The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 7, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1933
Page 10
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10 THE BAKERSFIELD CALLFOHN1AN, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1933 SEALER OF WEIGHTS FOR COUN1Y Special Announcements For Rent—Houses ^^^^b^^_^^b^k_^^_^k_^^_^^_^^_^^ b _^^ b _^k_^^_^^ b ^^h_^^_^k^k_^^_^lk_. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^Tf FOR HKXT-Unfurnlihed flvo rooms, modern. Soutli It. $25.00; 5-room modern, ttlfftiland l*«rk. 92A.DD* wAlor paid; 6-room mwlern, *i-wrp, $20.00; flvo rooms, H<r acrcii, 120.00; IS-room modern. Hank Btrwt. $30.00. Howard N'lcholn, Inc. ttiono 3W. 2-7-tf For Sale—Automobiles attractive corner st pa m -heated BuHo of off foe rooms. FIRST NATIOXAt* HA .VIC BLDO. ICast Brikoraflcld FOUII-nOCW furnished riuplct, Onrafffl. $20. Water n«ld. 1400 Third alront. Phono 100 For Sale—Miscellaneous j^jfcj^j^j^j^j^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^—^^_^~^^ t ^-^~^^_^-^-^^_^^^^ fc _^ fcu ^~^^^^»^^^^ fc w ^ ^^ r ^^ r ^^ f ^^ f ^^f^^^^^f^^r^^f^^f^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^f^^^^^F^^f^^^^^^^^ (CASH AND CAttR* ONLY) 100 Lba., Recleaned, Highest Grade UTTLK COMPETITION Dentist's Plumbing "Work Installed 161 4-room house; Rarnac. 1617 KloronUi •tree!.. $13.30. DVPI..KX, four rrtomi; RRr»»o. 72T K, $17.50. 15. IT. White, 1831 Chester. Phone 1110-W. __ Ififl FIVK-KOOM furnUlitti house. 123.60 per month. Watrr paid. Inquire 220 Chester TELEPHONE 2531 FOR PRICKS .DH. PT,ETCHKt: 622 KENTUCKY HTK13KT (Next, to Grannda Thoater) houic. In retir, $12.. 10. AUo hRlf hoiue with B«riRo, partly furnished. Apply 1217 Cali fornia. 167 CPETIAL reduced mien. L*«rn )ur* piano, J'J tenons. N*o *r*l« or cierdiw. Wtltnum Wano School, 1600 Chester aTanuo. room 10r>. 169 YOU can »av« money by consulting our Advisory Department before making funernl nrmnsromentf*. Phono 603- or 340. Unkersfield Memorial Park. Inc. ..--* 8 ' 1 TRENCH CAD: No. 5. near Southorn ractftt depot. Stm-lRl Sunday dtmirr. Combination br»aJrf«t, ," in 11, 2.1 rcntf up. St>«1al luncheon and dtnnp! 1 from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m., 4,"» cent*. SpcrUl rrrry WMn^ndiiy, German pot rowt tml pofatct pan rflko. -Ml -15-rent entrees inctad* drinlr on counter. Telephone 47T3. F R l 10 NT— - toon f und lied houao, water p»kl, $22.50. Sleeping porch. 1200 California aTenue. PUUNISI-IRD 4 -room hotiMe, largo lot find fruit trcfiH. tltiriiKo. Uent cheap. 300 O street. Inquire 423 B FURNISHED hogne, tlte niomi. bftlh. Hot and cold water. tout fit! mnnth. Call Tinnen a tat I on. TTnlfin nnti Huniner was $670; sale 1932 Ford atandard ooupo—was $675; sale price, $565. 1032 Ford town sedan—was $725; sale. price. $625. 1082 Chevrolet coupe- prlco, $495. 1931 Ford coupe—was $396; sale price, $:i25. 193J Fortl town sedan prlco, $395. 1D30 l-^oPd town sedan price, $32p. 1931 Ford do htxo roadster—was sale price, S32G. 1929 Hnpmobllo Hpt. coupe—was sale price, $225. lf)28 Chrysler 72 sport roadster—was $205. was $325; sale price, •was $450; sale was $395; sale $395; $295; $350; salo price 1930 Essex coupe- 5265. 1929 Ford pickup—was $196; salo price, $150. MANY OTHTCR VALUES 100 fcUS. HEM SCRATCH. 11.10. 100 Ibs. recleaned wheat, $1.00. 100 Ibs. lay maah (cotton bags), $1.85. 75 Ibs. ROLLED BARLEY, flOc. MANY MOnW NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSFTELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street and Truxtun Avenu* 30-28-tt ^J\^r ^ MUST BELL. Show panes, Bcal«i. caih rflftBteri. melt illcers, adding machlnei. frMcer cam. MMl market, store, reatiuruit equipment. fiOO Biker. WOOD. Remember Peoples' Wood T«rd ( for dry, iwyid wood, Boneit measure. Prompt dcllr- «ry. Prices riant. Phone 2386. 170 ALL KINDH of well rooted berry plants! arttehekei and asnarigui roots. Shrubs. lied .settlnc effi. Telephone 8701-J-ll. John Denlo, FniUvalt. Over u period of 32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. Wo continue to sell feed for less than any advertised price, No limit to regular customers. No deal era, no tricks, no phonea. Business la good. PIONKBIl MERCANTILE CO. For 'Rent-— Apartments apartments. Nlnoteenth and T). Orer- ituffe<J f unit turn, rrlitldalrr. 