The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
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RN LEADER "H, , ttilLS COTOtt, IOWA, fmttUkt, NOVfiSfeBR 4, l»if . it. ftispfttifiiatfres ot twelve Mills Stiftdty sebftdll «t«t to thft t iftettsSdU ifld ttade aff»lft» i tttf pfQiifaffi and Mhef ae* tot an itt Boanty dldet and Girls' cwtetene* to to v*. Is, in aft all day fttt* Iff* Daddy World," was chosen iftd f p*rtB assigned, t» be given on the f Wetting ptdgrata of the confer* inlet and much enthusiasm was ; manifested eref the coming meet* gYffceif meeting'last yeaf Was pfonottttCed success and this promises even better, , Kvety finnday school in the county i* invited to participate by K jchooslng and tending repmenU' tites to the conference. It will be an alhday meeting with bitCjuet In the evening. '. R*^ ft O. Barnes is president of the county association and Mrs, -L. B. tuple? of Bmerson is chairman of young people's work. "Husking Crown to Reuel Harman in , County Competition Totse* 2,187 Lba. -of Corn in Eighty Minutes to Lead Field By and large Mills county produces no corn buskers ot greater .ability than the Brothers Bar* : a man. When Reuel Harman won ;" the county corn husking cham- ? "ptonshlp In three successive years •starting in IMS, and the state championship, in 1»88, he retired " »m competition and allowed 1 his other, Earl, to win county hon- at VuveYtt VS foWfcd gtUet to* tfcelt «tit ptstktn* at p«fUe«, rtofl- fa sme e, » gan§s w J'flsrth* vStft wft and girts, tmtteti th« stf **ts eatly t««tiiy ifenint and s»ap«d *tt avMttM« elf windows, two ytttng tadits, straftf ets in town, tmrtotmed the tame tonetlon tot all display windows 4own town, - traditional prank of Hftttew- e'en, tipping e*« of nane*too» stable 6ttihou*es, was indnited tn oniy spaflttfly «g bat few we left In thi« Afe' of modem plumbing, thdttghtfnl ttallow* e'enefs, aniloas that the school grounds be not neglected, dumped the body of an ancient buggy on the front steps of the school building. Other than the above Hal- lowe'en passed uneventfully and adult Maivernians breath* ed easier at Its passing, Missionary Groups Meet Together in Emerson on Friday Mrs. Riplejr Reflected President of Mills, Fre. moot Unit The unit meeting ot the Worn an's Foreign Missionary Society, Including Mills and Fremont counties, was held at Emerson; Friday, Oct. 27. The president, Mrs. L. B. Ripley, called the meeting to order at 10:80 a. m, The theme for the day was "Light." The devotional service was lead by the Rev. T, X Pettit ot Pacific Junction. The memorial service was con* ducted by JKrs. W. B. Kerns ol Malverni-jThe'jnames of fo«r deceased -members -were read; 'Mrs, McCoy! of Farragut, Mrs. J. R. McClymond of * Malvern, Mrs, Silver ,'Oltyi In the sta , at Audu- • i last year's contest; Claude fp," Wilson was next .behind Bar* "" an for second place, bringing in 9 . net of r»»»7,39Bounds..Mills feV county's dean of corn buskers'it ".not present Champion, is Mr. Wii- son'. Since 1811 be has been interested in buskers,and contests and showed Thursday that there His still plenty of skill to match with these young bucks, by winding an ear-perrmiaute contest ITjeld after tb'e main go, .-la 1911-Mr, Wilspn, in tbe presence of competent judges, «"-busked 851 'bushels and . 80 y ; &m «. ,£*-iWw»L.4*.<MroKt S;-tbr unofficial world's champion^ slf|abip.^T« l tbe bsst ef lour fcaowji *j edge;-that record still stands «a* ? ia tbe; Ne?, a^-iSH^itwie at;Tbe waj( Mrs^grobn"Byans,v district spresl^ dent, off Oakland, load tbe 41scus* »lon on* program; features, ; \ ~- ,Tbe afternoon'program'opened with a discussion of Junior work lead by Mrs, B. R, Stroud of Far* ragut, Mrs. .Reasoner of, Qlen- wood gave some interesting and helpful suggestions on young peoples work. Mrs. John Evans f ave a very thorough explanation of tbe extension work and discussed .and exhibited the new literature for .the year, . "-•-. '*-•.. s, Tbe annual > business meeting w,aj;next ;iaBorder, Mrs, Ripley was reelected unit president and Mrs, Qly4e-Rboa4es of Olenwood secretary : aad treasurer, Tbe Pwsusslpn of problems wai lead by Mrs, Hew Burgoin of 8(1* ver City, New Pi«ns an4 alms were.4lseusse4 by Mrs, K, B, Nes- ^uiBtet \of^|bj Iwerwa p sJiursi dflB4err/ sir. An inslpratlpRal ad . ... Tbe confte9rfttton servjc,e. con , Brans clo8e4 the ' . Wolfe H«ld dty Alt«fiioaii Wfflffcft W, W6if«, wbd ww bo#n ttt Milt* eettoty in 1164, passed away at Ms h6»« neat Stfahafi Wednesday eteWnt fot^ owing « long peticd of lit health. fttfieftl setrlees Wet* held Friday afternoon it £ 6*elock in the MethMist chafeh ttt , itfahan, conducted by th« pastor, tt«v, I. A, B. C«inningha», Mnsie was famished by a qaar- N-E-W-S State Ch«ek«fi WaritH«f»Ui* Week State Cb«Ste» 6. i. Arm- MrMg and O. W. Cetander who hate be*ft going titef the books in tfcs iennty, offlcos the past thtt« weeks eitwet tt> finish the Job this week, So taf everything teems to be eottittg out in good »^ ^.