Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 2, 1965 · Page 22
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 22

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, August 2, 1965
Page 22
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 1965. Market Becomes Groups Named Irregular Early This Afternoon For Barbecue Committees for the a n n ual Iflmb barbecue of the Iromvood Council. Knights of Columbus, have been announced by Grand Boggs Says U.S. Could Launch All-Out War NEW ORLEANS (API— Rep. Hale Roggs. D-La., said today the United States has the power to laurel 1 all-out war against North Viet Nam. But. he said, we couldn't foresee the con- NEW YORK (AP>—The stock marke' became irregular early this afternoon after wiping out most of a small early gain The overages at mid-day were still slightly ahead but the per-! formance of key stocks through- j out the list was fairly ragged, i Steeis turned weak, with U.S. Steel dcwn more than a point as Wall Street began pondering the risks of a strike by the new! deadline of Sept. 1. i Selective strength appeared, In a mixed auto section. Nonfer- j rous metals all were higher and j there was a steady-to-hlgher! trend "mong airlines. j Utilities, chemicals, oils to-; baccos and mail-order retails i were scrambled. j The market was higher atj the start but It soon became apparent that the list was having trouble in maintaining its advance Into the fourth straight session. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon was up .3 at 326.6 with industrials up .3, rails up .3 and utilities unchanged. The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was up .50 at 882.24. Larger blocks included 18.000 shares of CBS, unchanged at 34; and 16,300 shares of Lily Tulip, off % °t 29. Prices were generally higher in quiet trading on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate and U.S. Treasury bonds were mostly unchanged in light trading. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS NEW YORK (AP) — Following is s sectioned list of stock transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with net change from previous close. Knight John Kostac. This event: sequences, will be held at the council club "Let no one doubt we have rooms Thursday. Aug. 12, f o r such a capacity (to go all-out)," members, wives and guests. | the House majority whip told General chairman of the; the opening session of the Dis- i Playhouse will be the setting event is George Petrusha. A s •' abled American Veterans Na- for two one act plays to b e 2 Short Plays Will Be Given At Indianhead The Indianhead Mountain sisting him will be committee tional Convention, members as follows: Wood Committee — Frank Kasieta, chairman; John Zim-j mermann and Steve Armata. j Food and Serving Committee- Frank Schwab, chairman; Larry Conard. Kenneth Comparln, Ed-j ward Luczak, Ray Richards, I William Pallin. Louis Paoli,! Tony Lopez. Edward A. Fabiny.' AUSTIN, Tex. (API —- A new i staged, this week, by the G o- calls from his prison cell hop-1 ing for the sight of a human be- i ing. Hi< call is answered by a I girl, tne cook and cleaner of the] jail, friendless and alone. The plot development centers in the development of the relationship between these two who share their loneliness and vies of the C. Grant, Bride Are in England BRISTOL, England (AP) - Hospital Notes j GRAND VIEW. Admitted Saturday; Eugene O. Hickey, 234' Frederick St., medical; admit* ted Sunday: Tver S. Ann a 1 a, Route 1. Therese A. Stella, 422 Cary Road, Hurley, Mrs. Axel I A. Berg, Route 1. Saxon, Gust Public Hearing Set for Aug. 9 each Honeymooning Gary Grant and Tlkkari. East McLeod Avenue. i- The nrisonpr finds in! nis 27-year-old are suf- Michael T. Worthlngton, Route i. me piisoner linos in i ,„,.,„„ ,„„„, ,,„,, „„!,!