The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 7, 1959 · Page 18
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 18

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 18
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18-AUSTIN HCSAIP HERALD WANT AD SECTION DIAL HE 3-8851 Wednesday, Jon. 7. 1959j FARMER'S MAftKEt-6 j MP^fOlSA^.7 NOtlCft CLASSIFIED ADS ARB CASH WITH ORDER to Us« man; hundreds tit Classified AdrertLoementa in the Herald. each month the coat of th« collection and bookkeeping ffinkM It unprofitable to charg* thw« small smounta. For thia rt**on th* policy of the Herald to to wqulrs CASH WITH ORDER, W» bsller* our readers recognice 4)j$-oooditlon and win Rite their willing cooperation In case of emergency when It la impossible- fot patron? to call «t thl* office to make payment*. arrangement* can be made for payments through their Herald c-arrler-saleaman JSe carrier collection churse for ads not p.Vd 48 hours Rfter expiration. RENTALS-5 LIVESTOCK HOIJ3TEIN aprlngcra. Top quality feeder cattle. Alvln Bergstrom, 3 miles GUERNSEY cow, Just fresh. Jacob Rialus, Brownndni*, Minn, and gilt*. oood No. 1, meat type bourn CTOM breeders. Minn. FOH RF.NT--nqUSE3 ~ 3 BEDROOM house, 608^i N " ! SKFDS FF.EDS SA 2 BEDROOM nil modern'houitc Conveniently located. AvaiJ.ible Feb. I. _nu; HEJ1-8387. 3 BEDROOM houw. Efl«t~CoiTTns "Dial _HK 3-8032. MODERN 1 « ~room,".'f~h«'5room htnisr i and* 1 , Available February l.: TjQcatM corner 5th fine! Wliion.i I Inquire Nelfons Super Market. C). S ! Nelson. : 2 REDROOM modern "house" $t>57~7n:i '• FOR EARLY WEANING 6r ORPHAN PIGS USE GOODS ' lCR8kfttM— Over 1000 pair* (new and tv AND RADIO —TO 24" BLOND consol*. TV Mt. A-l COD" dition. Budget term*, ooodyear Bet. OOPS, CATS. PETJT~~ITf PARAKEET3, Canaries. HE T-449o7 MAL 6STATf~11 FOR 8AtB" HOUSES —I1A FISHER REAL ESTATE -HE 3-9563 Tropical Fish New and used aquariums. Supplies. Etc. Start a new an.l exciting hobby for young and old. Tree information and booklet. MODERN 4 room hu I'Unt. Oarsfie, gimlpn. IiRmedinif ' Dial 'HE 3-6318. ClASSIFIED ADS (Want Ad) Rat« Minimum charge 15 word* $JJO I time ............. , ...... Re J time* ................... nc S tltnfs . ......... , ......... H* 4 times ..... .............. joe P VT FOR 4 RUNS OF.T B KVNS accepted until !>:45 a.m. fame <!ny of publication. Irregular tnsertiour t»lce 1 time rat«. All ada restricted to rliiminratlon and trpe style. 50o Mr- Tire charge for blind «d». If you do not want blind ad replica to fall Into certain bunds Mmply sddrwf, your reply to the numbers in the. ad aM4cbtQR a list of pnrtif* you do not another envelope -'-'•'- • •' FURNISHED apt. 2 rooms, sbowef.: .-,-=-.-,— PIG WEAN-R-JETS Available at Austin Seed Co. N. - HE 3-9215 301 S. Main Six new 3 bedroom 1 ramblers with attached garages, Located on West tir' J!"" 1 *! 00 * 1 finish thf °ushoi>t. * 1O.900 and up. New 3 bedroom rambler with attached Karate located on the south side $15,750. a 'ttl'c TK^rx;^^,! tr-^U ^ Mrly new 3 b <*l"x>m home with ITT S I rOplCOl FlSh ; laws carpeted living REAL ESTATE-11 FOR SALE BOUSES —11A HOMES — $3227 and up built on y6uf foundation. Any sis*. Any Style We finance, pur talented designers create your plan*, drawn ju«t for you, from your ideas. Bt*t material*. SAT* time, Save U||. visit Fdhnlng Supply Co., Watervllle, Minn, open 8-5. (No Sunday*.) (Located HE 3-2464 side, $1-1,900. room. South Capretz Agency Since 1905 219 N. Main—HE 7-4503 SOUTH FRANKLIN Income property. 4 tlnit apartment house. Total potential yearly income 1 1,860. EVENINGS: BobHarf—HE7.1101 Earl Miller—HE 7-4125 mile south of new con- West Side — Verv ec»>,l 7 hcWm NEW Ho i?*; B ? owner, Large living . Hgwy. 16 West). h 0 ' i'i CV)1) Ver> 8ood 2 bcj "*> m «SS- Dining: room, kltch«n. Fajnll, _5!L p ?£>l_5?' lkl!lr " :l - decorated A!i uilli!le» fur-1 M £ AIJ *A lla >' ftt! ^ fit corn. Francis nlslicd._M5. HK H-.V'PS otter •! p.m.-. ~ 2 ROOM unlvirnlshfd apt.., prmtiKl ' floor. Prlva'o bath. Hf-a' nnd wat-pf; _Jurii!shed. $'3 month. P3-! Iinnslni?.' 4 ROOM, one bedroom apt. Newlv! dpcorntcd. Convcnlondv lornteri.j Washing IncUllle*. Private *utr»nce., HE 3-176B. FARMPRYDE Pig Starrer Pellets uiifurulRhcdT , inr,^, —.