5-room liouit, HOOO Oratigo. Apply 'JO.T1 N'lnetccntli Blre«t, grocery «(or«. 1'honp r.. r i'J4-.1. 173 Financial FOR RKNT— Wr ftjrnlwhrrt npnrt- ment at Thn Kolly. Tbree roomH and bath. Oarnpp. Oluso In. Adults only. Hnnsonabln ront. Call 1,'lOfi f street. Phono 40n3or .TGn. 164 USED CAR LOT Sixteenth and Chester. Phone 116 (Opposite Courthouse) 182 _ TAVO ond 3-roum apU. water, lights, (tot paid; $1«1 and J18 per month, K utrcet. J65 i |100 FOR 1 TEAK f.VO KUOKKHAGI3—NO BONl'S) Minimum Insurance at Hoard Rates Tnx'eHttgatc und Be Convinced COX.Sr.MKUS CREUIT CO. A Reliable roust-AVido IiiHtltutton 5 Huberfoltk- Art-ado Bldg. Phono 1065 fuinUliM 2-room anartmfiiitit with prlrato hathd, J20 and $22.r.O mondi, .t.l.r.O and <rt.M Tjljtlit, tent, walrr, Utims. rlortrir washlne furnished. Unifiuc If re<iulrpd. Tlio Woodrow, llwhpr and Jarkiion Rtrecln. TURBB HOOM furiildh^i nputinent. iTiihT^ gas and water pal<!. J I'd. (JO prr mwtJj. York Aimrtmenu, 1114 linker nred. Chrysler "70" roadster, SI45. 19,10 Chevrolet coupe, $295. 192fl Phcvrolot coupe, $195. 11*28 I'lsHcx Hjiort ooupo, $90. 1929 Kord sedan, $195. 1929 Packard deluxe nedan. $695. inai G7 Bulck sedan, like now, $795. Phono 831 1409 18th St. 182 I C4-PIKCI3 iliBi dinner set larrlce for 8, $0,03, tills week only at $3,1C. Davis furniture Kichangfl. 2105 Chuter avenue. 108 FOIl 8 ALB— Tiro ftood hay wagons. |20 ; one Poland China BOW anil BBTMI pin. $10; one 2-ftanc plow. In good condttlon. $7.50. One mile weal Ulo Tlraro cotton ftln. 1(13 00.000 SQUAKB FBBT of good used corni Rated BiUranlzed Iron, all sizes, for sale cheap. United Iron ruul Metal Company, 2810 Chester avenue. • __ 3-7-tf AT;TO PAINTINO. "imco," $12,50 TO $25.00. HOnV AND FENDKR RKPATU. PEKni,KS3 PAINT SHOP. I'UONB 270. 2311) "EVI5" HTItKKT. _ JB3 Von BAL.R, nursery Block. Bargain Prices. One mile south Moral-land. I-ook for slan. Addresi Box ilSl. McKarUnd. A. H. Nuwby. 160 AUTO GLASS SPECIAL, Any size. Door glass installed, $2.00. Frankltil QUuf* Company, 1404 Etght- eenth street. Phono 844. 1-30-tf BUOODERS, incubators and poultry supplies. Now shipment just received. Also n few flower bulbs left nt reduced prices. M. P. Fllckinger, 930 Eighteenth street, phone 100. * , 182 TlEOINNEITfl violin, cheap, Phone 843. 1P5 ^^^_^^^ . 3 ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ . . i__f__ ^__^^ Von flA LK— Pulrerlzetl iticep m inure. 25 eenti • link, delivered. Phone '4471-W. 169 Poultry and Livestock KGB SALB— Twenty plgi. 9 months' old. W. F. Patterson, l a i miles south of Weed Patch store. FOR 8 A L15— Strong aentlft mule or will traile for wnaned plgg. __ Hromi's ranch, Iicrdo. 164 KOU HALB on TU-ADK— Cash or terms, CO brood s wit. 60 feederf and one hundred weaned jjlirs. WJU (mdp for h»y ( milk Mnck, tesmn of mulei, small houie or what hare you. J. P. IHrroh, 2 nil leu nouth of Arrln. Boi 101. FOR 8AI.K— Teiui of muloB. Bdfftr Oombl, AtTtn. Ctilf. _ FOR TnADB— Fln« yoonr brood low, and Inyln honi, for R«Kl young Jeney milch cow, T. B. tested. Houte a, Hoi 285. Stock il tie h niVKRVIKW HATCHERY— lltbir chlckl. breeds, blond-tegted. Have 200 !Un«m 2 treaki ' old. 8e» tbeie. Mliiouri n«dt tnrf JerieV 'bUnt hitchlnf mi, ilso duck f-fus, Bella Mt' nue and North Cheiter. _ 105 LOOK— A rwl buy. 14 thoroughbred lar«e nhod« Island lied nullota, laylnit, ft each. Better hurrr. Hatchery. Belle aT»nu», North ChMter. Wanted WANT TO BUT— Wftlk-in butcher boii caih reiliter, icalei, typewriter, adding machine. itore, office and reitaurant equipment. 800 Baker street, rhone 2139. _ _ 165 WANTKD— Used overstuffed Chesterfield §et Immediately. ^luit be cheap. Phone 5257 be- foro 1 p. m. 166 FOR SALT/— Ilirebred Cheiter while hogs. S(i bred gtlU. $1G each. Two bred KO-.VS. $25 oarh, eighteen ptes, $3 oach. Edwin Booth, Wasco. _ FOIl SALE— Cheap, two fresh Jersey heifers. See Bay Stockton. Bosedale, Calif. £ N> *y ''NIHHK I ),M > K 1 IN A I » A MBNT. HLKRI'INd TM)lu;il. (IAS. WATKU AND (UHHAOK HIM. PAID. S18.00 PRH MONTH. 2014 K STUIiKT. 