„ .. hB . llm 9 Ironwood tried ca. .. US. " lm >c,,. f! e a »„*=,: W,,,,™ ™~ °<™^LX. BESSEMER — Monday, Aug, from 2-3 p.m., was set as the flnd Ume for tne publl(J * * * "You got to have in your life, gebic Range Little Th e a t e r someobody who's right," he tells Officers Have New Mystery i Players under the direction of | Peter Landry. i The rlays, "The Typists" by .Murray Schisgal, and "Hello, J Out There" by William Saroyan, will open Tuesday even- ai a v;uaiuieui suiu Luuuy. uiSUIIHIKeu oaiuiuaj 1 . VYIIIICUII «._-.i TM- Grant and his wife spent Sun- A. Antinoja. John Sand. Mrs. by the Intermediate School Dls- day alone in their hotel suite. Stella Anderson. Iromvood: dis- trict of Gogeblc County, foi op- Thc staff of Bristol's Royal charged Sunday: Mrs E t h e 1 eratlon during the fiscal year Hotel told callers Grant had left Wilkus. Julio J. Negnni, Charles 1965 . ]gG6 the at 0 a.m. Sunday for the coun-i •*• Oustafson, Oscar Ket o l a . Tne ncarlng wll] De held in th« try. They said they weren't sure' Iromvood. ; office of the ISO Board of Edu- isjwhen'he would return, i DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. cation, at the courthouse. The played by Mary Ellen Finuc a n.' But all the time, Grant, 61, Admitted Saturday: Tracey budget will br available for pub- MSU Players, who won the and his bride, blonde American i Pauls. Minneapolis, accident; lie perusal from 9 a.m. until hearts of audiences in the role of actress Dyan Cannon, remained 1 addmited Sunday: Mrs William hearing time on Monday and her; ' 'Somebody who knows your wrong, but likes you just same.' The girl, Emily Smith, day, Thursday and Saturday, of this week only. Curtain time inn- jnri hp rpnpsttprl Wprtnp>5 "<=cm.oi.'i auujt-iiv;co m uie luie ui aui/ress uyan uttiuiuii, leiumneu aaanuiea sunaay: Mrs wiiiiuin nuai ing unit- un KIUJIUOJ ^ .. ^. ciflv Thiirsriav anrt satiirriflv nf Nellie Lovela ce. heroine in the in their third-floor suite. A hotel| Perry. John Figuli. Bessem e r,, after the presentation at the Joseph Kniska. William Mazu- mystery left officers groping to- i is promptly at 8:30 p.m. rek, Michael Pavlovich, James i day as they sought to solve the' Written by modern authors, Soraruf. Gordon Hermer, Peter slaying of two young beauties the mood and message of t h e Schmidt, Ernest Leonardo Jos- whose bodies were found in this plays are in sharp contrast to eph McKevitt and George Sem- university-capital city Friday. the hilarious, tragic melodra- nak. The mystery: Why have not matic type of theater which Table and Chair Committe —, friends of Shirley Ann Stark and played to more than capacity melodrama; and by her varied porter acted as a guard outsidejMrs Mary Kapugia Ironwood, '. public hearing, the public will performance of Golda Kreller, |the suite. ! Mrs. Robert Miskovich. Mrs. have the opportunity of offering seflsih and vindictive stepsister! Grant revealed Saturday that Ernll Rocco. Ramsay, medical; comments and asking questions. in "Cindy," and as Big Mama Pollitt, in "Cat on the Hot Tin Roof " The prisoner, known only as "photo-finish" is played by Anthony Heald. Other character roles, mem- Chester DeCur, chairman: Stan- Susan Rigsby told what they houses last week. ley Armata, Edward L. Fabiny. know? Boih f ea ture character study- i bers of a lynch mob which breaks Atiglio I n i c i s. John N o vak. The puzzle developed when a self analysis, the importance < into the jail, in the absence of Eugene Zadra, James Knocke investigation showed the sorori- O f human relations in the p r o-' " they were married quietly In i Mrs. Kenneth Wienandt, Wake- C E Richards, chairman of the Las Vegas, Nev., last month field, surgery board of education of the form- with only a few close friends, Discharged Sunday Mrs Paul er ISD of Oogeblc County, will attending. The bride's father Reed Naplervllle 111; Mrs. preside at the public hearing, said the wedding took place Ricnard st Jonn and son . wake- July 22. field The actor told an interviewer. "We kept it secret because | Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Det £dison Dow Chem du Pont East Rod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gen Tel Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Steel Inter Chem Interlak Ir Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Tele & Tel Johns Man Kim Clk- LOF Glass Mack Trk Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std O'l Ind Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel U—Up. D—Down. 46V8 49% U 1/4 10% D i/s 38V2 U 1 36 22% 45V4 U 80 U 57%, D 55 U 35% 69 U 234V4 D 1 85% U % 53% U 82M> U 97% U 40i/2 U 35'/8 551/i U 47V2 U 44 313/4 U 361/2 D 479 V4 1/4 s Vs •V4 V4 1/8 V4 i/s V 2 i/s 1/4 1/4 52V 2 D 52 D 491/4 53% U 35% D 31% 52V4 