~ ~ • LA ROB 4 r<Mm furiilahrd apt. Alfiol Riowth stimulant, cane WHAT tor t.istc appeal, 3 room apt. over Mragc. West Oak larul Ave. IfE 7-124,'i, Want Ads Confidential sVrvlcT~Aui- tin Dilly Herald. THE HF.RAU) ASSUMT3 NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ERRORS AFTER FIRST INSERTION und reserves the rlirht to edit or reject any copy trub- n-.ltted. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY: Minimum npftce 1 Inch, Not over 20 word* per Inch allowed, 1 time per inch $1.30 2 or more consecutive times il.20 per inch. Irregtilar insertions ttkt 1 time rate. Display copy must bt, In composing room by noon preceding day together with antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, oat gtnats and other essential ingredient?. Plan ^ l *me U 'AvM;^ a ^ M Vd'! " f)W "' >"» '««« '«»« Vo»r pigs i on FARMPKYDI- QUALITY ROOMS with hnth. bown*tiilra.~CJa» lately. HE 7-1.123. .1 RMS. Furnlshi-d. Down, ins 3-fiM-l. FEEDS. ^ BORDER CoTlIe pupii~Very RoocTTar dogs. Call tlrownsdale IX) 7-2101. WANTKI) TO BUY —T WANTED to buy — Small walk-In cooler. WANTED drawers, he in Rood condition «.ud Rlonn. State price and give full 5 p.m. DrefwerTMust ha'vTmany" description Box 327, when writing to F4, BUSINESS SEItVlCE & RKPAIRS—g; ROOFJtNQ, Insultttion, siding roofini repairs, all type*. Free estimates, year* to pny. Jordo Insulation Co glooming Prairie 38 or HE 3-9265. HAY Smith. Klee. Cont. HE 3-8379. IDEAL Heating and Sheet Metal 130 S. Rlvnr, Dial HE 3-8883 VERY nlean downtown npt. Stove and refrigerator furnlnhfci. Dial HE f- I i- (~ t -±^??_ o .L. IIF L 7 : wl!t . ! General Farm Stores DIAL HE 7-4445 for plumbtnR Instal lations and repairs. Patterson Plumbing and ~ 1 ROOMS anti bat.1) "Adulta. Inquire _ 80f7 _HpP (1 . rnar npt. ' FURNISHED •» room ape. Bnth Everything furnished. Bob HE .l-C.iOS. Inc. Austin, Minn' Roofing. HE READER ADS on Society page: M»n- I mum charge for headlr.s and li .!. WANTED - Horse, of all jCHALN-SAW chains machine aharp" ened. Rent it Save, 1000 K. Water RNANCIAL-9 word* Jl.80. Orer »ord additional. word*. Co per MORIAMS — SO words or ie.ia CWSStFICAXION IXDEV 1—Announcement*. J— Personal 3—Lost & Found 4—Employment 5—Rentals <"—Farmers Marker 7—Mds« For S«Ie »—Bualn«n Berth* 9—Financial 10—Auction Salt* 11—Real EaUt* :2—Automotlv* Place An Ad Today Dial HE 3-8851 room p.m. igh school. Very ';ood 2 bed-1 Bartlett. phone 2fla9, Sprlmi Vallev apt. DlaJ HE 7-3W9 after 5 7T^rr~~rr — i:Z_. MDSE. FOR SALE-7 !SHH,rT^r^- In Jordan Apt. Court. UMlUu's In-1 'JgjjjJ!l"P.tP GOOOSJJJRN. -7A ~ —.-.,,.,.- .., ,, , , «K*M. like new. Mahog." _..___ _ »">' finish, only $695. Dial HE 7- VERT clean basement apt. Hot water j_ i * 817 - _ ' __ ' balh " nd ^trance. ; NOlicre 11 cu. ft. rel^erator. 65 IbT freezer across the top. 5 years oi_ .. __ _______ _ . _ iXWNTOWN npt. Stove, rcfriiienvtori Excellent condition. $nO. Budget furnished. 3 rewind. Private en-! terms. Goodyear Service Store, 113 " trance. povesslon. 305 1; . !_"• asm 1 BEDROOM duplex apt. West side ' Now available. Capretz Agency. HE I 7— $503. Wgftl. double laundry tub. HE 3- I-OANS -9A REAL Estate loans. J, A. Ra.mseth 111 E. Water. Office HE 3-3494. * LOANS on farm and city property Henld Real Estate. Dial HE 3-8343 AUCTION SALES-10 AUCTIONEERS —IDA HE ZS AUCTION SALES —10H ] BURNISHED 2 rooms and bath Large i closete and Murphy bed. Utilities and laundry facilities furnished Fosseuion Jan. 15th. Adult*. In- KING KOIL hldc-a-bed, green color like new. Dial HE 3-5940. ANNOUNCEMENT-! WinRLPOOL waaher, dryer combination. Lindsay softener. Baby bed _A11. almost new. 1512 Park. ' ___ furnished, pleasant ~1 apt. Utilities furnished. Adults 309 19 CU. FT. upright d'eep freeze. Like room! new. Dial HE 3-3825. RI Q D L A R meeting i NOW available — 2 bedroom down- ifoose Lodge, Wednes-{ stairs apt. Stove, refrigerator, util- _ -1" 3TEEL cablliet""iuik. White. Good condition. Kenneth Christiansen 1'i mlfeg west Coming on 251 A arA, STATED Communication of Fidelity Lodge No. 39 Wednesday. 