1927 1927 11*28 Star 6 coupe, $65. Stur 0 couch. ?D5. Chrysler "72" roadster, ti w 1623 20th Street. DUXI.AP Phono 391 IIONKY TO LOAN— U> li«rp an unlimited amount of money to loin on farm property- lx>ne tonn loam, Mi per cent Intermit. Ouy (Ufcnleaf. ier- :etary. No. 228 Jefferson sUMt, Phone 4123-W. _ 178 Business Opportunities HATE bonrdiH* house full of pnylns euests. On nccount of health I *m foired to l^nTf. \\lio wants to uk* OTW my lmsluo*i? Write llox 05. The California*!. _ _____ _ ._ _™ 4 roil HUNT or Icasr, cwollne ntallon anil Umi-h room on Taft hlKhwaj*. Apply 1319 Oregon roil U ENT-- 3 - room furnlnhwl iipiirttncnt, with huf-h. Hllvrr, linon, pun anil lights Included, Nice nlpftttlnc porch and car spare. 'J007 Tw-en- jtlelh For Ren q Contractors and Bui Iders GOOD CAni'K-V'n;H. painter W)tl paper hanjrer. Very reasonable. l»ay or contract. Anywhere. I'hone 2f.O-\V. 1CT FOR RENT— Two-aero chicken ranch. Vista Park tract. S20, Will Hftll or trade. Phone 62C. Henry HHvsler. _ 1-3Q-tf WANTED to nnt. by llnlUmi Dutch dairyman, CO acroi or more alfalfa. Must hare lilonly of watw nnd «ood hnllcllnirs. rqulpppd for rr>fle-A inlJk. Addrcw: Farmer, J». 0. Box 1. Tlpton. Callfornln. Ifirt For Sal mproved Property PAPKIlUANOIXf;. i»alnttnj. Unilns. Uouetoiult. By contraci or hour. I>tlmatet rhp^rfully Hcoit, P05 Jvljrhth Rtrert. llionp P1H-W. WANTED— Paln!lni7"pap'«nrantina and t Inlne. Flrst-clasi work, lluiiie STfl^V. CHICKEN RANCH— About 2-3 *er«. Rood thref- hmlroom hmn«; oejulppftl for chlrkcni. Ownff wanti tn learn right now. Will nail for $2000. *2.V> dawn. $27.50 monthly. \Vhtt in opportunity! Howard Nichols, Inc., 1509 Nineteenth *lrtft. PJimiB 3S.1. 3-0 tf HUUTWAY frontage, 120 feet, close to CMiPKtcr, on new state highway. TorniH. Rimer F. ICarpo. Phone 210. Eighteenth streot. 2-3-tf IVOCAL man wants partner with imaH cajilal for rannufacturli)2 niKrhlnc, patents pfndlnc. Ready markc-L IJirMUpalf this. lU-frrcncrs. not f>8. The I'fcllfnrnlan. ON 12 acre, good huuso, rinse In, 9'JOO.OO. 330 Kast Nineteenth street. Help Wanted— Male WE FURNISH Miu store, rent, lights, etc., with full lino of standard merchandise and glvu you one-third of tho profits. Men with fair education, able to nu-et the public, will be taught th«- business. See Mr. Clary at 2013 Chester avenue, morn- tngs. • YOUR OPPORTUNITY to Invest for a home or for future profits. On Truxtun avenue, near Mercy HoHpltal. Good 4 -room house and garage. Paved streets, back yard fenced. Prlc« $U7ft0. Don't pass this up. but HOO U. A. Mooro Son. Phono i:i3. 160 TOP PRICES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th Phone 5828 182 Automotive Service ^fcj^_^ fc _^^_^fc_^^_^^__^»_^^_^-_^^_^^_^^__^^__^ fc _^^_^fc_^^__^^_^^_^^_^ fc _ r^^r^^f^^p—^f—^F^^^^^f^f-^^^^^^f-^f-^f^f^^p-^^^f^f^f-^^-^^^^f UADIATOU REPAIRS; NEW CORB3 Price i at llock Bottom. All Work Guaranteed. N. JOHNSTON' SHOPS and O. Phono 056. 182 Sale— F ' u r n i it . u re 3-Plece bedroom set (bed, chest and vanity), $9.GO. 6-Plcce walnut dining set, $15.00, Overstuffed chairs, $3.00. U \)y 9 rugs, $3.00. IVAN I,. HA MM Phone 341 1100 Eighteenth 8t. 1S2 KIMI1ALL I1ANO—117.50. new electric wwher 951,00, folding sen: en i $3, $3.50 and $4.50; bed. vanity ar.rt spring $9.50. Claude B. Minner. 1111 Nineteenth street. EX-PRESIDENT OF U. S. 4-P1ECR bedroom let, Tunlty, bench, bed and chMt-of-drawers, complete with coll springs and tnnrr-iprlng mtttnw. $38.SO. Paris Furniture 2103 Cheiter avenue. 108 WJIJTK rotary ~ir»tull» sewlnjr machine, eioellent condition. $15. 3-pleco vrlck^r llrlng room sol. $15. \\'lckcr rllnlnff let, $15. Hiimpry cts hcitcr, t.i. '21 14 Second street. 165 Ftrli HAT^3— Walnut-flnlihed youth bed, iprlng and felted maltreag, like new. Also baby buRity. Columbia console phonograph. Will 8«11 cheap, 2.MB Parlt Way. Phono 5264-W. _ Radio, Musical • Instruments For Sale—Automobiles WANTBD— Neat eppc^rln?. hoimt tnd rsllable tn«n. rcslilenti of Ki-rn couniy. ago 21 to 40. Induttrloui and Mllllnc to -.vorlt full or part time, In Bakmfleld. Taft, Delano and Wuco. Eaiy, Dleasint and profltible work. Ambitious men can earn Jj.OO to $10.00 per day. Uiiusutl ovpor- tunlty for arttanc«mi«il to men who prove llirlr efficleney and ability. UeferencM required. Ap- plfcanM must apply in person, between 1 and 3. 