U 65'/8 421/a U 57% U 41% 661/2 U 49i/8 U 76'/4 45V2 U 60'/4 U 49V2 D and Joseph Krause. t ty sisters changed their clothing C ess 01 living. Refreshment Committee — —presumably in the apartment Murraj Schisgal, a newcomer Howard Johnston, chairman; of friends—July 18 shortly be- i n the theatrical field, a native Bernard Krause, Michael Mau- for e they were slain. But no one O f New York City, joined t h e rin, Dale Olson, Nick Pavlovich, nas come forward to say when u. S. Navy at the age of 17 dur- Tom Burd and Michael Petro-ior where they changed. Ing World War II. After his ski. i Texas Ranger Bill Wilson said discharge, he played sith a Clean-Up Committee — Wal-i tne information may be vital. jazz band for a time before enter Kusz. chairman; An ton! Oncers also sought nearly tering Brooklyn Law School, Bonato, Bert Harm a, B e ir 15 ° articles of clothing, makeup gradual ing in 1953. He prac- Kimball, Steve Koszloski, T h o- and household utensils stolen ticed law for three years then mas Lilliquist, Mark Pavlovich, Sal Pawlak, James Winn and Al Burzinski. from the women's automobile, taught English for three years, Bodies of the two sorority sis-1 until in5£ when he began to deters from Dallas, badly decom-; vote himself entirely to writing. Tickets and Publicity Com-jPosed and nearly nude, were "The Typists" is one of a mittee — Paul Martilla, chair- found Friday hidden among group of his one-act plays to be uiiu HI.V jaii, in LUC auBtiiue ui mnrr i ncr a ic o vprv nrivatp nf the jailer, are those of a worn- £"'nfl i order to do things an, alleged victim of the pris- ^ietly without fanfare° S intrusion." Grant kept things that way Sunday. He and his bride had no I oner, played by Miss Sanchez; her irate 'husband, played by John fsaacson, and two men James Swanson and Kenneth Talaska, of the Range Summ e r Theater Players. * * * The playwright, William Saroyan. born in Fresno, Calif., in 1908, was first known for his short stories, notably "The Man on a Flying Trapeze." He was first known in the theatri c a 1 world through the production of "The Time of Your Life." his Personalities In the News The budget, to be presen ted was approved by the Gogeb i c County constituent school districts and the county tax allocation board, in April, prior to the election authoriing consolidation with the Ontonagon ISD on June 14. The action for the public hear- visitors, accepted no messages'By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing was taken by the reorgan- or phone calls and took their! RENO, Nev. iAP> — Dennis ized Gogebic-Ontonagon Interme- meals in their suite. Crosby, 31, and Arleen Buell, diate School District, at its meet- The couple went Saturday to a 25, have been issued a marrlape ing last Tuesday at Bergland, nursing home in nearby Clifton i license at the Washoe County in compliance with Public Act man; Robert Knutson, Leno' weeds in a vacant lot near the produced in New York City in first three-act drama produced Zadra, Al Wilcheck and William north edge of Austin. The spot February in 1963, for the first • -- - - Wagner. is .6 mile from a roadside ditch: time, but England. Israel, and Lights and Wiring Commi t -1 where part of their clothing ^ s e v e r a 1 European countries tee — Charles Barna and Ellis turned up July 19, a day after were alreadv familiar with his Wienen. they disappeared. All committee chairmen are i Miss Stark's car was located : produced, in London in 1960, and being mailed a list of duties and j on an apartment house parking' initiated an invitation for him roster of committee, and ajlot near the University of Tex- to write a three-act play, result- meeting of committee chairmen ; as on July 20. will be held Thursday, Aug. 5,1 An autopsy report stated Miss Lovers after the regular meeting of;Rigsby was strangled but the creation the council that date. 'cause of Miss Stark's death in New York in 1939. and subsequently receiving both the New York Drama Critics awards and the Pulitzer Prize for the best play by an American author producer" in the 1939-1940 season in New York. Critics were sharply (disagreed on the awarding of ing in the staging of "Ducks and j the prizes, obtaining only a sim- ; works. "The Typists" was first Members are reminded b y i could not be determined. Kostac that the deadline for 1 . ticket sales will be Aug. 9., "The 'Luv." * * * Typists," a comedy , Funerals MRS. CARRIE JOHNSON Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie Johnson, 69, of 806Vz 3r d Ave., N. Wausau, Wis., former Ironwood resident, who died Saturday at Memorial Hospital, Wausau, will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Salem Lutheran Church. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz will officiate and interment will be at Riverside Cemetery. The Chappell-Zielinski Funeral Home is open this aftern o p n and evening and the remains will be taken to the church at 9 a.m. Tuesday for visitation until time of services. Mrs. Johnson, the former Carrie Bier, was born at Edgar, Wis., April 22, 1896; she attended school there and lat e r came to Ironwood where she was married Aug. 15, 1917 t o Edward Johnson. He died i n April 1946. She made her home here until 1952 when she moved to Wauwau to live with a daughter, Miss Alice Johnson. Limit Is Set On Insurance Just nine months remain for! firmware bus"v "daTafl^r day* terans tn takp nrivantacro nf *" m > are ousy, aay aiier aay, veterans tn takp e the new GI tai^STM fe™™ * "% Sffi sae 19e Rbert and later, his lat e s t j pie majority vote instead of the usual two-thirds majority. Critics who opposed the award corn- pared it with such productions as Robert Sherwood's "Th ere Shall Be No Night," the story of the Russian Invasion of Finland," timely in his first year of World War II; with Maxell Anderson's ' "Key Largo," and to "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and "Life With Father." and others current that season. based in self-psycho-analys i s , is plotlest as far as development of situations is concerned. The scene is laid in a business office, where two typists, e m - ployed in the advertising d e - partment of a manufactur i n g The J deceased was a member i P ! tzgeral M. Fitzgerald, Veterans A d ministration regional manager for Michigan, has noted. In the first two and one half months of the sales period set by Congress, more than 100,000 veterans have applied for and have been issued some form of the new policies. Fitzgerald estimated that about 1,500 of these policies were issued to veterans in Michigan. The insurance is open to those veterans originally eligible for GI insurance between Oct. 8, 1940, and Jan. 1, 1957, and who failed to take it out or, having purchased it, let all or part of it lapse. To secure the new insurance, the veteran must have a service-connected disability or a non- service-connected disability s o severe that commercial insurance cannot be purchased. out that of Salem Lutheran Church and wh ' whlle a $10.000 policy may t , of the church be taken out - tne veteran also ot tne cnurcn. , CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 4,000; butchers strong to mostly 25 higher; 1-2 200-225 Ib 25.00-25.25; mixed 1-3 190-250 Ibs 24.50-25.00; 2-3 257-275 Ibs 24.2524.50; mixed 1-3 325-400 Ib sows 22.00-22.85. Cattle 11,500; calves none; slaughter steers steady to 25 lower; seven loads prime 1,2251,350 Ib 28.50; high choice and prime 1,150-1,375 Ibs 27.50-28.25; Choice 1,100-1,350 Ibs 26.00-27.25; several loads high choice and prime 950-1,150 Ibs 26.75-27.25; mixed good and choice 950-1,300 Ibs 24.75-25.75; 10 loads' high choice and prime 1,075-1,150 Ib slaughter heifers. 25.75-26.50; several loads high choice and prime 775-875 Ibs 25.25-25.50; choice 800-1,050 Ibs 23.25-25.50; mixed good and choice 750-1,000 Ibs 22.75-23.25. Surviving, besides the daughter, Alice, are a son, William of Manitowoc and another Dan-i children; two brothers, William Bier of Napa, Calif., and Harry of Marathon, Wis., and three sisters, Cora Bier of Edgar, Amanda Bier of Wausau and Mrs. John Geary of Milwaukee. A sister, Mrs. Mabel Warosh, died June 24 of this year. purchase as little or $2,000 in coverage and thus provide protection for his family for only a few cents a week. Office at 210 will provide DANIEL FERTILE Funeral services for Dani e 1 Fertile, 56, former Ironw o o d resident, were held at 9 Saturday morning at th St. Ambrose Catholic Church, the Rev. Da- imian Wheelock O.F.M., CAT, officiating. Interment was a t ! Riverside i Ironwood Cemetery. American