^^ ^ar&t^. tefeStt 't&tifr tt A eXtf A^* KM ttt the diSeifnt offices. Which is what we aaturaiiy ex- Death Claim* Bert E, Wednesday Night Life Lent fU*id«rt *f Mill* Cotmt* Die* After Brief —Nonpareil Engravings. William W, Wolfe tet, Charles Gipe and Perry Bayes and Mr*. Prank Johnson and Mrs, Prank Steele, with Mrs. Charles Oipe at the piano. Mrs. Steele sang a solo, "Crowing the Bar." The church was filled, to, overflowing with friends and relatives from tar a^d. near for be was.;veil and widely known. Many beautiful. flowers testified to thoAlpve and CBteein of friends. Members of the Masonic.lodge of Bryan Maxwell'ot;jthesOletf. wood lodge, f- . .'."-'^^v" , Burial was ii» the Malvern cemetery, The pal) bearers', were T. It, galyers, Howard ^Kayton, R, ,W. Balyers, Charles, * Kayton, Paul Criswell, and- Olafr. Jones., ; The following obituary was given? :,,;,William W, Wolfe was:born,in (Continued pn page 6) WIW.IAM WOUPB Clock Quite a fait of edinment has been caused recently by the slowness of the eflurt house clock, Apparently the clock was running ait right tint one day it was noticed to be IS mln- >ttt« late. Next dlay it was twenty minutes and then it was a halt hour and then forty minutes. The mystery deepened. Then one morning the janitor, N. C, Reasoner, happened to look up at the clock and saw a big fat pigeon calmly roosting on one of the clock hands. The hand had quit-moving. It had power back of It enough to carry it around but not enough to lift a -one pound pigeon, The mystery is no longer a mystery. The janitor , proposes putting a screen netting over the face Of the clock. Postpone Publication of Tax Sale List County Treasurer Otto Judkins received, word from the Auditor of State the latter part ot the week to.postpone tbe publication of the delinquent tax Its one month or .until the second week in December. , This is in conformity with the postponement ot;the time ot-thi tax sale from .the first Monday in December :UntIU,tbe; first Monday 'gUMST/' _. ir .,...., last year, and tha about* 80 per'cent.ot tbe taxes a^re. already paid and more being paid in;right along BO be doesn' anticipate a very heavy list to publication, Tbe time ot publlca tioa has also been cut from three weeks to two weeks, reducing the expense by thai: much, Churches Vote to Continue Sunday Veiper Service! Gugeler to freach u Sunday at 5 p, m. in Methodist Church. ;• ± ' Tbe. Baptist CQ»gre«atlon voted tq coBtlnue-tbe present gerles of union yesper services, by a small niajority,; .Tbe; Metbo4tsts timidly voted to belcl them for at least another month, Tbe Presbyterians believed tbe/ sbould be bel4, but an hour later, 1 ' v Witb these results before them Monday tbe ministers o? Mslveyn 4eci4e4 to continue the B q'cloeS union vesper services wblcb b ave been be!4 eapb 3un4ay 4urlng Op> (j^bj^P ft&il IB£Wl(? plft|18-?QP' r 8O do* J»K. N9 limit as te time probably'caatjaue until some^ bet? terJflriB »f Suada.y ^ sbip ia dissoyf »»48? the, _.,. will prjiaeb la Wi^wa, ] Oct.""88;"W»Iter A. Walton, 32 Omaha, and Delma Coulter, 29 Omaha. .They were married th same day-by Rev. L. A. Lippett Charlie McClure,' 88, Pacifl Junction, and Armedla Battles 20, Paclflq Junction. They were married the same day by Rev E,.». aoodrich, OPt, 88r James Brxleben, 21 Omaha, and Tbelma Moore, 19 Omaba, Lisle Shows Need for Strong Action Higher Prices Club Hear County. Farm i presl4e»t o Mills. .County Farm Hoilda awosiaH9n;.