Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 13, 1933 · Page 11
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 11

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 11
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• mtmirnm m AMST* ^•••^••(•••^•••^^gMKM^^^^Big PHILADELPHIA O> - Two doJUajr gin—but not bath tub gin— KOO» may b« a reality j n Philadelphia. The first penult issued fine* the paaaage or the prohibition AJUl DAILY TKIlUHfc-TUttl, AM**, IOWA, FWDAY, 0010)1* 13, IMS. for tb« iu»aulactur« of r«al gin hat been (iv«a to the Continental DittiUlux Corporation by the Bureau of Industrial Alcohol. SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION BLUE MOON CHEESE SPREAD American and Pimento 18c Roquefort and Oamembert .... RED ARROW MARKET Phont 68—200 Main St. It's a Fair Old World, Thinks Aunt Lindy After Viewing Fair D«ar Tribune-TimM Rvadtri: • . • We sajd once before it would be worth a trip to Chicago to convince some that the world i» fair and now that we have made the trip we , can »ay, "We told y' io." i This truly is a fair old world! We feel to charitable that -we even I think Chicago h« been maligned. These Chicagoani won't run over you if you keep out of th» way and they won't shoot you if you^gtay from in front of the gun and abqdy'« got to watch out for those things right ,at homo. They make everything eaiy for you except to borrow money so we start home today where you can borrow and keep going. No indictment will be returned against A Century of Progress. Chicago may well be proud! She exceeds! She exceeds even our 16-mile speed limit back home. We go home feeling encouraged and charitable and ambitious to keep up but it's going to be a hard job with the kind of a car we drive. Sincerely, AUNT LINDY 1 Keith's Fruit Store 1 319 Main — Leo Armstrong, Mgr. 4 Brussels Sprouts, box . . ... 25C Mushrooms, box . . . Spinach, 2 Ibs . . . . Cauliflower, each . . . String Beans, lb . . . Head Lettuce, each . . Calavos, each .... Quince, 4 Ibs .... Pears, bu ..... Bananas, 2 Ibs . Michigan Grapes, basket . FULL LINE OF HOME BAKED . . 40c • lOc IOC . . 50 • -25C 25C 85c .«c . 20c GOODS I Storv Cotuitv Churches Continued from Page Eight) E. R. Rorem, minister. Sunday school, 10'a. m. Morning worship in English, li a. m. Prayer meeting, Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. SLATER— Bethany Lutheran church. Rev. E. R. Rorem, minister. Morning •worship in English, 9:45 a. m. Sunday school, 10:45 a. m. SLATER— Haughes church. Rev. Alfred Knutson, minister. Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship in English,. 11 a. m. Prayer meeting, Thursday, 8 P- m. SLATER— Methodist church. Rev. Q. C Swain, Minister. Sunday school, a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. STORY CITY— Bethlehem Lutheran church. Rev G. 0. Paulsrud, minister. Sunday school. 10:45 a. m. Service in English with catechlzation of con firmands at 3 p. m. STORY CITY— Grace Evangelical church. Rev C. L. Fuller, minister. -Sunday school, 10 a. m. President R, M. Hughes of Iowa State collee will address the Big Brothers class. Morning worship, 11 a. m. E. L. C. E., 7 p. m. Evening worship, 7:30 p. m. STORY CITY-Immanuel Lutheran church. Rev. T. T. Heimarck, -minister. Sunday Echool,' 9:45 a. m. Evening worship, 7:30 p. m. STORY CITY— SL Petri Lutheran church. Rev. W. B. Scarvie, minister. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Qthtsr services NKW JUNGLELAND BOOK ree with two packages of Corn Flakes Have you seen the netc'Kellogg Jungldanil Book? It's a beauty. Every child will want it. This famous book, originated by Kellogg, has delighted millions during the past twenty years. Now it's ready in a brand-new edition. Beautiful new pictures in sparkling colors. Dozens of animal characters. And you can make over a thousand changes of costume with this magic book. Think of the fun! All you have to do to gel a free copy of the Jungleland Book is to buy two packages of Kellogg's Corn Flakes from your grocer. And of course everybody welcomes these delicious flakes of toasted corn. Take advantage of this offer right away, ll is pood for a limited time only. Made by Kellogg in Battle C»et;k. CENTRAL FRUIT' • MARKET 505 Kellogg Phone 136 North of Postoffioe Potatoes $1 to $1.7$ 100 Lbs Northern Cobblers Red River Valley o'hios Idaho Ruisets The finest quality potatoes on the market. OTHER TRUITS AND VEGETABLES WE DELIVER McEIyea Boys, Clint A Oran GILLMORES FOOD MARKET Member NBA Fri. A Sat, Oct. 13 & 14. :Lard, Pure Leaf, 2 Ibs 15c Pancake FIoTir, 3^ lb saclt .7.....'.".".'..'. .18c Maple Syrup, 12 pz. bottle ...15c Breakfast Wheat, like Cream of Wheat ..15c Coffee, Fblgers, 1 lb 3lc Coffee, Red Bag; 1 lb .19c .Mackerel, .. .lOc Soup, Heinz, 6 for ...54c Pork & Bean«, Ige can, 2 for 19c New Dates, large pkjj 25c Peaches, heavy «yrup, 2J£ can, 2 for 37c Kitchen Cleanser, 2 for _13c Moore's & O'Nell's milk 2 quarts ; I5c Kellogg* Corn Flakes 2for 19c Funny Juriglelantf Bdok Free Sugar, with order only, 10 Ibs 49c Groceries, Mont, Vegetables "Convenient Parking" 118 5tb St. Phone 639 A,UUrJHTE KING: / jctULiij neat 11 icn't,. for Briqhkhjng SILVERWARE r No longer is it necessary to plan a «peci«l day f 01 cleaning •ilverware or to worry about ttained bands... that is, IF you but u»* ray Wliiie King B«*uty Treatment. Partly fill en aluminum pan with boiling water to which has first been added three tablespoonfuls of White King Granulated Soap. Drop the silverware in the suds... let stand for a few minutes until stain is removed ... rinse acd dry. >>'/•,> 1! you h«v«, |urt writ* to K«y White, au* at Tho Wbll. King Sotp Co, Lot AnO.Ui, C«li- fomU, «nd your Inquiry will b« glv.n prompt portonil «!i.nlion. Initrucliv* hf*kl«t on On*'H*fl Ihn Tim* willi Whil* Kino Crunu- lit*<f Sfp" FRl'fi cpen r.gum. Argo Corn Starch 1 Ibpkff 6c PINEAPPLE Rogedale crushed or sliced No. i% can 2 for }gc IS, I TH c M o 1-^1 r. LOWlft AYBKAM P110I 01I0HUfOil KELLOGQS CORN FLAKES One funny Jungle Land book FREE 2 Ige pkgs Peaches Rosedale sliced or halves No. 2% can Corn Meal Certainty fey white or yellow 5 lb bag He SWISS CHEESE Mammoth Wheel Ibjjc Pumpkin PIE each 20C CRACKERS . all crisp Sodas or Grahams 1 lb pkg L 2$C Pel Monte whole ker'l Crosby CORN No. 2 can 2$c 'DeHHoniel . Del Monte Sockeye SALMON 1 lb Chocolate covered CHER. RIES L" 1 J9c Assorted CAKES 29c BAKING POWDER Calumet can RAISINS Calif. Seedless 4 lb bag 25c COFFEE Butternut 1 lb can 3lc CANNED VEGETABLES CANNED VEGETABLE SALE All New 1988 Pack TOMATOES Cool Spring