Legion Fires Destroy French Forest TOULON, France (AP)—Raging fires whipped by a dry sirocco wind from North Africa destroyed at least 25,000 acres of pine forests along the French Riviera early today, officials reported Shcrrlj 'after dawn the south wind died, and officials said the fires were brought under control in all areas. They said the flames could be extinguished completely If the wind did not rise again. Five persons were reported Injured, and at least 20,000 vacationers and homeowners were evacuated. Post Commander Thomas D e Carlo presented the colors. Pallbearers were William Longhini, John Relich, Henry Haavisto, Frank Verbos, John Carli and Gildo DeFelice. Out of town persons attending the services included Miss Emma Fertile and Victor Fertile, both of Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donna and children, Joanne, Robert and James, and Peter Fertile, a 11 of Detroit; Miss Faye Fertile of Ann Arbor; Mr. and Mrs. Sabino Borgo of Eagle River, and Mr. and Mrs. Gildo DeFelice and family of Joliet, ill. full details. Resort Group Holds Meeting WATERSMEET — At a recent meeting of the Thous and Island Resort Association, Andrew Bednar and Quentin Freidhoff, Ironwood, were guest speakers. Mrs. Freidhoff a c companied her husband. Bednar showed slides and a chart of Gogebic County of where to go and what to see. He used the slogan, "There's lots of things to see and do but you have to get off US-2," He listed in the New York City telephone directory, on post cards, advertising the prod u ct produced by the firm. The time of the play opens when the typists are twenty-odd years old, and continues when they are in their middle sixties, with little change in the routine of their employment. The interest lies in the character development of the two typists and a third, uns e e n character, the employer, who directs their work. As the days progress, the typists, Syl v i a Payton, supervisor of the d e - partment, and Paul Cunningham, confide in each other, their childhood experiences, their hopes, their amibitions, the frustrations, and their rela t i o n s with outside persons, Sylvia's dependent mother, and married older sister, her husband and family, and Paul's dependen t wife and children. Seeing the realization of their dreams and ambitions gradually fade away they strive to find the regions, through self-analysis, as expressed by Sylvia, "I've always said, there's nothing more important than getting to kno\v yourself. When you realize that people can live their whole lives with out know i n g themselves, without really getting o understand themselves, it reacries the ridiculous." Paul responds with, "You're absolutely right • when you know -something about yourself, then you can start doing something about it." The interest, at this point, centers in "what they do" about this realization. Johnson Continued from Pare One affairs and the potential U.N. role in promoting a Viet Nam settlement. The President, with his wife passing out hot cookies and offering coffee and soft drinks, to visit Grant's 87-year-old; Courthouse, it was mother, Mrs. Elsie Leach. She Sunday. about a year. reported 43 of 1963, which provides that all local units of governm e n t has been a patient there for There was no immediate word nold Public budget hearings. It if the couple was married. The was noted that a public hearing Grant first met Miss Cannon i n cense was issued Saturday • on the budget of the Ontonagon four years ago after he saw heri Crosby son of Bing Crosby ISD Proposed for 1965-1966. has on a television show. He had her was dlvo ' rced July 3 from for l been held, agent arrange a meeting be-| mer Las v showgir] Pat Budgets of the two districts cause he wanted to cast her for ;Sheehan after six g Qf mar .,will be combined, in drafting a film. lum. riaee Grant's first marriage in 1934 . b ' to actress Virginia Cherrill end- the budget of the consolid a t e d Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermedi- LQS ANOELES (A p)_sineer ed less than a year later. He. p j Ballev wh co i laDsed 1ft- Tne budget of the former Go- WOW ,.H w ™,u,nrth heiress Bar-•! ^ a JerfSg at an Ontario, gebic District i which has been ivPrt HIT™. Calif - ni £ nt club, is in satisfac- approved by the