The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 29, 1974 · Page 18
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 18

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1974
Page 18
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Mrs. King takes up husband's work By MARY CAMPBELL APNewsfettwet Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Her own personal mission, now that her husband is gone, Mrs. Coretta Scott King expresses as "To use my life and my talents in trying to bring about permanent and lasting social change which I think can advance the human condition. "Like my husband, I have worked in the areas of trying to Fergus Falls (Mi.) Jnrial ., May 29,1974 eradicate racism, poverty and war." Mrs. King was In New York from Atlanta to accept a check for $50,000 from RCA Records, which represents advance royalties on "Keep the Dream Alive," a two-LP set recorded live at a concert in Atlanta. She already has received a $60,000 check from the concert itself. Both are to be used by the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change of which she is president. The center is to be two and a half blocks in Atlanta, to include King's birth home which will be restored and opened to visitors, a community center and park and a building of offices where the work of "consulting, supporting and leading nonviolent movements for human rights" will be coordinated. Asked by a reporter why she thinks civil rights news has moved to the back pages of newspapers, Mrs. King said, "1 think it hasn't moved. My interpretation involves all those people who are working for positive social change — women's lib, Indians, the United Farm Workers, etc. "There is a movement for change in this country. It is much larger than civil rights now. It is a human rights movement. No one can be free until everyone is free. I think we can understand this better now than when my husband first said it. We are tied together in a single garment of destiny. What affects one directly affects us all indirectly. "My husband came out of the black experience but he said when he organized the Poor People's Campaign that the common problem is one of economic injustice, that people are poor and in need. He found there were more white poor than there were black poor. He did as much to try to help the white poor as he did the black poor." Mrs. King commended Marlon Brando for his not accepting the Academy Award and statement that it was because of his feelings about mistreatment of Indians by the U.S. government and in movies. She said, "I think this is an example of the nonviolent spirit and 1 hope people will understand this. "We at the center are trying to help people understand the meaning of nonviolence. We're concerned about the whole question of violence in society. We're concerned about reducing the level of violence in society and we have a number of programs to that end. We want to teach people nonviolent processes for social change. We want to bring people together, people of good will. I maintain there are many more people in this country of good will than of ill will. Very often people will do what is right if they are given an example to inspire them." Mrs. King quoted from one of her late husband's sermons: "In a world facing the revolt of ragged and hungry masses of God's children; in a world torn between the tensions of East and West, white and black, LAWN TRACTOR SALES T»> PISE CHICAGO (AP) - The fuel shortage will have no effect on lawn and garden equipment sales in 1974, according to Darwin Kettering, senior vice president for operations of Massey-Ferguson, world's largest maker of tractors, and a individualists and collectivists; in a world whose cultural and spiritual power lags so far behind her technological capabilities that we live each day on the verge of nuclear coannihilation; in this world, nonviolence is no longer an option for intellectual analysis. It is an imperative for action." leading manufacturer of lawn and garden machines. According to Kettering, industry sales of lawn and garden tractors should rise 7 per cent over 1973. Massey-Ferguson expects its own lawn equipment sales to increase by 9 per cent this year. "The fuel shortage will force more people to stay at home this summer," said Kettering. "As a result, money spent on lawn and garden activities will show an increase. Dollars previously slated for vacation driving, motor homes, water craft and other vacatb/j' oriented activities will tie channeled to lawn and garden products." i Store Hours: Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are closed on Sunday. APNewsfeatures Writer Survival courses may be the newest concept of education It may even be what education is all about. And you don't need to be a rugged he-man type to test your fitness. As part of a new course in survival at Boston University, a pretty 5-foot, red-haired freckle-faced senior, Susan Reiter, 21, has just survived the challenge of 330 miles of Hudson River and its rapids — kayaking, canoeing, portaging - for 21 days with four male graduate students on a reconnaissance trio. At the university a brochure advises students... "if you feel "«** the wheel from the pressures of work or you are suffering the ennui created by avoiding work; you should enroll in one of the SURGE build character, fitness in Boston University program rochure ?S^ s 5 lw ° ls *^ «"•"« out ..»! e *** Courage in a smoMnK.alcohn.nrHn-o.