 feet north and south and 7(i.52 feet, east and west In Austin, Minnesota. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN thin said Common Council will hear said matter and will publicly hear all persons Interested In said matter, including those In favor ol said change of use district and those opposed to ?ald change of use district at a meeting on the 19th day of January, 1P59, at 8:00 p.m., In the Council Chambers In the Municipal Bu'lcllnf on East Water Street In Austin, Minnesota. TO ALL IN- Jan. 7 Resolution NO. 4108 Providing for a public hearing in the matter of changing the vise district of certain premises located in Austin, Minnesota. WHEREAS the Council deem it necessary and advisable to consider the neceuslty of changing the use district Of the premises hereinafter described from residential to multiple dwelling use, which premises are described as follows: A tract of land located on the west side of Button Place between East Oakland Avenue on the north and East Wlnona Street on the south and being 300 feet north and south and 78.52 feet east and west In Austin, Minnesota, WHEREAS It appears to be expedient that a public hearing he Had in order to determine the necessity and advisability of changing the use district of the above described premises in the manner set forth. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council that a public hearing be had In the matter of changing the use district of the premises Jibove described in the council rooms In the Municipal Building on East Water Street In Austin, Minnesota, at 8:00 p.m., on the 19th day of Janunry, 1D59, and the City Recorder Is hereby directed to cause a notice of said hearing to be published once in the Austin Daily Herald, at least five days prior to the date of said hearing. Passed by a vote of the yeas and nays tills 2nd day of January, 1959. Yens 5. Nays 0. APPROVED: CHARLES R. HANSEN Mayor ATTEST: J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Jan. 7 Resolution NO. 4109 WHEREAS freeholders owning property In Rochford Addition in Austin, Minnesota, have filed a petition with the Common Council asking that A certain public alley be vacated, whlcrt said public alley is described as follows: Commencing at the Southwest Corner of Block 17, Kenwood-Park Place Addition to the City of Austin, thence running East along tha South line of Block 17, Kenwood- Park Place Addition* to the South east Corner of said Block .17, thence . South twelve (12) feet to the Northeast ' Corner of Block 2, Rochford addition to the City of Austin, thence West along the North line of Block 2, to the Northwest Corner of Block 2, Rochford Addition, thence North twelve (12) feet to the Southwest Corner of Block 17, Kenwood-Park Place Addition and the point of beginning. WHEREAS the Council deem it expedient that the matter be proceeded, with and that a public hearing be- had on the matter, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that eald petition be filed of record with the City Recorder and that said City Recorder shall give public notice by publication in the official paper of the City of Austin for four successive weeks, at leust once in each,week, stating that such petition has been filed and statins that such petition shall be heard and considered by the Council on the 6th day of February, 1959, at S'OO p.m. In the Council Chambers ou East Water Street In the City of Austin, Minnesota. Passed by a vote of the yeas ana nays this 2nd day of January, 1959. Yeas 5, Nnys 0 APPROVED: CHARLES R. HANSEN Mayor ATTEST: J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Jnn. 7 TOTAL ASSETS .$11,667,820.22 Liabilities Demand deposits of Individual.?, partnerships, and corporations $ rime deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations .. uepos s of United States Government (including postal savlnre) Deposits of States and political subdivisions ... Deposits of banks oth " deposits (certified and' officers 1 ' 'checks','etc!)' Other liabilities " TOTAL LIABILITIES •M44.020.G2 I 3,547,204.43 76.38-i.08 1,996,417.02 284,267.4) 62,922.52 320,575.25 Capital Accounts Dated January 3, 1(159 J. H. WEILAND City Recorder In k own a Nick lent " 5 NlcK scras -~"--j or HI . a "\?°, llrt " " n ' 8 ' Notice Of Hearing ON VACATION OF PUBLIC AU.KY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there hits been filed with the undor slifiicd City Recorder of the City o Austin, Minnesota, a petition slRt „ ,„.„ ut v.,- v , Klll , ( >y various freeholders of the City o died intestate and praying that Mel- lAustln requesting the vacation of Capital* Surplus ....... , Undivided profits' ' TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 200.00000 400,000.00 336,028.23 , LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ......... of $200,OCO.Oa CaPltal C ° nSUtS ° f: C ° mmon stock with Memoranda mirn'o^lf d ° r nss! S ned to ac °ure liabilities and for other PUrP ° SC - s ............ ' value $ 3,062,000.00 County of Mower— ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day of January, 1059 (SEAL) LUCILLE BUMP Notary Public, Mower County, Minn My commission expires June 14, 1964 Correct—Attest: PHILIP RICHARDSON o. E. MCLAUGHLIN V. E. TAUSCHE Directors. . Jan. 7 w r,,, r ' ' MiUvrus, t/ecc- , Istrator; be appointed admin '"""In public alley In the City o I Austin which said public alleV Is dc entitled """ l """ mB the «"n'- n ! Minnesota: that the 'time within IT m'onnvnirn TV, . , , wl 'lch creditors n! saui .lecmi.'ir nis\ .....J? PK^RED. That the hearing me their claims be llmiuv, to "'- thereo bn hu ml 1'Wa at Ifl on . . frnm UlD clnte llcrenf ' ancl >, and that In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided bv law Dated December 22nd, 1958 PAt?L KIMBALL. JR. ' Probate Judge 'PROBATE COURT SFAL) CUTTER & HAHCOCK Attorney.-, tor Petitioner 31(i E. Miiln St. Anokii, Minnesota file No. 1161(8 Dec. 2-1, 31. Jan. 7 hereof be given by publication of thl order In the Austin Dolly Herald mid by mallei! notice ns provided by law Dated January 3rd, 1959. PAUL KIMBALL, JR I'robsile Judge (PROBATE COURT SEAL) : BAUDLKR & BAUDLEB I Attorneys for Petitioner Austin. Minnesota ! File No. r.8;i2 ! Jan. 7, 14, 21 PUBLIC INVITED TO KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS AND PYTHIAN SISTERS Officers Installation at Lyie School LYLE, MINN. SATURDAY, JANUARY 10-8 P.M. -- - ~, at the Southwest Corner of Block 17, Kenwood-Park Place Addition to the City of Austin, thence running East alonK the South line of Block 17, Kenwood- Park Place Addition to the Southeast, Corner of said Block 17, thence South twelve (12) feet to the Northeast Corner of Block 2, Rochford Addition to the City of Austin, thence West alonR the North line of Block 2, to the Northwest. Corner of Block 2, Rochford Addition, thence North twelve (12) feet to the Southwest Corner of Block 17. Kenwood-Park Place Addition and the point of beulnnlnff. NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that said Common Councl will further consider said petition and will publicly hear all person. Interested In said vacation of sale ! public alley at a meeting ol 1 the Coin ! mon Council on February 6, 1959, a 3:00 p m.. at the Council Rooms 01 i East Water Street in the Munlclpa Building, In the City of Austin, Mln nesota. LET THIS BE NOTICE TO ALL IN TERESTED PARTIES. January 3. 1959. J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Jan. 7, 14, 21, 2h TONITE & THURSDAY 7:00 - 9:00 No safe, no secret, no sweetheart could resist his touch! 20c 45c 60c M-t-M . m RAY MILLAND. The SAFECRACKER Resolution NO. 4107 Accepting a plat to be known as SouthUuvn Third Addition to the City of Austin, Minnesota. A plat, or Southlawn Third Addition to the City of Austin, Minnesota !ii<s been duly filed with the City Recorder and pursuant to appropriate i resolution by the Common Council a hearing on the acceptance of sale plat or rejection of said plat hi-ld hi the Council Chambers 01 January 2, 1959. at 8:00 p m Notici i)l siiltl hearliiR was duly given li the otficlal paper of the City ol Austin. Minnesota. At the time and place specified In said notice said ni.U'.er wat, duly considered by !hf> interested parties In favor of accept- in!; salt] plat and those opposed to .iiTeptlns .-aid plat. The Council ha ;lven the matter full consideration The description of the premises contained within the plat of Southlawn Third Addition to the City of Austin. Minnesota, Is as follows: All that part of Subdivision 1 of Outlot 4 and nil that part of Out Lot 5 located In the northeast Quarter of Section 9. Township 102 North, Rjnge IS West, Mower County, Minnesota, described as follow tp-WH: Coinmenclim at a point on Mie North Hue of !lu> Northeast Quarter of s.iid Section 8, M;i -ij H-et West of the .Northeast corner ol s.ild Section 9. tlU'mv Wt*l uloiu the North line ot oaid Sectitin 9. 540 feet, thence South 188 fee: thence West 60 feet, thence South (.-70 tivt. thence East GCO feet thence North 853 Jeet to the point of beginning, m Austin, Minnesota. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLV- fc-p by the Common Council of the uty of], Minnesota, lhat 'he P:at of Southlawn Third Addition ol ne Cl:y of Austin, Minnesota, htre- ;.'fore fi.t-ci with the Common Council of smci city shall bt. and the sj;ne is htrt-by accepted, conilnrud md approved BE IT KURTHKR RESOLVED th,' '•;> e c "y Recorder, upon the pa.-f.ue. ,': lnon - >h -' 1! fie a certified cop, .:f.,-cj. In '.!.»• oilicf u: the Riveter ••' Dt'ta., 01 Mo-Aer County, Mini.i:-! I'usafd bj- u ioie of the yeas and v»'. s «" a ciay or January. 1959 ie<a 5. Na\ s o. APPROVED- CHARLES H, HANSE.V : Mavor : ATTEST: ' ! J. H. WEILAND I City Recorder ' Tonight and Thursday Evening Performances Only _ _ Starting at 7:15 P. M. "LAND UNKNOWN" SHOWS TWICE at 7:15-10:09 SHAWN SMITH -WILLIAM REYNOLDS PLUS ~ THIS PICTURE, SHOWS ONCE at 8:45 P. M. OCK MAHONEY-GILBERT ROLAND COMING SOON WATCH FOR DATES "THE INN OF THE SIXTH • WALT DISNEY'S "TONKA" IN PERSON . . . 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