7:30 p.m. Work in tlrst de- gre*. Lunch. UNPURN1SHKD. privat^Ts rooms" and 1 bath, stove and refrigerator furn-' lal HE 3-ajlM. i ONE bedroom furnished apt, Yoat: around air conditioned. In Austin's 1 newest building — available Febru- 1 BAQUB regular meeting! Jlj^J^^^ J "' m '! Thumiay night. Jin. j NICE kitchenette apt. downtown In' *, 8 pjr.. j Wanner Building. Available no'.v **E 3»5519. SAVE NOW »..1 *«-» « .__•. .~.i!f"*I *Tlftl? Virvllonlr Ai.nt t-i.. Jules Herman. Sunday Jan. 18th, j ^^ggj^_n_ouackeep_lnit._HE_7-20|87. t*o'» Pioneers. I Nice sleeplnK~ roomV Clase~linrreak^ "j JiiBt U desired. Oeutlemen preterred. ! DIM HE 3-1138. | PERSONALS-2 PtRSO.VALS —3.4 1 1 -^?. < ? M .i.,'.?;>_^ - gree'rm'jcli._HK'3.8a58. j Have room for one! HE 7-3017. ' jL'rG-HT ln>us*kee*plng~^~2~"(uid""batR! On Living Room Outfits • Sofas • Sectionals • Suites All Reduced Must Reduce Our Stock Before We Move. THURSDAY, Jan. 8, 12:30 p.m., :,, miles north of Hnyfleld on 56. 8 York sows due by sale day. 500 Kemberly puiiete. Very good power machine — 1B50 Allls W 5 tractor. 3 bottom mounted plow. Allla WC tractor. Allis combine. Picker. Deere 4 row planter with liquid fertilizer tanks. Owatonna elevator. Tractor spreader, Complete' line of very good furniture. F. W. Kalahar & Son owners. Albright & Sparks, auctioneers. vi.^i»i,. UMII. y , i p.m., Huns Auction Mart, 2 miles south of Austin on River Road to auction sign, v, mile west. Selling all new furniture, tools and used furniture and home- hold goods. Consign your merchandise for this sale now. Col Hull & Thomscn. auctioneers. BUSINESS" —211! \VEAB£VEB sales and free servTcei - v _ lcto r Stewart, dlaljtlfl 3-7M4. BTAUrrBK Home Pla'n~HK~3-47"46. LOST AND FOUND-3" I^OST—Quarter Inch electric drill ou" West Bridge Street. Iflal HE 3-5891. STRAYED from my rarTn~th~is~faTi""— Holstein cow, 2 year old heifer. $50 reward for little more Information. John Waalkens Jr., a mllea north of Moscow. T — Black rtmnied glasses with tan and white design Saturday evening. Reward. HE 3-3748 •*. TV. Completely furn-j Islicd. 709 N. Greenwich after 4 p.m. HE 3-4130. N].CE_room,_c]ose_ln. HE 3-V50S, CLOSE ln~"50fl"wTBddsc7" FOR'mJNT—y ~ Co r v-w. t. Or Airport - Highway 16 Austin, Minn. • Open Lvenings —5F EMPLOYMENT-4 IlKLP WANTED—MALE RESPONSIBLE young married ,..„. for fltwk service and related work. Cfrundmelw Hatchery. Northwood _ Iowa. ' $10 PER DAY SALARY Plus Expense, Plus Commission '1 liree men to train In Special Sales Vi'ork. Must have car and be available immediately. Home week ends. Apply to Company Reptesenutive Minn. Employment Service 1 Thursday, January 8, 1959 10 to 12 nooo HELP WANTED—>'E'MAJLE^~^iii WOMAN to care for 3~year old^boy, NEW grpund Hoor office space now! available. 4 and 5 room units. HE 3-j FOR Rent — Brick building 40 1 by'efl 1 " ' _£ia_ J Ash J JDlaiJIE_3-2255. ; V A''_ 5: H" jro^iuOT"' — m YOUNO mini wants room and board" with Lutheran, family in Austin fatnrtlni,' February l. Write Bob _Rlchter, Kilkenny, Minn 44" UPRIGHT Ptuno, only $295 Spl- net piano mahogany finish, $545. atephenson Music Co. Albert Lea Minn, or dial HE 7-4B17 evenings! ] 3 OR MORE bedroom liome wanted i Jmmedlately. Dlal_HE 3-3078. WILL pay up to~*r25'"'pe7~mon'tiirfor modern unfurnished duplex or home. Call O. A. Oleason. HE 74591. AftCT 5, HE 3-9508. FARMER'S MARKET-6 & ' Farm Implements We luve on hand (he following 1 Super C Tractor i—i-i() - 4 row Corn Pij.-uec Several Use.i Grain Drills (All double disc — Good!) 1—2-10 - •*. row com Pl.uner 1—i:nd G_n» Seciic-r I—Used F ildinq Lever Dui; 1 section with sicd e"ener Lerud Farm Equipment London, Minn. Inventory Sale ON NEW APPLIANCES Washers • Dryers • Freezers - Re- ftigc,-,itorj - - Consoles and Portable TV Sets. — USED — Com! Used TV Sets Good Used Electric & Gas Dryers GoGj Lsed Automatic Washers (All Makes) Good Used Gas'and Electric Ranges Gooa Used Refrigerators Quality Appliance 207 N. Franklin S1NGKB sewtnK machine! Hygene! vacuum cleaner, like uew. Other! Items, ail N. 7th. SATURDAY, Jan. 10, 12:30 p.m. 2Vs miles enat Sargeant, 3 north. 27 hygrade Holstclns, 13 fresh or springer cows, 0 open hellers. 115 chickens. Feed. Very good power machinery, 1954 Mpls.-Mollne Z A tractor, 4 row cultivator, 105<! Mc- Cormlck 4 row Planter, 1955 McCor- mlck 11 foot field cultivator, Mc- Cormlck power drill, thresher, 1955 Minn. rake. 1955 spreader. 