7:30-8:30 p. m., at 2124 Sunset, nifcmfleld. Calif. _ ____ Help Wanted— Female LADY — MTtlt*. houieke*t*r. Two adults. Board. room and imall wage. Cite ace and aildre». Addreii P. O. Hoi 2!4. Delano. Calif. UfiRD CARS rnoar A 1932 Plymouth coupe, $150 down. 1931 Chevrolet noOan. J125 1930 Chevrolet sedan, $ino down 1930 Ford roupe. r. H., J100 down 1931 Korr! spdan, $125 down. 1931 De Solo 8 sedan, $125 down. BAKER.SFIEL.D OARAGE USED CAR LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth at O. Phone 2286 burl walnut Brunswick Panatropo radio-phonograph combination. An Instrument of quality. taken in as part payment on grand piano. Will sell for allowance made, 578, with new set guarantee. Terms, Don C. Preston, Hotel Tegeler bldff. _ 182 PIAN'O for *»le. Small Biz*, modem, mahogany ri*e. Han (rood ton*, and Is In good rendition. Will «)J cheap and accept almoit any terras from reiponilble people. For particular!, writs Fred Gutcrwr. 802 Fulton utrcet. l"resno. Calif. 1C HOniZONTAI. 1 A yielding oC rights. 7 Building material for covering walls. 13 Vegetable. 14 Devoured. 16 To hoist. 17 Unequal .things. 18 Music drama. 20Spruce. 21 Sheltered place. 22 Punctilious. 24 Prophet who 38 To 8cattcr * trained *° One "* n cards. Samuel. 41 To attempt 25 Structural 43 Friction with unit. pressure. 26 Dyewood tree. 45 Feather scarf. 27 Arabian shrub. * 7 Globe. 29 Therefore. <9 Distended. 30 Grain. 31 African antelope, 33 Cheat bone. 35 To pant violently. Answer to Previous Pnr.rAe 36 To assist oTer obstacles. 3? Symptom of epilepsy. 52 Feminine pronoun. 54 Heartwood or a tree. 56 Cubed. 57 Sudden calamity. 58 To think. 60 Yes. Artless. 62 Typical. 63 To wander. VERTICAL 1 What famous ex-president died last month? 2 Finished. 3 Lateral! 4 Call for help at sea. 5 Within. € Back of the neck. 7 Fairy. S Exclamation. 9 To harden. 10 Net weight of container. 11 Wrongdoings. 12 Sectional. 15 Much discusi-'cd economic plan. 18 English money 39-To Question. 22 To place. 23 Organ of hearing. 26 Candle. 28 Coronet. 30 Hops ki]n. 31 Gazelle. 32 Custom. 34 To purchase. 39 Garment. 41 Thick shrub. 42 Type of fruit. 44 To offer. 45 Cot. 46 To push. 47 Smell. 48 Square-rigged vessel. 50 Falsifier. 51 To abound. 5i Glided. 53 Pitcher. 55 God of the sky. 57 Curse. 59 Deity. 61 North America. MsceHancous FOR TnADK— 8-tube nll-oleclrto radio for hena or baby chicks. Prefer red hens. Box fid. The Caltfortttan. _ JBusinegs Cardg DR. W. TOM POLLOCK A Palmer Chiropractor Bars TTendHche U eaiy. Let him help you. ON13 MONTH 1 B SERVICE FOR $18 Orer Htigliei Drug Store Nineteenth and Chester Phone 1UI-J PIANO TUNING Factory Registered Tuner 13.50 Satisfaction Guaranteed CARL A. BTHD Phone 1309 -M 930 Truilun SWEDISH MASSAGE CABLNBT 8WUAT8 HBDUC1NO Colonfe Irrigation INSTITUTE OF HTDROTHERAFT 1112 r Street 6 t. m. to 9 p. m. Pfeon* LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry »«rrlce Vnetcelled—Th« la Out BlofM Ten Different Brnlcw and Zorlc OdorlMi Dry Cltanlng C1T1ZKNS l^AUNDUr iUU«nth ana o titre«ti Phont STORK MATERNITY HOME (Formerly Valmi Maternity Home) NEW FIHEPnOOF MODERN Ulenie,! Graduate Nurses In Attendance Lou (Hemline) Den ham, Proprietor 731 Eighth Street Plione 646* Professional Cards JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS.-STSTKMI Suit* 103, Professional Bull din § Phone 4561 DR. B. BUZAN Palmer Ciraduste CHmOPRACTOU Palntws Hyitem Ceiapl»U> Electrotherapy Serrtce. Foot CometloM Hours. 10 to 12 a. ra.. 2 to 3. T to 8 D. «. Rooms 111-112-113 Morgan Butldlnf ITU Chwter Arenue Teltphone 5S16 Lady AUecdant Legal Notices ^^^b^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^^^^^gk^k^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ORDINANCE No. 250 182 Help Wanted — Salesmen SALESPEOPLE now making ?4 to day. Need 5 more. D. J. Dolly, 3713 Kighteenth street. _ SALESPEOPLE wanted to »fl! J20 coupon book for Jl ; 30 per rent commUalon. Beit yet, Mr. Dolly, 1713 Klghtwnth, apartment 1. for Kfirn county. Telephone be- tttwn 9 a. m. antl 11 a. m., room No. 243, K3 T»Joi\ liotcl. Mr. McDonald. __ Situations Wanted — Female YOUNG Itdy wishes "ork. my kind, housekeeper preferred. Any i>lu-e. I>rtres cur. Dm 6. Man A. BakersfieM. JACK SEX: <JLOSINO OUT PRESENT STOCK Sunu- RRAL Ha r gains Terms Trades PAT'S CAR MARK 1ST Plione 1724 2310 Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Mannger 182 USED CAU BARGAINS 1032 Plymouth fiodan, run 2000 miles. 