Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 13, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1933
Page 10
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AMM " AMU DAILY nimwB rant. AMBS. IOWA HUCDAT, ooroint is, 1939, Answers to Test Questions I •«l»W <rt th« antwtr* to th* t*»t quutlon* »rlnt«4 on M9* on*. f I- Cyrus H. McCoralck. \- 2. The man wno carried the cross of Jenus Christ part of the f Ay to t*e place of the cruclflklon. | 3. Santiago. T«o. Herbert L«hm»«. MoAtrtAl, Canada. Senator Joseph T of Arkansas. 1 MeKinley Roosevelt. 10. Cornelius MacGiliiouddy. 6. 7. 8. RoblBion and Theodore Think of President Rvotevelt wanting to 1tt<t and clothe tht Mtil»»p/oy«<f/ Why, thili isn't an election year. CHICKENS IOC — MC — 1JC Live weight—dreiied oft order. PleMe get your order in early. FARMERS! We want your eggs, poultry tnd cream. ' . When you think of chickens, think of Mac's Dairy.Poultry Mkt. Phone 142.— White Rose Gas Station Fifth and Burnett 16 A FALL FOOD FESTIVAL* All those big specials in our Lucky Friday ad and those in our double page handbills are all still on sale for Saturday. So it is your opportunity to put away your winter's supply of the high quality food items. Here are a few representative items. BROWK BETTY COFFEE Pound 26c .This Coupon Is good for 5c on purchase of one pound Brown Betty Coffee on dates of October 13th and 14th. Customer's Name Address . SUGAR 1 f\ pound JC 4 ft U cloth bag pi V 21 c BUTTER Boone or Nevada KAVY BEANS, Michigan, 10 pounds for 39c JSLLO * pkgs all flavors Cm. .PORE & Beans Van ^ No. 2 1 / Camps fa cans GRAHAM Q lb Q-l ~ CEAX fccad. 3 I C SODA n lb CRAX Ccad. 19c PRUNES No. 10 can 29c CALUMET Baking Powder, lb VANILLA COMPOUND big 8-oz. bottle 25c This Coupon worth J>&c on purchase of bottle o£ Ya- nllla. Customer's Name Address FLOUR Golden Dawn 49ST $1.59 9c Hersheys COCOA . 1 lb 2 can APRICOTS, 18-K 4 Q-^ highest qual, 2V 2 en I %IC PEACHES 18-K hvy syrup, 2y 2 can 4 Q^ I w C BREAD light or dark 5c PINEAPPLE, IGA £4 crushed, sli, 2y 2 en b I PEAKS, 18-K, Bartletts— heavy syrnp Ol f* No. g^g can ... _ C I V Kelloggs • 2 pkg» Cn Flakes C Jungleland Book Free. I9c 15c IOC Fruits, Vegetables TOKAl' GRAPES, extra fey, green steins, 4 lbs O.SIONS, Ked'or Yellow, 10 Jbs . . PEARS, extr>- -fancy,- No. 1 Koifers, £,4 *A bu ....$liJ9 HEAD J>ETTUCE. large solid. 2 for.... CELKRV. big- Jumbo stalks, each CRANBERRIES, Eat- inorji. 2 quarts APPLES, Jonathon. tleep r€t j ) juicy, 5 lbs CAULIFLOWER, per- fret white, I6c, lOc.. CELERY CABBAGE, Jumbo, crisp, each .. RUtABAGAS, Turnips and Carrot*, 3 lbs,. . ORANGES, Sunkist, 2S8 size. 2 doz .... GRAPEFRUIT, OUif., nice size, 6 for SWEET POTATOES, full flavor. 4 lbs -.-... CABBAGE, solid green, lb PEPPERS, Red and Gre«n, a for ..*... .