constituent dis- hP married> torv condition, said a spokes- tricts and the tax allocation ne married man at Mt s(nai Hosplt&1 board) to be submitted for puta- The spokesman said Miss llc action at the hearing Aug. 9, years later. In actress Betsy Drake. That lasted nine years. Miss Cannon began her Hollywood career eight years ago with a bit part in a movie. She has appeared since then in a number of movies and television Bailey, 47, will remain a patient follows: for several days while undergoing tests to determine why she Total operating fund. SI 1.112, collapsed Thursday. In Febru- including $850. per diem and ary she was hospitalized for travel of board members; 86,250, Plane Makes Safe Landing suffered a mild heart attack. shows Most recent y she had nervous exhaustion and in April superintendent's salary: $1.920, SnOWS. MUSI Iei-eiiuy OIK: "au ^^ j _ __ ltj ^ L _^__." sprrptnrv'c calorv iliolf f!iv,n\- the female lead in the road company of "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." secretary's salary, (half time); $150, cost of audit: $100, office CASTEL GONDOLFO Italy ; supplies: $360, travel expense (AP)—Pope Paul VI today end- of superintendent; $300, printing ed a two-week period of restrict- and Publishing; $500, election ed papal audiences at his sum- ex Pense; $32, workman's com- mer residence and was ready to P e nsation: S40, bond premiums; take on a full schedule of re- $132 - miscellaneous: $300, vision ceiving visitors. ; equipment; non-budget account, $250, hearing fund supplied by HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Actor constituent districts making BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — A Ti m considine, a star on televi- a S rand total of $11,362. Swissair Convair jetliner carry- S i O n's "My Three Sons " plans Tne Dud B el is based on anti- ing 94 persons made an emer-'to marry actress Charlotte clpated recei Pts of $13,775 in- gency landing at Beirut Airport Stewart Oct. 23 it was an-! cludlng S5 - 000 in state aid : today with the tires shorn from l nounced in Hollywood. 500, local property tax levy, and met newsmen after he, Lady " s l eft landing gear ' No one was Considine. 24. has played in: « n anticipated balance of $2,000 . * ^-*«ujr >,»,».*• v,,«*^^««..- «M.»~ i i ii ...* . On JlllV I IQfi^' nine *07i; {*• Miss * * * Victoria Sanchez, member of the Michigan State University Players, is cast in the role of Sylvia Payton. She is known to range theater goers through her skillful interpreta- said there are many scenic spots I tion of the roles of Zelda Krel- Prayer Crusade Draws Record Panama Crowd PANAMA (AP) — A prayer crusade led by the Rev. Patrick Payton, an Irish Roman Catholic priest, drew the biggest crowd ever to assemble in Panama City. The national guard said 125,000 persons turned out Sunday. Father Payton has taken his crusade to 46 countries. Fears that political extremists would try to disrupt the rally proved groundless. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS and amusements are close by in the area. He gave a talk on tourism after which Freidh off spoke on water and soil con - servation and how his type of service could be a help to the resort operators. The meeting was well attended by resort operators and interested local persons. Bednar, J. B. Shifra and Frank Kuchevar toured the Cisco Chain of 16 lakes during the afternoon and took many beautiful pictures which will be shown at a later date. After the meeting a dess e r t luncheon was served by the hostess, Mrs. J. B. Shiffra, assisted by Mrs. John Edwards. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards, Thousand Island Lake area, included Miss Bertha Cath and Oscar Humpn- rey, South Bend, Ind., and Mrs. Anna Mae Krone, Oakl awn. 111. Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Soren- let, step-mother of Cindy in the musical production of "Cindy;" as Man Pollitt, devoted mother and loving wife of Gooper Pollitt, eldest son of milliona i r e plantation owner Big Daddy Pollitt, in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," and as Ida Rhinegold, the villain- ess in 'Dirty Work at the Cross Roads,' 1 the melodramatic revival. Anthony (Philip) Heald, of the MSU Players, plays Paul Cunningham. He is known locally for his artisitc interpreta- troyd. the villain in the melodra- Christian Church in Johnson City. In the evening, Johnson heli- coptered to Lake Lyndon B. Johnson for some speedboating. Wearing a pale blue sports shirt and matching cap, Johnson piloted the craft as it pulled some water skiers. WASHINGTON (AP)— House numerous films, including "Sun- on July 1 - 1965: P lus $275 The plane rolled 1,200 yards r i se at Campobello " and has ! tne revolving hearing fund; leav- down the runway with its left starred in the TV series for five ing a Dalan ce of $2,413 at the landing gear on the metal rims, years. close of the year on June 30, airport officials said. Miss Stewart. 24, currently is > 1866 ' The airliner was en route playing P leading role in "Invo- 1 ____ from Cairo to Karachi with 84 lution," a play at a Hollywood passengers and 10 crew mem-. theater. bers. THE WEATHER Licenses to Wed TOKYO (AP)—French State 1 Minister Andre Malraux con- 'ferred today with Chinese Com-! TEMPERATURES IN IRO.NWOOD Mondar, August 2, IMS. For 24 hr. period ending at 12 noon. An application for a marriage munist Premier Chou'En-lai in 4 p-m! es Mid P ni™nt si; a as ' •••>->-' —• • 6 p.m. 61: 2 a.m. 52 10 a 37 4 a.m. 48 Noon Humidity, 60 per cent. Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.62; 12 noon 29 S3 Republican Leader Gerald R.i license has been made at the 0 f- iPeki ng, New China News Agen- 1 I £'£' ^ I *-™- H$ 00 *- m Ford of Michigan said today he I fice of the Iron County clerk by i °y reported in Tokyo, would not "be baited into a ver-; William Lundgren, Hurley, and ! bal donnybrook" with President Janice Lee Raffini, West A 11 i s, Johnson over the latter's accu-|Wis. sation of violation of a confidence. "To do so, Ford said in a statement, "would play into the hands of Hanoi, Peiping and Moscow." Court Has 2 Traffic Cases One motorist paid a fine and . ^ costs and another paid costs in Ford" referred to a statement traffic deaths declined 15 per Ironwood Municipal Court, when ' cent this year from 1964, state | arraigned before Judge Charles police provisional f 1 g u r e s c - Keeton Jr. on traffic offenses, State's July Traffic Toll Shows Decline EAST LANSING (AP) — July Sunday by the President saying a top Republican had violated his confidence and publicized "perhaps malicious untruths" about deliberations in the Viet Nam war. The President named no names but the conclusion of a number of newspapers was that he had Ford in mind. showed today. the court has reported. This year's total was 186 ver- Thomas J. Yunker, 20, of Chi- sus 218 last year. It was the j ca E°- Paid a $10 fine and $4.20 fifth month this year to show! cost s on a charge of speeding decreased deaths. The year-to- date total of 1,060 is down 10 per cent from 1,181 in the first seven months of 1964. Mack's Group to Study 2 Free Years of College Education State Senator Joseph S. Mack (D-lronwood) announced today he will head a study committee to investigate whether Michigan should follow the California example of providing two free years of college education for resident students. Mack, vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said preliminary surveys he has made indicate the state could reap great benefits from such a plan and ease the ever- increasing burden on state-supported institutions of higher education. 'My idea is to have the state nomic boom to smaller communities in Michigan, due to increase construction of the so- called colleges and, would be a tremendous financial saving to parents who could then use money set aside for education for other purposes. "California has proved this plan has merit and successfully is overcoming a burdgeon i n g enrollment problem surpass e d by no state in this nation. And don't forget that if the future of a state lies in its youth, we can greatly enhance Michigan's future by keeping our br i g h t, young talented students at home." July 30 on Lake Street. James J. Robleski, 28, of 405 Peck Street, Bessemer, paid $4.50 costs for violating the noise ordinance and for failure to have his driver's license on his person. The offense occurred July 27 on McLeoad Ave. Both drivers were ticketed by officers of the Ironwood police department. Briefly Told The Disabled American Veterans will have a meeting Tuesday night, Aug. 3, at 7:30 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Prec. Albany, rain 81 65 .05 Albuquerque, cloudy 75 57 Atlanta, clear Bismarck, cloudy Boise, cloudy ... Boston, cloudy ... Buffalo, cloudy .. Chicago, clear ... Cincinnati, clear . Cleveland, rain . Denver clear Des Moines, clear 84 62 85 55 101 71 79 60 79 64 68 61 . 