1031 Auburn wedan, 1931 Olds Nedan and 1932 Ford town sedan. All In fine condition and priced for quick sale. WlOWN-riOYD MOTOR COMPANY 2222 Chester Avo. Phone 3955. 105 O1UNGES wid cripcfrult, $1.10 box. Qlenn Serr- fc« (station. 1503 Gait Truxtun. Orders d«Ht- er»l. Phone 4012 or 87ni-J-13. 168 For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR 8AT*B-Btlm of GHetd treu for ih»dft. 25 and 60 centi each. Alio etnirr linger and ciit» f f2,00. Call at 2128 Q itrwt, Fluma 165 LOW-ITIICRD exits. 2103 Late in2fl Cherrolfit rmipe: two new tlrei. $10. rnrrt (>llTer>-, ?29: 1020 Tord towrlnf. $^0. Ifltlfi Itulrk tourini; 6-ply tires. Ilka new; two rrmlrr wrlli with tiro eitra tlrfi; A-l shape. flOO. FOR BALE — Good rooted vines, Thompiong and Rlblcri, J20 per thousand In field. PI ion o 3. Edwin Hooth, Waieo. KRAUTE3R XURST5RY (Nothing but the Beet) Experienced and practical free landscape service. Complete, lar^c and quality stook grown in Kern county. Ask about frnfi planting service. Uarce complete descriptive catalogue on request. Free delivery in Bnkersfield and Taft. 501 Klghteenth St.. Bakorsfleld. 166 FOR SAT.E— A-t baled dairy nay. Call T2, Souza, 2526 l» street. Phone 2863 -\V. 167 Tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern do ordain a* follows' Section I. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to mutilate, destroy, collect, or remove any of the following 1 named plants, to-wlt: Deaert Holly (A triplex hymenely- tra); all species and varieties of Cacti; Snow Plant (Sarcodes Ban- Notices Section m. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to destroy wantonly the wild flowers of Kern County, by using said wild flowers In the 'decoration of automobiles, except in tho case of public displays, under a permit so to do. Isnued by tho County Agricultural ' Commissioner. Section TV. Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding 160.00 or by imprisonment in the County Jail for •a term not exceeding 30 days, or by both such fine nnd Imprisonment. Suction V. This Ordinance shall be In force and take effect thirty (30) days from and after the adoption thereof, and prior to the expiration of Fifteen (16) days from th* passage thereof shall be published for at ]ent*t one week In Tho Bnkersfleld Callfor- nian, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the County of Kern, State of California, together with the names of the members of the Board of Supervisors voting for and against tho same. Tho foregoing ordinance was passed and adopted by said Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stato of California, this 30th day of January, 1933, by the following vote: Ayes: "Woollomes, Brlte, Hart, Abel, "Wlmmer. Noes: None. Absent: None. (Seal) 'J. PI3URY BRITH3, Chairman of the Board of .Supervisors. ATTEST: P. B. SMITH, County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clork of the Board of Supervisors. Feb. 4-18, inel. _ NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE No. 124,808 IN THE SUPEIUOn COUHT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. IN AND VOR. THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. In the Matter of tho Estate of <3. M. Jones, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that under and pursuant to tho law made and provided, the undersigned, Olive B. Jones. Ruth Jones Wright and Olive Jones Peplow, the duly appointed, qualified and acting exccutrlcea of the estate of G. M. Jones, deceased, will sell at private sale, to the highest and best bidder, subject to confirmation of said Superior Court, on or after the 13th day of February, 1033. at tho law offices of Weber & Kldder, Room 1200 Bay Cities Building. 