-. . POPCORN. Jumbo shelled, fi-Jb bag .... IOC loc 43c Jc 5c In die Market HAM LOAF, fresh ground, 3 lbs ...... COD FISH, boneless, 2Sc 29c SLICED BACON* sugar cured, 2 1-lb pkgs PICNIC HATUS, sugar cured, 6-Jb average, 4 * i / Ib 1172C BOLOGNA; home made, 2 Ibs SLICED BACON ENDS, 8-Ib box LAM!? SHOULDER ROAST, ext special, lb PORK LOIN ROAST, Jean, 2 lbs BEEF STEAK, ten- tier, tasty, 2 Ibs .... SPARE KIBS, fresh, meat?, 2 lbs PORK BRAINS, surprise thi family, 2 Ibs PORK SHOULDERS, closely trimmed, lb • • LAKE WHITE FISH, extra special, each . .. PORK «KCK BONES, LAMB STEW, VEAL STEW, PORK ROIL, your choice, Ib I9c 25c I5c «c IOC Sc POTATOES, Iowa Grown 100 4 $1.39 PURL A lbs •! C-% LARD C for IOC YOU TOO WILL ENJOY TRADING AT OUR IGA STORE RUSHING FOOD MARKET Phon« 320 We Deliver 117 COWS COLLED FROM TEST HERDS Of 338 cows taken from 1,011 cow tfstlng »g»ocl*tloii herd* In S*pteffl:>*r, 117 WW* culled because of low production. According to the monthly report r«l«&fced by the dairy ExtemlOb gervlee At 10* wa State college Thursday. On« hundred thirts«n cowg were sold to other farmers for dairy pur» poseg. Twenty-ieven were sold because of udder trouble, 24 because of sterility and ? because of old age. th« report .itated. i The average bultertat production per cow—in high herds and assoc-» iations—a-ppaNntly WAS about the feame as a year ago. A larger number of cow*, however, produced 40 or more' pounds butterfat during tt« ttofltH than in September, 1932. The seven blgb association* during September And the average butterfat production per cow were: North Tama, 37.9; 'Sac-CArroll. 26.5; Fremont-Page, 25.9; Polk, 24.8; Marion-Luc**, 24.7; Grufldy, 23.6; and Dallas-Boone. 23.6. Owners of hjgh herds and the average butterfat production, yet cow; £faest Diehl .Qrundy associ-- ation, 47.7; Hay ward Brother*, North Tama, 44.0; 0. L. Harner, Pioneer-Cedar Falls, 41.8; F. W. fctolt & Son, Sac-Carroll, 40.7; Fred R. Sly the, lowk, 40.4; W. 8. Penn, Linn No. 1, 38.8; and Harold Kae- fcar, Allamakee No. 1, 37.7. Citizens Evade Officialdom CARROLLTON, 0. (UJ2) — No One seems to want any of the city Jobs here, fco no elections fe* M«1<T thto y*Af. Pr«wkt city offldali Mult hold over for Another iw» r«tn b*c«tft« 10 OB« 11*4 ca«dld»*-y for tfc« prt< Gushing Market &«d Arrow Ho. 1 835 Main t h«n« 80 SHOULDER or Loin of Pork, lb POiK LIVEE or Bwf Boil, 2 Ibl. BEEF or VEAL EOA8T, lb ..... BMOKED PIONICB, SHOULD1RS, lb . SLAB BACON, any aaount, lb.. B*ABY BEEF HEARTS, 2 ft*. Chickens, Oysters, dbeese and Cold. Mtati 'OOt ores BUY Canned CORN! This Wee IONA A No. 2 *T cam Del Maiz Corn Kocasn ° 8 lac Dozen cans $1.19 Del Maiz Niblets CORN it. cans fl.85 Del Monte fancy Crosby No. Dozen can* $1.19 can 2 cans JJc IOC Armour's Star Del Monte Apricots J Dozen e*n* $4.05 No. lona Apricots No. 2 can Del Monte can Hills Bros. Coffee Red Circle Coffee lb. lb. FRESH CREAMERY Nevada . . . lb 2lc Brookfield . . lb 22c College . . , lb 25C Blue Label 5 lb can Karo Syrup Minute Tapioca Lux Toilet Soap Red Label 5 lb can cakes R. S. P. No. 10 can POSTUM CEBEAL pkg . 21 C BLUE RIBBON MALT SYRUP can 59c CHOCOLATE CIRCLES, Uneeda Bakers lb 19o CHILI SAUCE, Quaker Maid 12 oz. foot. 15c KETCHUP, Quaker Maid 8 oz. bot. lOc KETCHUP, Quaker Maid 14 oz. bot. 15c BAKING POWDER, Quaker Maid Ige can 21c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR, Kitchen Tested, 49 lbs $2.16 CORNMEAL, white or yellow B lb bag- 12c C AH Cane, lOO.Lb Bag PINEAPPLE, No. 2y 2 can Deslice Me PEAS, No. 2 can ,X 2 for 2JC PEARS, No. 2y 2 can %? % for 290 TOMATOES, No. 2 can . . NEW CROP IOWA GROWN RED ONIONS fH^'G}?