*xp}aine4 tbe neces sity jhatftfVHs sotion to promot for farm product when he ad espeojaiiy of tb ,Jtfee ; |»r w situation pro4uc a upon 49 this community was greatly hocked Wednesday night to etftt of the passing of feeft ine, one of the b«*t known armert ot this vicinity, and a ife bag resident ot the county, ho passed ftway abotjt 9 o'clock hat evening after an illness of hot a few days duration. While he had been ailing tor some time he kept up and about L, T, N, the attetdane* contest *tte%i the Women's clubs of Mills cwBftty to* tie twtt attendants* record at the Maivetn Leader's big tree cooking school has been decided and the winners are the L.t.N.. a rural club south and east ot Matvetn. the tt.8.C.'s, tot two years previous winners ot this coveted ptl*e, were very close seconds, t« dose in fact that tt took the percentages to tell the story. the prtoe, their 1984 year books, was to go to the club having the, largest per cent ot their membership present and registered in the cooking school, the L.T.N. had an attendance ot ?t.? per cent and the H.8.C. had <9.t pet cent, so you see they were not so very tar apart. Other clubs having a good percentage of attendance were the ft.I.C. club ot Center township and the Kit Kare Klub ot Hastings, the Qlenwood and Emerson Women's clubs also had nice representation, thanks, ladies, for your interest. feathers See New Method* in Use at Work Conference Rural Sftftip Shtdte* f «*ett* hit e* Readtag, pny ttt -Nonpareil Engravings. Bert B. Kline his regular work until about a week preceding his death, when he went to Council Bluffs where a critical examination showed him to have an incurable malady. He was brought home Saturday [Continued on page 6] BERT B. KLINE Law, Order Group Organizes to Keep "•„ . * . New Surfacing of County Highways Started Saturday Oil Coat Applied at Emerson, Hastings, Malvern in Procesa Surfacing ot county highways under the experimental plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors some time ago, was started Saturday and has been progress- Ing at a rapid rate since. The oil coat, primary part of the process >bas been applied at Bmerson and Hastings and la now being applied at Maivern. Included in the experiment are only the roads to the cemeteries from towns where no surfaced road now exists. This, tbe board believes, will give,ample opportunity tor a thorough test ot the surfacing and enable . them to base future procedure upon a reliable check ot results. former*, Saturday; ButTington President Into the already crowded field of farm organizations Saturday came still another when the Law and Order Association of Mills County, Iowa, was formed, This group, formed as its leaders! stated purely to meet an immediate situation, was loosely organized without dues or signed obligations, at a meeting called for the purpose in .the court bouse in Qlenwood Saturday afternoon, When plcketers stopped trucks going to market by the Plaits- mouth bridge early last week several farmers In the western part of the county called their neighbors, met with Sheriff W, 8, peMoss and met Wednesday evening with a force of about 300 men to conduct trucks of farm goods through the farm strike picket lines, Seeing this force, the plcketera left their posts and allowed the trucks to run, The organizers of the anti* picket force of Wednesday evening, wishing to develop an organization to keep tbe roads open, called the meeting Satur* day for that purpose, About 60 farmers attended and took part in the organization work, Frank Buffington waa 'elected chairman of the organisation and I,,, it. Richard-son secretary. A resolutions committee was appointed with Ronald Buffingtop, keonar4 Seeger, Frank W. Create, carl Morgan, a»4 Oluey Buae. This group brought in a set of three resolutions which were adopted by tbe organisation, They are: I) ReBoived that tfea purpjjse of this organization shall be to cooperate with the federal gpy, ejrnment in its plans w 4evelQne4 to benefit agriculture as a whole, S) Resolved that this organization shall 8fa&4 Iwr free and unmolested trsnspojtaUQa by rftU highway to markets. Resolve4 that this orgeat is assembles prtMrily as. a, body Pi JaiffiWS W&O Wifth by f Q*ca of ft (Wf4l Anxious to learn new and bet- tef methods of doing their dally task ot equipping youth ot the county With fundamental knowledge, grade and rural teachers ot Milt* county attended two work conferences this week, arranged tor them by County Superintendent Amy Hammers. The grade teachers met in Qtenwood Man-*day and rural teachers studied in Malrern. Stressed during the conferences were the teachings of read' Ing and geography. Miss Pearl Rttter and Miss Clara Wallace, ot the state department ot education, demonstrated with classes gathered from schools represent* ed the more effective manner ot teaching these