221 Santa Monica Boulevard, in the City of Santa Monica county of LOR Angeles, state of California, all of the right, title and Interest of said deceased tit the time of his death, and all of the right, title and interest that the estate of said deceased has acquired by operation of law or otherwise, other than in addition to that of G, M. Jones, deceased. at the tlmo of his death, in and to all that certain parcel of real property, situate in the county of Kern, sUte of California, and particularly described un follows, to-wlt: Tho NWU of Section 10, township 26 south, ninpe 25 east* S. B. B. M. Terms of sale, cash, in lawful money of the United States on confirmation of sale, or part cash and balance evidenced by noteH secured by mortgage on the property so wold. Ten percent of the amount of the hid to be deposited with the bid, Bids or offer* to be In writing and will be received at the aforesaid office at any time after the first publication hereof and before date of Bale. Dated January 26, 1D33. OLIVR B. JONES. RUTH JONES WRIGHT. OLIVE JONES PEPLOW, Executrlces of tho Estate of G. M. Jones, Deceased. Weber & Kldder, W. K. Byrne. 1200 Bay Cities Bldff.. Santa Monica. Calif., Attorneys for Executrices. Jan. 28 to Feb. 8. IMC. _ PROBATE No. 5283. Order and Notice of Order appolnt- 73; Visiting 134 places of business Inspecting 1.50 scales during last month, L. M. Sands, sealer of weights and measures, has submitted the fol lowing 1 report of his activities to the Board of Supervisors: Scales corrected and scaled, scales condemned, 3; weight* scaled, 150; measuring pumps sealed, 98; measuring pumps corrected, 7; measuring pumps condemned, 4; liquid measures scaled, 109; greiiBO gunn Healed, 17; grease guns corrected, 1; . tank trucks calibrated, 9; certificates Issued to gasoline stations, 18; certificates Issued to peddlers, 7; packages, dry commodities, correct weight, 690; packages, dry commodities, light weight, 16; convictions on violation of oil substitution act, 2; case on short weight settled out of court,1; and cnses on violation of oil aubstitutlon ' act settled out of court, 1. ^^L ^^^b J Ruth Celebrates Thirty-Ninth Year * * (Associated Prc«* Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 7.—Babe Ruth reached his 80th birthday today in excellent physical trim but no closer to a solution of his salary differences with thn New York Yankees. The homo-run king, although busily engaged getting organized for his annual Jaunt to Florida tomorrow, said he'd find tlmo for a small party. * "I'm going to have a cake, too," he added. Ruth snld ho would have no chance to see Colonel Jake Ruppert, Yankee owner, before his departure for the south and that any conferences over * tho salary question would have to beheld In Florida. Tho O'anknon have offered the Babe $50,000 for 1933, compared with tho $75,000 ho drew last ucuson. S. T. Andrews With Pink Elephant Cafe S. T. Andrews, former operator of the French Cafo here \H now associated with the Pink Elephant Cafe, 1927 I street, according to announcement toclny by Walter Spawn and Harold Hall, owners of the latter establishment. The new association will allow Mr. Andrews to continue to cater to his many friends and patrons. 66 Cars of Oranges Shipped From Kern Sixty-six cars of orangres were shipped from Kern county last month; three cars of cauliflower and one car of lettuce, according to the report of U A. Burton, agricultural commissioner. Products shipped by truck totalled: Lettuce, 3361 crates; flweot potatoes. 1400 lugs; cauliflower, 1021 crates; cabbnge, 607 crates; carrots, 60u crates; turnips, 307 crates and 120 lugs of potatoes. MRS. CARTER ILL FELLOWS, Fob. 7.