™™, ^ „„ „ 7 .. ^ ^ growth, enthusiasm) outdoor action courses." SusMi not only survived the trip. She might even be willing to SURGE again in anotheTof tne daring adventures devised by Michael Heneid, a British education professor and naturalist with a background of association with Outward Bound schools whkh improve self-image through controlled stress outdoors. Rock climbing, cross-country skiing, kayak expeditioning are courses that might even prepare one to face the rigors of classroom work. Courses of four weeks duration carry credits from the school of education. The men — John Snodgrass, Bob Nolle, Stan Harbarson and David Holdt — graduate students at Boston University - expect to apply their experiences to their own teaching work in other schools. Even if the trip doesn't bring out the latent courage in a participator, it is a sure cure for finicky eaters, Susan said. The group became so ravenous from its strenuous days it would even drink the vegetable water at the end of the evening meal. "I ate as much as the men did, sometimes six slices of bread," said the tiny river farer. "You get so you will eat anything and you'll mix it all together in your bowl." Meals were the usual camp fare — instant oatmeal with raisins and sugar added for extra energy, tuna fish or cheese at lunch, freezedried casseroles at dinner. No smoking, alcohol or drugs were permitted. The group had left from the source of the Hudson, Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds in the Adirondacks after climbing Ml Marcy to the spot where all the mountain streams converge. After three days of portage around dams, waterfalls, power companies and two additional days in a six-man tube raft in which they sat straddle-legged with one leg out of the raft, they transferred to canoe and kayak that would be used until they paddled into the Battery in New York City 18 days later. Stop spending more than ^^.m _ A. ,'':. :. i ^^^^ They wore damp pants or shorts, and hiking boots or wet, soggy sneakers by day, but at night they wore dry clothing to bed. And they went to sleep at dark in polyethelene lean-to contrivances strung between trees, after they had collected firewood, done the cooking, and had written the day's log which each had to keep. At a treacherous area near Warrensburg, they had an accident. Susan had been sitting in the middle of the canoe, the heavier vehicle that stored their gear, when they took on water in the rapids, tried to cut into an eddy, and found themselves in another set of rapids. Susan suddenly was in the water with the geodetic rnap held between her teeth. She saw her companions floating down stream. "In the rapids you stay close but you are on your own. My first reaction was to get to shore so I began swimming on my belly, grabbing rocks and slitting my fingers a bit. The other buddies were floating. But when f got to shore there was no place logo. But we kept calling to each other and they got through the brush to me. The $400 course may prove to be the biggest thrill she will Ferns Falls (Mi.) Jurat Wed., Hay 29,1974 tt ever have, but fishermen and others they met in the north thought we were a bit nutty," she says. Their last day, the smoothest was an 18-hour one of 55 miles "You couldn't find such a learning experience in a teit book," says the pretty sociology major, who is interested in mental health. "Organization . . . responsibility ... conquering fears... there are so many facets to such an experience." 7T>.A V ,•£%?• StopjB at Red Owl for greater value HARVEST QUEEN, CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL Canned Corn 4 - 89° CANS \JU BETTY CROCKER. Scalloped or 5330Z Au Gratin Potatoes & 49° LEMON SUGAR NesteaTeaMix JA ' RLB 99 C HAM- REDOWL BURGER Partners Beef Flavored 7 OZ. Noodle, PKG. Chili Tomato, AMD UP Cheeseburger U.S.D.A. Choice, Tendr Care Bone-In in a t R D H n vy "Z 3 gn r at , deal of time on making it worthwhile vaiu« in mil ^ ^f" ' St ° P Until We fil1 *»*>* like these with VOu'dSr SS V n T ' P? dUCe and fam ° US brands featurin 9 the kind of quality VOL. d rather have. Yes, next time you stop for food, stop in at the Red Owl sign greater savings, Fresh, Shoulder Cut H^ M^ _ * n/ou, onuuiuer tui Rump Roast Pork Roast U.S.D.A. CHOICE, TENDR CARE BONE-IN Round Steak Treat your dining room croud to the great taste of this fine choice rump roast this week. Come put one away, today! 99? CHEFS DELIGHT IMITATION Cheese Food 2B £ 99 Keebler Cookies. ..... 3,'59 C Red Owl's famous choice quality priced for extra savings. Come, put several slices on your shopping list. RED OWL CAN NED Family Size, Chocolate. Vanilla. Butierscotch. Rice or Tapioca CREME SANDWICH Oreo Cookies CREAM ETTES Elbow Macaroni... ILB. 30Z. FLAVORFUL. FRESH GROUND JuicyBlendll 69 S49 J U.S.O.A. CHOICE BEEF ROUND Boneless Beef Tip Boast U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF ROUND (Formerly Family Steak] Boneless Bottom $ Round Steak LB . U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF ROUND Boneless Top <fc -f 4.0 RoundSteak LB 1TO 1 :' SINGLE LB. c LB. 3 LB. PKG. OR LARGER ARMOUR STAR, FAMOUS QUALITY Kg Chunk •7QC Tempting, flavorful pork to delight your family with and priced for just pennies a portion. Plan a meal around this main course this week. JUICY, TENDER Pork Shoulder Arm Steak LEAN AND FLAVORFUL Shoulder Blade Pork Steak FLAVORFUL, TENDER Pork Cubed Steak LB LB. LB. 79° 99" Clip and Save *2 59 disco Shortening POnxSHOUlDEH PorkArm £TO Boast ... O t? HARDWOOD SMOKED Perfect for Frying 3LB. CAN $139 1 LB Limit one can with coupofl. Valid thru Sat June 1.1974 (CXX081S) Corp. " 69 Smoked Picnics iiiianviwirtiijif.1,1 SKIPPY, FLAVORFUL Blade Cut Pork Roast TENDER,BOSTON Boneless Pork Roast 69 LB. LB. TENDER. JUICY Bologna.. LB. !£ 88 XV OSCAR MAYER Bofogrui. Bnni Bolu Sliced Cold Cuts 8-02. PKG. 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FOR PERFECT SANDWICHES Rellmann's Mayonnaise QT Limit one jar with coupon. • Valid thru Sat.. June 1 1974 (CXXOIIBICorp. ; Limit one can with coupon. ~ I Valid thru Sat.. Juris 1, 1974-1 . ICXX0136)Corp. _^~ ill'jfli SAVE37c£:;Sfe)j T^lEa^SEBffiaT.Tj ~l ?.\ ..{ MOUNTAIN GROWN =! CHOICE OF GRINDS 31 Folgefs Coffee 3 $089 Krf :i CAN QUARTERED Promise Margarine KB. KQ tit/ :| Limit one Ib. with coupon ~ .Valid thru Sat.. June 1. 1974 • (CXXOIIO)Corp. ~ •H _ jl-S_AVE 26cn.-.>®/J SARA LEE FROZEN Pound Cake PKG. Limit one pkg with coupon. -| : Valid thru Sat., June 1. 1974 - ! (CXXOUOICorp. _f • .. SAVE lOc .{JD 1 "" ~* "~ ^™ "«~ — • '^— ••«— ^^ ^Bi. .^_ ' HEARTLAND Plain. Raisin. Coconut. Corn 1 Natural | Cereals i Limii one p^g, with coupon. • .Valid thru Sat.. June 1. 1974 | ICXXOnO) Corp. !••• :. SAVE Me

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