subjects. Used by the state workers were methods in which the interest ot pupils was centered on the objee* tive desired, and pupils then were stimulated to search out necessary facts for themselves. This method, an.outgrowth ot the pedagogy advocated by the famed Dr. John Dewey, not only gains greater concentration on studies by the pupil, but results in a greater retention of the facts learned. At the Olenwood conference pupils from the Olenwood public schools were used in the demon* strattons. Pupils from the East school took part in the second and third grade work and the West school furnished pupils for the other demonstrations. Before the rural teachers at Malvern Mt. Vernon ot Center township pupils demonstrated first grade work; White Cloud and Evernham second-graders were used; Pacific City fourth graders, Centerline fifth graders and Foxworthy sixth graders helped with the methods teach* tng. ' . . Besides teachers, all now ln> school attending, a large number' of visitors saw * the : conference- ifl IPBftiM ft ftfi|o_njjil|y|| ' or i llK^NT oKT*li: Grading developed for the expert mental roads is of the same type as that used on the primary roads and the jobs done thus far look just as well finished. First part of the surfacing proper is the application of an ol coat, This, a special formula, con tains about 40 per cent asphalt and rapidly settles into the road Next another oil coat, of slightly different mixture, is applied, An error on the part of the engineer in charge, sent here by the company selling the surfacing, slow* e<J up the work Monday when it was learned that they lacked nearly a fourth of a carload of oil, The final coat is the black cap proper which Is a mixture ot gravel and asphalt oil, The whole forms a water-proof surface to the road and prevents moisture From softening the grade. Thus it keeps the road firm and clean regardless of the weather, A few patches of the road are also being treated in a slightly different manner to determine possibilities for further economy. The black cap is mixed in a huge machine which does so while beating material to a temperature of about 820 degrees, The big machine lumbers slowly down tbe road to be surfaced, picking up automatically the gravel p|le4 «t the sJ4e a«4 other ingredients, mixing them thoroughly at the required ture, and spewing out the black cap In tbe proper place and man Rer. shown in, both conferences and' highly praised the work of the two state demonstrators. Install Auxiliary Officers Friday Mrs. Vernon Johnson, County Chairman, Attenda Meeting With Mrs, Vernon Johnson, county American Legion Auxiliary chairman of Emerson, as in- installing officer tbe Malvern unit of the American Legion Auxiliary held installation services Friday afternoon for officers elected at a previous meeting. Mrs, J, N. Swain was reelected president of the unit and other officers are; Mrs, H, J, Benton, first vice president; Mrs, Karl Hertz Jr., second vice president; Mrs. W, D. Slotnower, secretary; Mrs. Harry Nelson, treasurer; Mrs, Earl Shook, historian; Mrs. W, D. McCauBlancl, sergeant at arms; Mrs, Agnes Slothower, chaplain. Mrs. Harley Stevesaoij, Mrs. R. W. Mansfield, and Mrs. A- P- KUmarUn are members of th,e executive board, Varjpus committee appointments were' made at this time also. A social committee with Mrs. Harry Nelson as chairman took charge of the meeting following the Installation. History of the Weefe iBterpretatlve news summary of tbe past week. important events of By Hold pur«Uft«e«, loans on corn anges ia tbe requlremeuts of e NBA. all were tbe weapxms with wbicb tbe a4njlul8tratioa was fisbtlag tbe unmt in tbe agricultural %r««| of tfee mi4dle ¥**$. The current symptom of tbe farmers' 4l«SBti*tftfltlao, tb» »trllde in iowa «n4 WiscQasio, WAI nil untna* in declaring an embargo on tbe movement of farm commodities, at o a » w b i 1 e tfcrovutbSHit the week tbe admiclstratlon bad beeii Issuing a daily increasing bid for newly salued gold. ?rom 181,36 p*r ounce, ?7c above tbe worl4 marjcet, to I3J.54, to I31.7C. to 131.88, tbe Price was ral8«4 With »n lftcre«al»f 4Mtei« euttal over tbe vorl4 of _ lift* ftrst rose WlldJiy, ra«ote4 a little, an4 Uft4er tbe nres»ure Bwiat pujcbifte* ol gejitly wito, Tbe 4mo«U9i4 tb* tb» Una nn ° VjO*'l*' 9^$9I Utt miaaa. ^ffpfl^^p MMI UMUi UUtfjUUiJt JUkl SSUSPFm' m from - - S-; l, i] * T&

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