£ALlt'lANflC & PACin'C^IA €0. 10 lbs 2$C w..h>mpiyiv No. 1 325 Main Phones 6041 SUGAR Fine p*anulftte<! lbs FLOUR Better Brtad Jersey Cr«ian $1.59 COFFEE Folgers 2 Ibs 59c MINCEMEAT Monarch BROOMS Good quality- blue handle, e». PRUNES Santa Clara, 40-50 size 2 lbs nc PEACHES Dried fancy RAISINS OATMEAL Quaker, quick or regular g lb bag MATCHES COCONUT Long thread, per lb. ft V A !'/• O' Jl RED ARROW 'vA row FINC FQOPS RED ARROW.NO. 3 2508 Linoolnwty Oampustown Store Phone 219 Three Stores for Your Convenience CMRlSToPHER.1 WHO DO VDM / You'll diicover the reaion for the growing popularity of the RED ARROW BTOREB when you stop in and COMPARE. We sell for cash—and can afford to offer BETTER foodg at BETTER price* EVERY DAY. you WHAT; YCAft?, SAY} HOW OLD J>VOU THINK I Kellogg's Com Flakes , , Jungle Land Book FREE * Pg RICE, BLUE ROBQ... 4 AM lUC TOMATOES new pack ens BEANS NAVY. PORK & BEANS No, 2 IQc TAPIOCA quick, 1 lb 10c SALMON 1 lb PICKLES MACARONI Spaghetti lb box 4 f"^ 1 9C PEPPER, Black 1 lb 19c DATES fresh.. lbs Fresh Fruit-Vegetables GRAPES Ejrtra Fancy Tokays 20C ORANGES s Sunkist 2 doz. med .35c 2 doz. med. large 45c 2 doK large 55c APPLES Winesap, 8 lbs 26c .Basket ..'....$1.09 Jonathan, No. 1 grade 5 lbs 25c PEACHES—Colorado extra «fine for slicing, basket BAKANAS—Hard yellow 3 lbs PEARS, No. 1 Kelfer, bagket_»1.35; 7 lbs. . SQUASH, large Acorn, 4.^ 3 for .............. IOC T, sweet Jaicy, go<)a_size. 5 Jor SWEET POTATOES, ycUow meat, 8 lbs .... LETTUCE—Extra quality soHd 2 heads 13c ONIONS No. 1 large bag';. lolb 19c 50 lb bag CELERY, extra fine, -f A|» large, each AvC OBANBEBRIES, dark red, 2 lbs 25c CARROTS, large bunches, each . . Sc TOMATOES, fancy slicing, « Ibs .... IOC CABBAGE, green, solid, lb .'.. CAULIFLOWER, fancy %vhJte heads ISc u - s - No - 1 - 1 **' y° u P eck 29c get wliat you pay for 1QQ Ib bag ?1.69 No.2 200 Main Phone 231*2119 BUTTER Boon* Dairy, lb. CHEESE Longhorn <fl C^ Ore»m, lb IOC VANILLA extract 4 A A 8 or. jug , 1UC MILK Tall cans for WHITE LAUNDRY Demonstration 10 tora 39c 1 8-0*. flake Free Swans Down CAKE aoUR PUMPKIN Marshall Seal No. 2y 2 can 41 for SORGHUM Waconia, 100% pure gallon PANCAKE FLOUR P. & G., large pkg. CHERRIES Solid pack; No. 10 tin CRACKERS Tasty Flake Soda lbs Sliced Bacon 18c Smoked Ham 16c DECKER'S SLICED WILSON CHOICE Pork Steak lOc LEAN STEAK Beef Roast 15c BONED AND ROLLED Pork Roast lOc Ground Beef lOc LEAN ROAST FRESH GROUND Bacon Sq'res lOc SUGAR CURED SQUARES Sausage Beef Hearts 8c CHOICE HEARTS PURE PORK Bacon 6 lbs. 47c Flank Steaks 16c GOOD STEAK Beef Tongue lOc SLICED EXTRA SMALL TENDER Boiling Beef Sc Pork Hearts 7c SMA' L HEARTS Beef Roast lOc EXTRA CHOICE CUTS TENDER BEEP Short Ribs lOc FOR BAKING live * s - I5c Sirloin Steak ISc 1G Spare Ribs 7c I • EXTRA QUALITY BEEF VERY MEATY Link Sausage 17c Beef liver ISc EXTRA EASY BEEF Fresh Brains 25c FRESH, 6-LB PA3L rt&^^WMMMMMNMMMMMI^MMMMBi^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Oysters pt, 35c FRESH SMALL LINKS Lard 2 lbs. ISc PURE LEAF LARD Side Pork llc FRESH SIDE SPRINGS QUALITY SERVICE AND SANITATION. YES 81R| THE SAME PRICES AT ALL MARKETS

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