4 row hoe, Kelly elevator, 1957 International pickup truck, 1957 bulk tank, etc. Joe Hcgua, owner. Sparks & —?-i!2?LJL u £y o £. ecrs MONDAY, Jan7~12 1 n m west Hayfleld. 9 oLttle. 6 frert or 14 hogs. Feed. Complete {'"• mnchlnery. Moline Z tractor 1957 Owatonna elevator, 1956 Deere tandem disc., 1055 Deere field cultivator, combine, 1955 power mower, steel crib, etc. Mra. Emma Btoeckel __gg[» e ^; _Art^Sparka, auctioneer. THURSDAY. Ja^TTsT^ilscTl^l i?«n ?n r ^ ,? f ^"s'^K- Large auction. 50 high grade large type Holstein cattle, outstanding herd 20 trash cows, 7 bred heifers, U open heifers, purebred bull. 12 purebred spotted Poland bred gilts, sows 215 pullets. 1800 bus. com, 2200 biiB oats, hay, silage. Large line of farm machinery. 1951 Farmall H tractor. 1950 Ford tractor and equip. 1955 Shi?, ^° w ^ r Braln drln - Kcwanee «£ H ta "^ em "isc. 1D53 tractor spreader, 40 ft. elevator. 1952 Ford w.i°J\ P'^^ 1 "' Ma «y other pieces. Everett. Corroy and Estelle Thomp- home. *8,50i). Owner leaving town — Must sell. 4 bedroom home with large kitchen and dining room Large carpeted living room. 2 bedrooms and hath down. 2 bedrooms up. Large garage and fenced lot. Only SI2,- 000. Immediate possession, EVENINGS: HE 3-6200 HE 7-4302 , . room. 3 bedrooms. Bath. All Interior woodwork—oak. Double carafe, cement drive, Weat location. HE 3- 2 BEDROOM home with apt! "iip".' SALES 215 £. Water HE J-724S'COOPERAT!VF USTIN6S Ellis Sch<x>l district — Beautiful 3 bedroom rambler and garage on landscaped lot. All rooms arc lar^c including kitchen. Oak trim. Piir- tially finished recreation room. Exceptional value at $15,200. Small I'll A down payment. 218 N. 2 bedroom $14,500 Fox Drive 2 bedroom $15,750 Cleveland 4 bedroom $10,700 N. W. 4 bedroom $13,500. S. W. 3 bedroom $12,500 Bel Air 4 bedroom $18,000 Sheldon 3 bedroom $11,100 Knob Hill 3 bedroom Sl9,8()0 Sterling 3 bedroom S17.900 Bel Air 3 bedroom $20,500 N. W. 3 bedroom $25,000 Dunlap 4 bedroom $13,700 Newly built homes $14,200 up List your home with us today! EVENINGS: This Is One You Will Like A nice clean 2 bedroom bungalow with cement drive and garage. Only 4 years old in Sunland Addition. This home has an exceptionally large kitchen. Lots of cupboards. Urge closets. Bedrooms are larger than average. 17xlJ living room with picture window. Beautiful select oak floors. We want you to see this home. We | think you'll like it and it is very reasonably pticed at $ 14,250 FHA terms available with small down payment. B-215. H. F. Ohde Agency Realtor Member M.L.S HE 3-2324 Mrs, Elaine Ring HE 3-5379 \Vm. Holmquist HE 7-4154 . H. K Ohde HE 3-9654 REAL ISTAT6-11 i FOR 8At,E—FARMS *zv,uw, www will handle. 1W tct«g, $175,, acre, tfsop will handw. 240 aerM, price. J48.000. $10.000 irtli handi*. call P. N. Call«n. Atlas J-8098 ftocheiWt. M nn. FOB BAtE, RENT, TRAPS =3 RENT w 8al« — House In Ottanto Iowa. I4MO or »so a month »nt Contact Kenneth Nag«l, call Mona, Iowa 64199. LISTINOS WANTED " tTfiF BUSINESS HAS BEEN GOOD CONSEQUENTLY mt listings ar« getting low. W« ate missing salt) because we ate unable to furnish out customers with the typ» or priced property desired. We might have sold your home today had we known it was for sale. LET'S TALK IT OVER TODAY! FLANNERYJ& 205-A N. Main—HE 3-5688 AUTOMOTIVE 2 CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES -it* IMS MBROXTRY Mont««y 4 doc* h»W- gP- ""IS* 11 *' 8<xxl condition. Dlftl Jtci 3*7800. Urge Selection Lower Prices Easy Terms Specials!' AUTOMOTIVE-12 ACCESSORIES — 1SB /OMPLETE set of automobile mechanics tools with box. Good condition. Mrs, Raymond Tlx, IU. 3, Dins- jnore Prlv« or dial HE 7-2BOO Sensational • New Southwind Minit Heat! '56 Chev. "150" $1^0A 4dr, Tutone, IZVU seat covers. '54 Chev. 4 Dr. VTQA Bel-Air 54 Ply. 4 Dr. Belvedere '53 Ply 2 dr. Cranbrook '53 Ford 2 dr. Customline Extra clean. '52 Chev. 2 dr. 210" '51 Ford 2 dr. ustom. !'51 Chry. 4 dr (Windsor. ''50 Buick 4 dr. Super. CAN BE INSTALLED ON ALL CARS • ['asf heating • tast defrosting • detogging • Fast engine warm ups • Save motor wear and feat • Save gasoline Have your dealer or service man ''49 Buick 4 dr. f«» iLJ n ,!