—Mrs. Lillian Cousins has received word from l^oa Angeles that her mother, Mrs. Mary Carter, Is critically ill as the result of a paralytic stroke which has left her in a helpless condition. Mrs. Carter, guinea): Yucca (Hesperoyucea whip-' and Hearing Application for Letters plel), also known as Spanish Bayonet; i Testamentary Thereon. ing Time and Placo for Proving WlUj who formerly lived in Bakersfield, ; now at the homo of her daughter. Joshua Tree (Yucca mohavenMs), also known as Yucca brovifolia; Tiger Lily (Lilian parvum); Kern County Cypress (Cupressue nevadensis); Purpus Larkspur (Delphinium purpuslt); Mountain Dogwood (Cornus nuttftllli); Adobe Lily (Prltillaria pluraflora); Bitter-root (Lewisla redtvla); all species and varieties of Marlposa Lilies (Calochortus); Clarkia (Clarkia xan- tlana); Red Bud (Cercls occldentalls), also known as Judas Tree; and Pre- montia (Fremontodendron californi- cum), also known as slippery elm, wild quince and leatherwood, or to pick, or to cut any branches, fruits or blossoms therefrom, or to dig up or remove any underground parts thereof, whether growing on public or private land in the County of- Kern, -without a permit Issued by the Agricultural Commissioner of said County, or except In the case of private land, the owner gives his consent thereto. Section IT. Permits may be Issued by the County Agricultural Commissioner to the duly accredited representatives of any public library, museum, herbarium, or educational Institution, or to herbarium collectors to take such plants or parts of plants for educational nr scientific purposes. In the Superior Court of.the State of California In and for the County of K«rn. In the Matter of tho Kntato of Amos Clinton Collins, Deceased. Julia Collins, having . filed a petition for Probate of Will and praying for Letters Testamentary of the estate of Amos Clinton Collins, deceased. THKHTCFORB, In arrordnnre with ftection 327 of th« Probate Code. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that Tuesday, February H, 1933, at 10 o'clock a. UK j the United States. i PiaST-CLASS re&djr-to-wrar laltswoman with' I«e Ancelcs experience, tfould like post (ton u bu3-er, nsl stint buyer, or uletwomui. Know niuket thoroughly, runilsh hlgheil references, The Ollfornlin. Hoi niothefleis home, 3361. yuung nomtn wanti chaijft of exc*t»nffed. For Rent— Rooms ROOMS rOIt RENT~Mr«. rlean and warm. Hot and cold utter in «arh room. I2.M) per week.> 2 ~ room tiiartmrm Kith prlrate bath. ETeiy- thin i furntihed 1^0. 1620 Truxtun arenue. Phone 2633. 105 KOB KENT— SfncU room. HO a month. 331 » TV itreet. _ 105 For Ren t— Ro o ms W i th Board Court, at the Court House, In tho City of Bakersfield. County of Kern, be and the same is hereby appointed HF tho tlmo and place for proving the Will of said deceased and for hearing the application of the petitioner for the Issuance to said petitioner of Letters Testamentary tnereon. when and where any person Interested may appear and contest the same. And it is further ordered that notice thereof be published in Tho Bnkersflold Call- fornlan for the time required by law. Dated January 30, 1933. I**. F* SMITIT County Clerk and ox-Offlc'lo Clerk Superior Court. .Tan. 31 to Feh. in. Inc. of GASOLINE ALLEY Reward Offered KING flOOM and boaixl. $(».ao pt-r naetr. roorai. pteuant hurroun.llnjri. KVee parking. Also Iransient iiliui«r*, T.O cents. U028 Nini'- t<cnth alreft. Tftit-plimta C37. 8-27-tf BOAIU) ANT> RUOM at rctioiiflhU rate; ifeclaJ FMt9 tor two. J>ce parking, «1» Klghteenth tretit For RenU— Housea MODERN 5-room '-oHagf. Double garage with cement fluor. 201 C street. Phone C^G. Henry Klnsler. ^-li - 1 f Ll-LARTONt; houie for rent, i«ten rooms, ileep- Inc porch, brtakfatt nook, til* link. Hardwix-l tlo<« thrt-ujhout. $30. Water paid. 1620 I'ahn DriTe. I'hfMie 553R \V. HOUSE 3- bedroom bouHe, with floor furnar«, in SuiiBet Park. Clean and modern, 5-iO.OQ per month. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue. Phono 1^98 . __ a-4-tf PtMl Hl^T—6-roow unfurnlihetl houit. (lurago, at SOU 1" street. Inquire 1820 Twentj-fhn »trc»t. FOR HENT— House with nt COS !2»pec* street. Inquire (it Cow.. ard'H Grocery. 2400 P street. I'tm RENT—A 9-room houis, cloi» tn. UulUbfe for roomw« tnU bonders. Partly furntih*t tf tie- ilred. Cheait to rrtlible oartf. 1'hone Bf,3 •>r 8221. ing FOR RENT—Furnished cottage, three rooms and bath, water paid; adults. $17.60. S19 Pacific street. 1*15 reuonable, furnlilnKi6-room houia, 1370 lint itrwt FOB ud — Kuril ishfld 5-room houi», large 3 1-1 uy Orevoii lUcet. 1'hone 2218-B, ICO FOR RENT. J-ORrn, IIOUKK P1VK FDRNIBHBD ROOMS NBAU 8CHOOU ANU MARKKT. 