Fancy No. 2 cans S for 8lc — Dozen fl.18 Iowa King, hand packed No. 9 c«n, 8 for 27c Dosen fl.OO No. aj4 can, » for B7c Dozen ...:.?,$1.65 CORN COOL SPRING FANCY Bantam, No. 2 cans 9 lor »lo — Dozen $1.15 Elnora Crosby No. 2 can 8 for 98c — Dozen . .»9c PEAS Dodge Center Sweets No. 2 can 2 for 21c Dozen $1.25 Sing Sing BIRD 8EZD 2 pkgs 25C One pkg of Bird Grit FREE ROYAL ANN CHERRIES Rosedale No. 2& can 2 for 45c KIDNEY BEANS Van Camps PECAN ROLLS 14C Campbells TOMATO JUICE Del Monte Bartlett Del Monte APRICOTS 3alif halves No. a/ 2 can 20C SHRIMP Dunbar fancy wet or dry No. 1 can 29c COOKIES six varieties 2 dozen 19c GEORGES PORGIE Breakfast Food I9c PEANUT BUTTER Win You fancy 2 lb jar J7c KITCHEN KLENZER ' 3 cans I5c SANI FLUSH cleans closet bowls 2 cans 38c One can of Melo One closet brush FREE ,2Btxxxxx**$sx$xxxx^^ SHOP WITH US FOR FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TOKAY GRAPES FINEST FRUIT lb. 6c POTATOES large clean U. S. No. 1 Northern Cobblers, peck Butter Boone or Nevada fancy creamery HH22C Jello The new : improved All flavors Fresh green Spinach, 2 Ibt .... .2Bc Grape Fruit, extra large He Cauliflower, each 20c Onions, red, 10 Ibs 19c Persian Melons, each 60c Brussel Sprouts, quart 29c Fresh, Mushrooms, lb 39c Florida Avacados, each 25c Cucumbers, each lOc Cabbage, solid, lb 3c Sugar Pure fine granulated 10 Ibs 5lc Quaker Oats quick or regular large pkg. Swt. Potatoes Famous Virginias fine cookers 8 Ibs. 25c GRAPEFRUIT, Florida large, 4 for CELERY, tender, large stalks, 2 for 2SC Cheese Krafts, Brick, American Pimento AO. lb. ,...,:.. 28C - Imported Roquefort, *n- POTATOES, Early Ohio, keepers, 100-lb bag .... $1.95 IOWA APPLES, Jonatbon, 5 Ibs ., 25C C RAJS BERRIES, delicious Eatmor, 2 iba ,..'.. 2SC Krafts Mayonnaise Thousand Island Taste Spread, Hamnaise or French Dressing ISc PEACHES-PEARS, for eating, basket 25C Sunkist Oranges thin skin the best values 2 doz. ...35c 2 doz. ... 45c 2 doz. ... 65c Head Lettuce crup solid large heads 2 for 13c jexjoatstxxsoacscwaacxsssa^^ Flour Gold Medal 'Kitchen Tested' 5 lb bag ..29c 121/4 lb bag 61c 241/2 lb bg $1.12 49 lb bag $2.19 SWEET POTATOES Gulf Kist fancy No. 2% can L 2SC Seminole TISSUE Full 1000 sheet count 25C Indian head dress Free LUX FLAKES for dainty fabrics Ige pkg 22C Hersheys COCOA % lb can 9c 1 lb can Quality Meats at Low Coat—229 Main St. LARSON'S CAMPUS MARKET Young Dressed Ducks CLEAN WEITE lb. UC Syrup Log Cabin cane and maple table size He med. size 44c Fresh Dressed HENS OR SPRINGS lb. 16c Morrell's Premium Bacon lb, 23c Morrell's Pride Hams WHOLE OR PART 111. 16c Hormel's Pure Lard IN CARTONS lb. 9c Loin of Veal Rcast FINE QUALITY 11). 15c Halts Butter. krust BREAD white or whole wheat loaf 5c Oysters, pint 35c Pork Butts lb. 12c Ham Loaf lb. 12c Short Kits lb. lOc Veal Chops lb. 18c Sweet Breads 25c Veal Hearts lb. lOc GREEN BEANS ( Shawano * Lake fey No. 4 sieve whole No. 2 can a for 29C CITRON .LEMON or ORANGE FEEL Dromedary 4 oz. pkg IOC Veal Liver lb. 25c Ham Steak lb. 18c Clix, 3 pounds 25c Candy chocolate covered Carniels or Peanut Clusters Beef or Pork Tenderloins lb. 28c Plantation Sausage ALL PURE PORK 2 Ibs. 25c Windsor Sliced Bacon 2 Ibs. 3Jc Fly Tox 2oC 45c /JV

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