°. this ncw * intcr conv IRoadmaster. ''47 Plymouth 2 dr. '49 Pontiac fort for you. AUSTIN CARB. & ELECT. CO. .211 E. Maple - HE 3-2397 2 BEDROOM home ana garage. Oil heat. I acre land. Nice trees and shrubbery. Located on Hgwy 218 N., mile from city limits, $500 down Balance like rent. 3 BEDROOM home and Barage with one acre land. Located on Elm Tree Road near Freeboni St. west of cHy llmlta. All in A-k condition. Owner eavlng city. $500 down, balance like rent. J. A. Rawseth, Realtor. HE ! ' Wttter ' HE 3-3 " 194 ' Evenings WANTED TO BUY —121) GOOD 'SS-'M Chevrolet 4 dr. or station wagon. Dependable without' Mll3. Cash. HE 3-52-J7. | BURNED, wrecked oare & trucks.' Wells, Minn. Auto Parts, call 252L. WE buy cars. Midway Car" Sales. TOP prices' for your old or wrecked cars. American Aufo Parti,' E. Oakland. HE 7-1989. 1303 CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES" —1ZE P. Anderson C Arens HE 3-6074 HE 3-9658 FOR saJo or rent by owner—Nice 4 bedroom, 8 year old home. Sumner area. HE 3-3H5. IVi story, 3 bedroom home with large dimensions, located close to Shaw School. Carpeted living room and dining room, bedroom and bath down. 2 bedrooms up. Garage. Fenced-in yard. $15,730 4 bedroom, 1 V$ story home located N. W. Carpeted living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and tiled bath down. 2 bedrooms and half bath up. Recreation room. Garage. Save Rent MONEY Buy One Of These And Build Up Your Equity in One You'll Someday Own 4 bedroom, 1W story in the Southwest. 2 bedrooms on 2nd floor, full basement with gas heat, garage. Priced at J13,100. 2 bedroom in the Northwest. Large living room, gas heat, fenced In back yard, ;yra«e. Priced at $7,900. i, Low clown payment. Duplex on S. Kenwood — Owner , Hvts in lower 4 room pact and I FOR sale or trade — 1950 IU ton Dodge. New tires. 1954 Chevrolet, 4 door. 1957 V, ton Studebak«r. 521 6th Street Southwest Waseca or call Waseca 1337L. Coupe. 2 Big Lots • Downtown US EM'S Russ Puzzle Over Return From Space MOSCOW (AP) ~ The Russians say the chief unsolved problem in sending men cruising among tli« planets is how to bring them down again. Soviet scientists expressed this view Tuesday as they reported cosmic rocket Mechta was still speeding toward an orbit around the sun. One physicist, Prof. Vladimir Dobronrarov, commented: "A perfectly realistic foundation for the development of interplanetary travel already exist? and in the near future man can set foot on other planets." During the 62 hours and 370,960 miles that Mechta was radioing information back to earth, Do- bonrarov said, its internal temperature and pressure remained within set bounds. The temperature had been reported earlier nt" 50 to '60 degrees. This means Russia soon will know how to create proper climatic conditions for men inside rockets, Dobronrarov claimed. $] Qr~« Bu .' tne re-entry problem of get- I ;?_}! ting'man back through th eearth's _ atmosphere remains, Vice Presi- M RK dent Alexander Topchiev of the Soviet Academy of Sciences told tht news conference. The two main problems of reentry are protecting a rocket from •50 air friction, which might burn it up like a meteor, and braking its 5Q fall so it does not simply smash into the earth. Reported more than half a mil- uovvn town j lion miles from earth Tuesday, Sterling Mechta is expected to go into orbit around the sun today or Thursday. With its radios dead, however, there is no longer any way of tracking the rocket. $ 485 $ 340 $ 635 $ 340: 185 165 S 67 1958 BUICK Special 4.dr. Automatic" 8.500 miles. 1959 D.K.W. 375 miles. Will trade. 1303 Ellis Ave LARRY For Dependable "First Choice" USED CARS See COOK MOTOR CO. First! "Thrifty Aufo Corner" Stop At The Little Red House! QUICK SALE 1958 MERCURY Monterey hardtop. Radio. Mercomatlc. Continental rear kit. Low mileage. Will back it up. $2395. Bud Atwood Motor Co. phone 943 Spring Valley, Minn. GOT A PROBLEM? 