130.00 1»KH MONTH. 210 KURKKA B'niKET OR MIONK 1325. FOR RENT— 6-room house, $12; du plex. $12. Water paid. Apply Sfl Nineteenth street. 105 THAT DS HAD ROM BUT HAT CAR MO AISJ THAT THG RLO PROBABUV DM CK HAVE we SWELL FOOTP SOU FUNVTS WAS BOV voo CRANK KSD OUT SWELL VOL) RMO ACK Chieu* Tnfcu w THE BUNGLK FAMILY LISTEN TO PEGGY BANGING AWAY AT THAT PIANO AND SINGING €0 SOON KLEOPATKA ELOPED WITH §OB By HARRY J. TUTIIILL OH PEGGY DAWJN3 PLEASE DONT WHANG THAT PIANO LOUDLY! \ \ •W* W ^ * MOtHER iV NOW SHE'S WHISTLING AND SNAPPING HEr\ FINGERS. THAT'S WHAT THCY CALL OPTIMISM. HEI^ FATHER 6 PCOPLC JUST BOILINO WITH THAT SPIWT. -i AND THAT IS WHY SOME or THOSE BUNGLE GIR.L6 TURNED UP THEI& NOSES AT MAMJAGE UNTIL THEY WE*E GLAD TO MAAAY BALD »HEADED MEN WHO CLAIMED TO IE TRAVELING SALESMEN. « \ THANK GOODNESS I'M AWAY OUT Or STEP ON SOME OF" THESE MODERN NOTIONS. IN MY DAY GIW-S WHO STAYED SINGLE AFTER -A CERTAIN AGE DIDN'T SMILE VERY OFTEN. LOSING AN IMPORTANT CATCH THESE DAYS MEANS NOTHING TO THE UP-TO-THE- MINUTE (3I*L. IT'S EVEN OUT OT STYLE TO WARN HER ASOUT IT, TOO. * * i i r m IMAGINE A GIRL WHO ONE DAY IS DISAPPOINTED IN MARRYING A MILLIONAIRE AND THE NEXT DAY... ALMOST SHE'S SCAMPERING AROUND SNAPPING HER FINGERS AND WHISTLING TO HERSCLF! THINK OF IT! AND OH PEGGY DEAR PLEASE STOP POUNDING THAT PIANO AGAIN I'M....WELL, THINKIN3 ABOUT SOMETHING IMPORTANT 1 «r „ ^vvwwwywx^ II Mrs. George Teaff In Uos Angeles. Shr, is ividoly known in Bakersfield and the West Side oil fields. LEAVING FOR VENEZUELA MARICOPA, Feb. 7.—Mr. and Mrs. Andy J. Westerfleld, former local residents, aro Bailing on tho S. S. Oakland, for Mariealbo, Venezuela, after spending n three-month vacation In Mr. Westerfield 1« Oil Jr.. wl In a Long Beach military school. DIVERSION CLUB MEETS MARICOPA, Feh. 7.—Tho Diversion Club met Friday afternoon at tho homo of Mrs. Cleo Weaver on 2500 Park Way in ttakorsfleia. The afternoon was spent in playing five hundred with /|n»r. prize going to Mm. Florence T. Price and second awarded to Mrs. Martha Walker. Those attending worn Mesdiimcs Mac Babeock, Mabel Bond, Kllzabeth HarnlHh, Martha Walker, Florence I. Price, Sybil Green, and tho hostess, Mrs. Cleo Weaver. B^^^^^^H ENTERTAINS BRIDGE CLUB SHAFTEU, Fob. 7.—Mrs. Glen O. Nay entertained her brldg« club Friday evening at her home on Xouman lload. Tho members present were: ' Mesdamen E. B. Hlringham, O. T. Olsen, J. B. Henderson, George Buns. Tina Dines, M. B. McFarland of McFarlund, Glen O. Nay and Earl. Terry of Wnsco. Tho tables were tastefully decorated, tho hostess having used tho valentine motif, handmado nut cups, placecards and scorecards. ^^b GIVES BIRTHDAY PARTY McFAKUAND, Feb. 7,—TSntcrtain- Ing with a'blrthduy dinner party Sunday at her home on Second street, Mrs. "Ellsworth IS. Rlppoy honored Mr. Rlppoy, who was celebrating hl» nnnlvoruary. Covers were laid for Mr. Hlpppy's brother, Bert, who Is (heir house guest from tho oa«t, Mr. and MrH. Mlmer 13. I^obre, Bernlce, KJmci'. Jr., and Jean Uobre, Mr. and MTM. Rlppcy. AT KERNVILLE HOME KKRNVILL13, Fob. 7.—Mr. and Mrs. M r . A. James entertained never;)! friends at a dinner and card party Jit their home here on a rooent evening. Those enjoying'tho party aslOo from the hout and hostess were; Messrs. and Mesdames James K. Bochtel, Clarence J. Puseoe, John Pol* tor and Paul Rhodes; Mrs. Lucille Pasooe, tho Misses Eleanor and June Potter and Judge Robert palmer. PREACHES AT TULARE DELANO, Feb. 7.—Dr. William B. Smith of thltt city occupied tho pulpit ut tho First Methodist Church In Tu- laro on Sunday night in the absence of Dr. O. M. Ocheltroe, pastor, who has been conducting evangelistic services at JSarllmart, Accompany Doctor Smith to Tulare wero Mrs. Smith, their daughter Mies 'Nancy and their won De WHt. ENJOY INFORMAL DANCE MOJAVTfl, Feb. 7.—The Knights ot tho Desert Dancing Club enjoyed an Informal dnnco last Saturday evening at tho I. O. O. F. hall. Misses Anna Mario Wlikerson and Ardis Money of l-ios Angeles wero guosta, and enter- latncU the club mombora with a tap danco number. Mrs. IS. - E. Wilson chaperon.

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