79 57 M .08 .03 .19 80 62 1.07 78 54 86 56 .01 .08 .33 Detroit, rain 77 59 .40 Fairbanks, cloudy . 75 60 Fort Worth, clear 92 62 '.'. Helena, clear 91 54 Honolulu, cloudy .. 89 77 Indianapolis, clear . 69 55 Jacksonville, cloudy 80 73 Juneau, 'cloudy ... 76 50 Kansas City, cloudy 85 64 Los Angeles, cloudy 83 60 Louisville, clear ... 78 58 Memphis, clear . . 87 64 Miami, cloudy 87 80 Milwaukee, clear .. 67 53 Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 79 53 New Orleans, cloudy 89 78 .12 in the Ironwood Veterans Foreign Wars clubrooms. The Wakefield Women's Soft- New York, rain 75' 64 .34 oflOkla. City, clear ... 89 63 Omaha, cloudy 82 61 Philadelphia, cloudy 79 66 .13 Phoenix, cloudy .. 109 82 ball team will play the Thomas- j Pittsburgh, cloudy ton girls team Tuesday at* 6:30 Ptlnd, Me., cloudy p.m. at the Wakefield Athl e t i c Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy Field. There also will be a game between the Wakefield team and the Iron Belt team on Friday at Wakefield at 7 p.m. Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, cloudy . St. v Louis, clear Salt'Lie. City, clear San Diego, cloudy ma. "Hello, out There" is plaintiff cry of a young m a n from p. prison cell, in a small town in Texas overcome by loneliness, fright, uncertainty of what Che future holds, desperately needing human understanding. He is the main character in the one act tragedy. "Hello, fully support all community col-j AS further argument for the Bishop Ma gner Council, San Fran , cloudy .'leges—in effect extending our: plan, Mack' pointed that it is : Knights of Columbus, will have Seattle, cloudy ine 'state aid through the 12th grade simply another progressive step I an initiation of officers this 1 Tampa clear to a 'K-through-14' progr a m ," j toward the educational g o a 1 s! evening at 8 at the club rooms. ' outlined by the 73rd Legislature. ! All members are asked to at- Mack said. Mack said this would relieve the major universities and colleges in Michigan from "the rush of expansion caused by the population and enrollment boom and keep the universities on an sen, Bessemer, Mr. and Mrs. Saroyan, whose works are Harvey Barlow, Rockf o r d,' based largely in the importance 111., and Mr. and Mrs. William of human relations. Out There," written by William i enrollment basis where a student wouldn't be lost in unmanageable 'university cities' of 40-60.000 students." Barlow, Madison, spent a week- Accused and imprisoned forj The 38th District Democrat end visiting at the Chester and .the crime of rape, which he de- further stated that the plan, as Elmer Sorensen homes. jclares he did not commit, he it now appears, would be an eco- "The next fiscal year we will'tend. spend more than half of. the gen-j . eral fund budget for education," Mack said, "and included is an infant scholarship program that can be used as a 'foundation for the free education in the freshman and sophomore years college." There will be a regular meeting of the Hurley Volunteer Fire Department at 7 tonight at the Fire Hall. • . • Washington, cloudy Winnipeg, cloudy . (M-Missihg) 82 61 77 62 84 63 87 59 78 68 86 61 79 61 74 63 64 56 90 62 87 73 76 67 77 55 .22 .09 .32 .39 .48 RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:30. Sunrise to- inpr'fow 5; 43, Moonset tonight 11:30 p.m. First Quarter Aug. 4.' T?his month and next the planet,(Saturn, will be at its Of j CLAIMED, THEN LOST' ! -Portugal planted its flag on a ! brightest. Since February the Mack said the study commit- new volcano-created island .in distance 'of Saturn from the tee * would be operational the Azoresi on-Oct. 12, I95fi taut m --"- i --- -•--—---^ -i—..«. «»• through a resolution which he the island disappeared into " ! sponsored. •-.-.. i sea on Oct. 30. has decreased about 17$ the: million miles. (All times Central | Daylight) ]

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