1958 2 d, interior. Fully equipped plus power steering and brakes. A local one owner car. RIGHT car, in Hon Look the "~ nO '57 p|y > t _ $1595 1955 Chevrolet Del-Ray 2! '56 Ply $1295' $15,600 _REAU:STATE-1 FOB SALE 1I011SES l.UND~Real ' —11 A DatfE KOLDINCl llsh house, t 3-G99a after 6 p.m. , ... _,.., j 120 BASS World accordion, '"dlrecT i J'T J', SC to Cen '«l anJ Pacelli from Italy. Like new. HE 7-2082 aft- lilBh »'"nnnl<; Sterling Shopping Center HE 3-2361 $1/000 buys this bi.q family home with 5 bedrooms, iivinj: room, liin- room, kitchen, enclosed porch 3 bedroom, story home located S.W. Bedroom and bath down. 2 bedrooms up. Large shaded lot. Garage. $700 down. No closing costs. $8,000 Kellogg Agency 122 1/2 West Mil! HE 3-3434 Evenings: Nick- Braden— HE 3-3670 Red Lewison — HE 3-3740 Larry Kellosg— HE 3-5092 Realtors—PH. HE 3-6601 Evenings: K. Legried HE 1-12', 3 B. Skinner HE 7-i4(J6 C. T. Levied HE 3-95-i2 L. Meehl HE 3-3659 NEW 3 bedroom rambler with all large rooms. Attached garage. Near Neveln school. $19,500. 3 BEDROOM bungalow on Dunlap St. Single garage. $9,000. $500 dawn. 3 BEDROOM rambler ill Bel Air. Blond mahogany trim and oak floors-, $16,700. Heald Real Estate, dial HE 3-8343, 204 N. St. Paul. After 5:30 dial HE Bud Leif Real Estate Sterling Shopping Center HE 3-7339 NEW and used trailers — Smokers dimmer. 10 widths anv make. 7 year financing. We trade for anything. South Broadway dr. sedan. Red finish with black and white ' interior. Fully equipped. You can't go wrong on this one. 1957 Ford Fairlane "500" 4 dr. hardtop. An exceptional car inside and out. Heater, radio, fordomatic. We'll deal your way on this one. '55 Chry. $1195 '56 Chry $1895 '55 Chry $1495 '55 DeSoto $1395 Order Is Restored to Congo Capital BRUSSELS (AP) — Order has been restored in most of Leopoldville after riots that killed at least J35 Africans and severely injured 100 more, reports from the capital of the Belgian Congo said today. Police and troops remained on the alert with the African section of the city cordoned off. Clashes between Africans and police began Sunday after an African political meeting at which future independence of the Congo was discussed. Memo: Don't Toss Your Traffic Ticket HONOLULU (AP) — Douglas 0. Craddick, 37, was stopped by a motorcycle patrolman who gave him a ticket for speeding. A» Craddick drove off, the patrolman saw him flip the ticket out of his car window. The patrolman stopped Craddick again, escorted him to the police station ami charged him with violating the | city's litterbug ordinance. ST. PAUL & WATER HE 3-9169 1937 1 VOLKSWAGEN sedan. _„„. „ with red upholstery. Will take old- 1!OT er car In tradfl. Ken Kamholz. call Owatonna 3100. CURTIS or 6 p.m. * »•»• <<> I'-'JO p.m..'a day week'., MINNEAPOLIS :Moliue Model D shall- Wrttc F14, Box 327,Ausiln. Minn. ! «. 2ti' dru«. »• Kewanee dl«. 1950 1959 Can Be A Profit Year Valuable territory lor Avon G»v metic* now open in this art*. Musi act today. Write Helen Scott, 411- 1-ith Sc. N. E, Rochester. ADY bookkeeper wanted. In ~ Austin" Som» experience necessary. Excellent pay. Write giving age, experience. marital status, etc. to F12. ' BoxJ^Augtto. Minn. _ ! HELP— MALE AXD Ciu-\rolet, •i",o(Kl miles, ton truck, ic&s than new motor. Clifford . 2 miles northeast London Part tIme~Help~"! Local Shoe Store Men or Women Age 21 to 40 1 xperience preferred — Not necr s- >»ry. Write F15, Box 327, Austin, Minn. SALESMEN WANTED — »j j SAiiESMAN to work In Aus-in with old eetabUahfcd Reai Estate firm Sale* **pert«nce prelerrea but not ticoeswry. Above average opportunity Jar the right man. Writ* F13 Bo» 327, Austin, Mine, giving qua'- _ine»uon» and background. SITUATIONS WASTED _IE Can You Use A Check For $75 RcuJ about the " Oiler" on a Cunningham, \Vorld s No. 1 Hay conditioner and the Kusch side mounted mower in rhe (an. 3id addition of the Minn, issue oi the "FARMER" MAGAZINE Or See Mli.UE pearl 120 hass Trntflcantc accordion, 4 bass STvlk-hes and 2 i tn-ble switches. Also bli; office deal; with glass top. els drawers. Call Lyle $-l2:l<i. ~ BESfTUYS You can pet the best buys on reconditioned TV sets, washers, dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc. at GAMBLES "Your Friendly^ Store" COME IX AND SAVE! UKLTA K" circle overhead saw Good condition. 489. "Axu" Johuton Hardware. double garage, located on Maple AUStill RpflltV To -Street dose to Central and Pacelli ^ uil " ' "\Cdliy ^O. High Schools. WANT ADS Have Great Appeal Avenue of Beautiful Cars 1 To Both Hi-Way 218 N.. HE 7-4508 BUYER AND SELLER INTERNATIONAL -• — - - «- KB8. 1943 Reasonable. HE 3-3023. tandem trailer on new, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom home near Neveln Miool. Close to Centra, and M. Aurustine Po ^" steering, radio, heiu«r'."fordo- XT I , ."..,"J.*.,V. mflffn NT»TI/ ttraa r A—. »«I1^^~1 *r n n Northwest I i_* r 5A t _^." a } ltf _£' a Market. 'NEW and used snow blowers" $50 ami up! Cliff Clreeuman. Gravely Sales' & Service. HE 3-7975. i Nearmg completion. Lovely 3 bed- i room rambler in Bel Air Addition. Kitchen has dining are.i, i built-in stove and oven and the very latest design in open stair- w'<M's to the basement. Oak trim throughout. Front vestibule and closet. Large living room. Lar.ce custom built medicine cabinet in tile bath. Lot has 85 ft. frontage. Curb, gutter, sidewalk and cement dnve are in. All the ttim is precision cut and slued to show some ot the fine workmanship in this home. 2^ bedroom, 1! : .,ro:y |i,, mi . O11 darfield. This home is in very i;ood condition plus new sidini;. $6, '00 buys tliis one. SPECIAL $13,300 ! I M f l l M t N CO WEAH1M; AI'PAKKL —7f FOB Sa'.o. Woman's biatk beltUcf woo'. ; coat, &!/<• 12. Woman's brown woo! sport coat, siz« U or 10. ManV ! firay wix>l overcoat. tiM 38 Arm> i °'V', p "" ts ', Ut ' ver worn, siiti 31 Va.iC. o3 length. Army o\ercoat \v.'ti buttoned ir.sert suitable for r.\!i» a* well as coldest clays, used ou.y a few days. See to Appreciate! ill S. Kenwood, i — n: Choice lots available rm,Mm,.. ( h,»,se v^ jjxcelicnt lar^e 2 bedroom rambler located close to i-ast Side Lake. Check these features: *" Large carpeted Jiving room V Oak finish ** Large kitchen with dinette *•*!:> bath in basement ** T. A. gas heat V Lar.ue lot with single gaiaiT * $1,000 down F. H. A. ' Austin Realty Co. 105N. St. Paul HE 3-5035 l .itj.'ii Mcrling HI' i P,i0? .ocatioa. 5 riv»n home. Carpeting and drapes. $9,300.00. j S300.00 cash down payment. Dal- •ince 25 year loan. Shaw School Area. New 3 bedroom umhler. Quick possession. Neveln Area. 3 bedroom home and garage. Finished recreation room. Large living room and dining area. Sll.yOO.OO. S'iOO.OO cash down. Balance 25 year FHA loan. "A Happy Life Is A Home From Leif" Alter i:30 p.m. dene Bum • HE 3-3074 Bud Leif - HF 3-1670 Jerry Quinn - HE 3-4521 matlo. New tires. Lone mileage. HE 3- to_6_ p.m._ UU¥ES~ nl DELUXE Chevrolet. Mechanically! •ound. See Eric Nordstrom, 2181 North, second gre«u house south' Prlnzlngs. : tor spring now in A ; r ,- , ,,.•„"• ,"" |AL1, modern 3 bedroom House Gar- Ai_r, kn,,b 11,11, Oak Tower ) a.;e. Located Ju Rose Crce*. Hti 7- and (.edar ' <i9 . . ..„ i Bl'll.Ul.NT, AUTKKU1S , . [war Ellis Jr. . . uale Addition for .suburban m s . EVENINGS PafCurtin— HE 3 -6023 Bob Lewison — HE 7-3)48 Rose Creek, Minn HE 7-4050 HOIXTRV A.VU PROIJLCF — Kii P>»1 HE 6KW1NO. Aprorn^Etc. HE 3-r20 w i»?:™P ~.B*taS"5T" . 200— 1-YEAR-OLD heii ai.c! 40:: e pu 7 "-, j lets. Cai; L.vie ^3&0 or a'.al HE 2-1 —61 CEILING TILE I -V-i Cross Scored ]]' PER 5Q FT. Acoustical Ceiling Tile FT HARBERT~ Realtor - Member M L S HE 3-8664 2 beuroc,m bungalow. Kiuhtn diniti s room, living tu . m and bath. BV OWNER _ i-/, jtorr, 6 years "old 2 bedrooms down, room for expan sion. _Garage. Nice location. Dla NEW 3 bedroom rani-blcr near NeTejT bcnool. 12-10 s<i. ft. Oaras« anci large lot. $19.500. •! BEDROOM home In line condition. Single garage. Bochlord Ave 7 ROOM remodeled home with 2 baths and carpett'd living room on Lyndale Ave. $11,800. 3 ROOM. I'b story house. 10 years old. carpeted living room. Garage and nice lot. 5. K. location. $11.400. Heald Real tstate. dial HE 3-B343, 2<>4 \. St.. Paul. After 5:30 dial HE WITH US C4-« t. J.L. !UOY B»"!ck. realtoi oiQrt the new year : .!^£2L 1 ± a .Hu!iirL „! _l A • i i HO Af.'RV: farm trtntl SALK— FARMS — 11B ! HOY Barrick, realtor. Farms, homes ONE Mer!lr - WP61T. ; "CHESTER While fbedeT^RTT . _CaJl3-SS!0G.r,u:d.leadu W . ^JfflfJKa^jU'^t^tMint. H_E 3-itJ:i. jNORTHEBS feeder pigs. Elner DiT'a- trucking. R^ha^ci fve'riolT v i* u i. 2 m i! f ' s soutli at!d l ' D]lf wtst"''"' Phone 54262 or 54C.5-! HuVc — - ^—^--V rec '^ P 1 -''' HE 7-2833. t_g«fiiiit LU-iiall of LylV.j '•'' 1 ^KEJ5h'B piss. £7~j7~MurkE cT 7 ''-'l^J^Wia- HE f-i«,~fiF7~3-jw7i _.. 0s>tr;>ud « 7! a& Johnson Coshwoy Lumber Co. • "° 6 ^- Railway — HE 3-^S Open All Day Saturday Small home on >! ' CUnd. ltl o. I-iMns room, kitd.en, bedroom. stool and shower. G cement drive. ,< -.011 handle. r $5000 down. 100 ACRE farm equipped for »toclt. Houw modern. All tillable land. Northeast of Austin. $J62.50. 1120 ACRE farm with fgir buildings ana good soil. Some pasture. $300 Easy terms. He»'d Real Ebtat*, dial HE 3-S343. 204 N. St. Paul. After 5:30 dial HE i-JlTJ. a r j i; t an, j, )wn v lt | nn and R^^- Top dollar trade on > our ofd fjli!e ' Bc ' bul!c . used biker,, all (,Ue« MAD THI CLASSIFIED At* YORKSHIRE boan. Ouernsey bull*. I o ^^ vfc^apiritw ^U3, | 31, miitg nortjj of Corolij, Lcn'o.: i « Ftra> - t i 1910. Modern 3 be ,;,,„,;„ (,,.i;, c on S. i'tanklin. KHUII.I, cupbua/Js, dining rf.,rn, fooni. tombin.atii.-n ^.,. icfecns. Double xjt^c. »il.nio ' col- EVENINGS- LGanfield- HE 3-4182 L Harber-HE7-4136 rinht in /-, U^^,^. ~l ! 80 ACRK farm wuUiwest of Austin. iignr in a home ot i i>^ b > i!!d i"g s ^d good sou. $225. your own. We have a fine selection of homes in the most desirable residential section*; :K * B& * 5 j°«'" ! «s,to isoo »<*«•. o. r. *~ ii aCUUUn ^ Appleby, phone 'AT 2-7870, Roches- Call Today The Babcock AGENCY • HE 3-6707 • Realtors—M.L.S. GOOD farms available Le Vaaseu7 Aiter 5 p.m. H. K. Lund HE 3-6049 - O. B»bcodt HE ___ '-W) ACRE farm with good building » r '1 * !1 tlllabl « land near 'Ur-slng. h ;5?^ TCan be bought on contract. to ACHE tarm 3 mllea from Austin °" h U5 wayi Oood buildings. f»25. ..-0 ACRE turn: with lair buildings land ' Sou^east c/f Adams. Urrna. He»ld Real E»- dUl HZ 3-83-13, 204 N. St Pa" _ATjgf 5.-30 dl»l HE 7-ini. »T»«. All '57 Nash Amb. 4 dr. Auto-trans. Power brake* $1695 '55 Packard Patrician 4 dr. Full power accessories $1295 , '55 Studebaker Champion 4 dr. with automatic $895 $90 up Actor in The Robe' iAnchn Anf^ r^ i Faces Dru 9 Ch<jr 9e jAusfin Auto Co.; SANTA MONICAi cauf. ( AP ) - j 215 E. Mill—Open Evenings i Actor Jay Robinson, who played BUck j ) the role of Emperor Caligula in - i "The Robe," must answer charges of possessing and selling narcotics. A fellow actor, Rod Lynn, testified at Robinson's preliminary hearing he made two purchases of narcotics with marked money in Robinson's home. Robinson i« to appear Jan. 21 for arraignment. Many Counties Stop Paying Fox* Bounties [ ST. PAUL (AP) ~ Several Minnesota counties have cut down or .eliminated bounty payments on fox, a survey showed today, i Donald Balser, ftirbearer sp«- ! cialist in the Minnesota game and Ifish division, said 25 counties have discontinued payment of all fox bounties and 12 more have re - riuccd the amount of the bounty. As of last December, only two Minnesota counties were paying bounties on bear, following the decision of six counties to eliminate .;uch payments. More Lakes Added to Trout Grounds ST. PAUL (AP) - A lake reels mation program has expanded to include 42 small Minnesota lakes which will give trout fisherman • wider range for their flycasting. The Conservation Depart - nient said 17 small lakes, from 5' a to 200 acres, were poisoned last summer to remove all fish in preparation for trout stocking. Five have been stocked with rainbow trout, two with brook trout and another with a combination of the two species. Two more will be used for continuing an experiment to stock grayling in some Minnesota lakes. Batista Must Prove Physical Danger WASHINGTON (AP) _ Fulgci,- cio Batista, the deposed president of Cuba, would have to prove he was in physical danger before the United States would -rant him asylum. That policy was outlined by Auy. en. Rogers commenting on rj. ports that Batista has asked in directly lor asylum. FORDTOWN DURING OUR JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE '56 Dodge V-8 Coronet dr. Push button drive $129.5 '55 Ford "F-600" 2 ton truck. Perfect through$1395 '55 Mercury Montclair 4 dr. Full power acc $2795 -WRITTEN WARRANTIES— EASY TERMS OVER 50 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM We Offer f rbe Best At The Lowest TRY US!! Corner of River & Winon* HE 3-3486

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